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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
10/18/18 21:18 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Triangle 2 minutes One triangular shaped object moving fairly quickly NNW over Winnipeg 10/25/18
5/10/18 23:30 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Light 8 seconds 2 parallel white lights travel south while being pursued by police helicopter 5/15/18
4/16/18 19:50 Ginew (Canada) MB Cigar 30 seconds Reddish-orange UFO over rural southern Manitoba. 4/19/18
11/5/17 19:38 Highway 60 (Canada) MB Circle 1 second It looked like light gray we just drove by it at approximately 100 km an hour. It was suspended not moving approx. 10 to 20' alt.. 11/9/17
10/20/17 23:30 Dominion City (North of)(Canada) MB Teardrop 5 seconds Having a cigarette at window looking out to sky when bright greenish luminous fire-ball looking teardrop appeared falling to earth. 11/3/17
10/8/17 21:47 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Circle .30 UFO I saw flew in a very irregular flight pattern making a very fast half circle turn. ((anonymous report)) 10/19/17
9/29/17 20:00 Winkler (Canada) MB Oval 4 minutes Approximately 8 orange orbs were traveling from Winkler towards Roland. They were traveling in pairs, and not going very fast. 10/5/17
8/7/17 21:30 Niverville (Canada) MB Light 2-3 minutes Single white light wit no sound observed moving W to E which seemed to grow in brightness the farther away it moved from observer. 8/24/17
4/21/17 22:00 Thompson (Canada) MB Light 2 minutes Orange lights spotted near Thompson, MB. 4/28/17
3/5/17 14:00 Anola (Canada) MB Sphere 1-2 minutes Witnessed 2 black spheres overhead, treetop height, traveled north. Photos shows more than two. 3/10/17
1/23/17 01:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Unknown
ISS live feed. Around 01:00 - 02:00? Saw a opaque tubular(?)object on left side and a bank of metal on the right.

I have the feed p
10/2/16 01:30 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Light 1-2 minutes Strange orange light flew overhead. 10/11/16
9/10/16 22:00 Selkirk (north of)(Canada) MB Light 4-5 minutes 8-10 red orbs crossing the sky 9/15/16
7/24/16 22:30 Gimli (Canada) MB Light 3 minutes Two bright red lights seen after dark, moving slowly across the beach, over the lake, and then rapidly diminishing into distance. 8/2/16
6/25/16 22:20 Lorette (Canada) MB Sphere 2 minutes Orange sphere streaking across the sky in Lorette, MB. 7/8/16
6/9/16 22:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Circle ~1 minute POSSIBLE UFO. ((anonymous report)) 6/16/16
5/1/16 00:15 Gimli (Canada) MB Chevron 0:49 Sighted a chevron or checkmark object with dull orange lights and spotted 9 more objects very soon afterward. 5/6/16
3/28/16 07:40 Portage la Prairie (Canada) MB Other 15 minutes Cloud cloaked large spacecraft/mothership moving across the sky in the morning 7/27/17
3/2/16 20:35 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Circle 20 seconds Was observing stars through telescope looking for M46/M47 when I saw a "moving star" heading towards "10-11 o clock." 3/4/16
12/12/15 21:30 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Circle 4 minutes Three bright orange circular lights in the eastern sky at about 70 degrees. 12/17/15
11/28/15 21:50 St. Fracois Xavier (Canada) MB Light 3 minutes Two lights that vanished. 12/3/15
11/8/15 21:00 Portage La Prairie (N. of)(Canada) MB Fireball 2:00 minutes I was driving towards Gladstone Manitoba in highway 16 near the village of Westbourne around 9:00 pm. The sky was clear but dark as the 11/12/15
10/17/15 14:40 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Sphere 10 minutes Red, blue silver rotating sphere in clear blue sky in the early afternoon 10/29/15
8/14/15 22:25 Thompson (Canada) MB Light 40 seconds Bright light again appearing from west moving east , not to fast this time but made its way towards us (North) in a curve then a plane 8/27/15
8/12/15 22:25 Thompson (Canada) MB Light 2 minutes Bright light craft same one as before. 8/27/15
8/10/15 22:10 Thompson (Canada) MB Light 1 minutes Bright flash, lit object travelling straight at a high speed, sharp turn, then flash of light and gone! 8/13/15
