Another Dramatic Triangle – 78 New UFO Reports Posted

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On April 8, 2024, around 7:45 PM local time in Seagoville, TX, a witness reported observing a triangular-shaped craft near their home close to Simonds and Bowers Rd, behind the prison and army reserves. This sighting occurred just after sunset during the night of a total eclipse. The craft, estimated to be 30-50 feet wide, appeared less than 100 feet above the ground with bright white lights at each of its three corners. It hovered silently before accelerating slowly and disappearing into a dark cloud. Despite waiting, the craft did not reemerge. The witness, experienced with various types of aircraft due to their proximity to major airports and their work background, stated the object was unlike any man-made vehicle they had ever seen and offered to pass a lie detector test to verify their account. FULL REPORT

The full list of newly posted reports can be accessed HERE.

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  1. StricK

    I have pictures and video posted of phenomenal orbs/lights in the sky but i’m just a civilian. Thank god we have PILOTS and MILITARY for their credible testimonies and highlighted reports????

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