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Peter and Christian recently attended the Contact in the Desert UFO Conference in Indio, CA, where the topic of disclosure was omnipresent in talks, workshops, and informal discussions. It is clear that as realization of the reality of the phenomenon seeps deeper and deeper into the public consciousness, the frustration with the constant stonewalling from those guarding the secret continues to build.

Foremost among the organizations fighting for disclosure is the New Paradigm Institute, led by well-known public interest lawyer Daniel Sheehan. The Institute works through a combination of public awareness campaigns, lobbying efforts, and collaboration with experts in various fields. They aim to pressure government agencies to release classified information and promote open scientific investigation of UFO/UAP incidents. By engaging the public and policymakers, the Institute seeks to demystify these phenomena and ensure that any potential implications for national security and scientific understanding are thoroughly explored.

The New Paradigm Institute is currently conducting a campaign to urge Congress to include a revised UAP Disclosure Act in next year’s legislative agenda. We encourage you to visit their website at, where you can lend your voice to the effort by pressing the “Take Action Now” button. This will identify your representatives and provide a simple, one-click action you can take to inform them of your support.

The more of us who participate and organize, the better our chances of chipping away at the brick wall of secrecy the shadow government has erected around this subject!

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  1. Alan

    I think we should start a movement, if you see one wave! If the people take this into their own hands and make an effort to appear welcoming we might get an ET disclosure. It does seem they may be getting a little more bolder with the increase in sightings over the last few years. I had a sighting about two years ago and I waved.

  2. Phil

    I’d much rather put faith in the public to do their own investigations independent of the government, than take the government at its word. Heck, if anything the government rides on the coat-tails of us independent researchers. Not the other way around.

    Ah, but who are we kidding? There are billions of tax dollars involved.

    And money talks.

  3. t zevo

    The Administrative State wants to remain in total control and power forever so they release only small amounts of true disclosure at a time – what the CIA calls a ‘limited dip’-
    enough to placate but never full and total disclosure.
    Secondly they of the all powerful government administrative State can never appear to be over matched or able to be caught off guard or dominated by any other entity or group for fear of forever losing control over the public.

  4. Alan

    We keep getting little bits of news on the mummies now and then. Its like disclosure and no one cares. Of course try to Google the web site and it won’t appear on Google. You have to use duck duck go to find it. The-alien-project. I would still like to see data mining of UFO sightings, hot spots, trends, activity etc.

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