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To all those individuals who are in the habit of visiting our website on a regular basis, we apologize for the several recent long delays between revisions of the site, and of the database of UFO sighting reports.  The delays have been the result of several causes, which we won’t describe here, but now that we have restored the database to its original complement of reports, and now that we have caught up with the task of proof-reading all of the latest reports, we should be able to return to our long-held tradition of updating our site on a weekly basis.


  • JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, Monday, September 06, 2021, @ 12:35 p.m. (Eastern)—An airline passenger, an experienced pilot himself, flying on a Jet Blue flight from Boston, Massachusetts, to Jacksonville, Florida, reports witnessing three “tube-shaped” craft below the airliner as it was preparing to land at the Jacksonville Airport.  Witness Report
  • POIPU, HAWAII, July 1st, 1989, @ 6:00 p.m. (Hawaii Time Zone)  (date and time are approximate)—An 11-year old boy witnesses a triangular craft pass over his home and nearby neighborhood.  Witness Report

We expect to update the site again within the week, depending on the volume of reports that are submitted.

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  1. Salome Sidiropoulos

    Hi. In 1963, @ 8:30 p.m., I saw a triangular shaped U.F.O. slowly drift silently overhead from south to north along 5th St., Carrollton, Ky. It had a huge dome light on the bottom which lit the entire area up bright as daylight. It moved about 2 m.p.h. straight towards the Ohio River. It had a fuselage but no heat waves emitted. This was not a dirigible. It flew at only 150 feet above so appeared very large of over 30 feet in length and 30 feet in width at wing tips. It was not a perfect triangle shape. The wings jutted out from the sides of a narrow triangle shape to make it a fuller triangle. The diameter of the lit dome was @ 12 feet side to side. Very impressive. It was @ Oct. 8, 1963, this sighting. I recently found a similar looking craft photo of one which supposedly crash in Russia. I have seen many more different U.F.O.s since. I reported the 1963 sighting to Linda Moulton How’s. She did not respond. I believe the craft originated on earth by advanced engineers who remain secreted from mainstream populations.

  2. Salome Sidiropoulos

    I am relieved to know that I am not alone in sighting U.F.O.s. Thank you, Mr. Peter Davenport, for making it east to report.

  3. Hazel searle

    Shining white light in back garden, morphing, done a couple of circles , quite large, then disappears, vanished

  4. Hazel searle

    Just to add, a few year ago, a silver disk in fife Scotland when on holiday , stood still in blue sky for about 20 mins, then another one came and got close to it, the still one opened a porthole on the side of it, and the other disk shot a white ray into it, it could then move and shot iff in a blink, the other one followed, and as I looked about there was other, which shot off, maybe about 7 of them altogether.. the description was, silver small windows around edge , whiter circle underneath them , I was flying a kite at the time .

  5. Barry Jacobs

    I, as a layman, have had a fascination with UFOs since the 1950s when I read an article in the Saturday Evening Post about an article concerning Betty and Barney Roth who claimed to have experienced a sighting.

    I am most fascinated by this topic and would like to keep apprised of related information whenever appropriate.

    Barry Jacobs

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