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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
3/25/15 00:05 Philadelphia PA Unknown 30 seconds TIGHTLY GROUPED WHITE LIGHTS IN EAST SKY 3/26/15
3/23/15 21:15 West Linn OR Unknown 5 minutes Sudden loud turbine sounds above house. Spinning at an odd pitch and rhythm. Abrupty started and abruptly stopped. 3/26/15
3/23/15 17:00 Ladson SC Unknown 20 Lights emitted from a stationary, rotating craft from inside the clouds. 3/26/15
3/20/15 20:13 St. Charles MO Unknown 1 minute Formation of orange lights flying over St charles. Kept formation and flew east. 3/26/15
3/18/15 22:00 Tacoma WA Unknown 10 minutes Star-like object, did not move, lights did not flash, there were probably at least 8 lights on it. 3/26/15
3/18/15 21:25 Pfafftown NC Unknown 4 minutes Appeared to be one craft traveling slowly at first and then rapidly left my sight. One bright white light in the front, followed by tw 3/20/15
3/17/15 22:20 Bridgman MI Unknown 12 String of lights over Lake Michigan off of Bridgman nuclear plant. 3/26/15
3/17/15 05:00 Hilo HI Unknown 30 minutes Witnessed lights in the NE sky from Hilo, HI., that moved rapidly and erratically for about 30 min. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD)) 3/20/15
3/16/15 23:00 Chillicothe OH Unknown 10 minutes In the sky above Chillicothe, OH we saw four lights. It was after 11 pm so it was pretty dark. The sky was clear and my friend who is a 3/20/15
3/16/15 00:40 Greenbelt MD Unknown 5 minutes 5 bright objects. 3 in a specific triangle shape. Moved 1 yard from tree branch measuring spot of origin. 3/20/15
3/14/15 22:45 Lake Geneva WI Unknown 2 minutes Loud, long, low pitched rumbling over Geneva Lake, WI. 3/20/15
3/14/15 19:00 Oklahoma City OK Unknown 10 minutes White, red, and green lights hover over OKC. 3/20/15
3/12/15 21:16 Fallon NV Unknown 4 minutes Pinpoint of light, surrounded by sphere of growing white mist, just below Jupiter. ((NUFORC Note: Missile fuel dump?? PD)) 3/13/15
3/12/15 21:00 Spring Branch TX Unknown 5 minutes Three lights aligned together in right formation. Very slow moving while producing a humming sound. 3/13/15
3/11/15 06:00 Evergreen CO Unknown 5-10 seconds I saw an unidentifiable object low in the sky with sparks or fire coming from its rear. 3/20/15
3/10/15 09:45 Los Angeles CA Unknown 5 minutes L.A. Airport flight path bright as a diamond laser flittering flickering object 3/13/15
3/10/15 00:24 North Branch MN Unknown 10 minutes Stationary lights southwest of North Branch, MN. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD)) 3/13/15
3/8/15 16:30 Temecula CA Unknown 15 minutes Teal Blue Hovering Object, Bright Light then Dim, Appearing/Reappearing In Various Parts of Sky. 3/13/15
3/8/15 08:30 Santa Fe TX Unknown 5-10 seconds Disk sighting with intense ground shaking noise 3-7-15 Next day same noise twice-no sighting 03-08-15 3/20/15
3/6/15 22:15 Minneapolis MN Unknown 1 minutes 2 orange red objects appeared as flames one after the next. 3/13/15
3/6/15 19:50 Phoenix AZ Unknown West Valley Seen an object a bright light shoot straight up from the ground to the horizon in a very fast motion. The object moved S, then N. 3/13/15
3/6/15 19:38 Durban (South Africa)
Unknown 4 minutes 3 lights hovering just above the Durban skies in the evening, around 19:30, weird. 3/6/15
3/6/15 15:00 Texas City TX Unknown 30-40 seconds Coming from Walmart and seen 2 lights in the sky. I was driving and I know that it wasn't going to hang around long so I fumbled for 3/13/15
3/5/15 19:45 Shoreline WA Unknown 5 minutes Solid red light with blue-white strobe zig zags acorss the sky. 3/6/15
3/2/15 18:43 North Miami Beach FL Unknown 30 seconds Single object with double green lights turning red then back to green before moving away. 3/6/15
2/28/15 20:00 Goldsboro NC Unknown 10-15 minutes Silent, slow-moving object, pulsating orange and white. 3/6/15
2/28/15 02:00 Naugatuck CT Unknown 5 minutes I was sleeping and woke up thinking the kids left back light on. When I looked outside , the whole back yard was covered with illumina 3/6/15
2/27/15 Wilmington OH Unknown 30 seconds We seen one brite light blink and three in rotation behind it and then it was gone. 3/6/15
2/25/15 23:30 Hollywood FL Unknown 10 minutes 2 very bright green lights seen heading directly W in E. Hollywood. Lights did not pulse and were extremely large but did not cast 3/6/15
2/22/15 19:00 Easton PA Unknown 1min 30 sec It moved backwards before it disappeared. 3/6/15
2/18/15 18:15 Orlando FL Unknown 8 minutes Bright orb seen in western sky. Light dimmed at times. Object did not move. 2/20/15
2/16/15 22:30 Mt. Shasta (above) CA Unknown 1 minute White lights hovering and then dimming in sequence 2/20/15
2/12/15 18:50 Durham NC Unknown 5 minutes I went outside at approximately 7:10 pm to let my dog out. Something caught my attention and it made me look up into the sky. 2/20/15
2/11/15 04:00 Cottonwood AZ Unknown 10 minutes Most recent sighting of many over 10 years. Light that appears, brightens gradually to the intensity of an airplane wing light, then g 3/6/15
2/11/15 02:30 Port Orchard WA Unknown 30 minutes Low frequency pulsing followed by 30 minute power outage. 2/12/15
2/9/15 10:30 Toronto (Canada) ON Unknown continuous Bright white circle light with no source and looks like cross hairs of a gun scope. 2/12/15
2/9/15 06:48 Homstead FL Unknown 3 minutes While driving, straight ahead of me I saw red-orange fireballs coming out of the sky, then they would stop and maintain there altitude. 2/12/15
2/8/15 22:40 Orlando FL Unknown 3 minutes Blue/red light seen in sky going up down and sideways. 2/12/15
2/6/15 19:00 Oloh MS Unknown 5 minutes 3 bright light hovering over hwy 98 then vanished. 2/12/15
2/4/15 00:00 West Babylon NY Unknown 2 minutes I heard a sound and woke up to see a creature in a blue outfit in my house. 2/6/15
2/3/15 16:30 Nashville TN Unknown 5-10 minutes Metallic shapes circling overhead, then flying off to the northeast. 2/6/15
1/31/15 21:00 Lincoln CA Unknown still going Bright object in the night sky, changing from blue to green to red. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly "Sirius?" PD)) 2/6/15
1/31/15 11:00 Ocala FL Unknown Unknown Silver polygon shaped ufo chasing jet 2/20/15
1/29/15 15:00 Chiloquin (Canada) ON Unknown 30 minutes Unidentified colored cloud appears and shape shifts. ((NUFORC Note: We believe the object is refracted sunlight. PD)) 1/30/15
1/28/15 19:55 Folsom CA Unknown still there There is a very vibrant, multi-colored light. Changes between red, blue, white, etc.. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "twinkling" star? PD)) 1/30/15
1/26/15 17:29 Fort Dodge IA Unknown 2 seconds Me and my mother were looking outside to the west cause the clouds were orange and pinkish colors. We were taking pictures of how Beaut 1/30/15
1/24/15 22:10 Lacey WA Unknown 3 minutes Solid red light with a blinking green light in the sky in Lacey, WA. 1/26/15
1/24/15 19:15 Caldwell ID Unknown 20 minutes Red lights silently hovering in sky. 1/26/15
1/22/15 21:30 Buffalo NY Unknown 15-30 minutes Hovering bright white light surrounded by pulsating green and red lights. 1/26/15
1/22/15 18:30 Lakeville PA Unknown 10 minutes A flying object hovering VERY LOW over tree tops with 4 bright huge lights. Rolled down window of truck and heard a low engine sound. 1/26/15
1/20/15 20:30 Austin TX Unknown 4 minutes Red lights over Austin, TX. 1/26/15
1/20/15 Sangli (India)
Unknown 30 seconds ((HOAX??)) 01/20/15. something very strange landed for a while near my terrace .they were in number of 3. 1/26/15
1/19/15 21:20 Edmond OK Unknown 30 I was taking a spa when I looked in the east and seen at first lights that I thought were an jet air plane. Typically I see them comin 1/26/15
1/19/15 19:00 Garden City UT Unknown 10 minutes Whitish orb hovering, moving erratically, then hovering again, same spot. 1/26/15
1/19/15 03:22 Heath Springs SC Unknown 7 seconds Sudden Rush/Vacuum of air. 1/26/15
1/18/15 05:35 Oak Lawn IL Unknown 25 seconds Possible drone flyby? 2/20/15
1/17/15 21:00 Trussville AL Unknown 9 minutes Lighted object over Trussville, AL, spotted by two adults driving southbound on Chalkville Rd.. It flipped, then we lost it. 1/26/15
1/17/15 20:00 Potosi (near) MO Unknown >1 hour Bright light in the southern sky, moving in a narrow, somewhat circular pattern. Colored red & blue; flashing at the perimeters. 1/26/15
1/16/15 19:30 Lafayette LA Unknown 5 minutes Red, green and white lights flew in, hovered, reversed course to depart. Not airplane or helicopter 1/26/15
1/16/15 17:15 Victoria TX Unknown 45 seconds The movement of the light source appearing in different places in the sky was interesting, since I had never seen anything like this. 1/26/15
1/15/15 17:30 Fairlee VT Unknown 1-2 minutes Horizontal groups of lights appearing over Fairlee, Vermont. 1/16/15
1/14/15 02:00 Tulsa OK Unknown 3 minutes 3 Round Bright Green Lights not flashing side by side & 1 Red Flashing Light, Loud Craft. 2/12/15
1/14/15 01:54 Lauderhill/Ft. Lauderdale FL Unknown
Three lights, stationary, much larger than stars. Two were parallel while other slanted slightly. 1/16/15
1/13/15 19:05 Iberia (outside of; rural) OH Unknown 2 hours Unexplained 2 objects first noticed at approx. 19:05 that remained until approx. 21:00. 1/16/15
1/13/15 19:05 Iberia OH Unknown 2 hours Add on to seeing 2 objects with intermittent lights. 1/16/15
1/13/15 14:08 Plymouth MI Unknown 3 minutes Looked like a falling satellite. 1/16/15
1/12/15 23:00 Oakville (Canada) ON Unknown 40 minutes Low-frequency pulsing hum associated with aircraft lights flying around for over 40 minutes 1/16/15
1/12/15 19:00 Fairview MI Unknown 3 hours Twinkling white, blue, red and green hovering light along with fireball object. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD)) 1/16/15
1/11/15 19:00 St. Louis MO Unknown
One witness experiences strange, and loud, rumbling sound from home. 1/16/15
1/11/15 17:40 Seattle WA Unknown 20 minutes Lights over SW Seattle. 1/16/15
1/11/15 16:30 Perryville MO Unknown 7 minutes Unusual and almost deafening rumbling noise that sounded very low but could not be seen! 1/26/15
1/11/15 05:15 Orlando FL Unknown ~1 hour Audio event of unknown origin. 1/16/15
1/10/15 19:35 Roselle IL Unknown 1 minute 3 pulsing red/orange lights heading south to north at a slow pace. 1/16/15
1/10/15 18:30 Augusta GA Unknown I don't know What was this? I've never seen anything like it in person. 1/16/15
1/9/15 22:00 Butte MT Unknown 1 hour Bright red, blue, & yellow lighted objects, viewed over Butte, MT. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Sirius. PD)) 1/9/15
1/9/15 17:00 Seal Beach CA Unknown 8-10 minute Mystery light visible from Seal Beach, CA. 1/16/15
1/8/15 23:00 Labelle FL Unknown 1 second At approx. 23:00 on 01/08/2015, I heard a very loud boom that shook the the windows in my house. I saw outside a bright light. 1/16/15
1/8/15 17:55 Concord VT Unknown 1-2 minutes Golden orb light that becomes three, and then six lights hovering over the trees. 1/9/15
1/7/15 20:00 Edmonton (Canada) AB Unknown 10 seconds Very often, we hear u.f.o. s make no sound af all, this one did. 1/9/15
1/7/15 19:15 Grand Rapids MI Unknown 13-20 seconds Unusual craft flying and wobbling fast, and a big red trapezoid-like light. 1/9/15
1/7/15 06:50 Montara CA Unknown 40 seconds Unidentified object in Montara sky. 1/9/15
1/7/15 02:00 Lexington TX Unknown ~2 minutes Loud rumbling noise, 2 vertical white lights, smaller red ones, massive vehicle moving to northwest 3/6/15
1/6/15 21:54 Buena Park CA Unknown 45 seconds It red or orange in color was dropping debris that looked like it was in fire. (there was no tail) The debris fell straight down. It fl 1/7/15
1/5/15 19:30 Drexel Hill PA Unknown
((HOAX??)) Lights floating down like parachutes. 1/7/15
1/5/15 18:00 Garden City UT Unknown 4 minutes Whitish orb changing shape hovering over Bear Lake. 1/26/15
1/2/15 23:00 Nampa ID Unknown 3 minutes Saw 9 red lights scared. 1/7/15
1/2/15 02:48 West Babylon NY Unknown 2 seconds Red to blue streak. 1/7/15
1/1/15 12:07 Havre de Grace MD Unknown 2 minutes Strange green blinking light that hoverd over our yard for 2 minutes, then disappeared. 1/7/15
12/31/14 11:00 Everett WA Unknown 15 minutes It looked like what was a jet going straight up in the sky with jet streams behind it.... But wasn't moving...then two fighter jets fle 1/7/15
12/28/14 21:00 Westland MI Unknown 3+ hours Light in sky for 3+ hours. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a "twinkling" star, maybe Sirius. PD)) 1/7/15
12/27/14 16:55 Johnson City TN Unknown 1 minute Green glow emerges from Buffalo Mountain. 1/7/15
12/27/14 Philadelphia PA Unknown 10+ minutes Just got this [5:16:36 PM] UFO flotilla over Philadelphia, PA, December 2 1/7/15
12/26/14 18:42 Lancaster CA Unknown
((HOAX)) Every shape size form there here in Lancaster, California. 1/7/15
12/26/14 00:15 Wayne NJ Unknown 5 minutes Fast moving object changing color and making tight curved maneuvers/changes of direction with near equal climb and dive speed 1/7/15
12/25/14 21:36 Los Angeles (Westlake Village) CA Unknown 3 - 6 seconds Flash of light that leaves a trail - spotted over Los Angeles, California! 1/7/15
12/25/14 Nashville GA Unknown 5 minutes Orange lights traveling in a southeasterly direction. Object(s) didn't blink, absolutely no sound either. Watched until it moved out of 1/7/15
12/23/14 05:00 Belleville NJ Unknown 30+ minutes Bright orange flashing sky. 1/7/15
12/21/14 00:00 New York City (Manhattan) NY Unknown 8 minutes Unknown object hovering over Manhattan Lower East Side Sunday the 21st 0100 hrs.. 1/7/15
12/18/14 23:11 Medford OR Unknown 1 second Large bright object coming in fast, then vanishes. 1/7/15
12/18/14 21:30 Cape Coral/Punta Gorda FL Unknown 1.25 minutes Unknown object over North Cape Coral/Punta Gorda. 12/22/14
12/17/14 02:30 Rapid City SD Unknown 1 hour Pulsing noise, purposely did not look for craft. Three seperate nights. Gets louder and faster as gets closer. 1/7/15
12/14/14 23:00 Hillsborough NH Unknown 10 minutes Seen a neon green light behind a funnel-shaped cloud accompanied by a humming/buzzing sound. 1/26/15
12/14/14 04:45 Beaverton OR Unknown 27 minutes Multi color lights pulsing and flashing on object. ((NUFORC Not: Sirius?? PD)) 12/18/14
12/13/14 19:15 Ocala FL Unknown 5-10 minutes Multiple lights hovering in the sky. 12/18/14
12/13/14 18:45 Portland OR Unknown 5-7 minutes Orange/Red lights in a formation pattern moving from East to West over I-5 in Portland 12/18/14
12/13/14 06:40 Sebring FL Unknown 4 Moving light in night sky, not airplane or sattelite for sure 12/18/14
12/12/14 22:20 Palm Coast FL Unknown 2 minutes 2 bright white lights size of headlights on a car with white light between them that weren't moving and then were just gone. 12/18/14
12/12/14 19:25 Los Angeles CA Unknown 1 minute Thought it was an airplane taking off but the angle went to far up and across the LA valley. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD)) 12/18/14
12/12/14 12:40 Cartersville GA Unknown 3.6 minutes Looking up towards the west I noticed an object that flashed from white to green to red. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star?? PD)) 12/12/14
12/12/14 00:00 Spotsylvania VA Unknown 1 minute White then orange orb gained a "tail of light" when chased off by a heli. 12/12/14
12/9/14 18:15 Bellefontaine OH Unknown 3 minutes Silent low level object with red&white lights flying into a head wind east of Bellefontaine Ohio. 1/7/15
12/7/14 19:40 Cedar Park TX Unknown a few minutes Flashing lights (1 red 2 green) with whirring sound, stopped, then changed direction, then went down towards the earth. 12/12/14
12/7/14 16:20 Carleton Place (Canada) ON Unknown 3:00 Bright orange object hovering East between Carleton Place & Ottawa, Ontario 12/18/14
12/1/14 02:00 Arlington TX Unknown 45 minutes Got up to turn heater on and could hear what sounded like the sound barrier had been broke like fighter jets. 12/5/14
11/30/14 21:30 Apache Junction AZ Unknown
Looking west towards Phoenix, five or six bright lights were in a straight line, and then quickly formed into a triangle. 12/5/14
11/30/14 13:00 Grande Prairie (Canada) AB Unknown 10 minutes I was driving to a remote oilfield site by myself (which is very typical) to do maintenance work. I am a very practical person. 12/5/14
11/29/14 17:20 Deming NM Unknown 30 minutes HUGE black stationary aircraft with unknown shape south of I-10 near Deming, NM. 12/5/14
11/29/14 03:30 Colorado Springs CO Unknown 3 minutes Red and green lights over Olympic Training Center. 12/5/14
11/28/14 22:40 Berlin MD Unknown Still happening Object in the sky on Maryland's eastern shore. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a "twinkling" star? PD)) 12/5/14
11/28/14 06:00 Marysville MI Unknown 2 minutes Facing west and looking upward at about a 60 degree angle, I noticed a perfect equilateral triangle of what appeared to be stars. 12/5/14
11/27/14 21:30 Custer WA Unknown 45 second Partically delta-shaped object with two very bright forward lights. 12/5/14
11/26/14 23:55 Fredericton (Canada) NB Unknown 1 Blue flashing in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Later reported by witness probably to have been explosions of transformers. PD)) 12/5/14
11/24/14 23:25 Rochester NY Unknown Seconds Saw something shoot across the sky extremely fast. 11/26/14
11/24/14 18:40 Manassas VA Unknown 90 seconds Object hovering over homes in Manassas, VA. 11/26/14
11/23/14 21:55 Oskaloosa IA Unknown 25 seconds I was watching a movie and noticed out of the corner of my eye, through the window, something in the sky. I ran to the window. 11/26/14
11/23/14 18:20 Portland OR Unknown 10 minutes I saw 5 UFOs over Portland, Oregon on November 23, 2014. 11/26/14
11/22/14 19:00 Phillipsburg KS Unknown 19:45 7 objects with red, blue, and white lights and one moving star in Kansas night sky 11/26/14
11/22/14 12:30 Vineland NJ Unknown ~5 minutes Two shapes see descending toward earth. 11/26/14
11/21/14 19:24 Mentor OH Unknown 30 minutes Wave formations of lights exceeding 70 aircraft that looked like small balls of fire. 11/26/14
11/21/14 16:55 Linthicum MD Unknown 5-7 minutes 3 close and slow moving (?), flaming objects high in atmosphere, moving southerly toward a common focal point- mid atlantic/BWI region. 11/21/14
11/21/14 16:30 Somerset (?) NJ Unknown 10 minutes I was in a car with my family on our way home and it was during sunset. I'm not completely sure if it was a ufo, however I believe it w 11/21/14
11/21/14 16:30 Columbia (going toward on 295) MD Unknown Drove away from view but On the way to Hickory Ridge Rd. either 295 to 95 Howard County. Two going down parallel with one coming down behind them . Looked like 11/26/14
11/20/14 13:40 Concord NH Unknown ~5 minutes Heard an incredibly loud booming and rumbling noise that faded and grew loud again for about five minutes. I work from home and am use 11/21/14
11/19/14 22:00 Dubuque IA Unknown 2-3 minutes If you ever watched animal planet and seen the deep sea jellyfish glowing in the dark it was like that but shaped like big football. 11/26/14
11/18/14 19:35 Los Alamitos CA Unknown 4-5 minutes Hovering orange-red object drops small glowing red balls, then changes into asymetrical object. 1/7/15
11/17/14 23:00 Kennesaw GA Unknown <1 minute Three large white bright lights hovering less than 100 feet above the ground. 11/21/14
11/17/14 19:00 Mechanicsville MD Unknown 1-2 minutes Very loud object with bright lights flew over house. Base sent jet out on search 11/21/14
11/16/14 00:00 North Sacramento CA Unknown 5 seconds Red star life formation seemed to glide left to right in a downward motion for just a short distance then shot left and disappeared and 11/21/14
11/16/14 17:40 Eugene OR Unknown 1 minutes Moving light slowed, then stopped, then slowly faded to darkness. 11/21/14
11/14/14 22:45 Gurdon AR Unknown 15:00 Life changing. ((NUFORC Note: Source provides no significant information. PD)) 11/21/14
11/14/14 17:50 Sandy Point (St. Kitts)
Unknown 1/200th seconds Photo reveals strange objects in sky. 12/5/14
11/12/14 20:55 Hedgesville WV Unknown 3 minutes White ball moving up. 11/14/14
11/11/14 19:30 Pawleys Island SC Unknown 1.5 minutes Was watching a plane in the sky heading south, and from the far north I noticed another plane with blinking lights coming south. 11/14/14
11/10/14 05:47 Durand MI Unknown 1 second I saw a bright flash pass in front heading east as I left my driveway.