8/10/15 22:00 Thompson (Canada) MB Light 20 seconds Ufo appeared again secound night, and travelled east. This time we have video. 8/13/15
4/18/15 22:35 Portage La Prairie (Canada) MB Light 5 seconds 2 balls of light circling each other while moving. 4/23/15
2/19/15 13:00 Winnipeg (near) (Canada) MB Circle ongoing I talked to Peter about a downed craft in Manitoba, Canada. He wanted to know where he could find this report. He can find this report 3/6/15
2/19/15 13:00 Winnipeg (near)(Canada) MB Circle Ongoing A UFO crashed near Jackhead First Nation on Lake Manitoba, Manitoba, Canada, yesterday. The Canadian military are involved. 2/20/15
2/18/15 00:00 Jackhead Reserve (Canada) MB

((REPORT NOT ACCURATE)) UFO crashes on lake near reserve. Military on site almost immediately and take control of 'situation'. 3/6/15
1/31/15 18:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Circle ~30 seconds Red orb flys like plane, then comes stright down. 2/6/15
12/17/14 21:15 Gardenton (Canada) MB Oval 45 minutes Oval object red, green, blue, white lights. Clear sky; 2130 hrs., Dec /17/14. ((NUFORC Note: Witness states it was Sirius. PD)) 12/18/14
7/1/14 23:08 Cooks Creek (Canada) MB
30 minutes Loud metallic pounding sounds coming from the north. 7/4/14
6/17/14 23:30 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Light 5-10 minutes Succession of orange lights seen in Winnipeg (Canada). 6/20/14
5/24/14 01:10 Portage la Prairie (Canada) MB Unknown 10 seconds Saw four orange balls in formation travel at high speed from south to north. 6/4/14
5/21/14 22:30 Fort Alexander (Canada) MB Circle 5 minutes Round bright red fireball looking object. 6/4/14
5/14/14 21:50 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Fireball 33-35 seconds Orange lights over Winnipeg. 9/10/14
4/18/14 10:10 Thompson MB Other 30 seconds Glowing object flying over Thompson, MB. 4/24/14
2/15/14 23:30 St. Norbert (Canada) MB Light 5 minutes White Star listen to my directions in Manitoba, Canada. 9/25/14
12/17/13 18:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Oval 10 minutes ((HOAX??)) craft with lights, lemon shaped, moving north west over winnipeg. 12/23/13
12/1/13 04:40 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Other <5 minutes Possible visitation?? 6/24/16
9/21/13 20:45 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Fireball half an hour Fireballs moved steady and silently from east to west. 9/30/13
9/5/13 22:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Sphere 2 minutes Orange orb flying low. 9/9/13
9/2/13 10:35 Reston (Canada) MB Oval unknown I would like to send you a possible UFO photograph. 9/9/13
8/22/13 00:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Fireball 3 hours Hi i live in Winnipeg there have been some odd glowing red balls seen over the city( this was witnessed by by cousin and another frein 8/30/13
8/16/13 23:15 Winkler (Canada) MB Fireball 3 minutes Red fireball traveling slowly across the sky. 8/30/13
8/10/13 21:00 Gimli (Canada) MB Fireball 10 minutes Fireball, big, two of them same spot in the sk , very high up. 10/14/13
8/10/13 15:30 Forest (Canada) MB Other
UFO? Caught trying to stay dry over Forest Manitoba Canada Aug 10, 2013 8/30/13
8/3/13 21:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Disk 40 minutes Four bright lights travelling in a row at sunset. 9/30/13
8/3/13 00:10 The Pas (Canada) MB Flash 3 seconds. Very bright huge circular form of light shooting upwards in the atmosphere in Manitoba, Canada. 8/30/13
7/30/13 22:30 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Fireball ~1:00 2 orange balls flying west to east in perfect unison 8/30/13
7/1/13 16:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Other 01:00 From 16:00 to about 17:00, We seen a black object in the sky. The object appeared to have one half orb with the bottom part of the cir 11/11/13
6/29/13 23:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Sphere 5 minutes Two red/orange lights, one went out and went it passed over head I could see one red light and a much bigger grey cirular object. 7/3/13
6/2/13 00:55 Morden (Canada) MB Light 1-2 minutes A long line of bright orange lights flying low and fast.

