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We updated our database of UFO sighting reports on October 19th, with the posting of 407 new reports, and we update again, as of the date of this writing, October 26th, with the posting of 54 recent reports, submitted over the past week.

As we always do, we recommend visitors to our website be cautious as to what they accept as being accurate and true. A significant percentage of the reports may be cases of mistaken identification, e.g. of terrestrial aircraft, satellites, missile launches, so-called “Chinese” lanterns, etc.. Also, a few of the reports appear to us to be out-and-out attempts to hoax anyone who is gullible enough to accept less-than-serious claims of alleged sightings or events.


Our cautionary warning above notwithstanding, NUFORC, nevertheless, receives many of what appear to us to be excellent, and highly believable, reports from seemingly sincere and quite responsible individuals. We highlight below a few reports which caught our eye in the last two postings:

  • Town of May, Idaho, Sunday, October 03, 2021, @ 5:10 a.m. (Mountain Daylight)—A husband and wife were driving in a rural area, searching for elk, when the husband sees a very strange metallic-looking, oval-shaped, craft moving rapidly across the sky. He calls his wife’s attention to the object, just in time for her to get a good look at the object, too. Husband’s Report Wife’s Report
Challis Triangle
  • Challis, Idaho (near the Town of May, ID), Wednesday, September 27, 2000, @ ~9:45 p.m. (Mountain Daylight)—The report above from May, Idaho, reminded us of a somewhat similar case that NUFORC had received more than a decade earlier in the same area, involving four adult male hunters, who reported having a huge triangular craft hover above their hunting camp for several seconds, which then moved off. Report

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  1. Kristi

    I found your website when I started searching the internet to see if anyone else saw/reported the same thing I saw. Unfortunately I don’t have a dash camera so I have no proof of the strange thing that I saw. I will be waiting for your new batch to be posted to see if others reported this as well. Thank you for offering everyone a chance to report sightings without chancing judgement from others.

  2. Mickey iverson

    Living in Montana in the 70s I saw while camping on the mountain top I like moving slowly along The whole Rison then zipped off into space out of sight I have questions why are people afraid of them or governments if they were gonna hurt us they would’ve done it before we had anything to hurt them with and why were there were so many crashes of space vehicle during this certain it time in our history

  3. Jolomo777@outlook.com

    Bless your heart. Using punctuation is key in relating a story.
    Thank you for sharing.

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