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We have updated the website with the posting of 379 new, or recently amended, UFO sighting report that have been either received, or altered since November 15, 2021.  However, we feel duty-bound to call to the attention of those who visit our site that not all of the reports should be accepted at face value, given that hoaxed reports can sometimes make it into the database. New Reports

Also, please note that we have released an improved version of our Online Report Form.   If you happen to notice any anomalies in the new reports please report then to webmaster@ufocenter.com.


Peter Davenport, Director of NUFORC, will be away from the Center headquarters for several days on either side of Christmas.  Hence, we would most grateful if people would try to keep their use the NUFORC telephone Hotline to a minimum.  Peter will check the Hotline answering service once or twice a day, and will attempt to return calls at his earliest convenience.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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  1. Kelly Rogers

    I was just researching your site. I reported a sighting on 12-3-21. I noticed that 43 other reports of the same object was seen on the same date. These reports stretched out across 19 states from California to North Carolina. All are very similar sightings, all stating the long straight line of lights. Most reporting that it was silent in sound. Moving very slow. Most reported aircraft was seen flying close to the UFO. I am from North Carolina and am 48 years old. I have never seen anything like this in my life. Just think its very interesting there was so many sightings of the same object on the same night.

    1. Paul

      Kelly, did you check the Starlink Satellite tracker page? That sounds like what you saw.

      1. Kelly Rogers

        I have not. Would the starlink be flying that low to the ground? There were two airplanes/jets flying really close to this object.

    2. Thomasgagnon

      How many lights?

      1. Kelly Rogers

        Evenly spaced out lights. Not sure really how many. Perfect straight line.

  2. Tom

    Nice upgrade Peter!! Is there any way to access any new videos, or maybe you haven’t gotten around to that yet…looks good!

  3. Cynthia

    What a great job!!!! I’ve been a follower for a while and this is an awesome improvement. Great great job!!!

  4. Miriam Greenwald

    Saw a flying disc very high up in the sky as I was walking up City Avenue in Bala Cynwyd towards the Acme. Saw the disc when I passed the CVS. This happened around mid December. The sky was cloudless and the object was going west, in the direction of Delaware County. I unfortunately could not locate my cell phone at the time.

  5. Mmiller

    My wife and I were walking down the beach here in Florence Oregon 2 years ago. Typical weather in May ..several layers of low clouds/fog..with upper clouds as well. As we were strolling along suddenly out of nowhere a humongous roar directly overhead..as if someone hit the switch. I looked up in time to see a triangle the size of a 50 cent price held at arms length..shoot down the beach and disappeare out of site in the blink of an eye. We were astounded. When we gathered our wits..a very bizarre thing happened. A couple was walking towards us..maybe 100 yards down the beach. When close enough I asked them what they thought that was. They looked at me puzzled..and hadn’t seen nor heard anything. I have hypothesis on a couple of things that happened that day. 1. The craft wasn’t ours unless we have mastered anti gravity technology…as well as inertia- cancelling technology. The craft was hovering overhead silently then shot down the beach at the speed of light. I’m not sure a unmanned vehicle could survive acceleration from a standstill and attain that kind of speed and not disintegrate.2. The roar was not an engine noise. It was a air displacement noise. The sudden gap left by this craft created a void for the air to fill creating the roar we heard. 3. We experienced the “OZ” factor. When a craft or entities have been observed by only one observer..when many were present. A ufo over a freeway for example..seen by one person. I have seen UAP phenomenon all my life and hope to share more story’s. Orbs..giant fireballs..bright silent lights..etc.etc.

  6. Larry Watson

    I contacted NUFORC sometime in 2020. I looked for my submissions today and (I think) I found a couple. But, the notes say ‘MADAR Node 75’. It’s on both of the Grand Junction, CO submissions. Can anyone help me find that or explain what it means.

    1. Christian Stepien

      Hi Larry, The MADAR reports would not be yours. You can find an explanation of the MADAR reports on our 2018 posts page, in the May 10th, 2018 posting.

  7. john forest

    Nice clean new design. I am a big fan. Keep up the good work.

