241 New UFO Reports Posted

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We’ve added 241 new reports to our UFO/UAP sightings database since our last posting earlier this month (in batches). Here are some highlights:

June 13, 2023, Newark, NJ

An unusual object was observed from an aircraft during takeoff from Newark. Described as oval and blue, smaller than a car, and moving very quickly, it was captured in a Timelapse video and can be seen in a single frame on right-hand side of the screen. It was estimated to be approximately 200 feet away from the aircraft: FULL REPORT The image captured bears a remarkable similarity to an object captured in a video that was shot on March 26 from a plane landing at LaGuardia, which made the national news: FULL REPORT

April 13, 2024, Menomonie, WI

A single observer reported seeing a large, dark triangular UFO with lights, hovering and rotating in the sky. The object, estimated to be larger than a 747, was viewed from the ground and was approximately 1-1.5 miles away. It exhibited an incredible speed, shooting across the sky and emitting 6-8 smaller lights that appeared to chase it. The entire encounter lasted about 15-20 seconds, and a metallic hum was faintly heard. The observer captured a drawing of the sighting but was too stunned to record it on their phone immediately. FULL REPORT

April 12, 2024, Navarre, FL

A second military witness submitted a report confirming the very dramatic triangle sighting we originally reported on in April. FULL REPORT. For reference, here is the report from the first witness: EARLIER REPORT

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  1. Phil

    The phenomenon isn’t rare.

    What is rare, however, is the average layman putting in the very doable time and effort to prepare the methedology for its identification, to invest in the right equipment, to search the fields and skies for its detection, to sort out the chaffe from the wheat, so-to-speak, from the accumulated data, and (finally) creating a working profile that best describes the phenomenon while, at the same time, determining better and better methods for its study.

    Then discovering, to his or her shame, how blind and apathetic humanity really is toward anything of wonder. Even when the methods and proofs are made evident. And overcoming that with the hope that humanity will change for the better. Maybe not in the next hundred years, but definitely when all the lies fall apart, leaving only the Truth and those willing to speak it.

  2. Jon Henry

    I think most, if not all, U.F.O. are out to get us…maybe?! Bad is too easy. Not sure if the human race is doomed?! We can’t come-out on the winning side if we are going to war with U.F.O.?! We can’t beat Aliens?! Aliens look alike for a reason?! No competition?! A race can exist without?! COMPETITION! How can a race exist without?! Wanted to be Quarter Back in football. Didn’t have the talent. Wanted to take after Bradshaw.

  3. Sergio Marcone dos santos

    Gostei muito de saber de vocês

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