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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/18/20 23:03 Salina KS Changing 3 seconds Two strange balls of light in the sky move away from each other and stop 7/23/20
7/18/20 22:48 Lawrence KS Teardrop 7 seconds Mysterious yellow teardrop shaped UFO Lawrence, Kansas 7/23/20
7/18/20 10:30 Bel Aire KS Light 3-5 seconds Me and a neighbor were sitting outside trying to find the Neowise Comet and I looked up to the East and I saw a light that was hovering 7/23/20
7/15/20 21:45 Wichita KS Light 7 minutes Sitting on patio one us seen a light travel across the sky at a steady speed traveling south to north. All of us watched it continue no 7/23/20
7/14/20 00:00 Wichita KS Light 5 seconds The fasted object I’ve ever seen in the sky! 7/23/20
7/7/20 09:00 Goodland KS Cigar 3-4 minutes I let my dog out to relieve himself. I look to northwestern sky. I always watch bird flying. I see a cigar shaped object flying from no 7/23/20
7/4/20 22:30 Salina KS Circle 5 minutes? Our family was watching our town's firework display to the east and one family member felt the urge to look behind them (to the west) a 7/9/20
6/15/20 04:30 Derby KS Light 10-15 seconds Multiple lights over cemetary in Derby, KS approx 4:30 AM 6/25/20
6/14/20 20:30 Melford KS Circle 7-10 seconds Round metallic object moving slowly across the skyline for approximately 7-10 seconds, stopped then vanished. No sound or lights. 6/25/20
5/30/20 19:46 Wichita KS Oval 10 minutes Was out relaxing on the deck and saw a vertical oval shaped cloud like formation descending in the West horizon. It had a distinct vapo 6/25/20
5/28/20 23:53 Independence KS Fireball 1 second Color-changing fireball craft slowly popped in-and-out of existence. 6/25/20
5/16/20 23:17 Wichita KS

MADAR Node 123, corrected date from previous entry. 6/25/20
5/3/20 13:30 DeSoto KS Cigar 3 minutes Cigar-shaped metallic object hovering north of DeSoto, KS in broad daylight 6/25/20
5/2/20 21:00 Eudora KS Circle 1:12 11 ufos making an arrow shape flying across the sky. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/28/20 21:20 Wichita KS Formation Minutes Saw a bunch of round bright lights in formation across the whole sky..((Starlink satellites??) 6/25/20
4/28/20 11:00 Lake Quivira KS Sphere 2 minutes During the morning we saw a UFO fly over us, black and transparent almost. It disappeared after a few minutes. Was weirdly shaped 6/25/20
4/27/20 21:30 Kansas City KS Formation 15 seconds 1 object with 6 lights or 6 smaller objects in a perfectly straight line moving West to east ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/27/20 21:00 Edwardsville KS Light 5 sec Walked outside and seen a straight line of about 15 lights not in a row but two or three separated by a space. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/25/20 21:00 Eudora KS Changing 1 week Increasing activity over the past week . Circular objects on camera . One large crescent moon like object fading in and out like an ecl 6/25/20
4/21/20 00:00 Overland Park KS Cross 2-3 hours Diamond in the sky? 6/25/20
4/18/20 21:46 Eudora KS Oval 30 minutes Small bright lights traveling straight before a few split off in different directions. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
4/18/20 19:45 Topeka KS Triangle 5 minutes Triangle shaped craft surrounded by small crafts in formation, moved one direction, then another, then disappeared. 5/15/20
4/15/20 05:57 Wichita KS Light ~10 minutes Line of lights equally spaced traveling from the north to south ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/13/20 11:56 Wichita KS

MADAR Node 123 6/25/20
4/5/20 23:20 Olathe KS
2 seconds Successive bright flashes up into he sky 4/9/20
3/29/20 22:00 St. John KS Diamond 2 hours We live on a farm in southern Stafford County, Kansas, I went out on our deck and I noticed two bright lights in oblong form that were 6/25/20
3/28/20 10:25 Wichita KS Circle 30 minutes Was walking my dog. And I'm always looking up into the sky. There was a light cloud with lighs streaking through it. It was weird light 5/21/20
3/28/20 10:25 Wichita KS Circle 30 minute s Was walking my dog. And I'm always looking up into the sky. There was a light cloud with lighs streaking through it. It was weird light 5/21/20
3/20/20 09:18 El Dorado KS Formation
Over 50 small but very visible lights in formation one after the other coming from the N headed S. (("Spacelink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/12/20 21:00 Council Grove KS Light 10 seconds Flashing red and green lights hovering in the sky 5/1/20
3/11/20 21:13 Olathe KS Chevron 45 seconds Chevron with no lights. 5/1/20
3/9/20 19:51 Wichita KS

MADAR Node 123 4/9/20
3/6/20 20:00 Junction City KS Other 4 minutes Look like stars moving in a row. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 19:43 Olathe KS Light 2 minutes Multiple lights zoom across the sky. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 19:40 Junction City KS Light >5 minutes We noticed what we thought was a satellite. Then another one appeared. Then another. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/3/20 19:00 Wichita KS Circle 2 minutes I was headed East on West Central when I looked in my rearview mirror in the sky was a red ball falling. Then a smaller red ball broke 5/1/20
3/2/20 17:30 Olathe KS Light 2 minutes 15-20 individual circular bright white orb shapes of light moving in a uniform line across the sky. ((anonymous)) 4/9/20
2/20/20 07:50 Hutchinson KS Circle 3 seconds Driving down Main St/6th headed North I looked over to my left a bit and noticed a green ball of light shooting across similar to a sho 2/25/20
2/12/20 01:00 St. Marys KS Formation 5 minutes The formation of lights in the sky was moving i. An add fashion and accompanied by these noises as if it were producing very loud sound 2/13/20
2/8/20 19:00 Lenexa KS Oval 05:00 Four UFO Blue light shaped objects circulating close to ground in a park 2/13/20
2/8/20 06:14 Overland Park KS Light 10 minutes At 6:13 am , Saturday morning I stepped out on my back porch to have a smoke. I was facing west and the moon was full in the Northwest 2/13/20
2/6/20 18:40 Topeka KS Light ~3 minutes Me (a middle school student) and my dad (who drives my library's book mobile) saw an orb shaped object the color of Venus in the sky mo 2/7/20
2/1/20 19:30 Lenexa KS Light 5 minutes or more. Seemingly endless stream of equally spaced lights traveling across the night sky. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/21/20 03:00 Hutchinson KS Oval 10 seconds I sighted the object at 3am-ish in Kansas. My fiancee and I went out to my vehicle to have a cigarette, because we couldn't sleep. He w 1/31/20
1/15/20 18:35 Newton KS Formation 60-seconds Several stars were moving quickly over my head,i stopped,(("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 00:00 Phillipsburg KS Other Weeks I am copy/pasting a recent news article concerning the recent drone sightings over southern Nebraska and northern Kansas. FBI has rece 2/7/20
1/5/20 02:30 Topeka KS Light Never stopped I've seen UFOs before but this was different! It wasnt the satelites everyone is seeing either! I walked outside to go to the store and 2/7/20
1/1/20 13:20 Wichita KS

MADAR Node 123 1/31/20
12/29/19 22:15 Lenexa KS Light 15 minutes While driving south on highway 35, I saw a light moving quickly through the clouds from the south east. It stopped abruptly, went quick 2/7/20
12/22/19 18:00 Hays KS Light 10 min I stepped out back and saw a straight line procession of "Stars" ... ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/22/19
12/21/19 06:20 Wichita KS Unknown 5 minutes Saw a dot in the sky moving slowly with my brother. We watched it move from northwest to northeast. Thought it was a satellite until it 12/22/19
12/19/19 19:40 Belleville KS Sphere 30 + seconds Sighting was at 7:40 pm, Saturday December 19th, 2019, In Belleville, KS.  ((NUFORC Note: Starlink satellites? PD)) 12/22/19
12/11/19 22:27 Evansville KS

MADAR Node 153 1/31/20
12/11/19 18:25 Victoria KS Chevron 30 seconds Lights Over Victoria, KS 12/19/19
12/11/19 17:45 Independence KS Light 90 seconds There were four lightsin the sky that appeared to be chasing each other 12/19/19
11/30/19 21:35 Overland Park KS Light 3 to 4 mins Bright lights merge into V formation and vanish. 12/19/19
11/24/19 17:23 Wichita KS

MADAR Node 123 12/19/19
11/24/19 05:59 Ottawa KS Light 2-3 minutes A uniform row of light passed over Kansas. ((NUFORC Note: "Starlink" satellites? PD)) 12/1/19
11/24/19 05:30 Erie KS Unknown minutes They all came from a dark area of the sky. I looked up and saw 2 what I thought were Satellite's moving West to East 12/1/19
11/24/19 05:30 Gaylord KS Light 5 minutes 10 stars moving in a line from SW to NE early morning . . . ((NUFORC Note: "Starlink" satellites? PD)) 12/1/19
11/19/19 19:20 Lyons KS Unknown 4mins Lights heading north. ((NUFORC Note: "Starlink" satellites? PD)) 12/1/19
11/13/19 20:34 Wichita KS Flash 5seconds I was driving on 400 freeway in Wichita Kansas then some lights caught my attention. At first I thought it was a plane but the lights w 12/1/19
11/11/19 19:00 Topeka KS Rectangle 30 secounds Walking with children and they pointed up and asked what it was. I couldn't see it until it passed in front of a star and it distorted 12/1/19
11/11/19 18:25 Butler KS Rectangle 5 min We saw an object in the sky with multiple white lights in a straight row. ((NUFORC Note: "Starlink" satellites? PD)) 12/1/19
11/10/19 02:30 Scandia KS Circle 3 minutes Got woken up by a bright light out by the corn field, it got up against the side of the house and looked like a huge spotlight shinning 12/1/19
11/8/19 20:55 Kansas City KS Unknown 3 seconds Stationary light streaks across the sky at the speed of a shooting star after being stationary. 1 second stationary 1 second moving out 12/1/19
10/31/19 23:17 Wichita KS

MADAR Node 123 12/1/19
10/31/19 19:57 Topeka KS Triangle 2 minutes I first noticed two air craft flying in the eastern direction. They produced a constant flashing, which to me is easly identifiable as 12/1/19
10/26/19 Baxter Springs KS Flash 22:15 We were driving west towards Miami Oklahoma and all 3 of us in the car saw a bright flash of light up high in the sky and the skies are 12/1/19
10/24/19 05:14 Wichita KS

MADAR Node 123 12/1/19
10/8/19 17:55 Lucas KS Teardrop 1 hour One white object hovered in the sky from the Wilson Lake in KS to Lucas, Ks. Approximately for one hour (that saw it). I have pictures 12/1/19
10/6/19 20:00 Wichita KS Unknown 4 minutes looked like a plane flying when a red light moved in different directions and disappeared 12/1/19
10/2/19 01:30 Crestline KS Triangle 30 Seconds Three bright white lights in a perfect triangle pattern that then disappeared to reappear as a blue streak moving at great speed. 12/1/19
9/25/19 08:48 Wichita KS Sphere 32 seconds object manuvering in a lightning storm 10/4/19
9/10/19 05:00 Overland Park KS Circle 30 minutes Round object with roughly 15 white lights at outer edges. 9/12/19
9/5/19 21:16 Leavenworth KS Light 2 minutes Bright light that got brighter, dimmed, and shot off 9/6/19
8/26/19 19:27 Wichita KS

MADAR Node 123 9/6/19
8/23/19 23:00 Leavenworth KS Disk 2 minutes Large saucer flying over our street. 9/6/19
8/23/19 23:00 Leavenworth KS Light 10 minutes 3 bright lights moving one right after the other with one hovering for several minutes before continuing. 9/6/19
8/23/19 19:00 Wichita KS Triangle 3 seconds Driving home with dinner and look over the tree line. Looked like 10-15000 feet moving real fast. ((anonymous report)) 9/6/19
6/29/19 15:50 Wichita KS

