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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
4/17/19 19:55 North Phoenix AZ Egg 30 seconds Three Orange-Red egg shaped blurry orbs over North Phoenix changing positions. 4/18/19
4/16/19 12:20 Apache Junction AZ Circle 45 seconds We witnessed a circular craft rise in the east and went through the clouds leaving a hole where blue sky was. ((anonymous report)) 4/18/19
4/14/19 03:00 Gilbert AZ Triangle 5 seconds On the night of April 13th or very early April 14th at about 2 am some unexplainable events began to unfold.

First, my wife woke me
4/10/19 19:00 Scottsdale AZ Circle
Two stationary, bright lights in the sky, before sunset, remained for over 25 minutes with no apparent motion 4/18/19
4/10/19 19:00 Mesa AZ Light 25 minutes Bright light in the sky in Mesa area. 4/12/19
4/10/19 18:00 Apache Junction AZ Circle 20 minutes Stationary, bright white round light in the daytime sky, brighter than the moon, larger than any star or plant, over Apache Junction. 4/12/19
4/3/19 02:00 Showlow AZ Circle 90 minutes ((HOAX??)) Things flying around looked like fire-flies. ((anonymous report)) 4/18/19
3/29/19 06:10 Parker AZ Disk 25 minutes Saw a disc shape brightly lit just hovering horizontally. Then it moved to the right and went vertical. ((anonymous report)) 3/29/19
3/24/19 18:12 Benson AZ Oval Ongoing Bright white object almost blimp like. Going further E and looking back, object was black. ((anonymous report)) 3/29/19
3/24/19 16:42 Tempe AZ Light 20 minutes 2 small circles zipping and floating. ((anonymous report)) 3/29/19
3/23/19 21:30 Eloy AZ Light 5 minutes Three night lights in triangle formation, hovering over AZ town before slowly moving off on 3/23/19 3/29/19
3/23/19 16:00 Tucson AZ Circle 15 seconds It was round, basketball size,dark brown, silent, no lights. It moved quickly in a direct line towards the east. At the same time, th 3/29/19
3/23/19 15:15 Tucson AZ Rectangle 30 minutes Stationary white object in sky above Tucson during air show 3/29/19
3/19/19 19:30 Green Valley AZ Formation 1 minute Formation of small wite lights moving across the sky 3/21/19
3/17/19 22:00 J6 AZ Triangle 5 minutes Walking my dog from Mescal to J6 area of Benson, AZ. Saw a slow moving "V" shaped craft slowly moving across sky above head. 4/18/19
3/16/19 20:30 Peoria AZ Light 5-10 minutes I thought it was a red light on a helicopter. It was moving really fast through the sky. ((anonymous report)) 3/21/19
3/14/19 15:55 Tucson AZ Other 5 minutes 3-8 stationary silver objects in the area of the daytime moon. 3/21/19
3/13/19 04:18 Kingman AZ Formation 40 seconds Kingman, AZ, 3/13/19, @ 418AM. Patch of clouds but I could still stars brightly in the sky. 3/14/19
3/9/19 19:10 Tucson AZ Circle 15 seconds Large, fast, bright white circular object maneuvering in a strange manner 3/14/19
3/5/19 03:00 Lakeside AZ
3 hours at three ten this morning and it was in the sky approxamitly in the sky about south east then it moved a little ((anonymous report)) 3/14/19
3/3/19 15:00 Peoria AZ Rectangle 8 minutes Seen black metallic rectangle,three feet wide and four feet long electric blue plasma under it that went in and out every four seconds. 3/14/19
3/2/19 23:03 Polacca AZ Unknown unknown 03/02/2019 . Last night while I was at work watching t 3/14/19
3/2/19 20:00 New River AZ Formation 20 minutes String of 8-10 or more tiny lights in a straight line, sitting on top of a desert mountain. 3/14/19
2/20/19 22:30 Lakeside AZ Circle didnt stop Was out with my dog facing south east mind you its cloudy winter storm warnings in effect i cant even see the moon but these were hoove 2/27/19
2/19/19 20:00 San Tan Valley AZ Changing 20+ minutes Travelling south in San tan valley, AZ I saw 5 lights low in the western sky. 3 were linear and 2 were cross/star shaped and bright. Th 2/22/19
2/3/19 19:22 Peoria AZ Fireball 1 minute Orange orbs seen in the southwest skies of Peoria, AZ, during the Superbowl 2/3/19. 2/7/19
1/23/19 21:00 San Tan Valley AZ Triangle 2 seconds My wife took dog outside and saw several orb like lights flying in different patterns. ((anonymous report)) 1/24/19
1/22/19 23:07 Tucson AZ Rectangle ~25 seconds I witnessed a large, dark rectangular craft with at least 7 very bright white orb-ish lights hovering low in the sky over Tucson. 1/24/19
1/19/19 22:45 East Phoenix/Tempe AZ Changing 5 minutes Unknown orange orb aircraft between Phoenix and Tempe Az In proximity of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport 1/24/19
1/18/19 13:21 Tucson AZ Rectangle 4 minutes Electric Blue Rectangled Object 2/1/19
1/8/19 22:00 Dateland AZ Light 30 minutes Two orange bright lighted crafts traveled East along the US border disappearing and reappearing. ((anonymous report)) 1/17/19
1/8/19 20:05 Maricopa AZ Unknown 3-5 minutes motionless, bright orange lights in the sky that faded out 1/11/19
1/8/19 04:23 Queen Creek AZ Diamond 15-20 minutes Backyard faces the San Tan Mountains, my dogs woke me up which they never do that early and they really wanted to go outside. I went ou 1/11/19
1/7/19 17:15 Queen Creek AZ Unknown 10 minutes Lights high in sky above my flying machine (Paramotor). 1/11/19
1/3/19 02:45 Casa Grande AZ Unknown 5 minutes Light panned across roofs too slow to be a meteor. No conventional aircraft lights or noise. ((anonymous report)) 1/4/19
12/20/18 04:30 Kingman AZ Circle 60 minutes Round, flashing multi-colors, hovering than moving in different directions. ((NUFORC Note: Star or planet?? PD)) 1/4/19
12/18/18 14:00 Phoenix AZ Diamond 3 minutes Today at Phoenix. 1/4/19
12/13/18 21:00 Glendale AZ Light 10 minutes Many Orange Lights Over North Glendale, AZ. 1/4/19
12/13/18 21:00 Glendale AZ Light 10 minutes Many Orange Lights Over North Glendale, AZ. 1/24/19
12/13/18 19:50 Buckeye AZ Light Still going on Amber lights south of Buckeye, AZ, appearing for approximately 3 to 5 minutes 12/14/18
12/13/18 18:25 Tucson AZ Light ~5 seconds Five yellow orange objects low in the west. 12/14/18
12/8/18 21:12 Ganado AZ Formation 30 seconds A formation of up to twenty lights was seen by multiple observers and even posted on Facebook. 12/14/18
12/4/18 18:30 Yuma AZ Triangle 5 minutes Black triangle floating in same area for several minutes, then disappeared. 12/6/18
12/4/18 13:31 Kingman AZ Circle 30 seconds Went to take a picture of the scenery when this showed up I lost track of what time it was and it was night time before I started to re 2/7/19
12/4/18 04:45 Casa Grande AZ Fireball 1.83 seconds I was driving from Tucson to Chandler for work this morning, when all of a sudden, this light lit up the sky. ((anonymous report)) 12/6/18
12/1/18 02:15 Kingman AZ Cigar 10 minutes My friend was going out to her truck to get my pop and we heard a odd humming sound, I said jokingly its a UFO.. she looked up and she 12/6/18
11/28/18 19:35 Tucson AZ Flash 5 minutes 6 long rectangular bright flashing lights appearing in one general area, moving west across the city. 11/30/18
11/27/18 21:52 Tucson AZ Light 1 minute Lights over the Catalina Mountains. 11/30/18
11/26/18 20:40 Casa Grande (outside of) AZ Flash 2-3 minutes Neon-like light appeared then disappeared, no afterglow, no blast explosion ejecta pattern, no craft. 11/30/18
11/25/18 20:03 Phoenix AZ Light 3 minutes Orange in color, heading South (Northern AZ) the went East, disappeared. 11/30/18
11/23/18 22:00 Scottsdale AZ Light 5 minutes There was a light moving intermittently in the sky with a hazy aura surrounding it. 11/24/18
11/22/18 22:30 Gilbert AZ Circle 8-10 minutes Orange glowing ball at around 85 degrees in the sky. Glowing as of it were in cloud. ((anonymous report)) 11/24/18
11/22/18 22:00 Gilbert AZ Cigar 1 minute Spouse immediately noticed bright lights above us as we were driving. ((anonymous report)) 1/17/19
11/22/18 20:51 Phoenix AZ Fireball 20 minutes Bright Orange-Red Glowing Objects crossing the Phoenix Sky on Several ocassions. 1/4/19
11/22/18 20:40 Gilbert AZ Light 2 minutes Three Red Glowing Lights Seen Over Gilbert, AZ - Moving and flashing making a triangular formation before vanishing. 11/24/18
11/12/18 19:30 Phoenix AZ Cigar 5-10 seconds In my part time job i work for VEYO (MEDICAL TRANSPORTATION) i took 60 west then I 10 West and then 51 hwy North by the mid highway i s 11/24/18
11/8/18 19:35 Tucson AZ Light 4 minutes Four flashing, stationary lights west of Tucson. ((anonymous report)) 11/9/18
10/28/18 09:43 Tucson AZ Other 5 minutes Falling smoking, spiraling, craft/object falling to earth Sunday 10/28/2018 9:43 am, took 5 minutes before disappeared. 11/9/18
10/17/18 20:50 Scottsdale AZ Triangle 10 minutes I was driving home and when I got off the 101 at Hayden road in north Scottsdale I saw a bunch of smaller crafts hovering in the sky wi 10/18/18
10/9/18 16:45 Scottsdale AZ Light 5 minutes Object is visible in sky in burst of flashing light disappearing and appearing intermittently 10/12/18
10/7/18 19:30 Benson AZ Circle 5 minutes Driving toward Tucson West on I-10. Circular with 3 bright white beams of light in rear shooting out long beams that left a trail. Hove 10/12/18
10/3/18 05:30 Chandler AZ Light 5 minutes Stationary object that suddenly took off like a rocket. 10/6/18
9/28/18 11:45 Sahuarita AZ Changing 1 hour + 9/28/2018 Four distinct UFO's spotted in Sahuarita, AZ. 10/6/18
9/26/18 06:52 Maricopa AZ Sphere 1 second Sphere shaped object with lights above and below it caught in a picture taken this morning of the moon in the western sky. 9/27/18
9/24/18 21:00 Jerome (near; Mingus Mtn.) AZ

I noticed that this one star began to move. ((anonymousreport)) 9/27/18
9/24/18 19:25 Phoenix AZ Triangle 5 seconds I noticed a vee shaped object flying overhead. ((anonymous report)) 9/27/18
9/22/18 09:30 Phoenix AZ Rectangle 2 minutes Dark Rectangle With Brite White Lights , And 4 Red Blinking Lights Seen on IT'S Side Fly Above My Window. 9/27/18
9/21/18 22:00 Kingman AZ Other 15 minutes Was grabbing items out of car it was between 21:00 22:00 last night was going back inside house when bright object in sky caught attent 9/27/18
9/21/18 19:00 Sonoita AZ Light 1/2 Teardrop and light orb U.F.O. crafts near the Moon viewed from S.E. Arizona. 11/24/18
9/12/18 14:30 Grand Canyon Village AZ Disk In picture 2 white discs. 9/27/18
9/7/18 17:55 Sedona AZ Cigar 60 seconds Approaching Sedona from Interstate 17 We observed a flying object that did not behave like a normal aircraft. The object was stationary 9/13/18
9/3/18 19:24 Phoenix AZ Unknown 10 minutes More Phoenix lights, in a line formation. 9/27/18
8/31/18 22:20 Prescott Valley AZ Light 2.5 hours Multi-light UFO hovers N of Prescott Valley, AZ, for a couple of hours. 2/22/19
8/26/18 21:30 Tempe AZ Light 30 minutes The 26th and 27th my husband and daughter have witnessed a very bright light in the sky. At first it looks like a star but you notice i 8/31/18
8/24/18 20:00 Clarkdale AZ Light 10 minutes Huge Bright White Round Light 8/31/18
8/5/18 20:48 Scottsdale AZ Changing >1 hour Numerous objects (6+) moving in various directions being pursued by military crafts it appeared, nighttime above Scottsdale, AZ. 8/10/18
7/17/18 03:20 Phoenix AZ
1 minute Silent red lights float over interstate 17 7/19/18
7/7/18 08:40 Concho AZ Fireball 3 minutes Sitting outside and noticed a bright light in the sky above my husband's head. It was rapidly moving downward and became brighter as it 7/13/18
