422 New UFO Reports Posted

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The NUFORC databank has been updated with the posting of 422 new reports, received via our Online Report Form since our last update on October 28th. 371 of these reports are of sightings this year, and the rest are events from the prior years that witnesses are just now reporting.

Out of the 442, 61 stood out to us as particularly interesting or odd. Here is that list. Click on the dates to open the full reports.

Date / TimeCityStateSummary
12/4/23LorainOHA Semi Transparent, White Colored, Luminescent Spherical Cloud circled directly above my home before disappearing entirely.
12/3/23MemphisINUnexplained bright shiny light
11/30/23DentonNEI observed an aircraft with two bright lights to be stagnant and hovering over my pasture approximately 100′ in the air.
11/30/23FranksvilleWI4 Objects Moving and Dimming On and Off
11/26/23ThedfordNE3 lighted objects circling at high altitude that were both bright and dim
11/25/23BrinnonWATaking picture of dog, raising camera to zoom object low high speed pass pushed shutter repeatedly got one image and was gone. Silent
11/24/23DothanALBlue rectangle appears above the trees, about 30′ high, above us, and then shoots off to the West.
11/21/23Oklahoma CityOKPoints of light maneuvering in upper atmosphere
11/21/23StillwaterOKAs many as 4 lights were simultaneously observed corroborated with no less than 6-7 other aircraft on Denver Center
11/20/23HalfwayMDAt 1st glance lights (4) appeared slightly higher than street lamps but change into just 2 larger bright lights that tilted & vanished
11/18/23Oro ValleyAZMetallic UAP or Balloon
11/17/23LincolnshireILCraft was total stationary and totally silent,just above a tree.
11/16/23BoyceVAObject was above arboretum. Moving rapidly sideways and up and down then hovering
11/15/23LincolnshireILPlatform type craft traveling low over forest with lights illuminating the top but no lights on bottom, at night.
11/13/23CheyenneWYSaw a light go from dim to very bright
11/13/23MilanINTriangle black craft
11/12/23NixonPADriving at night and saw a green lit object drop down and zoom off
11/11/23Slippery RockPATriangle shaped craft that moved like nothing I’ve ever seen.
11/11/23MidvaleUTUnidentified lights flying above.
11/11/23WindhamMEFloating rectangle with 3 lights
11/11/23LakelandFLI saw a HUGE triangle craft with at least 7 bright white lights in a perfect “V” at the front and no lights on the backend of it
11/10/23DenverCOBasketball sized ball of light, about the same brightness as a flood light flying low and slow.
11/9/23ElkinNCA silver metallic disc rising vertically from the ground.
11/9/23KYLighted objects “dancing” and performing seemingly impossible aeronautic maneuvers
11/8/23HartfordCTCraft swooped down fast & floated with bright white rotating lights & 2 beams of light darting around & on & off
11/8/23WimberleyTXLarge helicopter chasing an amber glowing orb
11/6/23BlairsvilleGATriangle craft with green lights gliding through sky
11/5/23Santa FeFLWhile driving (dark) noticed 2 large lights to left. Once at field, saw underside, 3 lights(triangle) and small ones. Drove away.
11/5/23Mount MorrisPALarge extremely fast moving orb moving across the sky that stopped in midair, turned, and continued in the direction
11/5/23HamiltonNJObject was briefly stationary, before traveling in an apparent fish hook shape. Then vanished.
11/2/23Sioux FallsSDLow flying silent craft with stealth coating.
10/31/23Casa GrandeAZRectangular light fixed in the Northwestern sky for over 3 hours.
10/30/23Garden CityKSA light moving southwest to the east then changing to a southeast heading
10/29/23BayportNYSon playing outside , witnessed object
10/29/23CowesEnglandLarge, quiet, triangular craft flew over 2 witnesses at 05:30 on Sunday morning, off the central southern coast of England
10/24/23Government HillAZEnormous white triangle craft with point straight down.
10/22/23AvondaleTXSlow flying and rotating huge Triangle
10/21/23Klamath FallsORHeard loud crash and then saw object fly by.
10/18/23ForestvilleMDwhite roundish size object captured on doorbell cam
10/14/23AustinTXPerfectly silent craft drifts to the east, bright light seen, object came to a standstill several times
9/7/23San DiegoCASaw a rectangle shaped black craft moving southeast at about 30 miles an hour and 150 feet off the ground.
6/9/23BridgetonMOWas watching jets test fly and witnessed a pill shaped Ufo
5/25/23Long PointONLarge object with rounded edges that bent light from stars
12/23/22Plain CityUTBlack triangle
8/29/22HaubstadtINI am a airline pilot. We were at 38000 ft when encountered
1/1/21Orb flying sporadically a few hundred yards off of our cruise ship.
10/8/20NormanOKViewed a 5″ by 5″ UFO with an orbiter 15 ft away.
6/22/15Brzeziny, Witkowice ŁódzkieŁódź VoivodeshipI saw a circle flying from one end of the plot to the other, it had smaller circles around its circumference, it was larger than house.
8/13/14SenecaPAI saw a giant…GIANT flying triangle at close distance directly above
1/1/13Sterling HeightsMIWe noticed this thing from the car, and immediately got out because it was directly above us. We stood in the middle of the street.
5/18/12SacramentoCACraft changed direction, directly above at 30ft, un-aerodynamic, mind control, no sound, no wake, no windows, ability to morph shape
4/1/11CooloongupWestern AustraliaBlack Equilateral triangle, rounded edges, amber lights, blue glow
9/2/09McCordsvilleINSmooth BLK oval object approached and scanned us as while night-walking near our home, again through my kitchen window the next night.
8/14/06TacomaWABlack triangle with red lights
9/23/04South JordanUTBoomerang type craft slowly moved over top of my home.
1/23/01New YorkNYAt periscope depth I thought it was a squadron of helicopters in formation. at 12, 2, 6, 8, 10 oclock and 1 at 3 outside the formation.
6/5/96BuckeyeAZThis thing was cloaked with some light bending tech. producing only a quiet barely perceptible hum
4/24/93GlendaleCA30 years ago I saw a UFO, Glendale CA
1/5/92Sullivan’s IslandSCin attachment
5/14/84ClintonMDWould start as a pin point of colored light and expand into a circular shape covering a large portion of the sky.
10/1/73SigelILOval light appeared and followed alongside a driver in a car.

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  1. Chester Deisch

    I seen three triangles I the sky off our carrier in the Atlantic Ocean one night with friends they were odd and lastest for a few minutes then disappeared crazy but true we asked people they could not confirm.

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