In clusters of two or three. Silent. No noise. All following the first thre
5/8/13 01:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Circle 40 seconds Stationary light takes off! 5/15/13
10/6/12 23:30 Thompson (Canada) MB Light 30 minutes 2 Bright lights, Noises of white noise and screeching on phones. Vehicle problems. 10/30/12
9/20/12 13:00 Anola (Canada) MB Fireball 5 minutes Yellow/orange ball shaped object moving fast. 10/30/12
9/12/12 00:00 Ilford (Canada) MB Light every odd night WHY POST THIS,WE NEED ANSWERS...COME ON,TELL THE PUBLIC ALREADY...WE ARE OBVIOUSLY BEING VISITED and getting looked after like little s 9/24/12
9/8/12 22:20 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Light 2 minutes Two orange UFOs flying over Winnipeg tonight at 10:20pm. 9/24/12
9/8/12 21:00 Portage la Prairie (Canada) MB Circle 2 minutes 3 orange/red balls ufo, 9/24/12
8/18/12 23:30 Oakbank (Canada) MB Circle 5 minutes Large orange red circle shaped object that vanished in thin air 8/19/12
7/14/12 23:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Sphere 2 minutes Two bright orange orbs traveling over winnipeg from north east to south west. No sound noted. 8/5/12
7/13/12 22:54 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Oval # 1/2-4 minutes Orange UFO flying low through south Winnipeg 8/5/12
6/26/12 23:10 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Fireball 3 minutes 7 orange orbs traveling silently across the sky - first 2 which disappeared and then followed by 5 more flying in formation. 7/4/12
6/24/12 01:00 Thompson (Canada) MB Circle 5 minutes Big red firey balls. seen multiple times on different occasion. 2 videos on my phone. 7/4/12
6/16/12 23:30 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Unknown 5 minutes UFO over Winnipeg JUNE 16 2012. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of the ISS, we believe. PD)) 6/20/12
5/8/12 21:00 Steinbach (Canada) MB Unknown 5 minutes Driving home from my daughter’s house after baby-sitting my grandchildren, I saw something very strange flying very fast in the distanc 5/13/12
4/22/12 22:05 Snow Lake (Canada) MB Fireball 45 seconds There where two objects.

The first one came into veiw, for only a few seconds.

The second one was the same shape, and appeared to
3/27/12 21:15 Selkirk (Canada) MB Unknown 5-10 seconds Blue fireball moving at great speed (Canada) 5/13/12
3/20/12 22:45 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Unknown 5-10 secs Orange light cluster, 90 degree directional changes, no change in speed during, burst of white light and gone 5/13/12
3/3/12 23:25 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Other 5 minutes+ Orange-red object, seen by 2 people, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 3/13/12
2/5/12 20:59 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Fireball 1 minute Fireball in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Febuary 5/12 2/10/12
1/6/12 21:30 Anola (Canada) MB Unknown 1 min 30 seonds Driving home from dinner at my in-laws my boyfriend noticed a bright green light flashing very quickly on an object that was moving wes 1/12/12
12/15/11 21:00 Great Falls (Canada) MB Triangle 10-12 minutes First and third object flew eastwards made a turn north east,north of my house second flew east in a more parallel line turning s.e 12/17/11
9/26/11 03:40 Fraserwood (Canada) MB Unknown 10min Shocking 10/10/11
9/24/11 20:50 Petersfield (Canada) MB Sphere 20 sec ((HOAX??)) Ball of fire 30 east from north 27 off ground. 10/10/11
9/1/11 23:00 Minnedosa (Canada) MB Unknown 20 I was on hwy 16 traveling to Neepawa. To the south of the highway I noticed 2 bright orange yellow lights in the nights sky. I could se 10/10/11
7/2/11 00:10 Minnedosa (Manitoba)(Canada) MB Fireball a few minutes, maybe 10 m 6 fireballs seen across Manitoba skies just before midnight July 1st or just after midnight July 2,2011 NOT FIREWORKS 8/7/11
3/19/11 23:45 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Other 3 - 4 Hours Double sighting on night of "Super Moon" 4/3/11
2/26/11 04:30 Gillam (Canada) MB Rectangle 15 min Orange rectangle lights over Gillam, Manitoba 3/10/11