  8. Mike Miller

    My first ufo sighting was a humongous fireball. I was not a bolide or meteor as it changed course. The year was 1966 and I was a 10 year old boy fascinated with the space race. My parents were both teachers and were hosting a PTA barbeque. Suddenly overhead a humongous fireball the size of a ping pong ball held at arms length roared overhead drowning out the conversation and music playing. The funny thing was the speed. It was painfully slow..as if it was going to fall out of the sky. You could almost feel the heat. And following it as slow as they could go were two F-104 Starfighters..I knew what they were because I had a model of one in my room. As they roared overhead..all three made a slow arcing turn over our home and out of sight. They were on course to pass over our airport. My dad was friends with the control tower operator at our small municipal airport through the Elks club and phoned him immediately thinking we were under nuclear attack or something. All he said he saw were the two jets peel away and fly off towards the local air force base or towards that direction. So apparently after turning over our home and flying out of sight it must have flown back into space and disappeared as NO explosion or impact was ever reported. This thing was low. Nothing was ever reported by our newspaper..t.v..no statement from the military. Nothing. This was witnessed by over 30 people who had no clue as to what it could have been. The following summer I earns enough money mowing lawns I got my first telescope. I have been a professional amuture astronomer ever since. One thing I’m certain of is that meteors or includes DONT fly slowly for the most part..DONT change course..DONT fly off into space after cruising through our atmosphere..and are not followed by military jets. My other fireball sighting split into two fireballs and flew off..but more on that later.

    1. Malik

      Wow… That’s a Crazy Story! I was born in 1996 I never believed in UFO’s until maybe 7 Years Ago. I never realized that UFO Sightings went back that Far. I Always thought that it was something new in my Era & that people Watched to Much Scooby Doo & other UFO Movies Hahaha. I’ve Done my Research with Ancient Civilizations & looked into peoples Stories UNBAIS. Im definitely a Believer Now! Crazy World we Live in.. Scary but Amazing

  9. Mike Miller;

    Malik..if you do some research you will find lots of cases of extraordinary ufo sights back in the 30s..40s..and 50s. Photographic evidence that goes back to the late 1800s ..showing a cylindrical craft. One interesting case is the ” battle over L.A.”..not the movie but a actual event that happened during WW2. Check it out. UFO sightings go back to biblical times..so no it’s not a new phenomenon. Personally I belive they have been here long before man arrived on the scene. I also belive we are dealing with multidimensional entities with knowledge of physics 1000 years more advanced than us.

  10. Mike Miller

    My other fireball sighting occured during a Giants baseball playoff game my wife and I were enjoying on t.v. I went out to get some more firewood as it was a chilly evening. As I was gathering up the firewood I glanced up in time to observe a fireball about the size of a ping pong ball held at arms length. What was remarkable was the look of it. It was flameing..but the flames looked cartoonish..like hand drawn flames red and orange that a child would draw. I ran inside to get my wife. As we both stood there watching..it rolled into two balls of fire..and then one shot off out of sight like a bullet..followed by the other seconds later. We were stunned and speechless. We came inside and stared at each other in disbelief. It was as though it was putting on a show. One fireball for me..then when my wife joined me..split into two fireballs for us both. I don’t think it was a nuts and bolts spaceship..but it was intelligently controlled. Perhaps a light being that needs no spacecraft..or a intelligent ball of plasma. Very strange.

  11. Mike Miller

    I used to work nights..4:00 p.m. To 4:00a.m. Let me tell you the amount of UAPs seen from 4:00 a.m. to sunrise is astonishing. So much so I used to keep a fully charged digital camera in my truck. One morning I got home and put out the garbage cans for pick up. And since I just got off work and it was Friday..I was haveing a couple of beers. I lived next to a huge open field next to my house..a nice dark area for Star watching. I started watching a low intensely bright light slowly approaching. We were in the local municipal airport flight path..however I don’t ever recall a plane flying in at 4:00a.m. In the morning before. It looked like landing lights..but much brighter. After watching this ” plane” approach..I realized it was dead silent. No plane sound..no crickets..nothing. I grabbed the camera out of the truck. Then..just for shits and giggles I took my powerful work flashlight as it was almost overhead and flashed S.O.S. about a dozen times. And I’ll be darned if it didn’t slow to a crawl..VERY slowly over my driveway. I couldn’t see a shape..just a blinding white light. I started snapping away with my camera…takeing a dozen photos. Then I felt peculiar..like a bug under a microscope…almost afraid. The light just slowly..silently..glided away until out of sight. I ran inside excited to see the photos. However they showed nothing. No light in the sky..nothing. One photo showed our driveway lit up by something..but no bright light. My guess is maybe the light was a different wavelength than what a digital camera can capture..but that’s just my theory. But I do know what I saw. It was very interesting and scary.

