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Peter Davenport is currently land locked in Seattle due to snowstorms having closed all mountain passes leading back to the Center in Eastern Washington. So for now the hotline is being routed to voicemail only. We’ll be back up and running as soon as mother nature backs off a bit, and the roads can be re-opened. In the meantime, please continue to send in your reports via the online form.

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  1. Jess H.

    Looking on Google Maps (via Satellite view) and found a strange light captured. Here are the coordinates:
    (34.0933489, -84.4993995)

    Looks like a triangle light with a trial and you can tell it’s flying cause it’s above the trees above a house.

  2. Denise Rusho

    Currently at home for several days. Notice strange lights in the business behind my house. Flashing lights, strange “ beings” traveling over my house in the dark. Would appreciate any information to help me deal with these “whatever they are. “. I’ve even had one stare into my window in the dark. It’s creeping me out. Anyone have ANY suggestions?

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