7/3/18 22:00 Scottsdale AZ Light 1.45 hours 2 blue lights in the Sky East of Phoenix July 3, 2018. ((anonymous report)) 7/5/18
6/30/18 15:03 Sedona AZ

Cloaked Saucer 8/31/18
6/21/18 21:00 Chandler AZ Light 90 minutes Multiple fast solid white lights appearing at different times and locations in the sky. 6/28/18
6/17/18 23:30 Anthem AZ Changing 10 minutes Possibly related to phoenix lights. 6/21/18
6/11/18 23:30 Gilbert AZ Flash 5 minutes Two blinking tiny flashes, red, white, blue, green. Really far away to the NE when first seen. Lost one heading SW.((anonymous report)) 6/15/18
6/10/18 20:00 Mesa AZ Circle 30 minutes Magenta-Violet Orb Moves Abnormally Through Eastern Mesa Sky. ((anonymous report)) 6/15/18
6/6/18 20:00 Scottsdale AZ Other 1:00 minute Hovering and then fast moving object, Scottsdale, AZ. 6/7/18
6/6/18 02:00 Mesa (Historic part) AZ Circle 1+ minute Saw a perfect circle of red (only) lights blinking all blinked at same time, no other lights were seen. 6/7/18
5/29/18 19:45 Mesa AZ Rectangle 5 minutes Black Rectangular Flying Object Over Mesa, AZ. ((anonymous report)) 5/31/18
5/29/18 00:00 Phoenix AZ Circle Few minutes Two red lights like lasers hovering houses and zooming off to turn into am insanely bright light then fading ((anonymous report)) 5/31/18
5/17/18 21:00 Rio Rico AZ Disk 10-12 seconds A huge band of slightly rectangular lights appx 300degrees NW sky appeared out of thin air and looked extremely CLOSE! 5/31/18
5/16/18 20:57 Apache Junction AZ Other 2-3 minutes Omg. I was just out back and towards Florence southeast of the valley I saw 3 distinct separate bright lights a distance from each ot 5/31/18
5/8/18 23:00 Prescott AZ Fireball 5 seconds Green yellow blue all of fire streaks across sky 5/10/18
5/8/18 00:00 Apache Junction AZ Other 30 minutes Green beam from 3-5 miles alerting us to its location 7 times, lasting 30 minutes. 5/10/18
5/3/18 21:15 Bullhead City AZ Circle 15 minutes Circle of lights seen two nights in a row. 5/4/18
4/29/18 21:15 Benson AZ Rectangle 10mun 3 red lights blinking but they were far apart. At first we were not sure if they were moving. 5/4/18
4/16/18 22:05 Glendale AZ Oval 45 seconds Orange/red ball floating in the sky over Glendale, AZ. 4/19/18
4/14/18 20:30 Scottsdale AZ Other 45 seconds Object sighted, triangular shaped with curved magenta bottom. Lights moved sequentially from left to right bluish-white with magenta . 4/19/18
4/13/18 20:30 Scottsdale AZ Light 3 minutes Bright light in sky, slowly increase elevation and then faded. Second night in a row. 4/19/18
4/7/18 11:00 Florence/Apache Jct. (between) AZ Cigar 1 minute Two grey objects disappeared suddently. 4/13/18
4/6/18 00:20 Florence AZ Fireball 1-2 minutes Orange ball of fire floating across the sky. 4/13/18
4/3/18 20:30 Phoenix AZ Light 2 minutes I do not believe in UFO's, but this was definately odd. ((no contact information)) 4/5/18
4/2/18 05:38 Tucson AZ Light >10 minutes (continuous) Two points of light blinking, changing color, and moving very unusually. 4/13/18
3/21/18 Ajo AZ Circle ~5 minutes We saw orbs of light in Arizona, a few days before the CT sighting one was reported. 4/19/18
3/15/18 23:00 Green Valley AZ Light 6 seconds Date is approximate, and viewed a similar event about two weeks before this one, but in different part of the sky.

I stepped out of
3/12/18 16:05 Arizona (above; in flight) AZ Cylinder <10 seconds Mysterious shaped form flying beside SWA flt 612 over Northern AZ @ 4:05 PM PDT - alttitude 35,000 - 40,000 ft 3/23/18
3/8/18 18:50 Gold Canyon AZ Sphere 2-3 minutes Glowing all-orange orb hovering over my subdivision 3/23/18
3/3/18 14:05 Phoenix AZ Circle 30 minutes Dancing, merging orbs seen in sky above Phoenix 2/27/19
2/25/18 16:00 Tombstone AZ Other 2+ Bat winged shaped ufo. 3/2/18
2/24/18 15:30 Southern AZ Unknown
Three air crews encounter strange object. Audios located. ((NUFORC Note: MUFON CMS report. PD)) 4/26/18
2/24/18 15:30 In-flight; above AZ AZ
45 minutes Three air crews observed object. Recordings on the internet. ((anonymous report)) 4/19/18
2/20/18 11:30 Surprise AZ Sphere 5-10 minutes 15+ UFO's in formation. ((anonymous report)) 2/22/18
2/17/18 21:00 Thatcher AZ Fireball 10 minutes 3 Orangish fireball coming from north to south just above treeline hover a minute and take off to the east at a high rate of speed 2/22/18
2/10/18 06:40 Mesa AZ Sphere 3 minutes 10+ red lights moving formation Mesa, AZ. 2/16/18
2/9/18 19:25 Tucson AZ Fireball 30 seconds Four orange fireballs traveling together , fly over the house 2/16/18
2/7/18 00:00 Mesa AZ Circle 5 minutes 3 symmetrical bright orange orbs 2/16/18
2/4/18 19:50 Chandler AZ Flash 4 minutes Flashing multicolored object spotted above Chandler AZ apparently traveling outward into space in the high southern skies. 2/16/18
2/1/18 18:35 Green Valley AZ Unknown 1 minute Horizontal line of 7-9 Identially-Sized, Evenly Spaced, "Signalling" Lights. 2/16/18
1/30/18 18:30 Sahuarita AZ Other ~30 seconds Multiple lights on one craft in Sahuarita, AZ. 4/26/18
1/29/18 19:00 Queen Creek AZ Other 4 seconds I couldn't tell if it was one object or several; but it's one of the most interesting things I've seen in the night sky. 2/16/18
1/28/18 23:10 Phoenix AZ Fireball 2 minutes The object was heading south towards central Phoenix. It was glowing bright red. And only four stores high in the air. When the object 2/16/18
1/24/18 19:00 Tucson AZ Light 2 hours Was it Venus or a UFO? ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD)) 1/25/18
1/24/18 07:45 Mesa AZ Cigar 15 seconds Line of sequencing lights in Arizona. 1/25/18
1/8/18 21:30 Casa Grande AZ Light 3-5 minutes 2 yellow-orange balls of light to the west that appeared stationary, then disappeared one after the other. ((anonymous report)) 1/11/19
1/4/18 23:55 Maricopa AZ Light 10 minutes Orange/yellow object east of Maricopa, AZ, traveling south toward Tucson, AZ. 1/12/18
12/31/17 23:00 Mesa AZ Light 10-20 minutes orange orbs in formation 1/12/18
12/31/17 00:00 Gilbert AZ Changing 25 minutes As many as 7 Orbs seen ascending and descending, changing colors and flight paths for 30 minutes. 7/5/18
12/30/17 21:05 Anthem AZ Light 3 minutes Red lights above north Phoenix, Arizona. ((anonymous report)) 1/12/18
12/29/17 13:00 Ganado AZ Cylinder
Caught in photo of highway. Seemed plunging to earth. Contrail. Cylinder with four precise round appendages. ((anonymous report)) 1/12/18
12/25/17 18:15 Chandler AZ

2 Solid round Orbs, one white/one red. Stopping/ starting, in the sky above me. Both orbs very clear, solid. 1/12/18
12/23/17 06:30 Show Low AZ Cone 10 minutes Big bright dot w/ a huge multi-colored tail which fanned out in the back; huge cloud. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD)) 1/12/18
12/22/17 19:00 Green Valley AZ Light 10 minutes Huge brilliant blue'ish white light over the desert, west of Green Valley AZ., ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD)) 1/12/18
12/22/17 18:55 Mesa AZ Cigar 2 minutes Fast moving glowing object with glowing gas plume remaining for several minutes flew over Phoenix after sundown heading north to south. 1/12/18
12/22/17 18:52 Mesa AZ Light 0:30 A light in the sky that emitted whitish beam with a tint. ((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch at 5:27 p.m. (Pacific). PD)) 1/12/18
12/22/17 18:45 Tucson AZ Cigar 2 minutes Around 6:45 PM, I witnessed a cigar shaped object that had no noise and illuminated the sky so bright. ((anonymous report))((Missile.)) 1/12/18
12/22/17 18:45 Phoenix AZ Cone 10 minutes 1 craft was slowly crashing while another shined a giant spotlight on it. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 5:26 p.m.. PD)) 1/12/18
12/22/17 18:45 Tonopah AZ Fireball 8 minutes Approx. 1845 hours in the W sky something appeared to be traveling from the W to the E making a 90-degree turn. 1/12/18
12/22/17 18:40 Mesa AZ Light 30 seconds Bright light with trailing aura moving across the sky. 1/12/18
12/22/17 18:40 Marana AZ Fireball 1 minute Bright white light with large tail, like photos of a comet, moving NE to SW. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of missile launch?? PD)) 1/12/18
12/22/17 18:40 Dragoon AZ Other 3 minutes Low flying object on a straight southern trajectory with a heavy glowing trail. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of missile launch?? PD)) 1/12/18
12/22/17 18:30 Snowflake AZ Other 5 minutes A squiggly cloud and a bright light that lit up the sky and the light started moving backwards. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD)) 1/12/18
12/22/17 18:30 Lake Havasu City AZ Cone 5 minutes ((NUFORC Note: No information provided by source. Possible report of missile launch. PD)) 1/12/18
12/22/17 18:28 Village of Oak Creek AZ Light 4 minutes Two large lights shine in the sky over the mountains of Sedona, AZ. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of missile launch?? PD)) 1/12/18
12/22/17 16:00 Duncan AZ Cylinder 3 minutes We saw a missle shaped object in the sky, huge. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch from Vandenberg AFB. PD)) 1/12/18
12/21/17 07:44 Anthem AZ Disk 1 second Strange object or bird? Not sure. 1/12/18
12/21/17 06:30 PHONEX AZ Circle 10 minutes It was circular and white with a huge fanned out tail of bright, bright white. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD)) 1/12/18
12/18/17 20:00 Queen Creek AZ Light 15 minutes River of lights in the sky above Queen Creek 12/21/17
12/18/17 20:00 Queen Creek AZ Formation 30 minutes Snake like formation with hundreds of lights sighted above Queen Creek, AZ at 8pm on 12/18/17. 12/21/17
12/18/17 19:45 Queen Creek AZ Other 20 minutes 1000 star lights following blue lights moving like a snake.going in circles then moved out of sight by the big dipper.was about 3-4 mai 12/21/17
12/14/17 20:00 Sonora Desert AZ Light 15 minutes We were driving on highway 8 South. 4 lights became two pairs then not light. Then disappeared 12/21/17
12/11/17 19:30 San Tan Valley AZ Light 35 seconds Possible UFO. ((anonymous report) 12/14/17
12/11/17 19:05 Gold Canyon AZ Egg 10 seconds Two large, orange bright football/egg shaped objects with windows low in sky 1/12/18
12/11/17 18:00 Queen Creek/South Gilbert AZ Circle 15 minutes Saw orange reddish orbs moving from Queen Creek west towards south Gilbert. Very bright in the sky. 12/14/17
11/26/17 18:15 Phoenix AZ Oval 90 seconds Slow moving oval object 2x size and brightness of the ISS came up from the S. ((NUFORC Note: ISS?? PD)) 12/4/17
11/26/17 16:35 Phoenix AZ Changing 5 minutes Red/orange object in daytime sky. 12/4/17
11/25/17 20:48 Phoenix AZ Sphere Continuous Sparkling Spheres in the eastern Arizona night, tonight ! 12/4/17
11/24/17 04:00 Scottsdale AZ Teardrop 2 minutes Me and my mother were looking outside at the night sky. After a few moments we saw a plane off in the distance. Then at least 20 minute 12/4/17
11/17/17 20:00 North Phoenix AZ Light 10 minutes Orange ball flame colored craft. Flying W, paused as a/c approached from the N than disappeared. 11/22/17
11/16/17 20:30 Maricopa AZ Circle <5 seconds I am glad, I stumbled upon this website. I am witnessing the same glowing fireballs as others are seeing in AZ.