It was moving twice the speed of an airplane and even though
11/9/14 03:00 Casper WY Unknown 60 seconds Loud missile noise. Seemed impossibly localized. 11/14/14
11/8/14 21:30 Des Moines IA Unknown 3 minutes Driving along I-80 west bound and saw about 7-9 bright red lights floating in the sky at about the height that a helicopter would fly. 11/14/14
11/8/14 00:00 Madison AL Unknown 5 seconds Friend says wow 2 shooting stars, i did not see but i know it wasnt stars 11/14/14
11/7/14 22:30 Spring Hill FL Unknown 5 minutes 50 or 60 Reddish orange lights over Springhill, Florida. 11/14/14
11/6/14 11:30 Lafayette CO Unknown 2 minutes Object in distance darted in straight line, disappeared, showed up in new location and darted in another line, ~10 times 11/14/14
11/3/14 23:10 Aberdeen MD Unknown 2 seconds During the course of this evening(11/03/14), I heard several sky based booms, the final one was a bit unnerving. At approx. 2310hrs in 11/6/14
11/3/14 19:20 Berlin NJ Unknown 10 minutes Bright white pulsating light in the night sky with red and green blinking lights underneath. 11/14/14
11/2/14 18:03 Phoenix AZ Unknown 8.51 minutes Red and green light hovering changed directions instantly. 11/6/14
11/1/14 06:30 Chattanooga TN Unknown 3 Driving S on Browns Ferry Rd., before Browns Ferry Landing, I noticed to my right a plane flying about 2000ft over Raccon Mountain. 12/5/14
11/1/14 05:30 Laconia NH Unknown 10 minutes unusual sound like a large invisible object rising from the ground into the sky;disturbed all dogs in neighborhood 11/14/14
10/31/14 21:50 Charlestown RI Unknown 7 seconds Heard a power down of an engine in the sky with no visible object and slight home power flicker 11/6/14
10/30/14 20:00 Muscadine AL Unknown 2 minutes 4 bright oval flashes. 11/6/14
10/29/14 19:20 Garland TX Unknown 1 minute Multiple reddish colored objects moving in a single-file path from southeast to northwest while gaining altitude. 11/6/14
10/28/14 22:33 Marco Island FL Unknown 1 hour White light (s) spiraling back and forth across the Gulf of Mexico. 11/6/14
10/27/14 11:20 Kapahi HI Unknown 4 seconds Under brilliant illumination that was much brighter than any flair I have seen. 11/6/14
10/26/14 21:30 Clarksville TN Unknown 10 seconds Small light in the sky suddenly changes directions and zig zags with high speed. 11/6/14
10/25/14 18:45 South Bend IN Unknown 10 minutes Strange orange ball of light. 11/6/14
10/24/14 20:00 Buras LA Unknown 2 minutes Creepy lights. 11/6/14
10/24/14 00:00
NH Unknown Unknown Abduction experience. 11/6/14
10/22/14 21:00 Myrtle Beach SC Unknown 15-20 minutes Four orange circles that faded out singly. Then five lights did the same, 15 min later, in same location. 12/5/14
10/22/14 05:45 Andalusia AL Unknown 10 minutes Four bright stars form smiley face then quickly move away and disappear. 11/6/14
10/21/14 23:30 Pawtucket RI Unknown 2 minutes Bright orange/red light filling room. 11/6/14
10/21/14 00:00 Punta Gorda FL Unknown 2-3 minutes Teal/White/Red light hovering near my place of employment. 11/6/14
10/20/14 05:30 Lake Geneva WI Unknown 30 minutes Between 5:15 am and 5:45 am there were 5 bright bursts of light in the sky approximately 10 min apart. Unknown cause or source of light 11/6/14
10/19/14 20:00 Plains MT Unknown 30 minutes Objects hovering over mountain range; lights of red; blue; white remain still 20 mins. 11/6/14
10/19/14 12:45 Sterling Heights MI Unknown 3 minutes Orange bright lights - to low for a plane - faster then a moving plane - No engine sound or any kind of sound - disappeared as quickly 11/6/14
10/19/14 01:00 Atlanta GA Unknown 20 minutes Lights are elaborate on craft.. reminiscent of a diamond flickering in the sunlight.. always near the airport 11/6/14
10/18/14 23:30 Barcelona (Spain)
Unknown 2:00 minutes Observed bright red object over the Barcelonetta area in Barcelona, Spain 11/6/14
10/18/14 21:10 Goochland VA Unknown
Heading west on Patterson avenues toward 288 there were about 12 circular bright orange lights in the sky. They were spread out but lik 11/6/14
10/18/14 02:00 Janesville WI Unknown 10 minutes Bright flashing lights in the sky flashing multiple colors like a strobe like it hurt my eyes looking at it was very far away remained 11/6/14
10/17/14 01:00 Miami (Key Biscayne) FL Unknown 2 minutes Trail from a fast traveling object distorts the star lights. 11/6/14
10/16/14 19:00 Tinley Park IL Unknown 3 hours I live in Tinley Park, Illinois. 11/16/2014 around 7:00 pm to past 9:00 pm there were numerous planes &lt;?&gt; in the sky, everywhere 11/6/14
10/16/14 18:50 Carson City NV Unknown 15 minutes 3 lighted object performing loops and shooting up and down over lake at night 11/6/14
10/16/14 07:30 Beverly Hills MI Unknown 30 seconds Three bright lights that appear to be two headlights and a light on the top. 11/6/14
10/15/14 21:45 Alvin TX Unknown 15 minutes Craft with color changing lights. 11/6/14
10/15/14 19:10 El Segundo CA Unknown 5 minutes Invisible Silent Aircraft (UFO) over LAX on 15 Oct 2014 11/6/14
10/13/14 22:40 Sarver PA Unknown 5 minutes Several strange objects of all colors this evening, most I'm sure could be explained away. I'm hoping someone can tell me about this on 11/6/14
10/13/14 22:00 Staten Island NY Unknown 3 minutes Fast moving strange light. 11/6/14
10/12/14 22:15 Thomaston GA Unknown 45 minutes Strange lights over Thomaston, Georgia. 11/6/14
10/11/14 22:00 West Chester OH Unknown 30 minutes Flashes of light in the northern sky that lasted about 30min around 10PM on 10/11/14. 11/6/14
10/11/14 22:00 Ravenna OH Unknown 45 minutes 2 ufos with red, white and green flashing lights observed by 3 people 11/6/14
10/11/14 21:30 Baltimore MD Unknown 2 minutes Bright green red and yellow. 11/6/14
10/10/14 22:50 Salem OR Unknown 3 minutes 3 bright dots Salem. 11/6/14
10/10/14 20:10 Shirley NY Unknown 5 minutes 20:50 10/10/14 Shirley NY 2 lights going south to north, visible for 5 minutes 11/6/14
10/9/14 21:30 Pawley's Island SC Unknown 10 seconds Group of 3 orbs of flashing white lights traveling fast over the ocean 11/6/14
10/9/14 20:20 Butler IN Unknown 5 minutes Flashing, stationary white light in eastern sky 10/10/14
10/9/14 18:15 Tacoma WA Unknown 30 seconds We thought we saw a meteor trail, it changed direction, turned into a light and dissappears over Tacoma 10/10/14
10/8/14 20:30 Taylor MI Unknown
Green and red object soaring in the sky 10/10/14
10/8/14 19:30 Whitewater WI Unknown ~10 minutes Multiple lights in the sky moving somewhat together, hovering, then dissipated, silent, just after dusk. 11/6/14
10/8/14 18:58 Hedrick IA Unknown 6 minutes Light. 10/10/14
10/8/14 15:50 Portland OR Unknown 10 minutes Two people saw several small shiny objects floating in circles above Portland. At first, we thought they were birds, but they were much 10/10/14
10/6/14 14:57 Mount Laurel NJ Unknown 1 minute Laser detector activated on radar detector followed by doughnut-shaped cloud in otherwise completely clear sky 10/10/14
10/6/14 05:30 Troutdale OR Unknown 2-5 minutes Outside early morning, noticed a illumnating light growing stronger in the sky, looked up, saw light dissappate, then two objects flyi 10/10/14
10/5/14 14:20 Sequim WA Unknown
Unknown triangle cloud with fireball object 10/10/14
10/4/14 23:00 Tucson AZ Unknown 6 minutes 6 orange slow moving objects in western Tucson sky. 10/10/14
10/3/14 23:55 Detroit MI Unknown 3 seconds Extremely loud noise over Detroit area 10/10/14
10/2/14 18:10 Willow Spring NC Unknown 20 seconds Bright pulsating object over Willow Spring sky 10/3/14
10/2/14 15:32 Solomons MD Unknown <2 minutes On my bathroom shade on the left side was a lg "2" on the right side, cross from the 2 were 3 rows of 3 to 4 blinking lights. 12/12/14
10/2/14 03:00 Mariposa CA Unknown 45 minutes Motionless bright twinkling red and green lights in the southeast horizon of the sky. 10/3/14
10/1/14 03:45 Alcoa TN Unknown 30 minutes Multicolored lights flashing in the eastern sky 10/3/14
9/30/14 20:30 Black River Falls WI Unknown 4 minutes Bright Light Starts moving slow then fast READ. 10/3/14
9/29/14 07:20 Sheffield Lake OH Unknown 8 minutes We saw objects that moved in impossible directions with no sound that appeared to be on fire and sent out red beams of light .. 10/3/14
9/29/14 04:06 Norman OK Unknown ongoing East close horized multicolored flashing light. 10/3/14
9/28/14 20:30 Jacksonville FL Unknown 30 minutes Bright light on Hodes BLvd fast flying close not plane or helicopter. 10/3/14
9/28/14 20:15 West Bend WI Unknown 2 minutes Unexplained longer interval strobe in sky 10/3/14
9/28/14 18:50 South Dennis MA Unknown 5 minutes 3 large, flashing lights over Dennis beach at sunset. 10/3/14
9/28/14 05:20 Gagnef (Sweden)
Unknown 30 seconds Strange 3 lights in a row with flashing lights sighted 10/3/14
9/28/14 02:38 Salem OR Unknown 67 minutes An object was spotted hovering far to the SE of Salem with multicolored star-like lights that flashed randomly in a triangular shape. 10/3/14
9/28/14 02:38 Renton WA Unknown
Two strange objects with green lights on side and red flashing one in middle .both objects had same lights and they were going clock wi 10/3/14
9/27/14 23:30 Worcester MA Unknown 2 min Orange Amber lights Big Dipper shape. 10/3/14
9/27/14 20:00 New Haven CT Unknown 15 ongoing Hovering object above light house park changing colors. 10/3/14
9/27/14 16:00 Laurel MD Unknown 1 hour Multiple bright objects in the sky like meteors. 10/3/14
9/27/14 15:00 Chanhassen MN Unknown 1 hour Numerous stationary objects that flash red, blue and white. Several observed at one time over many nights. Still happening. 10/3/14
9/27/14 05:25 San Diego CA Unknown 10 minutes 3 orbs over MCRD San Diego. 10/3/14
9/26/14 20:26 Lubbock TX Unknown Still accuring A craft seen to the northwest of lubbock. ((NUFORC Note: Reported by local news to be a balloon. PD)) 10/3/14
9/26/14 04:00 Festus MO Unknown 90 minutes I spotted a total of 5 ufos abd some kind of creature in the woods very close. 10/3/14
9/26/14 02:00 Newton NJ Unknown 15 minutes Pulsating red blue and green lights changing to bright white and covering huge distances in the sky in the blink of an eye leaving a li 10/3/14
9/24/14 20:10 Edmonton (Canada) AB Unknown 1 minute Looked like a plane falling from the sky with a trail of smoke and erradic lights. 9/25/14
9/24/14 19:15 Denver CO Unknown 5 minutes Small craft with red and green lights moving erratically. 10/3/14
9/23/14 20:27 Arlington TN Unknown 3 seconds Spotlight shines over Arlington. 9/25/14
9/22/14 21:15 Butler NJ Unknown 15 minutes Red, white, bluish green pulsating light. 9/25/14
9/22/14 19:30 Jacksonville FL Unknown 3 minutes ((HOAX??)) I finally have it on tape. 9/25/14
9/22/14 05:00 White GA Unknown 1 hour Two lights caught my eye. They Looked to bright to be stars and looked like they were moving. ((NUFORC Note: Planets? PD)) 9/25/14
9/22/14 00:00 Cannon Falls MN Unknown 6 hours A red orb of light was seen spotted 100 ft in the sky with an unsteady white blinking light slowly acended into the sky, once very high 9/25/14
9/21/14 00:30 Omaha NE Unknown 10 minutes Red light in southwest. 9/25/14
9/20/14 22:45 Bothell WA Unknown ~3 seconds Object(s) in night sky Bothell, WA, Nov 20, 8:45PM. ((NUFORC Note: Date is severely flawed. PD)) 9/25/14
9/20/14 20:30 Helena MT Unknown 2 hours Bright object flashing white, gold, green and red lights seen over Helena, MT. 10/3/14
9/20/14 19:48 Overland Park KS Unknown 3 minutes Red and green non blinking lights hovering, seen by 2 others. 9/25/14
9/20/14 19:45 Shenzhen (China)
Unknown 20 minutes Unknown light object above evening night sky. 9/25/14
9/20/14 19:35 Chandler AZ Unknown <5 minutes Fire trails in the sky, changing direction and descending. 9/25/14
9/20/14 01:45 Melbourne FL Unknown 10 seconds Bright yellow light, flying really slow and really low. 9/25/14
9/18/14 23:30 Valrico FL Unknown 30 seconds Audible humming vacuum sound covered by clouds with orange glow. 9/25/14
9/18/14 21:30 Maynard MA Unknown 5 minutes Traveling on Waltham Street toward Stow when I saw a bright blue light hovering above the Fire Dept approximately 200 feet in the air. 9/25/14
9/17/14 20:40 Marksville LA Unknown 15 minutes Fleet of 30+ ufo's!!!!!! 9/18/14
9/17/14 07:20 Derry NH Unknown <1 minute Unexplained lights seen near hot air balloons early in the morning. ((NUFORC Note: Possible reflection from glass? PD)) 9/18/14
9/16/14 20:00 Ottawa (Canada) ON Unknown 1 hour Object multiple lights, different colors, following us. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting perhaps solved. Kite with LED lights. PD)) 9/18/14
9/16/14 14:24 Anaheim CA Unknown 1 minute A UFO with 3 alternating red, and 3 white, lights flashing, floated across sky then vanished. 9/18/14
9/15/14 22:00 Niles MI Unknown 5 minutes Slow moving object is joined in pursuit by another object, a plane of sorts, with a blinking light and then the solid light leaves. 1/7/15
9/15/14 11:30 Post Falls ID Unknown 5 minutes Extra, extra, extra wide and brief contrail behind a craft flying south over Kootenai county 9/15/14. 9/18/14
9/14/14 23:00 New Bloomington OH Unknown 8 seconds Red and blue blinking lights, slowly descending in night sky. 9/18/14
9/14/14 00:25 Aurora OH Unknown 2 minutes Reddish light in a triangular formation rising in the sky then dimming and disappearing. 9/18/14
9/13/14 19:30 Rio Rancho NM Unknown 1 hour ((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. Possible sighting of high-altitude balloon. PD)) 9/18/14
9/12/14 22:46 Linglestown PA Unknown 2 minutes 3 bright orange objects bigger than planes and no sound. 9/18/14
9/12/14 20:00 Salem NH Unknown 10 hours Blinking lights in the New Hampshire sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "twinkling" stars. PD)) 9/18/14
9/12/14 06:00 Lebanon OR Unknown 2 minutes Object with trailing light rises above mountain. 9/18/14
9/12/14 06:00 Incline Village NV Unknown 3 minutes Object over Lake Tahoe. 9/18/14
9/12/14 05:07 Vancouver (Canada) BC Unknown 5 minutes Moving "star," moving east in slow, crooked line before veering SE in Vancouver early morning sky. 9/18/14
9/11/14 21:10 Martinez CA Unknown 5-10 minutes 2 red lights becoming 3-white lights seen over Martinez,Ca, Marina Park area. 9/18/14
9/10/14 21:30 Whaleyville MD Unknown 45 seconds Series of strange orange lights (independent/multi-directional) moving over treeline. 9/18/14
9/8/14 23:00 Fulton NY Unknown 15 minutes Warbling flashing object spotted slowly moving across Fulton sky 9/10/14
9/8/14 22:03 Binghamton NY Unknown 80 seconds It was flying a distance away, it was blinking, and I couldn't make out a shape. 9/10/14
9/8/14 21:40 Muskogee OK Unknown 5 seconds What looked like a typical satellite flashed and disappeared. ((NUFORC Note: Probable "flare" from "Iridium" satellite? PD)) 9/10/14
9/7/14 22:08 Mishawaka IN Unknown 2 minutes We veiwed 6 separate bright orange lights disconnected in the clear night sky flying and then disappearing at different times. 10/3/14
9/6/14 22:00 Plainfield IL Unknown 3 minutes ((HOAX??)) Red and green lights gliding across the sky, then lowering down. 10/3/14
9/6/14 04:30 Mesa AZ Unknown 20 minutes I know what i seen.... 9/10/14
9/5/14 23:00 Salem OR Unknown 90 minutes Multiple objects with blinking lights moving around in a strange way for the past hour and half 9/10/14
9/5/14 22:30 Etters PA Unknown 15 minutes Multi-colored blinking lights in western sky not moving. After 15 minutes disapeared. 9/10/14
9/5/14 10:21 Holbrook AZ Unknown ~7 seconds I may have witnessed a static shadow of a cloaked UFO 9/10/14
9/5/14 02:40 Tucson AZ Unknown
Non moving red, white, and blue flashing object in the distance to the west. 9/5/14
9/4/14 21:10 Nampa ID Unknown 20 minutes Sequential lights seen over Caldwell/Nampa Idaho 9/10/14
9/4/14 20:50 Wenatchee WA Unknown 1:10 minutes Several objects with flashing lights 9/10/14
9/4/14 11:30 Brooklyn park MN Unknown 2 minutes I was north of 610 and Noble looking west when I saw a light the size of a star in the horizon. It was neon blue and red. The object 9/10/14
9/2/14 05:00 Wildwood FL Unknown 2 hours Hovering blinking green red and white lights. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a "twinkling" star. PD)) 9/5/14
9/1/14 23:30 Nampa ID Unknown 55 minutes Bright lights not moving for 20+ min then bizarre movement. 9/5/14
9/1/14 22:00 Hudson WI Unknown 45 minutes Multi-colored object spotted hovering, speeding up and stopping quickly for 45 minutes, multiple witnesses. 9/5/14
9/1/14 04:00 North Charleston SC Unknown 4 minutes It was coming down slow within tree height and flew away when we got close to it. 9/5/14
8/31/14 23:15 Eastport MI Unknown 2-3 minutes Two witnesses see steady red light on silent flying object of undetermined size moving south to north over Grand Traverse Bay. 9/5/14
8/31/14 20:30 Cullowhee NC Unknown 1 hour 4 spot light like lights that move apart then back together. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights. PD)) 9/5/14
8/30/14 20:20 Belvidere IL Unknown 30 seconds 3 orange lights in sky in Belvidere, IL. 8/31/14
8/29/14 23:30 Lambton Shores (Canada) ON Unknown 2 hours Two stationary lights suspended over Lake Huron. 8/31/14
8/29/14 05:00 Clarence Center NY Unknown >30 minutes Object seen flashing red and blue quickly hovering over Akron, NY morning of 8/28 and then Pendleton, NY 8/29. Obect remains at same hi 8/29/14
8/28/14 20:30 Newark DE Unknown 2 minutes Reg, green lights, movement atypical. 8/29/14
8/28/14 20:30 Enders NE Unknown 20 seconds Bright blue light moving across land to northeast. 9/5/14
8/28/14 05:00 Glen Burnie MD Unknown 1 minute Strange, illuminated cloud in an exceptionally cloudless sky.. 8/29/14
8/28/14 05:00 Lititz PA Unknown 10 minutes I observed 2 white glowing spherically shaped clouds quickly expand and slowly dissipate in the clear night sky. 8/31/14
8/27/14 22:45 Sartell MN Unknown 1-2 minutes Anomolus satelite moving EAST TO WEST???? 8/31/14
8/27/14 22:30 Hyden KY Unknown 10 minutes Strange low flying craft no sound VERY high detail visible in night sky. 8/29/14
8/27/14 16:30 Menifee CA Unknown 10 minutes Bright, "glowing-in-brilliance" shining silver/white UFO spotted near Menifee, CA. 8/29/14
8/26/14 21:00 Colonia NJ Unknown 3 minutes Multi-colored aircraft sighted in Colonia, NJ. 8/29/14
8/26/14 03:30 Portland OR Unknown 3 events 3 Events of unidentified aircraft activity. 8/29/14
8/25/14 20:00 Tempe AZ Unknown 10 minutes Two unusual crafts above Tempe, Arizona. Very bright! 8/29/14
8/25/14 05:00 Dayton MO Unknown 1 hour Lights moving nfl in sky. 8/29/14
8/24/14 00:48 Grand Rapids MI Unknown 1-2 minutes I saw 2 red lights moving silently through the night sky. The lights appeared to be on the same horizontal line and flew directly abo 8/29/14
8/23/14 23:30 Northport
Unknown 60 seconds Orange light over Suffolk county changes direction and disappears. 8/29/14
8/23/14 23:09 Currie NC Unknown 5 minutes Like some Star Wars type of thing! 8/29/14
8/23/14 03:30 Barnsdall OK Unknown 30 seconds? Observed large black "stealth-like" craft pass overhead silently. 8/29/14
8/22/14 21:10 Kissimmee FL Unknown 4 minutes fast moving light traversed entire sky in minutes. 8/29/14
8/21/14 00:21 Carlinville IL Unknown 25 minutes Large red orb followed vehicle before turning to bright white orb and separating into two orbs and blinking out. 8/29/14
8/20/14 22:00 Willow Spring NC Unknown 45 seconds Double lights/ no sound with a zigzag motion over Willow Spring on 8/20/14 8/22/14
8/20/14 03:00 Canyonlands National Park UT Unknown 3 minutes bright beam of light above tent, no sound, dancing flickering lights on side of tent. 9/5/14
8/19/14 23:15 Bossier City LA Unknown 30 seconds Saw a craft traveling from SSW-ENE, traveling at least Mach 1, no sound, had a bluish glow around it with a few white lights on rear. V 8/22/14
8/19/14 21:00 West Roxbury MA Unknown 4 minutes Bright white light no blinking lights no sound. 8/22/14
8/18/14 04:15 Madison CT Unknown 45 minutes Mistaken sighting for two stars in the eastern sky just before sunrise. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter and Venus?? PD)) 8/22/14
8/18/14 04:15 Madison CT Unknown 45 minutes THERE IS SOMETHING OUT THERE WATCHING US. OBSERVING THIS PLANET. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter & Venus. PD)) 8/22/14
8/17/14 22:30 Reading PA Unknown 3-4 minutes Red/orange lights in triangle shape east of Reading, Pa. 8/22/14
8/17/14 00:30 Memphis TN Unknown 5-8 minutes Yellowish/Orangish oval shaped object flying northbound. 8/22/14
8/16/14 21:45 Rolla MO Unknown 15 minutes Bright white, darting ball. 8/29/14
8/16/14 21:15 Harrah OK Unknown 3.5 minutes Bright light with no sound slowly hovering and floating in the sky then sped off and vanished into the darkness. 8/22/14
8/16/14 02:00 Hanover CO Unknown 5 seconds Huge single flash that lit the darkness like it was day time. 8/22/14
8/15/14 16:05 Walton KY Unknown 4 minutes I was lying on my deck looking up at the sky when I noticed a really high flying object. At first I thought it was a plane, but it was 8/31/14
8/15/14 06:00 West Valley UT Unknown 3 minutes Silent craft with 6 round lights, blue side lights hovering. 8/22/14
8/14/14 22:00 Camdenton MO Unknown 10 minutes Three of us saw a bright red light moving W, and another less brilliant white light next to it, both making no sound. 8/15/14
8/14/14 21:50 Northborough MA Unknown 45 seconds Military chopper pursues a UFO over central Massachusetts. 8/15/14
8/14/14 20:50 Kill Devil Hills NC Unknown 5 minutes Saw 4 reddish lights moving north along the Atlantic coast in Kill Devil Hills, NC. 8/22/14
8/14/14 20:30 Bernardston MA Unknown 5 minutes Array of blinking white lights in an arc, hovering at low altitude. Near Exit 28 on Route 91 in MA. 8/22/14
8/14/14 20:00 Grand Rapids MI Unknown 1 second Quick Flash of Light in the Sky. 8/15/14
8/13/14 19:28 South Chicago Height IL Unknown 1 minute Black 5 point object. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect that the dark object is a butterfly or moth. PD)) 8/15/14
8/12/14 23:30 Clarksville TN Unknown 15 minutes For several nights in a row I had noticed strange lights in the sky, but living near a military base you tend to ignore things you shou 8/22/14
8/11/14 00:30 Highlands Ranch CO Unknown 30-40 minutes Extreme radio interference and no cell phone service available. 8/15/14
8/10/14 22:00 Youngstown NY Unknown 2 minutes Orange-ish light, no sound, no navigational lights. 8/15/14
8/9/14 23:00 Kangirsujuaq (Canada) QC Unknown 90 seconds About 14 minutes ago (23:00), my daughter and I took our dog out so he could do his job.

While we were outside I looked up towards t
8/8/14 12:00 Port Coquitlam (Canada) BC Unknown 1 minute Small white object in daytime sky over Port Coquitlam. 8/15/14
8/7/14 03:00 Franklin ME Unknown 3 minutes 3 Glowing Yellow, Medium Large "Trucks" Have no visible Wheels, Painfully Bright Lights all over surface 8/8/14
8/7/14 00:01 Grand Blanc MI Unknown minutes? Gold/yellow bow-tie shape with red orange center. 8/8/14
8/6/14 22:00 Cape Canaveral FL Unknown 30 minutes Hovering silent craft red and green lights flashing. 20 minutes in one spot wierd lightning appeared. 8/8/14
8/6/14 04:30 Wichita KS Unknown 3-5 minutes Low rumbling, like hot air balloon pulling the gas handle. 8/8/14
8/3/14 22:00 Omaha NE Unknown 2 minutes Glowing lights sometimes all at once hovering close to humans on ground was very quiet maybe less than 100 miles from ground. 8/8/14
8/3/14 21:00 Los Banos CA Unknown 1-2 minutes Close Road encounter on hwy 152. 8/22/14
8/1/14 20:55 Austin TX Unknown 30 seconds Bright red and white UFO moving at medium speed, then hovering and changing directions before disappearing. 8/8/14
8/1/14 16:45 Tujunga CA Unknown 10 minutes Six pins of light at very high altitude that looked like stars (except it was daylight)flew in a circle formation and then in a V forma 8/8/14
8/1/14 00:56 Boise ID Unknown 10-15 minutes My brother and I saw a strange hovering craft with 3 lights. 8/8/14
8/1/14 00:00 Murrieta CA Unknown
Reflection light, change direction, looks like golden light, took picture looked different from what I saw. 8/8/14
7/31/14 23:00 Audubon PA Unknown 3 seconds I was in front of chickie's and Pete's... 681, shannondell blvd Audubon PA 19403, home wood suites.

