An Unfortunate Case of Deja Vu – Volume One of the AARO Report

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For over 75 years, the United States Government has striven to persuade the public that there is no evidence of non-human technology in the UFO phenomenon. Now, in 2024, we find history repeating itself, as the latest government analysis comes to the same dubious conclusion.

AARO, or the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office, was tasked by Congress in 2022 with researching and documenting the government’s involvement and findings related to UAP (or UFO’s) since 1945. Volume 1 of their report has now been published, which you can read for yourself here.

Unfortunately, AARO seems to have taken the “Resolution” part …

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298 New Reports Posted

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The NUFORC Data Bank has been updated with 298 new reports, received over the last month.  We have highlighted below 28 of the most interesting ones, principally those submitted by airline pilots and other cockpit crew members, as well as those that describe dramatic, close range sightings of clearly anomalous objects. 

Date / TimeCityStateSummary
3/2/24BeckleyWVMy captain and I saw moving stars. Looked kinda like satellites.
2/28/24FeltonCAVaguely cube shaped, with multicolored lights and some motion.
2/28/24ManitowocWILight flicker on house then looked up and seen triangle with 6 lights.
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566 New Reports Posted

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The NUFORC website has been updated with the posting of 566 new reports, received via our Online Report Form since December 20th, 2023.  We have highlighted below 60 of the new reports, principally those submitted by airline pilots, and other cockpit crew members, as well as those that describe dramatic, close range sightings of clearly anomalous objects.  There are many other excellent reports that have been posted as well, that we believe deserve the attention of those people who visit our site.

Date / TimeCityStateSummary
2/6/24BrandonMSSilver UAP at approximately 5000ft the
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97 New Reports Posted

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Just in time for the holidays we have added 97 new reports to our Data Bank. Here are the 9 we found most intriguing:

Date / TimeCityStateSummary
12/14/23Pawleys IslandSC4-5 orange solid lights arranged in a triangle shape
12/13/23GreensboroNCAM sighting of a bright intense light that was hovering over tree line and a PM sighting with 2 crafts of the same “look”.
12/8/23LowellMIGreyish disc with two bright white lights one on each side on front circumference and multi colored red green lights
11/28/23RidgeMDObject hovered approx 1/2
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New! UFO Sightings Map

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A new interactive global map has been added to our site, which can be accessed from the Map link in the main menu. The map makes it easy to explore sightings within any geographic area. You can click on the individual markers to view the details of the cases at that location. Markers colored in bright green indicate locations that have sightings that have occurred within the last year.

As NUFORC is a US based organization, the map clearly shows that most of our sighting reports come from the United States, with the United Kingdom and the Netherlands next in …

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University of Utah and Recent AARO Director Publish Study of NUFORC Data

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In a study published today on, researchers at the University of Utah collaborated with Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, the recent director of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), to analyze 98,000 reports from the National UFO Reporting Center Data Bank.  Their article,  “An Environmental Analysis of Public UAP Sightings and Sky View Potential,” offers an interesting perspective on UAP sightings.

Key Findings from the study include:

  1. Geographical Factors: The study leverages Bayesian regression to explore how local environmental factors like light pollution, cloud cover, and nearby aircraft or military installations impact UAP sightings.
  2. UAP Hotspots: The
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422 New Reports Posted

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The NUFORC databank has been updated with the posting of 422 new reports, received via our Online Report Form since our last update on October 28th. 371 of these reports are of sightings this year, and the rest are events from the prior years that witnesses are just now reporting.

Out of the 442, 61 stood out to us as particularly interesting or odd. Here is that list. Click on the dates to open the full reports.

Date / TimeCityStateSummary
12/4/23LorainOHA Semi Transparent, White Colored, Luminescent Spherical Cloud circled directly above
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Spatial Hotspots in NUFORC Reports – An Analysis

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Spatial autocorrelation measures spatial and attribute similarity in one metric. If something is spatially autocorrelated, it means that objects of similar attributes tend to cluster together in space. It looks at the spatial distribution of an attribute in a dataset and asks the question, “how likely is it that this attribute is randomly distributed over space?” If the answer is “not very likely”, then that attribute can be said to be spatially autocorrelated.

This is particularly interesting when looking at UFO reports because it can show us patterns in the characteristics of the reports irrespective of external variables such as …

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882 New Reports Posted

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The NUFORC website, and database of eyewitness sighting reports, have been updated as of the date of this posting on Saturday, October 28, 2023.  The database includes all new reports that have been submitted to our Center by 10:00AM Pacific today.

Later this week, we expect to post again, to include our new policy on sighting reports from the distant past, as well as a few recommendations regarding the use of our telephone Hotline and our Online Report Form, that we believe will increase the efficiency of our overall operation. 

Here are some highlights:

Farmington. NM , 7/19/23 @ 9:15PM

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A Coast to Coast Interview with Mitch Randall on Skywatch

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An interview on Skywatch recently broadcast on Coast To Coast AM is available to check out here. In it Cheryll Jones interviews Ascendant AI’s CEO, Mitch Randall, about the SkyWatch Passive Radar UFO Detector. Developed through the Galileo Project, SkyWatch tracks sky movements to detect UFOs, using transmitted signals as an alternative to radar technology. Randall emphasizes its credibility, distinguishing between man-made objects and UFOs. Unlike cameras affected by weather and light, radar gives clearer images. SkyWatch ensures accuracy by calibrating with detected human aircraft.

For more information on Skywatch, Click Here.

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