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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
5/19/21 20:15 Atlanta GA Sphere 10 min Two black UFO over Atlanta one coming close to jet plane. 5/20/21
5/19/21 17:25 Glens Falls NY Triangle 20 minutes Triangular object over the Hudson River 5/20/21
5/19/21 14:30 North Haledon NJ Other 20 mins I’m no stranger to flying things but yesterday was very interestingly unusual. Attached is a drawing and that’s how close it was I coul 5/20/21
5/19/21 10:50 Clarksburg MD Triangle 1 min Triangle ufo 5/20/21
5/19/21 01:00 Sharon Connecticut CT Light 1 hour Strange star over northwestern connecticut 5/20/21
5/19/21 00:23 Rosamond CA Formation 1 minute Large Orange cluster of orbs 5/20/21
5/18/21 00:00 Corvallis OR Cigar 20 seconds Saw cigar shaped whitish/blue object with pulsing white and blue lights in sky near home depot in Corvallis, Oregon 5/20/21
5/18/21 21:25 Colton CA Circle 15 seconds Bright light in the sky vanishes in seconds 5/20/21
5/18/21 11:30 Paso Robles CA Sphere 5-10 seconds White ball traveling at very high speed, observed on clear sunny day. 5/20/21
5/18/21 07:40 Perth (Australia)
Disk 5 minutes I saw three circular shaped massive UFO's floating above my forming a triangle formation. They had flashing lights on the bottom of the 5/20/21
5/18/21 04:00 Warwick NY Unknown 2:00 Four blinking lights hovering without making a sound for at least 3 minutes in Orange County, NY 5/20/21
5/18/21 02:00 Carlsbad CA Light >30 minutes Orange dim lit orb floating in and out of the ocean 5/20/21
5/18/21 00:30 Lompoc CA Circle 5 minutes Strange lights formation disappearing in mid air over lompoc Ca near Airforce base. 5/20/21
5/17/21 22:07 Senoia GA Light 1 min Light object traveling across sky reacting to second light and defying logic of coomon air travel 5/20/21
5/17/21 21:30 Sherbrooke (Canada) QC Fireball 25 seconds Looked like pieces of falling meteor...instead of burning out they spaced out evenly and flew North parallel to earth at great speed. 5/20/21
5/17/21 11:00 Bouctouche (Canada)
Disk 5mins Weird lights and flying oval object with windows??!!? 5/20/21
5/17/21 02:08 Northern Ireland
Light 40seconds There was a double line of star like lights in the following formation.