I was ordering some Indian food
7/31/14 22:45 Loveland CO Unknown 5 seconds ((HOAX??)) Craft with four white lights. 8/8/14
7/31/14 22:30 Camden DE Unknown 5 minutes An intensely bright strobing light that appeared, silent, and moved with incredible speed across the sky changing position. 8/1/14
7/30/14 23:15 South Daytona FL Unknown 4 minutes Daytona Beach UFO Triangle shaped red/orange SW-NE. 8/1/14
7/30/14 22:15 College Station TX Unknown ~3 minutes Hovering object seen with red and white light making very erratic movements 8/1/14
7/29/14 21:30 Blacklick OH Unknown 5 minutes Two objects one red, one white seen in ENE sky over Blacklick, Ohio. 8/1/14
7/28/14 22:00 New Orleans LA Unknown 1 minute Violet light seen zig-zagging quickly across night sky. 8/1/14
7/27/14 00:30 Austin TX Unknown 3 minutes Red and green lights flashing, moving slowly in circle. 8/1/14
7/26/14 21:40 Hume NY Unknown 22:30 Eight objects seen in the sky and dog barking at everyone he saw too. 8/1/14
7/26/14 21:00 Sarasota FL Unknown 2-3 minutes Zoom, zoom back and forth in the sky very quickly, then hovered, before disappearing. 8/1/14
7/26/14 19:45 Talmoon MN Unknown 3 minutes Two red lights moving at constant speed one following the other 2 people viewed. 8/1/14
7/26/14 03:05 Staten Island NY Unknown 4 seconds White light moving at extremely high speed and left a streak for a brief time of only seconds. 7/26/14
7/25/14 22:20 Hutchinson MN Unknown 30 seconds Strange orange light lbject flying overhead. 8/1/14
7/25/14 21:15 Corpus Christi TX Unknown 5 seconds Object moving at speeds 5 to 6 times faster than satellite. 7/26/14
7/24/14 00:00 Taylor MI Unknown 10 minutes I was over at my neighbor's house using her washing machine. She and her cousin were sitting on the front porch, this was around 7/26/14
7/23/14 17:30 Reading KS Unknown ~3 minutes Fighter jet seemed to be dispatched to intercept a flying object based on direction of jet sound and object going opposite direction. 7/26/14
7/23/14 16:00 Cedar Creek TX Unknown 5 seconds Bright blue light breaks into two bright blue lights 8/8/14
7/22/14 00:05 Worcester MA Unknown ~2 minutes Four bizarre orange lights in the southern sky over Worcester, MA just after midnight. 7/26/14
7/22/14 00:05 Jacksonville FL Unknown 3 minutes Flashing flying object. 7/26/14
7/21/14 21:30 Fort Worth TX Unknown ~5 seconds Blue & Red Orbs Merge & Vanish. 7/26/14
7/19/14 23:00 New Braunfels TX Unknown 1 minute Aircraft with red and blue lights. 7/26/14
7/17/14 23:50 La Porte IN Unknown 1 minute Red and White lights possible Plane. 7/20/14
7/17/14 01:45 Cranberry Twp. PA Unknown All night I really can not describe it in text I would prefer to do this over the phone if possible if you can please call 7248161989 my friend a 7/20/14
7/15/14 21:45 Denver CO Unknown 20 minutes At least 50 solid white lights traveling maybe more. 7/20/14
7/15/14 21:45 Hampton GA Unknown 15 seconds UFO over FAA center in Hampton, Ga. 8/8/14
7/14/14 21:30 Polson MT Unknown 5 minutes 5 minutes of loud sound, also with the sound of rushing air,then stopped. 7/20/14
7/14/14 21:15 Ruskin FL Unknown 5 seconds Bright light came into sight in a dark sky and quickly exited 180 degrees without stopping or turning--rapidly! 7/20/14
7/12/14 23:00 Cropwell AL Unknown 4 minutes Flame in sky flying in a controlled and fast manner. 7/20/14
7/12/14 23:00 Chewelah WA Unknown ~2 minutes Inconsistently flashing, inconsistent speed white light across sky. 7/20/14
7/12/14 23:00 Cropwell AL Unknown 4 minutes Around 10:40 to 11:00 pm this evening Mike, Christian and myself were at the lake swimming. As I was looking up toward the sky I saw w 7/20/14
7/12/14 22:00 Durant OK Unknown 10 seconds Two white lights converge on location, seem to be connected by invisible object, was elongated for a few short seconds, then dissapears 7/20/14
7/12/14 21:25 New Orleans LA Unknown 2 seconds A bright bluish white object shot downward over New Orleans. 7/20/14
7/12/14 21:18 Hadley MA Unknown 45 seconds Glowing orbs moving quickly. 7/20/14
7/12/14 21:09 Katy TX Unknown 40 seconds Two bluefish greenish lights traveling very low, no sound at all, very high speed observed near La Centera mall in Katy, TX. 7/20/14
7/12/14 21:00 Benton LA Unknown Seconds A light streaked across the sky fast from east to west. 8/22/14
7/11/14 23:00 Roseburg OR Unknown 30 minutes Planet like objects around the moon. 7/20/14
7/11/14 21:40 Carlton MN Unknown 3 minutes 5 Bright orange lights that disappeared out of nowhere in Carlton/Cloquet, MN. 7/20/14
7/11/14 05:00 Santa Clara NM Unknown 1 hour A light was situated just E of Santa Clara, NM. I first noticed it from Vaughn, NM, I noticed a light high in the sky. ((Venus??)) 7/20/14
7/11/14 00:30 Ochoco National Forest OR Unknown 5 minutes My companion and I were individually rendered physically and mentally paralyzed at the same time with a similar voice in our minds. 7/20/14
7/9/14 21:15 Williston VT Unknown 15 seconds Flashing white and red light in the sky over Williston, VT. 7/11/14
7/8/14 22:40 El Cajon CA Unknown 2 minutes Red Orb over El Cajon again! 7/11/14
7/7/14 13:00 Los Angeles CA Unknown unknown UFO made of lights photographed in Hollywood. 11/26/14
7/7/14 00:00 Applegate OR Unknown ~5 minutes Neon green meteorite falling behind mountain followed by direct appearance of red blinking craft over mountain. 7/11/14
7/6/14 22:01 Pahrump NV Unknown 1 minute Two pin spot lights bridged my a red or orange connecter. Lights switched brighter on me. 7/11/14
7/5/14 00:00 Edgewater MD Unknown 5 minutes Sighting appeared airborne as bright red/orange object, possibly circular, with bright white center and glowing flame similar to hot ai 7/11/14
7/5/14 22:25 Norwalk OH Unknown 20 seconds I took the dogs out and happened to look up. I saw a red light with a halo around it.

It was not a plane or helicopter. I was very f
7/5/14 00:00 Central Islip NY Unknown
I and my family we're talking in the back yard on my deck when we saw these reddish, orangy lights. Flying in a formation. 7/11/14
7/4/14 23:00 Elk Grove CA Unknown 15 minutes Multiple satellite-like craft with light beams over Elk Grove/Sacramento. 7/20/14
7/4/14 23:00 Stow OH Unknown 3 minutes Reddish Orange low altitude crafts in uniform flight pattern 7/5/14
7/4/14 23:00 Saint John KS Unknown 10 minutes Red lights in sky for 10 minutes. 7/5/14
7/4/14 22:55 Greeenwood IN Unknown 3 minutes Watching fireworks something went accross the sky very fast. 7/5/14
7/4/14 22:50 Louisville KY Unknown 15 minutes Mutable aircraft flying in somewhat of a formation radiating a orange glow. No beacon lights nor any white lights at all was noted. The 7/5/14
7/4/14 22:15 Altoona PA Unknown 5 minutes We were getting ready to watch fireworks and we saw something red flying through the air. It had no flashing lights but was flying in a 7/5/14
7/4/14 22:08 Ashland KY Unknown 3 minutes Single bright orange light moving in a straight line across the sky for about 3 minutes. 7/5/14
7/4/14 22:00 Delray Beach FL Unknown 2 minutes 3 circular objects in a V or triangle formation, appearance slightly orange light, moving East. 7/5/14
7/4/14 22:00 Johnstown PA Unknown 2-3 minutes My brother and I had been walking outside of our apartment. Overhead, he and I picked up on at least 4 red/gold (perhaps orange) lit-up 7/5/14
7/4/14 21:45 Golden CO Unknown ~1 minute Hovering lights seen in the sky from the top of Ancient Palms trail. 7/5/14
7/4/14 21:40 Englewood CO Unknown Unknown Four bright orange lights dancing in sky after cherry hills country club fireworks. 7/5/14
7/4/14 21:05 Tucson AZ Unknown 1 minute Two unknown objects with solid blue lights, moving rapidly, without sound. 7/11/14
7/4/14 21:00 Denham Springs LA Unknown 3 minutes Object with three red lights, lights turned off as it ascended to treeline. 7/11/14
7/4/14 20:00 Healdsburg CA Unknown 20 minutes It was around 8pm. My wife and I were driving north on HWY 101 up to Geyserville, CA from Santa Rosa, CA. After passing Healdsburg, CA. 10/10/14
7/4/14 20:00 Tempe AZ Unknown 10-15 seconds Blinking, star sized object over Tempe, AZ. 8/8/14
7/4/14 19:00 Clermont FL Unknown 3:00 Hanging out by the pool when we all saw the red object fly threw sky wife got a pic of it 7/5/14
7/3/14 23:00 Miami OK Unknown 10 minutes Three unidentified illuminations east of Miami, Ok. 11/6/14
7/3/14 21:20 Milford NH Unknown 5 minutes Orange object traveling slowly in sky, met up with second object and floated in sky. 7/4/14
7/3/14 04:45 Bryan TX Unknown 3 minutes Fast moving low level bright light in my backyard. 7/5/14
6/29/14 08:00 Thornton CO Unknown Almost dark Flying humanoid 7/4/14
6/29/14 02:00 New Orleans LA Unknown 20+ minutes Large pulsating (5sec) white light in sky above New Orleans for 20+ min. 7/4/14
6/28/14 22:30 Valdosta GA Unknown 15 seconds Possible meteor over Valdosta, Georgia 7/4/14
6/28/14 22:30 Fort Erie (Canada) ON Unknown 2 minutes Bright orange/yellow sphere moving like no man-made craft 7/4/14
6/28/14 18:00 Gadsden AL Unknown
6 Large Jet aircraft in formation. 7/4/14
6/24/14 22:28 Seattle WA Unknown 2 minutes Two orange very illuminated objects moved from west to east, slowed down and moved south and faded out. 6/27/14
6/23/14 22:00 North Myrtle Beach SC Unknown 20 seconds Not to debunk any other post but I first saw two rapid or pulsing white lights those used by aircraft. The lights were staggered one in 6/24/14
6/23/14 21:45 Gila Bend AZ Unknown 10 Three orange lights seen by 4 people south of Gila Bend AZ 7/4/14
6/21/14 23:00 Bensalem PA Unknown 20 minutes 25-30 Red/Orange lights in the sky!!! 6/24/14
6/20/14 21:40 Gloucester MA Unknown 10 seconds Extreme Bright White Glow - 10 Second Event 7/4/14
6/19/14 23:06 Lakewood CO Unknown 45 seconds UFO emitting bright blue and white light traveling East to West right over the overpass (10 ft) on Garrison at a fast pace (&lt;15 s) 6/20/14
6/18/14 22:00 College Park MD Unknown 1 hour Flashing light in dark sky from different directions. 6/20/14
6/17/14 20:30 Kure Beach NC Unknown 30 minutes Orange lights over ocean. 6/20/14
6/15/14 21:15 Waldorf MD Unknown 45 minutes Multiple bright objects in 3-5 craft intervals. Travled very fast headed south to north. No sound 6/20/14
6/15/14 05:00 Illawarra (Australia)
Unknown 10 minutes 4 craft seen over Illawarra, New South Wales, Australia. 6/20/14
6/14/14 22:00 Chester Springs PA Unknown 5 minutes Cross-hair type lights seen floating then changing colors until out of view. 6/20/14
6/10/14 Cleveland OH Unknown 30 seconds Filmed this black dot appear while filming over Lake Erie where i live..and this black thing pops in the video...have video if you like 6/20/14
6/8/14 10:15 Orlando FL Unknown 10-15 minutes Three very bright lights in varying distances, heading north west. 6/13/14
6/8/14 00:30 Eastsound (Orcas Island) WA Unknown 2-3 minutes Extremely large bright object moving w/ intermittent lateral movements, no sound, no lights, very low, & flying mostly over water. 6/13/14
6/7/14 23:05 Sumner WA Unknown 23:12 Possible plane with beam. 6/13/14
6/7/14 21:30 Simi Valley CA Unknown 1 minute Red object hovering. 6/13/14
6/6/14 23:02 Racine WI Unknown 4 minutes Two amber lights spotted at low altitude traveling slowly mostly NW away from Lake Michigan in SE Wis. 6/13/14
6/5/14 23:30 Blackwood NJ Unknown 10 minutes Unknown sizable bright objects flying in circles. 6/6/14
6/5/14 22:00 Tuscaloosa AL Unknown 2 minutes Device without a sound, flying completely in a perpendicular move to the sky. 6/6/14
6/5/14 21:30 Palm City FL Unknown 20 seconds It looked like a star skirting across the sky. 6/6/14
6/5/14 20:30 Dormont/Pittsburgh PA Unknown 5-7 minutes My wife and I saw an orange glowing object moving across the sky, then witnessed it stop and change direction in the blink of an eye. 6/6/14
6/4/14 18:30 Lindenhurst NY Unknown 30 minutes Floating man over south shore Suffolk County. 6/6/14
6/1/14 21:27 Greensboro NC Unknown ~2-3minutes Taking daughter for a walk and saw two redish orange lights spread apart bigger then a football field then disappeared into thin air!!! 6/4/14
6/1/14 21:00 Lawrenceville GA Unknown 10 minutes This unidentified object came flying over from the west at an abnormal speed. The craft then hovered over an area nearby. The craft app 6/4/14
5/31/14 21:00 Ocean City NJ Unknown Sitting on the beach 3 lights (1 red 2 white) zig zagging fast around each other but moving slowly across the sky in oc, nj. 6/4/14
5/29/14 20:14 Palouse WA Unknown 60 seconds Sound-ONLY of large aircraft passing close overhead. ((NUFORC Note: Witness is commercial pilot. PD)) 6/4/14
5/29/14 17:00 Garfield WA Unknown 5 minutes A loud aircraft, that I was unable to locate in the sky. 6/4/14
5/28/14 22:00 Calistoga CA Unknown 15 seconds Slightly erratic flight pattern with blinking lights and moving very quickly across the sky. Almost silent. 6/4/14
5/27/14 23:30 Dewey AZ Unknown 5 seconds Small flashing green light in front followed by huge, steady white light. No sound. 6/4/14
5/27/14 20:50 La Puente CA Unknown 5+ minutes Neon light across night sky. 6/4/14
5/27/14 09:20 Topeka KS Unknown 5 minutes 3 light object by Lake Shawnee sitting completely still, then vanished. 6/4/14
5/26/14 01:08 Cedar Rapids IA Unknown 00:02 Red-orange light over Cedar Rapids, Iowa, under partly cloudy sky, moving from west to north. 6/4/14
5/25/14 23:15 Antelope CA Unknown 15 minutes Multi-colored, fast moving, and direction changing object observed by 3 witnesses in Sacramento, Ca. 6/4/14
5/25/14 22:50 Phoenix NY Unknown 3 minutes Orange light flying away from an airplane, then vanished. 6/4/14
5/24/14 22:20 Ann Arbor MI Unknown 1.5 minutes Unusual stationary lights seen at night near Ann Arbor, MI 5-24-2014. 6/4/14
5/24/14 21:30 Hickory KY Unknown 45 seconds Strange lights were seen speeding through the night in Kentucky. 6/4/14
5/24/14 01:10 Portage la Prairie (Canada) MB Unknown 10 seconds Saw four orange balls in formation travel at high speed from south to north. 6/4/14
5/21/14 21:45 Cottage Grove OR Unknown few seconds Very bright red and blue lights,single object and unusual flight characteristics. 6/4/14
5/20/14 23:26 Idaho Falls ID Unknown 40 seconds Extremely fast, faint lights traveling away from very bright flash in sky. 6/4/14
5/20/14 18:30 Lahaina HI Unknown 30 minutes Happened around 630 pm Hawaii time.i work at a restaraunt and everyone started yelling look at the sky and we had all see like a lighti 6/4/14
5/18/14 21:00 Nason IL Unknown 9 minutes Object three lights,two green lights on each side,red slow flashing light just one side, made no sound 6/4/14
5/18/14 20:32 Glen Ellyn IL Unknown 10 seconds A single small jet contrail moving very fast and gaining altitude. 6/4/14
5/18/14 03:20 Portland OR Unknown 00:05 Vibrant colorful lights throbbing across the sky in the middle of the night. 6/4/14
5/17/14 22:00 Islip NY Unknown 40+ minutes 6 Orange glowing fireball objects flying soundlessly west to east along south shore of Long Island 6/4/14
5/17/14 20:56 Mechanicsburg PA Unknown 15 minutes Red lights try to hide. 6/4/14
5/17/14 10:00 Cypress TX Unknown
Green light dancing around in the sky for 30 seconds then just seemed to disappear. 6/4/14
5/16/14 22:30 Alamogordo NM Unknown 20 minutes Two objects gliding in circles over Alamogordo. 6/4/14
5/16/14 22:00 Atlanta GA Unknown 7 minutes I saw a bright red light floating along like a helicopter, but I could not hear anything. The red light was all that was visible. Somet 6/4/14
5/16/14 22:00 Middletown CT Unknown 2 hours Lit object hovering in sky over CT river.......Then planes began circling it in the remained then moved upwards. 6/4/14
5/16/14 21:30 Honolulu HI Unknown 2 minutes Two craft seen by diamond head/kahala honolulu 6/4/14
5/16/14 14:00 Auburn WA Unknown 6 minutes During the middle of the night, guessing 2:00 am, I heard the familiar sound of those large army helicopters that fly over my house. 6/4/14
5/15/14 21:40 Cumming GA Unknown 10 seconds Small fiery trail traveling very slowly at very low altitude 6/4/14
5/14/14 23:20 Sacramento CA Unknown 2 seconds Very bright large light falling. 6/4/14
5/12/14 13:45 Lawrence Township NJ Unknown 15 minutes Powerful, low-frequency throbbing. "Presence" in daughter's doorway. 7/20/14
5/11/14 22:00 Springfield TN Unknown
Long white shape went across the sky going extremely fast (this was a white bright light). 6/4/14
5/10/14 Mukilteo WA Unknown 10 minutes There were bright orange lights on the craft traveling side by side with no sound. 6/4/14
5/9/14 03:50 Oxford CT Unknown 1-2 minutes Extremely loud craft, not visible, woke two of us up at 3:50 am. 6/4/14
5/8/14 23:15 Martinez GA Unknown 30-60 seconds Bright orange light that faded on and off with smaller lights surrounding it. 6/4/14
5/7/14 23:30 San Isidro NM Unknown 15 seconds 2 red lights gliding across sky, then green and red lights flickered on and rotated around the object. 5/8/14
5/7/14 21:10 Naugatuck CT Unknown 5 minutes Large formation of lights in western sky, flying north to south... 5/8/14
5/7/14 09:30 Port Richey FL Unknown 1 second Sonic boom denied by military source per McDill AFB, Lt Patrick Gargan. Reports by 911 from Holliday to Spring Hill Fl (about 40 miles) 5/8/14
5/7/14 05:45 Moncton (New Brunswick) (Canada) NB Unknown 10+ minutes Strange unidentifiable low rumble/humming sound from the sky 6/4/14
5/4/14 22:15 Wyoming MI Unknown 5 minutes & 1-2 seconds 2 objects 2 minutes apart. 6/6/14
5/4/14 04:00 Clermont FL Unknown 1-2+ hours Bright orangy object flying close to buildings and trees. 5/8/14
5/3/14 23:10 Buford GA Unknown 5 minutes Green, red & white alternating lights hovering and moving horizontally and vertically. 5/8/14
5/3/14 22:00 Hot Springs NC Unknown 5 minutes My step father, mother, & I always this extremely bright light traveling across the sky. We know our airplanes, this was no airplane or 6/4/14
5/3/14 18:00 Crescent City CA Unknown 1/2 hour Large, bright object straight up and very high could be seen for 1/2 hour never moving until covered by clouds. 5/8/14
5/2/14 02:37 Orange Park FL Unknown 1-2 minutes Low Frequency makes house feel as though it would implode. 6/20/14
5/1/14 22:15 Mountain Home AR Unknown ongoing at this time The moon was covered by a very strange shaped shadow, eclipsing the moon for at least 40 minutes 5/2/14
5/1/14 22:05 Maricopa AZ Unknown 5 minutes We first saw one very bright light in sky and as we were driving another one appeared stayed for two min and then one again and then 5/2/14
5/1/14 21:15 Fyffe AL Unknown 5 minutes Huge object close, major lights blinking in sequence, dogs crazy, never seen anything like it. 5/8/14
4/30/14 01:10 Charleston WV Unknown 7 seconds I could not see the craft just Two pale yellow sets of triangle lights on the bottem not a air plane not a helicopter moved to slow and 5/2/14
4/28/14 23:00 Texarkana TX Unknown All night Red, bluish, amber lights, false stars. 5/2/14
4/28/14 22:00 Vancouver WA Unknown 20 minutes Very strange sound heard sounded as if it had a melody. 5/2/14
4/27/14 23:00 Oakley MI Unknown 2-3 minutes Two lights. 5/2/14
4/27/14 21:20 Kenmore WA Unknown 20 minutes Orange orbs over Kenmore, Wa. Witnessed by 5 5/2/14
4/27/14 20:50 Chatsworth CA Unknown 15-20 minutes 6 Red/Orange lights in formation seen in NW San Fernando Valley, CA. 5/2/14
4/26/14 21:45 Tarpon Springs FL Unknown 1 minutes Faint "star" moves across night sky. 5/2/14
4/25/14 22:09 Hoover AL Unknown 2 minutes Strange light in Birmingham disappears instantly 2 witnesses. 5/2/14
4/24/14 23:30 Gardner KS Unknown 30 minutes Blue and Green Lights, No definite shape, No Noise, Random Light pulsating, Slight Movement. ((NUFORC Note: Stars?? PD)) 5/2/14
4/23/14 23:20 Harrisburg PA Unknown 60 seconds 2 years ago I had an extreme close fly-by of a blue light. 4/24/14
4/23/14 22:15 Mansfield (Quebec) (Canada) QC Unknown 10-15 seconds We were in hot tub looking into sky and at 2 different times about 15 minutes apart they went by in sky no noise and moving side to sid 5/2/14
4/23/14 20:15 Clovis NM Unknown 2 minutes Bright solid light moveing east then changed to southeast. The bright light faded to a solid red then faded out. 4/24/14
4/21/14 23:00 Chesterfield VA Unknown 30 minutes Object with blinking lights hovering in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of a "twinkling" star. PD)) 4/24/14
4/20/14 22:00 Rainelle WV Unknown 30 minutes Witnessed floating, slow moving object with wierd circular light outside of Rainelle, WV. 4/24/14
4/20/14 21:00 Anthem AZ Unknown ~1 minute 4 to 5 bright orange lights – faded and came back, streaked fast and slowly, moved left and right and up and down, one appearing to dro 4/24/14
4/19/14 21:30 Orlando FL Unknown 3 minutes We saw what appeared to be traditional red/green navigation lights moving exceedingly fast across the sky, E to W, downward arc. 4/24/14
4/18/14 21:00 Richmond Heights OH Unknown 15-20 seconds Two fast-moving, low altitude landing lights on nearly silent aircraft. 4/24/14
4/17/14 22:15 Rockwell NC Unknown 6 seconds Black helicopter following 2 orange lights (no sound except from helicopter). 4/18/14
4/16/14 21:40 Overland Park KS Unknown 1 second Blue light accelerating at an extremely high rate of speed, then disappearing. 4/18/14
4/16/14 21:00 Seal Beach CA Unknown 25 seconds Orange/red orb closely followed by F/A-18 Hornet at high rate of speed from south to north in Seal Beach, Ca. 4/18/14
4/16/14 20:20 Las Vegas NV Unknown 5 minutes UFO Captured Over North Las Vegas. 5/8/14
4/16/14 20:00 Denton TX Unknown
5 objects formed into one line then the brightest one on the end led the other ones into a circle then more came to join slowly. 4/18/14
4/15/14 23:00 Port Angeles WA Unknown ? I took this picture at night while driving towards lake Crescent Lodge at about 11:00 pm (not sure of the exact date (in April) 6/6/14
4/15/14 02:00 El Cajon CA Unknown ~2 minutes Two smoothly flashing lights appear above sky before end of lunar eclipse. 4/18/14
4/15/14 00:00 Tacoma WA Unknown
I was walking home around 11:30pm or midnight i noticed two objects in the sky really close to each other & way to far close to the gro 4/18/14
4/14/14 22:00 Parkville MD Unknown few minutes The aircraft was able to stop then move in a different direction. 4/18/14
4/13/14 23:22 Hillsboro OR Unknown few seconds Flashing Strobes in the sky, not a helicopter. 4/18/14
4/13/14 12:49 Pine AZ Unknown 1 hour Mysteriose lights in sky. 4/18/14
4/13/14 00:24 Sterling Heights MI Unknown 1 minute Red light moving and changing colors as it rotated over Sterling Heights, Michigan. 4/18/14
4/12/14 15:00 Conkling Marina ID Unknown Seconds UFO photobombs above Couer d'Alene Lake in Idaho. ((NUFORC Note: We see nothing of interest, yet, in the photos. PD)) 4/18/14
4/11/14 21:00 Hunt Valley MD Unknown 5 minutes Three lights... first 2 then 3... formed triangle 6/4/14
4/10/14 02:00 Odessa TX Unknown 30-40 minutes 2 unknown aircraft escape after late night meteor impact sightings 4/11/14
4/9/14 21:30 Florence KY Unknown 45 seconds Several bright lights stationary in the sky, turned and flew east away from hovering spot, then blinked out. 4/11/14
4/9/14 20:40 Orange CA Unknown 15-30 seconds Stationary object turns into red, then blue and then a glowing white and duplicates process and then flies overhead. 4/11/14
4/8/14 21:15 Austin TX Unknown 10 seconds Austin: Unexplained silent unlit object moving 100ft over the ground seen at close range 4/11/14
4/8/14 14:50 Tucson AZ Unknown 8 seconds Silver object appears in small cloud, both disappear. 4/24/14
4/8/14 08:00 Scottsdale AZ Unknown 10 minutes Crazy bright blue light. 4/11/14
4/5/14 21:45 Manns Choice PA Unknown 15 minutes My sister, I and three kids ranging from 4- 10 years old, were heading home on Route 31 West in PA and seen like a orange star. 4/11/14
4/3/14 22:30 Sunny Coast (Australia)
Unknown 5 seconds Group of orange lights moving across the sky. 4/4/14
4/3/14 20:15 Pine Bush NY Unknown <1 minute Rapidly descending craft with large red and white lights entered residential area at very low altitude. 4/4/14