Tonight is the 3rd
11/15/17 21:00 Dewey AZ Chevron 10 seconds They were Chevron shaped. The lights varying from orange, to red to white. Incredible! ((NUFORC Note: Witness is engineer. PD)) 11/17/17
11/15/17 21:00 Chandler AZ Formation 1-2 minutes Synchronous blinkings silvery lights in a formation across entire SW sky above South Mountain. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor? PD)) 11/17/17
11/14/17 22:30 Tucson AZ Fireball 10 seconds Large falling UFO disappears into flash of blue light over Tucson. 11/17/17
11/14/17 20:25 San Tan Valley AZ Flash 3 seconds Bright Light up of Sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD)) 11/17/17
11/12/17 10:00 Chino Valley AZ Rectangle 5 minutes Stationary vertical bluish white rectangle. 11/17/17
11/11/17 13:26 Tucson AZ Circle
Bright object(s) traveling over Foothills from Sabino Canyon , Az. 11/17/17
11/8/17 02:45 Phoenix AZ Fireball 1 second Saw what it looked like a shooting star, but it was red. 11/9/17
11/5/17 19:00 Gilbert AZ Formation 2 minutes Clusters of yellow lights flying across the sky. 11/9/17
11/5/17 18:15 Snowflake (toward; near) AZ Disk 5-8 minutes On the Sunday evening of November 5th, 2017 around 6:15 p.m., there were 2 flying saucers in the western sky looking toward Snowflake, 11/22/17
11/4/17 21:20 Glendale AZ Formation 40 seconds White lights in a formation traveling slowly/silently over NW Glendale, AZ, then disappeared after sighting. ((anonymous report)) 11/9/17
11/3/17 20:00 Bullhead City AZ Circle 30 seconds I had seen a black object is all i know . with no lights and no noticible sound. ((anonymous report)) 11/17/17
10/29/17 19:00 Fountain Hills AZ Oval 15 minutes Craft are dark perhaps black with no visable lights and move from spot to spot very quickly. ((anonymous report)) 11/3/17
10/17/17 21:30 Tempe AZ Circle 1 minutes Orange/yellow orb near Sky Harbor. ((anonymous report)) 11/3/17
10/7/17 20:15 Chandler AZ Triangle 5 minutes We saw 2 lights that seemed to be a helicopter but we didn't hear any noise. There was no flashing wing or tail light. Just an orangish 10/19/17
10/6/17 19:00 Yuma AZ Cylinder 4 hours Skeptical to say that America We have Air Space Friends !!! 10/19/17
10/5/17 19:40 Lake Havasu City AZ Unknown 5 seconds Trail of lights where glowing and blinking in patterns of 1 second. 10/19/17
10/3/17 17:00 Page AZ Teardrop 1 hour Bright white teardrop shaped object that emitted red orbs which landed and eventually rose again. 10/19/17
10/1/17 19:00 Tucson AZ Teardrop Hour A white object in the NE sky from Tucson with a few white and black objects flashing around the stationary object. 10/5/17
9/29/17 19:00 Sahuarita AZ Flash 30 seconds Random white flashes of light of differing intensity in the same small area of sky 10/5/17
9/27/17 23:00 Green Valley AZ Other >10 minutes Object was triangular shaped with rounded edges instead of points. 10/5/17
9/26/17 23:10 Wellton AZ Circle 1 minute Orange orb with huge waves of air below and above it. 9/28/17
9/24/17 18:14 Phoenix AZ Unknown 1 second Sunset object. 9/28/17
9/21/17 05:15 Mesa AZ Changing 2 miniutes Is that a star? 10/5/17
9/20/17 21:00 Sahuarita AZ Light 3 minutes Light flashes in a small dark patch of sky just to the right of the Milky Way. 9/21/17
9/20/17 20:30 San Tan Valley AZ Light 1 minute I glanced to the East over the Tonto Natl forest and saw 2 orange orbs fairly close together. After a very short time they turned off A 9/21/17
9/20/17 03:30 Chandler AZ Teardrop 1 hour Intermittent pulsing, green, stationary, then moved an hour later. ((NUFORC Note: Star or planet, we suspect. PD)) 9/21/17
9/17/17 20:30 South Lake Havasu City AZ Circle S.w This had red yellow green blue orang lights blanking.

Faceing southern California.
9/14/17 23:00 Phoenix AZ Chevron 5 seconds Nighttime observation of chevron shaped object with light on the bottom traveling at a high rate of speed. ((anonymous report)) 9/21/17
8/30/17 21:30 Sells AZ Sphere 5 minutes Large craft follows us. ((anonymous report)) 9/5/17
8/30/17 20:15 Miami AZ Circle 1 minute I saw 3 orbs of light that had emitted themselves from one another then disappear. 9/5/17
8/30/17 20:05 San tan valley AZ Egg 3 minutes 3 oval orange orbs flashed lights on than off before dissappearing. 9/5/17
8/30/17 Superior AZ Light 30 seconds Three stationary lights seen in sky south of Superior 11/3/17
8/29/17 15:00 Tucson (Pima Co.)(copper mine S of ) AZ Disk 20 seconds Disk over open-pit copper mine in southern Arizona. ((anonymous report)) 9/5/17
8/27/17 22:00 Phoenix AZ Unknown 5 minutes Possible sighting or drones. 9/5/17
8/24/17 12:00 Phoenix AZ Teardrop
The object appears to have a tear/cone shape. It is blue but the sky way a lighter shade. ((anonymous report)) 9/5/17
8/22/17 04:00 Buckeye AZ Light 2 hours ((HOAX??)) Looked like bright star. It moved slowly. ((anonymous report)) 8/24/17
8/21/17 02:30 Dateland AZ Cone 15-20 minutes Flashes of light cone object darting around the desert joined by multiple other objects. 8/24/17
8/20/17 12:00 Winslow AZ Changing 45 I captured this on video during solar eclipse. ((anonymous report)) 8/10/18
8/19/17 23:00 Sedona AZ Cone 5-7 minutes Large golden, cone-shaped light, gliding over West Sedona. ((anonymous report)) 8/24/17
8/18/17 21:40 Glendale AZ Flash 5 minutes Intermittent flashing light. 3 flashes in one spot, 4th flash was brighter than brightest star in the night sky. Flashed fainter flashe 8/24/17
8/18/17 09:45 Mesa AZ Other 10 minutes Several aircraft in Mesa, AZ, seen on 8/18/17. ((anonymous report)) 8/24/17
8/14/17 00:20 Phoenix AZ Light 4 minutes Stationary bright light. 8/17/17
8/12/17 09:30 Tucson AZ Unknown 3 minutes Strange lights in a octagon formation. 8/17/17
8/10/17 14:30 Scottsdale AZ Disk 2 minutes Dark & Light Circular Objects Raced Across the Sky. 8/11/17
8/4/17 21:15 Phoenix AZ Flash 5 minutes Streak of light ending with 3 objects flashing intermittently moving in the opposite direction for 5 minutes. 8/11/17
7/27/17 20:38 Buckeye AZ Other 10 minutes 4 objects inline headed N; objects had one greyish/blue light on each of them moving faster than your average aircraft or jet th 8/4/17
7/27/17 02:00 Sahuarita AZ Light 5 minutes Slow moving high-alt. light moving W to E would blink at random intervals about 1 second apart. ((NUFORC Note: Tumbling booster? PD)) 8/4/17
7/26/17 04:20 Phoenix AZ Fireball 5 minutes I looked to see a beautiful bright Venus in E sky. I then noticed a &quot;Bright, Orange, Light. 7/27/17
7/16/17 23:00 Chandler AZ Sphere 2 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information about sighting. PD)) 7/23/17
7/14/17 04:00 Chandler AZ Other 5 minutes Strange three light object seen swooping over a field in Chandler, AZ. 7/14/17
7/12/17 19:05 Glendale AZ Light 1 minute Bright star like light (during daytime), fades while moving and disappears. 7/14/17
7/6/17 21:25 Phoenix AZ Oval 9:25 pm First One BIG oval disc 2 bright lights one red. The other was smaller and moving very fast. We saw it shoot light from the craft.. It 7/7/17
7/6/17 07:55 Tempe AZ Flash 2 seconds Recurring white flashes. ((anonymous report)) 7/7/17
7/6/17 04:30 Kingman AZ Fireball 8-10 minutes Recurring quick, bright flashing object from 07/04/17 being pursued by another object in Kingman, AZ 7/14/17
7/4/17 04:28 Kingman AZ Flash 5 minutes 07/04/17 @ 04:28 hr Kingman, AZ. Bright, quick flashing light every 5-15 seconds in constellation Andromeda. 7/14/17
7/1/17 21:35 Cave Creek AZ Formation 1-2 minutes Group of 20+ star like objects in a constellation formation then hovering around each other then breaking formation and moving eastward 7/7/17
6/27/17 23:45 Casa Grande AZ Diamond 30 minutes Odd stationary orange glowing objects over the Sonoran desert 7/7/17
6/27/17 21:57 Leupp AZ Light 15 seconds 3 connected lights were in the sky and vanished before my very eyes. 7/7/17
6/22/17 20:45 Desert Hills AZ Fireball 20 Objects were in V shaped about 2 miles long with Military jets chasing it. Went Southwest to northeast east towards cave Creek. Also go 7/7/17
6/16/17 21:00 Mesa AZ Sphere 3 minutes Low altitude balls over Mesa, AZ, appearing, then disappearing after a short flight in tandem. 6/22/17
6/15/17 23:00 Phoenix AZ Triangle 3-5 seconds Huge triangle shape object travelling slowly in outer space over the skies of Phoenix, AZ. 7/7/17
6/15/17 21:55 Paulden AZ Light 10 minutes 8-10 white lights moving slowly in formation near Prescott Valley, AZ, viewed from Paulden, AZ. 6/22/17
6/15/17 15:35 Phoenix AZ Other 3 minutes Ok today I was driving down the I-10 freeway traveling eastbound and as I passed 43rd Ave. I saw a large airliner plane. It caught my a 6/22/17
6/12/17 21:50 Buckeye AZ Other 3 minutes 4 UFOs Buckeye, AZ, on 6/12/2017 @ 21:50. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights?? PD)) 6/15/17
6/12/17 21:30 Yuma AZ Circle 15 seconds 2 crafts sighted, as they flew overhead. 6/15/17
6/12/17 03:45 Fortuna AZ Unknown 60 minutes Stopped to assist several entities. ((anonymous report)) 6/15/17
6/11/17 22:30 Cave Creek AZ Disk 10 minutes 1 saucer shape obj. with three bright lights. It hovered very still, no sound then split into 3 separate lights. ((anonymous report)) 6/15/17
6/8/17 22:00 Prescott Valley AZ Formation 20 minutes Formation of 6-10 lights flying Prescott Valley, AZ then suddenly dispersed and went separate ways. 6/9/17
6/8/17 21:45 Paulden AZ Light 15 minutes 7 white lights South of Paulden, AZ. On 6/8/17 at 9:45 pm, that lasted until 10 pm. 6/9/17
6/8/17 21:45 Welton AZ Chevron 3 seconds V-shaped yellow lights in the southern sky south of Welton, AZ on Thursday June 8, 2017 at 9:45pm. 6/15/17
6/7/17 08:20 Phoenix AZ Other 40 seconds Daylight object in close proximity to Sky Harbor Airport 6/22/17
6/5/17 20:00 Tucson AZ Light 2 minutes Red lights over the Eastern Tucson sky. 6/9/17
6/5/17 Cave Creek AZ Circle 30 minutes Large round, lighted disc hovering silently, then moves out of sight at a very high rate of speed, as I took video of this occurrence. 6/9/17
6/3/17 23:30 Benson AZ Light Not sure Driving on Hwy 90 thru Benson a bright star like light in E sky. looked like it was hovering or bobbing moving S. ((anonymous report)) 6/9/17
6/2/17 21:15 Lake Havasu City AZ Egg 90 seconds Bright red, egg-shaped object was seen flying overhead headed NE. No sound could be heard coming from the craft. 6/9/17