: : : : : : : : : They moved in unison from west to east slo
5/17/21 01:20 Meridian ID Other ~5 minutes What looked to be a sparkling contrail was actually a massive illuminated ship that crossed the sky. 5/20/21
5/17/21 00:20 Susanville CA Other 2 min We were facing North(towards Alturas with the Sierra Nevada Mountains to our back). A "string" of 20 to 25 lights, moving fro 5/20/21
5/17/21 00:20 Fall River MA Fireball 3 minutes Early Monday morning, I was sitting on my deck looking north east that's when I noticed a large red and orange ball of light just unde 5/20/21
5/17/21 00:07 Bogota NJ Circle 1-3 minutes Bright green lights in the sky. 5/20/21
5/17/21 00:07 Bridgewater NH Cylinder 3.4 minutes Cylindrical shape craft hovered in Northeast sky for 1 minute, then moved slowly eastward for 2.4 minutes before disappearing from view 5/20/21
5/17/21 00:06 North Tonawanda NY Oval
Large oval shaped object spotted with lights that had the appearance of shooting stars but it wasn't. 5/20/21
5/17/21 00:00 Rutland VT Light 3 Min String of Lights In The Sky 5/20/21
5/16/21 23:38 Red Deer (Canada) AB
5 Minutes Organized line of bright objects 5/20/21
5/16/21 23:10 Richland WA Circle .5 hour 3 events of multiple UFO’ a with 1/2 hour span 5/20/21
5/16/21 23:00 Bellingham WA Light 20 min numerous pinpricks of light following each other evenly spaced 5/20/21
5/16/21 22:40 Keizer OR Circle 5 minutes or longer This was either a formation or a single craft with many lights on the outside. It was moving very slowly across the sky above my house. 5/20/21
5/16/21 21:30 Williamsport MD Formation 10 minutes? varying pattern of blinking lights VERY bright, shaped like an inverted question mark 5/20/21
5/16/21 20:15 Grand Rapids MI Light 1-2 minutes Bright white light in twilight sky. 5/20/21
5/16/21 20:00 Hiram GA Other 2 minutes metallic craft at high altitude with no contrail,obviuosly not an aerodynamic craft 5/20/21
5/16/21 19:00 Jacksonville NC Circle Hour Three bright orbs spaced apart and aligned with the moon. 5/20/21
5/16/21 18:30 Frenchtown NJ Other 2 minutes Black object effortlessly floated without the use of wings or engine. 5/20/21
5/16/21 18:00 Glendale CA Sphere 10 min Black spherical ufo 5/20/21
5/16/21 15:55 Niagara falls NY Oval 2 minutes Black oval object with windows shot straight up through cloud's 5/20/21
5/16/21 15:45 New Baltimore MI Circle 3 minutes Reflective slow moving white ball 5/20/21
5/16/21 14:30 San Pedro CA Circle 10-15 seconds Unbelievable! Very large circle shadow drifted across the water and docks at the port of los angeles headed north east.shadow was about 5/20/21
5/16/21 12:42 Otsego MN Disk 2 min We observed a comet about 10 minutes before. We were fishing by the boat launch opening and looked up and say a line of lights. The li 5/20/21
5/16/21 12:05 Plymouth MA Cigar 3 min Large dull white cigar or disc hovered, gradually glided east where it vanished as if the night sky absorbed it, it made no sound 5/20/21
5/16/21 10:00 Portland OR Formation 10 seconds Formation of lights across the night sky in Portland 5/20/21
5/16/21 09:54 Vincent AL Light 35 minutes Two objects were headed towards each other then they stopped abruptly. They headed east and 3 other objects came from the east and stop 5/20/21
5/16/21 09:30 Rochester NY Rectangle 3 seconds At around 9:30pm may 16 2021 we had a crescent moon so i brought out the telescope to look at the moon. while looking at a the moon ver 5/20/21
5/16/21 09:00 McDonald PA Unknown 1.5 hours 15 crafts in space that raced, darted, faded in and out, pretended to be stars, and wobbled in all directions in the sky. 5/20/21
5/16/21 08:17 Belen NM Circle 10 min As I pulled to the light on my way into the city for work I noticed a big silver metal sphere in the sky not moving so I pulled over an 5/20/21
5/16/21 05:30 Fort Myers FL Other ~2 Quick moving object in the sky 5/20/21
5/16/21 04:00 Newberg OR Light Aprox: 2 minutes there was a spherical light emitting a green laser, pointing diagonally towards the surface of the ground. from the lazer were smaller 5/20/21
5/16/21 01:00 Kamloops (Canada) BC Cigar 1 minute Lackluster sighting in comparison to other sightings, but , I was camping with my girlfriend when we noticed what we initially thought 5/20/21
5/16/21 00:12 Bowdoin ME Formation 10 seconds Very large silent Light formation moving at plane speed. 5/20/21
5/16/21 00:05 Utica NY Other 30 Seen A Stick Shaped UFO 5/20/21
5/15/21 23:39 Nampa ID Triangle 3 minutes My father and I were coming back from Lake Lowell and on our way back home we noticed a long low glowing bar of light floating along th 5/20/21
5/15/21 23:37 Emigrant MT Light 20 minutes String of Attached Lights with No Sound Moving Towards Us 5/20/21
5/15/21 23:30 Rochester MI Sphere 3 minutes Silver Sphere Ufo 5/20/21
5/15/21 23:30 Star ID Disk 10 minutes UFO in Star Idaho 5/20/21
5/15/21 22:55 Holland MI Circle 20 lus minutes I use the ce5 protocols and got footage totally by accident i was sitting on my porch recording and it wasn't until after I looked an 5/20/21
5/15/21 22:45 Randle WA Disk 4 minutes Two friends and i witnessed several bright balls of light in the sky heading northeast at 10:30 pm then at 1045 we observed a very larg 5/20/21
5/15/21 22:37 Concrete WA Other 4 minutes Linear white lights on object slowly floating in nothing I have ever seen before. Inexplicable. 5/20/21
5/15/21 22:36 Longview WA Cylinder 5 minutes Object that looked like a string of pearls in the sky. 5/20/21
5/15/21 22:36 Sisters OR Cigar 4 minutes Long and narrow illuminated craft flying high and somewhat slowly over Oregon (5-15-21, 22:36); 4 whitnesses 5/20/21
5/15/21 22:35 Vancouver WA Cigar 1-3 minutes Oblong white light travelling west to east slowly in northern sky's of Vancouver, Washington 5/20/21
5/15/21 22:35 Carson WA Rectangle 5 minutes A large horizontal bar of light moved slowly across the night sky, eventually lifting its back end to 45 degrees and maintaining course 5/20/21
5/15/21 22:35 Jacksonville OR Cigar 1 min. 30 sec Cigar shaped slightly illuminated object moving North-NorthEast. 5/20/21
5/15/21 22:30 Glasgow MT Rectangle 5 minutes Three individuals witnessed a brightly lit but silent very large object for 5 minutes at 10:30pm on 5/15/2021 west of Glasgow, MT. 5/20/21
5/15/21 22:30 Kissimmee FL Light 1 minute I was outside preying looked up, and the picture says it all. I usually have about 3 sightings a week where I am. 5/20/21
5/15/21 22:30 Ferndale WA Cylinder four min saw a green segmented object slowly traveling thru the sky 5/20/21
5/15/21 22:30 Conconully WA Cylinder 4 Min On a camping trip, and after my wife went to bed I was standing at the campfire looking up at all of the stars. I saw a long patch of w 5/20/21
5/15/21 22:06 Chautauqua Lake NY Light 35 minutes Six bright white fast moving lights appeared above us, one of which passed under a jet and followed our boat. 5/20/21
5/15/21 21:30 Highbridge NJ Cylinder Under 5 minutes Brilliant orange cylinder with points of white. Appeared translucent and had a deliberate flight path 5/20/21
5/15/21 21:00 Medford OR Circle 35 minutes Orange pulsating lights in a square formation to a straight line formation 5/20/21
5/15/21 20:40 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Circle 15 mins 11 glowing orange disc flew silently across the sky. They had no visible way of propulsion and looked like bright circles. 5/20/21
5/15/21 20:15 New Hanover Township PA Circle 2 - 3 minutes about 15 orange circular objects flying at low altitude. 5/20/21
5/15/21 11:50 Burnsville MN Disk 5 sec Animated looking green glowing flying saucer 5/20/21
5/15/21 06:10 Kakinada (India)
Oval few seconds Spotted UFO from close distance while jogging on beach 5/20/21
5/15/21 05:00 Amherst (Canada) NS Disk 45 seconds Silent very fast moving disc shape before daylight lot up the disc as I seen clearly and what looked like two smaller ones exiting it 5/20/21
5/15/21 04:00 Kelseyville CA Sphere 2 minutes Silent red orange orb 5/20/21
5/15/21 00:45 Storden MN Cigar 1:00 As I was closing the local bar alone. I looked up to the north and saw a subtle shiny object. It was shaped like a blimp or cigar. It a 5/20/21
5/14/21 23:50 North Myrtle Beach SC Changing 30+ Many lights over North Myrtle Beach ocean moving erratically 5/20/21
5/14/21 23:05 Eaton OH Sphere 3 minutes Orb in the sky looked like a turning ball of light. It went back and forth and closer and then farther away. I recorded it with my cell 5/20/21
5/14/21 21:30 Ironwood MI Circle
It was a clear night in May 14 2021. I saw a bright white “star-like” thing in the sky. It was moving. I was looking west of Ironwood. 5/20/21