11/6/10 19:00 Riverton (Canada) MB Circle 5-10 seconds I went outside on the evening of November 6,2010 at around 7:00 PM(for a cigarette),I then noticed a very bright light in the East,defi 11/21/10
9/22/10 20:45 Thompson (Canada) MB Fireball 5-8 min One Fire ball floating, making abrupt changes in direction over Thompson Manitoba 11/21/10
8/6/10 01:00 The Pas (Canada) MB Circle 10 seconds Object flying just above the trees that had two perpendicular faint coloured circular lights 500 Lights On Object0: Yes 8/24/10
7/11/10 23:38 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Rectangle 1 hour + Two square shaped objects with flashing lights in each corner flying incredibly fast and changing direction at unbelievable angles. 7/19/10
7/4/10 01:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Light 5 minutes Light in sky over Winnipeg, Canada. 7/6/10
7/4/10 00:00 Brandon (Canada) MB Unknown approx 1 minute Crazy fast light being followed by a smaller fast light,same speed. ((NUFORC Note: International Space Station over flight. PD)) 7/6/10
5/19/10 14:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Unknown 10 minutes I took pictures of a solid silver object in the sky! 6/3/10
4/9/10 21:25 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Unknown 5 min irratically moving objects very high in the sky ...the object was lit 4/13/10
1/29/10 13:00 Canada MB Disk 2 min On my way home I saw an UFO 2/14/10
1/15/10 13:00 Pinawa (Canada) MB Light 40 sec I saw a strange light at our local Girl Guide unit. 2/14/10
12/9/09 23:20 Winnipeg (Canada) MB
3 minutes it was amazing , i have never seen anything like this before and not sure if i want to again! 2/14/10
11/20/09 07:00 Lac du Bonnet ("RM of" ??) (Canada) MB Light 10 minutes Strange orange glow coming from trees alongside highway. 6/3/10
9/13/09 22:30 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Unknown 2 + hours bright object many colors stationary with a little movement 12/12/09
9/2/09 20:10 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Triangle 2 hours + black triangle shape in the sky 12/12/09
8/18/09 00:00 Winnipeg (Moose Lake) (Canada) MB Cigar 2:00 multiple flashing lights over other side of lake 12/12/09
7/4/09 00:00 West Hawk Lake (Canada) MB Light 12 seconds Flashing light source speeding like a meteor suddenly moves back its path twice. 8/5/09
7/1/09 23:15 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Light
My friends pointed out in the sky what seemed to be Mars. Then notice that Mars was to our right. The object that we noticed was bright 8/5/09
6/30/09 01:15 St. Laurent (Canada) MB Circle 2 hours Mother ship and saucers many of which I feel and know are coming why?? But they let me know always. 7/3/13
6/25/09 23:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Light 5-8 minutes Seeing UFO'S in Manitoba. 8/5/09
4/21/09 23:13 St. Pierre Jolys (Canada) MB Light 2 seconds exploding star the object went from a faint to a very bright colour. ((NUFORC Note: Possible flare of Iridium satellite?? PD)) 5/12/09
2/26/09 16:05 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Disk 5 sec I was driving southbound from Stony Mountain Institute along Hwy 7. The sky was clear, and blue at 16:05 hr. The temperature was about 3/19/09
12/3/08 23:30 Treherne (Canada) MB Light 5 minutes Very bright round lights, moving apart then together. 1/10/09
10/23/08 14:00 Hamiota (Canada) MB Other 90 secs Round ball with fuselage attached. 1/10/09
9/16/08 21:00 Thompson (Canada) MB Triangle 10 minutes Blaxk triangle with 3 lights and a black figure 1/12/18
8/22/08 23:36 Brandon (Canada) MB Light 15 seconds One night as my mom and dad were driving back to our campsite near Brandon, I looked into the clouds and saw an unnatural green light t 10/31/08
8/10/08 20:30 Brandon (Canada) MB Light 10 seconds ((HOAX?? Date and time are flawed.)) Green light in clouds over Brandon MB. 1/10/09
6/24/08 14:20 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Unknown 10 sek object moving over Winnipeg Sky 7/5/08
4/7/08 22:00 Rivers (Canada) MB Light 30 Min Who Would Have Thought Looking At The Stars... Would Turn Into A Night I Will Never Be Able To Forget!!! 6/12/08
9/30/07 21:35 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Triangle 10 seconds Triangle object with red lights above Winnipeg 10/8/07