5/30/17 21:15 Gila Bend AZ Other 15 minutes Flashing lights south of Interstate 8, Maricopa, AZ, area. 6/2/17
5/29/17 21:00 Phoenix AZ Oval 7 minutes Orange color shade object hovering in night sky 6/2/17
5/28/17 20:00 El Mirage AZ Light 12 minutes Dozen or more strange lights flying by in the sky above western Arizona. 6/2/17
5/27/17 20:00 Sierra Vista AZ Circle 2-3 hours 3-5 craft with white and red lights flying erratic patterns over sierra vista / tombstone area 6/2/17
5/23/17 19:30 Globe AZ Unknown 30 minutes + Srange light appeared over San Carlos May 23 6/2/17
5/19/17 13:38 Phoenix AZ Sphere 2 hours UFO sighting over Phoenix. 6/21/18
5/19/17 10:49 Superior AZ Circle 10 seconds I am former recon in the military. I was observing the sky and caught it on video. I'm huge skeptic. ((anonymous report)) 6/2/17
5/17/17 21:30 Tucson AZ Circle 6 seconds It was around 9:30 pm when we seen 7 bright orange lights come together in a circle formation then disappear,it looked like 7 orange li 6/2/17
5/16/17 18:45 San Tan Valley AZ Changing 10 minutes Streaks of light ahead of red object. 5/31/18
5/14/17 04:00 Tucson AZ Light 20 minutes Noticed a VERY bright light, in the east sky, even brighter than the moon. ((anonymous report))

It see
5/13/17 03:45 Tucson/Sierra Vista (Interstate 10) AZ Light continuous Star like light in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Probably Venus, we suspect. PD)) 6/2/17
5/12/17 20:30 Mesa AZ Other 5 minutes Arch shaped, red/orange color. ((anonymous report)) 5/15/17
5/12/17 20:05 Surprise AZ Fireball 7 seconds Red ball in sky. 5/15/17
5/11/17 22:00 Apache Junction AZ Changing 15 minutes I saw three elongated oval lights in my peripheral vision. I quickly pulled off the dark highway and turned off my headlights. I watche 5/15/17
5/10/17 21:00 Tempe AZ Circle 5 minutes Rose pinkish orbs in Tempe, Arizona. 6/2/17
5/7/17 02:50 Tucson AZ Light Ongoing What I presumed was Vega... was actually moving. So basically, this appeared to be a star. Then, as I watched it, it was actuall 5/11/17
5/6/17 22:00 Goodyear AZ Diamond all night Witnessing fixed diamond shaped craft with red lights on top. They remain in the same position all night. ((NUFORC Note: Stars? PD)) 7/7/17
5/6/17 20:45 Phoenix AZ Triangle 3 minutes Phoenix HUGE Isosceles Triangle shaped Craft with 3 lights quietly headed Southeast in Arizona! 5/11/17
5/5/17 04:30 Surprise AZ Circle 1 Very strange looking. Lots of dogs were barking, the whole time. 5/11/17
5/5/17 03:00 El Mirage AZ Circle 30 seconds While letting my dog out, a very bright white circle of light appeared suddenly in the sky. It seemed very low. 5/6/17
5/4/17 21:27 Phoenix AZ Circle 15 seconds Orange round sphere. 5/6/17
5/4/17 18:30 Phoenix AZ Teardrop 5 minutes Flying corkscrews. 5/6/17
5/3/17 08:50 Phoenix AZ Other 2 seconds MAN SEEN AIRLINE LIKE OBJECT VANISH INSIDE CONTRAIL.. 5/6/17
5/1/17 21:15 Marana AZ Circle 20 minutes In the sky W of Marana, 3 flashing objects at 3 different levels above the horizon. The lowest object was also the furthest S. 5/6/17
5/1/17 21:13 Scottsdale AZ Unknown 5-10 seconds Bright white light. 5/6/17
4/22/17 21:30 Surprise AZ Unknown 2 hours Fixed flashing colored lights 9pm to 1am. Change position suddenly appear regularly. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly stars or planets?? PD)) 4/28/17
4/17/17 19:28 Gilbert AZ Cigar 2 minutes Red/orbs San Tan peak/jet engine facility. 4/20/17
4/14/17 23:00 Phoenix AZ Diamond 90 minutes Diamond shaped crafts test my perception and direction following abilities. 4/20/17
4/13/17 00:00 Phoenix AZ Cigar 1 hour Red and yellow, stayed there for 1 whole hour. 4/20/17
4/12/17 03:00 Luke Air Force Base AZ Chevron 10 minutes V-shaped UFO flew over Luke Air Force Base from white tanks, toward Phoenix. 4/13/17
4/11/17 20:45 Chandler AZ Light 30 seconds Exiting of the freeway, my son told me to look out to the west kind of higher in the sky.

We saw am amber circular light blink out,
4/11/17 20:30 Show Low AZ Diamond 30 minutes Large object flew directly over house, was not more than 30 feet above our roof. It continued to circle the area for a bit hovering at 4/13/17
4/7/17 20:00 Williams AZ Unknown 2 hours I've seen strange lights in the night sky, but nothing this long or active before. 4/13/17
4/5/17 18:00 San Tan Valley AZ Sphere 1 hour Large lights slowly moving, dimming in and out of visability. Abrupt angle changing motions, morphing. 4/7/17
4/2/17 22:40 Mesa AZ Light 1 minute Blue dot in sky ascends and descends quickly with a plane flying by a reference. 4/7/17
3/26/17 00:58 Prescott Valley AZ Circle 3-5 minutes Bluish light heading S before turning towards me. It stopped then moved like a moth in rapid random motions.((NUFORC Note: Star? PD)) 4/7/17
3/24/17 16:14 Goodyear AZ Triangle
I have a photographic of the UFO I can send it to you my email is ((e-address deleted)) 4/7/17
3/23/17 20:25 Bullhead City AZ Circle 30-45 seconds UFO sighting over Rotary Park, 3 circular lights. 4/7/17
3/23/17 19:30 Tempe AZ Circle 5 seconds Green/White Orb in the East Valley. 4/7/17
3/22/17 18:00 Mesa AZ Circle 10 seconds Round, shiny object fewed sitting way up in the sky for a few seconds before drifting to the right and disappearing completley. 4/28/17
3/20/17 23:00 Ajo AZ Triangle 5 minutes My wife and I saw a huge triangular shaped object, red lights at each point, for about 5 minutes. ((anonymous report)) 3/23/17
3/20/17 20:15 Chandler AZ Fireball 15 minutes Orange orbs in southeastern Phoenix sky, March 20, 2017, around 8-9 pm. 3/23/17
3/19/17 22:15 Tempe AZ Light 90 First was 3 lights in triangle formation. Then 2 more came - one went over to the other and shown a bright white light. 3/23/17
3/19/17 18:45 Phoenix AZ Changing 5 minutes Cyl. silver obj. approached, then receded, then changed shape..began to sparkle then drift away to WSW. ((anonymous report)) 3/23/17
3/16/17 20:15 Tempe AZ Other 15 minutes Low Flying Helicopter Chasing Lighted Object 6/2/17
3/16/17 20:15 tempe AZ Other 15 minutes Low Flying Helicopter Chasing Lighted Object 6/2/17
3/16/17 20:12 Tempe AZ Other 50 minutes Unusual military helicopter activity over east Phoenix, AZ, valley. 3-16-17. 8:12 pm. ((anonymous report)) 3/17/17
3/16/17 19:35 Chandler AZ Triangle 1 minute 3 bright red lights in triangular formation. 3/17/17
3/15/17 17:50 Phoenix AZ Oval 5 minutes Over South Mountain, a single craft with 3 oval sides spinning slowly. ((anonymous report)) 3/17/17
3/15/17 07:15 Phoenix AZ Circle 25 minutes We saw 4 orbs moving away and at each other.the very strange thing was a plane circling around the area. ((anonymous report)) 3/17/17
3/14/17 20:24 Chandler AZ Sphere 2 minutes Four, red white blue and green, glowing objects flew overhead. Did not make a sound. 3/17/17
3/14/17 06:45 Phoenix AZ Other 5-10 minutes 2 large objects with many much smaller objects floating in the sky over Phoenix Sky Harbor airport 3/17/17
3/14/17 05:00 Goodyear AZ Triangle 2 hours ((HOAX??)) The "UFO" was fairly large. It was about a mile wide and a mile tall. There was about 6 or 7 orbs in a V shape. 3/17/17
3/13/17 21:26 Mesa AZ Sphere 6 minutes Witnessed 2 orange orbs being followed by a large helicopter like a Blackhawk. Flew directly overhead at approximately 500ft northbound 3/17/17
3/13/17 21:00 Glendale AZ Light 20 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Source of report provides no information; elects to remain totally anonymous. PD)) 3/17/17
3/11/17 20:55 Casa Grande AZ Circle 3 minutes 4 lights over Casa Grande, AZ. 3/17/17
3/9/17 21:25 Phoenix AZ Formation 1 3 red lights with three blue lights hovering over n Phoenix 3/10/17
3/8/17 02:00 Phoenix AZ Unknown 10 minutes In the E sky over Phoenix at 2am on Mar 9th my friend and I saw 4 bright lights flickering fast at first then slow then fast again. 3/10/17
3/3/17 19:36 Yuma AZ Oval 1.5 minutes As I was walking to my door, I looked up at the western sky and saw approximately 7 oval bright orange/red objects in a hook formation. 3/10/17
2/28/17 19:45 Phoenix AZ Fireball 3 minutes Lights in North phoenix sky 2-28-17 at 7:45 pm 3/10/17
2/26/17 20:23 Prescott AZ Light 30 seconds Glowing and pulsing orange and dark yellow orb, about 100ft up in the air. Floating in a northbound direction on the west side of the c 3/10/17
2/25/17 14:16 Mesa AZ Sphere 5 minutes We saw bright orbital objects and 1 larger grey object. 3/10/17
2/24/17 20:30 Payson AZ Other 10 minutes On 2/24/17 between 20:30 and 21:00 when leaving a resturant in Payson, Arizona what appeared to be a very bright star was visible in 3/10/17
2/24/17 19:40 Buckeye/Litchfield Park AZ Circle 10 minutes I walked outside and saw a group of orange lights coming from the south. They were all coming from the same area and going east. There 3/10/17
2/22/17 21:47 Tucson AZ Changing 1 hour Object in sky moves erratic, changing shape, size, and disappearing/ reappearing on video. 4/7/17
2/21/17 20:00 Phoenix AZ Light 10minutes 3-4 Bright lights in the sky. Seemingly hovering. One or two of the objects moves up and around. 3/10/17
2/21/17 11:40 Sun City West AZ Other 3 minutes Fluid formation flying objects. 3/10/17
2/21/17 11:15 Peoria AZ Formation 10 minutes Fluid formation flying disks. 2/22/17
2/20/17 21:00 Tucson AZ Light 25 minutes My sister and I were driving from Tucson to Sierra Vista tonight. Right near the Sanoita/Patagonia exit going east on I-10 we noticed 2/22/17
2/16/17 07:00 Yuma AZ Light 1 minute Light north of Yuma, west of Yuma Proving Grounds. Hovered approx. 1000ft AGL then rose into a small cloud, then light and cloud disapp 2/17/17
2/15/17 21:10 Prescott Valley AZ Light Still going Saw an unexplained light over 89A Prescott valley/Chino Valley AZ area. Light stayed constant. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus? PD)) 2/17/17
2/14/17 23:00 Goodyear AZ Other 5-8 minutes These were fairly bright like an amber orb? There was 5 before i got to my brothers room there was only 2 remaining. 4/7/17
2/14/17 00:00 Goodyear AZ Other 5-8 minutes Bright, amber, 5 of them, 2 remain after 30 seconds. 4/20/17
2/12/17 22:15 Apache Junction AZ Light Round flash Yellow round flashes 2/17/17
2/12/17 20:30 Peoria AZ Circle 1 hour Stationary bright white light west of Peoria, AZ. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Venus. PD)) 2/17/17
2/8/17 22:30 Tucson AZ Unknown 10 minutes Bright red light traveled across sky in Tucson, Arizona. No sound, then flickers out to the west of city. 2/17/17