5/14/21 18:40 Warner Robins GA Changing 10 minutes Shape shifting object that shimmered and or produced white yellow lights in different spots. 5/20/21
5/14/21 14:00 Kingwood TX Sphere 15-20 minutes Ball shaped uap over northeast Houston in broad daylight. 5/20/21
5/14/21 09:30 Lincoln GA Cigar Around 3 minutes or short A white cigar shaped craft stationary and flashing in the sky. 5/20/21
5/14/21 04:17 St. Thomas (Canada) ON Circle 1.5 Minutes Two lights moving in sync. 5/20/21
5/14/21 04:13 Los Alamos NM Sphere 8 minutes Bright gold ball low in the sky in a perfect straight line going east 5/20/21
5/13/21 22:30 Holden Beach OH Light 1/2 hour My daughter and I were sitting on our beach house back deck when we saw two yellow lights over the ocean in the southern sky. The light 5/20/21
5/13/21 21:30 Mississauga (Canada) ON Light 1-2 mins A bright colourful large object in Mississauga disappeared into a bright white ball of light 5/20/21
5/13/21 21:05 Shelbyville IN Light 1-2 minutes It was just a light. Moved around seemed to zoom out of view and back in one or twice. 5/20/21
5/13/21 21:00 Marysville WA Changing 3 hours Immense colorful shapeshifting Orb illuminating hovering in the sky. 5/20/21
5/13/21 01:30 La grande OR Formation 2-4 minutes 5-9 tightly grouped objects in a line 5/20/21
5/13/21 01:00 Radcliff KY
30 Min Cancer and Grey Beings 5/20/21
5/12/21 23:00 Naples FL Disk 5 min. Saw 3 UFOs hovering above - looked like they were playing games flying around each other amongst the three saucers 5/20/21
5/12/21 20:28 Hephzibah GA Unknown About a minute Just before sunset, an aircraft with three bright white lights hovered over the highway treeline observing traffic. 5/20/21
5/12/21 19:40 Tehachapi CA Disk ca 20 seconds single small disc like a helium balloon but flying overhead straight, steady, silent and fast just after sunset. No wind. 5/20/21
5/12/21 02:36 Saint Clairsville OH Oval 25 minutes Metallic white almond shaped object with bright blue aura in dense woodland 5/20/21
5/12/21 01:00 Phillipsburg NJ Circle
Many people in town has reported about 2 circles glowing redi-sh orange. The one was bigger than the other and the like pulsating. Witn 5/20/21
5/11/21 05:03 Atlantic Beach FL Unknown Seems like an hour I noticed the unidentified bright lights and vertically aligned squared shaped objects moving sporadically as seen on the security cam. 5/20/21
5/10/21 23:00 Taylor MI Oval All night Dark spots in the night are UFO.s 5/20/21
5/10/21 22:00 Sarasota FL Other 2 minutes String of lights 5/20/21
5/10/21 21:18 Cairo (Egypt)
Unknown ~5 minutes Line of stars exceeding 25 moving slowly 5/20/21
5/10/21 11:00 Naples FL Circle 10 min. UFO sighting 5/20/21
5/10/21 10:30 Tampa FL Oval 3 seconds I was driving home, headed southbound on Bayshore Blvd. approaching Gandy Blvd. driving 35mph. Approximately 6 or 7 streets north of G 5/20/21
5/9/21 23:30 Mobile AL Circle 3 min Orange Light Over Mobile AL 5/20/21
5/9/21 23:30 Beaconsfield (Canada) QC Formation 2-3 minutes that we saw I just returned from walking my dog when I turned to the NW and saw what I thought were 3 stars, but then noticed one was moving, then 5/20/21
5/9/21 22:25 Port Charlotte FL Sphere 11 seconds My home security camera captured two spheres of light hovering around. It appeared as if they were aware of each other. Then the bigges 5/20/21
5/9/21 21:30 Ocala FL Formation 2 minutes Flying line Formation of unidentifiable objects in clear sky 5/20/21
5/9/21 20:30 Kailua HI Unknown 5 minutes Zooming ball of light in the Hawaiian night sky defying all propulsion physics. 5/20/21
5/9/21 13:30 Nice CA Disk 5 seconds A silent disk went over me, my fiance and my son's head and out over the water of Clear Lake. 5/20/21
5/9/21 03:10 Minneapolis MN Light
blue light crash. cube space craft with yellow lights 5/20/21
5/9/21 02:39 Nokomis FL Circle 3 seconds Ball of fire. 1/8 th inch from my perspective. No light trail. Looks like landed in Gulf of Mexico. Did not look like shooting star 5/20/21
5/8/21 23:49 Evansville IN Circle
Circle of light going around in a circle in the sky. 5/20/21
5/8/21 23:00 Santa Rosa CA Light 15 minutes My sister her husband and I were viewing the stars last night. At first we thought we were seeing the starlink satellites but they were 5/20/21
5/8/21 23:00 Chisholm MN Circle 20 minutes Hundres of white lights traveling in the same direction and same speed west to east over Chisholm mn , there was a pattern ( *** ** 5/20/21
5/8/21 21:45 Shrewsbury PA Formation 2 minutes Small lights circulating in a straight line, over and over 5/20/21
5/8/21 21:40 Camp Hill PA Circle 2 minutes White dots moving in a line. 5/20/21
5/8/21 21:36 Ashburn VA Circle 1 minute 6-8 lights moving in circular pattern from west to south along the sky 5/20/21
5/8/21 21:35 Mount Airy NC Light 5 minutes At 9:35 pm While setting outside I happen to look up in north west Direction and noticed a string of lights flying toward the south we 5/20/21
5/8/21 21:30 Lewisburg WV Formation 20 minutes string of lights roughly in line numbering more than 50 heading from roughly west then turning to the south 5/20/21
5/8/21 21:30 Aldie VA Formation 1:30 Dozens of lights moving in single-filed formation flying east 5/20/21
5/8/21 21:25 Bluefield WV Rectangle 1 minutes I saw a row of 5 lights, round, each one the same size appear in the sky and slowly 1 by 1 faded away at the same point in the sky. 5/20/21
5/8/21 21:00 Santa Fe NM Light 5 minutes I was at frenchy's field park here in town. About 9 in the evening. I was hanging upside down from the pull up bar, doing my regular ca 5/20/21
5/8/21 21:00 Washington PA Light 5 minutes 3 lights, odd red color 5/20/21
5/8/21 20:05 Concho AZ Light 5 minutes Lights over Northeastern AZ 5/20/21
5/8/21 20:00 Littleton CO Sphere 6 minutes ufo in a storm cloud 5/20/21
5/8/21 17:05 Running Springs CA Unknown 1 minutes UFO OVER REDLANDS WITH COLOR SPECTRUM 5/20/21
5/8/21 15:07 Austin TX Oval 6 seconds Glowing Oval Orb 5/20/21
5/8/21 09:30 Irmo SC Formation 30 Saw various lights like starts traveling in a row and disappear in the sky. 5/20/21
5/8/21 00:00 Eagle River MI Formation 15 minutes At night, midnight sky. First saw 10-12 white lighted capsules moving across the sky in perfect formation. Moving in a straight line, s 5/20/21
5/7/21 23:45 Weeki Wachee FL Unknown <10 minutes Watching TV then go outside and see a large pulsating light in the sky 5/20/21
5/7/21 23:00 Mattawa (Canada) ON Formation 2 minutes approx 40 starlight formation some traveling in pairs and some single but in a straight line over the town of Mattawa approx at 11pm. 5/20/21
5/7/21 22:15 Calistoga CA Light 5-7 minutes 116 orbs in total traveling the three groups equally spaced apart and traveling at the same speed not following the horizon 5/20/21
5/7/21 21:45 Decatur IL Disk 10 minutes Saw disc with lights rotating like:::::: &quot;·· ·· ·· ··&quot; then in &quot;··· ··· ··· ···&quot; back down to 2, then 1, and gone. 5/20/21
5/7/21 21:45 Placerville CA Light several minutes single lights all in a row moving slowly then disappeared 5/20/21
5/7/21 21:30 Havelock NC Formation 2 minute I was talking to my brother on my cell phone on my front porch with my wife. I looked up to the stars and off to the left I noticed doz 5/20/21
5/7/21 21:22 Dublin CA Formation 10 minutes We saw 50 unidentifiable flying objects approximately 8 miles above the standard landing flight pattern for the Bay Area. 5/20/21
5/7/21 21:20 Kensington CA Unknown 5 minutes A line of 50 lights evenly paced moving west to east, San Francisco Bay Area CA 5/20/21
5/7/21 21:20 Shaver Lake CA Formation 5 minutes A long formation of lights across the lower Northern sky, flying straight and evenly spaced that lasted for several minutes. 5/20/21
5/7/21 21:20 Grove OK Light 20 minutes It was like watching a hundred lights marching off to war, single file 5/20/21
5/7/21 21:12 Marin CA Formation 10 minutes Series of lights 50+ viewed on same trajectory, 5/20/21
5/7/21 21:00 Raleigh NC Light 3-4 minutes String of lights over Raleigh near falls lake 5/20/21
5/7/21 21:00 Antioch CA Light 1-2 minutes While walking my dog in the early evening on 5/7/21 in Antioch, California around 9:15 p.m., I saw lights about the size of stars movin 5/20/21
5/7/21 11:35 Jonesboro GA Sphere 5 minutes Was working electrical job in jonesboro woth my boss robert little ,we were in the parking lot the sky wasostly clear with only a few c 5/20/21
5/7/21 09:57 Sartell MN Other 3 Saw a straight line of possibly 30 lights traveling from the southwest to the northeast.

