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The NUFORC website, and database of eyewitness sighting reports, have been updated as of the date of this posting on Saturday, October 28, 2023.  The database includes all new reports that have been submitted to our Center by 10:00AM Pacific today.

Later this week, we expect to post again, to include our new policy on sighting reports from the distant past, as well as a few recommendations regarding the use of our telephone Hotline and our Online Report Form, that we believe will increase the efficiency of our overall operation. 

Here are some highlights:

Farmington. NM , 7/19/23 @ 9:15PM: A witness sighted an approximately 100 foot long, metallic, “ladder like” craft just a few hundred feet away that was moving east at about 15mph. The witness, who is a graphic artist, submitted the rendering below of how the craft appeared. For more details see the FULL REPORT.

Alexandria, VA, 10/19/23 @ 7:00PM – As sightings of orange orbs continue to pour in from around the world, a witness in Virginia was able to capture some very clear video of a series of them floating past some power lines. To see the videos open the FULL REPORT.

Other Noteworthy Reports

While we don’t believe that all of these reports are craft or phenomenon of non-human origin, we do feel they are of high interest and worth reading if you don’t want to go through the full set.

Date / TimeCityStateSummary
10/27/23San DiegoCAFalling Fire Ball Disseminates into Five Hovering Orbs of Light
10/24/23DeshlerOHBright rectangular light on the ground
10/23/23Airborne (Oman)Observed steady lights at high altitude at a specific location in the sky.
10/19/23AlexandriaVAOrange fiery objects flying low in a procession
10/19/23Two HarborsMNShape shifting dark black triangle moved across the sky
10/19/23Las Vegas (in flight)NVWhile operating an airline flight at 37,000’ both pilots witnessed three lights at very high altitude moving in random patterns.
10/17/23Not sureMNThree series of 3 slightly yellow/ white,lights spaced wide apart that then became one bright light, then went back to three..
10/17/23Middle of the Caspian Sea directly east of Baku0Two commercial airline pilots saw a light 150km away that was still then suddenly accelerated at incredible speed and disappeared
10/16/23ARLower altitude flyby of Allegiant Flight 3145 on a 180 flight trajectory.
10/13/23Sonoita, ArizonaAZBright light lasting for 5 to 6 total Mississippi seconds flew east to west through clouds, and disappeared, ridiculous speed no sound.
10/13/23Green ValleyAZA very bright glowing white orb passed near our house and jetted into infinity without making a sound.
10/12/23WaynesfieldOHHuge, triangular craft, bright strobing lights down each side
10/12/23CarrolltonTXA blinding light shown down on my house even though there was no storm/ rain event. The light was blinding and illuminated my yard
10/9/23Idaho FallsIDOrange lights in the sky with smooth but random movement that joined in formation to form a triangle, then accelerated away from us.
10/8/23Powell ButteORLarge disk
10/7/23SpringfieldOR12 or more dim lights in a perfect chevron or boomerang shape
10/6/23WorthingEnglandAlien like figures in my flat
10/6/23BrightonMOThree brilliantly white Lights hovering in the sky
10/5/23ChicagoILLights maneuvering rapidly at extreme altitude
10/5/23Grand CanyonAZWhite cigar shaped traveling from north east to southwest straight line absolutely no sound
10/5/23ParkerCOIt was orange object it was massive, it looked similar to a plane but definitely not a plane, it had a giant sphere in the middle.
10/5/23BridgeportILLarge apparently disk shipped object moving in circular motion about 75-150 feet in the air.
10/5/23West KelownaBCSlow moving lower altitude substantial craft appearing to bend light around it
10/5/23HomosassaFLWe saw a giant red, motionless comet. We ran towards it, and noticed it was a vertical rectangle, tapered back to a point
10/5/23ChattanoogaTNTriangle shaped object glowing green along the edges sighted for approx 15sec before vision being blocked by buildings.
10/4/23Los AngelesCAA plane was flying by and I noticed 3 black spheres circling it as it flew by eventually the spheres went on their own path.
10/4/23Mineral WellsTXStationary shape changing flying object, no noise.
10/3/23BostonMAAirline pilot – Lights high in sky ahead and above coming in and out
10/2/23No city on highwayWAFollowed/stalked by floating egg ( yes I’m aware of how that sounds )
10/2/23Fair OaksCA60+ white dots flying in circles and undulated paths appeared from the blue sky and after 4+ minutes vanished in the blue sky again.
10/1/23VancouverWA2 then 3 red orbs, equally spaced in a line, motionless for over an hour, then individually disappeared and reappeared for another hour
9/30/23PasadenaMDDriving in my neighborhood I saw bright circular lights over the houses. They began to make formations and slowly dim away one by one
9/30/23ClydeNCMe and my family saw a large rectangular reflective craft above our house for about 20-30 seconds.