MADAR Node 123 7/5/19
6/28/19 23:00 Manhattan KS Circle 5 minutes 4 orange lights vanished out of thin air 7/5/19
6/8/19 11:30 Manhattan KS Light 5 minutes Bright orange lights in a disk formation appearing out of nowhere before slowly vanishing. 6/20/19
6/7/19 21:07 Wichita KS
125th second Took a photo of a ferris wheel and the moon at Wichita Ks. Reviewing the photo at home I noticed a dashed trail under the moon. 6/20/19
6/5/19 00:31 Leavenworth KS Light 10 minutes Flashing craft moving along set projectory(not plane or satellite) bluish white flashes, very bright, no noise, randomly appeared/left 6/7/19
2/28/19 06:20 Wichita KS Rectangle 5 seconds Hidden by clouds. 3/14/19
2/25/19 18:30 Cheney KS Light 3 seconds Not possibly a meteor due to nature of movement being unnatural. 2/27/19
1/25/19 08:01 Overland Park KS Triangle 5 minutes I was driving home from dinner with my 4y/o daughter. Got to my neighborhood and a glimmer in the sky caught my eye. It was very, very 2/1/19
1/15/19 19:00 Windom KS Circle 4 seconds One round gold color round shaped light appeared in the sky, one second later a 2nd round light identical in appearance appeared, anoth 1/17/19
1/3/19 21:30 Wichita KS Triangle 5 minutes Triangular object glides over car while driving outside of town. 1/11/19
12/20/18 20:45 Tonganoxie KS Triangle 10 minutes Saw a triangular aircraft hovering at night near the tonganoxie I-70 exit. ((anonymous reports)) 1/4/19
12/16/18 17:00 Baldwin City KS Cigar 15 minutes Cluster of unidentifiable objects west of Baldwin City 1/4/19
12/14/18 05:05 McPherson KS Fireball Second Took my dogs for a walk at 0500, first step off seen a fast half way falling shooting star. 1/4/19
12/12/18 20:56 Colby KS Light 2 hours Red light in the sky. 12/14/18
11/22/18 05:00 Winfield KS Circle 45 minutes South-Central Kansas D shaped white light. 11/24/18
11/11/18 10:00 Abilene KS Rectangle 10 minutes Bronze rectangle remained motionless above the treetops. ((anonymous report)) 11/24/18
11/1/18 22:00 Louisburg KS Light 5 minutes Flashing red and white light hoovering and gliding away. 11/9/18
10/29/18 05:48 Gardner KS Cylinder 30 seconds Pre-dawn cylinder shape outlined by dull red lights with a brighter greenish light, none of them flashing. 11/9/18
9/24/18 14:00 McPherson KS Light 15 seconds Bright light over I-135 around McPherson, KS. ((anonymous report)) 9/27/18
9/23/18 Topeka KS Light 5 minutes Round orb zigzaging in Topeka night sky. 9/27/18
9/3/18 23:30 Melvern KS Light 30 minutes Yellow bright light hovering over melvern would go dark then brighten back up for many amount of times. ((anonymous report)) 9/13/18
8/30/18 20:48 Independence KS Unknown 3 minutes A blinking light of variable speed & intensity 8/31/18
8/17/18 04:32 Topeka KS Disk 3 minutes Object looked to hover over a neighborhood for 3-4 minutes. Maybe 1000ft or less. It looked to have 2 lights that would turn on and off 8/22/18
8/13/18 04:30 Lawrence KS Triangle 5 minutes Very bright, white light flashing, triangular object moving extreme distances instantaneously 8/17/18
8/5/18 01:00 Kansas City KS Light Ongoing Hovering Lights in Kansas. ((anonymous report)) 8/10/18
7/21/18 22:00 Kansas City KS Triangle 3 minutes 2 triangle shaped UFOS spotted. 8/10/18
7/19/18 20:45 Topeka KS Circle 5 minutes UFO OVER TOPEKA East Topeka, Kansas July 19, 2018 / 8:30 to 9:30 PM , After a storm blew through after three NOAA WARNINGS a Thunderst 8/10/18
7/4/18 22:00 Valley Center KS Light 45 minutes Stationary Red Light That Eventually Moved. 7/13/18
5/29/18 06:00 Wichita KS Circle 5 minutes Two bright perfect circle orbs operating perpendicular to each other with exact movement, direction, and speed. 5/31/18
5/20/18 13:00 Russell KS Diamond 10 minutes Diamond blue white illuminated stationary object .driver and passenger Observed object while traveling too Denver for many miles hoveri 10/4/19
5/5/18 03:10 Lecompton KS Other a few seconds 6 White dots stacked and moving together near ground in wooded area on trail camera. 5/31/18
4/19/18 22:15 Kansas City KS Circle 5 seconds Green orb moving fast and smoking then disappeared before it was out of sight. 4/26/18
3/15/18 21:00 Olathe KS Light 20 minutes Bright object flying in strange patterns between Olathe/Gardner 6/7/19
3/12/18 09:50 Eureka KS Light 10 minutes Yellow orange light moving over Eureka ks 3/23/18
2/19/18 20:15 Troy KS Light 5 minutes Bright flashing light flying lower from west to east. It looked like lightening at first because it was so bright. ((anonymous rept.)) 2/22/18
2/13/18 20:39 McPherson KS Triangle 3 minutes 4 bright lights at perfect sequence two different times in 2 different locations. It was dark. 2/16/18
2/5/18 06:56 Wichita KS Cigar 6 seconds Green cigar shaped UFO across Wichita sky. 2/16/18
1/28/18 20:55 Olathe KS Light 3 minutes Bright Hovering strange orb spotted 01/28/2018. 3/2/18
1/19/18 19:00 Lakin KS Chevron 30 seconds Was returning to house after taking trash to dumpster.I get to my backyard something caught my eye.Large craft fairly low I'm guessing 1/25/18
1/13/18 20:35 Wichita KS Formation 3 minutes I was driving with my 3 kids when we seen 4 bright red lights flying in the sky. They were in a triangular shape at first and then chan 1/14/18
1/8/18 00:02 Kansas City KS Light 4 minutes Satellite Looking Star Stopped In Orion's Belt 1/12/18
12/14/17 22:45 Kansas City KS Cigar 20 seconds Thin cigar horizontal red pulsating light flying south over downtown Kansas City MO. 12/21/17
12/9/17 21:20 Phillipsburg KS Light 15-20 minutes 12 red flashing lights, traveling slowly, with a heading in SW KANSAS. 12/10/17
12/9/17 21:00 Topeka KS Formation 30 minutes Red lights in line formation, hovering over west Topeka. ((anonymous report)) 12/14/17
12/9/17 20:30 Paxico KS Formation 20 minutes 8 red blinking lights in a horizontal line, evenly spaced, heading in a west/northwest direction, lasted 15-20 minutes 1/12/18
12/9/17 20:00 Russell to Hays KS Formation 15 minutes Formation of 25-30 red lights. ((anonymous report)) 12/10/17
12/5/17 20:00 Dodge City KS Unknown >5 minutes Since i live here 4 yrs. I seen cigars in groups. Alot of white stars and then change. ((anonymous report)) 12/8/17
11/25/17 18:40 Kingman KS Sphere 6-7 seconds Saw a bright green orb dropping from the sky, at an angle to the east; lasted few seconds and then disappeared. 12/4/17
11/9/17 01:00 Paola KS Circle 2 hours Im sitting by my window smoking and happen to notice that im seeing an oddly number of lights here lately some go some stay but noticed 11/9/17
11/3/17 22:44 Pratt KS Unknown 2.5 minutes Very load roar similar to a jet. Sounds shook all the Windows in the house for about 1 minute. Could hear the sound for about 2.5 minut 11/9/17
10/26/17 13:05 Lawrence KS Disk 2 minutes Silver disk over horizon, north of Lawrence, KS hovered, tilted, and disappeared 11/3/17
10/24/17 20:30 Lincoln KS Other 60 seconds Large Bright round orange lights with Bright white connecting lights in some triangle or pyramid shape that hovered and disappeared 11/3/17
10/18/17 02:30 Minneola KS Cylinder 1 hour Bright multicolored craft moving across the sky. 10/19/17
10/16/17 21:00 Overland Park KS Light 1.5 minutes Dozens of pinpoint lights in random formation traveling in the same direction at various speeds. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
10/13/17 06:54 Wichita KS Light 5 minutes Not a shooting star or an airplane. 10/19/17
10/11/17 17:25 Merriam KS Cigar 2 minutes White cigar-shaped craft above Merriam, KS. 10/19/17
10/7/17 05:05 Cunningham KS Oval West Greens cloudy oval size of a full moon 10/19/17
9/28/17 05:30 Gardner KS Circle 3 minutes Driving to work I looked up and saw one big bright light with something faint above it. Zipping around this bright light were two red r 10/5/17
8/27/17 22:00 Girard KS Light 10 minutes Big orange light glowing in the woods at night witnessed by my mother and I. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 9/5/17
8/22/17 21:45 Prairie Village KS Light 3-5 minutes Strobing light swooping from one position to another at random distances; intercepted by a different light. ((anonymous report)) 8/24/17
8/16/17 03:00 Garden City KS Light 1 hour To the N, there was multiple bright flashes on, and above the clouds. It was not lightning. ((anonymous report)) 8/17/17
7/16/17 03:00 Independence KS Light 2.5-3 hours Bright starshaped objects began moving at random, brightly illuminating and becoming 3 lights, with the other 2 the lesser lights 7/23/17
7/11/17 01:47 Lawrence KS Changing 30 seconds I looked up and saw an object move from West to East. The single ball of light became three balls of light. They left in three opposite 7/14/17
7/4/17 23:15 Atchison KS Oval 2 minutes Orange red light moving slowly in the sky. ((anonymous report)) 7/7/17
6/16/17 00:05 Colby KS Light 15-20 seconds Bright orb/orbs. ((anonymous report)) 6/22/17
6/11/17 23:00 Toronto KS Light 10 seconds On Sun. night, 6-11-17, I was observing the sky while on vacation at 11:00pm. I was looking directly overhead when a green light appear 7/7/17
6/11/17 04:00 Dodge City KS Changing 45 minutes Approx. 4:00-4:45 am, I witnessed a large, seemingly round, orange orb in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus? PD)) 6/15/17
5/29/17 16:45 Topeka KS Diamond 1 second Taking cloud picture saw movement above clouds and took photo, not realizing I had captured an object on photo. 6/2/17
5/20/17 22:30 Silver Lake KS Triangle 2 seconds Saturday May 20th, 2017 11:30 p.m. Silver Lake, KS. New moon so no moon that night, perfectly clear and windless, about 55-60º with 6/2/17
5/13/17 04:20 Kansas City KS Light 5 seconds I was walking back to campsite from casino by kansas city race track at about 420 am i saw a green light in sky and it shot off faster 5/15/17
5/4/17 23:00 Lawrence KS Light ~1 minute Helicopter chasing orange light at low altitude. 5/6/17
4/13/17 23:23 Wichita KS Flash 10 minutes (so far) There was a flashing light that was to fast and bright to be a star and it was moving around at different speeds. 4/20/17
4/10/17 11:30 Wichita KS Disk 5 minutes I was driving and spotted 3 objects slowly moving across the sky. They were not drones. They were to big to be drones. They flew in a c 4/13/17
3/31/17 19:00 Lawrence KS Light 5 months-currently My experience started last summer and continues on to this day. Leading up to my current “issue” with these objects. 4/7/17
3/18/17 21:00 Arkansas City KS Light 10 minutes Bright flashing redients object moves across sky. 3/23/17
3/17/17 22:00 Kansas City KS Light 12 seconds Four Fast Moving High Flying Light Objects Moving From East To West Above Kansas City 3/23/17
3/17/17 21:45 Kansas City KS Light 12 seconds Four Light Objects Moving Fast from East To West over Kansas City 3/17/2017 9:45 pm 3/23/17
3/10/17 22:00 Belpit KS Other 10 seconds Strange lights that moved as if an hourglass on its side which rolled across the night sky. 4/7/17
3/10/17 00:30 Newton KS Triangle ~10 minutes Perfect triangular formation made by floating lights above tree line slowly glided until it disappeared. 3/10/17
3/1/17 20:00 Dodge City KS Circle 10 hours Every night there is a bright circle light that seams as if it's following me. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 3/10/17
2/27/17 19:00 Plains KS Light 1 hour +- A bright light in s/w sky brighter than any of the stars or planets. ((NUFORC Note 3/10/17
2/25/17 19:15 Highland KS Light 2 hours A very large and very bright light, larger brighter than any planet or star. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus. PD)) 3/10/17
2/21/17 07:00 Basehor KS Light 2.3 hours There was a bright light at least 10 times the brightness of a typical star hovering in one spot for over 2 hours. Then, it vanished. 2/22/17
2/19/17 22:30 Atchison KS Unknown 10 seconds Object appeared to be at extremely high altitude moving from north to south without sound and at 2500+ mph. I could see it moving south 2/22/17
2/16/17 16:00 Wichita KS Other 2 minutes A brown round shape falling straight down from the sky.