2/8/17 21:30 Avondale AZ Light 5-10 minutes Large orange/reddish light high in the sky, moves horizontal and fades away. 2/10/17
2/7/17 21:30 Tucson AZ Other 2-5 minutes Four strobing lights seen in motion moving from the south to the west in Tucson, AZ with military activity present 2/10/17
2/5/17 01:35 Sahuarita AZ Triangle 3 minutes Sahuarita, Arizona, lights. 2/10/17
2/4/17 17:53 Queen Creek AZ Changing 8 minutes Red/orange object--circle to chevron shape with lights hovering overhead with no sound 2/10/17
2/3/17 20:00 Phoenix AZ Light 4 hours Phx, I lookup and saw this intense light just hovering no not that it was fix no plane or helicopter. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 2/10/17
2/2/17 20:00 Mesa AZ Light 20 seconds 3 Pulsing yellow/orange lights. ((anonymous report)) 2/3/17
2/1/17 22:50 Tempe AZ Light 10 minutes Four orange lights Tempe. 2/3/17
2/1/17 12:00 not sure AZ Oval 1 minute I photographed a hot air balloon thru my vehicle's windshield. A few days later I enlarged photo for a close up view. 3/10/17
1/31/17 23:00 Maricopa AZ Light ~5 minutes While driving 347 towards Maricopa, saw 6 lights gradually appear then disappear - 4 in a tight line formation. 2/3/17
1/31/17 06:15 Glendale AZ Triangle Unknown Black Triangular Craft over AZ Cardinal Stadium 2/16/18
1/30/17 14:00 Cottonwood AZ Rectangle 1 minute Captured an object that came into view on the far right. 2/16/18
1/29/17 15:17 Phoenix AZ Sphere 10 minutes Was aluminating bright white, almost silver. The light appeared to pulsate. Eventually moving away in upward and south direction . 4/7/17
1/28/17 23:54 Tucson AZ Circle 1 seconds Ball of light through sky 2/3/17
1/28/17 20:50 Sahuarita AZ Formation ~6 minutes Formation of steady, orange lights east of Sahuarita AZ traveling SSW. Visible for appx. 6 minutes. 2/3/17
1/28/17 20:20 Chandler AZ Light 3 minutes 3 Large Orange lights hover over Chandler, AZ. 2/3/17
1/28/17 18:30 Scottsdale AZ Triangle 5 minutes Huge fire orange objects over Phoenix. 2/3/17
1/25/17 19:00 Yuma AZ Light 8 minutes Venus lights. 2/3/17
1/21/17 20:30 Gilbert AZ Light 3 seconds I went for ice cream with my son who is 12. We were in the car heading back home about 1 minute away from the house. I was facing w at 1/26/17
1/15/17 20:53 Phoenix AZ Flash 2 minutes Flash of light in the sky. 1/19/17
1/10/17 03:45 Sahaurita AZ Light 20 minutes Bright light formation moving erratically near Tucson, AZ 2/17/17
1/9/17 19:15 Chandler AZ Sphere 2 minutes One round ball of fire. 1/12/17
1/1/17 00:20 San Tan Valley AZ Fireball 5 minutes Red ball of hovering light. 1/6/17
12/31/16 23:56 Phoenix AZ Triangle 2 minutes The pyramid shaped like craft flew from the west to was very cloudy weather. The craft was huge and bright with a amber color. 1/6/17
12/31/16 17:00 Mesa AZ Egg 20 minutes Metallic object flashing in sky. 1/6/17
12/31/16 02:45 Phoenix AZ Flash 5-10 seconds A dark round object, then a bright flash of light trailing the sky. 1/6/17
12/30/16 20:00 New River AZ Fireball 3 minutes I just saw 2-3 looked like stars, not a plane, in the west sky. The one top left &quot;joined&quot; the one bottom right. 1/6/17
12/27/16 18:00 Tucson AZ Unknown 2 hours Bright white orb over Mt Lemmon Tucson AZ 12/30/16
12/24/16 21:00 Anthem AZ Sphere 5 7 orange lights/sphere's seen by 3 ppl on Christmas Eve. 12/30/16
12/23/16 17:30 Tucson AZ Formation 2 minutes Ten large round solid, non-blinking, reddish-orange "orb-like" lights flying in formation over Tucson, AZ. 3/17/17
12/20/16 20:30 Sun City West AZ Fireball 5 minutes Hovering silent flaming object, after a few minutes rapidly ascended to the SW and disappeared. 3/10/17
12/19/16 21:53 Florence Jct./Reymart AZ Circle 60 seconds While camping in the Cottonwood canyon Rd., along the gas line rd., I awoke to my dog growling and staring north. I looked to see what 12/21/16
12/19/16 20:02 Gilbert AZ Light 15 minutes Undulating swarm cloud of thousands of multi-colored blinking lights in the sky for 10-15 minutes. ((NUFORC Note: LED balloons. PD)) 12/21/16
12/19/16 19:02 Phoenix AZ Circle 3 days Bright light in the night sky. Disappears within about every 30 min returns in intervals. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 12/21/16
12/15/16 07:12 Chandler AZ
1 minute Dropping off my son at school and we saw a black line going north to south across the moon 12/15/16
12/14/16 05:35 Prescott Valley AZ Unknown 8 minutes Three blinking lights (in order) hovering w/ a metal pinging sounds in the dark morning sky for 8-10 minutes before disappearing. 12/21/16
12/12/16 16:30 Green Valley AZ Disk unknown The clear distinct shape and symmetry of this object seem to suggest a UFO. 12/30/16
12/12/16 16:30 Green Valley AZ Cone unk Small round object hovering over Green Valley, AZ. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect Venus, or a lens flare. PD)) 12/30/16
12/10/16 18:52 Kayenta AZ Disk 10 minutes Gigantict Disc with rotating side lights headed northeast over Kayenta into Monument Valley, UT. 12/15/16
12/9/16 22:00 Phoenix AZ Unknown 30 minutes We were looking towards east and seen in the sky a object that was spinning or lights were spinning. ((NUFORC Note: Star? PD)) 12/15/16
12/9/16 21:30 Kingman AZ Triangle 15 seconds Aircraft w/3 large bright white lights. Lights were shaped like &gt; . It was too high to be a commercial airline but as big. Became as 12/15/16
12/4/16 14:16 Marana AZ
4 seconds Black nose aircraft near sun. ((anonymous report)) 12/5/16
12/1/16 18:52 Glendale AZ Light 8 seconds Fastest light I've ever seen move in the sky with no trail behind it. 12/5/16
11/22/16 21:30 Mesa AZ Light 20 minutes Bright red light,waning until disappearing, moving in small, erratic, directional changes. 12/5/16
11/16/16 22:37 Benson (north of) AZ Light 2 minutes Large amber light turns into 5 and slowly disappears 12/5/16
11/16/16 20:00 Maricopa AZ Circle 15 minutes 3 lights in a line that would randomly go dark and return to color. Stayed in formation the while time. 12/5/16
11/16/16 20:00 Lake Havasu City AZ Cross 20 minutes 8 Flashing lights seen flying in formation with multiple other planes flying in close proximity for long periods of time circling over 12/5/16
11/15/16 20:00 Phoenix AZ Egg 30 seconds 2 fast low flying planes follow point of light in sky over east valley in Phoenix 12/5/16
11/15/16 08:00 Glendale AZ Changing 3 minutes ((HOAX??)) Mother ship released four lights. 12/5/16
11/14/16 00:00 Glendale AZ Circle 5 minutes I walked out of my friends house toward my car looking west and spotted two orange lights coasting downward toward earth, the lights s 12/5/16
11/13/16 19:30 Gila Bend (west of; on I-8) AZ Light 10-12 minutes Lights from sky following car near Gila Bend I-8. 12/5/16
11/12/16 19:00 Glendale AZ Circle 40 minutes Ospreys USMC trainings. 12/5/16
11/11/16 18:45 Phoenix AZ Light 60 Light follows Southwest Airlines flight for 60 minutes. 12/5/16
11/10/16 19:17 Glendale AZ Light 12 minutes 3 lights. 11/11/16
11/10/16 19:15 Glendale AZ Light 15 minutes 3 lights over Phoenix, AZ. 11/11/16
11/10/16 19:15 Phoenix AZ Formation 5 minutes White/orange circular lights in rectangle formation Phoenix, Arizona. 11/11/16
11/10/16 19:00 Glendale AZ Formation 20 minutes 3 lights spotted in line over Phoenix. 11/11/16
11/10/16 19:00 Phoenix AZ Circle 15 minutes 3 lights in formation turning off and on in sequence. 11/11/16
11/10/16 15:30 Glendale AZ Other 15 minutes Three lights in a line a cross the sky. ((anonymous report)) 11/11/16
11/6/16 00:30 Avondale AZ Light 10 minutes 3 bright orange lights in the Avondale, AZ, area. 11/11/16
11/5/16 22:35 Scottsdale AZ Fireball 5 minutes Upon stepping out to the back yard this evening, I noticed 3 large, orange fireball type objects low in the north sky. 11/11/16
11/5/16 19:00 Kingman AZ Unknown 30-35 minutes Wintessed what appeared to be 2 satellites in tandem--then later--odd grouping of flickering lights 11/11/16
11/5/16 06:45 Sweetwater AZ Other 3 minutes On Nov. 5th, 2016, at approx. 0645 hours. We were out doing our morning walk, and we observed a metallic chrome like helmet sh 12/5/16
11/4/16 01:00 Tempe AZ Light 90 seconds Three orange/amber orbs silently floating above Tempe neighborhood around Baseline and Kyrene 11/11/16
11/2/16 20:42 Congress AZ Light 20 minutes Orange glowing lights in the sky, 3 sets of 3 and then 2 sets of 3 in two different locations in Congress, Arizona. 11/4/16
10/31/16 01:16 Tempe AZ Fireball 5 minutes Three fire balls appear in the nights sky. Do there little dance and then disappear into the night. 11/4/16
10/29/16 10:30 Rock Point AZ Disk 10 seconds Dark-grayish flat like object, in the skies for approximately 10 seconds. 12/5/16
10/28/16 04:30 Florence AZ Circle 05:30 Giant lighted circle towards the E over the mountains, looks like a full moon but the moon sets in the W. ((anonymous report)) 11/4/16
10/27/16 20:00 Tucson AZ Other 6 seconds Fast moving straight line from E to W, no sound, completely covered underneath with dim white light. 11/4/16
10/26/16 22:15 Apache Junction AZ Light ~7 minutes I received a phone call stating that I needed to go outside and look at the lights over South Mountain. 10/27/16
10/25/16 19:00 Chandler AZ Unknown 1 minute The UFO had amber lights circulating around it. It was dark so I could not see any shape. The event only lasted 1 minute. 10/27/16
10/25/16 18:45 Globe AZ Formation 4 minutes Amber string of lights. 10/27/16
10/25/16 18:42 San Tan Valley AZ Oval
A straight line of four to five lights that appeared to be rotating in a circular motion 10/27/16
10/25/16 18:40 Florence AZ Light 10 minutes Oct. 25, 2016, between 6:30pm and 7:30pm, numerous people from different towns in Arizona are seeing lights in the sky. 10/27/16
10/25/16 18:40 Globe AZ Other 1-2 minutes My sons and I were leaving the College when we saw 5 lights in the sky, they faded in and out then disappeared. The 5 lights were in th 10/27/16
10/25/16 18:40 Chandler AZ Formation 30 seconds We were driving east on the Loop 202 San Tan freeway, and I saw what appeared to be balls of amber light appearing in the sky due east. 10/27/16
10/25/16 18:35 San Tan Valley AZ Formation 3 minutes String of lights appearing to change postition with each other. 11/4/16
