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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/20/2017 22:30 (Entered as : 05/20/17 22:30)
Reported: 5/23/2017 12:45:01 AM 00:45
Posted: 6/2/2017
Location: Silver Lake, KS
Shape: Triangle
Duration: 2 seconds
Saturday May 20th, 2017, 11:30 p.m. Silver Lake Kansas. New moon so no moon that night, perfectly clear and windless, about 55-60º with a little moisture in the air from rains earlier that morning and the days before.

A triangular shaped object that was cut in half a gap about 1/8 the total width of the object;straight down the middle making it appear as 2 separate objects to form one. It materialized as a dimly illuminated condensation cloud/fog that disappeared just as quick as it came.

My girlfriend and I were stargazing in the backyard of her stepdads house in the country, about 6 miles northwest of Topeka. The only visible light was from the windows of the house. We both were staring directly over our heads as the object seemed to go thru the moist air at a unmeasurable velocity of speed. It was traveling due west and appeared for 1-2 secs. It was as if it were cloaked and the vapor it caused were the only means of visibility.

The only reference to size is my index and thumb about a inch, inch and a half apart with my arm fully extended in front of my field of view looking straight in the sky. Which the only visible portion of the objects travel path being about directly above us to over a tree that stands maybe 25 ft high to the west of us on the south side of the fence which on the other side is hundreds of acres of farming fields.

From 1st sight directly above us; to disapperance; it covered this vast part of sky above us almost to the horizon in a matter of seconds, 2 max. We were sitting inside the fenced in backyard of chain about belly button high. We sat in a backwards leaning lawn chair with my girlfriend sitting directly on my lap with the back of her head on my shoulder so we both had the same field of view. We had a blanket 3ft behind us on a clothes line which we used as a block of the ambient light of the house windows.

The light it illuminated was almost rainbow spectrum In There Was No Solid Color To Associate With It. I saw it flash above which is what drew my eyes, it being dark out i thought maybe my eyes were tricking me, so I asked my girlfriend if she "just saw that," and at the same time as if she was gonna say the samething and finished by answering the question, she said she wasn’t going to say anything cause she thought her eyes were messing with her also, and "umm...yeah i ((word deleted)) saw that!" Even if we had the equipment to record the sky that night we would’ve needed about 6 cameras in night vision coving as much of the sky as possible and it would have been a one in a million chance of actually capturing it.

I've been interested in RESEARCHING the unknown as pertains to ufo and ebe’s, to secret dark government/military space programs. With all the channels I subscribe to and talk shows I listen to it was just a matter of time before my girlfriend would become interested in the subject herself but it was not until a few days ago that the 1st ufo sighting I’ve experienced and hers as well which brought all the things she hears me listening to and watching become something brought to fruition, a experience, something that was just a subject until we had a 1st hand witnessing of something almost indescribable due to it or anything similar in nature have never been reported by anyone worldwide (to our knowledge) which created way more questions than the simple satisfaction of just observing an anomaly.

That experience has turned my ole lady who is a former collegiate gymnast that gives private lessons to people who would let something like this make them think I'm "one of them people" and id have no clients for income. From that standpoint To now another believer via 1st hand experience. In the years of interest in the subject and years of listening to coast to coast I have never heard anything close to describing the sighting that we had. With the Uniqueness of the appearance of the object materializing/causing a disturbance in the air which gave shape, speed and size. Im a graphic artist and am currently opening my own costom silk screen printing and tattoo shop. I've been in the tshirt business for about 2 1/2 years running a store in downtown topeka. sometimes solo and still pushing out 300 shirts worth of orders. On breaks id watch videos and as a graphic artist was highly disappointed in all the cgi and disinformation out there that i didnt know what to/not to look for. Hence this being my 1st in 35 years of life.

The reason I'm reporting this is due to its unique nature and the curiosity it spewed out of me. Wondering if anyone anywhere at anytime has experienced anything similar at all.

That night we also observed a few other unexplainable events that we have never experienced. One being a unknown light due south of us close to the kansas river, about 1-2 miles away and what appeared 200-300ft above the ground, as we were looking upward, in the lower peripheral of our vision the light just appeared out of nowhere ad grew in intensity to the point of illuminating part o the sky, as the flash happened we looked for the light which had vanished as quickly as it appeared. Another light like that also appeared on the western horizon about a hour after the river one.

We also witnessed what appeared as “stars” moving a high rate of speed. 2 of them going directly north to a south southwest direction. The third one seemed to come from the southwest and curved back towards the north west with another light directly behind it about 10-15 seconds. All of these id probably hafta say were satellites in orbit and maybe the iss.

We witnessed what seemed to be a couple military aircraft that were flying directly across from each other maybe 10miles wing tip to wing tip at the same altitude and velocity with nothing but a red light to identify both of them as they came out of the western horizon and disappearing into the eastern horizon.

Around 12:15 we witnessed a “aircraft” with A Single Bright Yellowish Light That Didn’t Flash, traveled north to south but the thing that caught our attention was the erratic movements. It seemed to glitch, the best ways to describe it. It’d seem to stand still for a couple seconds then dash forward, move left and right in very jerky, not smooth at all movement. The best I can describe it is visual glitching causing it to skip fwd in space to make up for the time that it was in a static position. Only explanation I have for that one is maybe the air temps and atmospheric variables that makes stars twinkle and seem to oscillate light intensities.