We didn't hear anything from them. Not sur
5/7/21 08:50 Albuquerque NM Light 4-5 minutes A string of lights going from south to north. 5/20/21
5/7/21 05:30 DeFuniak Springs FL Fireball 25 seconds South toward the the Gulf of Mexico a comet like object traveling east to west, vertically with a very large tail, lighting up the sky. 5/20/21
5/7/21 02:24 Somersworth NH Triangle 1-2 minutes Around 2:24am, I was driving up rte 16 going north & as I past the old exit 8 to my left of me about 8 to 10 stories high above a tree 5/20/21
5/7/21 Littleton CO Light ~2-3 minutes Long string of a line of stellar type objects moving from SSW to NNE. 5/20/21
5/6/21 00:00 Bishop CA Formation 1+ minutes Bishop, CA 20+ objects in straight, evenly spaced formation moving slowly west to east. 5/20/21
5/6/21 23:30 South Bend IN Oval 40 seconds Look at the clear north Sky. Looking at big dipper. I saw 6 orbs bright light. Much larger the the stars. Moving much faster then a sat 5/20/21
5/6/21 23:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Circle 2 mins 7-10 orbs that first looked like stars moving in a line, south towards Lake Ontario. 5/20/21
5/6/21 22:55 Burlington KS Light ~3 minutes Over New Strawn Ks, a line of white bright objects traveled in a uniform straight line, slowly aprox. 200 to 500mph im guessing. It mig 5/20/21
5/6/21 22:40 Gainesville GA Disk 5 min ENORMOUS disc-shaped UFO with band of lights spotted 5/6/21 at 22:40 hovering over Lake Lanier (Gainesville, GA) 5/20/21
5/6/21 22:33 Rockville MD Light 2 minutes Multiple lights moving with constant brightness. 5/20/21
5/6/21 22:30 Lafayette IN Light 3 minutes As I was waiting outside for my uber I looked up to see a sting of 6 lights flying right behind each other ((Starlink satellites??)) 5/20/21
5/6/21 22:13 Fruita CO Unknown 2 minutes Fleet of UFO's witnessed in small town, Colorado 5/20/21
5/6/21 22:00 Bauxite AR Formation 5 minutes String of objects silently moving through the night sky 5/20/21
5/6/21 22:00 Parker CO Light 4 minutes or more UFO's over Parker CO night sky, 30 lights moving in a row 5/20/21
5/6/21 21:50 Fayetteville AR Sphere 2 minutes Looking towards the west sky, I saw several oval shaped glowing vessels in kind of a line. They were not making any sound but seemed cl 5/20/21
5/6/21 21:45 Metropolis IL Light >1 minute The lights were not flashing and moving at the same speed. 5/20/21
5/6/21 21:45 Dover DE Formation 3-5 minute Massive String of lights in sky 5/20/21
5/6/21 21:38 Amory MS Formation 7 minutes 10 lights in a row with the same space between them moving at a high speed. Took pictures with cell phone. 5/20/21
5/6/21 21:30 Flippin AR Circle 5-10 minutes 30 bright objects moving in a wave motion and 1 by 1 disappearing up into the sky. 5/20/21
5/6/21 21:30 Fitchburg WI Light 2-3 minutes Dozens of aircraft, seen traveling in a line, outside Madison Wisconsin. Looked like oriens belt, but with 40 stars instead of 3. 5/20/21
5/6/21 21:15 Pahrump NV Unknown 10 minutes Straight lines of illuminated objects 5/20/21
5/6/21 21:10 Redding CA Light 2 minutes String of dozens of solid lights 5/20/21
5/6/21 21:01 Colorado Springs CO Light 20-30 seconds Bright solid light followed by helicopter 5/20/21
5/6/21 21:00 West Valley/Phoenix/Glendale AZ Disk 20 minutes odd light formation ((Starlink satellites??)) 5/20/21
5/6/21 21:00 Arroyo Seco NM Light 20 minutes I saw eight moving slow light in the sky &quot;Fleet&quot; ((Starlink satellites??)) 5/20/21
5/6/21 21:00 San Jose CA Sphere 2 minutes freaked me out 5/20/21
5/6/21 20:43 Longmont CO Light 20 minutes Lights very high in the sky moving aircraft speed moving from SW to NE direction. ((Starlink satellites??)) 5/20/21
5/6/21 20:30 Walsenburg CO Unknown 1 hour 2 adult individuals witness a distant object extremely high in the southern night sky over walsenburg Colorado. The object was illumin 5/20/21
5/6/21 05:30 Houston TX Formation 60 seconds A long single file group of approximately 25 to 30 objects moving from the northwest to southeast. The objects appeared like a medium s 5/20/21
5/6/21 04:45 Palm Springs CA Formation 1-2 minutes Formation of ten bright lights over Palm Springs 5/20/21
5/5/21 22:45 Toronto (Canada) ON Circle 1 minute Orange/Red circle flying north to south over Toronto 5/20/21
5/5/21 22:35 Cleveland TN Light 10 minutes 30+ lights in a line. 5/20/21
5/5/21 22:04 Kelseyville CA Other 30 seconds I was walking down by the lake and saw this long what looked like a contrail left by a jet airplane but all lights it was the weirdest 5/20/21
5/5/21 22:00 Silver City NM Light 2 minutes I saw seven flying craft with lights all flying in a line and then disappearing within seconds with no lights 5/20/21
5/5/21 22:00 Albuquerque NM Formation 15 minutes I thought I was looking at Cassiopeia with its 'W' shape, then I released that it was a series of lights moving silently across the sky 5/20/21
5/5/21 21:42 Salt Lake city UT Changing ~8-10 minutes each 3 separate fleets of light in the sky in 1 night. 5/20/21
5/5/21 21:30 Williams AZ Formation 1 minute Very long, straight craft with string of bright lights on it seen moving slowly in night sky near Williams Arizona. 5/20/21
5/5/21 21:25 Reno NV Light 30 seconds 40-50 lights in line across the Reno sky. 5/20/21
5/5/21 21:24 Bliss ID Light 3 minutes I saw these lights and Bliss Idaho.They were all in a straight line.Possibly a little higher than a small plane would fly.Moving slowly 5/20/21
5/5/21 21:05 Sutter Creek CA Cigar 10 minutes Approximately 60 aircraft lined up like a train flying south to north. 5/20/21
5/5/21 21:04 Chino Valley AZ Circle 1 minute String of approximately 10 circular lights moving in one direction overhead very slowly disappearing one at a time 5/20/21
5/5/21 21:00 Gardnerville NV Circle 2 minutes My wife and I were in the hot tub when I observed 8 circular lights heading northeast over the Pine Nut Mountain Range in northwestern 5/20/21
5/5/21 21:00 Cordes Lakes AZ Circle 15 minutes Single file streaming like abarmada aprox 200 as we 4 watched amazed calling to the nebors to come see. As a friend pulled up he also 5/20/21
5/5/21 21:00 Sylmar CA Light 5 minutes 100+ lights in single formation flying SW over LA county 5/20/21
5/5/21 21:00 Tucson AZ Circle 5 minutes 30 plus white circular objects in linear flight in Tucson, AZ sky. ((Starlink satellites??)) 5/20/21
5/5/21 21:00 Pinon Hills CA Circle 4 minutes A large group of small star like crafts flying in a straight line heading from north east spaced out evenly about 5 to ten feet apart a 5/20/21
5/5/21 20:58 Madera CA Formation 3 minutes Weird string of lights 5/20/21
5/5/21 20:57