4/2/14 20:00 South Dennis MA Unknown 20 minutes Large "thing" at tree top level over power lines emitting rays of light from many openings/windows, glowing, red & yellow. 4/4/14
4/1/14 23:00 Port St. Lucie FL Unknown 2 minutes Multi-colored lights in southern sky 4/4/14
4/1/14 Kempsey (Worcester) (UK/England)
Unknown 10 seconds Green/red light seen moving downwards across the sky very fast . Looked like a flare coming down but way way too fast . No sound in the 4/4/14
3/31/14 21:00 Celebration FL Unknown 2 minutes Steady orange red light moving east to west very slowly then disappeared.There were several jets in the area-totally different looking. 4/4/14
3/30/14 23:00 Goose Creek SC Unknown 2 minutes 3 orange lights, arrayed in a triangle formation, travelling across the sky near Charleston, SC. 4/4/14
3/29/14 00:20 Morganton NC Unknown 1 minutes Large objects flying over I-40. 4/4/14
3/28/14 20:20 Fruita CO Unknown ~10 Rapidly flashing green light in the west, moving steadily towards the northwest and gaining altitude 4/4/14
3/27/14 23:30 Lehigh Acres FL Unknown 30 seconds Alien being seen running on foot on the ground. 4/4/14
3/27/14 19:45 Monroe WA Unknown 1.5 minutes Neon blue and 2 red lights not a plane. 4/4/14
3/27/14 19:45 Monroe WA Unknown 1.5 minutes Neon blue and 2 red lights not a plane. 4/4/14
3/27/14 05:55 Newport KY Unknown 35 minutes I was at my place of work where I have a perfect veiw of Newport and Cincinnat. It was five till six in the morning and I happend to lo 4/4/14
3/26/14 23:30 Irwin PA Unknown 4 minutes Saw one object moving and one hovering. Both had bright lights on each end with a blinking red light between them. Not directly in mi 3/27/14
3/26/14 00:15 Redding CA Unknown 2 minutes Orange glow moving randomly in the northern sky. 3/27/14
3/25/14 23:30 Enfield CT Unknown 20 minutes Unknown aircraft that dimmed and brightened when moving. 3/27/14
3/25/14 20:00 Washougal WA Unknown 7 minutes Oscillating, vibrating, craft over wooded neighborhood. 3/26/15
3/25/14 02:00 Fort Eustis VA Unknown 10 seconds 4 horizontal orange lights seen over Fort Eustis. 3/27/14
3/23/14 20:00 Portland OR Unknown 30 seconds Very fast moving object with red and blue lights. 3/27/14
3/22/14 22:10 Meridian ID Unknown 2 minutes Red, white, green lights flying low in circles. 3/27/14
3/20/14 23:46 Chaska MN Unknown 10 minutes Bright hovering mass. 3/21/14
3/20/14 20:15 Brent AL Unknown 10 minutes Orange lights outside of Brent, AL. 3/21/14
3/20/14 06:10 Fullerton CA Unknown ~1 second Orange colored object traveling from north to south following curvature of earth in less than 1 second. 3/21/14
3/19/14 16:00 Davie FL Unknown 1 minute Quiet craft, very fast, large vertical shadow, 4:00 in march around Davie, FL. 8/15/14
3/19/14 01:49 Adelaide (Australia)
Unknown 1 second 03/19/2014 sighting: Flash of light, luminating the street, followed by a streak moving in a southerly direction like a shooting star. 3/18/14
3/18/14 21:30 Fair Oaks CA Unknown 20 minutes Flashing lights playing in the sky. 3/21/14
3/18/14 16:15 Wildomar CA Unknown 20 minutes Daytime UFO above Riverside County. Approx. 4:15 with Non commercial planes following within 30 min. 3/21/14
3/16/14 03:35 West Fork (I-540; MM32) AR Unknown ~3-5 seconds Really bright light, radio stopped working. 3/18/14
3/15/14 19:23 Fullerton CA Unknown
I was closing my garage door and i saw very odd craft but i'm not sure what they 2 and i saw a lights first was red then change to blue 3/18/14
3/15/14 02:30 Gun Barrel City TX Unknown 2 minutes Huge orange pulsating light seen from hwy198 on bridge in Gun Barrel City, Texas, on 03/15/2014. 3/18/14
3/15/14 00:00 Chester Heights PA Unknown 2 minutes BOOMS GOT PROGRESSIVELY LOUDER. 3/18/14
3/14/14 22:00 Rochester NY Unknown 5 minutes 4 white lights rotating in the sky,right within the clouds. 3/18/14
3/14/14 00:00 Pinion Hills CA Unknown 2 hours Hovering crafts over san bernardino mountains. 3/18/14
3/12/14 20:00 Geldrop (The Netherlands)
Unknown >1 hour A multi colored flashing, slow moving object, high in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius? PD)) 3/18/14
3/12/14 09:30 Woodinville WA Unknown 15 minutes Bright dot of light over Woodinville skies. 3/18/14
3/12/14 09:00 Southfield MI Unknown 30 seconds BRIGHT LIGHT IN THE SKY GOES DIM! 3/18/14
3/12/14 06:25 Sonoma CA Unknown 2 hours Strange light stationary in the sky. 3/18/14
3/12/14 03:00 Issaquah WA Unknown 30 seconds Green lights landing. 4/4/14
3/10/14 22:19 Sugar Grove IL Unknown 2 minutes Green light in sky. 3/18/14
3/10/14 21:10 Hagerstown MD Unknown 5 seconds Dark grey or brown, amorphous object, streaking west to east over Hagerstown. 3/18/14
3/10/14 04:00 Terre Haute IN Unknown 60+ minutes Overpowering, frightening, and extremely loud sounds coming from above. 3/18/14
3/9/14 22:10 St. Cloud FL Unknown 10 minutes Loud "booms." 3/18/14
3/9/14 21:40 Kemah TX Unknown 10 minutes Each object did not all stop emitting light at the same time; instead they went out simultaneously within half a minute of each other. 3/18/14
3/9/14 03:00 Fort Mill SC Unknown 2 hours We are being chipped in our sleep. 3/18/14
3/8/14 21:25 Tampa FL Unknown 3 minutes 7-8 orange lights 3/8/2014 over Tampa. 3/18/14
3/7/14 22:50 Pilot hill CA Unknown 5 minutes I saw a bright shimmering light hovering over the mountain approximately 3 miles away. The light was perfectly still. At first I went 3/18/14
3/7/14 20:15 San Angelo TX Unknown 15 minutes Purple light flashing, mostly red light. 3/18/14
3/4/14 21:40 Napa CA Unknown 60 seconds Large flying object in the dark sky 3 mi east of Napa, CA appeared to be dark and had 4-6 red flashing lights, no other lights observed 3/18/14
3/3/14 20:00 Topping VA Unknown 15 minutes Erratic flight path. 3/18/14
3/2/14 22:30 Montreal (Quebec)(Canada) QC Unknown 1 hour We saw the bright lights and we knew it wasnt human. 3/18/14
2/28/14 21:50 Dover FL Unknown 5 minutes Stationary red and green lights flashing low in the sky. 3/18/14
2/27/14 19:30 Butler IN Unknown 3-5 minutes Two close lights, first dim and second twice as bright with occaisional flare up, non-blinking. 3/18/14
2/27/14 03:05 Scott Depot WV Unknown 3 minutes Secret aircraft comunicating with unknown 2/27/14
2/26/14 20:30 El Cajon CA Unknown 15 minutes Small object that dropped two sets of reddish lights, and hovered for some 15 minutes. 3/18/14
2/26/14 20:00 Washington Court House OH Unknown 10-15 seconds Fayette Cty. on 2-26-14..saw 4 large lights line up in sky perfectly. Then out sound..just out. 2/27/14
2/26/14 19:58 El Cajon CA Unknown 1 minute White flares from plane maybe? 3/18/14
2/26/14 03:30 Milpitas CA Unknown 4 seconds I seen something moving through the clouds then split the cloud in half as it wrap around through it in a super fast motion. 2/27/14
2/24/14 20:00 East Tawas MI Unknown 3 minutes New type of aircraft? 2/27/14
2/24/14 19:00 Fresno CA Unknown 5 minutes Large flying object in the dark sky appeared to be dark and had 4 or 5 red flashing lights. 2/27/14
2/23/14 23:00 Cape Girardeau MO Unknown 2 minutes 2 Perfect White Circles hovering extremely low with no noise. 2/27/14
2/23/14 21:00 Indianapolis IN Unknown ~7 minutes Two objects, one stationary, one sweeping the other. 2/27/14
2/23/14 07:00 Winter Park FL Unknown 4 seconds At around 7 AM this morning, I woke up hearing my wife making a bottle for our baby. At the same time, I heard a loud humming, to the p 2/27/14
2/22/14 22:10 Harpers Ferry WV Unknown 4 seconds Object viewed with telescope moving a high rate of speed outside our solar system. 2/27/14
2/22/14 11:00 Fresno CA Unknown 10 seconds UFO observed had no sound or detail to it, and floated across the sky. 2/27/14
2/22/14 04:00 Southampton MA Unknown 1 1l2 hours Cross of lights with streams at ends covering the center of my binocular's field of vision. Apparently stationary--moved with stars. 2/27/14
2/22/14 01:00 Scranton PA Unknown ~25 minutes I dont know what it was and i went inside right away. 2/27/14
2/21/14 23:46 Oakland CA Unknown 2 minutes Orange lights ORB silent and odd movement with VIDEO. 2/27/14
2/21/14 19:20 Monrovia CA Unknown ~10 minutes They looked like stars that were in a straight line and the moved from the west to this east. They followed each other in a line. 2/27/14
2/19/14 21:20 Houston TX Unknown 10 minutes Yellow & blinking green; then solid green and red. Hovered; fast vertical & horizontal up and downs, turns and arches complex maneuvers 2/21/14
2/19/14 03:00 Albuquerque NM Unknown 3 minutes My mom who was up late last night and described an illumination very bright light from the sky which lit up her neighborhood. 2/21/14
2/19/14 01:00 Helena MT Unknown
Unbelievable bright light flashing in random numbers ranging from one to four almost like they where speaking to another craft which lo 2/27/14
2/18/14 22:30 Lame Deer MT Unknown 10 minutes Orange lights slowly from south to north. 2/21/14
2/17/14 19:35 Beaverbank (Canada) NS Unknown 30+ seconds Constant green light with flashing red. 2/21/14
2/17/14 19:00 Decatur AL Unknown months Has been happening almost every night for several months, multiple orange glowing and or flashing orb like lights, few-ground: most-sky 2/21/14
2/17/14 15:40 Fresno CA Unknown 1-2 minutes Close to an airport but so loud it sounded like right over the neighborhood . 2/21/14
2/16/14 21:10 Woodland WA Unknown 10 minutes Cascading multi-colored lights in clouds. 2/21/14
2/15/14 00:00 Siauliai (Lithuania)
Unknown 30 Contact. 7/20/14
2/15/14 21:30 Webster MA Unknown 1 minute Hovering solid and pulsing white lights, Pulsing white and colored lights, Mutliple sightings. 6/4/14
2/15/14 01:59 City of Industry CA Unknown 02:02 Strange aircraft with bright red flashing lights. 2/21/14
2/14/14 22:00 Exton PA Unknown 10 minutes Strange objects over Route 30 Bypass in Exton Pa. 2/21/14
2/14/14 21:45 Santa Cruz CA Unknown 5-10 minutes Balls of bright orange lights seen hovering over city and disappearing up into sky from Santa Cruz Lighthouse. 2/27/14
2/14/14 21:30 Loveland CO Unknown 1 minute Hovering aircraft 3 bright white lights. 2/21/14
2/14/14 21:19 Ridgecrest CA Unknown 3 minutes Silent Blue Light. 2/21/14
2/14/14 06:15 Tulsa OK Unknown 5-8 minutes While driving down 41st, headed west, we saw a strange light in the sky moving straight up, with streams of lights under it. 2/20/15
2/12/14 23:00 Sharon PA Unknown 2 minutes 4 very bright white lights in a narrow diamond pattern, 2 middle lights flashing in synch, floating in sky 2/20/15
2/12/14 13:30 Grenoble (France)
Unknown 10 second Formes pointues avec reflets violets. 12/12/14
2/11/14 20:30 New Port Richey FL Unknown
One white light at the front tip of craft, and one red light blinking at end of craft. 2/21/14
2/10/14 21:00 North Tewksbury MA Unknown 10 minutes Three objects with red and white blinking lights all on the same flight path and none made any noise. 2/14/14
2/8/14 19:10 Quebradillas (Puerto Rico)
Unknown 2-3 minutes Lights over Guajataca, Quebrdillas, PR. 2/14/14
2/7/14 20:55 Pasadena MD Unknown 20 seconds Two orange glowing lights appeared hovering and slowly descending. 2/14/14
2/7/14 20:54 Garden Grove CA Unknown ~1 minute A green object was in the sky, moved at a high velocity, stopped, hovered, and moved in the opposite direction at a high velocity. 2/14/14
2/7/14 03:50 Ridgecrest CA Unknown 50 seconds 3 round lights and bobbing up and down while gliding slowly above Ridgcrest Ca. 2/7/14
2/7/14 00:15 Lavras (Minas Gerais) (Brazil)
Unknown 1 minute Ufo crashed n exploded or probed crashed n exploded. 15 witnesses. Next nite other moving lights in sky same area. 2/14/14
2/5/14 01:45 Campbellsville KY Unknown 20 minutes I don't know if it was UFO's but for 20 minutes a loud trumpet sound could be heard in the sky above campbellsville university. A lot o 2/7/14
2/5/14 01:00 Monaca PA Unknown
((HOAX??)) Bright white ball light with orange orb flying from it fast. 2/14/14
2/2/14 19:00 Portland OR Unknown 15 minutes Bright red orb over N. Portland. 2/7/14
2/2/14 02:00 Aurora CO Unknown
Possibly visited by aliens. 2/21/14
2/1/14 21:00 Middleburg FL Unknown 5 minutes 2 object reddish white hovering in the sky. 2/7/14
2/1/14 04:00 Temperance MI Unknown 45+ minutes White, yellow, green, blue & red flashing light almost staionary in NE night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Stars?? PD)) 6/20/14
1/31/14 18:36 Salem OR Unknown 35 seconds Formation of glowing red objects 2/7/14
1/31/14 03:45 Galatia IL Unknown 7-9 minutes Very low and very loud hum over my head at 3:45 am.. 2/7/14
1/30/14 21:50 Charlotte NC Unknown 10 minutes after noticed 4 bright orange balls with 3 smaller red balls with one of the bright balls flashing as if igniting. 2/7/14
1/30/14 04:45 Winchester VA Unknown 1 hour Strange light shooting down from the sky and staying around. 2/7/14
1/30/14 00:10 Lorton VA Unknown 10 seconds Sounded like an incoming jet, looked like ambulance or firetruck lights 1/30/14
1/28/14 21:30 Morristown TN Unknown most of the night About an hour before my fiance had brought me out to see something...I noticed what felt like a small tremor or vibration that went thr 1/30/14
1/25/14 20:00 Kennesaw GA Unknown 20 seconds Single blinking red light, then green light, then disappeared completely. 1/30/14
1/24/14 23:59 Portland OR Unknown 1 hour Red flashing dots witnessed by 5 people 2 in Hillsboro. lasted over a hour and is still going on as if 2:03 AM.. 1/30/14
1/24/14 22:05 Levittown NY Unknown <20 seconds Three sets of lights seen over nassau county New York. 1/30/14
1/23/14 19:30 Maricopa AZ Unknown 20 minutes 2 unmoving orange lights seen SW of Maricopa, Az. 1/24/14
1/23/14 07:40 Walnut Creek/Concord CA Unknown 60 seconds Three irregular shapes flying in close proximity in Walnut Creek, Ca. 1/30/14
1/23/14 00:05 Tabernacle NJ Unknown 3-4 minutes Object in eastern sky in south New Jersey. 1/24/14
1/20/14 20:46 A55 Northope (UK/North Wales)
Unknown 3 minutes Red, green and white lights seen on craft over A55 road in North Wales. 1/24/14
1/17/14 13:00 Glenpool OK Unknown 5:00 Two streams flying into each other. 1/24/14
1/16/14 22:00 Clermont FL Unknown 0:10 Flyby of an unknown object creating a very low frequency humming / pulsating sound. 1/24/14
1/16/14 20:00 Shartlesville PA Unknown 2 minutes Red, blue, green flashing lights with intermittent bright white pinpoint lights quickly and randomly flashing. 1/24/14
1/16/14 17:30 Belgrade MT Unknown 1 minutes Low frequentcy sound a horn. 1/24/14
1/15/14 21:10 North Sutton NH Unknown 10 minutes Three unidentified smoke trails followed by super fast super high jets. 1/16/14
1/15/14 20:30 Dacula/Auburn GA Unknown 7 minutes Long string of red pulsating sequential lights moving in a northerly direction. 1/16/14
1/14/14 18:30 Surfside Beach SC Unknown 30 seconds While standing in my garage looked toward the ocean and quite a distance off and far above the ocean I seen one round orange light. A 1/16/14
1/14/14 00:34 Belgrade (Serbia)
Unknown 4 minutes Three orange flying objects fly above me, they were making no sounds, about 20 meters off the ground. 1/16/14
1/12/14 17:23 Mukilteo/Everett WA Unknown 3 minutes Weird high pitch noises pulsing, weird BOOM out of nowhere. Previous sighting: electronic BOOM noise, ripples in the clouds. 1/16/14
1/12/14 17:00 Great Falls MT Unknown
Hello from Montana, I spoke to you and providedd 2 reports, I checked to see if they were filed and found none.I will proceed to report 1/16/14
1/11/14 19:20 Deerfield Beach FL Unknown 3 minutes Four orange spheres in sky over Deerfield Beach, Florida, 1/11/14. 1/16/14
1/11/14 03:00 Bayville NJ Unknown 30 seconds Strange loud booming noises unknown origin. 1/16/14
1/10/14 20:26 Terrace (Canada) BC Unknown 20 seconds In the west southwest skies over Terrace BC... very far away (so not certain of shape or size) a red and yellow light hovering at first 1/16/14
1/10/14 20:00 Yuma AZ Unknown 2 minutes Glowing streak of blue cloud passes quickly over the area in Yuma, AZ. 1/16/14
1/9/14 08:10 Tampa FL Unknown 5 minutes Weird brownish manmade looking object in sky. 1/10/14
1/9/14 02:10 Sanford FL Unknown 15 minutes Loud noise heard. 1/10/14
1/8/14 17:30 Green Lake WI Unknown 1 1/2 hours+ 3 fading orange lights and small, white, sparkler lights west/southwest of Green Lake, WI. 1/16/14
1/7/14 00:00 Mesa AZ Unknown 2 minutes Three lights orange in color and wide spread. lights went out one at a time and then were gone. 1/10/14
1/7/14 19:08 Tucson AZ Unknown 1 minute 4 Orange Lights Illuminating In Succession. 1/10/14
1/6/14 22:15 Danville VA Unknown 15-20 minutes White Lights no sound. 1/10/14
1/6/14 03:45 Jackson MI Unknown 40 minutes Object originally thought to be airplane skipped half of the sky while surrounded my columns of light. 1/16/14
1/4/14 23:00 Fort Myers FL Unknown 15 minutes Red orbs launch one after another. 1/10/14
1/4/14 18:30 Oregon City OR Unknown 10-15 minutes Saw what appeared to be a star, but had some red and blue colors too, and moves zig zag, & up, and down. 1/10/14
1/3/14 08:45 Port St. Lucie FL Unknown 6 minutes 20 some orange lights traveling across the sky. From west north-west to south east. 1/10/14
1/2/14 19:05 Des Moines IA Unknown 5-7 seconds In Des Moines Iowa white/red light, shot up like a firework, stopped, then zoomed away. 1/10/14
1/1/14 20:45 Powers OR Unknown still going Wednesday Jan 1 8:45 PM South west, Oregon Near Powers Right now it is 8:53 to the east of Powers Hovering over what appears to Eden Ri 1/10/14
1/1/14 18:46 San Diego CA Unknown 45 seconds Two dark objects less than two miles away, moving east then separating and accelerating north at a miraculous rate of speed. 1/10/14
1/1/14 00:30 Johannesburg (South Africa)
Unknown 1 hour Strange rumbling/hovering sounds (not only heard, but &quot;felt&quot;) eventhough no lights/aircrafts/UFO's where seen 1/16/14
1/1/14 00:15 Spanish Fork UT Unknown 15 minutes Orange Orbs. 1/10/14
1/1/14 00:00 Sacramento CA Unknown 1-2 minutes Bright orange light to the east. 1/10/14
1/1/14 00:00 Lafayette LA Unknown 2 sightings 1-4 minutes i Multiple Sightings,Multiple Witnesses, Same Night. #1- December 31 2013 10-11pm/ #2- January 1st 2014 12-12:30 AM. 1/10/14
12/31/13 20:00 Bridgewater MA Unknown 1 minute Red and green flashing lights from a flying object we couldn't make out or hear. 1/10/14
12/31/13 19:55 Pleasanton CA Unknown 45 seconds Orange glow. 1/10/14
12/31/13 18:38 Newfane VT Unknown 2 minutes Five orange sphere in night sky in Newfane, VT. 1/10/14
12/31/13 18:10 Hartford CT Unknown 15 minutes UFO over State Capitol. 1/10/14
12/30/13 01:00 Grand Junction CO Unknown 30 minutes Bright orange glow illuminating south Douglas Pass north of grand Junction, CO. 1/10/14
12/28/13 22:00 Orlando FL Unknown 15-30 minutes Peculiar movements of an object with green (and some white) lights. 1/10/14
12/28/13 20:57 Forest Hills PA Unknown 5 minutes An evenly-spaced line of 3 bright fireballs traveled northwest, some emitting sparkling droppings. 1/10/14
12/27/13 23:00 Anaheim Hills/Yorba Linda/Imperial Blvd close to 91 freeway CA Unknown 15-20 seconds Huge blue and green spheres orbiting a center object while the whole thing zipped around. 1/10/14
12/27/13 05:50 Helena MT Unknown 3 seconds green ball of light fallin outta the sky in HELENA, MT. 1/10/14
12/26/13 23:00 Batesville MS Unknown 10 minutes Mysterious Lights seen over field; Caught on Video. 1/10/14
12/26/13 18:21 Anchorage AK Unknown 5 minutes Orange light in sky approaching from southeast. Steady trajectory. 1/10/14
12/25/13 00:30 Los Angeles CA Unknown 10+ minutes Irregular flashing light near the star Betelgeuse in Orion, slowly moving in various directions. 1/10/14
12/24/13 23:25 Mesa AZ Unknown 5 minutes 3 orange lights lined up, went to grab my phone came back and they were gone. 1/10/14
12/24/13 22:00 Spring TX Unknown 2 minutes Approx. 10 amber colored objects flying in formation in a clear night sky. 1/10/14
12/24/13 18:00 Metro Detroit MI Unknown Unknown While driving on I-94 westbound headed towards Detroit on Christmas Eve I saw 3 orange lights in the sky, all on the same plane, level. 1/10/14
12/23/13 20:00 Layton to Farmington UT Unknown 1 minute Blue highspeed object over Northern Wasatch Front, Utah. 1/10/14
12/19/13 03:00 Orlando FL Unknown 2 hours Strange Deep-pitched Droning Sound and Loud, Muffled Booms. 2/7/14
12/19/13 00:00 Daphne AL Unknown 1 hour Multiple objects, none were visible but revealed on photographs. 4/18/14
12/18/13 01:00 Albuquerque NM Unknown 2 hours My fiancé and I began to hear a resonating loud humming noise. The hum was omni directional. 12/23/13
12/17/13 15:09 Port Richey FL Unknown 2 minutes Driving south on US19 at intersection to turn left at Regency Park Blvd. Port Richey FL. There were multiple power lines. 12/23/13
12/16/13 19:05 Laurel DE Unknown 5 minutes Strange lights. 12/23/13
12/16/13 14:30 Memphis TN Unknown 6 minutes As I stood outside on the telephone, I noticed something in the sky which at first seemed to look like a flock of birds. It seemed to 3/27/14
12/16/13 05:40 Fayetteville NC Unknown 1 minute Vertical object with red strobes moved in the northern sky from west to east. 12/23/13
12/16/13 00:00 West Kelowna (Canada) BC Unknown ~10 minutes Irregular flashing lights moving up down,forward backwards slowly,then speeding up,thought it was a satellite..nothing moves like this 12/23/13
12/15/13 18:30 Sacramento CA Unknown 5 minutes Observed 3 orange pulsating objects flying in strait formation then dropping suddenly then fading out of view. 12/23/13
12/14/13 23:30 Stirling (UK/Scotland)
I have just seen about a half an hour ago a blue imminating flash upon the sky 3 times tonight, the first time was at about 12:00 at ni 12/23/13
12/13/13 23:00 Madison WI Unknown 3 seconds Madison, WI - Lasers illuminate me on 2 different occasions. Deafening wooshing sound. 12/23/13
12/13/13 17:45 Fairlee VT Unknown 1 minute Orange, fiery lights in the sky that disappeared in perfect succession leaving only the clear night sky. 12/23/13
12/12/13 21:00 Milwaukee WI Unknown 15 minutes Craft with white and red lights hovering and slowly moving SE from Froedert Hospital past State Fair Park 12/23/13
12/11/13 19:45 Oak Harbor WA Unknown 30 Six orange looking objects south part of whidbey island. 12/12/13
12/10/13 23:15 Fairbanks AK Unknown 7-14 seconds Brights orange lights flashing, and disappeared out of sky instantly 12/23/13
12/10/13 22:35 Pelee Island (Lake Erie) (Canada) ON Unknown 2 minutes Above. ((NUFORC Note: If the object was moving from E to W, it almost certainly was not re-entering space debris. PD)) 12/12/13
12/10/13 18:30 Grovetown GA Unknown 1-2 minutes Glowing orange lights South of Augusta, GA. 12/12/13
12/8/13 18:20 Hillsboro OR Unknown 2 minute 3 large orange/red lights in Eastern sky NO sound then vanished one by one. 12/12/13
12/7/13 19:30 Natick MA Unknown 45 minutes A big UFO flashed in red and green lights floating in the sky far away in the southeast direction probably over south Boston. There wer 12/12/13
12/6/13 22:20 Coral Springs FL Unknown 2-3 minutes 4 red lights seen in the clear night sky lined up in order traveling up and disappeared. 12/12/13
12/6/13 20:30 Indianapolis IN Unknown 15 seconds Hovering craft with strobe lights about the Indianapolis Airport. 12/12/13
12/6/13 17:05 McMinnville TN Unknown 30 seconds Blinding white light and loud boom - thought it to be thnder/lightning, but no other flashes/rumbles were heard before/after occurrence 12/12/13
12/6/13 12:10 Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)
Unknown 10 minutes Short vapor trail seen at very very high altitude over Puerto Vallarta, flying S to N at 12:10 PM.. 12/12/13
12/4/13 19:00 Washington MI Unknown 45 seconds We witness a silent object traveling from south to north, at night, with no conventional aircraft type lighting. 12/5/13
12/4/13 11:15 Federal Way WA Unknown 8 minutes Zero Noise. Flashing lights odd shape. No wings or helicopter blades. 12/5/13
12/3/13 21:45 Talent OR Unknown 1 minute I live in Southern Oregon along Interstate 5.

