522 New Reports Posted

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The NUFORC databank has been updated with the posting of 522 new reports, received via our Online Report Form since our last update on April 9th, 2023. 

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to those individuals who have been kind enough to take the time to compose a detailed description of their sighting(s), and who go to the trouble of submitting those sighting reports, using our report form.  In our opinion, those people who document their sightings in that manner are the true heroes of ufology!

Peter Davenport, Director of NUFORC, will …

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333 New Reports Posted

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The NUFORC website has been updated as of Sunday, April 09, 2023, with the posting of 333 new reports, received at our headquarters prior to midnight (Pacific Daylight Time), Saturday, April 08th.

Traditionally, we proofread each report before clearing it for posting to our website.  However, given that we are under time pressure to get this update posted, we have been able to do only a cursory job of screening and correcting the posted reports.

We close by wishing visitors to our website a Happy Easter, with hope that mankind will be able to set strife aside on …

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1275 New Reports Posted

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We have just released 1275 new reports received at the Center since late December. The reports consist of a wide variety of sightings, from structured craft, to lights moving erratically in the sky, to frequent sightings of mysterious orange or blue “orbs”.

Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus

Reports spiked heavily in late February and the first few days of March when Jupiter and Venus appeared just 1/2 degree apart from each other in the western sky, a rare and spectacular astronomical alignment. Many witnesses mistook this as a single craft, and reported it as such to us both over the …

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The MADAR Project

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Those of you who diligently scan our reports have likely noticed references to MADAR nodes, for example this report from May of 2022. MADAR stands for Multiple Anomaly Detection and Automated Recording, and these reports document alerts triggered by a network of special sensors placed in strategic locations around the globe. The sensors are designed to detect electromagnetic and ionospheric disturbances that may be caused by UFOs. The project is unique in that it uses a scientific approach to collecting data and analyzing it, rather than relying on anecdotal evidence. This has led to a high level of credibility …

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Multiple Pilot Sightings Over the Midwest

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On the morning of Monday, November 7th, NUFORC received a seemingly quite credible report from an airline 1st Officer, who reported having witnessed, together with the aircraft’s pilot, a very dramatic display of lights over the Midwestern United States during the prior evening.  Moreover, several other flight crews allegedly reported the same event over their backchannel, so-called “guard,” radio frequency, and apparently discussed the event extensively over the course of an estimated 20-25 minutes.  If any person who is reading this advisory statement was witness to a dramatic sighting …

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657 New Reports Posted

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The NUFORC website has been updated with the posting of 657 new sighting reports, received at our headquarters between September 7th and the afternoon of October 8th, 2022.  In addition to those reports, we include an additional 109 reports that may have been received prior to that time, but which have been corrected, or amended, for any of several reasons.

When reading the reports, visitors should be alert to the fact that all of the reports are preliminary, and may be explainable by prosaic events of terrestrial cause or origin.  A good example of this point is …

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1338 New Reports Posted

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We have finally updated the NUFORC website with the posting of approximately 1,300 reports received since June 21st, 2022.  We apologize for the long delay in our updates, and hope to get back to a schedule of posting new reports at least once per week. The full list of new reports can be accessed here.


In a word, NUFORC is being flooded…deluged might be a better description…with e-mailed messages, far more than the sole person at the NUFORC headquarters can respond to.  We ask that everyone limit themselves to only important messages, and please keep …

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794 New Reports Posted

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The NUFORC website has been updated as of Wednesday, June 22, 2022, with the posting of 795 new UFO sighting reports, submitted to our Center since mid-May of this year.

Due to a tight schedule, the new batch of reports has not been thoroughly vetted, and could contain objectionable material or personal information. If, in the course of reading the reports, you encounter such a report, please forward the url of the report to webmaster@ufocenter.com and we will quickly correct it.

Mass Sightings on 6/19

NUFORC received a deluge of reports and photos of a spectacular bright object follow …

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