I submitted my report at 11:30 today but it is NOT A UFO SIGHTING; IT WAS JUST THE DAMN SATELLITES! I'M SO SORRY. 5/20/21
5/5/21 20:57 Tollhouse CA Unknown .20 seconds 10-12 objects flying in formation just above horizon, silently one after the other going north over Sierra 5/20/21
5/5/21 20:50 Camarillo CA Light 10 minutes At least 100 bright lights in a very long straight line and was very quiet. 5/20/21
5/5/21 20:40 Henet CA Light 5 minutes 30 small orb lights in a row 5/20/21
5/5/21 20:30 Cumberland RI Fireball 2-3 minutes 3 yellow/orange fireball like lights traveling silently and following each other. 5/20/21
5/5/21 20:30 Buckeye AZ Oval 5 minutes 9 yellow orbs float overhead before space x satellites appear. 5/20/21
5/5/21 13:00 Cleveland TX Cylinder 2 minutes Flying Garbage Can????? 5/20/21
5/5/21 10:05 Park City UT Formation 3 minutes We witnessed a straight line of approximately 25 white lights, (no flashing), traveling at a uniform speed and perfectly spaced. They a 5/20/21
5/5/21 10:00 Silver city OR Unknown 1 minutes I was in my car turning onto my street when I saw 7 bright lights all flying in a line right above me and then before I could take a pi 5/20/21
5/5/21 09:15 Kingman AZ Formation 5 minutes see above statement. 5/20/21
5/5/21 04:45 Los Osos CA Light 4 minutes Trail of 60+ lights traveling in a line without sound in close linear formation- not visible on cameras 5/20/21
5/5/21 04:45 Garden Valley CA Formation 75 seconds line of non flashing lights. 5/20/21
5/5/21 04:40 Minden NV Light 3-4 minutes Starlight objects moving rapidly in a straight line across the sky. 5/20/21
5/5/21 04:40 Oregon City OR Circle 3-5 minutes Around 4:30 AM I went to walk the dog.After sometime I looked up to see if I could find any Aquarid meteors. Instead I saw small orbs o 5/20/21
5/5/21 Willcox AZ Light 20 minutes A series of lights moving in a line through the NW sky slow and low. No noise, evenly spaced, White light. 5/20/21
5/4/21 22:00 Spicer MN Rectangle 5 minutes Titanic size, slow, low floating, silent, rectangle 5/20/21
5/4/21 21:58 Weston WI Formation 50 seconds Looked like a string of white lights..solid. 5/20/21
5/4/21 21:56 Clovis CA Fireball 20-25 minutes Fireballs in the night sky 5/20/21
5/4/21 21:55 Maple Lake MN Cigar 2 minutes I saw a string of lights in an absolute straight line flying silently across the sky from West to E. ((Starlink satellites??)) 5/20/21
5/4/21 21:30 Tigard OR Light A few minutes Row of lights moving together silently through the sky 5/20/21
5/4/21 21:30 Harrington ME Cylinder 30-45 seconds I was taking out my trash for the following morning and saw this florescent cylinder shaped craft hovering above our home, I called to 5/20/21
5/4/21 21:30 Stanwood WA Other 3 minutes White unblinking lights in long line, straight formation, no sound, slow steady speed in straight line moving west to east 5/20/21
5/4/21 21:25 Santa Clara/Eugene OR Unknown 25 seconds Series of lights seen while stargazing, possible UFO the length of the Hindenburg. 5/20/21
5/4/21 21:25 Spanaway WA Light 20 seconds A large craft with numerous lights forming a line moving silently towards Mt. Rainier (east) 5/20/21
5/4/21 21:25 Lebanon OR Formation ~3 minutes A distinct, tight stream of colored lights (18+) in a straight line moving slowly across sky-definitely not planes-Never seen before 5/20/21
5/4/21 21:25 Vancouver WA Cylinder 2 minutes At about 9:25 PM over West Vancouver, I observed what appeared to be a long tube or cylindrical shaped object flying at an angle toward 5/20/21
5/4/21 21:24 Mukilteo WA Other 2 minutes On 5/24/21 just after dusk, with last light on a cloudless Western sky, I was taking my dog on our nightly walk around my neighborhood, 5/20/21
5/4/21 21:00 Everett WA Formation 30 seconds Multiple lights that contracted then retracted into one then disappeared. ((Starrlink satellites??)) 5/20/21
5/4/21 20:00 Encinitas CA Changing 22:00 3 Orbs Planted in the sky like stars but upon video taping were multi colored changing shapes 5/20/21
5/4/21 19:20 Bend OR Light 30 seconds IFO - StarLink satellite train 5/20/21
5/4/21 10:28 Sand Hollow ID Unknown 45 seconds Four of us sitting on our front porch enjoying the evening before bed out of nowhere we see this long line of straight white lights not 5/20/21
5/4/21 07:35 Terrell TX Disk 5-10 minutes Strange Gray Disk Hovering then shooting up and disappearing.. 5/20/21
5/4/21 04:45 North Plains OR
60 seconds
5/4/21 04:40 Zamora CA Circle 45 seconds EMS sees line of UFOs traveling two by two. 5/20/21
5/4/21 04:30 Madera CA Formation 2 minutes line of about 10 stars that were moving, the front one disappears and another appears on the back, sometimes stop and go 5/20/21
5/4/21 01:45 Mullingar (Ireland)
Circle 8 minutes On 4th of May 2021 I was in bed and my partner came to the bedroom at 1:40am he was goung to bed but looked at the window and shout my 5/20/21
5/4/21 01:00 Zimmermann MN Fireball 15 minutes There was a massive line of straight light looking like fire balls but in a perfect formation with blinking lights all around it. It ho 5/20/21
5/3/21 22:30 Point of Rocks WY Light 15 seconds Facing west I noticed 6-8 box’s connected at about 170 degrees moving wnw at slow to medium speed, each box was connected in line and 5/20/21
5/3/21 21:15 Jacksonville FL Fireball <5 minutes We saw a bright fireball in the sky that was very bright and moving slowly. Initially we thought it was a drone.

