354 New UFO Reports Posted, and a New Piece of the Roswell Puzzle?

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World UFO Day!

Today is World UFO Day, an annual event dedicated to the awareness and celebration of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and the possibility of extraterrestrial life. The day aims to encourage people to think about the possibility of UFOs, discuss related phenomena, and promote government transparency about UFO sightings and investigations. The date was chosen because it coincides with the anniversary of the Roswell UFO incident in 1947, one of the most famous and controversial UFO events in history, which makes our next story very appropriate for the occasion:

Witness Describes Photographs of the Roswell Crash

A 70-year-old individual has come forward with testimony that in 1986 he was shown two photographs of the Roswell crash site, stating “I have been afraid to share this because of the sensitive nature and fear of reprisal from the government, but I am 70 now and I do not feel right just going to my grave whenever that might be with it”. One photo depicted a wrecked UFO, and the other showed two Air Force officers inspecting an alien body. The photos had markings indicating they were from 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico and the witness, an experienced photographer, is confident of their authenticity. The pictures clearly showed the alien’s position, the officers’ actions, and the wrecked UFO against a rock. The photos convinced him that the official explanation of radar balloons is false, and that an alien body and a crashed saucer were indeed present at the site. FULL REPORT

Golden, CO – 6/5/24

While working at Red Rocks Amphitheater, a group of coworkers witnessed a large, disc-shaped UFO with three levels of windows hovering silently about half a mile to a mile north of the venue. The craft, resembling a metallic, three-story office building, was seen by a dozen people who confirmed the sighting among themselves. As they watched, the UFO tipped at an angle, moved slowly to the east, and then gradually faded away until it disappeared completely. The group was certain it was not a plane, satellite, or drone, but a genuine unidentified flying object. WITNESS REPORT. Our report was picked up by the press and received extensive coverage, including this article from the Denver Gazette.

Richland, TX – 6/21/24

2 witnesses experienced an extremely bright white and blue beam of light that illuminated their yard, stopping directly over their house for less than a second before disappearing like a flashlight being turned off. The light was silent and caused both to feel radiant heat and develop dry mouths and soured taste buds. They felt as if time stood still and were in shock, repeatedly questioning what they had seen. The beam felt like a scan, and their Bluetooth boombox and phone went silent. The next day, the person’s son, who was camping nearby, confirmed seeing a bright light, with one friend identifying it as a UFO. FULL REPORT

Here are other reports from the new batch that we consider to be the most interesting:

Date / TimeCityStateSummary
6/21/24RichlandTXClear night brightest light ever seen don’t know how long it was there, just remember a white and blue beam and it disappeared
6/16/24Anchor PointAKLarge object hovering over summit of Redoubt volcano
6/11/24Lights in low earth orbit illuminating brightly then fading, staying stationary, then moving in multiple directions, then orbiting
6/10/24SummerfieldNCBright Triangle Craft Hovering Next to Cloud
6/10/24OcalaFLGroup observed a helicopter circling a lighted object for several minutes. Object changed shape and departed rapidly to the east.
6/5/24GoldenCOWe saw a large disc shaped craft with three levels of windows. It hovered silently and then disappeared into thin air.
4/28/24Las VegasNV6 Golden Lights flashing Red, Blue, Green, Hovering over NW Desert near Golf Coarse / Creech AFB
1/9/24LindauLower SaxonyClose Encounter with landed craft while jogging late through the countryside.
12/24/23Long BranchNJSaw two rectangle craft at least four times during walk. Also saw stationary, green, pulsing light in the bottom of the clouds.
12/8/23MelbourneFLI saw 3 balls of lights, 1 traveling from the West and 2 already on my porch roof.
7/27/23PearlMSStrange Craft Playing Hide and Seek with Military Craft
9/7/22WinamacIndianaChrome metal orb size of basketball
5/13/20HasletTXObserved an orb of light in the sky moving in an unusual pattern. Disappeared & reappeared right behind my home, less than 250-300 yrds
12/19/18DriggsIDA cloud was flickering and a huge object came out of cloud
12/11/18Ciliau AeronWalesA house-sized orb flying West then hovering, then East, sparks of molten metal.
11/4/08Las VegasNVSlow & Silent Black Acute Triangle
6/16/99BedfordVABlack triangle seen hovering over on ramp to HWY 460.
11/13/95WoodinvilleWAI woke up to a bright light shining in my window, heard strange and scary sounds, and have missing time (suspected abduction)
7/14/87SacramentoCAAn experience with an NHI
10/15/86RoswellNMPhotographs taken at the crash site at Roswell, wrecked ufo, alien body, nightime, 2 photos one just the ufo ond one what I described.
7/20/85Highland TownshipINSaw a humongous triangular shaped object that was absolutely silent and flying low with white lights in the corners underneath
6/20/81OregoniaOhioObserved large hovering object emitting no sound, with white and red light pattern of light at 100 yards
12/20/78Fort PayneALTraveling interstate in rural area at night had saucer shaped object fly in front of and over our vehicle.
8/8/78Jurupa ValleyCANo noise, lights going off and on over orange Grove, hovered silently then preceeded across freeway and disappeared very rapidly
2/15/76Pleasant HillALBright white light roughly the same apparent size as the moon was following our car. It emitted a rod of red light then vanished.
7/15/75WentzvilleMOUFO hovered over a wheat field behind my Neighborhood and the Masonic Lodge in Wentzville, Missouri.
6/28/73FranklinKYI was aged 7 or 8, heard a faint static noise approach from row of trees and saw a silver disc emerge, hovered @ 10 ft. above railroad.
7/1/65LynnwoodWAVarious lifelong encounters with UFO’s and entities
6/7/64AuroraCOWe spotted an object about 1/2 mile away in the sky, close to land, moving erratically like nothing we’ve ever seen before.
6/16/60Large disk spinning silently over water (Atlantic Ocean), seen by 4 young people, one Mom and one Police Officer, before increasing spe

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  1. Tom

    Rozwell happened. There was a crashed alien craft with bodies. End of story.

  2. Maxine

    Hi Tom, I have never reported anything like this, but something happened to m in the 1980’s. Do you think I should post it?

  3. Alan

    The report numbers have been low the last 6 months, unless these new ones are old reports people are getting off their chest. I think if ET is going to do something big this might be the place to see a change in activity.

  4. Abdullah Mahmud

    I completed B.Sc. in engineering last year and I may have found the way the UFOs fly. You can test it by yourself. A simple arrangement of a few pieces of magnets produce enough force to lift itself up. And no, it doesn’t need another magnet to pull it from above or push it from beneath. In UFOs, they probably use electromagnet instead of permanent magnets. But the working principle is the same. knock me on email mahmud1702123@gmail.com for the arrangement of magnets. No option for uploading photos here.

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