9/16/07 22:08 Glad Stone (Canada) MB Triangle 4 min Last night I was driving home from work to the small town of Glad Stone. On the way home, I looked up into the sky and say a strange fo 10/8/07
9/3/07 23:00 Brandon (Canada) MB Formation 8 minutes 5 bright lights in skies over Southwestern Manitoba forming patterns at high rate of speed 10/8/07
7/15/07 15:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Other 30 seconds UFO clearly seen to the naked eye. color, shape, etc. 1/10/09
6/2/07 01:36 The Pas (Canada) MB Other 2 minutes T shaped upside down craft Brighter than Venus with pulsating smaller red light near rear In Manitoba. ((NUFORC Note: ISS?? PD)) 6/12/07
2/25/07 21:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Unknown 5 seconds Bright red lightning over St. Norbert, Winnipeg! 3/10/17
2/15/07 03:00 Neepawa (Canada) MB Unknown two minutes Strange lights following me on the ground. 7/4/12
12/17/06 05:30 Eddystone (Canada) MB Fireball few seconds Ball of Light - Eddystone, MB 2/1/07
10/15/06 22:00 Thompson (Canada) MB
5 days Orions Belt *nebula (faint) out in .< * * * unknown cluster .< . < * * 2/1/07
9/23/06 20:30 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Triangle 5 minutes Triangular aircraft flies RIGHT ABOVE OUR CAR over the highway, and makes absolutely no noise. 10/30/06
6/15/06 23:00 Elma (Canada) MB Triangle 25 seconds One night I saw a triangular craft with three lights. 8/12/08
6/2/06 23:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Circle 10 sec Winnipeg Sighting - North-East Sky - 7/16/06
5/11/06 06:38 Pilot Mound (Canada) MB Triangle 2 min "V" shaped object seen near Pilot Mound Manitoba. 5/15/06
4/24/06 22:15 The Pas (Canada) MB Light 2 hours 7 lights over period of 2 hours. 5/15/06
4/6/06 23:35 Ilford (Canada) MB Light 30 MINS A white light that seemed to come and go as it pleased!!! 5/15/06
1/16/06 03:25 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Disk 3 min UFO sighting on Bishop Grandin Boulevard 2/1/07
12/28/05 19:40 Wabowden (Canada) MB Light 5 seconds Blue light seen near Thompson, Manitoba. zig zagged and diappeared behind horizon. 2/14/06
11/21/05 21:04 Brandon (Canada) MB Disk 5 to 10 seconds White dot teleports in a triangular motion...unbelievable! 5/15/06
11/21/05 12:01 Brandon (Canada) MB Flash 2 minutes a cool night in November 2005 a couple of my friends and I were having a few drinks in my backyard. Suddenly this flash of light comes 5/15/06
11/2/05 16:10 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Light 45sec to 1min. Observerd around ten, bright, rapidlly moving objects in a late afternoon sky. 11/8/05
10/1/05 22:30 Portage La Prairie (Canada0 MB Other 30 seconds Six lights in a strange formation surrounded by two long rectagular objects 10/30/12
9/24/05 22:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Triangle 5 minutes Weird triangle shaped object with 3 oval shaped things on the back which got small to big, no sound, slow moving. 10/11/05
7/28/05 19:08 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Disk 48minutes Myself,a friend, and his daughter were bike riding in East Kildonan when we noticed a blinking light sitting under the clouds.The daugh 2/14/06
7/15/05 23:30 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Rectangle 30 seconds Rectangular craft that flew silently and could turn 90 degrees while continuing on same heading and same speed. 10/10/11
7/12/05 02:30 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Disk
sitting in a field. when all of a sudden. 7/13/05
7/1/05 02:00 Portage La Prairie (Canada) MB Light ~20-30 minutes Face to face with the unknown. 5/2/14
5/15/05 16:40 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Changing 15 minutes 05/15/05 Winnipeg,MB,Canada - 16:40 Bright Object with lights , descended and lifted mid air 5/24/05
3/24/05 00:00 Minnedosa (Canada) MB Cone
there was 4 of them 7/5/05
11/10/04 05:15 Hwy. 6 & 68 (Canada) MB Other continuous Almost perfect alignment of the moon & 2 planets. Aurora extraordinary in colour. "PULSATING BALLS OF LIGHT" 12/3/04
11/5/04 06:30 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Light 10 seconds green light travelled through clouds for 8 seconds then exploded. 12/3/04