As it moved towards
5/3/21 21:00 Pismo Beach CA Triangle Seconds Black triangle with three white lights at each corner passed overhead slowly and silently at 9 pm in a residential area near hwy 101. 5/20/21
5/3/21 19:30 Brandon MS Sphere 5 minutes Bright mini sized moon appeared near dusk in the northern sky for about 5 minutes and then zoomed out of sight 5/20/21
5/3/21 13:00 Auburn WA Oval 2 seconds Drone footage of impossible fast moving object. 5/20/21
5/2/21 22:50 Clearwater Beach FL Formation 00:00:10 Two bright white object moving in high rate of speed and synchronized movements. 5/20/21
5/2/21 20:45 Westport CT Unknown 30 seconds Unusual path and abrupt changes of direction by a star-like object in the sky 5/20/21
5/2/21 11:00 Colorado Springs CO Sphere 10-15 seconds 7 white objects fly across blue sky and then disappeared 5/20/21
5/2/21 06:30 Seattle WA Circle 15 minutes Circle objest hovering in the clouds above flight path. 5/20/21
5/2/21 05:00 Atlanta GA Fireball 2 hours Ring Door Bell Recording UFO disappearing 5/20/21
5/2/21 04:00 Claremore OK Triangle 3 seconds Large triangular object with soft points, light blue edges and black towards the center. It was moving incredibly fast. It was moderate 5/20/21
5/1/21 23:00 Burkesville KY Oval 5 minutes Was over cumberland river near bridge and flew over house on south side bluetooth radio and lights outside started to blink radio made 5/20/21
5/1/21 22:00 Massapequa Park NY Fireball 20 seconds Fireball shape moving very fast through the sky. Did not have any sound. Seen moving in a straight line for about 20 seconds before dis 5/20/21
5/1/21 21:00 Crest Hill IL Light 10 seconds bright object moving southeast to northwest 5/20/21
5/1/21 21:00 Hartsel CO Light 2 hours Dancing red lights above elkhorn basin. 5/20/21
5/1/21 20:56 Grand Junction CO

MADAR Node 75 5/20/21
5/1/21 20:00 Fond du Lac WI Circle 7 seconds black/dark gray circular object comes out of the clouds before disappearing back into them 5/20/21
5/1/21 20:00 Fond du Lac WI Circle 10 seconds dark circular object comes out of the clouds before disappearing back into them 5/20/21
5/1/21 18:20 Chicago IL Formation 20 seconds My wife and I were sitting on the grass in the park overlooking the water of Lake Michigan at Montrose Harbor facing East. The sky was 5/20/21
5/1/21 18:20 Valley City ND

MADAR Node 93 5/20/21
5/1/21 18:00 Fredericksburg VA Circle 5 minutes Large group of small circular objects 5/20/21
5/1/21 16:35 Glens Falls NY Triangle 10-15 minutes Triangular object glens falls 5/20/21
5/1/21 12:45 West Hollywood CA Egg 10 minutes UFO sighting from West Hollywood looking NE 5/20/21
5/1/21 08:45 Vero Beach FL Other 20 minutes Metal object in daylight sky very slow moving 5/20/21
4/30/21 23:15 Brights Grove (Canada) ON Oval 30 seconds Transparent fish like object sucking power from power line and going across truck windshield. And becomes a bright ball of ... 5/20/21
4/30/21 21:00 Newton IA Circle 5 seconds it was northeast direction saw a bright circle shape move slow then disappear very quickly 5/20/21
4/30/21 20:45 Jellico TN Other 15 seconds I was out flying a drone in the field and heard this rumbling but not very loud but started feeling the rumbling more than heard looked 5/20/21
4/30/21 19:42 Cottonwood AZ Light 3 days in a row about 1 m The past 3 nights my husband and I have seen between an orange to a red glow light that appears moving erratically then disappears and 5/20/21
4/30/21 00:45 Fairfield OH Fireball 5 seconds Green flash, streak, fireball. 5/20/21
4/30/21 00:00 Oak Hill WV Circle 10 minutes A little after midnight at a resort in WV. Was outside in a hot tub relaxing. Had 3 beers 1 had a drink koozie around it, the one I was 5/20/21
4/29/21 23:59 Oswego NY Rectangle 5 minutes Flashing red lights and white objects 5/20/21
4/29/21 23:39 Homosassa FL Fireball 5 minutes I was sitting outside looking to the east and homosassa Florida I saw a hot pink streak and as I watched it go across the sky it turned 5/20/21
4/29/21 22:45 Corydon IN Oval 10 minutes Sighting: Date: April 29, 2021 Location: Corydon, Indiana Time: Approx. 10:45PM Weather: Partly cloudy with rain Visual observers: 2 D 5/20/21
4/29/21 22:00 Flagstaff AZ Sphere 10 seconds Super bright yellow object... Pointed it out to my friend, me and him were staring at it and it instantly disappeared 5/20/21
4/29/21 22:00 Aragonite UT Disk 10 seconds Black disc with blue dotted flashing lights hovering near our car on interstate 80 5/20/21
4/29/21 21:03 Carson City NV Circle 8 minutes Bright counter-clock spinning 5/20/21
4/29/21 13:58 St. Louis MO

