Dramatic Triangle Sightings – 396 New UFO Reports Posted

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The National UFO Reporting Center Data Bank has been updated with 396 new reports, received at our center since March 13. To say things have been dramatic in the skies would be an understatement. Here are some of the best recent sightings::

April 12, 2024, at 21:56, Navarre, Florida: A mysterious, triangle-shaped object was observed by three military witnesses. This black, camouflaged craft, slightly larger than a commercial Airbus, exhibited unusual behavior and advanced capabilities. It hovered silently at an altitude of 8,000 feet, adorned with 16 lights that mimicked starlight, blending seamlessly into the night sky. Despite moving slowly, the object quickly exited the viewers’ line of sight without traversing the horizon, instead appearing to ascend directly into orbit. The sighting, which lasted about 35 seconds, originated south-southeast of the observers and moved westbound from Air Force Special Operations Command Hurlburt Field. The event was promptly reported to Hurlburt Field Security Forces to ensure both public and military safety. FULL REPORT

March 13, 2024, 3:20 AM, Idaho Falls, Idaho: A solitary observer experienced a brief but memorable sighting of an unidentified flying object. The observer, who was outside tending to their dog, noticed a chevron-shaped, dark gray object with a flattened, wide wingspan, resembling a very long jet. The object, adorned with seven bright lights in a V formation, traveled overhead from north to northeast in a swift, silent arc, covering the observer’s field of view in approximately one second. Positioned about a quarter to a half-mile up in the sky, this craft moved at a speed far exceeding that of conventional jets, more akin to a rocket’s full-speed trajectory. Despite its startling appearance and rapid movement, the craft emitted no sound as it crossed the clear, starlit sky, leaving the observer with a vivid and intriguing visual impression but no opportunity for further observation due to icy conditions and the proximity of nearby homes. FULL REPORT

February 16, 2024, 19:04: Two pilots flying approximately 100 miles south of Fayetteville, North Carolina observed a remarkable event. At 19:04 local time, they witnessed a massive triangular craft, roughly the size of a football field, maneuvering approximately 32,000 feet below their airliner, which was cruising at 36,000 feet. This black craft, surrounded by a noticeable aura or haze, was equipped with three white lights positioned at its corners and a central red light at the rear, which turned off after about 30 seconds. Despite its size and proximity—about 3,000 to 4,000 feet from the aircraft—it was not detected by onboard radar or the Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS). The sighting, which lasted between two to three minutes, ended as the craft appeared to emit a static discharge and then vanished into the night, leaving the witnesses unsure if it had departed or simply gone dark. The pilots managed to capture a few photographs of this enigmatic encounter on a cellphone. FULL REPORT

March 26, 2024, New York, NY: A very clear video of a black elliptical object taken from the window of an aircraft descending into Laguardia airport made a big splash in the media over the past week, and was covered extensively in the press and on TV. We, however, believe the object was a balloon, possibly a special type known as a solar balloon. FULL REPORT

Here is the full list of highlighted reports included in this new posting:

Date / TimeCityStateSummary
4/24/24Multiple objects above our altitude.
4/12/24IndioCAOn a stargazing trip with 3 NASA scientists, a cluster of objects repeatedly flew overhead.
4/12/24NavarreFLTriangle object, 16 visible lights, craft left line of sight without flying over horizon, instead appearing to leave orbit
4/12/24YuccaAZI witnessed and filmed an oblong object moving in the sky with no noise, a large directional light and window.
4/5/24Rock IslandILCrazy Light was first..
3/25/24New YorkNYBlack flying cylinder object at eye level to me on airplane.
3/24/24TempleTXA pyramid-shaped black object the size of a basketball flying above the clouds 150ft from our plane. Had no wings, propellers, or trail
3/21/24JacksboroTNBlack triangle craft silently traveling directly above me, emitting no sound save for a humming vibration that I could feel and hear.
3/15/24SpringfieldOR30-50′ diameter light burnt orange sphere which came from the west/southwest over my farm, flew for 20-30 miles before disappearing.
3/13/24Idaho FallsIDInverted v shaped, 7 bright lights,fast moving , no sound traveling north to northeast
2/16/24FayettevilleNCLarge acre plus-sized triangular craft traveling approx 32000 feet.
1/23/24Corfe MullenEnglandCircle of lights
12/13/23WarringtonPASaw an object moving silently N then NE in the sky while sitting in my hot tub
7/27/23PearlMSStrange craft playing hide and seek with military craft.
7/29/22AngoraMNDisc/sphere shape with incredibly bright lights and a pulsating blue/white beam
3/11/21ClintonMSTriangle, about 20-25 ft sides. Moved slowly ( 20-35 mph). No sound. Red light on bottom in middle. Really bright white light on front
9/24/20ChicoCAafter checking out the bear fire, very large craft lept from under 10,000ft to outer space in 1 sec, and zipped around ~10,000mph+
7/21/18WhitehallMTSpinning craft on a vertical axis
11/6/17Terra BellaCAFootball field triangle shape slow flying and low and 2 jet fighters escorting
5/15/16FairfaxVATriangle craft spotted hovering over neighborhood house
5/9/15SpringfieldORI saw a large circular “orb” in the sky. I watched it for awhile. And then it took off and disappeared.
3/11/15BroomfieldColoradoStanding watch on the bridge wing and seen amber lights surround us and act strangely
8/12/09PaterosWABlack triangle craft silent teleportation technology very advanced.
6/1/09Rapid CitySDWitnessed an 8″ x 2ft. black rectangle with blurred hind portion appearing out of the fog about 15ft. in the air.
7/15/03Middle IslandNYSmall red lights circling around a large green football object
8/13/02ShannonMSRoughly 50 ft. overhead were two enormous crafts with dozens of white lights flashing on and off an random intervals
10/31/97Airway HeightsWASaw a Bright Green low flying object with 2 others twice
5/12/92CorydonIndianaLarge Yellow/orange sphere sailed over highway from North to South
5/20/88SonoitaAZI was active duty in the USAF, a jet engine mechanic and observed three circular crafts
8/1/79GermantownTennessee4 kids and a Dog
3/17/79MaumeeINStationary object with 5 sweeping search lights at treetop level
7/14/78Santa ClaritaCASaw in air and seconds afterwards descended over my swimming pool suspended over water for 2 minutes
12/21/74IrvineCAWe both saw it up above us about what seemed like 3 mikes