10/17/04 00:32 Libau (Canada) MB Unknown not ended varies My friends, ----- and ---- and I went out on an excursion looking for a meteor shower. Instead we came face to face with a UFO. We s 12/3/04
10/10/04 03:50 Portage la Prairie (Canada) MB Changing 20minutes Series of Green Blue Red White lights spherical or triangular formation SE of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba Canada 10/27/04
9/26/04 23:30 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Light 1 second very brief streak of bright light moving at an incredible speed from south to north over winnipeg. 9/29/04
9/18/04 04:30 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Light 1-2 Hours Manitoba UFO 9/29/04
9/2/04 22:36 Gimli (Canada) MB Fireball 1 minute 3 Green Very Bright Fire balls Slowly moving across the sky and coming down towards lake Winnipeg 9/9/04
8/20/04 22:30 Stonewall (Canada) MB Formation 30 seconds 3 boomerang shaped objects in formation. 9/1/04
8/11/04 23:30 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Light 5 seconds Bright Light in night sky 8/24/04
8/11/04 13:00 Riding Mountain (Canada) MB Disk two hours An object was seen in the sky to the south of the south-east corner of the Riding Mountain National Park. 8/11/04
8/8/04 23:30 Carberry (south of) (Canada) MB Light 3-10 min. Many moving constallations flash and disappear into the dark rift of milky way 9/9/04
7/26/04 03:18 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Light 30 seconds 3 Flying Lights In A Triangle Formation 8/11/04
6/15/04 23:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Disk late 90"s Huge object with no sound above trees 2/24/07
5/16/04 23:30 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Formation 1 hour Observation of 7 events consisting of several lights flying very, very fast in formation. 6/4/04
4/26/04 20:50 Tijuana (Mexico) MB Light 15 minutes Saw UFO outside Airplane Window. ((anonymous report)) 4/27/04
4/15/04 03:45 Canada MB Other
((HOAX??)) Airplane frozen in air, Black car, 2 individuals inside car. 8/12/08
4/9/04 11:00 Riding Mountain Park (Manitoba) (Canada) MB Triangle 5-10 secs looking north over riding mtn park in manitoba canada we saw two small triangles like birds but now wings moving kinda white underneat 5/4/04
3/20/04 04:15 Minnedosa (Canada) MB Circle 1:00 very bright white light and changes in color which hovered in a straight line with smaller round lights that shot out from the large on 3/23/04
2/15/04 23:00 York Landing (Canada) MB Light 5 minutes Sighting - NE Thompson, Manitoba, Canada 1/19/05
2/5/04 21:00 Split Lake (Canada) MB Circle 2 minutes The craft was not moving but it was in rotation emitting several different colours. 2/12/04
1/20/04 17:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Fireball few seconds green fireball from sky falling very fast in the city 1/31/04
8/28/03 23:00 St. Laurent (Canada) MB Unknown several minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: St. Laurent, Manitoba, Lights And Creature. 9/28/03
8/23/03 18:45 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Circle 30 sec The object was around 4-5 ft in diameter had a silver center and darker colored chrome balls or like disks around the middle of it. 8/28/03
7/16/03 22:00 St. Laurant (Canada) MB Changing 12 min. this thing flew over our house and then into the trees in a very irratic pattern. it would move forward very fast and then it would sto 3/17/04
7/6/03 21:30 Winnipeg (Hecla Provincial Park) (Canada) MB Unknown approx:10 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Object made a very quick and very sharp U-turn. 7/16/03
4/7/03 22:47 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Circle a couple of seconds I'm bewildered. I don't have a clue as to what i've just seen it make no logical sense! 4/22/03
1/24/03 21:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Unknown 30 min I was on my balcony having a smoke, and happened to look to the North East. Thats when I say 3 objects movine across the sky towards th 2/5/03
10/9/02 20:55 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Light 15 sek satellite? meet airplane 10/15/02