MADAR Node 70 5/20/21
4/29/21 09:32 Kansas City MO

MADAR Node 40 5/20/21
4/28/21 23:46 Kissimmee FL Fireball 3 minutes We saw what looked like a huge fireball in the sky. It looked very different than a falling star. It was a falling fireball. And then t 5/20/21
4/28/21 21:50 Carson City NV Circle 10 minutes Ufo staying still spinning 5/20/21
4/28/21 21:40 Yardley PA Unknown 5 minutes Red flickering lights in Bucks County, PA 5/20/21
4/27/21 20:15 Everett WA Light 15 minutes Triangle formation of twinkling lights 5/20/21
4/27/21 18:42 Armadale (Australia)
Flash 1 second This happened twice, I thought it was the shuttle to the ISS, but it happened again. The trajectory movement is North East, two nights 5/20/21
4/27/21 17:26 Palmdale CA Oval 1 minute I was sitting having dinner at the dining table and I was looking out the sliding glass door when I noticed this dark object. I watched 5/20/21
4/27/21 15:31 South Portland ME Other 5 minutes My husband saw a sparkle in the sky and thought it was a balloon. I thought it was too high up and big to be a balloon so I grabbed my 5/20/21
4/27/21 13:06 Hanover MD

MADAR Node 77 5/20/21
4/27/21 11:19 St. Louis MO

MADAR Node 70 5/20/21
4/27/21 10:22 Gulf Shores AL Sphere 10 minutes Flashing white light hovering near an airport before jetting away at well over 1000 miles an hour without sound. 5/20/21
4/27/21 09:20 Douglas WY Light 20 seconds First I would like to say I don't want anyone to think I am crazy. This is not a hoax or a joke, I just want some answers and to know t 5/20/21
4/27/21 07:00 Tallahassee FL Unknown 10 minutes I arrived at work and I parked my car in front of the building. The sky was clear without clouds. As I was walking, I looked into the s 5/20/21
4/27/21 04:40 Bladenboro NC Light Minutes 35-30 bright &quot;stars&quot; traveling the same speed and equal distances apart 5/20/21
4/27/21 04:00 Okemos MI Triangle 1 minute On the morning of April 27th, 2021 I was sitting outside smoking cigarettes under my deck at approximately 4:00 in the morning near Eas 5/20/21
4/26/21 23:00 Reading PA Triangle 20 minutes Stable in one spot in sky! Looked through binoculars and saw triangle shape with red, green and white lights turning off and on with ci 5/20/21
4/26/21 22:00 Res Moines IA Other 1 minute I was in my front yard looking at the Super Pink Moon with my neighbor in the evening on the eveningof April 26th, 2021. We were both u 5/20/21
4/26/21 21:25 Cleveland TX Oval 15 seconds Something astounding in the skies of southeast Texas.... 5/20/21
4/26/21 19:29 Houston TX Unknown <5 seconds Flashing an Streaking object near the moon 5/20/21
4/26/21 17:44 Edmonds WA

MADAR Node 61 5/20/21
4/26/21 06:21 Fort Myers FL Other ~2 minutes Fast moving light seen in early morning sky of Fort myers, Florida. 5/20/21
4/26/21 03:00 Lubbock TX Unknown 15 minutes Bright white beam shot towards me while floating white lit craft hovers 2 and a half feet above back yard. 5/20/21
4/26/21 00:30 New Britain CT Unknown 3 seconds Chrome blue light moving quickly and curving from northwest to dew north. 5/20/21
4/26/21 00:30 Calgary (Canada) AB Circle Minute Erratically fast moving white star like craft, dimmed down and vanished 5/20/21
4/26/21 easley SC Triangle 5 minutes I have never made one of these reports and I am reluctant to make this one. I am prior USAF SSGT, Retire after 23 years of government 5/20/21
4/25/21 22:00 North Charleston (Folly Beach) SC Changing
3 lights in a triangle formations changes shapes and 1 light vanishes 5/20/21
4/25/21 19:05 Show Low AZ

MADAR Node 74 5/20/21
4/25/21 17:00 Hot Springs AR Triangle 2 minutes We saw what looked like a big triangle shaped mirror and I'm assuming you could only see it when the light was shining on it right beca 5/20/21
4/25/21 12:54 Swayze IN

MADAR Node 22 5/20/21
4/25/21 10:15 Gainesville GA Sphere 25 minutes Twinkling lights ball. Stationary in sky before slowly moving away 5/20/21
4/25/21 05:38 Santa Claus IN

MADAR Node 114 5/20/21
4/24/21 22:00 Phoenix AZ Sphere 8 minutes 6 objects. Round. Bright as full moon. Size of seeing venus but larger. Moving west to east. 4 in a diamond formation with two followin 5/20/21
4/23/21 23:36 Watauga TX Fireball 2 minutes Large, Silent, Fireball-like Objects Crossing over Field 5/20/21
4/23/21 21:00 Candler NC Oval 15 minutes Watched 3 separate ufos lift up and take off 5/20/21
4/23/21 20:55 Branford CT Fireball 2 minutes Bright orange fireball moving slow speed over trees, hovering and disappearing. Second encounter recorded, clear sky and moonlight. 5/20/21
4/23/21 20:30 Gresham OR Circle 5 minutes 2 circular aerial objects observed over Gresham Oregon 4/23/21 5/20/21
4/23/21 05:40 Athens GA Light 10 minutes Saw a very bright large light moving fairly low and slowly across the Eastern sky. The light was shining in one direction while movin 5/20/21
4/23/21 05:30 Hinesville GA Triangle 20 minutes Object was on slow descent towards fort Stewart Georgia object was triangle shape slightly turned sideways with bright light protruding 5/20/21
4/23/21 05:30 Hinesville GA Triangle 20 minutes Object was on slow descent towards fort Stewart Georgia object was triangle shape likely turned sideways with bright light protruding f 5/20/21
4/23/21 03:07 Mountlake Terrace WA

MADAR Node 100 5/20/21
4/23/21 03:00 Tampa FL Light 1 minute ((name deleted)) 5/20/21
4/23/21 01:40 Star Valley AZ

MADAR Node 53 5/20/21
4/22/21 16:58 Kingman AZ Disk 7 seconds Small silver/white disk shaped object traveling in excess of 2-300 mph south of Kingman AZ 5/20/21
4/22/21 11:56 Crooked River Ranch OR Light 90 seconds Lights high speed one catching other then turning left. Covered full sky horizon in 90 seconds. 5/20/21
4/22/21 10:01 Pine City NY

MADAR Node 82 5/20/21
4/22/21 10:00 Surprise AZ Egg 1 hour I can go or send anyone at anytime to this area and they will get proof because I believe this is a base and if anyone observes then su 5/20/21
4/22/21 05:32 Springfield MO

MADAR Node 36 5/20/21
4/22/21 03:35 Lacey WA

MADAR Node 50 5/20/21
4/21/21 10:57 Keene NH

MADAR Node 27 5/20/21
4/21/21 07:24 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 98 5/20/21
4/21/21 05:31 Franklin KY

MADAR Node 54 5/20/21
4/21/21 04:47 Erie PA

MADAR Node 39 5/20/21
4/20/21 15:25 Pine City NY

MADAR Node 82 5/20/21
4/20/21 11:09 St. Louis MO

MADAR Node 70 5/20/21
4/20/21 04:52 Mountlake Terrace WA

MADAR Node 100 5/20/21
4/19/21 20:12 Buffalo NY

MADAR Node 163 5/20/21
4/19/21 20:04 Edmonds WA

MADAR Node 61 5/20/21
4/19/21 16:51 Indianapolis IN

MADAR Node 21 5/20/21
4/19/21 15:29 Albuquerque NM

MADAR Node 23 5/20/21
4/19/21 14:32 Lees Summit MO

MADAR Node 24 5/20/21
4/19/21 00:25 Estes Park CO

MADAR Node 156 5/20/21
4/18/21 21:30 Santa Fe TX Sphere 15-20 minutes Green orb making irregular movements in the sky 5/20/21
4/18/21 16:47 Teaneck NJ