I was out throwing a ball for my dog tonight, it was super dark and very cold, so per
12/2/13 05:30 Wheeling IL Unknown 3-4 seconds Dark object moving VERY FAST, north to south, Wheeling, IL 12/12/13
12/1/13 19:00 Indianapolis IN Unknown 10 minutes My husband and I were driving home from a dinner out. I've never seen a UFO or any flying object like this. 12/2/13
11/30/13 20:00 Jupiter FL Unknown 5-8 minutes A set of blinking lights simply turned around- not in the way an Airplane or Helicopter makes a u-turn. 12/2/13
11/30/13 20:00 Tucson AZ Unknown 3-4 minutes Unusual Lights Above Catalina Mountains in Tucson 12/5/13
11/30/13 20:00 Arlington IA Unknown 1.5-2 minutes Bright orange light seen traveling NW to SE by 2 civilians in NE Iowa. 12/2/13
11/28/13 23:00 Concord MA Unknown 30+ minutes Unexplained light beams radiating high in the sky above west concord for at least an hour. 12/2/13
11/28/13 19:00 Pittsfield MA Unknown ~3 minutes Orange glowing line in sky. 12/2/13
11/27/13 21:14 Lincoln NE Unknown 15 seconds Boomerang object over 100 feet long and silently glided past my house; no lights; no sounds. 12/2/13
11/26/13 23:00 Lubbock TX Unknown Ongoing Strange lights sighted and then airplane with no lights sighted. 12/2/13
11/26/13 01:30 Medford NJ Unknown 3-5 seconds Strange redish blue lights over Medford, NJ. 12/2/13
11/25/13 19:00 Lund/Hiko/Ash Springs/Alamo NV Unknown ~1 minute One hoax "UFO," and one possible test plane, over Hiko/Ash Springs/Alamo area. 1/30/15
11/23/13 02:00 Sheboygan WI Unknown Ongoing Unidentified Space Station. 12/2/13
11/23/13 01:30 Ashland ME Unknown 10 seconds Very Bright Aqua Blue Light in Shape of Cone. 1/16/14
11/22/13 22:40 New Port Richey FL Unknown 6 seconds Orange dim dark lights 1 on each side. Invisible craft. Seemed to be trailing a plane then vanishes into clouds. Very close and no soun 12/2/13
11/22/13 21:22 Pemberton NJ Unknown 30 seconds Bright red spheres flying in formation over Pemberton, N.J., Burlington County. 12/2/13
11/22/13 06:50 Bremerton WA Unknown 20 minutes Looked at first like a star then shot sparks out of sides then turned into a red star and then flew away leaving a trail of blue smoke. 12/2/13
11/21/13 21:10 Everett WA Unknown 30 seconds Massive craft slowly moving away from my position. 12/2/13
11/21/13 20:25 Columbia SC Unknown
Big bright red and orange unknown shaped object hubbering in one spot in the sky for about 5 min then moved vely slowly to the right an 12/2/13
11/21/13 16:00 Boise ID Unknown
2 red lights blinking in the night sky. 12/2/13
11/20/13 21:30 Temple PA Unknown Seconds 6-10 white lights in a V formation flying south at hight speed. 12/2/13
11/19/13 19:00 Santa Fe NM Unknown 10 minutes Three red lights in horizontal formation. 12/2/13
11/17/13 09:00 Clarkston MI Unknown 9:00-3:00 No ufo it was flashing lights. 12/2/13
11/16/13 23:55 Jacksonville FL Unknown 3 minutes Three lights were coming together and then the left and right vanished. middle light stayed a moment before vanishing too. 11/20/13
11/16/13 21:43 Bladen NE Unknown ~30 seconds Looked like a spotlight was turned on in a round object like an ornament. 11/20/13
11/16/13 19:30 Waterville NY Unknown 10 minutes EXTREMELY BRIGHT AND HUGE LIGHT OVER WATERVILLE, NY 11/20/13
11/16/13 06:00 Yorktown VA Unknown unkown Traveling across Coleman bridge form north to south around 6:30 EST saw a band of orange yellow lights hovering around 300 to 600 fee 11/20/13
11/15/13 22:30 Syosset NY Unknown 17 minutes 5 objects of an amber/orange color moving together from west to east at low altitude. 11/20/13
11/15/13 21:25 Wisconsin Dells WI Unknown 1 minute Triangle shaped lights going in sequence. 11/20/13
11/15/13 19:30 Pilot VA Unknown 2 hours White and Orangeish lights flying and osillating in the sky over Roanoke Va.also blue orbs 12/2/13
11/15/13 18:53 Millis MA Unknown 1.5 minutes Red light moves an impossible patterns stops and vanishes moments later. 11/20/13
11/15/13 16:00 Oxon Hill MD Unknown 15 minutes Didnt anyone else see the slow moving black object gliding over the DMV????? 12/2/13
11/13/13 18:40 Stafford VA Unknown Ongoing Fast moving object flies over my house and vibrates it b4 shooting up in the sky. 11/20/13
11/12/13 21:58 Omro WI Unknown 20 seconds Lights in a horizontal line in south sky east of Omro, WI. 11/20/13
11/12/13 21:15 Santa Fe NM Unknown 7 minutes Multiple orange lights ascending then disappearing at a consistent altitude. 11/20/13
11/12/13 01:15 Groveport OH Unknown 5-7 minutes Pulsating beam of light with colors changing, intermittenet buzzing loud noise. 11/20/13
11/11/13 22:30 Hillston (NSW)(Australia)
Unknown 15 minutes Bright star-like light. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus?? PD)) 11/11/13
11/10/13 00:00 Sterling VA Unknown hours Large flashing lights in sky that seemed cohesive but stationary- red, blue, white flashes. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD)) 11/11/13
11/9/13 20:40 Hanover/Weymouth MA Unknown 25 minutes Crazy lights. 11/11/13
11/9/13 10:20 Clearwater FL Unknown 11:00 Long hovering sound. 11/11/13
11/8/13 23:00 Fairbanks AK Unknown
Saw bright orange and blue lights above on civilian side of birch hill while at viewing spot with friends. 12/12/13
11/7/13 16:26 Fair Lawn NJ Unknown A few seconds No Sound Saw four Lights as Driving down 208N 11/11/13
11/6/13 22:26 Plano TX Unknown 10 seconds One hazy, glowing sideways diamond split into 2 smaller diamonds no noise at all. 11/11/13
11/6/13 19:00 Raymore/Pleasant Hill MO Unknown 15 minutes Football stadium lighted craft spotting at night in Cass County Missour,i but not confirmed. 11/11/13
11/4/13 20:04 Escondido CA Unknown 8 minutes Saw a craft ejecting red flares over the night sky in Southern California 11/11/13
11/4/13 19:54 North Topsail Beach NC Unknown 3-4 minutes Orange lights over the ocean then disappearing and reappearing multiple times 11/11/13
11/4/13 18:03 Jackson MS Unknown 4-5 minutes 4 fast crafts going different directions coming and going to a floating orb 11/11/13
11/3/13 01:09 Manteca CA Unknown currently Floating ball of light making rapid movement in the sky with little faint lights moving around it. Happening right now. 11/11/13
10/31/13 21:03 Arcanum OH Unknown 10-15 seconds Loud stationary noise and lights. 11/11/13
10/30/13 19:30 Mechanicsville VA Unknown 1 minute Very loud craft with two vertical neon green circles. 11/11/13
10/30/13 14:00 St. Paul MN Unknown
I actually got photos that i never seen with my naked eye but somehow captue with my camera. 11/11/13
10/29/13 22:00 Camp Verde (south of) AZ Unknown 2 minutes Brilliant white sputtering oval nodding side to side around 800' above highway. 11/11/13
10/29/13 20:00 Manistee MI Unknown 10 minutes Large, low flying object spotted in Onekama, Manistee and Ludington by many residents on Tuesday 10-29-2013 at 8pm. 11/11/13
10/29/13 07:28 Fort Lauderdale FL Unknown 2 minutes Very slow object. 11/11/13
10/28/13 22:00 Davie FL Unknown 5 minutes Fireball in the sky that dissipated after a few minutes. 11/11/13
10/26/13 21:30 Olathe KS Unknown Ongoing two objects spotted in night sky over Olathe, KS with eratic flight patterns 11/11/13
10/25/13 20:00 Morris IL Unknown 30-40 minutes ufos over i80 between morris and bolingbrook illinois. 11/11/13
10/25/13 08:15 Wellington CO Unknown 45+ minutes Red, white and blue flashing lights in the Northern sky above Wellington, Colorado. 11/11/13
10/23/13 21:30 Washington NC Unknown 10 minutes Loud vibrating low hum. 11/11/13
10/22/13 21:00 Auburn CA Unknown <1 minute Lighted object flying fast and low overhead with no sound. 10/23/13
10/22/13 20:55 Cedar City UT Unknown 7 seconds Noiseless, extremely fast pair of lights. 11/11/13
10/22/13 19:28 Kensington NH Unknown 5 seconds The craft moved quickly then hovered, then went out of sight in seconds. 10/23/13
10/21/13 06:36 Milwaukee WI Unknown 10 seconds I was pulling into work at 6:36am and a bright blue light lit up the sky. There were many clouds and this light was behind them. It f 10/23/13
10/20/13 14:00 Naples FL Unknown 45 minutes Object moving different directions flashing a powerful bright light then joined by another identical object 10/23/13
10/19/13 20:15 Aubrey/Frisco TX Unknown 20 minutes Bright Light in Southern Sky Over Frisco, Texas 10/23/13
10/19/13 20:15 Aubrey/Frisco TX Unknown 20 minutes Bright Light in Southern Sky Over Frisco, Texas 10/23/13
10/19/13 20:10 Swansea IL Unknown 5-7 minutes Lights in the clear night sky over Swansea Illinois. 10/23/13
10/19/13 00:20 Virginia Beach VA Unknown 5 seconds 2 fast helicopters chasing themselves or something. 10/23/13
10/18/13 19:45 Clarksville TN Unknown 45 seconds Blue and Red color changing light Strange movements inconsistent with Conventional A/C 10/23/13
10/18/13 19:19 Heer (Belgium)
Unknown 30 seconds Lights going slow to fast. 10/23/13
10/18/13 19:15 Pinecrest/Sonora CA Unknown 45 minutes Smaller blinking red object to my left of the bright white light with a round red ball like object following below. 10/23/13
10/17/13 08:17 Palm Harbor FL Unknown ~45 minutes Strange starlike object seen in southwestern florida sky, with dim object directly beneath. 10/23/13
10/16/13 19:30 Queen Creek AZ Unknown 10 minutes Flashing lights that turned into a steady burning ball and then vanished. 10/23/13
10/15/13 19:35 Brigantine NJ Unknown 90 seconds Orange light craft not defined moved slowly almost hovering at time then disappeared quickly. 10/23/13
10/15/13 14:45 Bowdoinham ME Unknown 30 minutes One brightly blue, red white condensed light moving silently and too slowly to be a plane moving north then west. 10/23/13
10/14/13 22:00 Watchung area (I believe) NJ Unknown so far...40 mins Vertical column of 3 pulsating lights that change color. To the left of Orion's belt looking east from Warren. 10/23/13
10/14/13 19:00 las vegas NV Unknown 19:05 Didnt look Friendly thats all I can say. 10/3/14
10/13/13 20:45 Gobles MI Unknown 3 minutes Bright light that stayed put then streaked away suddenly 10/14/13
10/13/13 20:30 Raymond OH Unknown 10 minutes UFO, all sorts of colored lights 10/14/13
10/13/13 20:00 Sanford FL Unknown 15 minutes 5 orange glowing objects in sky moving faster than commercial jets 10/23/13
10/13/13 02:59 Salt Lake City UT Unknown 5 seconds Bright flash in the sky followed by a distant explosion about 3 seconds later. It was not lightning. It was not a stormy night and ther 10/14/13
10/12/13 21:45 Springboro OH Unknown 30 seconds High altitude orb of ligh breaks into four, which move around laterally, join back together and disappear. 10/23/13
10/12/13 21:00 Springboro OH Unknown <1 minute Glowing orbs flickering and changing configuration. 10/14/13
10/12/13 03:08 Austin TX Unknown Recorded 17 seconds Gold hazy "being" hovering (like standing on edge of craft) while over apt building in NW Austin - amber lights on edges. 10/23/13
10/11/13 20:00 Saginaw MI Unknown
4 orange bright lights close together that can speed up and slow down quickly, our aircraft cannot. 10/23/13
10/11/13 19:00 Lawrence KS Unknown 2-4 minutes Silent blue and white lights of craft object change color, approach myself and boyfriend, before changing into buzzing, everyday plane 10/14/13
10/9/13 18:45 Clearwater FL Unknown 2 minutes Went outside in backyard looked up saw a beautiful color green and red object flying in the sky about 5 miles out it flew erratically. 11/11/13
10/9/13 00:15 Tempe AZ Unknown 10 minutes Ascending lights seen over east valley. 10/14/13
10/8/13 19:45 Montgomery IL Unknown 3 minutes Strange orbital object changes direction multiple times. 10/14/13
10/7/13 20:30 Austin TX Unknown 4 minutes UFO over north austin west to east no sound 300 mph 5000 ft and turned off light over east o pflugerville. 10/14/13
10/7/13 20:20 Uvalde TX Unknown 30 seconds One minute after watching the space station I witnessed two different UFOs. 10/14/13
10/6/13 21:56 Canyonville OR Unknown 1 hour 3 lighted spacecrafts that formed Triangular shape & ascended straight up into the sky, moving at unbelievable speed. 10/14/13
10/6/13 21:00 Lake Placid FL Unknown <1 second Damn I wish I had been reording the sky. 10/14/13
10/6/13 00:00 Picardie (France)
Unknown ongoing im aint a ufo guy, but there is a alluminated patch of light witch keeps moving lEft then right. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD)) 10/14/13
10/5/13 12:15 Clark WY Unknown 2 minutes 6 Invisible objects con trails only. ((NUFORC Note: They look like normal contrails to us. Can see trace of plane, we believe. PD)) 10/14/13
10/5/13 04:00 Pinetops NC Unknown 15 minutes Really strange noises heard. 10/14/13
10/5/13 03:30 Ocala FL Unknown morning Spinning rainbows light they fly unlike any manmade aircraft. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD)) 10/14/13
10/5/13 02:55 Anchorage AK Unknown 30 seconds Weird occurrence over Anchorage 10/14/13
10/4/13 19:00 Westminister MD Unknown 8 minutes I did take a picture with my phone, could have been a meteor. 10/14/13
10/1/13 23:30 Arlington WI Unknown 10 minutes Strange Green/Purple and Orange Dancing Lights Above Farm Field. 10/3/13
10/1/13 22:10 White Lake MI Unknown 15 minutes Two seperate objects far off, with a white light that turned off an on every four or five minutes then disappeared. 10/3/13
10/1/13 19:15 Thibodaux LA Unknown 5 minutes Very bright white lights 4 all together moving from southeast to west flying low no noise. 10/3/13
10/1/13 12:30 Pittsburgh PA Unknown 1 minute Driving across the Glenfied Bridge, northbound, saw an odd shape as i was looking southeast down the Ohio.

It wasn't a plane. It wa
10/1/13 12:30 Pittsburgh PA Unknown I'm conflicted. I had another sighting, and I was challenged by you of filing a false report. ((NUFORC Note: See comment below. PD) 10/14/13
9/30/13 22:30 Glen Gardner NJ Unknown 20 minutes Stat. obj. high in the sky that had rapidly flashing lights - colors were distinct. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect Arcturus. PD)) 10/3/13
9/30/13 20:10 Thurmont MD Unknown 4 minutes Huge Craft with several lights moves over Northern Frederick County. 10/3/13
9/30/13 12:00 North Harringay (UK/England)
Unknown Unknown The Thing that landed in the United Kingdom. 10/14/13
9/29/13 20:00 San Clemente CA Unknown hours Bright, white/orange light hovers over ocean 9/30/13
9/28/13 21:00 Sedona AZ Unknown 1 hour flahsing red green and yellow, strobing white lights. 9/30/13
9/28/13 20:00 Tolland CT Unknown 2 min Flame like things coming from slow moving object coming down from sky 9/30/13
9/28/13 19:15 Glendale AZ Unknown 5 minutes UFO sighting over Glendale, Az on 9/28/2013 (150 Orange objects) 9/30/13
9/27/13 21:20 Myrtle Beach SC Unknown 4 seconds Triangular shaped dark orange light. Very large in the direction of the ocean. 9/30/13
9/27/13 20:00 Royal City (north of) WA Unknown 10 minutes Dozen Orange Orb Lights in Central Washington State 9/30/13
9/27/13 12:45 Flint MI Unknown 5 seconds Driving down ballanger to vanslyke about to go over the tracks i catch a blue turquoise color ball out the corner of my eyes as soon a 10/3/13
9/27/13 11:00 Franklin IN Unknown 2 seconds We saw a bust of light then a fast streak across the sky. 9/30/13
9/27/13 00:05 Bristol (UK/England)
Unknown 30 seconds Constant white light over bristol (uk) with right angle returns 9/30/13
9/26/13 20:55 Alameda CA Unknown 2 minutes Two red-lighted objects with red lights flowing down from them spotted over San Francisco Bay. 9/30/13
9/26/13 20:20 Denver/Aurora CO Unknown 15 seconds Star-like lights moved together over Air Force base in a V formation, then suddenly began to separate and then just go dark. 9/30/13
9/25/13 20:30 Blaine MN Unknown 4 minutes 4 large very bright objects seen flying over blaine over the course of 4 min. 9/30/13
9/24/13 20:45 Lonsdale AR Unknown 20 minutes It came and left shortly after. 6/4/14
9/24/13 19:45 Mokena IL Unknown 15-20 minutes Bright Light observed for 15 minutes SW sky near Mokena Illinois. 9/30/13
9/24/13 07:40 Elk Neck MD Unknown 7 seconds Strange object in sky disappears. 9/30/13
9/23/13 21:30 Rochester NY Unknown 30+ Stationary obj. with multicolored strobes observed approximately 45 deg. above horizon. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Arcturus? PD)) 9/30/13
9/23/13 02:00 Alden IL Unknown 7 minutes Auditory phenomena of unknown origin repeated at same time at two week interval. 10/14/13
9/22/13 21:25 Healdsburg CA Unknown 2 minutes This was a startling experience for both of us! 9/30/13
9/22/13 19:20 Canterbury NH Unknown 3-5 seconds Blue-Green Object Streaking Through the Sky 11/11/13
9/22/13 02:30 Amherst MA Unknown 1 hour Flashing Lights, Changing colors, Amherst 9/30/13
9/21/13 22:30 Timmins (Canada) ON Unknown 15 minute Ufo was seen heading in south direction, stopped and paused for minute or two, turned 90 degree and move right a few thousand feet with 9/30/13
9/21/13 21:30 Rapid City SD Unknown 30-40 minutes Bright top shaped light spinning very rapidly flashing green, blue and red. 9/30/13
9/21/13 21:00 Celina OH Unknown 20 minutes Incredible light over Grand Lake 9/30/13
9/21/13 19:00 Rio Rancho NM Unknown 25 minutes Unmoving pure white light turned to orange then faded over Rio Rancho. ((NUFORC Note: Helium-filled balloon at high altitude. PD)) 9/30/13
9/20/13 23:00 Albuquerque NM Unknown 3 seconds Something fell to earth in new mexico last night, craft like. 9/30/13
9/20/13 22:30 Whitesburg TN Unknown 10 minutes Numerous red "dots" moving South to North. 9/30/13
9/20/13 03:45 Milwaukee WI Unknown
Unextraorindinay discovery. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a celestial body? PD)) 9/30/13
9/18/13 23:00 Bullhead City AZ Unknown 25 minutes Spotted from Bullhead city az craft in north eastern sky hovering at around 30000 feet 30 min so far. 9/30/13
9/17/13 21:34 Akron OH Unknown 7 seconds I was driving home from and and looked up at the night sky. I saw one really sparkly object that left a really long white trail. As soo 9/30/13
9/16/13 23:00 San Diego CA Unknown 6 seconds Around 11:18 pm I Saw a bright object hurdle down from sky. I Initially dismissed it as a shooting star, until bright blue, pink and i 9/30/13
9/16/13 21:00 Fergus Falls MN Unknown 1 hour Am still observing this flashing lights of red , blue , orange is quite a distance away as with my binoculars I can st 9/30/13
9/16/13 10:55 Cromwell CT Unknown 10 minutes Flickering blue light and other unknown colors. looks like its above rocky hill or in that direction 9/30/13
9/15/13 21:00 Manchac LA Unknown 25 minutes Blinding hovering light on the manchac bridge, and it wasn't a helicopter. 1/16/14
9/14/13 23:45 Cleveland OH Unknown 30-40 minutes I saw a bright light that looked like a star that began to circle the sky with two white lights and one red light flashing. 9/30/13
9/14/13 12:00 Frankfort KY Unknown 30 seconds I was just sitting on my porch when I saw these ufos they where white circles forming a triangle that's all I seen 9/30/13
9/14/13 07:01 Surprise AZ Unknown 1 second Fast moving object with what appear to be windows and some other exterior features. 9/30/13
9/13/13 21:45 North Myrtle Beach SC Unknown 1 minute (approx) Fiery looking object, no sound, moved slowly at first then more rapidly and disappeared in the clouds. 9/30/13
9/11/13 17:15 Auburn WA Unknown 15 minutes Star like light on clear sunny day moving north to south changing from bright to almost invisible repeatedly. 9/30/13
9/11/13 10:45 Cupertino CA Unknown 20 seconds Red loud ufo, another big white light appeared in front of it then disappeared all Recorded for prove 9/30/13
9/11/13 09:00 Gatineau (Canada) QC Unknown still happening The whole sky has flashes all over not one place. 9/30/13
9/10/13 23:00 Edmonton (Canada) AB Unknown 15 seconds Blue streak in night sky 9/30/13
9/10/13 22:15 Eau Claire WI Unknown 30 minutes Orange lights appear over Eau Claire, WI on September 10, 2013. 9/30/13
9/10/13 20:00 Pine Mountain Club CA Unknown 30 seconds Circle of light in the night sky that shrank down to a small light that then disappeared into the heavens. 9/30/13
9/9/13 13:10 Calmar (Canada) AB Unknown 45-90 seconds Fastest dot I have ever seen in the sky! 9/9/13
9/9/13 12:00 Star Tannery VA Unknown Unk Object seen in photo after it was taken and photo turned 180% to look closer. ((NUFORC Note: Twig or leaf on water? PD)) 10/3/13
9/9/13 03:00 Struthers OH Unknown 2 minutes I saw a routaing line of stares that seemed to forces it self out of focus if i looked at it for more them a second or two. 9/9/13
9/9/13 00:15 Norfolk VA Unknown Split second Two or three lights shoot across sky over naval base! 9/30/13
9/8/13 21:11 Thunder Bay (Canada) ON Unknown 2 minutes bringing dogs outside with freind looked up toward lake suprior toward sleeping giant seen four yellow spere lights then they were in 9/9/13
9/8/13 06:15 Killeen TX Unknown 30 minutes still going Colorful object hovering over Killeen Texas. 9/9/13
9/7/13 23:30 Piscataway NJ Unknown 3 minutes Glowing orange light in the night sky. 9/9/13
9/7/13 21:27 Cumming GA Unknown 90 seconds Saw 3 bright orange lights about 30 seconds apart in the same flight pattern. 9/9/13
9/6/13 20:00 Hemet CA Unknown 15 minutes Clear view very high altitude erratic light traveled in circular & short/long bursts, many stops/pauses. 9/9/13
9/6/13 02:00 Lincoln NE Unknown 45 minutes Round bright white light, moving slowly and effortlessly to the west, hovered in one area for 45min left in opposite direction. 9/9/13
9/5/13 22:00 Pittsburgh PA Unknown 1 minute Three amber lights were moving slowly across the night sky of Pittsburgh a little before 10PM. 9/9/13
9/5/13 21:00 Hayden AL Unknown 5 minutes Approx. 21:00 hrs seen two lights very close together with lights(white&red) blinking left to right in odd sequence unknown shape. 9/9/13
9/5/13 18:00 Gilbert AZ Unknown 5 seconds Tiny cluster of white orbs one by one quickly appearing a disappearing. So close together it may have looked like one object. 9/9/13
9/4/13 23:00 Gainesville GA Unknown 5 minutes Two green lights in gainesville. two witness. 9/9/13
9/3/13 22:00 Slippery Rock PA Unknown no end Pulsating green and red lights. ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling star?? PD)) 9/9/13
9/2/13 19:18 Holyoke MA Unknown 3 minutes 5 unidentified lights travel through the night sky. 9/9/13
9/2/13 17:00 Seatac WA Unknown 3 minutes The UFO flew so high it was hard to see. It was fast and zigged, looking asterisk-like. It may have searched for signal source. 1/30/14
9/1/13 22:35 Statesville NC Unknown 3 UFO Spotted In Statesville 9/01/13. 9/9/13
9/1/13 21:33 Zanesville OH Unknown 2 minutes Two Unknown Silent Aircraft With Reddish Orange Light Observed Over Zanesville, Ohio. 9/9/13
9/1/13 19:30 Worthington OH Unknown 10 minutes Orange fire balls /fire ball craft 9/30/13
8/31/13 23:02 Loganville GA Unknown 8 minutes Lights looked like constellation of stars, turned into 7 orange lights trailing 9/9/13
8/31/13 21:45 Campbell River (Canada) BC Unknown 15 minutess Multiple orange lights 9/9/13
8/29/13 22:00 Big Bend WI Unknown ~5 minutes Unidentified Lights between Mukwonago & Big Bend, WI. 8/30/13
8/29/13 19:16 Torrance CA Unknown 13 minutes Large Bright object over the sea CA. 9/9/13
8/27/13 22:00 Winsted CT Unknown 5 minutes Three reddish crafts hovering and then disappear. 8/30/13
8/27/13 01:05 Ashgrove MO Unknown 20 minutes Lights in my window. 8/30/13
8/24/13 Washington NC Unknown 15-25 Nobody's saying we saw ET, just want an explanation. 8/30/13
8/23/13 22:30 Elkton MD Unknown unsure I was going outside on our patio this night to have a smoke as i wasn't able to sleep I saw these strange orange/yellow light in the sk 9/9/13
8/23/13 20:30 New Bedford MA Unknown 5 minutes Bright changing red and white light hovering 8/30/13
8/23/13 18:15 Eleven Mile Corner AZ Unknown 15-20 seconds Observed large, shimmering, translucent shape in daylight sky over Arizona. 8/30/13
8/23/13 09:58 Torrington CT Unknown 30 seconds Star-like light moving at a very slow speed in a straight line 8/30/13
8/22/13 23:00 Lehi UT Unknown 2-3 minutes 2 UFO's Over Lehi, Utah. 8/30/13
8/22/13 22:30 Naples FL Unknown 5 minutes Red light no engine sound heard hovering over tree tops. 8/30/13
8/22/13 20:45 Pemberton/Fort Dix NJ Unknown 2 minutes? I saw multiple unidentified lighted Objects in the sky. 8/30/13
8/22/13 03:00 Slingerlands NY Unknown 3 minutes UFO. 3/21/14
8/22/13 03:00 Hinesville GA Unknown 1.00 Sounds, House Compression, Electrical Activity. 8/30/13
8/17/13 22:15 St. Clair MI Unknown 2 minutes Two unusual Orange colored lights. 10/14/13
8/17/13 22:10 Fort Wayne IN Unknown 5-10 minutes Orange/yellow lights in formation moving Fort Wayne indiana 8/30/13
8/17/13 20:43 Phoenixville PA Unknown 5 minutes Observed strange object in night sky three evenings in a row, flying in zigzag pattern, hovering then retreating. 8/30/13
8/17/13 20:30 Evansville IN Unknown 10-15 minutes 15 to 20 red/orange glowing objects soundlessly following one another across sky from NW to NE, a few seconds to a minute apart 8/30/13
8/15/13 21:30 Maryville TN Unknown 2 minutes Saw a large mass moving sporadically with white and red (inconsistent) blinking lights and a humming sounds in waves. 8/30/13
8/15/13 20:31 Freiburg (Germany)
Unknown 1 minute Very bright large flying object moving very fast without any jet contrails in a clear sky 8/30/13
8/15/13 04:40 North East MD Unknown 15 seconds They remained stationary as the flashed. 8/30/13
8/13/13 12:00 Republic WA Unknown proceeding still The spotting was unusual and ironic. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star, we suspect. PD)) 8/30/13
8/13/13 02:30 McHenry IL Unknown ~1 minute Pulses of steady white light, 10 seconds apart, 10-15 degrees covered in 1 minute. 8/30/13
8/13/13 02:00 Fitchburg MA Unknown 1.5 hours Loud pulsating humming sound hovering over my house. 8/30/13
8/12/13 23:00 Fort Nelson (Canada) BC Unknown 2 minutes Low, slow, silent craft lights in diamond shape 3 bright white 1 bright red no flashing seen at night 8/30/13
8/12/13 00:00 Sanibel FL Unknown 30 minutes It was a reddish orange flickering light that appeared to be from a hovering aircraft along the edge of a storm cloud. 8/30/13
8/11/13 12:00 Milford CT Unknown 3 minutes Thought it was a plane. it slowed down to near stop then began to circle for a while. when a plane from another direction approached it 8/30/13
8/8/13 22:45 Penetanguishene (Canada) ON Unknown 2-5 At approximately 23:45 hours EST, two adults (male and female) witnessed either 2 separate lights or a single craft with a light in fro 8/30/13
8/8/13 22:00 Belmont NH Unknown 4 minutes Two orange dot moving across the night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Japanese HTV-4 craft flying close to the ISS. PD)) 8/30/13
8/8/13 21:04 Woodville (Canada) ON Unknown Minute Object following the International Space Station. ((NUFORC Note: Japanese HTV-4 craft flying close to eht ISS. PD)) 8/30/13
8/7/13 12:15 Desert Center CA Unknown 20.00.00 2 air crafts moving from north to south not too fast I couldn't tell what shape they were but they were definitely on identifiable I wo 8/30/13
8/7/13 10:15 Everett WA Unknown 2 minutes Witnessed and bright white light floating along in the night sky, no noise at all. Second sighting in a couple days 8/30/13
8/7/13 02:00 Lassen National Forest CA Unknown >1 hour Chased in our car by many lights. 2/14/14
8/6/13 23:30 Albuquerque NM Unknown 3 minutes Red and green lights of different sizes pulsating then &quot;turning&quot; upside down and moving direction rapidly on I40 at Wyoming e 8/30/13
8/5/13 22:00 Grand Marais MN Unknown 30 seconds Early August 2013 Near Eagle Mountain of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area of Northern Minnesota Around 10 p.m. CDT At a camp site, I l 2/7/14
8/5/13 04:40 Windsor CT Unknown 1 minute Red flashing light in sky above Windsor Connecticut 8/30/13
8/5/13 00:00 Phoenixville PA Unknown 30-60 seconds Bright light in the sky over Phoenixville 8/30/13
8/3/13 17:15 Boynton Beach FL Unknown 10 minutes Circular cloud. ((NUFORC Note: Possible thermal rising into solid cloud. PD)) 6/24/14
8/3/13 04:00 Suffolk NY Unknown Few seconds This is some shit you cant make up...

