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The NUFORC website was updated on Friday, March 04th, 2022, to include the posting of 1,035 new eyewitness reports received by our Center from between December 19, 2021, and the afternoon of Thursday, March 03rd, 2022.  We apologize to the regular visitors to our site for the long delay in posting the reports, which was due to several factors which I won’t take the time to go into here.  Our hope is to be able to update the report database in the future on an approximately weekly basis.


Thanks to the efforts of our long-time volunteer webmaster, Christian Stepien, the NUFORC website and Online Report Form have been revised recently.  Our plan is to preserve all the text and graphics that have been posted to the website since its inception in 1995…a daunting amount of work…so please be patient while we review and updates literally hundreds of old files.

Several changes have been made to our Online Report Form, which we hope will streamline its use.  Probably the most significant change is that we have added to the form a box, allowing the addition of photographs, videos, and other digitized images, to each report.  If you have one, or more, images you would like to submit together with your written report, please “drag and drop” each image file into the appropriate box that appears on the report form.  All “still” photos will appear together with your written account when the report is opened by a visitor to the website.  However, because of the large volume of computer memory necessary for storage of video, we are still working on a system that will allow posting of all videos submitted, together with written reports, but it will be a while before we have that system in place.  Nevertheless, we invite witnesses to continue submitting short video clips together with their written reports, and we hope to be able to post them, in the near future. 

We provide below three featured reports that include the type of high-quality illustration we enjoy sharing with visitors to our website:

  • HURLEY, WISCONSIN, Thursday, November 18, 2021, at 18:30 hours (local)—A father, together with two of his children, reports witnessing a wedge-shaped craft with nine symmetrically-spaced lights on its ventral surface.  The object was visible for an estimated 2 minutes.  Object appeared to change color during sighting.  A very nice hand-drawn illustration is provided by the witness.   Witness Report

  • CHICOPEE, MASSACHUSETTS, Monday, November 22, 2021, @ 16:20 hours (EST)—An adult male reports having witnessed a square object, with four lights on its ventral surface, moving in and out of clouds.  The witness reports that the object appeared to have depth to it.  A very nice hand-drawn illustration is provided by the witness.  ((NUFORC Note:  We plan to contact the witness, in order to ensure ourselves that the lights were not part of a rotating advertising light display.  PD))  Witness Report

  • JACKSONVILLE BEACH, FLORIDA, Friday, December 24, 2021, @ 23:30 hours (EST)—An adult female, together with a second person, reportedly witnessed a rectangular-shaped object, with six evenly spaced lights on its ventral surface.  The peculiar object appeared to follow the shoreline, as it coursed silently from south to north. The object was visible to the two witnesses for approximately one minute. A very nice hand-drawn image is provided by one of the witnesses.  Witness Report


For the past several months, NUFORC has been practically smothered with e-mail…far more than Center Director, Peter Davenport, is able to respond to on a timely basis.  Consequently, we encourage people who wish to receive a response to their e-mail to make every effort to keep their messages as brief, and to the point, as possible.  A short message, or query, is much more likely to receive a quick response than is a verbose, rambling message.  Thank you for your understanding on this point!!  We feel compelled to make this request, given that we are being severely overworked, and do not have the luxury of being able to respond to every missive sent our way.


Since late August of 2017, when an inconsiderate young woman from Portland, Oregon, first began encouraging her million+ followers on the internet to call the UFO Hotline and make themselves as unpleasant as they can, the problem of prank calls has grown significantly.  The problem has grown to the extent that currently, on a typical day of operation, from 20% to 80% of the incoming calls to the Hotline, we estimate, are prank calls, the majority of which appear to be placed by oftentimes rude, ill-behaved American youth whose speech is frequently laced with ghastly profanity, and outright filth.  The problem is a threat to our ability, and desire, to continue providing to the public what we feel is an important, and valuable, service.

Consequently, we make here yet another appeal to young people to not use our Hotline for recreational purposes.  Such calls are a terrible inconvenience for us.  Moreover, we would urge parents to closely supervise their children’s use of cell phones, and to teach them the need for courtesy, and consideration for the welfare of others, in their telephonic communication.  Thank you!

We will be updating this post with a full statement describing the highlights of the recent activity shortly.

For the list of new reports, Click Here.

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  1. joe m

    How nice to see some pix! I saw a silver cylinder 2 years ago and reported it here. It looked just like a cow magnet in a bright sunny morning in the summer. If you don’t know what a cow magnet is, google it. I couldn’t paste a pix of one here.

  2. Patti Grothe

    Is there any updates on lubbock tx for 2022 of ufo sightings ?

  3. Matt

    Congratulations on the new web format. I do miss the occasional highlighted report of the unusually credible sighting. I don’t like all of the recollections from yesteryear being mixed into the present day sightings. I’m not say that they aren’t interesting I just think they should perhaps be published under the heading “historical recollections” or similar

  4. William J Allen

    Nice. But is there any way you can indicate (with an icon or something) which reports in the database have images included?
    That would be helpful.

  5. Jeffrey

    thank you for keeping this website up and running. We are being visited by ETs. The US government denies it, though we all know they are lying and have been lying for decades.

    If you are a govt worker at the federal level in charge of monitoring our skies, please do us a favor and leak the data. WE all know already. Quit trying to save face.

    contact project veritas and leak the data that is collected. The whole, “its the russians or chinese” narrative is total garbage.

  6. Janet Taylor

    how can I view the most recent sightings,? as I observed an extremely large triangle with 3 white lights and a red flash in centre it was unreal acres big

  7. Yvette Kosta

    Did anyone else report sitings of solid large orbs escorted by military jets? Sighting lasts only couple of minutes, and few people bother to run outside when they hear jets or even look up during daylight.

  8. William Allen

    Hey! Thank you for adding the extra feature in the data base so we can see which reports include images!
    Well done!

  9. Paul Smith

    Why are they making themselves known? They don’t just land somewhere around alot of people, but it doesn’t seem like they care if they’re seen??

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