Fell straight down with a white vapor trail behind it. I was driving and l
2/15/17 21:00 Wichita KS Other indefinitely 2 objects that look like stars moving erratically and stopping abruptly. ((anonymous report)) 2/17/17
2/15/17 20:00 Shawnee KS Triangle Seconds Group of v shaped lights doing complex movements. 2/17/17
2/15/17 20:00 Shawnee KS Triangle Seconds Group of v-shaped lights doing complex movements. 2/17/17
2/15/17 19:00 Wichita KS Circle 1 minute each Orange balls of light in the sky. ((anonymous report)) 2/17/17
2/11/17 18:31 Lawrence KS Triangle 5 minutes Slow, massive, low flying triangle 2/17/17
1/23/17 19:00 Hays KS Unknown 2 seconds Fast moving, shapeless, opaque object w 3-4 dim lights. 1/26/17
1/11/17 18:40 Hays (5 miles east of; on I-70) KS Other 30 seconds Line of lights flashing south of I-70 ne'er hays. 1/12/17
12/31/16 00:00 Turner KS Unknown 60 seconds Silent, slow, north bound, low altitude. Est. 500 ft, quite amazing to me. I am 59 yrs old, retired geologist. ((anonymous report)) 1/6/17
12/18/16 19:30 Mission KS Light 10 minutes Too yellow to be airplanes. And traveling in a line formation 12/21/16
12/15/16 19:00 Winchester KS Triangle 1 minute I was driving down Hwy 192 just outside Winchester, ks about 7:30 pm. I saw a massive V shaped craft go overhead. Had three lights of 12/21/16
11/25/16 22:00 Olathe KS Chevron ~10 seconds I was standing outside and happened to look up and saw a grey boomerang shaped object moving silently across the sky then over the hous 12/5/16
11/22/16 20:30 Derby KS Flash 1 hour Green bright flashes in sky over Derby/rosehill 12/5/16
11/19/16 07:34 Wichita KS Light 20 seconds My father and I are in my van with my children. He is driving and I'm the passenger seat. We are going north on Broadway (Aka Old Route 12/5/16
10/31/16 19:03 Wichita KS Light 1 minutes Baffling Green Orb In the Skies Of Wichita Kansas 4/28/17
10/27/16 23:45 Walker KS Circle 1 minute The sky lit up and a light green ball flew overhead then disappeared. ((anonymous report)) 11/4/16
10/27/16 20:40 Gardner KS Other 10-15 minutes Four lights in a square, red light in center blinking. Lights moved to verious locations instantle. 11/4/16
10/22/16 19:30 Derby KS Light 0002 Numerous orb crafts of different colors seen over south central KS. 10/27/16
10/21/16 00:34 Columbus KS Light 4 minutes Bright orange ball. 10/27/16
10/16/16 13:30 Banner Springs KS Triangle 2 minutes Grey, silver triangular shaped flying object over Bonner Springs, Ks. 10/21/16
9/29/16 22:00 Logan KS Light 45 seconds As we were walking from our RV to the house I noticed a bright light. I thought it was a shooting star at first, as it was a perfect fa 9/30/16
9/28/16 23:00 Overland Park KS Fireball Seconds I saw a MASSIVE white object fall from the sky. 10/11/16
9/10/16 23:30 Topeka KS Light 20 minutes Orange light turning red moving south to north, not an aircraft I am familiar with. 9/15/16
9/10/16 19:10 Wilson Lake KS Sphere 8 minutes Saw a helicopter chasing a orb across the sky at night. The orb looked like a star in the sky. Seemed like the helicopter and orb kept 9/15/16
9/9/16 09:30 Wichita KS Sphere 30 minutes A white orb appeared in the sky, stationary for a bit, then disappeared. 9/22/16
8/27/16 20:20 Lawrence KS Flash <1 second Rapid moving flash of light while taking movie of clouds. 8/29/16
8/21/16 04:15 Wellington KS Light 30 minutes Five people watched three different colored lights move around the sky North of Wellington, Kansas. 9/22/16
8/13/16 13:00 Leawood KS Disk 1 hour Objects circling in sky, daytime, other adults saw crafts. Too high up and far away to attempt to photograph. 8/16/16
8/9/16 21:40 Bel Aire KS Disk 20 seconds Looking into the southeastern sky a cylinder shaped object became extremely bright and then became dim. About 5 seconds later one light 8/16/16
8/6/16 12:15 Overland Park KS Circle 2 minutes White roundish object moving in sky. 8/16/16
8/5/16 02:39 Oak Hill KS Unknown 21 minutes When going through the pictures I had taken, I noticed a few pictures with an object in them. 8/16/16
6/26/16 21:35 Effingham KS Light 8 seconds Bright light that makes a square turn then back on path 7/8/16
6/23/16 13:16 Kansas City KS Disk 8-10 seconds Silent vibrating disc flashes, and disappears. 6/24/16
6/16/16 20:40 Pretty Prairie KS Rectangle 50 seconds Eight bright lights four bigger lights on the corners four smaller lights in the middle. 6/24/16
6/10/16 21:30 Potwin KS
15 minutes A light that was scanning area turned straight at us and advanced very quickly and stopped about a 1000ft out stayed there for a m 10/21/16
6/10/16 00:20 Wichita KS Diamond continuing Bright white star like with alternating red and green light in center. ((NUFORC Note: "Twinkling" stars?? PD)) 6/10/16
6/4/16 22:05 Andover KS Circle 1 minutes Just sitting out side; bright orange ball from the N to the S. no noise or flashing lights. right over the house. 6/10/16
6/4/16 01:25 Manhattan KS Light 1 minute Small bright white lights apppear in a starry sky 6/10/16
5/11/16 00:00 Lawrence KS Changing 10 seconds Interdimensional being flying through the sky in a liquid motion. 5/20/16
5/10/16 12:00 East of Kingman (E of; rural) KS Triangle 15-20 minutes White object like cloud, would phase in and out to the color of the sky middle of the day, somewhat triangular or stealth shaped, 5/20/16
5/7/16 23:00 Wichita KS Unknown 15 seconds The object zipped across the sky. 5/10/16
4/12/16 21:30 Ellsworth KS Fireball 10 minutes Orange lights over central Kansas. 4/15/16
4/12/16 21:25 Ellsworth KS Fireball 1 hour Red pulsating lights hovering SW of Ellsworth. Lasted a good 30 seconds to a minute. 4/15/16
4/7/16 01:30 Topeka KS Formation 10 minutes 5 round objects forming a vertical circle over Topeka. Each object had a red light on top and a white light on bottom. Seen through b 4/15/16
4/6/16 21:05 Hays KS Light 15 minutes Orange circle objects over Hays, KS. 4/15/16
4/5/16 03:45 Lawrence KS Light 2 minutes Bright cherry-red light, steady movement and altitude, did not fade out. 7/22/16
3/3/16 Dodge City KS

OUT SOUTH OF DODGE CITY kansas videos taken by cell phone or several cell phones one guy was video recording it when he dropped his ph 3/11/16
2/24/16 19:00 El Dorado KS Unknown 10 minutes Three strange disappearing lights outside of Towanda/El Dorado, Kansas. 2/26/16
2/22/16 23:30 Kansas City KS Light 1 hour + White/blue light seen southwest of Kansas City, Kansas. 2/26/16
2/20/16 18:00 Saint Francis KS Changing 45 seconds My friend and I were driving down the road and looked up over a wheat field and seen one red dot that was stationary. 2/26/16
2/13/16 05:30 Wichita KS Changing A few seconds One light became four 2/19/16
2/10/16 22:00 Lebo KS Sphere ~1 minute Red, orange, blue multi-colored ufo. 2/11/16
2/5/16 20:00 Shawnee KS Light 15 minutes They looked like stars that were moving in a straight trajectory. 2/11/16
1/25/16 21:00 Seneca KS Diamond 1 hour Star in the sky that moved. An airplane would move in a straight line. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of star, we believe. PD)) 2/4/16
1/23/16 22:30 Council Grove KS Light 1 minute Red orange light hovered in the sky in front of my car, then disappeared. 1/29/16
1/12/16 07:48 Wichita KS Circle 2 minutes We all looked and saw an airplane leaving a contrail lit up by the rising sun. 1/14/16
1/9/16 Hutchinson KS

