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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/15/1973 21:30 (Entered as : 08/15/1973 9:30)
Reported: 7/17/2004 8:34:14 PM 20:34
Posted: 7/25/2004
Location: Hudson, KS
Shape: Triangle
Duration: 20 minute's
Characteristics: There was an aura or haze around the object
Three redish\orange arrowhead shape craft.

It was the summer of 1972-1973, I don't remeber for shure, I was 12 to 13 year's old that year and was living in the small town of Hudson, Ks. School had just started about a month ago, it was a Sunday evening sometime between 9 to 10 pm. Three freind's and myself where playing on some large sandpile's that the county had put beside the highway on the southeast corner of town getting ready to oil the blacktop. The four of us where trying to enjoy the last few minute's of our weekend before having to go back to school the next day, by playing a game of war by throwing small dirt clod's at eachother as we ran around and over the sandpile hiding and trying to get into a good position to throw a clod at someone.

I was somewhere on the south end of the pile's, ((name #1 deleted)) and ((name #2)) where on the west side and ((name #3 deleted)) was on the east. We where all having a good time when suddenly Kyle stood up and pointed to the west and said what is that, (and got hit by sevral clod's) I stopped and looked to the west and noticed two redish\orange light's in the sky. Ed and Randy looked too and we all ran over the sandpile to the east side where Kyle was and all got down on our stomach's where we could just see over the top and watched the light's come closer. After a minute or two we got up and moved to the south side of the pile's and stood next to the highway to where we could get a better view of what we where seeing. As they came closer the two light's that we where watching took shape. The redish\orange round light's turned as they came closer to us a kind of arrowhead shape, but with rounded end instead of coming to a sharp point's. The closest shape I've seen to the shape of these thing's are the shape of the starfleet insigna pin's on the uniform's of the crew of the old Star Trek tv show. As we where watching the two craft come closer Kyle again spotted another craft that was coming behind the other two and a little lower. It was quite clear by now that these where not just light's but some type of craft. All three craft where travling from west to east in a straight line and maybe some 500 or 600 feet up by my best guess. Just to the north are two big grain elevator's and flour mill where Hudson Cream Flour is made and our town is known for stand. And I would say that if these craft where traveling in line with the elevator's they would of had to move up in altitude or fly around them they where that low. The first craft was traveling in a line that would take it on a path some hundred feet north of us, the second craft was right behind and to the south of the first and the third craft was about a quarter mile behind the first two and maybe a hunderd feet lower but in line with the first two. As the first two got close to the w! estern edge of town the third craft that was behind the first two sped up and caught up to the first two to where it was some fifty feet and right in line behind the first one. As I said they where arrowhead shaped and a redish\orange in color, and they pulsated bright and then dimmer slowly, and you could see that the shape of them seemed to be a solid redish\orange but made of light, then extending outward's was a lighter dimmer corona of light ray's coming out from the more soild core. You could'nt see a edge or the hull of what would be a solid body to the craft, just light as if the where made of light only. There where no door's window's or seam's to the shape, nothing that you could see that would help you in being able to say what was the front back top bottom of them other than there overall shape and the direction of there flight, with the point narrow end pointed to the east in the direction of travel. The craft where some onehunderd feet long, fifty feet wide at the widest and some twentyfive feet tall, from my best guess. As they pasted over there was no sound at all from them, but you could kind of feel the pulsing in the center of your chest as they grew brighter and then dimmed. As the craft passed the last one being the lowest was so close that I could of thrown a dirtclod and hit it if I would of thought to. The night of the sighting was a calm clear summer eaving, the sun was just a dim glow on the western horizon, the star's where out and no cloud's or wind at all.

When the craft where first sighted by Kyle the first two where about a mile west of town and some twohunderd feet north of the highway that run's west\east threw the south end of town. After they passed over head we watched them travle east of town some two and a half to three mile's. The total lenght of time of the sighting was about twenty minute's or so. They flew very slowly, from watching plane's mainly crop duster's that flew over the feild's when I was a kid and later in life seeing hot air ballon's fly, I now know that I have never seen any type of craft that fly's move so slowly. Not plane's, hotair balloon's, or even toy ballon's move this slowly, maybe a helicopter in a slow foward hover could but not without making a lot of noise and generating a lot of wind. And when the craft got to the far east of there flight path they all three at the same time kind of turned there nose's northward and uppward to the northeast very slowly and just took off at a very hi rate of speed to where they just where gone in less than a second in a streak of light. And one strange thing about the way they moved as they made there turn, they did'nt make a banking turn like a plane would dipping one wing and moving in a arc changing there direction of travel and position together to make the turn. These craft moved from some center point moving there nose's to the north and uppward to the northeast, but there direction of travel continued straight eastward it was most strange and unlike any aircraft I've ever seen make a turn while in flight. And just when the nose of the craft finnished the move to the northeast to change corse for a new direction of flight they just accelerated very fast in a streak of light until in less than a second they where lost in the star's in the sky.

We all stood there for less than a minute and without saying anything to eachother just turned and went to our home's. The next day after school we all came together and walked with eachother not talking for a short time when Kyle said what was it we saw last night, and I remeber Ed replying, they said we wasn't suppost to talk about it. And we all seperated and went our own way to go home. And we never talked about it again.

It was not until year's later when I was in my early twenty's that I even remebered or thought about this sighting until after I reading a book on ufo's for something differnt to read. Before reading the book I never had any intrest in ufo's or anything that was outside the norm? And now year's later I wonder about what we saw that night and I wander even more about who Ed was talking about when he said they said that we wasn't suppost to talk about it.

All of this in this statement is the truth as best I am able to rember. And I belive that it was a real event that I shared with three freind's in a small Kansas town one summer eaving. What was it we saw and who they where that Ed eluded to I have no ideal. But after much reading on the subject of ufo's and alien's and remebering other sighting's and thing's that happened to us a kid's I can't help but to think that maybe they are here and sometime's visit small town's in Kansas for whatever reason..

((NUFORC Note: Date may be approximate. One of three long reports from the same witness. PD))