I saw a beam of light come out of a star, It beamed at another star which then Went into the o
8/3/13 03:30 Maple Ridge (Canada) BC Unknown ~20-30 minutes Beams of light shooting in random directions coming from an unknown small orb. 1/10/14
8/2/13 22:30 Williamston SC Unknown ongoing Consistent pattern of flashing light behind the clouds (on a clear night) 8/30/13
8/2/13 22:00 Nelsonville OH Unknown Brief Triangular light formation over highway in Nelsonville, Ohio 8/30/13
8/1/13 20:00 Cathedral City CA Unknown 10 minutes Bright multi-colored flashing UFO seen above the mountains of Palm Springs, California in August, 2013. 11/20/13
8/1/13 14:00 Vero Beach FL Unknown
The object I photographed was not noticed until I downloaded. The picture was of a vulture at an approximate altitude of 3,000 ft. 3/18/14
8/1/13 00:30 Sherman CT Unknown 30 seconds Unknown craft taunts airplane in night sky 8/30/13
7/30/13 21:30 Selah WA Unknown 10 minutes Bluish-green light with smaller red light makes a zigzagging pattern over Selah, WA, stopping entirely a few times. 8/30/13
7/30/13 21:00 North East PA Unknown 10 minutes Strange thing walked out of woods, I followed it and it just vanished. 8/30/13
7/29/13 21:00 Calais VT Unknown 4 minutes Quiet bright orange object in the sky--maybe a balloon, but rather late to be floating about and it was a windy evening. 8/30/13
7/26/13 23:23 Eugene OR Unknown few seconds Star like white light/ moves across sky and disapears 8/30/13
7/26/13 20:50 West Chester PA Unknown 12 minutes Two, all-black objects flying slowing without lights, sound, or change in altitude for 12+ minutes 8/30/13
7/26/13 03:00 Frankfort KY Unknown 1 minute Woken up by a loud sonic explosion in middle of night 8/30/13
7/25/13 02:43 Point Pleasant WV Unknown 10 minutes Odd lights in the sky around Point Pleasant WV. 8/30/13
7/23/13 16:00 Canton OH Unknown 5 seconds Small metallic object seen high in the sky for about 5 seconds and then disappeared. 9/9/13
7/20/13 23:00 Terryville CT Unknown 10 minutes 8 large bright orange fire balls with no sound following the same path one after another. 7/22/13
7/18/13 22:32 Platteville WI Unknown 5 minutes Fading light moving along the sky over Grant County, Wisconsin. 7/22/13
7/18/13 21:30 Buffalo NY Unknown 20-30 seconds I saw a yellow-orange, spherical glowing light in the early evening sky, moving horizontally at first and then changing direction. 7/22/13
7/18/13 03:00 Fort Lauderdale FL Unknown 2 minutes Flickering amber light and constant noise. 7/22/13
7/16/13 23:35 Bainbridge Island WA Unknown 10 minutes Bright illuminated white clouds at night 7/22/13
7/16/13 22:55 W. Sacramento CA Unknown 30 seconds Possible satellite - white light that flares up and then always blacks out. ((NUFORC Note: Iridium, or satellite? PD)) 7/22/13
7/16/13 19:40 Sparks NV Unknown 3 minutes Twenty or so little white balls in the sky flying around together. Too high for birds to fly. 7/22/13
7/15/13 07:00 Taft CA Unknown 45 minutes Reflective pyrimid shaped object hovering and rotating for 30 min. heading NW very slowly. 7/22/13
7/14/13 23:40 Fort Myers FL Unknown 5 seconds Bright Green Flash of Light over SW Florida July 14th, 2013 at 11:30PM. 7/22/13
7/14/13 22:25 Shawano WI Unknown 10 minutes I observed a very fast moving object traveling northernly direction heading towards Lake Superior . It was very bright and very high 7/22/13
7/14/13 00:00 Boca Raton FL Unknown 10 minutes Witnessed 9 glowing orbs traveling south to north in West Boca Raton, Florida just after midnight on July 14, 2013. The first 4 seemed 7/14/13
7/13/13 21:45 Florence KY Unknown 10 minutes Several bright lights above Florence, KY all moving in a uniform manner, circling the area. 7/14/13
7/13/13 03:30 Pocono Lake PA Unknown 3 minutes Red/Orange lights over Pocono Lake, Pa. 7/26/14
7/13/13 03:30 Pocono Lake PA Unknown 3 minutes Red/Orange lights over Pocono Lake, Pa. 7/26/14
7/12/13 23:55 Mooresville NC Unknown 5 seconds Extremely bright light shot through the sky 7/14/13
7/12/13 22:00 W. Sacramento CA Unknown 10 seconds Red light traveling from North to South slowly. No sound. Visible for only 10 seconds. Thought it was a plane at first but it blacked o 7/14/13
7/10/13 22:35 Minoa NY Unknown 10 minutes A dozen Amber lights flying in a line. 7/14/13
7/8/13 00:00 Reading PA Unknown 10 minutes A single light source in the sky that alternated red,green, white, blue. Sometimes seemed to stand still but moved in an unusual manner 7/14/13
7/7/13 22:10 Ingleside TX Unknown 2-3 minutes Strange object on fire going across the sky. 1/24/14
7/7/13 21:50 Charleston WV Unknown 2 minutes 2 bright lights seen flying over Charleston, WV. 10/14/13
7/6/13 22:55 Diamond OH Unknown 4 minutes 4 red lights moving slowly. 7/14/13
7/6/13 22:55 Elizabethtown (north of) PA Unknown 15 seconds Extremely bright light north of Elizabethtown, PA. 7/14/13
7/6/13 22:30 Hampton VA Unknown 30 seconds Aircraft that flys slow and dims it rather big dingy butter colored light ,slowist aircraft at 5-6000 feet ive seen. 7/14/13
7/6/13 21:50 Grove City OH Unknown 1-2 minutes White lights over Grove City, Ohio 7/14/13
7/6/13 21:45 Columbus OH Unknown 45 seconds 4 glowing lights in sky 7/14/13
7/6/13 01:00 Horseshoe Lake AR Unknown 2-3 minutes Bright light in the sky 8/30/13
7/5/13 23:00 New Sharon ME Unknown 5 minutes Circular object with three lights underneath, Rt #2 New Sharon, Me. 7/14/13
7/5/13 21:30 W. Sacramento CA Unknown 1 minute Whitish light from SE towards the NW that flares up for a second then always loses its reflection. ((NUFORC Note: Iridium? PD)) 7/14/13
7/5/13 00:20 Strongsville OH Unknown 1 second. Single vibrant blue streak of light flies across the sky in one second in silence. 7/14/13
7/4/13 23:00 Fairfield CT Unknown ~2 minutes Glowing pinkish red object. Heading north and silent running. 7/14/13
7/4/13 22:25 Seattle WA Unknown 10 minutes A RED Light was seen over the Highland Park area of Seattle (((Drone?))). 7/14/13
7/4/13 22:20 Tiny (Canada) ON Unknown 65 seconds Hovering Craft with Orange/Red Lights Flickering All Over It 7/5/13
7/4/13 22:18 Conway AR Unknown 5 minutes Four solid orange UFO's flying over the night sky. 7/14/13
7/4/13 22:00 Naugatuck CT Unknown >1 minute Glowing pinkish red object. Heading north and silent running. 7/5/13
7/4/13 22:00 Fort Wayne IN Unknown 5 minutes Dull reddish glow seen NE of Fort Wayne, IN. 7/5/13
7/4/13 21:45 Westminster CO Unknown 4 minutes 4 lights moving into each other then out again and circling. 7/5/13
7/4/13 21:00 Stuart FL Unknown 3-5 minutes Unknown amber light in sky without any associated noise 7/5/13
7/4/13 20:30 Tulsa OK Unknown 20 minutes Two, orangish-red ufo's over downtown Tulsa, on the night of the 4th of July. 7/14/13
7/4/13 14:30 Cromwell CT Unknown 10 minutes Pulsating light in the northeast skies of Cromwell, CT 7/5/13
7/4/13 02:40 Sault Ste. Marie MI Unknown 3-4 minutes I looked up at the stars and noticed one was moving it continued moving away changing direction slightly before disappearing. It reappe 7/5/13
7/3/13 21:00 Kerman CA Unknown 30 sec. Strange aircraft 8/30/13
7/3/13 21:00 Myrtle Beach SC Unknown 5-10 minutes One large bright orange/yellowish light hovered pretty high above the horizon. Light had something fall from bottom which then turned i 7/5/13
7/3/13 01:30 Berkeley CA Unknown 10-15 seconds Strange lights in the fog. 7/14/13
7/3/13 00:00 Albany OR Unknown 5 minutes Unknown Lights 7/5/13
7/1/13 23:35 Mission SD Unknown 5 minutes A silent flaming disk traveling at a high rate of speed in the sky. 7/3/13
6/30/13 23:00 Bozeman MT Unknown 3 minutes White flash, traveling light, bright white light. 7/3/13
6/30/13 23:00 Louisville KY Unknown 2-3 minutes A group of at least 100 lights in the sky on Sunday night, June 30, 2013 at 11 p.m. 7/14/13
6/30/13 15:00 Keswick (Canada) ON Unknown 15-20 minutes Bedroom Invasion. 6/4/14
6/29/13 21:30 Kelseyville CA Unknown 10 minutes Extremely bright hovering light. 7/3/13
6/28/13 22:20 Lakewood CO Unknown unknown 3 bright white lights in the sky over Lakewood 80228. 7/3/13
6/28/13 13:41 Lincoln County KS Unknown Hour or More Massive, swirling cloud formation in circular pattern 8/30/13
6/25/13 22:30 Preston CT Unknown 5 minutes Bright Light in the Sky Moving and doing weird/crazy maneuvers. 7/3/13
6/23/13 00:00 Indianapolis IN Unknown 4 minutes NOTE-This is based on what actually happened. The UFO explained, however, is real and the way it was seen is not changed in any way. 7/3/13
6/22/13 23:00 Peoria AZ Unknown 1 minute Unexplainable loud noise. 7/3/13
6/22/13 22:00 Los Angeles CA Unknown 1 minute Fast-moving white light. 7/14/13
6/22/13 22:00 Lafayette IN Unknown ~2 minutes 3 orange lights in a delta pattern, moving north, then north-east. 8/30/13
6/22/13 01:25 Waxhaw NC Unknown 10 seconds Large star like flashing lights moving across the sky. 7/3/13
6/21/13 22:25 West Sacramento CA Unknown 30 seconds Unknown lighted or reflecting white-ish object traveling NW to SE, no sound,no red FAA required beacon lite 7/3/13
6/21/13 01:15 Rolesville NC Unknown 5 seconds Green blinking orb traveling at a very high rate of speed. 7/3/13
6/20/13 22:00 Myrtle Beach SC Unknown 15-20 seconds Strange moving bright lights. 7/3/13
6/19/13 23:00 Fairmont WV Unknown 5-6 minutes Bright white object moving west to east. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of the ISS?? PD)) 7/3/13
6/19/13 22:35 West Sacramento CA Unknown 30 seconds Reddish light traveling from NE to SW..silent then vanished 30 seconds later. 7/3/13
6/18/13 14:30 Fayetteville GA Unknown 5 seconds Strange luminous, transparent, oval/saucer shaped object with pink, orange, and yellow colors at 14:30 moving at incredible speed. 7/3/13
6/16/13 16:00 Arlington Heights IL Unknown 2 minutes Black object flying toward clouds abruptly stop and then descend staight down and disappear. 7/3/13
6/15/13 23:05 Goshen KY Unknown 5 minutes Four single file red lights with no sound flying a litttle faster than commerical airlines. 7/3/13
6/15/13 22:30 Dresser WI Unknown 25 minutes At least 10 amber circular silent lights moving in the sky in rural area of Dresser, WI 7/3/13
6/15/13 22:00 Westlake OH Unknown 4-7 minutes A few dozen, low-altitude lights flying silently in a loose formation in a south-to-north direction from inland to out over Lake Erie 7/3/13
6/15/13 21:45 Seattle WA Unknown 15 seconds Object with red and green lights hovered and then headed north disappearing from view in Fauntleroy neighborhood. 7/3/13
6/15/13 21:00 Canton OH Unknown 3-4 minutes Redish orange orbs, 9 or 10 flying west to east high in sky, no sound 7/3/13
6/15/13 21:00 Hugo MN Unknown 17-20 minutes On 6/15/13 9 crafts appeared and surrounded us in Hugo Minnesota with sudden changes in lighting and directions at times. 7/3/13
6/14/13 21:20 Firebaugh CA Unknown 1-2 minutes Appeared to be the size of a large UFO with 3 perfectly round bright white lights, flying 100' off of ground, very slow & silent. 7/3/13
6/12/13 23:00 Garden City Beach SC Unknown 20 minutes Orange light of unknown origin spotted flying along coastline at Garden City Beach, SC, on 6/12/13. 7/3/13
6/11/13 22:15 Colorado Springs CO Unknown 3 seconds Fast moving ufo with orange and white circles. 7/3/13
6/11/13 22:00 Oak Island NC Unknown 30 minutes Blinking lights and orange orbs 7/3/13
6/9/13 21:03 Golts MD Unknown
Glowing effervescent light 7/3/13
6/8/13 22:00 Queen Creek AZ Unknown 30 seconds 12 or so flying objects at a high rate of speed appear to be stars flying in formation 7/3/13
6/7/13 22:50 Asdod (Israel)
Unknown 45 seconds Red light moving fast toward site point.No sound, no contrail visualised 7/3/13
6/7/13 22:30 McPherson KS Unknown 3 minutes Blue, red, and purple lights shooting north. 7/3/13
6/7/13 22:27 Brisbane (Australia)
Unknown 5 seconds Flash of light in the night sky followed by a second very bright flash just seconds afterwards. The flash lasted only a second or two. 7/14/13
6/6/13 19:45 Grantsburg WI Unknown 3 minutes Flying wedge or flying V. Slow moving and huge. 7/3/13
6/6/13 00:00 Bothell WA Unknown 2 minutes Wobbly white light north of Seattle, WA. 7/3/13
6/5/13 05:45 Mississauga (Canada) ON Unknown 30 seconds White lights in the morning sky over Lake Ontario. 7/3/13
6/5/13 01:15 Newington CT Unknown 10 seconds Bright solid white and blue orb over Newington. 7/3/13
6/4/13 23:23 Sedro Wooley WA Unknown 2 minutes Bright yellow/white low flying large, silent object that changes course quickly and smoothly. No navigation lights flashing. 7/3/13
6/2/13 23:30 Westland MI Unknown 10 minutes Three red glowing objects 7/3/13
6/1/13 23:30 Many IL Unknown Hours Strange items on weather radar. 6/2/13
6/1/13 21:45 Sacramento CA Unknown 2-3 minutes 20-30 orange/red lights flying over freeway 7/3/13
6/1/13 09:30 Palo IA Unknown on-going Bright yellow, red, and green lights, weirdly changed to all white, these lights were hovering in mid-air. 6/2/13
5/31/13 22:00 Hudson Bend TX Unknown 30 minutes We we saw was unexplainable, but amazing and scary at the same time. 6/2/13
5/30/13 23:00 Portland OR Unknown 30 seconds Light seen in northern sky, did not behave like an aircraft, then disappeared. Happened twice. 7/3/13
5/30/13 22:35 Tunkhannock (Lake Carey) PA Unknown 30 seconds Strange Three Tone Sound, above home and lake, Tv and Security monitors dim and power outage. 6/2/13
5/30/13 21:55 Nottingham MD Unknown 2 minutes There was no tail to the objects and they were all moving in unison wi th each other. 6/2/13
5/30/13 21:55 Nottingham MD Unknown 2 minutes There was no tail to the objects and they were all moving in unison wi th each other, 6/2/13
5/29/13 21:30 Lillington NC Unknown 3 seconds Brilliant rear illumination as if there was a side by side Solar eclipse. Sound was like a turbo prop but speed was incredible. 6/2/13
5/29/13 20:47 Chaptico MD Unknown 45 seconds Saw black speck high in the clear sky which moved in a different direction, hovered, and then disappeared. 6/2/13
5/27/13 21:00 Allentown PA Unknown 5-8 minutes Two bright orange lights appeared from over a mountain South then hovered for about 2 minutes the disappeared East 6/2/13
5/25/13 22:00 Portville NY Unknown 15 minutes Orange/Red flickering objects in the night sky above western NY 6/2/13
5/25/13 03:30 New Westminster (Canada) BC Unknown 15 seconds (?) Odd moving bright light over New westminster 6/2/13
5/24/13 08:15 Plant city FL Unknown 4 minutes I was traveling souh on turkey creek road between 92 and Sydney and noticed a missile type of object Bursting through a top of a large 6/2/13
5/23/13 23:00 Columbus GA Unknown 60 seconds Bright amber lights travelling toward airport and army base 6/2/13
5/23/13 17:06 Los Angeles CA Unknown few seconds Strange directional "swoosh" sound in the sky near LAX draws attention of 3 witnesses to look up at an empty sky. 1/10/14
5/18/13 23:00 Lansing MI Unknown night Ball of light that looked like it was coming in and out of the sky, don't know how to explain it!!!! 6/2/13
5/18/13 22:30 Summerfield NC Unknown Several minutes There were several lights floating in the sky moving in the same direction. 6/2/13
5/18/13 21:01 Chesterton IN Unknown 2 minutes There were about 7 lights in a circle, they were red and white, they were flying in a circle, and disappeared into the clouds 6/2/13
5/18/13 21:01 Chesterton IN Unknown 2 minutes There were about 7 lights in a circle, they were red and white, they were flying in a circle, and disappeared into the clouds 6/2/13
5/18/13 18:21 Quito (Ecuador)
Unknown 4-5 minutes The outline and shape of the craft, disappearing behind the hotel. 6/2/13
5/17/13 03:00 McMinnville OR Unknown 1 hour Two objects shooting at each other in the sky 6/2/13
5/16/13 16:35 Highlands Ranch CO Unknown 5-10 minutes Floating high-altitude searchlight southeast of Denver, 5/16/2013 6/2/13
5/15/13 22:30 Monticello MN Unknown 30 seconds Faint craft almost invisible with 2 burners like a fighter jet. 6/2/13
5/15/13 22:00 Santa Fe NM Unknown 5-10 minutes Very large object at night, a large cabin lighted at the front, red light at rear, absolutly no navigation lights 6/2/13
5/14/13 21:14 Tulsa OK Unknown 1 minute Bright star moving across the sky at very slow speed. 6/2/13
5/12/13 22:00 Arches National Park UT Unknown 1-2 hours Dancing light; flashes of light; one extremely bright spotlight. 12/12/13
5/11/13 13:40 Payette ID Unknown 20+ minutes Unidentified craft seen in sky above Payette, Idaho. 5/15/13
5/8/13 20:00 Scottsdale AZ Unknown 1 minute Wispy white presence that jetted off after it perceived me to be watching. 5/15/13
5/7/13 22:02 St. Cloud MN Unknown 30 seconds Bright orange object flew north from south-east sky, then disappeared. (St. Cloud, MN). 5/15/13
5/6/13 23:45 UK/England
Unknown 6 seconds It did emit audio sound which was within my Db range. 7/3/13
5/5/13 22:00 Corralitos CA Unknown 30 seconds Bright light moving fast above the clouds followed by possible military aircraft. 5/15/13
5/5/13 17:00 West Miami FL Unknown 3 hours Five to six different lights in the sky. Some fixed some moving. I have no idea what they are, but was able to get video of the bright. 5/15/13
5/4/13 23:20 Coos Bay OR Unknown 2 minutes Two lights moving north appeared to be one object, confirmed was not ISS, about 1/2 degree apart with flare or brightening of one light 5/15/13
5/4/13 21:30 Baldwinsville NY Unknown 5 minutes 6 Orange lights in Central New York 5/15/13
5/4/13 02:45 Bremerton WA Unknown 20-30 minutes White and red strobing lights gliding silently, changing directions, then appearing as three distinct solid white lights in a row. 5/15/13
5/3/13 21:00 Simpsonville KY Unknown 3 minutes Crazy. 8/30/13
5/3/13 19:20 Taunton MA Unknown 3-4 minutes Unknown in Taunton. 5/15/13
5/1/13 04:00 Collegeville CA Unknown 2-3 minutes Three Orange Lights at ground level, rising into night sky. 5/15/13
4/30/13 21:00 Goldendale WA Unknown 10 minutes These crafts were in a formation, still, lights were flashing, no noise, they hovered in place 10 minutes. 5/15/13
4/29/13 03:00 Irvine CA Unknown 1-2 minutes Continuous shrieking sound. 7/22/13
4/28/13 21:30 Englewood FL Unknown 10 seconds Two redish/orange glowing objects in the sky in Englewood, FL 5/15/13
4/27/13 22:00 Modesto CA Unknown 2 seconds Sonic boom FELT. 5/15/13
4/26/13 23:13 Prattville AL Unknown 2 minutes A strand of 15+ slow moving objects stretched from high in the sky to the horizon. 5/15/13
4/24/13 21:45 Hillsboro OR Unknown 8-10 minutes 6 red lights in the night sky in Hillsboro, Or 5/15/13
4/24/13 20:30 Macungie PA Unknown 5 minutes Unknown object in the sky. 5/15/13
4/21/13 10:30 Barkhamsted CT Unknown east Looking E towards the little dipper in a driveway in Barkhamsted CT, I saw a small dot of light moving extremely fast across the sky. 5/15/13
4/21/13 00:00 Murfreesboro TN Unknown 2-5 minutes Cigar or saucer shaped object above murfreesboro tennessee 8/30/13
4/19/13 18:30 New Durham NH Unknown ~2 minutes Extremely large circular craft with white lights on each side, rotating slowly, silent, appx 1500 ft in the air 7/14/13
4/18/13 23:39 Potosi WI Unknown 5 minutes Object moved like no plane I've ever seen. 8/30/13
4/17/13 02:52 Ventura CA Unknown 2 minutes Extremely loud jet from high altitude, 3 AM Ventura, CA. 5/15/13
4/16/13 02:00 Burlington (Canada) ON Unknown 45 seconds Odd phenomenon green light in sky that caused the power to distort and then fail. 5/15/13
4/16/13 00:00 Ramsey MN Unknown 20 minutes Flying object at midnight to close to ground level to be a plane, 3 bright white blinking lights emmited from it. 5/15/13
4/14/13 21:35 Colorado Springs CO Unknown 90 seconds UFO Lands in Colorado Spings! People were out and about! Nobody noticed! 5/15/13
4/14/13 20:53 Hudson Falls NY Unknown 3 seconds A very bright triangular craft accelerated at impossible speeds in a south west direction. 5/15/13
4/14/13 20:30 Wasaga Beach (Canada) ON Unknown 4 hours Double rack of lights over Georgian Bay 5/15/13
4/14/13 02:00 Bartlett IL Unknown contunious Lights 2 of them moving circular direction northwest sky over Bartlet 5/15/13
4/10/13 18:00 Seattle WA Unknown 15 minutes 6 or more objects over Seattle Science Center/Space Needle, irregular movement, disappearing and reappearing 5/15/13
4/9/13 21:15 Santa Barbara CA Unknown a few seconds 2 very fast silent objects pass over being followed by a helicopter. 4/12/13
4/8/13 23:08 Springfield MA Unknown 23:15 Bright white light with redish orange lights blinking, that sped away so fast!! 5/15/13
4/6/13 20:30 Huntington Beach CA Unknown 5-8 minutes String of lights travel across night sky in Huntington Beach Ca 5/15/13
4/4/13 22:30 Fowlerton TX Unknown 2 seconds Lights in sky over fowlerton,tx 5/15/13
4/3/13 19:30 Hillsboro OR Unknown 2 minutes Flashing bright lights at night in Hillsboro 9/30/13
3/31/13 22:00 Seattle WA Unknown 50 seconds Red green and golden yellow lights flying over Snoqualmie pass, Seattle WA. 5/15/13
3/30/13 20:40 Azusa CA Unknown 1 minute Many orange lights over the freeway In Azusa CA 5/15/13
3/30/13 20:20 North Kingstown RI Unknown 10 minutes Two bright yellow/orange lights moving Northwest to Southeast over North Kingstown, RI 5/15/13
3/29/13 20:30 York PA Unknown 5 minutes Orange Lights in Night Sky Over York PA 5/15/13
3/28/13 20:15 Thornton CO Unknown 5 minutes I seen a large black object with twored lights moveing slowly northeast threw the sky. 5/15/13
3/28/13 08:30 Kelso WA Unknown 7-10 minutes Bright Red & Orange light travelling north over Columbia River in SW Washington 5/15/13
3/27/13 20:45 Maple Ridge (Canada) BC Unknown <3-4 minutes Red lights in the sky 5/15/13
3/25/13 01:45 Peoria AZ Unknown 20 seconds Weird loud noise then flashing bright white lights over Peoria, AZ March 25th 1:45AM. 5/15/13