Read Hutchinson News Kansas today front page on cattle mutilation happening in area again. 1/14/16
12/15/15 03:30 Larned KS Formation ~2 minutes Three brown, round triangular objects. 1/29/16
12/14/15 21:00 Wichita KS Light 2 seconds Two fast moving lights in the night sky. 12/17/15
12/10/15 08:20 Valley Falls KS Triangle 30 seconds Triangle ufo saw clouds through the center of it. 12/17/15
11/19/15 00:15 Wichita KS Triangle 5-8 seconds I was on my porch looking to the north at the stars. Low just above my roof line I saw a fast moving, dim set of lights moving east to 11/19/15
11/12/15 18:35 Wichita KS Cigar 2 minutes While driving home, I saw 3 cars that were in front of me on a 2 lane road swerve as if to avoid hitting something on the railroad trac 11/19/15
11/9/15 Shawnee KS Light 20 minutes ((HOAX)) There were multiple ones. 11/12/15
11/8/15 05:30 Wichita KS Other 30 minutes + 2 flashing objects shooting or flashing lights at each other and two more meeting them and flashing amd then leaving 11/19/15
11/7/15 20:30 Olathe KS Circle 2 minutes Flickering sphere which descended and then reappeared. 11/19/15
11/7/15 12:00 Wichita KS Changing 2 hours Bright white orb maintaining position to the north west position of waxing moon in daytime (November 7, 2015) 11/19/15
11/2/15 21:00 Eudora KS Light 5-10 minutes Purple light hovered in sky before flying off rapidly to the south. 11/6/15
10/28/15 19:25 Pittsburg KS Other ~5 seconds The object was shaped like a "W," but replace the two connected V's with two crescent shapes, and had no visible lights. 10/29/15
10/25/15 03:25 Wichita KS Light 45 minutes + Very bright white/bluish light, weaves left and right, moves a tad and stops, then repeats. 10/29/15
10/15/15 22:00 Augusta KS Light 5 minutes Augusta, KS; 10:00pm; Light; 5 minutes; Appearing and disappearing big light. 5/20/16
10/13/15 02:00 Marysville KS Light 30 minutes Bright blue, red, white lights hovering around for at least 30 minutes. There were 2 craft at least a few miles apart. 10/16/15
10/11/15 21:11 Dexter KS Fireball <1 minute Erratic zig-zagging fireball, orange to yellow 10/16/15
10/7/15 06:45 Winfield KS Unknown 10 minutes Bright light that circled around then disappeared 10/16/15
10/4/15 23:05 Herington KS Flash 1 minute Strange satellite pulsing light. 10/9/15
9/27/15 21:00 Wichita KS
5 seconds The light moved in a straight line, as it moved it got brighter then dimmer until it disappeared 9/29/15
9/26/15 22:00 Overland Park KS Cigar 30 minutes 3 units observed in horizontal line with main center unit. Red, green and whits flashing lights. 9/29/15
9/23/15 14:30 Jewell KS Oval 2 minutes Two white balls traveling South about 1 minute apart, same speed and elevation. 9/25/15
9/20/15 20:20 Pittsburg KS Circle 2 minutes White Fast Orb with Pulsing Red Glow. 9/25/15
9/17/15 22:30
KS Flash 10 seconds Bright light over Kansas, September 17, 2015. ((NUFORC Note: Report from commercial pilot. PD 10/9/15
9/17/15 22:30 Fall River KS Disk 10 seconds We saw it twice for about 10 seconds each time.5 orange lights appeared together in a line then went out from one side to the other unt 9/25/15
9/16/15 19:28 Olathe KS Light 6 minutes Driving and saw two white circles or ball of lights traveling south.Both where traveling same speed. About two to observing thes 9/17/15
9/15/15 21:30 Elk City Lake KS Circle ~1 minute There was 3 orange lights and it looked like it was spinning. The way I could tell it was spinning was by seeing 2 lights appear then 3 9/17/15
9/15/15 21:28 Andover KS Light 30 seconds Group of twinkling lights rapidly changing speed and advancing across the sky 9/17/15
9/6/15 21:09 Lawrence KS Light 4-5 seconds Point of light that was moving in a straight line at a good speed, almost 2 times that of a passenger jet. 9/11/15
8/15/15 23:00 Valley Center KS Triangle 20 minutes Triangular UFO observed at low altitude and chased for several miles. 2/4/16
8/12/15 22:15 Hill City KS Other ~5 minutes My first impression was this craft was from the design board of Star Trek's Walt Jeffries. 8/27/15
8/3/15 21:30 Ellsworth KS Formation 1 minutes Witnessed a moving formation of lights in night sky. 8/6/15
8/3/15 21:00 Wilson Lake KS Light 1-2 minutes Amber uniform spaced lights. 8/6/15
7/22/15 21:00 Kansas City KS Diamond 2-3 minutes I noticed a violet or pale pink over white object hovering in the south sky just under the moon it was diamond shape on top flat bottom 7/23/15
7/21/15 22:20 Mulberry Township KS Triangle 5-10 minutes Low flying, extremely slow moving triangular craft sighted in rural Kansas. 7/23/15
7/8/15 09:26 Lindsborg KS Unknown .20/.45 ((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness. Time may be flawed. Possible hoax. PD)) 7/10/15
7/4/15 23:45 McPherson KS Circle 5 minutes Three very fast moving circular brightly glowing objects. 7/6/15
7/4/15 22:00 Kansas KS Fireball
On 7/4/15 @10PM in Kansas 2 red/orange dots (fireball) side by side were moving then disappeared 7/10/15
7/4/15 21:40 Derby KS Light 45 minutes A moving star approaches from south, moves about erratically, then sits motionless. 7/10/15
7/2/15 21:30 Concordia KS Triangle 30 minutes Two stationary bright objects in the northwest sky, ((NUFORC Note: Venus and Jupiter?? PD)) 7/10/15
6/25/15 21:45 Lawrence KS Unknown 5 minutes Object with pulsing wave of light moving around it 7/3/15
5/2/15 23:00 Colby KS Circle 20 minutes My wife and I went outside at about 11:00pm to have a cigarette before going to bed. We were sitting on our front porch smoking when my 5/8/15
4/6/15 20:00 Dodge City KS Other 10 second We got home from working the 2-10 shift at security? We sat on the front porch, & then I saw it!!! It was across the street. 5/6/17
4/5/15 15:26 Lakin KS Unknown 3 seconds Large silver object southeast bound at approximately 29,000 ft Mean Sea Level. 4/8/15
4/3/15 01:00 Wichita KS Other 5 minutes I do not know the exact date this event took place. It is currently April 4, 2018. It happened a couple of years ago but I still rememb 4/5/18
3/15/15 23:15 Lawrence KS Fireball ~1 minute Bright green fireball. 5/22/15
3/4/15 20:00 Glasco KS Oval 20 minutes Large object that changed directions and brightness that also had an extending tail-like object. 3/6/15
2/3/15 17:26 Marysville KS Changing 3-5 minutes In the western sky was a thin white flat looking object dancing around. 8/27/15
1/4/15 21:30 Abilene KS Triangle 0:30 Red lights in a triangle form close to the ground. No sound. Disappeared. Approx. 90-110 MPH. ((anonymous report)) 8/29/16
12/1/14 22:55 Merriam KS Fireball ~5 minutes Fireball in the sky that moved slowly then vanished. 12/5/14
11/27/14 17:49 Overland Park KS Other 10 minutes Multiple red blue and white lights, that were together then split up in two dazzle displays of light acrobatics! fast turns, sharpe 12/5/14
11/22/14 19:00 Phillipsburg KS Unknown 19:45 7 objects with red, blue, and white lights and one moving star in Kansas night sky 11/26/14
11/20/14 05:30 Topeka KS Light 05:31 "Satellite" that pulsed brightly 5 times. 11/21/14
11/16/14 22:10 Topeka KS Fireball 5 seconds An orange and red ball of fire was seen S of Topeka, KS, arching across the sky from W to E, before burning out. 11/21/14
11/10/14 18:35 Kansas City KS Disk 15 minutes 3 UFOs in clouds, chasing each other. ((NUFORC Note: Possible advertising lights? PD)) 11/14/14
11/8/14 10:48 Lawrence KS Other 70 seconds There were 4 or 5 grey aircrafts chasing a dark colored disc like aircraft that was gliding and and changing directions very quickly. 11/14/14
11/2/14 15:30 Olathe KS Sphere 30 minutes I just want to know what it was. See the pics. 11/6/14
10/29/14 05:10 Merriam KS Formation 7 seconds 10 pale yellowish bird figures speeding silently through the clear sky 11/6/14
10/26/14 02:00 Wichita KS Light 35 minutes Bright rainbow colored flashing star that moved east. 11/6/14
10/24/14 16:00 Lenexa KS Disk 1 minute Was seen hovering in the sky as i was headed north on I435 with two others in the car with me. The craft looked metallic and disk shape 11/6/14
10/16/14 22:30 Wichita KS Light 1 minute Meteor type object that made a 180 degree change in direction at amazing speed. 11/6/14
10/15/14 22:15 Wichita KS Rectangle Flew Over Low in sky, rectangle craft, grey, red lights on back, 2 small wings underneath, sounded like a plane taking off. 11/6/14
10/6/14 22:35 Colby KS Circle 5 minutes? Hovering circular object with lights 10/10/14
9/25/14 23:00 Manhattan KS Triangle 5 minutes Five flying orange V's followed by military helicopter 10-15 minutes later. 10/3/14
9/24/14 21:00 Newton KS Diamond 2 minutes ((Hoax??)) Orange glowing object. 9/25/14
9/20/14 19:48 Overland Park KS Unknown 3 minutes Red and green non blinking lights hovering, seen by 2 others. 9/25/14
9/19/14 06:00 Wichita KS Triangle
Hi, I was heading to school Friday morning about 6:00 am 9 19 2014. Well just as I got on k96 heading east I seen a bright light way ou 9/25/14
9/18/14 23:00 Topeka KS Light In my backyard Bright light like a ball shape with fire on the end of the object and flew lower than airplanes that come in to land 10/3/14
9/18/14 22:38 Ellis KS
~40 seconds Was out side smoking a cigarette looking at the stars in the north direction when I seen a bright flash then continued to watch the sam 9/25/14
9/18/14 22:00 Maize KS Light 5 minutes 10+ twinkling lights move over countryside in circular formation. 9/25/14
9/7/14 23:00 Ft. Riley KS Changing 2 hours flashing lights green and white changed shapes on the photos I have its amazing 9/10/14
9/5/14 12:00 Earth's Moon KS Disk
A ufo and a aline in moon video is here: 9/5/14
9/2/14 21:00 Newton KS Teardrop 5 minutes This ufo was bright white like the moon and did not fly around fast it looked liked it was in space near the moon and was morphing then 9/5/14
8/21/14 22:20 Topeka KS Diamond 1 minute Very low large slow flying plasma ball. 8/22/14
8/17/14 07:00 Luray KS Light 45 minutes I was at my brother in laws visiting and decided to go out side to get some fresh air. As I was standing on the porch looking towards t 3/10/17
8/17/14 Luray KS Light 45 minutes Amazing lights in the sky. 9/5/14
8/16/14 18:45 Shawnee KS Sphere <1 minute We were heading south on Payne street and stopped at the stop sign. The object appeared from behind us and moved into our line of sight 8/22/14
8/11/14 09:19 Emporia KS Disk 30 minutes My eyes pictured a small white line floating across the sky; there was another similar silverline a short distance away. 8/15/14
8/6/14 04:30 Wichita KS Unknown 3-5 minutes Low rumbling, like hot air balloon pulling the gas handle. 8/8/14
8/3/14 21:45 Emporia KS Light 2 minutes Ball of extremely bright light started just above the moon and moved across the sky right above me. 8/8/14
8/3/14 02:00 Tribune KS Triangle 1 minute Triangle craft with three red light in western Kansas. 8/8/14
8/2/14 21:45 Topeka KS Fireball 30 seconds 2 orange, floating objects. 8/8/14
8/1/14 23:30 Salina KS Light 15 seconds While star gazing on a clear night, I watched 3 UFO's fade into visibility, one after the other. 8/8/14
8/1/14 11:30 Olathe KS Other 4-5 minutes Unknown falling/drifting object West of Olathe, Kansas. 8/1/14
8/1/14 03:00 Fort Riley KS Triangle 2 minutes While working on duty as a Military Police Officer, I noticed a triangle shaped UFO flying over the Fort Riley Training Area. 6/25/20
7/25/14 05:00 Scott City KS Light 60 seconds Green light moving to the north very fast, west of Scott State Lake. 8/1/14
7/23/14 17:30 Reading KS Unknown ~3 minutes Fighter jet seemed to be dispatched to intercept a flying object based on direction of jet sound and object going opposite direction. 7/26/14
7/19/14 05:00 Topeka KS Fireball 5 minutes Fireball in the sky over Topeka, Kansas. 7/26/14
7/9/14 13:00 Wichita KS Cylinder 10 minutes Silver "pool noodle" high in the daytime sky, moving slowly and turning as if powered. Disappeared quickly. 7/11/14
7/6/14 22:30 Goodland KS Sphere 5 minutes Giant bright light. 7/11/14
7/6/14 20:50 Topeka KS Cylinder 1 minute Pill shaped, bright object with no wings over Topeka, KS. 7/11/14
7/4/14 23:41 Wichita KS Light 3 minutes 1/2 mile straight east of McConnel AFB Wichita. Round SILENT solid dark, round, red object moved straight north from straight south no 7/5/14
7/4/14 23:00 Saint John KS Unknown 10 minutes Red lights in sky for 10 minutes. 7/5/14
7/4/14 22:00 Louisburg KS Fireball 15 minutes 13 flaming objects floated over house in no formation coming from the southeast to the northwest. 7/11/14
7/4/14 00:00 Salina KS
still happening Visitation. 7/26/14
6/29/14 22:02 Salina KS Fireball 20 seconds Orange/Red circular shaped orbs moving in sky, there were 3 balls in a triangular figure floating these were NOT any type of lantern. 7/4/14
6/29/14 21:45 Olathe KS Circle 1-2 minutes 3 red/orange pulsating orbs in triangle formation before storm as lightning started. 7/4/14
6/21/14 22:00 Topeka KS Light 2 minutes Lights in the sky which I cannot explain by way of conventional means. 6/27/14
6/14/14 01:00 Kansas City KS Other 4 hours A bright flash of light and i wake up 500 miles back at the texas kansas boarder where i was 4 hours earlier. ((anonymous report)) 6/7/19
6/12/14 21:30 Wichita KS Formation 20 seconds Three bright lights moving like a snake across the sky. 6/13/14
6/8/14 21:15 Overland Park KS Sphere 1 minutes Brilliant Orange Orb/Sphere Moves Across Sky. 6/13/14
6/2/14 23:15 Pittsburg KS Light 2 minutes I stepped out to smoke before bed, and noticed a white light moving rather slowly in the sky from west to NE. 6/4/14
6/2/14 22:00 Ottawa (near) KS Light 2 minutes Bright white light moving fast across the sky. 6/4/14
5/29/14 23:45 Wichita KS Circle 10 seconds A circular, well lit craft accelerated and disappeared. 6/13/14
5/27/14 09:20 Topeka KS Unknown 5 minutes 3 light object by Lake Shawnee sitting completely still, then vanished. 6/4/14
5/26/14 04:08 Wellington KS Sphere 2 seconds Bright Orange Sphere. 6/4/14
5/26/14 04:00 Junction City KS Light 10 minutes Bright lights flying through sky. Would appear and quickly disappear. 6/4/14
4/24/14 23:30 Gardner KS Unknown 30 minutes Blue and Green Lights, No definite shape, No Noise, Random Light pulsating, Slight Movement. ((NUFORC Note: Stars?? PD)) 5/2/14
4/17/14 21:00 Prairie Village KS Light current Unusual light. 4/18/14
4/16/14 21:40 Overland Park KS Unknown 1 second Blue light accelerating at an extremely high rate of speed, then disappearing. 4/18/14
4/15/14 02:13 Wichita KS Cylinder 2 1/2 minutes Stationary cylinder object lights up sky and rockets out of sight. 4/18/14
3/29/14 22:50 Altoona KS Sphere 20-30 minutes Several orange spheres move horizontally, in perfectly straight line, across SE Kansas sky with absolutely no sound! 4/4/14
3/18/14 23:40 Olathe KS Circle 5 minutes Disc like object, 2 huge spot lights, blue rings underneath. 3/21/14
3/6/14 02:00 Windom KS Rectangle 25 seconds 3 rectangular objects with blinking lights were hovering above us and just went away . 3/18/14
1/18/14 00:10 Wichita KS Light 90 minutes Bright white lights moving around south west Wichita just above cloud cover. 1/24/14
1/14/14 18:45 Fredonia KS Light 4 minutes Three people see orange lights in the western sky at night. One dims and re-lights in a horizontal row. 50 second video taken. 1/24/14
1/14/14 18:45 Eureka KS Other 4 minutes Three vertical yellowish-orange balls lit up the Eastern night sky. 1/16/14
1/14/14 06:30 Yates Center KS Light 10 minutes Lights moving in a distinct pattern. 1/24/14
1/13/14 06:00 Hugoton KS Flash 1 hour ((HOAX??)) Way bright light that does not move at all. Not even a bit. 2/14/14
12/26/13 17:43 Manhattan KS Fireball 4 seconds North bound fireball in Thursday evening twilight sky. 1/10/14
12/10/13 20:00 Overland Park KS Light ~30 seconds Two flickering lights seen above the eastern horizon of Overland Park. 12/12/13
12/3/13 19:10 Lawrence KS Light Continuous Bright light rises straight up quietly flys away. 12/5/13
12/1/13 04:30 Wichita KS Rectangle 5 minutes On the night of Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 at 4:30 in the morning I woke up and had to use the restroom. I am 70 years old so at my age I canno 12/12/13
11/26/13 06:15 Wichita KS Light ~2 seconds Very fast, high altitude light traveling from the west to the east. 12/2/13
11/25/13 23:20 Leawood KS Cigar 7 seconds Silent Cigar Shaped UFO Leawood, KS. 12/2/13
11/17/13 Osage City KS Other 20 minutes Strange lights in the sky. 11/20/13
11/16/13 22:30 Derby KS Fireball 5 seconds Bright green meteor. 11/20/13
11/16/13 21:45 Pratt KS Fireball 3 seconds Quick flash of light. lit up the sky, i turned around and seen the fireball falling. about five minutes later i heard what sounded 11/20/13
11/9/13 21:20 Leavenworth KS Fireball 5 minutes Slow moving fireballs going across sky in Leavenworth. 11/11/13
11/9/13 20:40 Overland Park KS Fireball ~5 minutes One Fiery Red Orb ~Hovering~ Over Overland Park... That's twice now within 5 months! 11/20/13
10/26/13 21:30 Olathe KS Unknown Ongoing two objects spotted in night sky over Olathe, KS with eratic flight patterns 11/11/13
10/23/13 19:30 Stilwell KS Sphere 30 minutes Contact with intelligent UFO. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus?? PD)) 11/11/13
10/22/13 19:51 Topeka KS Light ongoing Bright colored light sitting stationary S/W of Topeka, very bright. ((NUFORC Note: Probably Venus. PD)) 10/23/13
10/11/13 19:00 Lawrence KS Unknown 2-4 minutes Silent blue and white lights of craft object change color, approach myself and boyfriend, before changing into buzzing, everyday plane 10/14/13
9/25/13 20:20 Olathe KS Light 30 minutes Spotted a light in the sky south of I-435, just above the horizon. It appeared stationary for several minutes then began to appear to m 9/30/13
9/21/13 20:00 Wichita KS Disk 30-60 minutes Object with big bright white lights, and smaller, red, white, and blue lights hovering in the sky. 9/30/13
9/20/13 23:00 Latham KS Circle >1 hour Flashing colors like ball that never moved. 9/30/13
9/8/13 22:00 Derby KS Fireball 2 minutes Glowing orange ball. 9/30/13
9/8/13 21:00 Wichita KS Light 2-3 minutes First saw object that have seen on two previous occassions in the past week. It was a bright light that appeared high in the sky. 9/9/13
9/3/13 21:15 Yoder KS Sphere 10 minutes Glowing orange sphere hovering at western horizon, disappeared suddenly. 9/9/13
8/31/13 21:20 Lenexa KS Light 2 minutes Orange light vanished after 2 minutes. 9/9/13
8/26/13 23:00 Dodge City KS Circle 1 hour There was a light light that sat a over dodge city for at least an hour before vanishing completely. I was at the the Koch nitrogen ref 8/30/13
8/26/13 00:50 Winchester KS Rectangle 8 seconds This bright white light was traveling at a very high rate of speed, before falling into the horizon. 8/30/13
8/14/13 22:30 Gardner KS Triangle 23:15 The Object was Triangle Shaped, Had blinking colors of Red, White, Green, and Shaked as it tried to move as confirmed by 4 people. 8/30/13
8/11/13 22:30 Wichita KS Triangle 1 minute ((HOAX?? PROFANITY)) Four bright white horizontal lights turned into a triangle with a red and irane light. 8/30/13
8/10/13 07:30 Overland Park KS Other 50-60 minutes ((HOAX??)) I swear this black flying-saucer shaped thing should not have been flying. I predict it was going around 2 mph 8/30/13
8/7/13 23:00 Ada KS Sphere 10-20 minutes While sitting out side these red/orange sphere apaired for a short time going up and then east. 8/30/13
7/17/13 22:35 Wichita KS Triangle 5 seconds It was 5 fiery red balls of light shaped in a triangle. They slowly came on amd was very bright. Lasted around 5 seconds. 7/22/13
7/17/13 22:30 Wichita KS Triangle 45 seconds Triangular shaped light formation. 7/22/13
7/5/13 02:30 Kansas KS Cross 5 minutes ((HOAX??)) Video of the object. 7/14/13
7/5/13 02:30 Kansas City KS Cross 4 minutes Traveling at a high rate of speed orange red traveling out of the south going north 7/14/13
7/4/13 21:30 Stilwell KS Oval 2-3 minutes Orange/red lights moving slowly across the sky in NE Kansas on the 4th of July. 7/22/13
6/28/13 13:41 Lincoln County KS Unknown Hour or More Massive, swirling cloud formation in circular pattern 8/30/13
6/21/13 21:45 Gardner KS Cone 2 minutes Cone/pie-slice shaped craft with 4 bright white lights flying low over the town. 7/3/13
6/15/13 20:50 Garden Plain KS Light 3 minutes It was not a star. 7/3/13
6/7/13 22:30 McPherson KS Unknown 3 minutes Blue, red, and purple lights shooting north. 7/3/13
6/7/13 21:30 Overland Park KS Sphere ~10 minutes ~10 nonuniform red orbs over Overland Park- A cluster-spread within cluttered airspace w/ plane, 2 jets & stars. 7/3/13
6/5/13 21:30 Salina KS Light 4-6 minutes Bright blue object moving erratically through the night sky. 7/3/13
6/3/13 23:00 Leavenworth KS Light 2 minutes Two objects light up then slowly disappear as they travel across sky. 7/3/13
6/2/13 22:30 Wichita KS Sphere 30 seconds Moving across the sky .. Orange sphere .. running totally silent 7/3/13
6/2/13 22:30 Wichita KS Sphere 1 minute Orange pulsating sphere over Wichita, KS. 7/3/13
6/1/13 21:30 Louisburg KS Fireball 15 minutes 13 lights over Kansas moving southeast and turning south. 6/2/13
5/4/13 04:30 Lyons KS Circle 45 minutes Flashing lights darting across the Kansas night sky 5/15/13
4/29/13 22:00 Viola KS Cross ~5 minutes Gold, yellowish light, extremely loud, visually NOT an airplane. 5/15/13
4/24/13 22:00 Grainfield KS Triangle 5 minutes I seen 3 flashing red lights in shape of a triangle again, but over by Grainfield instead of Park headed south. This is the forth one 5/15/13
4/24/13 06:00 Elk County KS Fireball 2 minutes Ball of very bright light hovering. 5/15/13
4/9/13 14:00 Smith Center/Lebanon (between) KS Disk 2 seconds Small yellow disk/orb of light that flew very near & over my car while on the highway + burning building. 4/12/13
4/4/13 13:00 Cherryvale KS Formation ~30 minutes Horrifying greenish blue, color changing figures by the lake in Mongomery KS. 5/15/13
3/23/13 21:45 Anthony KS Flash 3 seconds There was a explosion in the air on the southeast side of ANTHONY KANSAS. APPROX TIME 21:45 ON MARCH 23, 2013. 4/12/13
3/7/13 23:09 Pittsburg KS Fireball 10 seconds White fireball seen for about 10 seconds moving from west to east 5/15/13
3/2/13 19:00 Kansas City KS Light 5 Fast moving light. 4/4/14
1/26/13 18:15 Hiawatha KS Disk 15 minutes I was leaving my house and saw a Bright Orange light while headed into town then 3 more appeared. They were evenly behind one another. 2/4/13
1/20/13 18:50 Lawrence KS Other 15 minutes 2 brightly lit craft with banks of lights seen after dark within ten minutes of each other in similar flightpath. 1/24/14
1/19/13 03:27 Parsons (east of) KS Circle 5-8 seconds SE Kansas object to slow to be a falling star. Moving southeastern pattern bluish circle stayed lite until it disappeared in the. 2/4/13
12/29/12 06:40 Wichita KS Light 1 minute Red lights over wichtia 12/29/2012. 2/4/13
12/11/12 22:00 Park KS Triangle
The UFO I seen had 3 flashing red light, grouped together but changing form, and whatever it was, it was huge. 12/20/12
12/5/12 06:00 Salina KS Unknown 20 minutes Fast moving object that stops instantly with flashing lights 12/20/12
12/4/12 19:00 Leavenworth KS Fireball 2 seconds It streaked low in the sky right above the horizon like a falling star moved just as fast.I saw it streaked downward at a slight angle 12/20/12
11/29/12 20:50 Overland Park KS Sphere 3 seconds Orange sphere emitting orange light seen very high in sky, larger than an aircraft or shooting star, 3 seconds. 12/20/12
11/28/12 20:30 Milford KS Light 1 minute Bright orange sphere seen in the eastern sky from Milford State Park. 12/20/12
11/16/12 04:00 Pleasanton KS Fireball 12 seconds On 11/16/2012, I was with a friend getting ready for a morning duck hunt in Pleasanton, KS. At around 4AM, we witnessed an orange, elo 11/19/12
11/15/12 23:05 Wichita KS Other 35 seconds Boomer rang Objects! 6/2/13
11/12/12 01:00 Shawnee KS Circle ~10 seconds 3 circles flying close together, motionless, and without a sound! 11/19/12
11/11/12 20:30 Shawnee KS Formation 30 minutes Lights in the sky in Shawnee, KS 11/19/12
11/1/12 19:07 Parsons KS Light 60-70 seconds Small ball of white light moving incredibly fast to the South East of Parsons, KS. 11/4/12
10/30/12 22:45 Atwood KS Light 90 seconds At about 2245, an object that appeared to be a star or planet caught my eye. I looked away, then glanced back up, and noticed that the 11/4/12
9/30/12 04:55 Hays KS Circle 6 minutes Bright metallic objects moving in different directions and flashing and dissapeared when plane went by. 10/30/12
9/28/12 19:05 Kansas City KS Other 2-3 minutes Pyramid Drone over KC, Kansas. Morphed to oblong oval before disappearing. 10/30/12
9/20/12 23:51 Lenexa KS Fireball 5 minutes Followed slow moving low to the ground bright orange U.F.O. 8/15/14
9/15/12 22:00 Seneca KS Fireball 10 minutes Orange Fireball in the sky 9/24/12
9/8/12 21:00 Wichita KS Cylinder 30 seconds My wife and I were driving to a dinner event when she saw them in the North West Sky for about 30 sec. They were not moving, just sitt 9/24/12
9/7/12 05:20 Fort Riley KS Light 45 seconds UFO seen on fort Riley field training by soldiers 9/24/12
9/3/12 23:00 Olathe KS Unknown 10 minutes My family was traveling west and my wife noticed a ufo hovering about 10 miles west of Olathe down 135th st. I instructed my wife to pu 9/24/12
8/29/12 20:20 Topeka KS Cross 5 sec + 10 min Luminous Flourescent Green Flying Cross 9/24/12
8/26/12 19:00 Spring Hill KS Light 10 minutes UFO so bright I couldnt make out a shape, flew silently over my home. 9/24/12
8/21/12 21:35 Andover KS Changing 15-20 minutes Uknown craft sighted in kansas, changed shape and color. 9/24/12
8/20/12 09:15 El Dorado KS Circle 17 minutes One light, magnitude six or so traveling at a high rate of speed and stopping, turning, hovering, and looping E to W then NW to SW. 9/24/12
8/18/12 19:20 Hoxie KS Cross 3 minutes Very silent, white object flying slowly overhead then disappearing. 9/24/12
8/17/12 22:42 Colby KS Triangle 8 minutes Appeared to be three planes one large and two smaller flanking the the large one moving very slow and very low north to south. Saw thi 8/19/12
8/17/12 12:00 Kansas City KS Cigar 45 seconds Cigar shaped object next to jet 9/24/12
8/17/12 10:00 Canton KS Light 25 seconds I was outside smoking when I seen two lights following each other. They went on for about 25 sec. until the first one disappeared then 8/19/12
8/11/12 23:00 Western Kansas KS Flash 1 minute Two sets of flashing lights outside my vehicle within one mile. 8/19/12
8/7/12 21:35 Lenexa KS Fireball 70 seconds Very low ball of fire slowly floating over Kansas City metro area 8/19/12
7/30/12 21:50 Olathe KS Light ~30 seconds Hovering lights 8/5/12
7/28/12 21:30 Olathe KS Light 6 minutes Bright RED / White light disk moving zig zag motion in western sky over Olathe Kansas. 7-28-2012 8/5/12
7/27/12 22:45 Wamego KS Formation 1 minute Two Blue Lights Escorted by a Helicopter in Night Sky 8/19/12
7/23/12 22:02 Overland Park KS Fireball
Flying orange lights in no formation 8/5/12
7/15/12 04:30 Baldwin KS Other 5-6 hours Douglas Lake - July 2012. 7/31/20
7/12/12 22:36 Colby KS Cylinder 8 minutes Cylindrical object at night 8/5/12
7/7/12 01:00 Olathe KS Other 3 minutes Atmospheric battle 8/5/12
7/5/12 04:00 Eldorado KS Sphere 20 minutes Orange glowing Orb in El Dorado, Kansas 8/5/12
7/4/12 22:00 Topeka KS Circle 2 hours Very strange red fireballs 8/5/12
7/4/12 21:32 Lenexa KS Oval 5-7 seconds Fast oval shape with red light at the back, going north. 8/5/12
6/23/12 23:00 Spring Hill KS Circle 2 minutes We were out at a friends swimming and just hanging outside by the pool. My friends kept giving me a lot of shit because I was laying do 8/5/12
6/18/12 01:44 Garden City KS Light A few minutes Hovering lights above Garden City, Ks. 6/20/12
6/5/12 22:09 Wichita KS Light few seconds Bright strange green/blue spark emitting object seen over Wichita Ks 6/8/12
4/30/12 15:00 Centrailia KS Oval 2.5 minutes We were golfing and seen a black object going across the sky. Then we grabbed our camera and snapped a couple photos as fast as we coul 5/29/12
4/26/12 01:45 Topeka KS Other 10 sec Shadow like v shape no lights about no more then 1000 and 1500 ft. in the sky 5/13/12
4/24/12 22:00 Olathe KS Other 1.5 hours Rippled Lights in the Western Sky near Olathe, KS 5/13/12
4/23/12 05:00 McPherson KS Circle 5 minutes A round silver disc craft with three bright lights. 10/16/15
4/20/12 21:00 Shawnee KS Circle 30seconds The size of a grapefruit ball of light moving through the sky. 5/13/12
4/15/12 20:45 Wichita KS Light 3 minutes Five blinking lights in diamond shape moving from one side of sky to the other. 5/13/12
3/25/12 23:35 Olathe KS Triangle 5 minutes My fiance and cousin were outside on our front porch last night (March 25th 2012) at around 11:30PM smoking a cigarette before going to 4/18/12
3/10/12 16:00 Country KS Unknown 60 seconds Possible government officials faking an alien sighting. ((NUFORC Note: Date amended above. PD)) 3/13/12
3/10/12 15:45 Lawrence KS Diamond 3 minutes Diamond shaped object hovers over Kansas University Student Union 3/10/2012. 3/16/12
3/8/12 00:00 Wellington KS Circle 1 second Large blue white circular object seen streaking above the overcast at night. 3/13/12
2/27/12 03:45 Leavenworth KS Fireball Two - Five mins. Several fireball ish looking craft, "danicing'' wave like motions in Kansas, USA. 3/13/12
2/24/12 20:10 Liberal KS Changing 15 seconds Triangle lights with one light moving position to left side. 3/13/12
2/23/12 21:06 Salina KS Unknown 15 seconds 3 bright lights 3/13/12
2/5/12 21:15 Overland Park KS Light 2 minutes 5 red lights moving up into the sky, flicker out. 2/10/12
2/2/12 13:00 Dodge City KS Other 3 min. 1/02/2012 Dodge City heading west kind of along Hwy. 50 two shiny black, appears smooth, has no vapor shaped like the “bat sign” 2/3/12
1/27/12 02:00 Kansas City/Norton (between) KS Other 20 seconds White object stalled vehicle 2/10/12
1/25/12 20:30 Wichita KS Formation 20 minutes About 25 bright red lights west of Wichita 2/3/12
1/4/12 22:30 Wichita KS Light 15 min. Red light dropping balls of light. 1/12/12
12/28/11 22:30 Topeka KS Triangle 1 min A triangle shape object flew across the sky while I was taking my dog outside. 1/12/12
12/26/11 00:00 Junction City KS Diamond 3:00 Big red lights flying low 1/12/12
12/13/11 19:00 Baxter Springs KS Oval 5 min Orange orbs floating across the western sky headed north, approx.15, several floating in groups of 4, in a long square . Flying low . 12/17/11
10/31/11 19:00 Wichita KS Triangle 30+ min. Saw a bright tear-like triangular shape in the sky that did not move for more than 30 minutes. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter? PD)) 12/12/11
10/28/11 20:10 Lawrence KS Light 10-15 mins Bright beacon style light sweeping over Lawrence. (Not the airport beacon) 12/17/11
10/21/11 22:47 Colby KS Sphere 30 minutes White sphere being followed. 10/25/11
10/14/11 23:30 Ft. Riley KS Other 10-15 minutes One lit cigar shaped craft, four "U" shaped smaller craft 10/19/11
10/13/11 19:20 Merriam KS Triangle 15 seconds Triangular, almost hovering but very slow movement, 5 bright lights, no sound 10/19/11
9/28/11 21:05 Lindsborg KS Other 7 minutes 2 witness enormous craft 10/10/11
9/24/11 20:35 Lakin KS Light 10 minutes Single brilliant light moving from southwest to northeast at moderate speed. ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellite or ISS?? PD)) 10/25/11
9/19/11 23:25 Lawrence KS Light 90 seconds Oranges star traveling slightly faster than u would expect a plane, 16th of a inch tail trailing. Travel was from right to left ruling 10/10/11
9/10/11 23:30 Olathe KS Teardrop 2-3 minutes A bright glowing orange/amber light appeared in the sky and moved at various speeds before shooting off at incredible speeds. 10/10/11
9/6/11 19:45 Wichita KS Light 30 seconds Dim slow moving ball of light suddenly very bright white turning 90° and shooting straight up. 10/10/11
9/1/11 21:00 Spring Hill KS Formation 2-3 minutes Orange-red ball in sky south of KC splits into multiple balls before fading away. 10/10/11
9/1/11 20:55 Silver Lake KS Light 1 to 1 1/2 min. An object moving Southeast in Kansas that appeared to be a bright star but dimmed and disappeared. 10/10/11
8/31/11 21:52 Hazelton KS Unknown 2min bright white light in rural Barber county kansas 10/10/11
8/20/11 21:15 Kansas City KS Formation 15-20 seconds 8-16-2011 I saw a rectangular object like a 2-story building on its side not moving and 8-20-2011 8 orbs not moving were together. 10/10/11
8/19/11 21:09 Kansas City KS Light 1 minute? Cluster of lights spotted in sky over Kansas City, KS, moving at incredible rate of speed east toward KC, MO 8/21/11
8/16/11 22:30 Shawnee KS Fireball 2-3 minutes Observed two slow moving fireballs come out of the north, heading south, turned and went north. Both emitted no sound. 8/21/11
8/11/11 04:15 Topeka KS Light 3 minutes I stepped out of the garage at about 4:15 or maybe 4:30 am, into my three acre heavily 8/21/11
7/27/11 23:59 Overland Park KS Fireball Ten seconds. This was the second one of these I have seen in the last two or three months. I was driving south coming from Kansas City. The fireball 8/7/11
7/18/11 21:05 Bennington KS Cigar 10 minutes Three individuals saw an airplane, one cigar-shaped, silver object & three, red-orange spheres in sky near home. 8/7/11
7/6/11 22:00 Overland Park KS Light ~ 5 Minutes Two orange lights over Kansas City 7/17/11
7/4/11 22:30 Phillipsburg KS Sphere 3 minutes My wife, myself and some friends were coming into our town when witnessed what I wanted to call a Chinese lantern. It flew right over t 7/17/11
7/4/11 22:30 Sylvan Grove KS Fireball 5 minutes Unidentified, slow-moving glowing object, Sylvan Grove, Kansas 7/17/11
7/2/11 21:40 Newton KS Fireball 15 seconds Large orange, soundless fireball passed over house with no trail 7/4/11
6/30/11 20:40 Ottawa KS Sphere 10 sec Ball of fire 7/4/11
6/24/11 22:45 Hoisington KS
5 seconds Low flying triangular object observed and disappeared while being observed. 6/27/11
5/29/11 04:45 Burrton KS Light 4 min wow is ks a hot bed and were just not seeing it or hearing about it 6/3/11
5/22/11 12:00 Americus KS Oval 1 Hour 5/29/11
5/22/11 01:00 Wichita KS Sphere 30+ minutes Looking east about 3 miles over the airforce base i watched a small sphere make small sudden movements then shoot out to the southeast. 5/29/11
5/20/11 01:30 Kansas City KS Disk ? Possible abduction, witnessed several hovering discs from the ground. 10/10/11
5/5/11 21:00 Bennington KS Light 2 minutes An obj. that looked like a bright star, slowly descended straight toward the ground, slowly faded.((NUFORC Note: ISS over-flight. PD) 5/12/11
4/29/11 20:30 Emporia KS Unknown 2 seconds UFO moving east to west over Emporia, KS 5/2/11
4/22/11 22:00 Topeka KS Fireball 3 sec Bright, fast moving object over my head became even brighter before blinking out 5/2/11
4/21/11 16:00 Lenexa KS Other 4 min we saw a large flat light sheet in the shape of what looked like texas it didnt make a sound and we didnt see any creatures 5/2/11
4/20/11 08:56 Lenexa KS Light 6 seconds bright green light over lenexa kansas 5/2/11
4/11/11 05:30 Salina KS Light 2-3 minutes Glowing sphere moving much faster than any aircraft I've seen near that altitude. 5/2/11
4/1/11 08:00 Wichita KS Egg 20 minutes My neighbors and I were on our way to work. As we were leaving our garages a huge light was seen by Scott, my next door neighbor. He ye 4/3/11
3/26/11 15:00
1/24/11 06:45 El Dorado KS Light 3 min White light observed for about 3 minutes,( no noticable airplane lights) steady glow 1/31/11
1/4/11 19:00 Topeka KS Oval 30 to 40 minutes Two different air-ships that traveled through a city and traveling so low and making no noise at all. 1/31/11
1/1/11 17:00 Wichita KS Cylinder about 3 min Cylinder shaped object sighted above Wichita, KS 1/5/11
12/19/10 20:30 Wichita KS Oval 30 seconds Green round ball flying through the sky 3/10/11
12/19/10 20:30 Wichita KS Oval 30 seconds ((HOAX??)) Green round ball flying through the sky 3/10/11
12/2/10 17:30 Kansas City KS Oval approx 6 mins. Two orange, flashing oval craft hovering low in sky 1/5/11
11/22/10 03:00 Topeka KS Fireball 3 seconds Object lights up sky then large fireball 1/5/11
11/18/10 18:15 Topeka KS Cylinder 1 minute + Stationary, cylindrical object with white flashing lights 11/21/10
11/9/10 12:20 Oxford KS Sphere 5 secs Blue/green orb that shot off and disappeared. 11/21/10
11/6/10 03:00 Leavenworth KS Sphere 1 minute ((HOAX??)) AT about 3:20 am I was leaving once again from a location with a high vantage point where I can see most of anything 11/21/10
11/6/10 03:00 Leavenworth KS Light 1 minute Run of the Mill UFO 11/21/10
11/5/10 06:00 Leavenworth KS Teardrop 15 seconds ((HOAX??)) Just a run of the mill UFO 11/21/10
11/5/10 03:20 Leavenworth KS Light 30 minutes Late night UFO excitement in the county 11/21/10
11/5/10 03:00 Leavenworth KS Light 30 minutes Late night UFO excitement in the county 11/21/10
11/2/10 21:00 Olathe KS Light 1 min bonfire ufo in the sky 11/21/10
10/15/10 05:30 Overland Park KS Sphere 3 minutes Silent black metal sphere ,with brite front lite, dim side lite , slowly follows the hyway grassy area. 8/7/11
10/6/10 20:00 Edgerton KS Disk 1 hr 30 mins UFO sighting night 2. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling stars, we suspect. PD)) 11/21/10
10/5/10 20:00 Edgerton KS Disk 1 Hr 40 Minutes Unidentified Object with flashing lights near Edgerton KS. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of the star, Vega, we suspect. PD)) 11/21/10
9/6/10 21:46 Goodland KS Sphere 10 sec Green orb that seemed to fall in slow motion. 11/21/10
9/4/10 18:30 Coffeyville KS Cigar 30 sec 9/04/2010 at 6:30 pm . an object flying north over coffeyville ks moving at high speed appearing to be cigar like in shape . 11/21/10
9/3/10 22:10 Colby KS Sphere >1 Minute Strange yellow light/sphere appears, changes direction in sky, emits smaller sphere, and then fades to black (Jets scrambled) 11/21/10
8/31/10 20:13 Burlingame KS Chevron 1.5hours 1 main object, seconndary at higher elevation smaller 2large, bright cigar/chevron shapes 11/21/10
8/28/10 20:30 Burlingame KS
2 hours Since 25 August, I have witnessed 2 cigar/chevron shaped objects, bright, to the west of Burlingame. One appears ner the horizon, the 2 8/30/10
8/25/10 20:23 Burlingame KS Triangle over 2 hours For a few days now, I have witnessed 2 triangular bright objects hovering for at least 2 hours just south west of Burlingame, Ks city l 8/30/10
8/19/10 21:00 Humboldt KS Other 10 min 6 objects. 3 different shapes. flying in geometrical patterns. 8/24/10
8/18/10 21:40 Topeka KS Fireball 2 minutes Fireball that simply vanished 8/24/10
8/13/10 12:00 Wichita KS Oval 10 mins UFO sighting wichita kansas aug 13 2010 2 crafts amber color 8/24/10
8/12/10 23:00 Tecumseh KS Circle 3-4 minutes Slow-moving, glowing white/orange ball 8/24/10
8/1/10 18:00 Dodge City KS Circle 10 minutes Maybe it was a weather balloon 8/30/13
7/31/10 00:00 Wichita KS Diamond 5 minutes Quiet slow moving craft with red , blue and orange lights that dissapeared in the night sky 8/24/10
7/20/10 09:00 Wichita KS Sphere 20 minutes 10 sphere objects over wichita ks municiple airport 1/31/11
7/16/10 19:30 Paola KS Cigar 40 Minutes They were bright, cigar shaped, objects that would go in and out of the cloud 7/19/10
7/11/10 01:18 Shawnee KS Unknown 2 minutes Two Slow moving 7/19/10
7/9/10 23:30 Lovewell State Park (Jewell Co.) KS