8/26/02 00:00 Steinbach (Canada) MB Changing 4 min. What the hell was that? 2/22/05
8/20/02 01:05 The Pas (Canada) MB Fireball 2 seconds very bright green ball of light 8/28/02
8/6/02 15:00 Northern Lake (Canada) MB Disk approx 2 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Silver disc object hovering above witness over lake. 3/17/04
8/6/02 04:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Light 1minute star-like object hovering in night-sky 8/16/02
7/18/02 00:30 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Other 20 minutes Zig Zagging Star 7/26/02
7/15/02 21:30 Arnes/Gimli (R.M. of) ?? (Canada) MB Circle Frequently Since,1999-2002 on many occaions have seen two diffent types of U.F.O. crafts well out at the cabin. My cabin is around the town of Gim 8/16/02
7/2/02 15:13 Rivers (Canada) MB Disk One Minute Disc sighted over Rivers Fair 8/16/02
6/2/02 23:30 Selkirk (Canada) MB Triangle 4-8 seconds Three red lights on triangular shapped craft or 3 seperate objects in triangle formation! 6/12/02
5/20/02 03:10 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Light 5 minutes A bright Light ,high in the sky thought it was a shooting star,but it was going really slow and in moving in a pattern not straight 6/12/02
5/9/02 18:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Formation 30TO40 MINS they were flashing orbes of light,consistingof five colors,bright white,deep blue,,amber,like a traffic light,bright red,ang deep green 5/14/02
5/9/02 07:00 Thompson (Canada) MB Other 30 minutes CAT TRACKS JUMPING OUT OF NOWHERE AND TURNING INTO SIZE 9 HIKING BOOTS 11/20/13
5/7/02 23:30 Winnipeg (Canada) MB
30 minutes Two senior scientists witness peculiar glowing globe in night sky over Winnepeg. Unable to identify the object. 6/12/02
5/7/02 23:23 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Other 30 minutes An experienced amateur astronomer photographed an unusual object in the night sky. It could not be identified. 7/1/02
3/27/02 21:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Flash 45 seconds The craft was fast and strobing. 4/8/02
3/13/02 00:00 Lac du Bonnet (Canada) MB Sphere 30 min Sphere floating for 30 min. 6/18/04
12/19/01 18:45 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Circle 15 seconds Red circular object changes colour and speeds up and changes direction slightly. 1/11/02
12/17/01 19:18 St. Georges (Canada) MB Cigar 1 min45 secs 2 bright blue lights on a cigar shaped craft, 5/24/05
7/28/01 16:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB

Rod, Bird or Possible Bug ??? 4/22/03
2/11/01 20:00 Cold Lake/Sherridon (Canada) MB Oval 1.min the craft had a oval shape and it also had a sphere at the bottom of it. the craft had some lights going around it's side.the sphere wa 8/5/01
7/6/00 01:30 Blood-Vein River (Canada) MB Unknown 7 seconds Unknown military aircraft over wilderness in Manitoba 2/18/01
4/28/00 23:59 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Light 5 minutes While getting ready for bed I noticed these lights that zoomed across the sky in various movements, it was not a shooting star 12/2/00
4/27/00 07:25 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Cylinder 5 min I was driving on Waverly in Winnipeg, MB Canada at 7:25 am and I saw a white cylinder object with no lights, no propulsion system. 12/2/00
4/1/00 22:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Light 45 seconds red ball in sky 12/2/00
12/30/99 18:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Diamond Winnipeg Standing still in the air and was very bright. Was going to go closer but when i moved to get a better look at it, it disapared. 12/2/00
12/24/99 11:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Unknown 20 min. a dark object seen against face of sun. disc in profile??? 3/16/01
9/26/99 23:30 Winnipeg (north of) (Canada) MB Unknown 10 Seconds Blue light moving rapidly from N/W to S/E. Visible vapour trail, no vehicle visible. Duration approx. 10 seconds. 12/2/00
5/20/99 12:00 Riverville (Canada) MB Disk 5 min VERY BRIGHT AND FAST MOVING 12/2/00
4/7/99 23:00 Mumbai, MAH (India) MB Sphere 15 sec We were on out our terrace studying the stars in the night sky, when we heard a loud noise, something like a jet plane. 12/2/00