3/22/13 19:53 Alexandria VA Unknown 2-3 seconds Object turning from bluish-white to yellow-orange seen crossing nighttime sky in Fairfax County, VA. 4/12/13
3/22/13 13:35 Xenia (west of) OH Unknown 5 seconds Distinct shadow over ground, nothing in the air. 4/12/13
3/21/13 21:00 Cotulla TX Unknown
Orange flashing lights at night 4/12/13
3/20/13 04:00 Shelby IA Unknown 5 minutes 03/15/2013 around Shelby Ia.(near) 04:00 Blinking crossbuck lights and plane disappear 8/30/13
3/17/13 15:00 Indiahoma OK Unknown 20-30 seconds A pressurized-sounding wind seen moving slowly about a Wildlife Preserve without any visible craft above its effects. 5/15/13
3/14/13 02:00 Santa Fe NM Unknown 10 minutes Glowing light illuminates amorphic shape inside doorway of bathroom,as dogs bark at the roof outside.... 5/15/13
3/13/13 22:15 Pottstown PA Unknown still present @22:52/unmo Flashing red, green, blue, and white lights N. of Philly around base of a stationary aerial object with shallow cone shape 5/15/13
3/13/13 13:30 Ellington CT Unknown ~10 minutes Orbs formation flying 5/15/13
3/12/13 22:00 Port Orange FL Unknown ~30 seconds Hovering lights, apparently a helicopter, with very dim lights and no discernible sound. 5/15/13
3/11/13 22:45 Ormond Beach FL Unknown 6-7 minutes Series of 6 orange red silent unknown objects. 5/15/13
3/8/13 19:45 Albuquerque NM Unknown 1 minute Two glowing green ovals over interstate 40 just West of Albuquerque. 4/12/13
3/7/13 02:50 Woodford Green (UK/England)
Unknown 2 minutes Loud boom sound. 5/15/13
3/6/13 01:00 Duluth GA Unknown 20 minutes Low to mid-pitched frequency sounds in middle of night from heavily clouded sky. 5/15/13
3/4/13 04:06 Harrison MT Unknown 4 seconds Unidentified light flashes. 4/12/13
3/3/13 19:30 Hillsboro OR Unknown 2 minutes Flashing bright lights at night in Hillsboro. 4/12/13
3/3/13 19:30 Hillsboro OR Unknown 2 minutes Blinking brights lights close to the Hillsboro Airport, Oregon. 4/12/13
3/1/13 23:00 Scottsdale AZ Unknown <1 hour I have seen this odd light formation on several occasions (times seen; about, 6 times over 15 years)the first time was back in 1990 tr 8/30/13
2/27/13 22:30 Dunn NC Unknown 20 minutes Row of eight lights sighted over Dunn in Sampson County. 2/28/13
2/26/13 23:55 Solebury PA Unknown 3 seconds Bright greenish blue flash in sky followed by a very weird loud sound (not thunder). Lit up sky 4 times between 11pm and 11:55pm. 2/28/13
2/26/13 18:30 Kearney/Lexington NE Unknown 25 minutes Strange chemtrail formation over southwestern Nebraska. 2/28/13
2/20/13 22:30 Fredericksburg VA Unknown 5 minutes Line Moving in Front of Ring Around Moon. 2/28/13
2/20/13 21:15 Huber Heights OH Unknown 5 minutes There was an object floating in the sky in Dayton, Ohio. 2/28/13
2/16/13 20:30 Millersville PA Unknown 1-3 minutes 6-8 orange lights moving over Millersville PA. 2/18/13
2/16/13 20:00 Fairlawn OH Unknown 5 minutes Red-orange lights over Ohio 18 / State Road. 2/18/13
2/14/13 22:24 Lewisburg TN Unknown 3-5 seconds A Large white light appearing to come out of the atmosphere and changing directions. 2/18/13
2/13/13 03:00 Elizabeth NJ Unknown 2-3 hours/1-2 Wks For several nights, for the last 2 weeks, there has been a craft hovering over the City of Elizabeth. The noise of the craft gets loude 2/18/13
2/12/13 19:00 Redway CA Unknown 30-45 seconds Super bright flash 2/18/13
2/11/13 23:49 Tamborine Mountain (Australia)
Unknown 2 minutes Bright Flashing UFO 2/18/13
2/11/13 23:30 Phoenix AZ Unknown now Someone else has to be seeing this thing in the pheonix area. 2/18/13
2/5/13 19:30 Merrimack NH Unknown 15 seconds Floating lights over treeline 2/18/13
2/2/13 11:05 Dallas-Fort Worth TX Unknown Seconds Unknown objects in sky above Dallas-Fort Worth 2/18/13
2/2/13 00:40 Las Vegas NV Unknown 30 seconds Red linear pulsating lights along with searchlight like beam. 2/4/13
2/1/13 14:00 Pendleton OR Unknown 1 hour Very odd sounds comming from the upper nite sky ! very wierd 4/12/13
2/1/13 05:15 Ladson SC Unknown 3 minutes The Lights Were Very Bright, Yellowish, Almost Like Very Large Headlights Very Close Together. As I Watched The Bright Lights, Waiting 2/4/13
1/31/13 04:10 San Jose CA Unknown 5 minutes Strange increasingly loud noise over East San Jose that is indescribable. 2/4/13
1/27/13 09:32 Johns Creek GA Unknown 7 seconds 7 objects streaked across the sky over Johns Creek, GA at 9:32 PM on Sunday, January 27th, 2013. 2/4/13
1/24/13 17:25 Portsmouth NH Unknown 5 minutes 3 stationary lights w/ possible light structure below viewed near Pease Tradeport in Portsmouth NH. 2/4/13
1/19/13 18:43 Grayson GA Unknown 5 minutes Amber colored lights appeared to be moving towards us when two alligned one on top of the other and then they hovered. 2/4/13
1/18/13 20:30 Liverpool (UK/England)
Unknown 15 minutes Flashing light. 1/24/14
1/16/13 01:30 Troy IL Unknown 15-20 minutes Strange sounds in the Greater St Louis area. 1/24/14
1/15/13 20:15 San Antonio TX Unknown ~10 minutes Flashing blue lights on craft, flashed 2 different patterns and was not indicative of any aircraft in our area. 2/4/13
1/15/13 02:20 Irvington NY Unknown 20 minutes UFO with colored moving lights and symbols on it 8/30/13
1/10/13 02:28 Beaverdam (Canada) NB Unknown 3 minutes This is the second night that I witnessed this .. Lastnight also.

I woke up right out of a sleep and was directed towards the window
1/9/13 18:45
GA Unknown 1 hour What I seen was on at 18:45 01/09/2013. 2/4/13
1/9/13 18:00 Medford OR Unknown 2 minutes Sighting that seemed to be red balloons but was clearly not due to the spacing of the orbs? and behavior. 2/4/13
1/9/13 05:30 Grantsburg WI Unknown 10 minutes Hovering Blinking Dot and Red flashes on the ground 2/4/13
1/8/13 19:15 Funston GA Unknown 30 seconds Orange lights suspended in the sky 2/4/13
1/7/13 04:30 Sedona AZ Unknown 10 minutes Weird loud engine noise flying over my house sounded like a slow garbage disposal 2/4/13
1/6/13 20:30 Kennett Square PA Unknown 30 minutes Flashing light hovers in sky. 2/18/13
1/4/13 03:30 Eldridge IA Unknown 10-15 minutes Craft hovered for approx 10-15 mins.; seemed to.change shape occasionally and also color from, green, red, blue, and white. 2/4/13
1/3/13 21:37 Terrebonne OR Unknown 3 minutes A red, ribbon-like moving shape flying next to the butte in Terrebonne, OR. 2/4/13
1/3/13 04:10 Elizabeth NJ Unknown 25 minutes Extremely loud noise hovering over our house for over 20 minutes. 2/4/13
1/1/13 21:00 Anaheim CA Unknown 15 minutes Silent, hovering, orange light at about 500 ft and about 1oo yds away.and disappeared in an instant. 6/2/13
1/1/13 01:30 Longview WA Unknown 1:30-1:40 Witnessed 5 red lights in the sky that, a minute later, became one, then disappeared. 2/4/13
1/1/13 00:20 Toronto (Canada) ON Unknown 1 minute 30 seconds White orange red glowing orb moving silently over toronto. 2/4/13
1/1/13 00:10 Northampton PA Unknown 3-4 minutes 3 Orange/red balls seen by police officer. 2/4/13
12/31/12 20:00 Idaho Falls ID Unknown 5 minutes 5-6 Shapeless floating lights. 11/11/13
12/30/12 14:05 Irvine CA Unknown 30 second White object moving from left to right and took off quickly. 2/4/13
12/29/12 20:30 Las Vegas NV Unknown 3 minutes 10 objects, circular, deep orange color (see description). 2/4/13
12/29/12 19:00 Independence OR Unknown ~5 minutes Two bright red/orange lights moving straight up, they were not in line but moving at the same speed and distance from each other. 2/4/13
12/27/12 06:50 San Diego CA Unknown 5 minutes Sparkling comet or fireball that split in mid air. 2/4/13
12/26/12 14:00 Omaha NE Unknown
White craft with pink mist around it. 2/4/13
12/25/12 19:51 South Bend IN Unknown 40 seconds Two orange objects set apart in the sky more than four moons apart moved in tandem then one disappeared shortly followed by the other. 2/4/13
12/24/12 06:20 Vidor TX Unknown 3 minutes Star Like Craft 2/4/13
12/24/12 03:00 Lobelville TN Unknown 5 minutes Awoke at 3 am, electricity out, home shaking, loud humming sound, bright green lights and witnessed a humanoid figure outside window. 2/4/13
12/22/12 22:10 Rapid City SD Unknown 3 minutes Seen a fleet of 15 to 30 craft independently flying in formation very high in NW sky over Raid City, most white lights, some red some g 2/4/13
12/22/12 18:00 Tigard OR Unknown 8-10 minutes 7 - 8 Bright Lights Seen in Night Sky over Tigard, Oregon 12/22/12 2/4/13
12/22/12 17:30 Fredon NJ Unknown 4 minutes Slow moving object w/ 2 red EXTREMELY bright lights at low altitude - no motor/rotor noise heard 2/4/13
12/22/12 16:30 Windsor (Canada) ON Unknown 5 minutes Unknown object creating a large zigzag contrail pattern in the sky seen by my friend and I In two different locations. 2/4/13
12/21/12 20:20 Phoenix (Ahwatukee) AZ Unknown 5 minutes 9 orange lights seen in Phoenix, Arizona 12-21-12 2/4/13
12/21/12 02:15 Cedar Rapids IA Unknown A while Lights on southern horizon 12/21/12
12/19/12 18:30 Redding CA Unknown 45 seconds × 3 I saw the most awesome thing. Glad there was someone with me. It was huge. Couldn't see the whole thing. Bright strobing. Could feel th 11/6/14
12/15/12 06:55 Lebanon PA Unknown 2 minutes Cluster of lights in the sky for aprox 2 minutes. didnt move then suddenly vanished. 12/20/12
12/15/12 02:00 Fresno CA Unknown 5 minutes Silent craft hovered 2 story's above me. 12/5/14
12/13/12 17:00 North Providence RI Unknown 22:00 I Julian Smith witnessed and others mutiple ufos speeding faster then the fighter jet plans and all other objects near 100miles in eyes 12/20/12
12/12/12 23:00 Warner NH Unknown 5 minutes Bright Red Object Dodging 2 Military Jets! 12/20/12
12/12/12 20:15 Laurelville OH Unknown 15 to 20 seconds Star like object traveling west to east at high speed suddenly makes an abrupt U-turn then turns north & vanishes. 12/20/12
12/12/12 16:30 Elk Grove CA Unknown 1-2 minutes Saw a bright light in the blue sky during the afternoon and the light "turned" and I saw the side of &quot;it&quot; and the. 12/20/12
12/12/12 07:30 Charleroi PA Unknown 5 minutes High speed aircraft flying in groups of two and singles at high altitudes spotted approximately 7:30 P.M. over the skies of southwester 12/20/12
12/11/12 22:30 Sunshine AR Unknown 1-3 minutes 6 bright white flying objects that flew together in the shape of a triangle. 12/20/12
12/11/12 18:15 Pittsburg CA Unknown 15-20 seconds Small single light with no sound flying low and slow, chaning colors and even direction quickly. 12/20/12
12/10/12 21:00 Apple Valley CA Unknown ongoing I HAVE BEEN SEEING THIS CRAFT WITH LIGHTS IN THE SW OF APPLE VALLEY,CA AND IT MOVES AROUND. ((Sirius??)) 12/20/12
12/10/12 18:30 Pasadena CA Unknown 10 minutes Unknown object seen, reappeared three times, within 10 Mins. 12/20/12
12/10/12 03:45 Clearlake WA Unknown 20 minutes Strange lights from woods. 12/20/12
12/7/12 18:23 Carson City NV Unknown a few minutes? Flickering white lights flying in formation? 12/20/12
12/7/12 06:35 Houston TX Unknown seconds A flash of green light, fire trail in the sky and no reports on the news of a plane exploding, etc. 12/20/12
12/6/12 22:10 Cocoa FL Unknown 10 minutes Silent Storm UFO Pictured. 12/20/12
12/6/12 00:30 Buford GA Unknown 5 minutes Strange non-alian aircraft above buford ga. 12/20/12
12/5/12 21:00 Montgomery TX Unknown 30 + minutes Hovering Circular Object With Three Bright Lights in a Row and Multiple Flashing Red and Green Lights 12/20/12
12/5/12 18:46 Clarksville OH Unknown 2 minutes Bright Lights in the Eastern Sky. 12/20/12
12/5/12 06:00 Salina KS Unknown 20 minutes Fast moving object that stops instantly with flashing lights 12/20/12
12/4/12 22:00 Morrison IL Unknown 20 seconds Aircraft of some sort flying violently as if it was about to crash that wiped out power throughout a city for 15 seconds 12/20/12
12/4/12 01:00 Newark DE Unknown 2 minutes Silent aircraft blinking white light six-flash increments. Followed by jet. Near Kirkwood Hwy and Polly Drummond Hill Rd. 12/20/12
12/3/12 23:00 Englewood CO Unknown Ongoing UFO with whirring red, blue, and green light spotted stationary in the sky below orion's belt. 12/20/12
11/30/12 18:00 Wilmington OH Unknown various The Visitors. 2/4/13
11/29/12 21:30 Murrysville PA Unknown 3 minutes Multiple flashing lights on unknown slient flying craft. 12/20/12
11/29/12 17:15 Dover NH Unknown unknown Large object spotted in Dover by many commuters! 12/20/12
11/29/12 03:00 Omaha NE Unknown 1 hour Loud humming sound off and on, unlike any type of plane, car or helicopter. 12/20/12
11/28/12 16:45 Roanoke VA Unknown 15 minutes This was brownish oddly shapped craft following under an airlplane. 12/20/12
11/28/12 13:11 Greenville OH Unknown instant Bright orange flash of light that shone through heavy curtain, and a loud, unsettling, quick boom. 12/20/12
11/27/12 22:15 Clearwater FL Unknown 10 minutes Bright cloud bank that dissappeared quickly 12/20/12
11/27/12 19:11 Thayer MO Unknown ~1 hour MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: I looked up and through the wind shield I saw sparkling fire projectile out of a craft 2/4/13
11/25/12 01:30 Las Vegas NV Unknown 3 seconds Bright green flash while in backyard. A streak appeared in sky like a jet streak after flash had ended, but there was complete silence. 12/20/12
11/25/12 01:00 North Las Vegas NV Unknown 10 seconds Was feeding the dogs when i saw a light fixed my back yard the kind you get from a police helicopter. So i looked up to see if it was. 12/20/12
11/24/12 21:45 Sandy UT Unknown 2 minutes Traveling white light shut down; blue light turned on and shot straight up and then came back down. 12/20/12
11/24/12 21:00 Glendale MO Unknown ~5 minutes 4 luminous objects flying low, slow and silent. Glendale, MO 12/20/12
11/23/12 15:30 Windsor (seen from) CT Unknown 20 seconds Shite stationary spot; plane nearing. 12/20/12
11/21/12 11:18 Springfield MA Unknown 1 hour Strange Flashing White and Green Bright lights ascending and hovering 12/20/12
11/21/12 00:30 Tucson AZ Unknown 15+ Bright BRIGHT Orange very large long shape above Tucson near DM AFB 12/20/12
11/18/12 06:40 Birmingham AL Unknown 30 seconds Fast Light Moving. 11/19/12
11/17/12 19:00 Jerome MI Unknown 2-3 minutes There were three very large round strobe lights about 6 to 8 feet across flying 2 to 3 hundred feet high moving very slow traveling fro 4/4/14
11/17/12 19:00 Enfield CT Unknown 2 minutes 15 Orange lights on horizon 11/19/12
11/17/12 17:00 Knoxville TN Unknown 10 seconds Brilliant bright light seen above high altitude airplane with no plume then disappears over Knoxville, TN. 11/19/12
11/16/12 21:00 Pittsburgh PA Unknown 60 minutes Recurring sightings of 3 UFOs. ((NUFORC Note: Possible stars?? PD)) 11/19/12
11/16/12 18:14 Greenville PA Unknown <5 minutes Red/orange lights seen for about 4 minutes in Western Pennsylvania 11/19/12
11/16/12 12:45 Oconomowoc WI Unknown 1 hour A light sitting still in the sky that is constantly changing color. Looks to be rotating saucer. 11/19/12
11/16/12 05:28 Brainard (6 mi. E of; on Hwy. 92) NE Unknown 3-5 minutes Orange cresent object with trail moving northwest to sound, no decent 2-3 min across sky 11/19/12
11/14/12 18:45 Ridgefield WA Unknown ? I went inside 6 yellow/orange starlike lights very low in the sky 11/19/12
11/13/12 18:00 Danville IL Unknown 1-3 minutes Bluish light 11/19/12
11/12/12 19:59 La Puente CA Unknown 1 minute Bright orange object hovering over incoming air traffic. 12/20/12
11/11/12 22:30 Mancos CO Unknown unknown Unidentified tracks near 5 households appear overnight 11/19/12
11/11/12 22:30 Winter Haven FL Unknown 20 seconds Orange orb traveling over house low and caused my whole house to shake 11/19/12
11/11/12 21:00 Warm Springs NV Unknown 1 hour Pulsating orange lights by area 51 11/19/12
11/11/12 20:10 Kalispell MT Unknown 10-15 minutes FIVE CRAFT WERE SEEN IN THE SKY FLYING IN FORMATION. 11/19/12
11/11/12 04:40 Bremerton WA Unknown 10-20 seconds Heard a very loud craft noise hovering outside my bedroom window in the backyard that took off seconds later. 11/19/12
11/10/12 21:00 Redding CA Unknown 0.5 second I think I have seen sky wars over northern Calif. 1/16/14
11/10/12 20:00 Lakeland FL Unknown 15 seconds My family and I seen a fast moving,silent object with bright lights almost like a fireball over our skies 11/19/12
11/10/12 18:15 Lower Burrell PA Unknown 1 minute 6 orange glowing lights. 11/19/12
11/10/12 07:00 New Bedford MA Unknown
Balls of light 2/4/13
11/10/12 04:38 Crosby TX Unknown 3 minutes Pulsing light looks like a flashing stay but moved away from earth Into distance. 11/19/12
11/9/12 23:00 Albuquerque NM Unknown explosion Unknown explosion over Albuquerque NM. 11/19/12
11/9/12 19:40 Bakersfield CA Unknown 9 minutes Red object displaying bizarre flight patterns before shooting directly upwards into space 11/19/12
11/9/12 02:30 Springfield MO Unknown 1.30 minutes White light and low pitched noise, Electric Doggy Door operated on it`s own. 2/4/13
11/9/12 01:00 Kutztown PA Unknown 30-40 seconds Three orbs in Kutztown, gone within seconds. 11/19/12
11/8/12 23:57 Agra OK Unknown 45-60 seconds Falling fire ball or stream 11/19/12
11/8/12 23:00 Pueblo CO Unknown 20 seconds Huge smoke like trail going across the sky 11/19/12
11/8/12 22:10 Eugene OR Unknown 5 minutes 3 amber lights moving over Eugene slowly at 3000 ft. below clouds silently. 11/19/12
11/7/12 19:30 Lone Pine (Mt. Whitney) CA Unknown hours Encounter with et and being chased for 60 miles. 11/19/12
11/7/12 02:00 Bonnyville (Canada) AB Unknown 3 seconds Thousands hear aircraft dissapear over bonnyville alberta at the speed of light! 11/19/12
11/6/12 21:00 Lebanon CT Unknown 10 minutes Brilliant, strobe-flashing, orange lights in Lebanon CT 11/19/12
11/6/12 21:00 DeWitt IA Unknown 5 minutes Very loud, invisible, and flying very low 11/19/12
11/6/12 20:35 Evansdale IA Unknown 2 minutes Slow moving object with numerous large lights all synchronized (Honey Comb in shape),travels over interstate 11/19/12
11/6/12 19:30 Kamiah ID Unknown 2 minutes A formation of 5 air crafts with rapid blinking red or green lights, one per vehicle flew overhead, very rapidly, no other lights. 11/19/12
11/6/12 16:15 Miami OK Unknown ~10 seconds Shiny, reflective object 11/19/12
11/5/12 21:30 Diamond Springs CA Unknown 30 minutes The objects moved at different speed and then stopped 11/19/12
11/5/12 03:30 Kenilworth NJ Unknown 10 minutes Still hovering aircraft with loud noise that vibrated my body that swooped off after I recorded video of under a minute. 11/19/12
11/4/12 12:00 Albuquerque NM Unknown 10 seconds I believe I saw a UFO today ...... small object, moving slowly at first, picked up speed, and then accelerated to a very high speed. 11/19/12
11/3/12 21:40 Milton (Canada) ON Unknown 2 minutes Near Appleby line, 3 bright white rapidly blinking lights;VANISHED, only to reappear further away moments later 11/19/12
11/3/12 21:00 Comanche TX Unknown 2-3 hours Stationary craft with normal aircraft lighting, to far in the distance to make out a shape! 12/20/12
11/3/12 20:15 Middletown VA Unknown 30-60 seconds Simultaneous flashes of lights 11/4/12
11/2/12 22:00 Centerville ID Unknown 15 minutes Nightime sighting of craft making impossible movements for any sort of airplane 11/19/12
11/2/12 07:00 Miami FL Unknown
((HOAX?? Time and date are flawed.)) There were bright lights couldn't real tell the shapes of them but it was pretty cool. 11/4/12
11/2/12 07:00 Miami FL Unknown
((HOAX??)) There were bright lights couldn't real tell the shapes of them but it was pretty cool and amazing to see this. 11/4/12
11/1/12 16:30 Franklin NC Unknown about 20-30 minutes Disk shaped cloud, strange looking cloud moved quickly across town 11/4/12
10/30/12 20:15 Sims AR Unknown 5-10 minutes Flashing white lights on a craft appearing in the east and heading west, appearing to be of a circular shape, silent, slow, diagonal. 11/4/12
10/30/12 17:00 Nashville TN Unknown several minutes 4 objects not visible to the naked eye, flying around odd vertical "rainbow." 11/4/12
10/28/12 23:07 Marietta GA Unknown 10 seconds Sky changed color in several bright flashes. 10/30/12
10/24/12 22:45 Glenford OH Unknown 3 minutes Light in the sky 10/30/12
10/24/12 21:30 Grand Junction CO Unknown 5 minutes No lights, quiet, hovering & stationary. 11/19/12
10/24/12 20:40 Myrtle Beach SC Unknown 2 minutes Observation, numerous times, orange lights to the East of Myrtle Beach, SC. 10/30/12
10/24/12 00:02 Hayward's Heath (UK/England)
Unknown 2 minutes Throbbing sound in the sky 10/30/12
10/22/12 20:00 North Myrtle Beach SC Unknown 4 seconds Orange/red light over the ocean 10/30/12
10/21/12 15:00 Aurora CO Unknown 7-10 minutes 4 objects moving and dancing at very high altitude. shiney, reflective orbs 10/30/12
10/21/12 01:00 Troy MI Unknown 1 hour at least Two Objects Flashing Lights and Not Moving for Over an Hour 10/30/12
10/20/12 23:30 Snohomish WA Unknown 5 minutes Bright orange thing with beams coming out of it changing colors flying across the sky 10/30/12
10/20/12 22:35 Scottsdale AZ Unknown 10 minutes 13 orange lighted craft in line formation moving to the North in Northwest Scottsdale Az 10/30/12
10/20/12 18:00 Berlin (Germany)
Unknown 25 minutes Ovni a berlin. Sorte de tissu noir, flottant en apesanteur, et changeant. Eclairé par en dessous par de pâles mini flash a intermittenc 10/30/12
10/19/12 23:45 Nashville TN Unknown >20 minutes Two lights flying in random patterns over Nashville. 10/30/12
10/19/12 06:20 Blandford Forum (UK/England)
Unknown 5 minutes White dot moving in triangular pattern. 10/30/12
10/17/12 21:00 Poteau OK Unknown 21:00 Lights going to fast to be a plane 10/30/12