UFO formation with strange movements. 7/19/10
7/4/10 21:40 Wichita KS Fireball 5 min. 4 fireballs streak across WIchita Ks July 4th 2010 7/28/10
7/4/10 21:30 Topeka KS Triangle 2 minutes Orange object of July 4, 2010, in Topeka, Kansas 7/19/10
7/4/10 21:15 Derby KS Other Around 2-3 hours, off and Formations of glowing and non-glowing spheres hovering over a Kansas city. 7/10/10
7/4/10 21:10 Hutchinson KS Fireball Appx 5-8 Minutes Brilliant Red Object At Level Altitude Sighted Over Hutchinson, KS at 9:10PM CST On July 4th, 2010. 7/10/10
7/4/10 21:00 Hutchinson KS Fireball 5 min Fireball craft 7/10/10
7/3/10 22:00 Lansing KS Light 5 min i saw some lights almost like spotlights and they went in motion like right left then stoped for few seconds then cirled and went away. 7/10/10
7/3/10 16:00 Chanute KS Fireball 5 min Red/Yellow fireball low on the Southern Horizon of small Kansas Town 7/29/10
6/29/10 23:30 Salina KS Light 1 hour Flashing red light in south western sky emits light orbs and is seemingly pursued by a fightert. ((NUFORC Note: Celestial body? PD)) 7/6/10
6/17/10 20:30 Winfield KS Other 5 min Satellite sighting, NOT ISS, Winfield, KS 06/16 20:30 PM due overhead east to west. 6/23/10
6/5/10 01:00 Topeka KS

