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We have updated the NUFORC website as of Sunday, September 10, 2023.   The update includes 1055 new sighting reports, submitted by 9:00 a.m. (Pacific Daylight Time) on the date of this posting. Our next posting will be in early October.


With this posting, we have upgraded the way that we index and publish reports on the site. New features include the ability to search and sort the indexes, and the inclusion of videos in those reports where they have been submitted. Also, we are now marking reports that we find especially interesting with an exclamation point next to the Open link in the indexes. Let us know in the comments what you think of the new format.


As we proceeded through the laborious task of proof-reading and screening almost a thousand newly submitted sighting reports, it occurred to us that there are several things that people who use our Online Report Form could do that would reduce the amount of time it takes us to process reports.  We include a few of those items, in brief, below, and we probably will expand the list over future weeks, when we aren’t rushed by updating the website. 

  1. PLEASE EXERCISE CARE IN FILLING IN THE BOXES ON THE REPORT FORM—People who submit reports, relatively frequently, place data in the wrong box, an error that requires significant amounts of our time to amend and correct.  When filling out the report form, please be sure that you are entering the data you wish to include in your report in the correct box, and in the proper format.
  2. PERSONAL INFORMATION—Witnesses submitting reports all too frequently fail to heed our request that they not enter personal data, e.g. the names of witnesses, detailed address information, spouses’ and children’s names, the names of pets, social media contact information, etc..  When we encounter that type of personal information in a report,  we are compelled to amend the report, to preserve the anonymity of the witness(es), all of which takes precious time.  When filling out the Report Form, please use the Personal Information boxes for recording names, and other personal information that could be exploited for the purpose of identifying witnesses.  We are unable to guarantee a person’s anonymity, if they place heir name, address, and telephone number in the portion of their report that will be posted publicly!
  3. PROFANITY/HOAXES—Profanity seems to have become almost ubiquitous in our society, but we take the position that it has no place in a UFO sighting report.  Please refrain from using profanity in your report.  Also, we are receiving a significant number of seemingly hoaxed written reports, as well as a large volume prank calls over our telephone hotline, which is wasting a great deal of our time.  Please refrain from using our valuable service for the purpose of amusement!  We thank you in advance!


The table below lists the reports we find most interesting from this recent batch, with the most recent sightings first.