MADAR Node 28 5/20/21
4/18/21 14:03 Garrettsville OH

MADAR Node 64 5/20/21
4/17/21 Lexington KY Circle 20 minutes I was bird watching, as I was looking up at the sky I noticed something circle shaped color of aluminum foil in the sky at first I thou 5/20/21
4/16/21 21:48 Corona CA Circle 45 seconds Alerted by my German Shepherd, I saw a very ultra white, very bright round light slowly traveling west. 5/20/21
4/16/21 11:32 Tucson AZ Disk 1/500 second Unknown fast object appears in down-loaded photo 5/20/21
4/14/21 23:29 Washington, DC DC Triangle 1 hour Washington, DC, craft and sky events 5/20/21
4/14/21 18:52
NJ Other 15 minutes Object was high (one to two thousand feet?). Was metallic. Kept having aura flash around it which would obscure the flying object entir 5/20/21
4/10/21 21:30 Edmond OK Cylinder 4 minutes 12 Fireballs and one cylinder shaped craft above Edmond, OK on Saturday, April 10, 2021 between 9:30 pm and 10:00 pm 5/20/21
4/9/21 20:45 Vacaville CA Formation 10 seconds I saw 5-7 orange/red lights in a V shaped formation fly directly over my head. ((Possibly Starlink satellites??)) 5/20/21
4/7/21 20:58 Littleton CO Light 5 minutes A fleet of lights that flew across sky. You could see them speed up to another and was unlike anything I have ever seen. At top of the 5/20/21
4/6/21 21:40 Aberdeen MS Formation 5 minutes 8-10 lights in what seemed to be in a perfectly spaced formation, as they disappeared across the sky. 5/20/21
4/5/21 21:37 Presidio TX
~ 1 min. max A bright, high altitude light--NOT an airliner--moving at constant speed and brightness, then disappearing at same apparent speed. 5/20/21
4/4/21 20:30 Gaston SC Triangle 30 minutes + triangular object with red, green and white rapidly flashing lights, apparently stationary, low in the westerly sky after sunset 5/20/21
4/4/21 02:50 Center Conway NH Light 5 minutes Two distant lights suddenly move in formation. 5/20/21
4/3/21 Tioga PA Light 3 weeks Noticed it a month ago. And every night since. Yellow glowing orbs rising from the damn. Our town I's built in the shadow of this damn. 5/20/21
4/1/21 22:00 Watsonville CA Other Two nights Moon rose in two different spots 5/20/21
4/1/21 14:00 Watsonville CA Cylinder 3 minutes Saw airplane fly into space midday 5/20/21
3/26/21 07:15 Luning NV Triangle 90-120 seconds US Military transporting &quot;UFO&quot; in Nevada 5/20/21
3/25/21 22:00 Gig Harbor WA Changing 10 minutes Large hovering black object with lights appeared and then changed into several orange orbs. No sound and slow moving. 5/20/21
3/23/21 20:28 Camas WA Sphere 15 minutes 2 orange-yellow balls of light traveled and then stopped, pulsating and flickering in and out 5/20/21
3/22/21 09:45 Coeburn VA Oval 30 seconds It wasn’t a shooting star or plane I know what I saw 5/20/21
3/17/21 23:15 Mansfield OH Rectangle 5 minutes Rapid glittering white lights. 5/20/21
3/13/21 20:23 Burlington NC Unknown 5-10 minutes A formation of brightly lit objects rise through the North Carolina night sky and disappear one by one. 5/20/21
3/8/21 22:20 Rochester MN Rectangle 20 Seconds Black Flat Rectangular Flies Over House in Absolute Silence 5/20/21
3/5/21 19:47 Raigad (India)
Unknown 10 minutes Hello there, I am learner of UFO and Extraterrestrials in India and around the world. We found an UFO roaming around our country in In 5/20/21
3/1/21 23:35 Port Elgin (Canada) ON Light 5 minutes UFO sighting behind my motel. 5/20/21
2/15/21 19:00 Peru IN Light 7 minutes A bright orange light with blue-ish white middle was observed launching upwards into the sky while driving home on a clear night. 5/20/21
2/9/21 Manchester (UK/England)
Circle 2 seconds West ham United vs Manchester United fa cup in extra time 24.57 to 24.59 just up in the corner of the penalty area a white orb appeared 5/20/21
1/3/21 00:00 Westcliffe CO Circle 1 minute Blue circular object with small whitish arms(?) 5/20/21
12/25/20 12:30 Wolverhampton (UK/England)
Sphere 10 seconds I was driving down newhampton road with my daughter when we seen a basketball size metallic ball floating in the sky about 50ft high. W 5/20/21
11/17/20 12:00 Camp Minden LA Unknown 8 mins I been debating should I talk about this topic for a very long time. I been thinking to myself I wonder what the people that saw what I 5/20/21
10/23/20 06:18 Ash
Formation 10 minutes Line of White Lights Moving from West to East 5/20/21
10/20/20 22:00 Monticello UT Light 10 minutes Strange movement of light over Canyonlands NP in October 2020. 5/20/21
10/19/20 22:45 Los Alamos NM Changing 2 hours The craft blinked in the distance signaling one in the sky like they were blinking in a binary morse code type pattern. Then one descen 5/20/21
10/17/20 22:00 Pearsonville CA Sphere 2.5 hours During a camping trip in remote wilderness, my dad and I saw a solitary solid white light maneuver above a ridge for 2.5 hours. 5/20/21
8/31/20 20:30 Alden NY Cigar 5 minutes Two objects moving together like a clock pendulum 5/20/21
8/14/20 09:00 ALSIP IL Cylinder 10 minutes White cylinder object no wings, no means of propulsion, no sound, flying South 1000 feet in air, rapidly accelerates and is gone 5/20/21
8/5/20 01:57 Park Hill ( Tahlequah) OK Fireball All night 8 balls of fire we saw moving into a line in the sky. Other objects as well later saw a circular object in sky 5/20/21
8/1/20 06:30 Blackfoot River MT Disk 6mins Single UFO: Sighting location the Blackfoot river Montana 5/20/21
6/27/20 22:00 Suffolk VA Oval 30 seconds On June 27, 2021 my 5 year old daughter and I saw three of objects fly directly over head in downtown Suffolk. One stopped directly abo 5/20/21
6/23/20 14:00 Pittsburgh PA Oval 34 seconds Oval object moving in different directions 5/20/21
6/13/20 23:15 Bellingham WA Triangle 3 minutes Orange triangles near Lake Whatcom 5/20/21
6/2/20 20:38 Scottsdale AZ Light 5 minutes Multiple Lights Observed in Scottsdale, AZ 5/20/21
5/24/20 00:00 Judsonia AR Light About 5 to 10 minutes Me and my friend were walking back from the dollar store about a mile from his house we were about half way when me and him see a orang 5/20/21
5/16/20 18:30 Changchun (China)
Triangle Around one minute. Black triangle with red lights on each corner hovering above a bridge over Yitong River. 5/20/21
5/7/20 21:39 Westbrook ME Light 2 minutes Light moving too fast to be satellite or plane changing and disappearing before leaving line of sight 5/20/21
5/5/20 04:40 Oregon City OR Light 1:30 String of lights in the night sky but not exactly like star link. 5/20/21
5/1/20 16:00 Santa Cruz CA Cylinder 2 minutes Three rockets above Santa Cruz, no explanation 5/20/21
3/1/20 20:30 Tonopah AZ Triangle 15-20 minutes Lights Observed Over Nuclear Generating Station 5/20/21
8/5/19 16:00 Birmingham AL Circle 7 minutes In the summer of August 2019 in Trussville/Birmingham, AL. my family and I witnessed what appeared to be a Balloon hovering stationary 5/20/21
7/8/19 19:00 Dundee Townnship IL Egg 20 seconds Slient Black Egg Shaped Craft with open front and huminiod visable 5/20/21
5/19/19 15:00 Forestdale RI Sphere 20 seconds Was standing in my back yard taking pictures of birds and happened to look up and see a semi transparent white sphere moving silently a 5/20/21
2/15/19 05:00 Lincoln NE
5 seconds Three bright blue flashes of light filled the entire sky, but no one but me and the witnesses said they knew anything about it. 5/20/21
5/16/18 19:30 Queen Creek AZ Unknown 1 minute While driving East on Germann Rd near Crismon Rd In Queen Creek AZ my Wife and I witnessed a bright light in front of us to the East a 5/20/21
12/9/17 20:31 Green River UT Light 10 to 15 Min 9 groupings of light, all in a row except one group slightly above the others. 5/20/21
9/27/17 02:00 Kent WA Circle 10 seconds As I was getting off the freeway this blue light was everywhere around me. I looked for the source and saw this just about 30 feet ove 5/20/21
7/25/17 21:00 Fairfield CA Triangle 1 minutes Coming down from Mt. Shasta to Fairfield seen triangle craft over Travis afb just hovering no sound one big light in center 5/20/21
5/20/17 15:00 Rochester NY Circle 20 They are Watching and Walking among us and we don't see them in plain sight 5/20/21
10/4/16 22:00 Greenfield township PA Cylinder 2 minutes Me. And. A. Buddy. Where. Chit. Chatting. On my. Back. Patio. In the evening. Nice calm quiet night. I live. In a rural. Farmland. Ar 5/20/21
8/12/16 01:00 Lewiston ID Disk 5 minutes The buzzing. 5/20/21
7/22/16 09:00 Bryson NC Triangle 50 seconds While we were on a family vacation I went outside for a little bit to get some fresh air while the family was watching an intense baske 5/20/21
2/21/16 Brookfield CT Light 1 minute It definitely looks like a ufo I will email ring caught on camera under separate cover 5/20/21
4/24/15 18:00 Aberdeen Proving Grounds MD Rectangle 20 minutes Enormous Floating Rectangle 5/20/21
4/23/15 08:30 Lafayette LA Unknown 10 minutes One night around 8:30 I stepped out on balcony for a quick smoke. After lighting my cigarette I looked and approximately less than a qu 5/20/21
7/1/14 12:00 Germantown MD Formation Years Over a course of 5 years, I have seen UFOs, observed bizarre behavior, and believe I may have directly been affected by it. 5/20/21
6/30/14 03:00 Lincoln NE Other 2 minutes? Dark S-shaped UFO descended from below the clouds, all the way to the ground, out of sight behind houses. 5/20/21
6/30/14 01:00 Piqua OH Rectangle 2 minutes As I was taking the dogs out before bedtime, I was looking up as I always have as I like to watch for the planets while waiting for the 5/20/21
3/18/14 18:01 Pavo (NE of) GA Other 30-60 seconds Giant oblong rock with a black row of windows across the center 5/20/21
7/3/13 17:00 College Park GA Sphere 15 minutes ORB SPLITS IN 2 , red lasers and airport space 5/20/21
6/30/13 23:45 Jewett City CT Circle 1 minute An unusually bright object in the sky made a series of zig-zags and disappeared. 5/20/21
5/12/12 03:00 Columbus GA Changing 30min I seen a cluster of red glittery dots first then i seen a outline around it it moved like a ameba thru the sky it wuld move then stop w 5/20/21
4/29/12 21:00 Tucson AZ Fireball 30 minutes Orange fireballs over northwest Tucson making triangle formations 5/20/21
7/10/11 14:00 Fenton MI Oval 10 minutes Copper/amber object orbiting very quickly across the sky in the afternoon 5/20/21
3/20/10 22:00 Franklin NH Light 2 minutes My friends and I saw a super bright light that hovered over us and then shot directly up into the sky and vanished. 5/20/21
12/13/08 21:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Changing 10-15 minutes Orange tinged translucent amoeba like object moved upwards into sky until it became a speck of light that disappeared past moon 5/20/21
8/11/08 03:00 Springfield OR Unknown ? Abduction / Probes / Insight on Life 5/20/21
11/7/06 Chicago IL Oval
I clearly saw the UFO over Ohare airport. I was a passenger waiting for my flight. Many people, like myself, saw it. At first I thought 5/20/21
7/25/06 22:00 Stouffville ON Cylinder 5 minutes It was six friends in a field near the water tower on 9 th Line just north of Stouffville. We all saw a star that was flickering. It st 5/20/21
4/14/06 19:50 Spartanburg SC Other 2 minutes UFO chased me on a walk home 5/20/21
5/6/02 21:10 Sanger CA Circle 4 minutes ((address deleted)) 5/20/21
4/26/01 22:10 Largo FL Other 10 minutes ((name and telephone number deleted)) 5/20/21
7/15/00 22:00 Chicago IL Circle 2 minutes A friend and I saw a silent swooping reflective object fly past into clouds, then back again ascending out of sight. 5/20/21
10/1/98 22:00 Kansas City MO Other 1 hour Balloon , very colorful object matched our speed for 10 miles. We were on hwy, they were on city side street. 5/20/21
7/20/97 01:00 Issaquah WA Formation 2 minutes It was about 1 or 2 in the morning I'm from Dallas but I've lived in Seattle Washington press play about 19 are 20 years well we straig 5/20/21
7/20/97 01:00 Issaquah WA Formation 2 minutes It was about 1 or 2 in the morning I'm from Dallas but I've lived in Seattle Washington press play about 19 are 20 years well I was str 5/20/21
7/5/97 00:30 Florence (near) OR Triangle Hours Well when it happened, I reported it to Peter Davenport personally! For some reason it has been removed I never replaced. Anyway on the 5/20/21
6/1/95 15:00 Crestline CA Changing +-10 minutes Object like a cube rose into the air, reached what seemed an air current, changed shape to triangle moving very fast toward east. 5/20/21
9/23/93 00:30 Hudson WI Other 2 minutes Object was playing with or trying to elude the jets that were chasing it. 5/20/21
7/27/92 21:40 Snoqualmie Pass WA Light 30 seconds De-orbiting Object 5/20/21
8/12/91 23:30 Niece (France)
Light 1-2 minutes &quot;Satellite&quot; takes sudden, abrupt right angle turn. 5/20/21
8/21/86 10:15 Georgetown IN Other 2 minutes Strange Object Out of Nowhere 5/20/21
6/1/83 16:00 Springfield VT Triangle 10 min
6/1/82 21:00 Los Angeles CA Disk 15 mins In 1980s I was young watching TV with my family as I looked thru the window I saw a orange saucer with a band around the middle like a 5/20/21
12/15/81 18:00 North Wildwood NJ Cylinder 1 hour I was driving home from work in Atlantic City I exited the Garden State Parkway at exit 6. I proceeded towards my house on 1st and Cen 5/20/21
11/17/77 19:00 Boston MA Light 5 minutes two very bright lights shone through the rear window of a parked car, rose up and went into the sky. 5/20/21
6/1/76 22:00 Mankato Area MN Light 20 minutes Camping with Camp Fire Girls when an unnatural, possibly extraterrestrial event occurred 5/20/21
2/15/74 22:00 Jacksonville FL Circle 5 minutes This happened a long time ago but I never officially reported it. I just read Leslie Kean’s book and decided to do so. I was 16. It was 5/20/21
10/1/72 19:00 Convoy OH Light 8 mins Bright object followed close behind our car. It was above the road, then up in the air hovering Made no sound. Vanished! 5/20/21
4/10/58 15:00 Brookline MA Rectangle 8 minutes close encounter with two humanoid-looking aliens (men) 5/20/21

Other 10 minutes maan disapearing through a porthole/stargate 5/20/21

UFO contact we made during Desert Shield in the Indian Ocean. 5/20/21