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The NUFORC website has been updated with the posting of 566 new reports, received via our Online Report Form since December 20th, 2023.  We have highlighted below 60 of the new reports, principally those submitted by airline pilots, and other cockpit crew members, as well as those that describe dramatic, close range sightings of clearly anomalous objects.  There are many other excellent reports that have been posted as well, that we believe deserve the attention of those people who visit our site.

Date / TimeCityStateSummary
2/6/24BrandonMSSilver UAP at approximately 5000ft the swims through the sky in an organic matter way with exhaust trail at faster than speed of sound
2/5/24OmahaNEFlying to the East at 39,000 saw 6 UFO’s at diff speeds, altitudes (btn 50, and 80 thousand feet) for ~ 1 hr
2/5/24HoquiamWALight moving erratically
2/1/24EllekerWestern AustraliaBanana shaped UFO yellow lights down side, with blue halo. Hovering moving slightly side to side. Halo flashed like surrounding orb.
2/1/24AuburnALThis came extremeley close to the left of our commercial plane left wing – I did notify Delta Airlines once we landed.
1/27/24Garden ValleyIDMy wife saw a large object with white lights hovering over our property.
1/27/24OspreyFLDisc shaped objects still in the sky for about 2.5 hours with about 9 circular lights along the length, larger in the middle.
1/21/24MelroseMAUfo was about 200 ft from the ground, causing ground to shake and emitting a deafening humming noise while flashing lights into our car
1/17/24Pine CityMNThree large orange lights . When I caught them on video they were already 10 times smaller then they were when I first saw them.
1/16/24LeeNHSaw a ufo that then came into my yard + house
1/14/24IthacaNYTwo lights climbing, descending, and changing direction rapidly
1/14/24PhoenixAZManeuvering lights at very high altitude views for 45 minutes at FL400
1/13/24CharlotteNCAn object with lights went back and forth
1/11/24ErzincanMultiple lights flying and moving randomly.
1/10/24YakimaWAFlying from DEN to PSC at 34,000’. Witnessed moving lights moving very fast and would appear and disappear. ATC had nothing on radar.
1/8/24GuelphONPossible TR3B black manta sighting.
1/7/24RoseburgOR2 lights looked to be spinning.
1/5/24Sault Ste. MarieONErratically moving lights that would appear and disappear staying in the same approximate location in relation to the stars
1/2/24NewtownCTElongated white light moving slowly or not at all, which then also displayed a series of colored lights in a line as I got closer.
1/2/24Oklahoma CityOKSeen the blue white oval object dart right to left from upstairs windows. When I fist witnessed It was stationary.
12/26/23BunnellFLWhat appeared as bright star like points of light which would suddenly appear increasing in brightness and then fade away.
12/23/23Objects at very high altitude (greater than 50,000′ MSL) maneuvering and emitting white light that gradually varied from bright to dim
12/20/23HoraceKS4 white lights of changing intensity resembling stars moving in a portion of the night sky.
12/16/23Little RockAR5 Lights Moving Rapidly and Changing Direction
12/16/23FerndaleMIA simple sighting which lasted one second.
11/28/23YucatanWent to room to sit on balcony and spotted bright light moving very fast
8/1/23IDAn extraordinary close encounter with a UFO in central Idaho in 1974.
6/4/23Moses LakeWAI saw a silvery/white flat disk low over a field, which then disappeared
5/6/23HowellMIA metal craft, flat metallic bottom, white top with a red strip, no sound
3/24/23BethelCTA triangular shape, Pie Shape with lights on sides that had no sound and was still until it darted off.
7/4/22KingNCBright red light, slow moving, no sound, made recorded video completely disappear, was approx 100ft over the tree tops
6/11/22Howell TownshipNJSlow and quiet moving triangle in the sky, with three lights on each corner of the craft, one dead center
9/6/21KnjazevacUndefined aircraft
5/21/21RobertsonWestern CapeCraft approached me with 1 very strong but not blinding centre light parking above me from ca.25 metres
1/1/20Fort ScottKSBlinding light enveloped us while driving, missing time
6/20/18HiddenhausenNordrhein-WestfalenA huge tube right in the sky in front of my nose.
11/13/16WheelingWest Virginia3 triangle crafts hovering along side of Rt 70 in WV. PA. State line
8/13/16Strawberry lakeORUSO submerged just under surface of lake water.
6/1/16Pinellas ParkFLA large, black rectangular box-shaped object in the sky slowly moving eastward, then westward.
1/1/15WesterlyRIFrom my living room I was awakened and compelled to look out my window, that’s when I saw a large round bright light in the sky.
12/12/12Carolina BeachNCX Shaped Craft
9/7/12Naples ManorFLLarge craft, 3 very dim lights, one larger central light. Exterior was translucent against night sky. Near invisible. No sound. Fast
4/14/11MitchellINWe were walking at the track and I felt something behind me, I looked back and saw it. It was triangular and appeared to be transparent
8/5/08BlytheCAWhat looked like a satellite drifting across the night sky over Blythe, CA conducted three circles and stopped
6/11/08San LeandroCAWalking from our home to a shopping area an extremely large disc shaped ship sideview was above us stopped then woosh it went up
6/14/07ArcadiaCAIt looked like the typical traingle/ TR3B UFO most other people described. EXTREMELY low, barely scraping a nearby phone pole
8/4/00SandownEnglandNight time, very fast, no sound, left a very brief chem trail same colour of the lights, traveled distance across sky disappeared.
6/6/97WasecaMNDark triangle craft spotted (no lights) hovering in the sky, silently.
10/10/95SequimWADirectly over the Old Olympic at about 35 mph fr e to w. It was approx.50 ft.across,quiet w/dome,band of lights spinning,craft stationa
6/1/94OrlandoFLBright ball of light hovers, goes up, flies, then disappears.
11/6/89WashingtonDCBizarre silent helicopter
7/13/89CatonsvilleMDEdmondson & Rolling Rd driving suddenly HUGE triangle craft is above us silent, VERY low & NO lights. Follow a fee then it vanished
8/29/87SonoitaAZAfter a morning hike I went back to my van and looked up….3 space craft were flying overhead low enough for me to make out details…
4/6/84TucsonAZStar burst ship appears in air and shoots across valley lighting up Rincon mountains with search light. Two F15s pursued to no avail.
1/11/84ChapinSCWalking my dog, and a bright yellow ball appeared suddenly in the sky. It chased me to my house.
1/10/80BletchleyEnglandA very bright orb/sphere decended down and hovered right in front of us and it also made a loud humming noise
6/23/77Prince EdwardONSilver disk stopped overhead
11/13/76HastingsMIA bright object hovered 100ft over my car with my pregnant girlfriend and myself for 10 minutes. Sped away at impossible speed.
7/21/73Buffalo GapSDRight over our heads.
7/17/54ComptonCAThis sighting was filmed with a 8mm by one of the little league coach, with me in the foreground.

