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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/6/1997 05:55 (Entered as : 08/06/97 0555)
Reported: 8/7/1997 03:29
Posted: 1/28/1999
Location: Wichita, KS
Shape: Light
Duration: 15-30 seconds
Summary : Lights hanging in sky northeast of home

Leaving house for work and looked up into the sky. Saw lights hanging in sky. 2 rows of dim lights parallel to each other (not blinking or flashing)and @ 3-4 second intervals, brighter lights tracked from right to left between the two rows of dimmer lights. I was unable to see any structure either above or below the lights. The morning sky was dark. This object did not move or make any sound. I decided to alter my route to work slightly to get a better look at the object and as soon as I had gotten into my car and backed out of the driveway and looked over my shoulder the object had vanished. There is an air force base in the southeast part of the city as well as a commercial airport to the west. I often see and hear aircraft near my home, sometimes some pretty sofisticated types, like the wing. But, the behavior of this object was unlike any aircraft I have ever seen.