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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
12/29/18 15:15 Bizerte (Tunisia) YT Unknown 3 minutes Was not visible to the naked eye only after reviewing our photos we had noticed the strange object following us for three minutes. We c 1/4/19
2/25/17 21:00 Watson Lake (Canada) YT Light 1 hour + Followed large bright white object while driving for over an hour. 3/10/17
12/23/16 12:00 Melbourne (Australia) YT Teardrop 2-3 minutes Smokey teardrop shape 'falling' from sky in daylight. 12/30/16
8/22/16 00:00 Whitehorse (Canada) YT Other the past three nights ((HOAX??)) Cool scary and weird. 8/29/16
8/1/16 17:00 Mayo (Canada) YT Triangle 11 seconds White triangle with speed of a modern jet. Sky cracked open. ((anonymous report)) 8/16/16
8/17/15 23:30 Dorset (UK/England) YT Teardrop 15 minutes ((HOAX??)) Teardrop shaped. White light. Red pointy tail - UK 8/27/15
5/3/15 18:30 Teslin (Canada) YT Other 10 seconds Black and beige craft, visible for about 10 seconds, as it crossed over the hwy from west to east. 5/8/15
5/7/14 11:56 Heswall (UK/England) YT Triangle 40 seconds ((HOAX??)) Long triangle object moves with speed upwards. 5/8/14
1/21/14 20:15 Richards Bay (KwaZulu-Natal)(South Africa) YT Sphere 5 minutes Orb appears from cloud, disappears in plain sight and is "hunted" by helicopter. 1/24/14
11/21/09 16:00 Yukon Territory (location undisclosed) (Canada) YT Sphere 2 hrs Flying bowling balls dodge from cloud-to-cloud 12/12/09
2/14/09 23:23 Carcross (Canada) YT Sphere 4 seconds falling neon blue object 3/19/09
11/7/08 01:15 Whitehorse (Canada) YT Unknown 40 minutes red/green light object flashing/hovering in sky for 40 minutes/bright circular light below/amber lights flashing in another direction 1/10/09
8/1/07 11:00 Beaver Creek/Alaska Highway (Canada) YT Other 10 minutes Strange Solid Black line in the sky, horizon to horizon, broad daylight 8/7/07
8/3/06 23:00 Whitehorse (Canada) YT Formation Unknown Objects hide in odd-looking sky, not visible with the naked eye. 10/30/06
4/9/05 22:00 Yukon City (Canada) YT Fireball 5 mins BIG BALLS OF FIRE IN NIGHT SKY 10/30/06
2/5/05 21:15 Whitehorse (Canada) YT Light 15 mins 3rd witness report on Whitehorse, Yukon sighting of Feb 5/05 5/24/05
2/5/05 09:15 Whitehorse (Canada) YT Fireball 6 minutes Two very large Orange Orbs Hovering directly over our House, Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada 4/16/05
10/21/03 03:00 Yukon Territory (rural) (Canada) YT Triangle 30 minutes Triangle of lights in the Yukon. 10/31/03
6/12/02 22:00 Port Macquarie (Australia) YT Circle 30 sec About 10pm one night as I was sitting at the back porch I glanced up to see a round black disc surrounded by a halo or aura silently fl 5/4/04
9/23/00 20:18 Fort Nelson (80 miles NW of) (Canada) YT Unknown 5-10 minutes Silent, hovering and moving lights close to the highway. 1/19/05
9/1/93 03:00 Yukon Territory (Canada) YT Circle 24 minutes Yukon Territory bright sphere bounced along skyline for 24 minutes - sped off. 10/31/08