Two orange lights traveling over Topeka. They made no sound and appeared to be powered. 6/23/10
6/5/10 01:00 Topeka KS Rectangle 35-45 seconds Two orange objects, side by side moving south over Topeka, Ks 6/23/10
3/28/10 15:30 Kansas KS Sphere 11 seconds Huge orb at 3:30 afternoon as big and shape of the moon white in color. 7/4/12
2/27/10 00:55 Lawrence KS Light 15 seconds Two orange objects spotted floating over Lawrence, Kansas, February 27, 2010 at 12:55 am. 4/13/10
2/15/10 05:50 Clearwater KS Circle 15 minutes Circular object approx the size of 3-4 baseball stadiums emitting amber rays straight down over the countryside before sunrise. 4/13/10
2/12/10 23:00 Topeka KS Unknown several days bright star like light, moves unlike nothing ive ever heard about 2/14/10
2/2/10 21:00 Leawood KS Circle 20 min I could see that it had lights all around it and it was very large and disc shaped 2/14/10
2/2/10 01:00 Wyandotte County KS Disk
I need your help 4/13/10
1/12/10 19:00 Wichita KS
3-4 minutes bright orange, flickering, upside down teardrop shape, moving fast, no audible noise over s.w. Wichita, KS 2/14/10
1/12/10 19:00 Wichita KS Teardrop 5 minutes Orange teardrop-shape craft 6/10/10
1/10/10 20:55 Pratt KS Circle 6 seconds 4 rings of light accompanied by a single ring of light 2/14/10
12/24/09 Jewell County KS

Cattle Mutilation - article from the Superior Nebraska Express (December, 31, 2009). 7/28/10
12/15/09 08:30 Overland Park KS Unknown 10 seconds Object seen over Kansas City during morning commute. Vanished 10 seconds after spotting it. Third time phenomenon observed. 2/14/10
12/14/09 22:43 Leavenworth KS Cylinder 15 min + Several constant beams of light spread out across the sky 2/14/10
11/20/09 13:00 Leavenworth KS Sphere a minute UFO over Leavenworth, ks 12/12/09
11/19/09 23:00 Morland to Hill City KS Circle 2 hours & we left We seen lights that look like stars moving around in different directions and a round thing with lights shinning out landed, have pictu 12/12/09
11/14/09 21:15 Larned KS Circle 5-10 seconds 3 UFO's Sighted in Larned, KS flying southwest to northeast - went from 1 side of the sky to the next in approximately 5-7 seconds 12/12/09
11/13/09 03:00 Harper KS Light 5 minutes It was a little after 3am, maybe 3:05am Nov.13th,09. My wife is a nurse at a hospital in Wichita,KS about 40miles north of where we liv 12/12/09
11/8/09 Burr Oak KS

