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We attempted to update the homepage and database of sighting reports on May 13th, 2022, but were thwarted in that attempt by overlapping travel schedules of Peter Davenport, Director of NUFORC, and Mr. Christian Stepien, NUFORC Technical Director, during the last two weeks of May.  We perform a preliminary update, as of this date, May 31st, with the posting of 284 written reports that had been received by our offices by early Saturday, May 14th, and expect to complete a second update within a week, bringing the site up to currency at that time.  We have received approximately 390 new written reports since May 14, and we should be able to proofread them within a week or so.

To Access the new reports, click here.

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  1. John Forest

    Bravo for doing what you do! I am a long time follower living in South Central Pennsylvania.

  2. John ramirez

    Im curious as to how many ufo sittings are there are on a daily bases around the world? I understand many are not reported. I understand many are not ufos. If the ones that do get reported is there a ball park figure? I also understand the reports comes in waves.

    1. Luz Maria Rodriguez

      It’s an interesting question. It would be a gigantic task seemingly to gather and sort that information.
      Data on clusters and groupings of the phenomenon would be fascinating too. Daniel Coumbe, PhD in particle physics, addresses this very briefly in his fascinating work entitled, “Anomaly”. However, it is not clear whether his method of assessing groupings uses adequate metrics. E.g., he used a couple statistical methods to look at groupings at water, military bases, states, regions, nations, etc, and suggests that reported sightings at icbm nuke silos are not significantly different than other areas while sightings at the east of west coasts do carry statistical significance.

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