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  1. Tom

    the triangles make a triumphant return! Fascinating.

    1. Ryan

      Indeed , saw mine back in 1986 In Jhb South Africa…been looking ever since but not been lucky again.

  2. Alan

    I wish we could see trends and maybe get a heads up if something big is coming our way.

  3. Phil

    Riddle me this: If UFOs have indeed crashed and were broken up by the result of said impacts, and later retrieved by some organization or another…then why do we never hear of incredible materials being sold through the black market that were supposedly sourced from crashed UFOs?

    We have stolen military-grade equipment and stolen historical treasures being smuggled by thieves the world over. And drug cartels that build submarines to evade authorities in the Gulf Mexico. Yet despite UFOs supposedly crashing and their parts being retrieved, we’re only left with witness testimonies, photos and videos allegedly proving the existence of physical UFO “craft”…yet no materials to show for it and no criminal organizations peddling it in any way whatsoever.

    Something to ponder.

    1. Alan

      If I was on a crash retrieval team I would have filled my pockets or stashed some away for later.

      1. Phil

        Precisely. Even if the material was nigh impossible to work with for mere humans, the smuggling of bits and pieces (or even working devices) to wealthy collectors is bound to happen. Heck, the opposite must also be the case; such ufo-pieces being mistaken for regular things being sold as curiosities, nicknacks, etc. Yet we’re not even close to figuring out how to identify those either, if they’re being found at all.

        The motif of the UFO “craft” (a thing made to transport beings) is a motif invented during times in which humans were dabbling in craftsmanship. But if the phenomenon isn’t physical in the slightest, does it even need crafts to get around? Probably not.

        If anything, it’s probably makes a lot more sense than the nuts-and-bolts brand of UFO scholarship that rose out of the Cold War.

      2. Chemosh

        I would hope that military’s recovery teams would test folks for their honesty and resistance to theft going to any kind of recovery operation. That said items being stolen from top secret facilities is treason and most folks are reluctant both morally and patriotic to ignore those urges. But they do happen. What would make it extra difficult is the sheer rarity of such materials. Human made stuff, even top secret stuff has to be way more abundant and thus easier (but not easy) to steal. And if it wound up in some collectors stuff how would they get it verified and proof of where/how it was obtained. After all you would be dealing with traitors/liars/thieves. Kind of like the way the rich Idiot collectors who bought what even they thought were looted items from Iraq via ISIS. And Dead Sea Scroll fragments from another imposter……a lot of it was FAKE. Verifiability is required and that makes it less of a secret.

        1. Phil

          At the end of the day, we’re still left with far more evidence for non-physical entities that defy Physics as we know them than the space-faring-tin-can motif we’ve been spoon-fed by mass media for decades. And the incentive for governments (virtually all of which are secular, btw) to suppress this interpretation of the evidence is massive considering the geo-political ramifications. Not to mention the obvious incentive to LIE about having super-advanced alien tech to intimidate both their foreign enemies and domestic populations.

          Aliens from another planet? That’s much easier to manage compared to a potential religious uprising resulting from people finding out that non-physical entities visit our homes 24/7.

  4. Riddle me that

    When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right.
    When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.
    The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.
    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

  5. Chemosh

    I keep looking for someone who witnessed what I did. An immense (football field size is a good start) triangle flew almost directly overhead in Fort Worth Texas shortly after planes started flying again Post 9/11. It was not flying fast and witnessed it for two to three minutes as it almost silently moved from the SW to the NE. I thought it followed a curved path until I looked on the map and realized its was moving in a str8 line the whole time. It crossed the approach to Hicks Field in Saginaw and moved WHILE ROTATING across the sky till I finally lost site of it as it went across the end of the runway of Alliance Airport. It was maybe 1000+ feet up but could not really tell. The size and rotation in almost silence, except for the very faint hum/buzz, were just astounding to watch even though it was night. If it had not been for the white lights in each corner of the Triangle I would never had seen it. Plus when it was almost overhead I could see a very faint blue/purple light shimmering dead center. As the trangle moved away from me I could barely make out the outline but quickly was unobservable. No visible lights or structure on the top of the triangle. IT was thick and looked “rounded” on the edges but also could not see a defined edge or angle. If anything it looked “distorted” or fuzzy but it was too dark to really determine.

    1. kym

      there was a lot of weird stuff going on during the Big Pandemic Lockdown.
      what got me started in my latest ufo hobby was similar to yours. one night i saw a series of events. 2 bright meteors landed on the horizon at the same point from different directions. a black hellicooter tore off in that direction 5m later. 5m after that 2 lights zig-zagged across the sky. 5m after that a giant black boomerange flew low over my house also headed to the same point on the horizon. a “pickup” operation in progress?

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