298 New UFO Reports Posted

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The NUFORC Data Bank has been updated with 298 new reports, received over the last month.  We have highlighted below 28 of the most interesting ones, principally those submitted by airline pilots and other cockpit crew members, as well as those that describe dramatic, close range sightings of clearly anomalous objects. 

Date / TimeCityStateSummary
3/2/24BeckleyWVMy captain and I saw moving stars. Looked kinda like satellites.
2/28/24FeltonCAVaguely cube shaped, with multicolored lights and some motion.
2/28/24ManitowocWILight flicker on house then looked up and seen triangle with 6 lights.
2/28/24Mogi das CruzesSão PauloAt least 40 orbs of light rising from the horizon in the distance
2/27/24Multiple orbs of light over the Pacific Ocean maneuvering in a purposeful way for over two hours
2/25/24WashingtonDCWhite light illuminated stationary before rapidly heading North and disappearing
2/24/24Great HallingburyEnglandUFO looked like a huge elongated wing seen edge on. It was hovering about 2 km from my location. It then abruptly vanished.
2/19/24HilliardFLWhile operating an aircraft in cruise at FL400, the crew observed 3 lights appearing and disappearing for approximately 1 hr 25 min.
2/18/24MesaAZOne triangular shaped craft hovering over area doing aerobatics in daytime
2/17/24RockfordILTriangle formation of lights with other lights making passes through and around the formation
2/16/24PittsburghPA8 Lights Moving in counter clockwise pattern with other lights making passes through and below the formation
2/10/24Rio Grande do SulSighting of lights throughout the entire night with direct sighting of the ship in the shape of a flying saucer at dawn.
2/6/24StockbridgeGAApproximately 330AM in a NNE sky, a cigar shaped object traveled around the Dubhe star in the Big Dipper.
8/8/23BrookletGAUnknown craft hovered at treetop level above myself & a friend
6/16/18SalidaCOGaseous purple orb pulsating in sky very bright lit up area like firework no sound purple light on outside pink light inside
8/20/11HrubieszówLublin VoivodeshipStationary matte metalic triangle craft rotating around its own axis (Hz=2.5s interval), tilted by 38 degrees on the North-South axis.
8/11/10CabotARA bright ball of light came from the south extremely fast, stopped above us, broadcast it’s light all around us, then headed north fast
7/1/04West RichlandWASaw green lasers appear to fan from clouds and rapidly sweep over the north face of Candy Mountain in West Richland, WA.
8/20/03TikritSaladin GovernorateDuring our occupation of Iraq my squad members and I sighted a craft that was cylindrical it passed over our position
8/16/03ZuniVAWhat we all saw was absolutely NOT man made!
2/5/03HISighted starbord aft flightdeck of CVN-70 Carl Vinson. Roughly 50mi off the coast of Hawaii
8/12/94AthensMOFishing in evening w/ friend, disk appeared slowly over tree line above us and lowered over river and followed river until out of sight
6/4/83JeannettePALate evening sighting, lights moving around silent craft, shape of craft uncertain, sped away faster than eyes could resolve
8/14/76San JoseCABright red object on/near ground viewed from hillside summit 2500ft above the object
6/14/75San JoseCAHigh speed UFO in a “V” shape north to south
4/7/74ClarkstonGAFloating large oval craft in Clarkston GA around 1974-76 approximately
8/12/72SomersMTSilent craft entered Somers Bay from the South and hovered about 200 ft above the center of the bay for ~ 3 minutes before departing.
9/2/61TimpsonTXSighting #15451 returned 1/2 mile on county rd. 3408 off Hwy. 84 in Timpson, Tx. Area

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  1. St rick

    The updated video attachment of lights reported in May 2023 from Comer GA is one of the best I’ve seen!
    It’s just a 17 second clip from 35 minutes of raw video so reply to this comment If you’d like to see the rest.
    These things are being reported more and more lately but I haven’t seen video as good as this.
    Thank you NUFORC for updating.

    1. Christa Schmierer

      Would love to see the rest!

      1. StricK

        Hi Christa! I have many nights of recording these (still trying to create a name for these anomalies?). I can’t even find anyone to see them with their own eyes! However, at 1:30-2:30 am I understand? If you know how to decipher a phone number by “jumping-5” (5=0,0=5,7=3,3=7) here you go…354-886-1743.

  2. Alan

    It seems like since last November the number of reports have dropped off. Has something changed?

  3. kym

    observation suggests more planes chasing LITS since the pandemic lockdown ended.
    At least thats what I see in SE Aus nr a big airport.
    Random reports I read here seem to show “helicopter” mentioned 5x more often in past 2y than in prev 5y.

  4. Ed T

    Most reports speak of distant lights. My experience and wife’s is up close 15 feet from craft. I was cleaning pool at 8:30 PM knowing our kids use pool the next day a Saturday. I use long metal pole with attached brush to sweep side walls. It requires you to grab and upper end, resulting in my seeing craft. I would have missed it otherwise. The craft was probably a few hundred feet above. Within seconds it was descending over my pool deep end. I ran 12 yards to back screen door called my kids and wife who were watching TV. She came out as the craft was over water we were standing on deck along side. It was metallic silver, no seams or rivets. It tilted dowards at 45 degree angle we could see inside but no occupants. After 1-2 minutes it reversed self and left. No sound at all. Bottom was concave with 2 rectangular objects centered. It was not man-made. My background is Group Propulsion Systems and Computer Sciences. This happened in Santa Clarita Valley CA. My house was corner home on Via Corsa.

  5. Lisa

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m familiar with the area. Have you told people about this? If so, has it gotten any publicity?

  6. Kiet Anh Le

    Of all aliens had been reported in the past, I have always seen and/or heard that they resemble a human being who has infested with some kind of disease. Usually an individual with large head and eyes, how would it look compared to an average look of a person, of course pretty ugly, hah! Really? Why don’t you (the reporter) put yourself in their shoes then you would know that when coming from a more civilized world to human’s world, a less civilized world. An individual from a higher civilization would be looking more appealing than earth-lings, who would be better looking than Miss Universe and/or Mr World. Otherwise the report of alien sighting is a fake!

  7. Deej

    So many reports in the vicinity of the Big Dipper, especially by pilots. I wonder what is special about that area of the sky?

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