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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/1/1972 20:45 (Entered as : 08/01/1972 8:45 PM)
Reported: 12/28/2021 2:12:18 PM 14:12
Posted: 3/4/2022
Location: Pittsburg, KS
Shape: Triangle
Duration: About 30 seconds
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
Full Triangle shaped with white light on each corner, silent, moving faster than most airplanes or jets I have seen.

I have been wanting to report this for years. I was 11 my brother was 6. We were playing in our front yard. It was almost completely dark. I saw something fly over. I looked up and saw it. I yelled at my brother to look. It was huge, black triangle with a white/ yellowish light on each corner. Flying very low. Completely silent. It was flying from SW to NE. We ran inside and told my dad we saw a flying saucer. He didnít believe us and dismissed. I went back out to see it but it was gone. My dad took us to every air show in our area. He also flew a small plane. So I was familiar with planes and jets. This was nothing like I have seen before. I actually forgot about until I saw it on the show ďAncient Aliens ď4 years ago. I saw it and I told my boyfriend Öthatís it. Thatís the UFO I saw with my own eyes when I was 11. At the time I didnít realize it, but it was probably heading to the air force bas in Columbia MO.
I know itís an old report. 50 yrs ago. But I wanted to tell people what I saw.