10/17/12 19:45 Union City CA Unknown 3 seconds Very large meteor or something on fire over San Francisco Bay. 10/30/12
10/17/12 12:22 Warsaw (Poland)
Unknown 20 seconds October 17 2012 UFO over Warsaw Poland Daytime 11/19/12
10/17/12 11:25 Ft. Meade/BWI MD Unknown 11:58 Object above Ft Meade/BWI is fairly stationary with "spidery" white light and looks the same whether viewed from inside or out 10/30/12
10/15/12 16:40 Murfreesboro TN Unknown 45 minutes Bright object over MTSU campus in Murfreesboro on Oct. 15, 2012. 10/30/12
10/15/12 02:30 Bonney Lake WA Unknown 90 minutes Repetative movements of light for 90 minutes 10/30/12
10/14/12 21:45 Canyon Lake CA Unknown 10 minutes 3 Unknown objects W NW of Canyon Lake, CA 10/30/12
10/14/12 21:30 Elmore City OK Unknown 10 minutes Several multi-colored lights seen hovering over Elmore City/Pauls Valley area. Sometimes a white one shows up as well. 10/30/12
10/14/12 21:15 Newburgh IN Unknown 5 minutes Large orange light Newburgh, IN 10/14/12 10/30/12
10/13/12 22:05 Oregon City OR Unknown 15 minutes I was out taking my dog to go "potty" when I looked up at an object emitting a solid orange-ish light-travelling south to nor 10/30/12
10/13/12 18:00 Hamilton (Canada) ON Unknown
Rocket type objects (summer 2012) in Southern Ontario on vertical course. (youtube links) 2/18/13
10/12/12 21:45 Cabin creek WV Unknown 40 seconds Three big white lights with a set of twinkling lights. Craft was hovering then moved at slow pace. Then it disappeared at of then air. 10/30/12
10/12/12 04:10 Chicago IL Unknown 1-2 hours UFO’s spotted in Chicago in the early morning on 10/12/12. 10/30/12
10/11/12 14:06 Yakima WA Unknown 10 Far off object moving east to west in north yakima county between the yakima training center and the yakima river rec area. 10/30/12
10/11/12 01:00 Worcester MA Unknown 4 seconds Big extremely bright white light hovering in sky 10/30/12
10/11/12 Truth or Consequences NM Unknown
Fast moving red ball and then flashing light 10/30/12
10/9/12 00:35 Denver CO Unknown 1 minute Dark, silent object moving slowly over Denver. 10/30/12
10/8/12 18:00 Latrobe PA Unknown ---- Unexplained lights all over the area, lights change colors, move around, appear/disappear, orange fireballs. 12/20/12
10/7/12 05:50 St. Catharines (Canada) ON Unknown 5 minutes Three stationary alternating red lights and one white light NOT MOVING visible from QEW at dawn 10/30/12
10/5/12 18:45 Lexington MA Unknown 30 seconds? Strange flying lights in the nights sky 10/30/12
10/5/12 02:00 Waterbury CT Unknown 7 minutes Orange sets of lights over waterbury 10/30/12
10/1/12 20:00 Sunfield MI Unknown 5 minutes Flying object coming out of field. Hovering for 5 mins. Then leaving. 11/4/12
10/1/12 01:00 Richmond TX Unknown 5 minutes Driving around when me and my friend saw a bright BRIGHT white light from about 2/12 miles away. Started driving towards it it as it ju 10/30/12
9/29/12 20:30 Buffalo NY Unknown 3-5 minutes 6 orange reddish, flashing lights, slowly coming off the horizon joining in formation 10/30/12
9/29/12 03:36 Homestead FL Unknown unknown Curiosity images reveal UFO 10/30/12
9/28/12 20:55 Los Angeles CA Unknown 5 minutes We noticed a craft flying with lights going either in formation around the craft or on one side straight back and forth - the light is 10/30/12
9/28/12 20:00 Polk City FL Unknown 1 hour 10 minutes At least 4 objects in the Western sky of FL for several nights in a row, they stay for about 1 1/2 hours and slowly move further WEST. 10/30/12
9/27/12 20:00 Beachwood OH Unknown 1 Red and green triangle shaped lights 10/30/12
9/27/12 17:45 Woodbridge NJ Unknown <30 seconds Mystery CONTRAILS ASSOCIATED with LOUD SKY ROAR/RUMBLE 10/30/12
9/26/12 21:30 Rice Lake WI Unknown 1 hour 45 minutes Stationary flashing lights in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of "twinkling" star?? PD)) 10/30/12
9/26/12 02:30 Hayward WI Unknown Few hours Was sitting out side looking into the sky, Was looking at the stars when i looked to my side and saw 2 Orbs Of bright orange lights flo 10/30/12
9/26/12 00:41 Augusta ME Unknown 6 seconds 2 large blue flashes in different locations late night in Maine 10/30/12
9/25/12 06:24 Fonda IA Unknown 4 minutes White light object rises from tree line and elevates (4 minutes) and disappears. ((NUFORC Note: Bright planet in the E sky? PD)) 10/30/12
9/22/12 23:18 Austinburg OH Unknown Unknown Eight to nine reddish-orange lights in night sky with seven stationary and two moving. 9/24/12
9/22/12 21:05 Napier (New Zealand)
Unknown 10 minutes 8 bright intense round lights, appearing in twos, following the exact same path at slightly different times with no noise. 11/19/12
9/22/12 07:00 Espanola (seen from) NM Unknown 1 hour Unknown white dot in sky Staying in one spot 9/24/12
9/21/12 22:55 Warton (UK/England)
Unknown 30 seconds? A huge bluish, fluorescent like, light unlike anything else I have ever seen,moving silently across the sky. 9/24/12
9/21/12 22:50 Hastings MN Unknown 1 second Strange flash of light that turned the sky blue 9/24/12
9/21/12 20:47 Ithaca NY Unknown 5 seconds Ithaca, NY fiery massive structure above route 13 by Cornell 9/24/12
9/20/12 23:00 Owings Mills MD Unknown 10 seconds Just read above. 11/11/13
9/20/12 22:00 North Myrtle Beach SC Unknown 20 minutes Orange ball of light seen over the ocean 9/24/12
9/19/12 Whitehall NY Unknown 1:50 seconds Strange disappearing planes 5/2/14
9/17/12 01:10 Fountain Valley CA Unknown 5 minutes UFO gives light show in urban amerca, party on! not. 9/24/12
9/16/12 22:20 Charleston WV Unknown 15 minutes Strange Set of 2 Lights In The Sky Located Off Campbells Creek Drive, Charleston WV 9/24/12
9/16/12 03:30 Sebago ME Unknown 1.5 hours Strange slow moving light over Sebago maine. 9/24/12
9/15/12 20:40 Billings MT Unknown Aprox 4 minutes 2 red lights moving NE to SW silently 9/24/12
9/15/12 20:25 Nicholson GA Unknown 15 seconds Strange craft sighted. 9/24/12
9/15/12 08:15 Canton MI Unknown 2 minutes 09/15/12 8:15 PM Canton MI one red light on each/no rear light/12 to 15 of them/some in formation others flying about by themselves 9/24/12
9/14/12 20:00 Enfield CT Unknown 15 minutes 7 floating red and blue lit crafts floated above Enfield CT 9/24/12
9/14/12 09:25 Hewitt TX Unknown 4 minutes An unexplained high to low frequency sounding moving object with a quick flash of contained blue lightning. 9/24/12
9/13/12 13:30 Springfield OR Unknown ~5 minutes Red ufo at Clearwater Park, Springfield, Oregon. 3/18/14
9/12/12 22:45 Cutyhunk Island MA Unknown 1 minute A star-like object moved in a straight horizontal direction and then in a circular direction, ending where it started. 10/30/12
9/12/12 15:00 Gurnee IL Unknown 10 minutes Strange sound that hovered in sky early in morning 9/24/12
9/11/12 20:04 Garden City Beach SC Unknown Unknown Orange Pulsing lights over ocean in Garden City Beach 9/24/12
9/11/12 05:50 Miami Beach FL Unknown 15 seconds Very fast object that stops then comes back 10/30/12
9/10/12 22:00 North Myrtle Beach SC Unknown 20 minutes Flashing lights over ocean. 9/24/12
9/10/12 22:00 Eugene OR Unknown ongoing Hovering lights, like an airplane, wavering back and forth across the night sky - very slowly moving west to north at tree line level 9/24/12
9/10/12 21:00 Omaha NE Unknown 15 minutes 50 lights in sky over 72nd street attached to black silhouette. 1/10/14
9/10/12 05:00 Nashville NC Unknown 6 Bright Lights Over Nashville, NC 11/6/14
9/10/12 02:00 Pittsburgh PA Unknown a couple of seconds Saw what I believe to be some kind of a comet or craft 9/24/12
9/8/12 23:30 Point Arena CA Unknown 15 seconds I went out to empty garbage, two red lights flew south of me next to hill side . They moved maybe 70 miles per hour. They disappeared a 9/24/12
9/6/12 09:12 North Falmouth MA Unknown 1 minute Driving home from work, saw a huge black object in the sky with small green lights all over the base of the object. It was completely s 9/24/12
9/5/12 22:30 Indianapolis IN Unknown 4 seconds Large falling object that doesn't make a sound. 9/24/12
9/4/12 22:00 Cochrane (Canada) ON Unknown split second Bright light blinking on south side of town every 3-4 minutes for about a half an hour while remaining in same location in sky. 9/24/12
9/3/12 23:00 Olathe KS Unknown 10 minutes My family was traveling west and my wife noticed a ufo hovering about 10 miles west of Olathe down 135th st. I instructed my wife to pu 9/24/12
9/3/12 21:57 Fairbanks AK Unknown 2 minutes Metallic sounds and bright flash of light - Seen from indoors with blinds shut 9/24/12
9/2/12 20:18 Waterville ME Unknown 15 minutes 3 of us spotted several objects at night, appearing and disppearing, then appearing and disppearing. 9/24/12
9/2/12 11:50 Abingdon VA Unknown 2 minutes Thermal hit in the clouds after a storm 9/24/12
9/2/12 00:00 Colorado Springs CO Unknown 15-20 minutes Large disk shaped object above Mtn Shadow..Glowing red-blue-green-white.&is stationery.. 10/30/12
9/1/12 23:00 Hickory NC Unknown 40 minutes Mulitcolored flashing object seen near lake Hickory, NC. 9/24/12
9/1/12 17:45 Norman OK Unknown 30 seconds A blinking light which changed intensity, and had a non-recurring pattern, moving in a non-uniform direction, then streaked across sky 9/24/12
8/31/12 23:30 Amsterdam NY Unknown 15 minutess I was driving East on Miami Ave, Amsterdam NY around 11:30 when I saw a large bright object in the sky. The occupant I was with record 9/24/12
8/30/12 17:00 Laurel MS Unknown 10 minutes A red glowing object moving in and out of clouds that had a red yellow and green color when not in the direct path of the sun 9/24/12
8/29/12 00:00 Mancelona MI Unknown most nights Strange objects blinking red and white and moveing in weird directions. ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling stars, we suspect. PD)) 9/24/12
8/27/12 22:16 Westminster CO Unknown 2 minutes I saw a bright blue stationary object that turned bright green and silently zoomed off faster than my head can turn. 9/24/12
8/27/12 21:27 Saskatoon (Canada) SK Unknown 80 seconds Two red flashing objects traversed the sky from east to north in about 40 seconds. 9/24/12
8/27/12 05:30 Trenton GA Unknown 10 seconds A brief encounter with an Unidentified Flying Object, belief is near-abduction sighting. 9/24/12
8/26/12 18:00 Mineral WA Unknown 30 minutes When I took the image of the eagle, what ever is in the PIC to the left, "was not" there! 9/24/12
8/26/12 03:00 Winchester VA Unknown 1 minute Loud hovering noises at night outside our bedroom window. 9/24/12
8/26/12 02:00 Auburndale WI Unknown 30 minutes Bright light above the tree tops. Almost as if something landed. 9/24/12
8/25/12 22:50 MCewen TN Unknown 2 minutes Balls of Bright Lights 9/24/12
8/25/12 21:30 Austin TX Unknown 15 minutes Unidentified flying object south of Austin 9/24/12
8/25/12 21:00 East Earl PA Unknown 5 minutes My husband and I saw 15 to 20 pulsating red/yellow lights in formation that broke up coming from east to west, flying directly over us 9/24/12
8/25/12 21:00 Las Vegas NV Unknown Dark to Dawn Multi Not I.D.'ed Bright L.E.D. Like, Bright Lit Objects appear over Las Vegas Nevada 9/24/12
8/23/12 09:15 Brentwood NY Unknown 10 second view 12 yrs old daughter and myself were sitting on front porch...watching planes...matching Satellites to ipad app Skywalk.....we saw an ob 9/24/12
8/22/12 23:00 Hilliard OH Unknown 4 hours For the last several nights an object with circling lights has been seen stationary in the sky over hilliard, have seen several planes 9/24/12
8/21/12 21:00 Rensselaer IN Unknown 30:00 Three lights, one of them blinking. Moves north, then southeast, east, west, and every which way. 9/24/12
8/21/12 20:45 Green Bay WI Unknown 22 minutes 36 orange lights seen over Green Bay by seven in parking lot. Objects heading south to north in the western sky. 9/24/12
8/20/12 23:50 UK/England
Unknown seconds Bright light shoots up then dissapears 9/24/12
8/20/12 22:15 Sundrland (UK/England)
Unknown 30 seconds Multiple UFO sightings across a two day period first time experiment in remote viewing. 9/24/12
8/19/12 21:15 Porter IN Unknown 15 minutes I saw an orange fireball surrounded by a white triangle of lights in the sky. 9/24/12
8/19/12 10:45 Corona CA Unknown 5 minutes Possible UFO sighting in Corona, CA. Silvery reflective object flying at altitude suddenly stops and hovers. 8/19/12
8/18/12 23:00 Abilene TX Unknown 5 minutes Initially 2 orange lights traveling quickly in N/NW direction followed by 4 blue objects also traveling in synchrony in a diamond confi 8/19/12
8/18/12 21:00 Binghamton NY Unknown 1-2 minutes Vessel with huge bright lights stops and turns before Vanishing! 9/24/12
8/18/12 19:00 Maple Heights OH Unknown 7 minutes Stationary object in the sky which for 7 minutes which went straight up and disappeared. 10/30/12
8/16/12 22:00 Wildwood NJ Unknown 5 sec Very fast sighting of a light traveling at a speed that was incredible . 9/24/12
8/16/12 21:05 Nazareth PA Unknown 2 minutes I saw a very bright light one night as I was taking out the recycling, when I returned with another can, it was gone. 8/19/12
8/15/12 21:09 Okanogan WA Unknown
Four flashing red lights and white lights 9/24/12
8/15/12 20:00 Pendleton OR Unknown 7 minutes White light in the early evening 9/24/12
8/14/12 20:31 La Porte IN Unknown 1:31 Strobing light 8/19/12
8/14/12 17:00 Fulton KY Unknown 90 minutes I was sitting outside and seen lights in the sky behind the clouds , thought they may have been a reflection of cars headlights then wa 8/19/12
8/13/12 23:00 Cloverdale CA Unknown 3 minutes Two white lights appear and move in tandem then disapear after observing for 3 minutes 8/19/12
8/13/12 04:00 San Jose CA Unknown 6 minutes Two bright silent red lights coming in from west to east, ascending, light intensity increasing, headed west - and then disappeared. 8/19/12
8/12/12 20:15 North Myrtle Beach SC Unknown 3-4 minutes Saw 3 different formations of lights above Atlantic Ocean in North Myrtle Beach, SC. 9/24/12
8/12/12 19:30 Niland CA Unknown 1-2 minutes Fireball in the sky with small craft and missing time. 8/19/12
8/12/12 04:00 Dorchester SC Unknown 30 seconds White Flashing light moving in a U shape in Dorchester SC 8/12/2012 8/19/12
8/12/12 00:00 Davis CA Unknown 15 mins Multi colored lights seen heading northeast over Davis, California, just before midnight. 8/19/12
8/11/12 22:25 Leavenworth WA Unknown 40 minutes Leavenworth Wa. on Boundary Butte UFO sighting 8/19/12
8/11/12 21:45 Lake Ariel PA Unknown 20 seconds Bright light in sky that seem to come down into atmosphere. 8/19/12
8/11/12 21:00 North Ogden UT Unknown 5 Minutes UFO turned off & on lights & landed in a nearby grove of trees. 8/19/12
8/11/12 09:44 Mount Pleasant SC Unknown 5 minutes I was outside with my dog when he stopped and whined I looked at him and he was looking up he has never behaved like this ever before 8/19/12
8/11/12 04:00 Duluth MN Unknown 1 hour or more Light over Duluth, Mn. - similar to the "Phoenix Lights" of 1997 8/19/12
8/11/12 Kilkenny (Ireland)
Unknown 15 min Massive light and small lights in the night sky just scared the crap out of me. 8/19/12
8/10/12 23:59 Ridgeland MS Unknown 60 sec UFO close to the ground 8/19/12
8/9/12 23:30 Puget Sound/Seattle WA Unknown 2 hours Object with three orange lights hovering over cruise ship and shoreline in Puget Sound 8/19/12
8/9/12 05:07 Silver Lake MN Unknown 3 -4 minutes Two high altitude, high speed craft converge on each other, one bright white, the other yellowish-gold 8/19/12
8/8/12 05:00 Portland OR Unknown one or more hours Curious to know what is going on. 9/24/12
8/7/12 20:00 Pottsville PA Unknown 10-30 minutes Orange light moving slowly across the sky. 8/19/12
8/7/12 13:00 New Hampton NH Unknown VERY fast Object in sky clearly visible in photo taken in broad daylight at a campground in August, 2012. 8/19/12
8/5/12 11:00 Boca Raton FL Unknown 1 hour The past week I've noticed a stationary white light with red flashing lights to the west. Every night the same light. ((Star??)) 8/19/12
8/3/12 09:43 Detroit MI Unknown 2 minutes Bright orange object moving mid speed in sky then faded away 8/5/12
8/3/12 01:00 Farmington NY Unknown 2 minutes Bright flashing blinding white light, loud vibrating humming sound. No visual of anything but lights. 8/5/12
7/31/12 22:30 Finley WA Unknown 15 minutes 3 lights spaced wide moving slowly east to west then turning north 8/5/12
7/31/12 21:30 Sussex WI Unknown About 3-4 minutes I was biking with my dog west bound on Ivy Ave. behind Sussex on the main store complex. As I was proceeding I noticed an orange light 8/5/12
7/31/12 21:00 Richland WA Unknown 10 minutes Large orange light over Franklin County WA 8/5/12
7/31/12 21:00 Pasco WA Unknown 20 minutes Three flying objects 8/5/12
7/31/12 00:00 Shasta CA Unknown 1 hour Flying above the tree tops. 9/24/12
7/30/12 21:30 Hugo MN Unknown 3-4 minutes Fiery-orange, glowing spheres. Hovering and then moving away at unusual speeds. 8/5/12
7/30/12 17:40 Beaverton OR Unknown 10 minutes Daylight UFO Sighting ove Beaverton - White light flickering and fading in and out of visibility 8/5/12
7/29/12 23:30 Ithaca NY Unknown 2-3 minutes Reddish/orange and white flashing object in sky at Ithaca NY 8/5/12
7/28/12 21:00 Chula Vista CA Unknown 3 seconds I saw a blinking object in the sky which quickly appeared and disappeared. 8/5/12
7/26/12 20:25 Centereach NY Unknown from 7 to 10 mins Lights that moved from one area to another area of the horizon, time span 7 to 10 minutes 8/5/12
7/24/12 21:06 Brighton MI Unknown 1 second Streak of light like a reverse shooting star, near horizon. 8/5/12
7/23/12 22:55 Bloomington IL Unknown 20-25 minutes White on camera/purple off camera lights floating in the sky. 8/5/12
7/23/12 21:47 Berthoud area CO Unknown 4-5 minutes Two stationary lights, one orange and one blue, were seen emitting an orangish beam connecting them. 8/5/12
7/23/12 09:02 Vienna (Austria)
Unknown 8-10 minutes Strongly reflecting object, during daylight, slowly moving, high, and abruptly changing direction at one point. 8/5/12
7/22/12 04:00 Ardmore OK Unknown 1 hour 30 minutes My husband and I went outside at 4am last night to look at this strange star my husband told me he saw the other night. The star wasn't 8/5/12
7/21/12 21:13 Brick Twp. NJ Unknown 2½--3 minutes 2 possible UFO's that may have been seen by other aircraft 8/5/12
7/21/12 12:40 Kenosha WI Unknown 45 minutes to 1 hr Flaming mass or UFO? I think I know the difference, regardless there was something in the sky. 8/5/12
7/19/12 02:00 Staunton VA Unknown 5 minutes Me and a friend observed very bright light on horizon for 10 mins and it disappeared before our eyes! 8/5/12
7/18/12 21:00 Calabash NC Unknown 15 minutes Bright yellow/orange lights in sky. 8/5/12
7/17/12 21:30 East Lansing MI Unknown 30 seconds Object with orange lights turned and did 2 very fast circles 8/5/12
7/16/12 22:00 West Allis WI Unknown 2 minutes Strangest Encounter Yet! 8/5/12
7/14/12 22:00 Temecula CA Unknown 10-20 minutes Flashing lights in the sky. 8/5/12
7/13/12 01:24 Des Moines IA Unknown 10 minutes Floating white light with dim blinking light still in the sky with no sound. 8/5/12
7/11/12 23:41 Horseheads NY Unknown 10 seconds Central NY Single craft/ object 8/5/12
7/11/12 23:00 Pasco WA Unknown 3 minutes UFO Near Lightning Storm 8/5/12
7/9/12 23:05 Flowood MS Unknown 2 minutes Large glowing object on side of road 8/19/12
7/9/12 02:00 Verde Valley AZ Unknown 3 hours A friend and I were heading home after a night of working, when he pointed out to me two very bright lights in the sky. I pulled off to 8/5/12
7/7/12 22:00 Albuquerque NM Unknown Minimum 1 hour Lights swirling around in clouds above Albuquerque 8/5/12
7/7/12 10:30 Parma OH Unknown 20 minutes A stange orange glow in the sky that was moving fast. that was the second night in a row we saw that. It wasnt moving like anything Ive 8/5/12
7/6/12 00:00 Orchard Park NY Unknown 1.00 Not sure if it was a fireball or a space object. We were watching fireworks when all of sudden something firey came out from the south 8/5/12
7/6/12 22:40 Allentown PA Unknown 1 minute Orange/ yellowish orb floating through sky 8/5/12
7/4/12 23:30 Kissimmee FL Unknown 3 minutes Bright Orange light seen in Orlando sky. 8/5/12
7/4/12 23:30 Everett WA Unknown 5 minutes 5 red/orange lights moving fast from the NE to the SW over Everett. 8/5/12
7/4/12 23:30 New Port Richey FL Unknown 15 minutes (appx) 5 orange lights moving strangely 8/5/12
7/4/12 23:00 Pt. St. Lucie FL Unknown 20 minutes (approx.) one bright orange ball traveling east into the sky, then black shadowey object descending. 8/5/12
7/4/12 23:00 Walkerton IN Unknown 3 hours Awestruck at the numerous air traffic on the 4th of July. 8/5/12
7/3/12 23:10 Belt MT Unknown approx 25 seconds Orange object appeared in night sky over Belt MT 7/4/12
7/2/12 22:40 Sterling IL Unknown 20 minutes At first we thought it was a helicopter put it was to low and there was no no noise the there was another one and another and so on til 7/4/12
7/1/12 21:35 Faisalabad (Pakistan)
Unknown 2 seconds Flashing lights in sky without any cloudy or stormy climate.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
6/29/12 21:00 Bristol TN Unknown less than 1 minute Strange black shadow that blocked the moon along with weird rush of wind. 7/4/12
6/27/12 22:45 Hamburg PA Unknown 10 minutes 3 steady white lights with flashing red and green lights over Berks County, Pa. 7/4/12
6/27/12 02:00 Minneapolis MN Unknown 10 minutes Objects Generating Intense Burst Of Light And Disapear 7/4/12
6/26/12 23:00 Patrick County VA Unknown 10 sec No big deal but definatly unusual and out of place bright light with no movement. 7/4/12
6/24/12 23:00 Union