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The NUFORC website has been updated as of Wednesday, June 22, 2022, with the posting of 795 new UFO sighting reports, submitted to our Center since mid-May of this year.

Due to a tight schedule, the new batch of reports has not been thoroughly vetted, and could contain objectionable material or personal information. If, in the course of reading the reports, you encounter such a report, please forward the url of the report to webmaster@ufocenter.com and we will quickly correct it.

Mass Sightings on 6/19

NUFORC received a deluge of reports and photos of a spectacular bright object follow by a ring or funnel shape seen early in the AM hours of June 19 (see our June report page). The reports came in from all across the country. We believe this was the SpaceX Globalstar FM15 mission launched from Cape Canaveral at 12:27 AM, which put on a spectacular show. Please leave a comment below if you have any additional details.


The MUFON Symposium is Upon Us!

We are just shy of 2 weeks away from the 2022 MUFON Symposium in Denver. Peter and Christian will be attending, and Peter will be presenting a special session entitled Three Decades of UFO Sightings: Where is it Going, and What Does it Mean? We hope to see you there!

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  1. Joel Pelley

    Just saw a UFO with no sound ball of light being chased by a helicopter 10:00pm Tuesday June 27th heading northeast Tucson I’m at 34th Street and the 210 highway or Aviation highway by the traintracks.

    1. Jesse

      I HAD THE SAME THING here in skagit county, I’ll have to look up the date on the screenshot I took minutes later, showing a map, with just the helicopter, not the craft of light going along in front. It did look chased, but the helicopter, (a Blackhawk, apparently) turned and headed to a little airport in a different direction than it was going with the light. They appeared to be skimming low to the trees on the ridge of Blanchard mountain.

  2. David Steele

    We would like to hear from anyone who has had a sighting or experience of any kind. In Plain Sight is a Podcast dedicated to telling the stories of the unknown. PLEASE reach out plainsightcast@gmail.com or Twitter @plainsightcast. Thank You

    1. Barry M

      I had an experience and reported it earlier. Something I have never experienced before while staying at a friend’s over the weekend. Paralysis teleportation and travel on what I believe was potentially being transported on a craft… Also have photos my roommate took of his experiences withing the same 3 months!

  3. Linda Passamaneck

    Just saw a group of 6 white,shiny objects flying sw over Adams county Colorado. A group of four stayed together and a times flew in perfect formations…the other two stayed lower than the first four and as they flew further away, they hit higher and higher. No sound, no exhaust trails. Before they disappeared another group of 6 came by the same way until they disappeared. I saw other planes flying by at the same time by DIA, but these were much faster and fly towards each other closely.

  4. Jonathan cooper

    I was drivig back to Florida on the same day from. Deridder, la on i-10 and this enormous, two-tone green infinity sign shaped object flew right over the top of us. Was silent. Glowed dimly but clearly. From directly overhead to the horizon it only took about 15 seconds. Afterwards a jet, perhaps military, flew after it in the same north to south path track, possibly tracking the object. They were following the object. TWO-TONE GREEN, SHAPED LIKE AN INFINITY SIGN, FAST MOVING, SILENT, NO OBVIOUS MEANS OF PROPULSION. NOTHING LIKE ANYTHING IVE EVER SEEN IN MY 43 YEARS. DEFINITELY UNKNOWN OR AT LEAST SECRET.

    1. Jonathan cooper

      Scratch that it was flying south to north.

      1. Cathy Burch

        On August 23, 2022 at 4:31 a.m. I was sitting on my front porch in New Bedford and a quick light flashed by the house across the street. Right over the roof, the light looked like a possible meteor that you would see on tv shows about meteor showers.

  5. Chad

    Director Davenport,
    It’s been almost 3 months since the last update.
    Everything OK?
    Sending a donation to:

    National UFO Reporting Center, P.O. Box 700, Davenport, WA 99122-0700

    Thank you for everything you do!

    1. Christian Stepien

      Thank you very much for the donation. We have just posted 1388 new reports so the site is now completely up to date.

  6. Paul

    I’m from a town called south shields northern england

    It was late July 2022 myself and my partner where sitting in the back garden out dog had just passed away and buried her in the garden so we use to sit with her and had a coffee before bed. The night of our sighting we notice it’s was metoer shower or shooting stars it was amazing!

    We where watching for atleast 10minutes then we both spotted an object moving from right to left it was oval shape and glowing.silently moving and although it was in the sky it wasn’t at the height of the shooting stars. It slowed down at one point then vanished out of our view.We couldn’t get our heads around what we had seen and laughed it off but we both couldn’t explain it. I’m ex military and a special observer so I know the difference between a plane,drone etc and this was neither.

    We both can’t stop thinking about it and it feels like now it never happened..it’s crazy

    1. Vanessa

      Yes the one we saw whisped off so fast we called called it a “wtf” instead of a ufo because it left us bewildered and us know that we are not alone here on earth and what ever it was that the technology they have is very advanced !!

  7. Frank kemp

    Any pictures of flying objects coming out of the North Pole, is there an entrance that goes inside the planet

  8. Vanessa G

    While at a back yard family Birthday Bash ( 9 adults and 4 kids) were enjoying our time together talking and listening to music and the kids were playing when we all noticed in the sky above a V- shaped object with very bright and clear lights move very slow to a middle position on the sky stop and hover for 4 minutes or so then it whisped away very fast after it was done. It stayed enough time for us to question what it was and why it was there. Many of us had beers in our hands and gave it a bottoms up cheer and just laughed at it in a ridiculous tone because all of us had no answer as it seemed to be intrusive and was beyond our comprehension as to what it was. It seemed when it left we were still in question because if it was a drone then why did it hover for so long?? While it hovered I saw the outline of it and it appeared to look like a very metal large stealth like aircraft. I just don’t understand how it had the capability to whisped off very fast because of its very large size! It also had no sound and only bright white lights on it .

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