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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/7/2013 21:30 (Entered as : 06/07/13 21:30)
Reported: 6/12/2013 12:46:39 AM 00:46
Posted: 7/3/2013
Location: Overland Park, KS
Shape: Sphere
Duration: ~10 minutes
~10 nonuniform red orbs over Overland Park- A cluster-spread within cluttered airspace w/ plane, 2 jets & stars.

On 06/07/13 @ ~9:30pm, I was driving southbound on I-35 from 75th St. towards 87th St. and admiring the extremely decorated/illuminated 87th St. overpass. I then noticed high in the sky just to the left of the overpass (just south of HEI) a cluster of red illuminated orbs (aka "Fireballs")... Instantly thinking it was either part of the color-lighted overpass (off the side), or more likely several cell towers with red lights, or helicopters, or balloons, etc...

So, in order to rule-out the bridge first, I cruised underneath it and clearly passed it. And then I immediately realized it wasn't even cell towers because they always have a flashing red light up top and always red lights inline vertically and with a visible tower. There were no towers in sight and I even double-checked the next day. These red orbs were slowly cruising/scanning SW in a nonuniform cluster-spread... Not too low, and not too high. There was a grouping of ~5 or 6 in the leading cluster, and then three more following in a curved boomerang shape, and one loner following way behind (the runt of the herd??).

So, I next had to try and analyze/rule-out military helicopters (~10 red orbs) because they too move slowly/horizontally across the sky at quite an altitude. So I quickly pulled the car off to the side of the highway on to the shoulder, with flashers on and windows down for the duration. I didn't hear one helicopter, let alone a handful... And zero tails/wings/props, or port/starboard/taillights. I also easily ruled-out ten horizontal asteroids or ten flares because they weren't losing altitude in a downward motion with fiery trails, and clusters of balloons don't fly at night in airspace cluttered with air traffic (I hope).

In one big visible sky zone, I could easily compare them to all the white stars in the background as well as one little red/green lighted plane in the distant background (up above and to the left), and another chem-stream plane on the other side, above and to the right. Instead of trying to photograph or get poor quality footage on my old phone, I was far too mesmerized/fascinated and wasn't about to take my eyes off them and possibly miss something (like bolting at mach-20!). Glad i didn't too... They slowly but surely, one by one, faded/dissipated/vanished~ Not shutoff like a light. Almost like traveling up/outward at a high rate of speed, but they didn't get any smaller. And btw- Pilots never shutoff their red/green/white port/starboard/taillights, unless monitoring/engaging. Especially a cluster of ten, one at a time.

After well absorbing the big picture for several minutes, I stared at a couple individual ones and could barley see a slight twinkle on the outer circumference rim of the sphere~ not sharp edges ( o ), but fuzzy ( * )... Like all the "Fireball" descriptions on the internet (I googled "red orbs in the sky" and fortunately found this NUFORC website). After noticing them slowly vanishing before my eyes (rats!), I stared at the last unit pulling up the rear until it faded away too... And I saw it fade to a dark circular silhouette (cloaked) while continuing to cruise at the same speed and in the same direction (camouflaged). And I've seen how the military is capable/practicing this tactic now with tanks, etc... And speaking of~ Right before they all vanished, I also barely noticed for a split second an air force jet at the same ~altitude (without lights) heading them all off at an angle in the same direction (SW towards Olathe)... As if stealthily monitor! ing/escorting them from a distance with lights off. The military is well known for practicing this safe maneuver every chance they get... After all, they are in "their" airspace with an air traffic control nightmare near airports.

I was truly hoping a policeman would pull up behind me... Or some other witnesses nearby. I did call four educated friends and explained to them in detail... I explained what I witnessed and that it was all undeniably unidentified to me, and asked "what do you all think they were??" Since then, I've drawn a color picture and explained details to a dozen other educated credible people... All unexplained and baffled. Later that night, I called the Overland Park police dispatch on Santa Fe... Hoping for other witness callers. I didn't get mocked (while connected), but it's a known fact that they're trained to discreetly deny any/all info as not to create panic. They all have nothing to gain and everything to lose... Especially astronauts, pilots and air traffic control.

After about a decade of researching ufology with countless credible documentaries containing footage/testimonies of ALL levels these days... For the past few years I have watched the night skies whenever possible... Hoping... Someday... For just a glimpse. That entire image/experience is permanently burned into my memory. I personally didn't even need a poor quality photo to thoroughly convince me... And that also spares me of all the redundant mockery/ridiculing accusations of photo-shopped hoaxes. I don't need any of it. I finally got what I wanted and needed... Peace of mind.