9/30/23Rapid CitySDLarge Boomerang shape UFO with no lights flew over our house
9/28/23ButteMTCube shaped item w no visible propulsion means. Followed shortly thereafter by three jets
9/28/23Folsom/El Dorado HillsCAOrange orb chased away by airplanes
9/25/23Killiney BayBall of glowing light slowly circulating the water before immediately submerging.
9/24/23CentraliaILLights on a oval/disk craft with rotation
9/23/23HuntersvilleNC3 individual bright flashes of light and a separate large orb of light.
9/21/23hamptonNHlooked in the sky an armada of disks, I delta. somthing cam out of nothin I have photos.
9/21/23We were airborne heading East at 39000 feetNEUp to 4 UFO outside earths atmosphere
9/20/23NashvilleTNI observed a stationary, dull metallic colored disk for approximately 25 seconds before it disappeared.
9/20/23Shasta lake0Observed star like lights in the sky grow bright then disappear many times. Dozens would move in groups or individually.
9/18/23PictonONDistant orbs that would acellerate upon making focus with my eyes.
9/18/23YakimaWAFlash of light behind the mountain, extremely bright object rose and hung in the sky and went out, disappeared but reappeared
9/17/23Fort WorthTXA cigar shaped craft moved over the south end of the runway of Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth
9/16/23AuroraCOOrb or disc hovering by Buckley AFB at night
9/16/23AlingsåsVästra Götaland CountyNear midair collision between tow plane and orb
9/14/23WheatonILWhile driving, a giant, bright neon green fireball/sphere shape w/irregular edges flew downward from the sky south to north
9/14/23Ocean CityNJSeen with PVS7 NV googles. High speed light (not satellite, meteor or star) travel Lind from ocean and disappearing above land.
9/14/23MenashaWII was walking my dog and I seen it in the sky
9/13/23WailukuHII was at the beach fishing
9/13/23GattonQueenslandMassive bright white flashing light as bright as led high beam lights zooming across sky.
9/13/23PewaukeeWIWas driving in my neighborhood and saw an extraordinarily dark cloud above the setting sun and saw a bright object appear to drop fast
9/13/23PeterboroughONBlack Triangle hovering silently with red and white lights.
9/11/23AlexandriaVASighting of orb moving quickly from earth to outside of the atmosphere (shooting further into space, not across the sky like a meteor).
9/10/23Bass LakeINObject flew past our aircraft at 10,000 feet within 200 yards of our right wing.
9/9/23EdentonNCBright white light traveling south to north
9/7/23KnoxvilleNCI saw a small light that looked like a star appear dim then go bright.
9/6/23OcalaFLSaw a light in the sky move toward, follow and leave an Airplane that was crossing over head.
9/4/23Camp HillPAWe observed a saucer-shaped craft ascend from the horizon to the upper atmosphere in a fraction of a second, before separating
9/4/23Estes ParkCOLarge, disc shaped, brightly lit, silent craft hovered approximately 100′ above our car.
9/3/23JennerCAsaw 3 bright white orbs flying in a straight formation that looked like the center of Orions Belt
8/29/23ORUFO appeared before me, flew almost directly over me, large red “V” on underside, felt wave as it passed, silent and moved off quickly
8/25/23Islamabad Capital TerritorySeveral groups of lights moving in orbiting formation and erratically changing altitude impossibly fast
8/23/23NelsonCaerphilly County BoroughHovering above the field
8/22/23AbergavennyMonmouthshireLarge metallic craft stationary with long grey windows across the center
8/17/23Alfaz del PiAlicante Province9 silent V shaped craft in a V formation
8/4/23Stamford TexasTXI seen a very large oval black craft emitting some sort of dark orange light around the upper rim of the craft
8/3/23Mill Creek (Newport)NCI saw a large black rectangular object hovering in one spot for a few minutes and I saw it fly off into the woods.
7/25/23Powell JunctionID“V” shaped craft with orange and red lights
7/23/23North BattlefordSKSomething in the Sky east of North Battleford
7/18/23FarmingtonNMI saw a UFO for summer; a brief UFO visit
6/27/23RapperswilCanton of St. GallenThere was a dark mass in the sky that never moved and disappeared suddenly.
6/23/23SavannahGABlue Orb Shot up Into the Sky
6/4/23HerndonVASaw a shiny orb following an airplane. I took a video
5/2/23bagdadAZBeams emitted from two crafts
4/20/23WareMADriving along when suddenly a passenger in the backseat noticed an odd object in the sky on a clear day
10/3/220I saw a black bar in the clouds then as it came closer it turned on its side to face the plane.
6/27/22Dana PointCAThree lights in triangle formation fell like a shooting star, leveled off like a fighter jet, and cruised over the ocean, disapperaing.
7/31/21KlerksdorpNorth WestUAP over Rhino Sanctuary.
3/1/21RichardsonTXVery large fat Cylinder craft close to my location
1/21/21CliftonVA8 Objects Seen High in Circular Formation, 6 Disappear, and 2 Travel West
9/30/20SeymourCTMe and My fiance on our way to dinner have a rectangular UFO the size of a football field silently fly over car