10/25/16 18:30 Queen Creek AZ Light 2 minutes Saw lights appear and dissapear then reappear in a straight line...north to south 10/27/16
10/25/16 18:30 Gilbert AZ Circle 2 minutes Four red lights. Appeared, went into formation and then disappeared. 10/27/16
10/25/16 18:30 Mesa AZ Unknown ~2 minutes I only saw 4 or 5 oscillating lights while travelling down the 202 eastbound. Amber or white in color. Slowly moving through the sky 10/27/16
10/21/16 23:50 Phoenix AZ Other 8 minutes Mysterious object in the Phoenix sky. 11/4/16
10/18/16 23:00 Tucson AZ Light 10 minutes Bright light that seemed to be hovering, jumped twice, then disapeared. 10/21/16
10/16/16 19:50 Golden Valley AZ Circle 5 minutes Large Circular Bright Pulsating Light Changed Color from Red to Green to Yellow 10/21/16
10/16/16 12:45 Tucson AZ Rectangle 4 minutes Object flew across the sky and then straight up until no longer visible. Fast. 10/21/16
10/15/16 22:00 Yuma AZ Circle 1 seconds Blue light incident and circular ufos 1/4/19
10/15/16 18:03 Prescott AZ Unknown 2 minutes Odd erratic, bright light over Prescott area. 10/21/16
10/13/16 22:00 Parker AZ Sphere 10 minutes Once again above the desert here where I live red orb like lights appeared, traveled the same exact path and vanished. 10/21/16
10/8/16 18:13 Prescott AZ Other 16 minutes On October 8, 2016 from 1813 to 1829 I observed a stationary hovering object above Prescott, AZ that had six tumbling &quot;lobes.&quot 4/20/17
10/8/16 00:00 Cochise County AZ Flash seconds Flashes lighting up portions of the sky. Also, last year witnessed 4 lights hovering in diamond shape in St. David for >1 hr. 10/11/16
10/1/16 19:30 Phoenix AZ Other 12 minutes 7 objects appearing to be fire going over phoenix az sky at around 730 pm on oct.1 2016 10/11/16
9/25/16 23:46 El Mirage AZ Circle 10 minutes Around 11:46 PM when I was staring up in the sky and noticed 2 circle li ((anonymous report)) 9/30/16
9/15/16 23:20 Benson AZ Rectangle 1 second Rectangular light bar shaped object swooped down the hills in a flash. 10/21/16
9/10/16 01:50 Tucson AZ Light
Three lights with one being green, if connected, one can form a triangle; also stood in place while the lights flashed in a pattern. 9/15/16
9/6/16 14:45 Tucson AZ Triangle 1.5 minutes Unidentifiable craft moving at extreme speed over Tucson, AZ SEPT 6, 16 9/9/16
8/30/16 21:45 Tempe AZ Light 16 minutes My girlfriend and I saw two lights hovering over the Tempe area. We were looking south to southwest. 9/9/16
8/30/16 21:40 Tempe AZ Fireball 5-10 minutes At around 9:40 pm went outside and saw two bright orange fireballs side by side heading towards south mountain. ((anonymous report)) 9/2/16
8/23/16 19:00 Gila Bend AZ Light 20 minutes Lights in the sky. 9/2/16
8/22/16 22:15 Prescott Valley AZ Other 8 seconds I saw two bright orange lights in the night that slowly glowed on , then slowly glowed off. 8/25/16
8/22/16 20:00 Sedona AZ Unknown 2-3 hours Lights and entities in Northern Arizona. 8/29/16
8/18/16 21:00 Mesa AZ Fireball 2 seconds Green, bright, ball falling from sky, Mesa, AZ. 8/19/16
8/18/16 20:37 Maricopa AZ Circle 4 minutes Bright flashing light zig zagging across the sky. ((anonymous report)) 8/19/16
8/17/16 20:00 Gilbert AZ Light 60 seconds Constant bright star-like white light, heading away with no nav or landing lights. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of ISS. PD)) 8/19/16
8/15/16 20:05 Gilbert AZ Circle 5 minutes Round shaped object with no blinking lights, just white, first high in air, then lower instantly, moving across the sky, disappears. 8/16/16
8/12/16 04:00 Interstate 8 AZ Triangle 10 minutes W on I-8, in AZ, E of Yuma at 4am. On my left, near an overpass, was a craft that looked to be size of car. ((anonymous report)) 8/16/16
8/12/16 02:04 Phoenix AZ Light 4 seconds Went out to smoke a cigarette and saw a flash of blue light in the sky, it was like something just warped out. The blue light was compo 8/16/16
8/6/16 20:30 Sedonna AZ Other 90 minutes How anyone can see a UFO. 5/4/18
8/2/16 19:25 Phoenix AZ Light 4-5 minutes This was not a plane or helecopter. 8/29/16
7/31/16 20:00 Phoenix AZ Rectangle 2 seconds Looks like square lightning. ((NUFORC Note: Looks like a normal lightning bolt to us. PD)) 8/16/16
7/28/16 09:00 Phoenix AZ Other 1 minute Faster than Mach 9.6 or almost 7,000 mph. WAY FASTER! 8/16/16
7/28/16 01:35 Buckeye AZ Changing 5 minutes We saw a fuzzy orb of yellow/cream light that divided into two and back to one, giving the appearance of growing brighter and then disa 8/2/16
7/27/16 23:00 Kingman AZ Light 2 minutes Slow moving orbs of light. 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:30 Prescott Valley AZ Formation 10 minutes Round headlight appearing to be two crafts side by side, then veered toward the E. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:30 Kingman AZ Other 60 seconds Huge low flying craft over Kingman, AZ, possible crash landing. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris? PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 20:30 Grand Canyon AZ Circle 30 seconds Grand Canyon sighting. 8/16/16
7/27/16 02:30 Surprise/Glendale AZ Unknown 3 seconds Bright flash of green light, streaked through the sky and left behind a faint purple glow that faded quickly 8/2/16
7/26/16 21:45 Kingman AZ Circle
2 large balls of light in the southern sky, lasted for only a few seconds. 8/2/16
7/22/16 01:30 Sedona AZ Light 1 second Flash of white ball of light. 7/22/16
7/21/16 20:50 Buckeye AZ Light 5 seconds Fast moving light in Buckeye, AZ. 7/22/16
7/21/16 20:00 Camp Verde AZ Light 8-15 minutes Multiple lights, moving horizontally and vertically with no sound. 7/22/16
7/19/16 05:20 Yuma AZ Disk 30 minutes Orange saucer vanished and left a black trail leading down to the surface of the Earth. 7/22/16
7/19/16 00:10 Phoenix AZ Cylinder 45 seconds Strange red lights in Phoenix Sky, just now. 7/22/16
7/17/16 16:00 Quartzsite AZ Unknown Unknown I did not witness anything while I was shooting my photos,I took them blindly of the bright sky. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flares. PD)) 7/22/16
7/14/16 20:40 Gold Canyon AZ Other 15 seconds Round craft with bright emerald lights flashed and disappeared the second time the lights flashed. 9/9/16
7/12/16 21:45 Kingman AZ Flash 1 second My girlfriend and I we're sitting on my back patio stargazing in Clacks Canyon. All of a sudden a spotlight appeared high in sky. 7/15/16
7/11/16 19:00 Tucson AZ Other ~2 seconds Took pic 3 lights in picture u can see ufo have pic's. 8/2/16
7/7/16 21:30 Tucson AZ Other 4 minutes Star-like objects pass over Tucson. 7/8/16
7/7/16 21:30 Tucson AZ Teardrop 4 minutes Hundreds of small flickering white lighted objects floating quickly across the sky. 7/15/16
7/7/16 21:30 Tucson AZ Light 1 minute Constellation of 14-30 dim lights, 3 bright blue lights performing maneuvers. 7/15/16
7/4/16 21:00 El Mirage AZ Circle 1 minutes Round orb purple haze around it with red in the middle , moved vary quickly down and to the left and hovered there ,seen it for maybe 1 7/8/16
7/2/16 21:03 Phoenix AZ Light ~3 minutes 3 Moving Lights with Large Trails in Phoenix form a Triangle in the Night Sky 7/8/16
6/29/16 01:01 Phoenix AZ Light ~5 seconds Please review the show of "American Monster" S1 / E5 "Shooting Phoenix." This show has absolutely nothing to do w/ UFOs. 7/8/16
6/27/16 20:25 San Tan Valley AZ Oval 5 minutes 3 iridescent orbs flyin North to South with no noise 7/8/16
6/27/16 17:50 Phoenix AZ Oval 30+ seconds Oval shaped disk w/15 degree increase towards center top; bright light w/thin beams extended to its side; shot up & disappeared. 7/8/16
6/19/16 23:32 Sun City West AZ Sphere 20 seconds Bright luminous green UFO. 6/24/16
6/19/16 12:20 Green Valley AZ Cylinder 10 seconds UFO over Green Valley, Arizona. 6/24/16
6/17/16 20:05 Oro Valley AZ Sphere 2 minutes Bright white sphere traveling east to west. 6/24/16
6/15/16 20:00 Gilbert AZ Formation 20 minutes Orbs in the sky. 3/23/18
6/13/16 22:30 Phoenix AZ Circle 20 seconds Bright circular light over North Phoenix, then disappears. 6/16/16
6/13/16 02:00 Phoenix AZ Circle 3 minutes Bright white/blue halo over Phoenix. 6/16/16
6/12/16 23:30 Phoenix AZ Light 2 seconds Late night, on a mountain relatively close to my home, I encountered this green light streak across the sky. Heading in the north-west 6/16/16
6/11/16 23:20 Peoria AZ Unknown 10 minutes Weird maneuvers by bright lights. 6/16/16
6/11/16 11:10 Laveen AZ Diamond 10-15 minutes Weird shaped object towards South Mountain by Laveen 6-11-16. 6/16/16
6/11/16 07:00 Buckeye AZ Sphere 30-45 seconds ((HOAX??)) Was standing outside at a cemetery, my whole family was there. I was looking up at planes (like I do often). 6/16/16
6/9/16 21:00 Chandler AZ Fireball 20 minutes I noticed something strange flying in the sky. It was a red circular orb. It flew around. ((anonymous report)) 6/15/17
6/6/16 04:30 Mohave Valley AZ Sphere 20-30 minutes Early this morning while I was on my back porch waiting for my dogs to go number one and too,I Witnessed an orange colored orb to the w 6/10/16
6/3/16 14:05 Wittmann AZ Cylinder 6 minutes Tumbling red cylinder moving very slowly, then disappeared. 6/10/16
6/2/16 23:00 Sun City AZ Formation 10 minutes Bluish, to red/orange, formation of circle or oval, swormed and traveled 6/3/16
6/2/16 04:00 Phoenix AZ Unknown 20 seconds It turned the Phoenix area in to full daylight.... 6/3/16
6/2/16 04:00 Tucson AZ Circle 2 seconds Bright yellow pulsating light, 3 sec. And exploded into a white light. 6/3/16
6/2/16 04:00 Glendale AZ Other 5 minutes There was a bright light, multiple bass booms and then crazy trails left in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Reported as meteor. PD)) 6/3/16
6/2/16 04:00 Phoenix AZ Fireball 3 seconds Gigantic fireball lit up the night sky just like it was daylight. E sky, N Phoenix. Huge contrail was left in the sky. ((meteor??)) 6/3/16
6/2/16 03:56 Kingman AZ Unknown 10 seconds Driving into work I saw a sudden bright blue light almost like lighting over the mountains behind the airport. At first I thought it wa 6/3/16
6/2/16 03:56 Scottsdale AZ Flash 1 second Flash of light in the sky followed by a boom, followed by smoke trails that appear in uneven circles. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor? PD)) 6/3/16
6/2/16 03:55 Phoenix AZ Unknown 1 second Bright light swell, north of Phoenix. 6/3/16