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  1. Josh Strickland

    Just began reading these much appreciated reports.and I’m really disappointed, yet confused, why we dont have answers for the swarm of lights that appear/reappear while brightening/dimming in our skies? I mean we have such smart know-it-all people explaining black holes, distances in light years, freaking red spot jupiter storms, advanced military radar, bla-bla etc. Without mentioning these very true astonishing lights? President Trump was very honest about fake news. Jeremy Corbell and many others profiting from such footage but not these lights. Come on. They’re otherworldly and I sometimes believe our time to be harvested as a whole is underway. Most people here on our dear planet do not believe in a higher power but when I witnessed these lights (i have a lot of video) it was only obvious they are not just playing. They are working. They are building. They know what they are doing and I do not know what it is.

    Thank you NUFORC for your time and effort put in to this site!
    Josh Strickland

    1. TruthSeeker


      The theory of Theia:
      Would help to support the possibility that we surely are not alone. One can only imagine the extraterrestrial beings on our planet now.. in all forms.. bacteria or whatever.

      And further, as a Christian who does believe in GOD, I wonder who knows if GOD is not something else? When Genesis says, “We will create man in our imagine,” WHO is OUR?

      I have questioned our human connection with all things in nature, our bodies pocess human crystals:

      etc.. we are electromagnetic, etc.. Too many pieces of the puzzle that I believe we all would like to connect, to form the true picture of who and what we are, NOT what we have been TOLD we are over the centuries.

      At this point in the game, my mind is wide open to accept the TRUTH.. the real truth.

      I hope we all get to learn it soon. Thank you for this site!

      1. tczevo

        To say the old or new testaments are the “words of some god” is perposterous given the true origin of those conglomerized mythological extrapolations.
        And NO ONE has the right to tell me or anyone that MY RIGHTS come from their set of religious mythological beliefs or god or gods
        my ‘inalienable rights’ are mine by virtue of my evoloved sentient humanity itself – nothing more is required for the establishment of a persons rights.

  2. Tom

    any new videos??? Been forever since I have seen anything.

    1. Christian Stepien

      We’ve posted many new videos. In the report lists, reports with images or videos have a “Y” in the Media column.

  3. Alan

    It seems the number of reports in the last couple of months has dropped off. Has anyone noticed any change that might have influenced this? Or is it random or maybe cold weather keeping people inside???

  4. Sam Port

    I have a couple reports but they are old! A white ball of light that floats across the sky? BIG! CLOSE! Then one far away! So like 3 within a couple years!! Anything like that? Long time ago 2004 2005? The closest one has 4 witnesses!

  5. Sam Port

    Thank you ufo reporting center! Because there’s stuff out there that ain’t even the government! I know it for a fact!

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