Cattle Mutilation, November 2009. (One of two incidences) 7/28/10
10/15/09 14:00 Olathe KS Other 2 Minutes Two Dark Heagon shape crafts slowly decend out of clouds from west and turn north 500 Lights On Object0: Yes 10/10/11
10/9/09 09:15 Wichita KS Other 20 sec. Boomarang shaped faint and big and fast no sound. 12/12/09
10/3/09 19:30 Lawrence KS Sphere 5 minutes Object appeared as I would imagine a flying Chinese lantern would look like (I've never seen one!). 2/7/14
9/28/09 20:25 Garden City KS Light 3 minutes Bright Star Like Object 12/12/09
9/23/09 06:00 Olathe KS Light 15 seconds Satellite that apparently was something else. 12/12/09
8/30/09 22:47 Haysville KS Formation 5 seconds Twelve red lights in sky went from circle to V shape formation and went south to north in a matter of seconds. 12/12/09
8/29/09 20:40 Towanda KS Fireball 3 minutes White fireball looked like meteor but then changed directions. 12/12/09
8/23/09 22:15 Winfield (5 mi South of) KS Light 3 minutes 2 objects in close proximity high enought to reflect sun light travelling north then did a large 180 headed back south observed 3-4 min 12/12/09
8/20/09 21:00 Augusta KS Other
Orange lights in the middle of the country. 8/7/11
8/15/09 22:00 Wichita KS Other all night I photograph light balls and obj.s in sky every night lately. ((NUFORC Note: Probably celestial bodies, we suspect. PD)) 8/27/09
8/9/09 23:00 El Dorado KS Teardrop 1 minute Three craft with bright red rectangular lights in body and a large floodlight in front hovering above Kansas highway. 8/27/09
8/4/09 23:10 Salina KS Light 1 hour Glowing sphere moving north to south changing light intensity stopped and sat there. 8/5/09
7/24/09 00:15 Kansas City KS Other 40 SECONDS Rectangular connected series of "glass" globes with exhaust... 8/5/09
7/21/09 22:00 Topeka KS Fireball hour One or several bright lights seen over Topeka, KS flashing, streaking and disappearing in the sky. 8/5/09
7/19/09 22:50 Overbrook KS Cigar 5 min I seen a cigar shaped object that had multiple lights flashing. It appeared to be over the Kansas City area which is east of of where I 8/5/09
7/5/09 10:00 Lenexa KS Light 2min this object looked like a star but orbiting and then it disappeared in thin air. 8/5/09
7/4/09 23:00 Iola KS Sphere 3 minutes Orange sphere seen by 5 people iola kansas 07/04/2009. 5/15/13
7/1/09 00:00 Wichita KS Cigar 30 seconds Long silver and blue black craft. 7/31/15
6/27/09 04:12 Willamsburg/Ottawa (between) KS Egg 7 sec egg/oval object moving rapidly throught the sky with a very bright light blinking 8/5/09
6/25/09 23:25 I-70 (MM-24, eastbound) KS Flash 2-3 minutes We saw2 separate series of flashes of light that followed our car then reapperared in front of it while driving on the interstate. 8/5/09
6/25/09 23:25 I-70 (MM-24, eastbound) KS Unknown 3 minutes 2 separate series of 3 Flashes of light followed our vehicle in Kansas on 25 June 2009 8/5/09
6/22/09 05:20 Beloit KS Light 5 minutes light with no aircraft beacons 8/5/09
6/21/09 23:15 Manhattan KS Light 15 min Manhattan Kansas, Boomerang like light and massive hang glider very high up without lights 8/5/09
6/19/09 11:00 Hutchinson KS Light 10mins 3 red lights in northern sky 8/5/09
6/10/09 21:50 Penokee KS Circle 10 minutes Bright light with rotaton lights on outside of round body craft 8/5/09
6/9/09 21:30 Stilwell KS Changing 1 minute Silent, unidentifed object moves in a southwestern direction from the North and changes shape/ lighting 8/5/09
6/6/09 03:00 Douglass KS Fireball 3-5 min Red light over horizon, Southwest, viewed outside of Douglass, Kansas, early morning, before sunrise 6/9/09
5/30/09 18:30 Topeka KS Teardrop just a couple seconds at strange object in the sky 6/9/09
5/1/09 20:00 Pittsburg KS Triangle 10 seconds Seen large translucent triangle craft white lights on corners orange light in middle. Silent moving west. Pittsburg ks. 6/25/20
4/18/09 15:23 Wichita KS Triangle 1-2 minutes triangle with green lights and black outer shell over wichita. 2/14/10
3/24/09 21:30 Oakley KS Triangle ~15 minutes Large triangular craft over Oakley, Kansas - multiple sightings 4/14/09
2/26/09 21:40 Jetmore KS Circle 5-30 min Bright multi-colored object that slowly hovers to the ground in the W sky in small KS town. ((NUFORC Note: Venus or Sirius? PD)) 3/19/09
2/16/09 03:40 Overland Park KS Light 2 seconds I witnessed three lights for 2 seconds in triangle formation shooting towards the earth off in the distance. 3/19/09
2/14/09 17:23 Overland Park KS Circle 5 minutes Black dot in sky breaks into 4 pieces--then collapses back into a single dot. Then disappears. 3/19/09
1/20/09 22:00 Spring Hill KS Light 9:58-10:06 Light, silent, made three stops and emitted red sparkling material from light to ground over a four minute span. 3/19/09
1/15/09 20:00 Olathe / Lenexa / Lawrence KS Light 90 minutes Bright changing colored light followed by car from Olathe to Lawrence, Ks. Object then began chasing the car back to Olathe / Lenexa. 3/19/09
12/30/08 14:20 Olathe KS Disk 30 to 40 seconds When I opened the sunroof my eyes were facing forward and then it was suggested to me to look straight up and I saw the UFO. 1/10/09
12/28/08 15:00 Salina KS Circle 10 seconds Sighted a round metallic object hovering above I-70. 3/19/09
12/15/08 15:30 Topeka KS Oval about 5 min It was shaoped like an oval. 1/10/09
12/13/08 18:05 Marysville KS Disk 5 seconds Made me a believer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1/10/09
11/20/08 19:40 Lawrence KS Light 30-40 seconds two small, round lights moving very quickly, with abrubt direction and speed changes seen in South Lawrence. 1/10/09
11/9/08 19:00 Hamilton KS Light 10 min Slow Moving Shape Changing Flash 1/10/09
11/1/08 00:10 Salina KS Egg <10sec Fast, Silent, Low Flying, traveling over the center of town!! 1/10/09
10/28/08 19:35 Phillipsburg KS Sphere 2 minutes 10 seconds Formation of Orbs 10/31/08
10/28/08 19:35 Phillipsburg KS
2 minutes 10 seconds Formation of Yellow-Orange,Gold Orbs 10/31/08
10/28/08 18:50 Manhattan KS Changing 15 Minutes Six bright yellow lights in kite, backward "L" and diamond formations 10/31/08
10/19/08 Kingman KS Unknown
((HOAX??)) a green light flashed into our faces into our windshield of our car. 10/31/08
10/8/08 19:30 Wamego KS Flash 35 sec Blue light shoots down from the sky over Wamego kansas. 10/31/08
9/17/08 20:05 Pratt KS Circle 2 minutes Circular craft with no identifier lights. 10/31/08
8/14/08 18:00 Overland Park KS Circle 45 seconds i saw a orange ufo went for my stuff and it was gone 10/31/08
7/31/08 23:00 Overland Park KS Fireball 1 second Larger then meteor, faster then would be at such close distance sighting. 8/12/08
7/21/08 22:00 Parsons KS Unknown 2 White "moving star" rapidly traversing the sky from south to north across Kansas on July 21, 2008. 8/12/08
7/15/08 22:00 Chanute KS Light 40 minutes ((HOAX??)) I observed a possible multiple U.F.O. sighting. 8/12/08
6/21/08 13:00 Shawnee KS Unknown 20 seconds Very shiny bright , moving faster than anything I ever saw. 7/5/08
6/16/08 Great Bend KS Triangle 6 seconds Three bright lights hovering over Great Bend Kansas.. 7/5/08
5/4/08 23:30 Olathe KS Sphere 30 seconds Weird green ball seen moving swiftly 6/12/08
4/4/08 22:00 Wichita KS Triangle 15 minutes Black triangular/stealth shaped craft, white lights on craft made V-shape, craft appeared to move slowly, hover. 6/12/08
3/31/08 20:20 Topeka KS Fireball 15 Seconds Yellow, very fast, moved across sky from south to north then disappeared. 4/17/08
3/14/08 12:00 Wichita KS Cigar 30 secs Large object observed during the day over Wichita, KS. 8/28/09
3/3/08 23:00 Caney KS Formation 5 minutes UFO near Caney/Havana Kansas 10/31/08
2/29/08 23:00 Minneapolis (near; Hwy 81) KS Triangle 2 min. triangular craft with white lights at each point and dimmer lights in the middle. 4/17/08
2/21/08 07:00 Galena KS Light 5 hours 3-4 amber and 2 white lights flickered and danced in the SW sky. 3/4/08
2/18/08 18:00 Leawood KS Light 5 seconds A round white light moving incredibly fast; across a clear blue sky; it it would disappear and reappear. 3/4/08
2/11/08 23:00 Galena KS Light hours 3 lights in southwest sky. Molten fire dripped from one and the other shot out red streaks. 2/14/08
1/28/08 23:15 Maize KS Other 3-5 minutes Dark Figure Flying Over Maize Kansas 2/14/08
1/8/08 Wichita (Goddard & Towns West) KS Other morning Power outages darken west Wichita and points west on the morning of January 8, 2008 1/21/08
1/5/08 20:00 Topeka and Lawrence (between) KS Triangle less than a minute A single strange object in the sky above highway from Topeka to Lawrence 1/21/08
12/30/07 21:05 Salina KS Disk 5 seconds One white circurlar spotting 2/14/08
12/9/07 23:00 Olathe KS Light 3 hours ball of changing light floating just below the clouds. 3/4/08
12/8/07 22:49 Olathe KS Light 3 seconds On the night of December 8th, 2007, two people (K and C) witnessed a neon green light passing overhead. They were pulling into K's driv 3/4/08
12/8/07 00:19 Olathe KS Light 15 minutes K and C were driving down the street after receiving a phone call from a friend about a strange light appearing above his house. K and 3/4/08
11/14/07 23:00 Wichita KS Triangle a couple minutes It was about 11:00 pm I was outside smoking a cigarette because I don’t smoke inside. I was talking to my spouse and I looked up becaus 11/28/07
11/5/07 11:00 Kansas City KS Circle 1 MIN UFO 11/28/07
11/3/07 09:40 Cimarron KS Other 1 minute Wingless Aircraft Disappearing in Mid-Air at Low Altitude in Western Kansas. 11/28/07
10/28/07 21:30 Fort Riley KS Triangle 3-5 seconds four glowing rectangular shaped lights in a triangular formation moving VERY close to the ground without any sound what-so-ever. 11/28/07
10/28/07 01:00 Overland Park KS Triangle 20 seconds (Same as other 10/23/07 overland park kansas sighting of triangular craft) triangular craft with several dim orange lights arranged spo 11/28/07
10/24/07 18:00 Garden City KS Egg 10 minutes Egg Shaped Objects Over Garden City Kansas 11/28/07
10/23/07 17:00 Kansas City KS Circle 5 minutes small white circular white object like a period on apiece of paper but white in the sky. 11/28/07
10/23/07 03:00 Overland Park KS Triangle 20 seconds triangular shaped craft with several dim orange lights silent and briskly moving south 11/28/07
10/23/07 00:00 Wellington KS Light 5 min Car lights in the sky passing over the highway from Wellington, Ks. 11/28/07
10/20/07 21:00 Ellinwood KS Disk 10 minutes A creepy encounter in Ellinwood, Kansas. 1/10/09
10/15/07 21:45 Wichita KS Formation 10 min 2 formations of 5 lights and 3 lights E and S of Wichita, KS same night within 10 min. 8/28/09
10/9/07 21:00 Madison KS Circle 1:00 Orange lights appearing one at a time in a circular motion at a stand still. 11/28/07
10/6/07 01:00 Topeka KS Triangle 3 Seconds Not a real believer, but what were those lights. 7/5/08
9/12/07 04:10 Lawrence KS Unknown 3 minutes Two UFOs spotted in sky over Lawrence in a few minutes by lone observer. 10/8/07
9/3/07 20:00 Mapleton KS Circle 15 seconds Bright circle swimming through the stars. 10/8/07
8/24/07 20:28 Kansas City KS Fireball 1 min Seconds later the four objects became one and looked like a huge fireball falling fast from the sky. 6/12/08
8/23/07 20:30 Shawnee KS Triangle
ther was an trianguler shaped ship that landed in my back yard 6/12/08
8/19/07 21:30 Hays KS Light 2 minutes I observed two constant lights in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: ISS in formation with Space Shuttle?? PD)) 10/8/07
7/15/07 12:20 Ottawa KS Sphere 10-15 seconds Silver, spherical object spotted near Ottawa, KS 8/7/07
7/6/07 09:10 Overland Park KS Disk 15 minutes Silent, disk-shaped object observed floating, flipping end-over-end in broad daylight for about 15 minutes 8/7/07
7/4/07 23:30 Hutchinson KS Fireball twenty minutes Five Very large fireballs right over our neighborhood. 8/7/07
6/29/07 01:00 Shawnee KS Triangle east ((HOAX??)) The objects was a tryangle, it had 6 wight lights, and 1 red flashing light.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
6/23/07 21:00 Louisburg KS Circle <5 minutes Bright orb shapped object moving from West to North to East. 8/7/07
6/20/07 23:00 Manhattan KS Light 20 minutes Star-like moving objects 8/7/07
6/20/07 22:00 Sabetha KS Sphere 4 min huge intensely bright balls of light over northeast kansas. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/17/07 10:00 Kansas City KS Other 1 hour 2 F - 16 fighter jets and black helicopter Circle in formation 8/7/07
5/17/07 01:00 Wichita KS Other ? dream seemed so real upside down frying pan ufo in 1980s .

