97 New UFO Reports Posted

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Just in time for the holidays we have added 97 new reports to our Data Bank. Here are the 9 we found most intriguing:

Date / TimeCityStateSummary
12/14/23Pawleys IslandSC4-5 orange solid lights arranged in a triangle shape
12/13/23GreensboroNCAM sighting of a bright intense light that was hovering over tree line and a PM sighting with 2 crafts of the same “look”.
12/8/23LowellMIGreyish disc with two bright white lights one on each side on front circumference and multi colored red green lights
11/28/23RidgeMDObject hovered approx 1/2 mile above Potomac River
9/10/97TonopahAZCraft came in contact with us in our RV
10/8/94PiruCAHuge low flying craft
11/15/89Fort IrwinCA3 white lights in a triangle in a stationary small cloud in a cloudless sky turning every 2-3 seconds 2 hours then off
6/15/73MadisonCTGrey overcast sky with a shard of sunlight breaking thru & hitting the top of a motionless object. After a minute it flys directly away
6/15/68MiamisburgOHThree Flying Disks lights around them.

Our next update will be in early January.

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  1. Diane Chamberlain

    The video shared from the Lowell, MI, although a brief shot of the lights, seems to resemble the lengthy video of the object from Ridge, MD over the Potomac. Excellent updates, thank you!

    1. Jeff

      Hi Ms Diane,

      Yes, the object(s) over the potomac river DID resemble the object(s) in Lowell, MI.
      Strange, as this whole decades (centuries, according to people like Jacques Vallee)-long mystery seems to be.
      Take a look at some of the videos from Graham Hancock, the link to Apophis and maybe some advanced warnings from OI’s (Other Intelligences) may have given our ancestors.

  2. Joe Clarke

    The report of orange objects out to sea from Pawleys Island is probably an active military operations area. The MOA is huge. This activity has been reported many times and as a pilot this helps.

  3. Higgins

    I am wondering if someone has project blue book archived, It seems to be scrubbed from the Internet for some odd reason and I can’t find the few thousand pages I’m looking for.

    1. kym

      i have the “unknowns” list by brad sparks online. is that good enough?

  4. Lord Entropy

    I have two picture from the Grand Canyon with two different orange orbs.
    The weird thing was there was nothing but clouds out. How is this possible with no light source due to cloud coverage?

  5. Robert Ward

    Dear Lord,
    The 3 orange orbs I witnessed were brightly illuminated from within. And I mean BRIGHT. But, strangely, the brightness did not stress my eyes at all. Then , an approaching airliner flew over them, after which the three, which were in a close triangular grouping , each slowly went their own ways.

  6. Josh Strickland

    I witnessed lights appearing and disappearing. They would get really bright before disappearing. I have excellent video from my phone. Certainly better than most footage I’ve seen. Very odd considering I’ve lived at this same location forty four years. However I could not get the video to attach to my report from Comer Georgia. Wish I could somehow edit my report and try again? It’s really compelling.

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