2014-2020 Postings Are Now Available

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As the next step of the migration to our new site, we have incorporated our past postings back through 2014 to the posts page. For anyone wishing to catch up on the most noteworthy reports submitted over the years, these posts make some fascinating reading. The historical posts are organized by year:

There is more to come as we continue to migrate our older content into the new site, so please keep checking back.

In the meantime, the hotline is back up and running, and we are diligently working through the large batch of new reports we have received since the beginning of the year.   We expect to have those incorporated into our online database shortly.

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  1. Francine Bancroft

    I just looked on google maps of where we saw UFO thing on 2/19/22. Did not realize it was near the back side of a mountainous area near naval or military base. Thought that may be important.

    1. Jes Stone

      Hi there. A friend of mine got a photo of two on the same day as you. We are located in Washington state. How about you and your sighting? This craft had 3 very bright red lights on the tail and was quite large and low in the sky.

  2. Deanna Ming

    I managed to get out this page to my FBFs, including one that recently had a sighting at an Atlanta airport…this is my comment
    The National UFO Reporting Center has a new site page that looks amazing. Only problem is I had to share it from this page, you have to touch the group acronym graphic on the upper left to get to the beginning page! Why-oh-why do they design pages so difficult to share and/or navigate????

  3. C J Reed

    As I approached my house coming from a long-overdue meeting, my security system alerted me. A person was detected at my front door! I got there and saw nothing. After going into my house, my daughter called me and said,” mom? I got an alert at your door! Anyway, we saw on our cameras five different signs. This disk thing was pictured with beams radiating on the top and bottom that moved quickly like a white laser. Invisible when I walked thru it to enter by the front door. I AM NOT GOING TO STAY OUT LATE FOR NOBODIES MEETING ANY LONGER!!!!

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