Date / TimeCityStateSummary
9/7/23EllsworthME2 adult men saw 2 bright objects, each appearing similar to but larger than full moon
9/5/23UnsureMEThe craft made no noise and disappeared after we looked away.
9/1/23West AltonIL3 lights seen they moved closer then missing time
9/1/23ChicagoILAirline passenger observed non drone UAP upon landing approach to ORD Airport on 09/01/2023.
9/1/23SavannahGAI was driving down bull St someone said to look up. I saw 4 lights in a square directly above my car.
8/30/23St. LouisMO3 to 4 lights rotating around each other
8/29/23east meadowNYObject low flying N/W to S/E from Eisenhower Park, passed overhead
8/28/23Mt PleasantNC3 Disc shaped craft moving 10 times the speed of the plane i was watching already
8/27/23Colorado SpringsCOGreen fireball
8/26/23RichmondVAReport from ATC that 4 aircraft sighted UFO near Richmond VA at high altitude
8/23/23CochiseAZSlowly rotating disc-shaped object witnessed hovering at Apache Power Station 8/23/23 @ approx. 9:15 PM.
8/18/23West Lake HillsTXA yellow glowing cylinder with a dome on top, and ring of light around it. About the size of an ottoman.
8/18/23VacavilleCAMeteors don’t slow down and make 90 degree turns
8/18/23PuyallupWABall of light hover in the sky.
8/16/23MoabUTTriangle shape, multiple points of light high rate of speed. Viewed twice, once north to south, then south to north
8/14/23Taos CanyonNMAn object in the shape of a vertical dorsal fin about 60′ top to bottom, very fast with an extremely bright blue flame out the back.
8/14/23PortlandORF18 chasing an unidentified aircraft
8/13/23SpringvilleUTViewed stealth craft in night sky
8/13/23GlenwoodNM6 or more flying craft moving extremely fast and capable of changing direction quickly. Emitted weird light.
8/12/23BillingsMTThis object was caught on video in 30fps when filming at the Blue Angles air show.
8/12/23Los BanosCAWe were driving on Highway 152 near Los Banos at approximately 10 pm and saw a large triangular object that had 4 large lights.
8/11/23NW AustinTXOn AA Flt 4244 ATX-ABQ, saw cylindrical object flying past my plane same level going opposite direction fast! No tail fin, wings.
8/10/23HanksvilleUTWe were driving up thru Aurora UT on State Route 24 when I noticed a round orange ball of light bouncing above the tops of the trees.
8/9/23DoroteaVästerbotten CountyWe saw a ufo dart through the sky many times in about 15 minutes
8/9/23WhitelandINA large triangle with many lights flew close overhead as I was getting into my truck
8/8/23AbergeleConwy County BoroughThree triangles in formation moving fast and silent.
8/8/23BizerteTunis GovernorateMultiple lights (6 seen) fading on and off (10s) forming multiple formations moving in all directions (not orbital) in stratosphere
8/7/23UplandCALooking west an enormous, segmented, well lit green craft, flying low, centipede like, appeared bit by bit. Disappeared the same.
8/7/23Glace BayNSCame straight down , 10-12 foot in diameter, didn’t make a sound , entered the water , no wind sound sound , no fuel smell
8/6/23RocklinCAGlowing orb followed by a flashing light and a dim orb off center of main orb.
8/6/23Powhatan PointOHCaught on security camera and phone.
8/6/23MadisonAL40-50,000 ft heading 255-265 degrees for 4 minutes then sharp left turn to about 160 degrees
8/5/23AuburndaleFLIt was so bright as it got brighter it illuminated the neighborhood from a distance of over 3 football fields away.
8/4/23Rocky RiverOHSaw object Friday night that would stop and go in different directions. Was flashing green and white and eventually flew away quickly.
8/2/23Palm SpringsFLA bright white egg or circular object, about the size of a car, less than 1000 ft, shot across the sky, stopped, jumped to hyperspace
7/31/23Mineral BluffGASaw a square object with another one above it
7/30/23Ann Arbor (Pittsfield)MIMetallic orb, bowling ball or beach ball sized, and no visible props or motor, flying at approximately 35-40 mph
7/30/23MillenGABlack sphere flying over Georgia
7/29/23Kongens LyngbyCapital Region of DenmarkFive cigar shaped craft in the sky
7/28/23DouglasvilleGAAirline Pilot sighting of UAP over international waters with photos and videos
7/28/23Santa BarbaraCAHuge triangular ship “glides” overhead and disappears to the North. Clear video obtained.
7/24/23OurayCOWhite silent oval 60 degrees above ground visible from the 3rd Floor
7/16/23FolsomNMMassive rectangular UFO/UAP, like a flying skyscraper that passes over our car and vanishes. It was unlike anything i could imagine
7/15/23Port AngelesWAWe saw so many crafts flying through the sky, followed by sometimes completely creepy
7/13/23GilbertAZSphere the size of a smallish volleyball motionless in the hallway of my home
7/9/23OxnardCASaw an airliner pass south going to LAX from SBA VORTAC. Then saw another object lower going NE towards SBA VORTAC, which is normal.
10/21/21CalgaryABObject was flying east at great speed glowing bright florescent blue and changed direction instantly and 5 sec later it was gone
6/22/21BuffaloNYThe large metallic object sat just above the trees
5/21/21OwensboroKYSaucer disk larger than a large SUV ascended from the field next to my house, where I lived at the time, in a tumbling motion.
7/14/20Horseshoe BayTXSmall, black, diamond shaped aircraft that operated silently and at supersonic speed
7/19/19SeabrookTXAt 9pm on a Thursday evening, a triangle-shaped aircraft flew over my backyard–virtually silent, with 3 circles of lights underneath.
12/20/18SparksNV“Saw a black, oval-shaped UFO hovering and shifting directions over Sparks, NV mountains on Dec 20, 2018. Object became transparent wh
2/14/18MonroviaMDOrb entered my house, into my family room from kitchen area, orb crossed in front of me made a 90 degree turn toward me to my left gone
7/14/17TacomaWAI seen a huge light, we were being elevated. I couldn’t tell if it was the whole truck or just me or us both.
11/15/14WalfordONGiant circle orb that was perfectly white sitting above tree line about the size of the moon but close up
4/12/14OahuHITriangle craft roughly 150-180 feet across
11/1/12WeehawkenNJIt was a bright white light orb that sat stationary in the air above the ferry terminal, turned color and kind of zipped out in a flash
5/15/10West ChesterOHVery Large Black Triangle Shaped Craft Hovering
5/1/07Mt. VernonKYSaw and interacted with a UFO
8/2/05CoalingaCAA commercial jet-sized grayish metallic boomerang with 4 bright lights witnessed performing gravity-defying maneuvers over Interstate 5
2/16/04HypoluxoFLUAP Sighting in Palm Beach County FL in February 2004
8/23/02lawton, Fort SillOKOff duty, dark out ,alone 3 large red egg shaped things hovering 2 stories high or more with flickering flame
7/21/01MeadvillePAI encountered aliens in the woods while playing hide and seek with family.
4/11/99McminnvilleTNNoticed a light beaming down on the residence and area listed. We stopped, no noise, no environmental disturbance, gone in an instant.
10/23/98SpringfieldMALarge black triangle, very low, slow, and silent
9/18/98ClintonCTStanding on my back deck at approximately midnight having a cigarette before going to bed a green sphere appeared at tree top level
8/14/96VancouverBCAlien encounter
6/22/95WorksopNottinghamshireBlocky looking flying saucer.
6/11/95BrooklynNY30 foot high by 15 foot wide Metallic silver smooth cylinder with silently travels from south to north about 100 feet off the ground.
5/15/93Marine Corps Base Camp FosterOkinawa PrefectureSlowly hovering over the military base towards the Ocean.
8/14/85Old GreenwichNYEnormous craft, broad daylight hovering above my neighbors house
11/20/84ColumbusOHRectangular object hovering over parking lot, apparent occupants, instantaneous acceleration and extreme speed.
7/25/81BrightonCOA black disk moving in a due west direction at an elevation of approximately 1000 ft.
7/27/80SpringfieldMAOn a summer night in 1980 my cousin, sister and myself seen a flying object literally above house across st for about 5 to 8 minutes
9/12/78Loch ArbourNJA 200 foot gray pencil shaped craft with no sound, came off the ocean and hovered over me, moving at the speed of sound defying physics
10/1/74BryonILThe craft looked like the photo purpoted ufo in Passaic, New Jersey, taken July 31, 1952.
5/5/73Long BranchNJLarge silver-gray object hovering over ground as seen from small aircraft
5/25/72DehradunUttarakhandA huge flat silvery white object flew a few feet above me in full speed towards Mussoorie a hill station ahead of Dehradun.
5/9/72White Bear LakeMNWoke from sleep and saw an illuminated craft hovering low on the front lawn.
9/19/70WillingtonCTWe were tracked by a alien craft.
2/15/70MendozaNYCraft seen hovering above myself and my mother, orange emitting cold light. Maybe 20 feet above us. No sound.
10/19/67LouisvilleKYCigar shaped craft low altitude filled the entire sky
9/1/67La PuenteCASpace craft with an alien being standing on top
10/16/66Mount Compass–Mosquito HillSouth AustraliaUFO was stationary, hovering about 20 metres above a herd of cows about 100 metres away.
8/30/64Bronx (Whitestone Bridge (driving toward)NYSaw the object about 5 miles from the bridge and the while on the bridge.
6/6/64HancockNYUnknown UFO wingless military jet aircraft flying above highway