10/14/98 06:45 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Sphere 1hour at 6:45am when l was heading off to work my mom and l saw 5 large white spheres ,they were moving slowly in a circular pattern 11/2/04
8/25/98 14:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Sphere 30 min 4 witness daytime sighting of metallic rotating ball at Winnipeg international air show. 5/24/05
6/8/98 04:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Disk 10 minutes at 4 am by a military airport a circular object with 5 flashing white lights was watched for 10 min fly across sky then disappear 9/1/04
2/4/96 23:00 Manitoba (rural) (Canada) MB Disk 10 minutes While driving on the highway one night, I drove right underneath a saucer shaped UFO hovering about 75 feet above the road. 3/19/02
12/27/95 03:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Other 5-15mins Weird lights over Winnipeg 2/18/01
6/1/94 00:00 Glenwood MB Chevron 7 hours ((HOAX)) 1/14/18
11/20/91 21:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Light unsure Beautiful ball of light instills awe 12/2/00
10/16/88 00:34 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Triangle 20 minutes Triangular shape lands in a manitoban field. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly not a serious report. PD)) 5/11/05
7/1/88 12:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Sphere 30sec 2 spere's tumbeling across the sky on a partly cloudy day 12/16/05
7/6/87 00:00 Gimli (Canada) MB Unknown 8 seconds Large object moving from one horizon to the next in 8 seconds, with elongated blinks. 2/6/15
6/1/85 09:45 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Disk 5 min 1st - Brassy Metalic Hockey Puck Disc with black port holes and honey comb underneath. 12/5/01
8/28/84 01:00 Morden (Canada) MB Other 3\30 ((NUFORC Note: Source of report provides no information about the case. PD)) 1/14/18
7/1/84 03:00 Thompson (Canada) MB Unknown 10 seconds three objects travelling in a low flight pattern in a northerly direction 4/2/99
7/14/83 00:30 Nelson House (Canada) MB Unknown half an hour What I saw was the darkest, crystal eyes I have ever seen! 7/16/03
10/15/81 07:30 Stonewall (Canada) MB Triangle 10 hours I remember feeling so scared and helpless, trouble breathing, feeling of being abandoned. 11/20/13
10/24/77 19:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Triangle 1 minute Black Triangle hovers over car in city (soundless), street lights went out, "whoosh" acceleration, then street lights back on. 11/21/10
3/27/77 00:00 West Hawk Lake (Canada) MB Oval 7 seconds One yellow oval light observed high in the sky moving due North at a high clip (rate) of speed. 5/11/05
8/15/76 21:00 Fort Alexander (Canada) MB Circle 1 hour Gold colored globes 4/1/01
8/1/76 17:00 Lockport (near Selkirk) (Canada) MB Light 1-2 minutes White light deposited two red lights and then zipped off into the sky. 7/1/02
12/16/75 21:00 Cranberry Ortage (Canada) MB Disk 1 hour Me and two of my friends were snowmobiling on lake atapapuskow and then we stop for a cigarette when we saw a light coming toward us we 8/24/04
6/1/75 22:00 Grandview (Canada) MB Rectangle 30 minutes as i think back on the year it happened i was 8 going on 9 my mother brought me and my two brothers outside because we lived just in a 2/14/08
6/15/73 23:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Sphere 15 mins my friend and i were checking out venus in his new telescope being very young at the time, we looked to the south the night was cloudle 11/11/03
8/7/69 18:30 Riverton (Canada) MB Circle 1 minute 1969/ Riverton, Manitoba, Sphere 1 minute time space alteration. 4/11/14
6/30/66 15:00 Portage La Prairie (Canada) MB Disk About 10 minutes I was a non-believer in UFOs. However, after being a witness to a sighting, count me as a believer! 4/16/05
8/1/62 17:00 Hudgson (Canada) MB Oval 60 seconds My mother and I have seen a U.F.O. at very close range. We can identify this object as a flying object unknown to mankind. 12/2/00
6/1/51 07:00 Brandon (Canada) MB Disk 30 minutes Circular Craft and Man in Black Sighted in Summer of 1951 at Brandon, Manitoba, Canada 2/18/01