722 New UFO Reports Posted

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The NUFORC databank has been updated with the posting of 722 new reports, received via our Online Report Form since our last update on May 19th. 489 of these reports are contemporary sightings (since May 19th), and the rest are events from the past that witnesses are just now reporting.

Beginning with this posting, we have added a section to each report for explanations, which appear on some reports at the bottom. Our list of explanations include Aircraft, Balloon, Bird, Blimp, Camera Anomaly, Cloud, Contrail, Drone, Fireworks, Flares, Hoax, Insect, Laser, Meteor, Planet/Star, Rocket, Satellite, Searchlight, and Starlink. We classify each explanation as Possible, Probable or Certain. The most common misidentifications are Starlink Satellites and Camera anomalies such as lens flares or reflections. This doesn’t mean that reports we have not tagged with an explanation are genuine extraterrestrial craft. In fact most sightings that are reported turn out to be of a prosaic terrestrial nature.

On the other hand, many reports are so dramatic that they defy explanation, other than that they are possible alien ships or extraterrestrials. Here is the set of new reports that are the most impressive in this regard:

7/3/23 White strobe-like light moving at very high speed with instant acceleration and deceleration, with instant 90 degree turns.
7/3/23 Starlike UFO drops a mysterious teardrop object before vanishing into thin air.
7/2/23 A short creature with big black shiny eyes ran from my shed back behind my car and then green lights flashed and it was gone.
7/1/23 Pulled alongside my boat. I was afraid I was going to hit it. Stayed about 20 feet and hovered just off surface.
6/29/23 We were flying westbound FL320. I saw a contact approaching our right (North) side. TCAS showed nothing. Passed close slightly higher
6/28/23 It was round disc shape and had lights that flashed simultaneously around the edge of the craft in red, yellow, and white.
6/28/23 Craft was flying around 200 ft off ground on the north side of highway 5
6/25/23 Bright orb with a beam of light shooting straight up out of it
6/23/23 Very Bright Light with a Craft with Flashing Lights
6/19/23 Bright orange ethereal ball hovering above the street ascends up into the sky and flys east until it disappears into the distance
6/15/23 Silent brightly lit triangle object
6/13/23 Low, slow flying dark gray rectangle with flashing lights headed north east over I-69
6/12/23 UAP seen less the 100ft off ground shaped like a cigar shaped harmonica
6/12/23 Black equilateral triangle daytime
6/9/23 Saw a ufo in the sky then saw orange light and sparkles on the other side of the mountain then walked right past 2 aliens.
6/6/23 Hovering craft starts fire with laser
6/3/23 There was 2 Jets afterburner full blast overtaken by this craft the jets were throwing flares (6-7) the ufo sat in the sun to hide!
6/3/23 F16s or f35s dogfighting a UAP
6/2/23 Green triangle appeared out of nowhere then took the hell off.
5/30/23 Two extremely large triangle objects moving in the air from southwest to northeast
5/28/23 Commercial flight crew observes burst of light during takeoff.
5/19/23 Object observed in the sky I don’t believe was man made.
5/19/23 Huge spaceship floating over the car.
5/19/23 2 jets chasing 1 triangular shaped aircraft.
5/17/23 Bright Red and Blue flashing lights following the highway, approaching us in opposite direction observed before disappearing.
5/12/23 3 orbs/fireballs in triangular formation flew silently at mountain top level. Made no noise, made 90° left turn and disappeared
5/11/23 Black triangle craft sitting stationary above shops.
5/6/23 7-10 orange lights heading north, followed by huge flying saucer, bottom illuminated by city lights. Followed by 7-10 military choppers
3/26/23 Witnesses observed a bright triangular craft object hovering at tree top level
10/12/22 Two UFO’s one following the other with extremely bright sparks emitting from their tips – no sound – one lightly laarger.
6/18/22 Curved wing/possibly triangular craft, row of strobing white lights, silent, slow glide.
1/22/22 Chrome diamond craft that transformed into a shpere
1/18/21 Entity resembling grey alien in my home left my daughters room, then in my room sedated me. I woke 4 mins later to see orb outside
4/17/18 Large triangular shaped ship hovered in the sky, no noise, deep black…
7/21/14 Close Encounter in our garden. Entities could be heard but not seen.
6/1/14 Two white orbs stationary in the night sky; left orb shot off horizontally and curved upwards very fast; right orb crept away slow
4/4/12 Round silver object with a dome on top.
3/14/12 Extremely close sighting of a stationary floating light above road in rural town
6/3/11 Orange glowing craft hovering 30 yards about ground
10/9/10 Saw a V shape object
6/15/10 Tan or grey Vertical cylinder
3/3/10 Large black triangle craft
11/26/09 Saw what looked like a meteor (red/orange tail) the craft was over my car 3 blue “lights” on corners of ceaft
10/17/04 Interaction with UAP on our vehicle
6/5/02 A massive 2 football field sized low flying UFO slowly & silently sailed over us & out over the ocean as we were taking a walk
3/10/99 Bright light, tubular V shaped visible against blue sky
8/1/98 Black craft, flat triangle shaped on bottom, pyramid-like on top/from side, hovering silently, moved slowly, then instantly sped off
2/1/97 Black Triangle approx mile across moving slowly (5 mph est) west direction at 4000 to 6000 foot elevation to clear mountains
7/13/96 1 circular object, red, yellow, green, blue lights spinning, smaller version moves out, up accelerates abnormal speed out of site!!
5/9/96 Triangle craft with 3 lights, no sound and flying low.
3/16/96 My husband and I saw a UFO in daylight, pretty close.
6/1/92 Triangle hovering and when moving rapidly changing direction
8/19/91 Some type of Electrically Propelled, composite fuselage, Craft floated overhead at a slow speed, heading toward Ft. Hood Army Post.
7/21/90 Hovering above my car saw an Extremely Fast Object hover over me, then it would just rocket at unbelievable speed above Hwy.
10/20/78 Two lights rose over the back of the car, shot into the sky, displayed a series of colored lights, jumped around, then disappeared
6/22/77 Disk shaped aircraft with rotating lights hovering over tree line
11/28/72 Saw a large oval silver craft with bright lights in the trees so we stopped
2/16/71 Seen full view ship hovering over trees 40 feet in air!
8/29/69 Close encounter of a hovering “gun metal gray, metallic platform”
7/19/68 I saw a large triangular craft hovering silently , when I approached it began to move off, I ran after it .
8/17/67 A rectangular craft hovered silently never moving for about 10 minutes with some sort of occupant
5/26/67 Atop a hill sat a saucer with its doorway open emitting a bright light which formed a triangle.
6/2/53 From the deck of USS Frybarger moored in the inner harbor stern toward the Naval Station

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