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At long last, we have updated our website, with the posting of 1,317 new UFO sighting report, submitted to our offices since November 5th, 2020, the date of our last posting. 

We apologize for the long delay in updating the site, and we will make every effort to post new reports as quickly as we can, in future months.  In addition, we hope to be able to include in those updates many more photos and illustrations than we have posted in recent months.  We address below a few things that witnesses, and visitors to our website and UFO Hotline can do, that will aid us in getting the reports posted in a more timely manner than we have been able to do, recently.

  • PLEASE PROOF-READ YOUR WRITTEN REPORTS BEFORE SUBMITTING THEM—Without a doubt,  the most time-consuming task we have to perform, before we are able to update the site, is the proof-reading of each new report, and the editing of many of them.  We know from now  considerable experience on the matter, that every report has to be at least scanned by as proof-reader, before it is posted, and fully one-third to one-half of them require extensive correction and editing.  When we receive a “slug” of reports, as has been the case, on several occasions over recent months, they represent a considerable  time “sink” of work in order to correct dates, and other details in the report; remove names, addresses, an other personal data that people include in the “Description” box their reports, despite clear instructions that they not do so; delete duplicate reports; and perform many other functions, including the removal of profanity, and other objectionable text.  All of those functions take considerable time, and they could be eliminated if people would “spell check” and self-edit their reports before submitting them.
  • PLEASE BE BRIEF IN YOUR E-MESSAGES—We are being “smothered” with e-mail, all of which takes considerable time to respond to.  If you wish to correspond with our headquarters, please keep your e-messages brief, and to the point!  A short message will receive a more prompt response than a long one will! 
  • PRANK CALLS TO OUR HOTLINE—We continue to receive a substantial number of “prank” calls during every day of operation, and we request, once again, that people not use our UFO telephone Hotline for their childish amusement.  All these foolish calls…usually dozens per day… represent a terrible waste of our time.  If you are a parent or grandparent who supervises children who own cell phones, we encourage you to become engaged with their use of those telephones, to ensure yourself that they are not being misused!


We plan to update our website again soon, in order principally to post some of the better photographs and illustrations our Center has received over recent months.  However, in order to whet people’s appetites, we include below a few highlights off the items we have received recently:

  • North Carolina (in-flight), Friday, November 13, 2020 @ 21:00 hrs. (Eastern Time Zone)—The Pilot and 1st Officer of a flight from Charlotte, NC, to Harrisburg, PA, witness an intensely brightly lighted object descend out of the night sky in front of their aircraft, stop instantly, execute a ~90-degree turn, and go streaking off in the night.  Witness Report
  • Los Angeles, California, Wednesday, January 15, 2020 @ 02:00 hrs. (Pacific)—An adult male, who elects to remain anonymous, asserts that he witnessed a complex looking sphere with wing-like extensions in the kitchen of his home.  The instant his wife entered the room, the object shot off out of the house.  ((NOTE:  We have not spoken with, or interviewed, the witness.  Witness apparently did not capture a photo of the object, but he did supply the rendering below.  PD))   Witness Report

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