11/23/18Terre HauteINTriangular/diamond shaped craft with orange lights hovered above street lights for several minutes over traffic.
11/17/17BeaverUTThe UFO came from the eastern mountains and continued over Beaver, Utah to the west side of Utah I-15.
12/10/15FairgroveMILarge square object floating silently slowly overhead and an object flew out and went in opposite direction.
12/31/14PoquosonVAOne big red glowing orb split into many smaller orbs and shot across the sky at unfathomable speed, then formed a line and disappeared.
7/15/14San AntonioTXDisk that was about 200-3000 ft above the bridge.
8/15/13LockeARWe were lost and driving on a dirt road when all the sudden we came up on a triangular craft hovering ten feet off the ground silent,
5/18/13Marble FallsTXA meteor that change course flew over me.
6/26/12KalixNorrbotten CountySågs av familj på fyra personer som befann sig i närheten. Fotograferades av hustrun .
8/18/11Cambridge surrounding areaONGiant flying saucer type craft seen roughly 20 feet above tree line from inside a moving car. Craft had 1 giant beam of light on trees
12/12/10PrunedaleCAA bright pink ball of light came into our bedroom through our window and hovered in front of my face for roughly 5 minutes.
7/3/10EastonPAAbout 8 orange orbs super high in the sky, almost in an s shape. sitting there for 30 seconds not moving
8/10/09SummerdalePAGroup of people in parking lot saw apparentl pentagram shaped craft in sky over nearby mountain,
10/15/08About 2 hours South of San Francisco on Interstate 5 drivingCABlimp Landing in farm field exploded into hundreds of orbs that then took off in all directions.
11/16/05Oklahoma cityOKIt was couple miles wide, and long, black, orange glow in the center.
6/1/05HarlingenTXWhite bright Orb seen traveling parallel to ground traveling northbound at an unexplainable speed.
10/21/03HamiltonMTHuge silent triangle flew from the mountains to the west heading east
7/27/97Between Santa Cruz and Davenport CaCANoticed in rear view mirror object depending slowly behind us and to our left. Came forward towards us and paralleled our car,
6/28/95Bass River, YarmouthMA2 nights in a row
6/30/94CantonOHHovering object just above rooftops
5/20/93Palm CityFLLight on horizon zipping around, over several nights, then approached house last night
9/18/88SurreyBCWe witnessed a large ship about 120 feet above us that was disk like ship that stood still with lights on the outer bottom with no soun
3/12/86Santa MonicaCABlack triangle, est. football field size, 7-9 dim lights, silent, 10-15mph
2/25/84Winter havenFLSaucer shaped craft with rotating midsection that contained multiple tiny round illuminated windows other multi colored lights all over
2/25/84Winter havenFLSaucer shaped craft illuminated with multiple colored lights and round port hole windows rotating
8/19/83BridgeportCTSaucer or disk moving south to north around sunset, slowly, silent, with lights.
1/16/80NJA triangular uap silently appeared maybe 40-50 ft overhead. It was maybe 25-30 ft long.
8/28/79BlacksburgSCStill, silent, dull metallic gray object over church.
7/15/78CaryILUp at a local hangout in a field when slowly an object was flying toward us.
7/8/78Englewood CliffsNJIt was not a cone shape per se but it was thin, wide and huge.
5/15/75ActonMALarge underside of enormous object, blueish lights – seeming complex intricate industrial looking undercarriage
10/17/74CaracasMirandaHuge UFO in the shape of an inverted Aztec/Mayan pyramid (sides with angular steps) that was in stealth-colored material (carbon black)
11/9/73FallbrookCAIt had an elongated greenish-blue (or turquois) contrail streaming behind
8/27/66Fort SmithARHovering, round noiseless aircraft with round light in center hovering low over my car.
10/5/60Near KingmanAZVery large disc about 20 feet across with lights surrounding the bottom, moving very fast.

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  1. Aquila Rift

    There doesn’t seem to be an official method of reporting possible “mundane” explanations that I can find, so posting this here as I didn’t want to bother anyone via email. (I do not use social media.) Regarding NUFORC Sightings 179029 and 179064, these two UK reports appear to be identical, albeit occurring on consecutive days. The most likely explanation for these is a stadium light / laser show in Westham, London — Westham Stadium, specifically. After a quick search, I found a thread on Redditt with a clear photograph of that light show in progress: https://www.reddit.com/r/london/comments/17dc3my/strange_spotlights_shining_over_east_london/ (Hopefully, the comments section will accept page links). Furthermore, it’s evident from the videos on sighting 179029 that the spotlights are reflecting only on the cloud cover, disappearing when moved off the clouds.

  2. Leo Sanchez

    may 2, around 10:51 am, i watch a delta airlplane turning towards metro to land when I saw a small gray color helmet looking object to the plane left turning with the plane, I watch planes go over my house daily never have I seen that before.

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