  12. Mike Miller

    Many times when getting off work at those times I would witness orbs. Several orange orbs silently glideing overhead..sometimes turning. I belive these to be intelligently controlled. They are not meteors..or Chinese lanterns..and not drones at that time in the morning. Some so low ..you could see they were the size of a basketball..but glowing orange. One red one I watched until the sun came up. It was bobbing and weaveing through a couple of oak trees in the field next to my house. It weaved through the branch’s and around the trunks. Almost as if it was looking for something. These might be paranormal..or they could be spiritual lights. It’s possible they are a extremely advanced lifeforms that don’t need body’s or spaceships to visit us. I have researched them extensively. Two cases I found were very interesting. One was a Hunter who’s dogs chased after one through the brush. The Hunter found the dogs ” liquefied ” after searching for them. Another case involved a little girl on a swing set who had a glowing orb appeare before her. She reached out to touch it and a voice in her head said..” we mean you no harm..but do not touch us or you could die” Needless to say after reading this I didn’t investigate up close..very strange.

    1. Janet Taylor

      yes I’ve also seen many reddish Orange orbs .Myself and my husband observed them an followed they glide over over house all the time near Mosport.

      1. Mike Miller

        Have you ever been lucky enough to photograph them? What do you think they are?

  13. Dee Tucket

    Years ago a bunch of us were out in the beer garden at Graham’s in Glacier, Washington waiting to see the satellite they just launched fly over, as we were looking at the sky I pointed out to a friend how satellites only go straight, they don’t just wander around, they have a set path, then both of us saw a light that veered off course, this was way farther into space then the satellites, then we saw it meet up with another light then they both went in different directions, they were so fast it was almost unbelievable, we just looked at each other and said ‘did you see that”? I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that saw this happen, there’s no technology that we have that can move so fast in deep space, not that they’re telling us about anyway. The proof is out there, you’ve just got to be looking at the right place at the right time.

    1. Mike Miller

      AND have an open mind to things. Too many people would say” that’s impossible” when in reality anything is possible

  14. Matthew Begley

    I made a report in December 2020 about a line of 7-8 lights, perfectly straight and evenly spaced as far as I could tell, making about a 45 degree angle with the horizon, maybe 30 degrees above the horizon, WSW from Columbus, OH. They appeared and faded within about 20 seconds, roughly. I explained their movement pattern (the entire line moved parallel to the horizon, no change in spacing of the lights, NOT along the axis of the lights like beads on a string, or Starlink). I got 2 form emails telling me it was Starlink. I get it, it’s all good, you get a lot of reports. But I was hoping for a response when I originally clarified it was not Starlink satellites, which move in an orbital motion all along the same orbit. These would have been orbiting on separate parallel paths, except that they disappeared one by one from the ends, as it would look if something was turning a different direction and the lights became obscured by the object. Just throwing this back out there as I had been discussing the incident again with a friend recently.

    1. Sheldon Mang

      Hello Matthew I witnessed a similar siting to yours, or so it would seem. This was in the summer of 1980, about 100 am. Melville Sask. Canada. I was looking south when lights in a line formation, streaked north east. These lights were evenly spaced, bright white with no distortion, @ a 45 degree angle. There was no outline of any sort of craft, completely silent. This siting only lasted about 2 seconds, if that.

  15. Clinton Everson

    My name is Clint Everson.About three or four months ago?,maybe october actually, i was house sitting 4 a friend in Lindsay Ontario Canada when i noticed a bright light in the southern sky.I turned my phone to it ,being sure to brace my arms on a balcony so i didnt get blury pics cause i hate that.Me being a fan of astronomy and everything else in the universe new it wasnt man made or a planet or star.i took 6 or more pics one after the other and i will tell you,anyone i showed them to is amazed. IThe UAP light changed shape every picture from an x shape to a floppy cigar to a hour glass? Also long almost comet looking? Needless to say everyone i show is freaked out and stated looking up.They are clear photos and no shaky as u can c by the tree in front of me

  16. Jolomo777@outlook.com

    I’m trying to locate your photos. Where are they?

    1. Christian Stepien

      Our last batch of reports includes photos or drawings, if they were submitted, in the body of the individual reports.

  17. Janet Taylor

    We observed a silent triangle and 1 white light on 3 points(each light had to be at least 100 ft across if any1 else saw this please post me)3wks ago on Wed March 14,2022 at approximately 930-9:38pm and also pinkish orange lights (2)Sunday March 10,2022 at approximately 1:30-2am near Mosport Racetrack.

    1. Justin bronson

      I seen the same thing. A helicopter was leaving the top of it.

  18. Mike Miller

    Have you ever been lucky enough to photograph them? What do you think they are?

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