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
5/13/07 20:15 Overland Park KS Diamond 3 min Strange Aircraft in the sky 6/12/07
5/10/07 21:50 El Dorado KS Light 1 hour Bright light in sky, faded and then disappeared. 6/12/07
5/9/07 22:00 Stockton KS Light 3 days 30 objects in an hour. 6/12/07
3/15/07 23:00 Pratt KS Fireball ~1 minute "Green Fireball" falling through the sky in a western trajectory. 4/17/15
3/14/07 02:50 Lawrence KS Triangle 10-15 seconds Two Isosceles Triangluar-shaped craft gliding effortlessly. 4/27/07
3/8/07 21:00 Argos KS Unknown
So this morning I was searching for the parameters of Grissom's Military Operations Area north of the base. My search rapidly digressed 4/27/07
3/1/07 19:10 Hutchinson KS Circle 2 Minutes Yellow fifteen foot sphere moved from Hutchinson to Wichita 3/8/07
2/15/07 20:00 Marquette KS Triangle 2 minutes Bright yellow lights formed a triangle 4/27/07
2/15/07 07:00 Topeka KS Light 1hour I noticed a bright light that seemed to be following at a fixed distance. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of NUFORC? PD)) 2/24/07
2/14/07 00:45 Kansas City KS Triangle 5 minutes A large, triangular object with two banks of very large, bright white lights on the front two sides, hovering motionless near I-435. 2/24/07
1/19/07 11:07 Colby KS Changing 30-45 seconds Object changed shape and color. 2/1/07
1/11/07 18:55 Andover KS Oval 3-4 seconds hovering light came down slightly out of a small cloud increased in intensity and then went back up and disappeared 2/1/07
1/9/07 19:30 El Dorado KS Triangle 20-30 sec. We saw the same object coming home from the grocery store, triangular lights that hovered just below the treeline. 2/1/07
1/3/07 22:45 Melvern KS Unknown 2-4 seconds Blue-white light traveling northwest in Osage county 2/1/07
12/14/06 19:00 Overland Park KS Other 30 seconds 3 dots of light that changed formation and speed instantly 2/1/07
12/5/06 23:34 Kingman KS Light One hour. White light over Kingman, KS 12/7/06
12/1/06 18:45 Topeka KS Triangle 5-6 seconds Double aqua green corner cap lights to narrow triangle, brief sighting - but I know what I saw. 12/7/06
11/24/06 03:00 Wakeeney (near; Trego County) (E on Interstate 70) KS Other 6 seconds Observed barbell shaped with spheres on each end and a connecting device of some type between the two spheres. 12/7/06
11/9/06 22:15 Lawrence KS Cylinder 3 seconds When driving down Lawrence Avenue from 9th street towards 6th, I looked to the left and saw an object full of light flying straight dow 12/7/06
10/28/06 00:40 Overland Park KS Triangle 6 seconds Man sees cloaked triangle shaped object slicing through clouds above his head. 12/7/06
10/28/06 00:40 Overland Park KS Triangle 6 seconds Triangle shaped craft traveling in 'stealth' mode. 12/7/06
10/27/06 20:00 Hutchinson KS Triangle 6-7 seconds Big, silent V-shaped craft with about 8 circle shaped very dark dimmed lights or windows fly over home. 10/30/06
10/27/06 20:00 Hutchinson KS Triangle 6.0 sec V-Shaped craft moving south over Home in Hutchinson Kansas. 10/30/06
10/20/06 22:00 Winfield KS Unknown 15 min Four lights hovering over Winfield and Arkansas City seen by a number of police officers 10/30/06
10/13/06 22:00 De Soto KS Triangle 10 secends Iridescent/transparant /triangle shaped UFO witnesses by 8 people on Thursday, 10/13/06 at 22:00 hours. 10/30/06
9/29/06 21:00 Topeka KS Triangle About seven miniutes The object dived into the ground. ((NUFORC Note: We wonder whether this is a serious report. PD)) 12/7/06
9/6/06 22:40 Holton KS Unknown 40 minutes Looking towards the west northwest just above the horizon it lookes like a bright star but what caught my eye it was green and red I w 10/30/06
8/30/06 21:10 Wichita KS Diamond 2 minutes After my evening run I was standing in my back yard and stretching. As I was stretching I noticed movement in the sky. At first I thoug 10/30/06
7/29/06 18:00 Wichita KS Oval 0:45 UFO over Wichita Kansas, at around 18:00 hr on Saturday July 29th 2006 10/30/06
7/29/06 01:28 Topeka KS Light 2+ hrs It appeared to be a quickly moving star... 10/30/06
7/16/06 23:45 Anthony KS Light 30 seconds Bright white light, moving North. Faded from view on a clear night. ((NUFORC Note: Not ISS; was not visible on this date. PD)) 10/30/06
7/7/06 22:00 Anthony KS Light 1 minute Bright white light. No FAA lights observed. Moved about 20% faster than the jets I usually see. ((NUFORC Note: ISS sighting? PD)) 10/30/06
6/23/06 22:00 Stockton KS Sphere 30 seconds commercial plane veeres off course to avoid possible collision with ufo 7/16/06
6/10/06 23:00 Wichita KS Teardrop 5 sec 3 pulsing , flashing lights in Ks 7/16/06
6/1/06 23:00 Olathe KS Light 1 minute Bright white/greenish light rapidly tracking across northern sky West to East, stops, darting maneuvers 1-1.5min total time. 2/1/07
6/1/06 00:00 Pratt KS Changing Aprox. 2-3 min Star-like objects moving extraordinarily fast 11/28/07
5/10/06 23:00 Shawnee KS Circle hours a little after midnight i went outside and noticed big trails in the sky they were all over never seen anything like it before i though 7/16/06
4/19/06 21:02 Newton KS Unknown About 2 Seconds Four or five lights, on a seeming spinning object. 5/15/06
4/15/06 21:00 Hutchinson KS Unknown 2:00min We were going west on 11th st towards the Hutchinson Cosmosphere. It was dusk and an object appeared that caught every one's eye in th 5/15/06
4/6/06 21:00 Kansas City KS Triangle 5 seconds Bright white triangular shaped object with multiple colors trailing behind it viewed while driving on I435 Kansas City, KS 10/30/06
2/14/06 19:30 McPherson KS Other 20-25 min. Two seperate sets of muliple stationary lights. 7/16/06
1/18/06 19:43 Goodland KS Unknown 45 minutes Brief Orange Stationary Lights and Misc. Unusual White Lights 5/15/06
11/15/05 23:00 Parsons KS Disk 45 seconds 7 lights of one craft veiwed at night over south east Kansas. 11/28/07
9/10/05 21:00 LeRoy KS Triangle 5 min The lumbering giant 8/7/07
6/30/05 22:00 Parsons KS Unknown 25 seconds Nine red - lighted UFO. 6/12/08
6/14/05 23:30 Hartford KS Circle 5 minutes Two siblings witness a large hovering object at night with blinking lights. 8/5/09
11/10/04 06:00 Piedmont KS Light 15 minutes MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: I noticed a very bright light aprox. 10 degrees on the southern horizon. 12/12/09
5/15/04 00:30 Valley Center KS Triangle 3 minutes MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: It was unmistakably a triangle. CLEARLY TRIANGULAR. 12/12/09
12/31/03 23:30 Lawrence KS Formation 5 seconds New Year, New Sighting. 3/4/08
6/30/03 23:00 Jamestown KS Circle 10 seconds large light frightened the crap out of us. 12/12/09
7/2/02 02:00 Topeka KS Other 15 seconds Whitest flash of Light I've ever seen 10/8/07
6/9/02 16:00 Clay Center KS Sphere 10 minutes The object was following a passenger jet. The obeject was a mettalic shaped sphere and was on the starboard side of the plane. 2/14/10
4/18/01 23:30 McLouth KS Circle 5 mintues UFO on rock road 3/4/08
2/15/01 00:05 Wichita KS Flash 1MINUTE Glowing Green SKY MIR 10/30/06
1/30/01 22:00 Independence KS Light 20-30 minutes Giant white 'Sparkler' wedged in tree during snowstorm 4/27/07
10/15/00 00:00 Pratt KS Triangle 15-30 seconds Triangle/stealth, silver/reflecting (moving) flames, silent, slow-moving, moving west to east. 9/18/14
8/12/00 22:00 Derby KS Triangle 10 to 20 minutes a triangle with lights flipping through the sky 8/27/09
6/22/00 14:00 Stranger KS Other 05:00 Cube crashes between Basehor & Tonganoxie. ((anonymous report)) 8/23/19
9/22/99 01:00 LaCygne KS Changing 45 minutes I have a video and still pictures 3/4/08
9/1/99 21:00 Paola KS Cigar <1 minute Shape shifter, Cigar shaped craft. 9/9/13
6/30/99 16:30 Shawnee KS Other 8 seconds Matte Black Spiky Ball, Sea Urchin-like Floating Object 6/20/19
12/20/98 02:30 Kansas (on interstate) KS Unknown 2 minutes Low flying object with light shining down on road , apparently a helicopter which made no noticeable noise.

500 Lights On Object0:
12/19/98 03:30 Kansas (location unspecified) KS Light 1 minute What I thought was a helicopter made no noise as it flew over my car. 10/30/06
8/20/98 22:00 Shawnee Mission KS Unknown 5 minutes Bright shining light darting fast leaving trails in the sky. 4/30/15
10/31/96 22:00 Wichita KS Light ~5 minutes Another report of the 3 flashing lights in the sky Halloween '96 6/12/07
7/15/96 11:00 Salina KS Formation 20 seconds My grandma and I had left her friend's house in Salina. We drove from Choctaw Ave to Walnut Street, pulled into her driveway and when 6/25/20
1/1/95 03:00 Kansas (Eastern) KS Light 1 min or less A beam of rotating light in eastern Kansas 7/16/06
6/1/94 22:00 Wichita KS Oval 1 minute Circle lights in diamond formation, heading east then dispersing North, East and South. Late evening. ((anonymous report)) 12/5/16
3/2/94 23:15 Lindsborg KS Triangle 10 seconds Black Triangle with Slightly Askew Leading Edge 7/16/06
7/4/91 23:00 Wichita KS Disk MORE THAN AN HOUR It was summer, I had my dauther who is now 17. I was at my father in law house looking trought the back door, wich has an open view so 8/12/08
4/1/91 00:30 Wichita KS Triangle 1 hour Three orange lights 3/19/09
7/3/89 23:00 Belleville KS Triangle 30 seconds Triangular craft descends into the water 2/1/07
11/10/87 22:30 Iola KS Light 45 seconds Light over cattle pasture. 10/10/14
10/15/87 21:00 Osawatomie KS Other 2+ hours Many colorful balls of light over Osawatomie to Canada 6/2/13
6/12/87 01:00 Pittsburg KS
1 min NOT a ufo report. This is an abduction. 10/30/06
5/20/87 22:00 Mcpherson/Lindsborg KS Triangle 2 hours Triangle Shape sighted. Two hours of time lost during the encounter. 6/2/13
10/1/85 22:45 Lawrence KS Sphere < 5 minutes Red Light seen in Lawrence, Kansas, during Johnny Carson's Monologue 1/10/09
6/15/85 23:00 Wichita KS Circle 25 minutes Massive fleet of amber green spheres flying in odd formation over Wichita, Kansas. 12/23/13
6/1/85 22:00 Lola KS Sphere 7 min. It was right there, i could have gotten out of the truck and run up on it and hit it with a rock. 3/4/08
3/27/83 21:57 Overbrook KS Other approximately 15 seconds Slow-moving, low-flying, HEXAGONAL-shaped craft, MASSIVE and SILENT over rural area near Overbrook, Kansas, March 4, 2002 10/30/06
8/15/82 21:30 Solomon KS Light 2 minutes Three rotating red lights on each of three objects that made no sound. 8/23/19
6/1/80 Alma KS

could we know 7/5/08
10/12/76 23:00 Emporia KS Disk 5 minutes Disc hoovers over train and seems to x-ray it. 6/9/09
10/15/75 16:00 Marion KS Light 2 seconds We saw a green object zoom across the sky going at least several thousand mile per hour. 8/12/08
7/15/74 19:00 Overland Park KS Light 10 seconds 6 to 9 dots of light in uneven formation 8/7/07
6/30/74 14:00 Hutchinson KS Cigar 2 hours/next day 5 minute Ufos becom Ifos 1/21/08
6/20/74 20:00 Fort Scott KS Diamond 5 minutes My youngest sister and I were arguing at the front door, when my brother said "shut-up" and pushed us out the door. The sound of a cras 5/12/11
9/20/73 10:30 Salina KS Light 30 seconds Light object makes perfect square moving in the night Kansas sky. 8/5/09
6/30/73 21:00 Fredonia (rural) KS Circle -10 seconds It was a pale blue circle that flew to the Horizon At a blink of an eye And it had no sound 10/4/19
6/30/72 21:00 Highway KS Circle 20minutes This very real sighting took place in 1972. My ex husband and I were followed by a relatively small UFO which lower itself all the way 6/9/09
2/5/71 20:30 Havensville KS Circle 20 minutes Lights similar in size and color to stars, zipping around in night sky, verified by grandparent. 12/7/06
8/15/69 01:00 Baldwin City KS Circle 8 seconds object moved in fashion against all laws of physics. 90 degree instant turn. the entire object was dot of light. 10/31/08
9/15/67 00:00 Cedar Point KS Light 5 minutes It is interesting to me tht I've had three encounters.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
8/30/67 21:00 Lansing KS Unknown 5 mins Two sets of lights blinking alternately. 6/12/08
8/15/67 22:00 Abilene (near) KS Egg 15 minutes Blimp shaped ufo, with loss of time. 5/22/15
6/30/67 21:00 Lansing KS Light 5 mins Silent light darts to avoid collision. 4/17/08
6/30/67 01:00 Kansas city KS Other Uncertain Wyandotte county Kansas 1967 object appeared as aircraft suspended midair.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
1/1/67 19:45 Towards KS Disk 1hour Craft hovered over a large stand of trees on the far side of a pasture. Trees seemed to be pushed downward from a force coming from the 12/19/19
6/10/65 22:30 Hutchinson KS Triangle 5-10 minutes It made no sound and did not travel at speed's of any aircraft I had seen. 2/7/20
6/30/64 12:00 Kansas City\Lenexa, Kansas area KS Formation Hours some type of aircraft 8/23/19
5/30/63 17:30 Emporia KS Rectangle 60 seconds I have witnessed many bizarre things in my life beginning at age 4.5, this is not the strangest. Try India. 5/2/11
6/1/60 Great Bend KS Other 2 minutes MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: One night I saw a White cube that glowed like a light bulb. 12/7/06
6/30/58 21:30 Durham KS Light several seconds 1950's Durham, KS evening after dark 2 bright lights going across southern sky for several seconds 4/18/12
7/15/56 01:15 Wichita KS Circle 2-2.5 minutes 07/1956 / 1:15 Wichita KS Circle 2:5 min. Large light hovers - Small light separates shoot off fast - Lge follows 5/1/20
7/15/54 21:00 Kansas City KS Chevron 3 minutes MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Two brothers witness chevron-shaped object streak across sky. PD)) 6/12/08