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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/20/1991 16:00 (Entered as : 08/20/1991 16:00)
Reported: 2/13/2004 10:41:07 AM 10:41
Posted: 3/2/2004
Location: Overland Park, KS
Shape: Disk
Duration: 3-5 min
It was on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and I was going on my break from work when I got into my car and my boss Bill started talking with me about my job and future with the Company. While he was talking I noticed a weird object in the sky from behind him. I asked him what is that? He looked back and said I donít know maybe a helicopter because it was oscillating strangely. At this point it was still to far away but as it headed towards us I could tell it wasnít a helicopter. I got out of my car and said, "What the hell is that? That's not a helicopter. He turned and we watched it as it approached us from the south heading north. This was flying disk silver on one side with a black square in the very center of the disk and the other side was black with a silver square in the center. It was flipping end over end like a spiraling football. To the west of us was a hot air balloon, which do always fly in the area during that time of the year. The hot air balloon was barely moving so the disk couldnít have been a balloon because it was moving at 30-60 miles an hour. It was approx 50-100 feet in diameter and flying about 500-750 ft in the air with out a sound. As soon as it was right above us I ran inside to my company and tried to get the photographer for our company to come outside and take a photo or video of it. I was working for a video dating service at that time. He finally came out as it was off in the distance still spiraling and heading north towards downtown Kansas City. He snapped a couple pictures of the disk with a 35 MM camera as it was heading off in the distance approximately 2 miles away. It was reflecting the light from the sun every time the silver side was pointing up. I watched it for a couple more minutes as it disappeared off in the distance and then went on break. I ran over to my girlfriends parents house and told them what had happened. My girlfriend of 5 years broke up with me shortly after this incident. When I got back to work I told everyone that would listen to me about what happened my boss ((name deleted)) denied it and freaked out I guess because he was very religious. I ran into him on the plaza years later with some friends of mine and he finally admitted he saw the same thing and that he may have had a nervous breakdown because of it. I talked with the photographer that took the pictures and he said that the photos came out grainy he said he was using the wrong speed and type of film and exposure. I have seen many strange things before and since but this was the closest most vivid sighting I have ever witnessed. I called all the local News agencies and the airports not one other person made a report and no one ever contacted me about this. Wussies. Prepare yourself for the last revelation. Prepare yourself for the New World Order. Prepare yourself for mans destruction. Prepare yourself to die. MrN

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))