509 New Reports Posted / Navy Pilots Sight Approaching “Orb”

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The National UFO Reporting Center homepage, and database of sighting reports, have been updated as of Friday evening, April 22nd, 2022.  The database has 509 new written reports, submitted via the Online Report Form since our last update on March 4th, 2022.  We apologize for the long delay since our last update.

We always encourage visitors to our site to exercise caution as to what reports they accept as being true, given that none of the reports have been followed up on with investigation.  Moreover, this warning is particularly apropos for this most recent posting, given the limited time we had for proof-reading the new reports.  Usually, we like to read each report, checking for, and purging, personal information included in that portion of the reports we release publicly, as well as for profanity, and out-and-out hoaxes.  However, this week we did not have the luxury of being able to read each report,  and we have posted all the new reports as they were submitted to our offices.

HIGHLIGHTED CASE – EASTERN WASHINGTON STATE, TUESDAY, MARCH 08TH, 2022, @ 19:10 HRS. (Pacific) – Two U. S. Navy officers, a pilot and his “backseater,” while flying over southeastern Washington State in an eaF-18 g “Growler” aircraft, find themselves on a possible collision course with a peculiar, brightly lighted object, approaching at high-speed.  The pilot immediately requests clearance from Seattle Air Traffic Control to ascend, in order to avoid the object, and the Air Traffic Controller apprises the crew that the object does not show up on the FAA’s radar.  Witness Report

For the list of all new reports, click here.

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  1. Tom

    very interesting!

  2. Sandra and Robb

    We just today reported a bright orb that we witnessed the next day, on March 9th in Southwest Montana. It showed up in the Northeast sky just before dawn, then slowly climbed for about 3 minutes before speeding up and leaving the camera view. Appeared to be going either up, or to the Southwest. This was the day after the pilots’ sighting… wondering now if it maybe related?
    The incident report will likely be posted with the admins next batch…

  3. Jennifer Smith

    Could someone please send me a link to the new redesigned website that y’all are speaking of or am I here? Sorry I’ve just found you via a video that was sent to me by my daughter and when I clicked the link it says “error:page not found”. But I kept clicking the menu hamburger and arrived here somehow…jensmith1967pixie@gmail.com
    So excited to learn that NC ranks 10 in #of reported sightings in US! Can’t wait to have access to more info!
    Thank you!

  4. Herb Tierney

    Very similar to what a friend and I both observed in the night sky over High Bridge NJ. The incident was over a year ago and I still can’t understand what we were seeing. The object was brilliant orange with a haze around it and almost seemed transparent. I reported it to local police and checked w Pittstown Airport. I later learned similar object was observed within days within 30 miles in eastern PA
    Not sure if I’d want to encounter that again frankly. Very puzzling experience

  5. Andrew Kummerow

    I have given a detailed multiple experience with general date of happening over a few years after 2007, I didn’t have a cell phone at that time. Foster care didn’t allow it, hence “2007 home visit”
    Hope it posts here soon! 🙂

  6. Andrew Kummerow

    Forgot to mention the color of Sri Yantra tunnel color the object traveled through it was Pink, baby blue and light orange.

  7. Marie

    June 1978. Cilindral object just moving very slow above the Cape Cod canal in the area of the herein run . Slowly and quitely floating along the length of the canal. Next day several sightings also noted over Marshfield beaches. But not many sightings recorded, I know what a saw that night. Pretty Amazing.

  8. t zevo

    Obviously the big question is what is the source of power or electricity of all these perhaps interstellar or interdimensional machines or craft?

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