6/2/16 03:55 Lakeside AZ Flash 3-4 seconds Bright flash in sky followed by loud distant boom. ((NUFORC Note: Reported to have been a meteor. PD)) 6/3/16
6/2/16 03:45 Tempe AZ Fireball 30 minutes Bright flash followed by fireball falling from sky seen over PHX INT airport restricted air space. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor?? PD)) 6/3/16
6/1/16 04:00 Avondale AZ Flash 4 seconds Orange firework flare west to east that was silent. ((NUFORC Note: Probable meteor?? PD)) 6/3/16
5/30/16 21:00 Phoenix AZ Changing 30 minutes Monday May 30th NE Phoenix, 7th Street and Paradise LN. 6/10/16
5/30/16 20:35 Avondale AZ Oval 2 minutes 2 separate oval orange lights, not blinking, no sounds, were flying low should have heard engines, moving very slowly then disappears. 6/1/16
5/29/16 23:30 Buckeye AZ Light 30 minutes+ 3 of us were in my back yard and seen a bright blue light slightly blinking and sometimes red lights in center. ((anonymous report)) 6/1/16
5/29/16 11:43 Scottsdale AZ Other 2-4 seconds A shadow moving across mountain peaks which cause could not be determined. 6/1/16
5/28/16 09:00 Sun City AZ Circle 1 hour Orangish-red circular object seen north of Sun City AZ 6/1/16
5/27/16 22:00 Phoenix AZ Changing 30 minutes Friday the 27th of May at 10pm noticed a light flashing in the sky NE of Phoenix 6/1/16
5/22/16 23:05 Gilbert AZ Sphere 5 minutes Formation of lights. 5/26/16
5/19/16 21:11 Tucson AZ Light 15 seconds To the N of Tucson saw a still light suspended in the sky. It appeared to be moving ever so slowly. ((anonymous report)) 5/20/16
5/16/16 23:30 Laveen AZ Disk 30 seconds Yellow lights on Saucer spotted over the Estrella Mountains in Laveen, AZ 5/20/16
5/14/16 20:10 Maricopa AZ Fireball 4 seconds Orange orbs without noise & vanished quickly. 5/20/16
5/11/16 19:40 Tucson AZ Light >20 minutes A bright green light surrounded by red lights hovered over NW Tucson. 5/20/16
5/11/16 04:00 Payson AZ Formation 5 seconds 6 objects in formation flying North at very high rate of speed, visible with night vision only 5/20/16
5/10/16 22:00 Prescott AZ Circle 6 minutes Strange light makes 90 degree turn. 5/20/16
5/4/16 21:00 Tucson AZ Light 5 minutes High altitude South to North soundless white lighted object. 5/6/16
5/4/16 05:30 Mesa AZ Fireball 5 minutes I saw what looked like the only cloud in the sky. It was a small smudge. The sun was rising from behind the mountains so that little sp 5/6/16
5/3/16 12:00 Phoenix/Tempe AZ Disk 15 minutes 05/03/2016 UFOS OVER PHOENIX SKYHABOR AIRPORT 1. BRIGHT LIGHTS Small bright lights dancing all over skyhabor airport 12pm A. Disk shap 5/6/16
5/1/16 21:30 Chandler AZ Oval 1 hour Orange Oval near Chandler 5/6/16
4/28/16 Camp Verde AZ Circle 2 minutes Round black object in the sky by Camp Verde, AZ with no sound, just hovering. 5/6/16
4/23/16 23:00 Phoenix AZ Light
I was going into my home i noticed a fire in the sky looked like a big shooting star i immediately started recording i told my boyfrien 4/29/16
4/23/16 21:20 Phoenix AZ Light ~10 seconds Bright light. ((NUFORC Note: Possible flare from an Iridium satellite? PD)) 4/29/16
4/22/16 23:30 Green Valley AZ Circle 10 seconds Yellow circle object bright as a Christmas tree going warp speed as a plane was coming it just vanish 4/29/16
4/18/16 23:00 Peoria AZ Triangle 2 minutes Big triangle flew over my house! 4/29/16
4/16/16 02:17 Wickenburg AZ Rectangle 2 seconds I live in an airpark a few miles northwest of the town of Wickenburg, AZ. I have a game camera set up to monitor traffic. 5/26/16
4/12/16 10:30 Nelson AZ Cylinder 10 minutes UFO observed near Nelson, NV. ((NUFORC Note: Report from retired aerospace employee. PD)) 4/15/16
4/3/16 12:20 Wickieup AZ Formation 3 minutes Cluster of small white/silver objects in the daytime sky. 4/15/16
4/2/16 21:00 Avondale AZ Light 1 hour Orangey-yellow ORBS at the Phoenix Raceway - April 2, 2016 4/15/16
4/1/16 20:00 Surprise AZ Other 30 seconds Burning plane falls from sky over LAFB in Az. 5/26/16
4/1/16 20:00 Sun City West AZ Circle 5 minutes ((HOAX??)) Large falling orb breaks into 5 smaller orbs and possible explosion. 4/15/16
4/1/16 19:30 Goodyear AZ Fireball 45 seconds Fireball. 4/15/16
3/30/16 23:00 Phoenix AZ Changing 5-10 minutes Strange light or object in North Phoenix sky 4/15/16
3/30/16 05:00 Surprise AZ Other 1 minute Have video appeared middle of sky forming a cloud behind no aircraft no typical cloud... I zoomed in no aircraft in visible or flat was 4/29/16
3/29/16 17:00 Surprise AZ Disk 2 minutes Started in middle of sky...made a turn....when I closed up with camara yhe object seemed flat but invisible..I see a lit of military je 5/26/16
3/28/16 12:30 Tucson AZ Light 60 seconds Light sphere becomes hawk. 4/1/16
3/26/16 18:30 Globe AZ Rectangle 30 minutes Lights over globe as 3-26-16 4/15/16
3/23/16 20:18 Mesa AZ Teardrop 1.30 A craft over a house in East Mesa.. 4/29/16
3/18/16 20:20 Mesa AZ Triangle 25 seconds Triangular shape object flying overhead maybe 50 feet was seen. 3/24/16
3/15/16 02:40 Phoenix AZ Formation 15 seconds ((HOAX??)) It was semi transparent shaped like a bomarang but the right side was a little shorter. size of a small 727, silent. 3/18/16
3/12/16 22:20 Scottsdale AZ Other 20 seconds Unusually shaped object flying over North Scottsdale. 3/18/16
3/11/16 19:30 Superior AZ Rectangle 30 minutes Unknown lights in western sky of Central Arizona forming "V" shapes, and then "M" shapes. 3/18/16
3/10/16 19:00 Lake Havasu City AZ Light 2 minutes Loud rumble flashing red light heading west disappeared. 3/18/16
3/2/16 21:35 Wickieup (south of) AZ Formation 60 seconds Four bright lights over Wickieup, AZ. 3/4/16
3/2/16 21:10 Clarkdale AZ Cylinder <10 seconds Bright green light over Northern Arizona. 3/4/16
3/2/16 20:00 Phoenix AZ Unknown 10 minutes 4 objects with one red and green light on each hovering over the freeway. 3/4/16
3/2/16 19:41 Phoenix AZ Light 1 minute 3 Blue-whites Being Followed,By Red Blinking Light Making Loud Helicopter-Like Noise!,. 3/4/16
3/2/16 19:35 Scottsdale/Northwest Mesa AZ Light 25 minutes 5 lights seen traveling over Scottsdale/North Mesa area in uniform fashion. 3/4/16
3/2/16 19:00 Scottsdale AZ Formation 7 minutes 4 lights seen in a formation. 3/4/16
3/1/16 22:00 Glendale AZ Triangle 1 minutes 3 White lights over Glendale, Arizona. 3/4/16
3/1/16 19:00 Parker AZ Light 45 seconds Two orange lights with one white light between them 5/6/16
2/29/16 19:20 Chandler AZ Triangle 10 minutes Flashing red/orange light looking like it was on fire in the sky near Warner & Dobson Rds in Chandler, Az then disappeared!!! 3/4/16
2/29/16 01:00 Phoenix AZ Circle 2 hours UFO sighting over Phoenix, AZ 02/29/16 3/4/16
2/28/16 15:00 Levene AZ Triangle 25 minutes White, shiny triangles. 3/4/16
2/26/16 20:03 Chandler AZ Light 3 minutes Heard a loud helicopter so I knew it was military and I ran outside right after my house began to tremble. Saw a helicopter fly right o 3/4/16
2/26/16 19:30 Sacaton AZ Disk 30 seconds Was exiting Gila River Reservation, Sacaton. Noticed three lights blinking, just hovering near the desert, east of Interstate 10. 3/4/16
2/26/16 13:11 Palm Springs AZ Disk 1 second Picture taken, object cannot be explained. No reflection possible we can explain. Have photo to share 4/1/16
2/26/16 09:06 Chandler AZ Light ~2 seconds Daytime silver streak. 2/26/16
2/20/16 16:20 Peoria AZ Light 45 seconds Set of four lights flying in formation. 2/26/16
2/20/16 01:04 Mesa AZ Triangle 1 minute Very low, large, fast traveling lights that just disappeared quickly with no clouds in the sky. There were 3 lights in a triangle shape 2/26/16
2/19/16 18:51 Estrella (west of Phoenix) AZ Light 5 minutes Cluster of 13 Lights over Estrella, AZ, seen for 5 minutes by two witnesses. 2/26/16
2/19/16 18:43 Avondale AZ Light 2 minutes 15-20 lights in the horizon, bright very close together, all disappeared within 5 seconds of each other. Video from Avondale. 2/26/16
2/19/16 18:38 Phoenix AZ Formation 6 minutes At first sight, we thought...the Phoenix Lights are back!!! 2/26/16
2/19/16 18:30 Maricopa AZ Formation 10-15 minutes Strange cluster of bright white lights over the southwest sky 2/26/16
2/19/16 06:30 Maricopa AZ Rectangle 10 minutes Multi light formation high in the sky 2/26/16
2/18/16 18:44 Chandler AZ Light 5 minutes Two clusters of orange flashing/flickering objects over Chandler 2/19/16
2/17/16 19:30 Wellton AZ Formation 45 minutes Formation of bright orange lights appearing and disappearing over AZ desert. 2/26/16
2/16/16 22:30 Casa Grande (near) AZ Light 5 minutes Bright pair of white lights south of Phoenix area. 2/26/16
2/13/16 14:30 Phoenix AZ Circle 1 hour+ High altitude white disc observed. 2/19/16
2/11/16 22:05 Casa Grande AZ Sphere 5 minutes 2 amber orbs seen hovering stationary, 2 more amber orbs appeared shortly after. First set disapeared followed shortly by the second se 2/19/16
2/10/16 10:45 Paradise Valley AZ Light 5 minute Second night of two amber lights returning, flickering from exact fixed position. This time I brought a second witness. 2/11/16
2/9/16 21:15 Paradise Valley AZ Light 15 minutes Amber light flickered into bright position over Paradise Valley, joined by second amber light, faded and returned many times 2/11/16
2/8/16 22:00 Prescott AZ Other 45 minutes My husband and I were driving home from Phoenix arizona to Prescott arizona and on the way back home we saw this red light floating acr 2/11/16
2/7/16 21:00 Dewey AZ Chevron 2.00 Orange light going south, circling to west and disappearing up to west. About 2 minutes. Quite bright to dissappering up. 2/11/16
2/5/16 20:15 Carefree AZ Oval 10 minutes 20 amber lights- erratic movement. 2/11/16
2/5/16 19:30 Goodyear AZ Light minutes Looked like flares. 2/11/16
2/4/16 19:30 Tucson AZ Sphere 20 minutes Eight large, slow moving, noiseless orange-red spheres traveling over Tucson evening sky. 2/19/16
2/4/16 18:40 Tucson AZ Sphere 1 minutes Orb moving across Mt. Lemmon, AZ. 2/11/16
2/4/16 06:30 Goodyear AZ Cigar still active Cigar-shaped craft, or something, in the sky to the West. 2/4/16
2/1/16 00:00 Paradise Valley AZ Disk
Blimp sized and shaped craft pulsating light spotted low in the clouds of Paradise Valley, AZ, that hit incredible speed. 2/4/16
1/28/16 21:30 Tempe/Phoenix AZ Circle 5 minutes 4 bright circular lights in sky over South Phoenix. 1/29/16