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  1. kym

    wow – quite an up-tick! From the special mentions seem 1/2 are very old reports people only now feel safe enough to mention.

    1. kym

      I was just looking up info about sightings of chevrons.
      It might be my blind browser (a kind of lynx that speaks the output)
      but it seems the info for each shape only shows the first 100
      items from the 90s. Nothing more recent seems to be available online.
      I’m pretty sure you once could look up the whole
      list of sightings by shape.

  2. Tom Johnson

    Thank you very much for this update.
    This is the optimum research tool to permit in depth timely analysis of UFO/UAP/USO activity.
    The many Users of this Data will appreciate this new Data Sorting capability.

  3. Randy

    The green flying orb is real and I got a up close look at it with two other guys back in 2015/2016 it don’t make a sound and can vanish in a blink of an eye ain’t nothing on this earth can move and hover like it did

  4. Mark Roelke

    Great site. I find the dates confusing. Would be better to record dates with mo, day and full numbers for year. (10/20/23)

    1. Larry Mathews

      I have taken Photos of an Object that appears
      Day and Night Moves Very Fast, Visible during morning hours, up until 7 AM. Then Disappears Locations Very from day to day, have been Watching for Weeks I am Retired Military
      Air Defense and Artillery. I live in Capron Va
      757-567-3460, Tried contacting Astrologers None Available Someone should see this for SURE9

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