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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/15/1982 21:30 (Entered as : 08/00/1982 21:30)
Reported: 8/6/2019 4:30:26 PM 16:30
Posted: 8/23/2019
Location: Solomon, KS
Shape: Light
Duration: 2 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
Three rotating red lights on each of three objects that made no sound.

I was 17 years of age, between my junior and senior years of high school. I was employed on a local farm where I had a late night job duty at 9pm. I had noticed red lights that appeared to be radio tower lights while I was working but didn’t think much of them until, on the way home, driving south on a gravel township road, I spotted three distinct red lights approximately ½ to ¾ miles away to the south.

It was then that I realized there were no towers in that area, so I stopped my car and got out to get a better look. Each of the three lights consisted of three closely spaced red lights blinking on and off around the objects circumference. As I stood there trying to figure out what they might be, I realized that there was no noise whatsoever. No rotor noise. No engine noise. No crickets or natural noises, and I was within 200 yards of a creek and timber in August.

The closest object was approximately 600 yards away. The middle object was approximately 300 yards beyond the first, both of which were directly over the creek. The third object was about 400 yards south of the middle object and slightly ahead of the other two (to the east). All three objects were moving very slowly from right to left (west to east).

I became very anxious at that point, got in my car, and raced for home approximately two miles away. At one point, midway home, I looked back and could still see the southernmost (third) object, but not the other two.

My dad saw me as I walked through the house and said I was, “as white as a sheet” and asked me what had happened. I was hesitant to say, but when I told him, he grabbed his keys and asked me to show him. We went to the area and whatever it was, was gone.

The next evening, my dad called me to meet him and our county Sheriff where I gave a report and drew a sketch of what I had seen. His wife had seen a similar object while enroute back to the jail after transporting a prisoner to the neighboring county, except that what she saw was stationary over a feedlot with a bright light shining down onto a small group of cattle. He said the object shut off its light and disappeared, but that his wife had also noted that the object made no noise, and she was within 200 yards of it.