1/28/16 19:30 Phoenix (Fort McDowell) AZ Light 20 minutes Multiple lights hovering in a row North of Phoenix! 2/4/16
1/27/16 20:15 Phoenix AZ Light 10-15 minutes 6 bright red lights ascending form horizon in the western sky. 1/29/16
1/26/16 20:30 Buckeye AZ Light 30 minutes Two large bright flickering amber lights seen in the southwest sky of Buckeye, AZ. 1/29/16
1/26/16 07:05 Queen Creek AZ Light A few seconds 3 of us were looking at Venus and Jupiter in the early a.m. sky, when we noticed a large ball of light about the brightness of Venus. 1/29/16
1/23/16 20:23 Quartzsite AZ Changing 30 minutes UFO changes from red to green to white then projects a beam to the ground that also changes color. 1/29/16
1/23/16 10:30 Yuma AZ Egg 12 minutes Videoed 2 egg shaped, multi-color pulsing craft near full moon above Yuma. 1/29/16
1/18/16 22:40 Scottsdale AZ Light unknown Bright white lights and lots of helicopters. 1/20/16
1/18/16 20:45 Goodyear AZ Light 2 Three in triangle form followed by approximately 12 others, tight formation, quickly disappeared 1/20/16
1/14/16 13:00 Jerome AZ Other Seconds 4 unknown objects in the daytime sky appear in a photo, though they were undetected at the time the photo was taken. 1/20/16
1/13/16 16:20 Phoenix AZ Other 12 Sighting of small white orbs high over Phoenix. 1/20/16
1/13/16 04:30 Peoria AZ Light 10 seconds I had gone out for a walk at 3:00am Wednesday 1/13/2016 which is approximately a six mile walk I had turned right back off the street a 1/23/16
1/12/16 20:30 Lake Havasu City AZ Sphere 3 minutes Bright, moving fast orange sphere over Lake Havasu City. 1/14/16
1/11/16 21:30 Gilbert AZ Triangle On going Driving in Gilbert. Looking to the west towards south mountain there was three lights equally spaced forming a triangle shape. It was 1/14/16
1/8/16 22:15 Surprise AZ Light
5 amber lights floating low in the sky, with 3 in a triangular shape and shifting positions. Lights slowly disappeared one by one. 1/14/16
1/6/16 19:30 Scottsdale AZ Changing >1 hour Three bright lights in a triangle formation low on the horizon; disappearing and reappearing as well as traveling. 1/8/16
1/2/16 21:35 Black Canyon City AZ Light 5 minutes Three orange lights fly south above I-17 towards Phoenix, Arizona. 5/20/16
1/2/16 19:15 Phoenix AZ Oval 2-3 minutes At about 19:15 hrs. this evening, walking dog, noticed 2 bright red objects in W sky heading W; one was following the other. 1/5/16
1/2/16 04:00 Tempe AZ Changing 3 hours Mothership UFO in Tempe probed by airforce helicopters and jets. Very strange sighting. 1/5/16
1/1/16 12:00 Phoenix AZ Light 60 seconds White, round, object in sky, zigzag. Phoenix, AZ. 1/5/16
1/1/16 00:15 Glendale AZ Light 1 hour Lights and flash in the sky 4/29/16
12/31/15 22:00 Scottsdale AZ Light 60 minutes Star-like object in SE sky over Reservation with distinct multi-colored lights. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of the star, Sirius. PD)) 1/5/16
12/29/15 01:00 Cottonwood AZ Other <1 minute Fast multicolored Kershaw knife zips a few tight angles and poof straight up with no noise 1/23/16
12/24/15 23:38 Avondale AZ Light 1 minute After filing an initial report I went back outside and to my surprise I saw another object with the same orange/salmon flickering. 1/5/16
12/24/15 22:30 Avondale AZ Light 3 minutes There were 2 flickering bright orange colored lights traveling from S to S. I could not identify any shape. No a/c lights. 1/5/16
12/23/15 21:00 Tucson AZ Fireball 2 minutes Fireball, East Tucson. 1/5/16
12/22/15 20:28 San Tan Valley AZ Sphere 2 minutes Orange ball of light across sky. 1/5/16
12/22/15 19:30 Queen Creek AZ Formation 5+ minutes String of green "Christmas lights" in the western sky over Phoenix. 1/5/16
12/22/15 19:15 Queen Creek AZ Changing 10 minutes Multiple point source lights, Very intense RGB color spectrum. Some would wink on and off, some in a pattern, Pattern moved across sky 1/5/16
12/22/15 19:12 Bullhead City AZ Fireball 30-40 seconds 4 slow moving objects with colored tails traveling southeast. ((NUFORC Note: Re-entering space debris. PD)) 1/5/16
12/22/15 18:00 Bullhead City AZ Fireball 3 minutes Hopefully a fragment of a comet or a meteor. ((NUFORC Note: Re-entering space debris. PD)) 1/5/16
12/20/15 20:39 Surprise AZ Oval 10 seconds A blue oval light shot over the house behind a tree then shot back the same way it came from behind a tree line. 12/21/15
12/20/15 13:30 York Valley AZ Sphere 2 minutes 12/20/15 13:30 York Valley AZ Full Moon siea sphere that changed to yellow red and imploded 2/4/16
12/17/15 01:00 Chandler AZ Oval 1 minute Extremely loud noise shook the house; a huge oval light flying past my house. It was not an a/c. 12/21/15
12/15/15 19:10 Mesa AZ Light 10 seconds Successive bright amber lights lighting up in a row. 12/17/15
12/14/15 18:30 Gilbert AZ Light 15 minutes Lights floated in the sky over Eastern Maricopa County. 12/17/15
12/13/15 20:30 Phoenix AZ Fireball 5 minutes Ring of fire over downtown Phoenix, Arizona, like near ballpark of the Diamondbacks. 12/17/15
12/11/15 07:30 Gilbert AZ Unknown 8 seconds Military jet accelerates toward an object above Gilbert, AZ. 1/8/16
12/10/15 19:20 Yuma AZ Other 5 minutes Very Large object over fields,that hovered for a while,was silent and had slow blinking red lights. 12/17/15
12/10/15 08:00 Parker AZ Light 8 hours Bright light on ground that changed size and then flew. 12/17/15
12/10/15 07:45 Parker AZ Rectangle 10 minutes Three stationary golden sun reflecting objects, the closest appeared to be a long, narrow rectangle, observed for 10 minues 12/21/15
12/8/15 04:30 Phoenix AZ Cigar 5 minutes Starting on left side thr were 2 bright wht circles then 3 diff colored then 2 more bright wht lights… 12/10/15
12/3/15 22:00 Scottsdale AZ Unknown 20-30 seconds Very fast, noiseless bright lit lights. 12/4/15
11/26/15 23:15 Mesa AZ Fireball 3 minutes Fiery ball floating in the sky over Mesa, AZ. 12/3/15
11/24/15 23:15 Phoenix AZ Flash 5 minutes There was flashing lights on the object and it seemed to stay in one place and then move a little but it looked like something was flas 11/26/15
11/24/15 07:50 Gilbert AZ Circle 5 minutes Strange lights in the sky in Phoenix, Arizona 2015 very big ship. 11/26/15
11/22/15 03:00 Scottsdale AZ Circle
I looked up at a very bright shining circle objects. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of planets? PD)) 11/26/15
11/21/15 20:25 Gilbert AZ Triangle 40 seconds Large triangle shape UFO over Gilbert, AZ. 11/26/15
11/21/15 10:35 Mesa AZ Diamond 10 minutes Strange UFO meet up above Mesa Arizona! 11/26/15
11/21/15 04:52 Phoenix AZ Triangle 3 minutes Triangle-shaped Aircraft, 4 lights facing out ward, Flying slowly from N.W. Phoenix to West Indian School 11/26/15
11/19/15 19:22 Coolidge AZ Light 3-5 seconds Outside in backyard Coolidge az at 7:22pm myself and 2 other witnesses looked up towards 11 mile corner(sw) skyline and 5 reddish orang 11/20/15
11/19/15 17:03 Phoenix AZ Teardrop 7 seconds Strange atmospheric event of tear drop shape travels west to east with incredible speed. 11/19/15
11/18/15 18:00 Safford AZ Light 1 minute Three to four large orb lights seen near Safford, AZ. 11/20/15
11/17/15 20:50 Tucson AZ Changing 10-15 seconds Yellow lights in square sequence that came on and then went out in sequence over west Tucson, AZ. 8:50 pm 11/19/15
11/17/15 20:45 Tucson AZ Light 7 minutes About 7 bright orange or amber colored lights appearing and disappearing, forming a triangular shape at one point, in night sky. 11/19/15
11/15/15 12:11 Phoenix AZ Light ~1-2 minutes Two red luminous objects, one got brighter until it appeared brighter than a flair then both disappeared. 11/19/15
11/15/15 06:40 Phoenix AZ Disk 30 seconds Black disc. No lights and no exhaust.

Oscillating then departed at very fast speed.
11/9/15 19:00 Scenic AZ Light 12 seconds At 19:00 I saw 2 very bright lights next to each other the 1 on the right was a little higher in the sky. They were about the size of 11/19/15
11/7/15 20:03 Pearce AZ Sphere 20 minutes It was a large area of grey with a white sphere in the center. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 20:00 Coolidge AZ Light 5 minutes White light fading to blue. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 20:00 Phoenix AZ Unknown 10 minutes Old photos from about 6 months ago. ((NUFORC Note: Photo of missile launch from U. S. Navy submarine. PD)) 5/26/16
11/7/15 19:45 Gila Bend AZ Flash 15 minutes BRIGHT FLASH IN SKY NORTH OF GILA BEND JUST EAST OF THE 85 NORTH. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:45 Chandler AZ Light 5 minutes Unidentified craft with possible military escort. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly the U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:45 Kingman (45 mi. E; I-40) AZ
20 minutes I took pictures if you want them. 11/12/15
11/7/15 19:35 Lake Havasu AZ Oval ~4 seconds A missile shaped object came out of no where. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:30 Green Valley AZ Light 20 minutes Gigantic, glowing, sphere of light. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:30 Phoenix AZ Changing 15 minutes Huge extremely bright rays of blue turquoise colored lights that changed pattern. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:17 Tucson AZ Circle 15 minutes Large light approaches/retreats silently. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:15 Tucson AZ Light 10 minutes Bright white light spot lighting up a cloudy area turned to green lighting cloud. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:15 Bullhead City AZ Light 3 minutes Highly visible diffuse blue light with obvious darker blue spectra. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:12 Phoenix AZ Light 3 minutes Bright single white light seen for 2 minutes in West Phoenix. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:10 Phoenix AZ Circle 3 minutes Bluish-green plume of smoke or exhaust then gone. 11/12/15
11/7/15 19:10 Peoria AZ Light 3-4 minutes Round bright white light with large aura/haze surrounding the light completely. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:05

What looked like a portal opened up over central AZ rt know. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:05 San Tan Valley AZ Light 60 Giant light lit up sky and dimmed away. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:05 Buckeye AZ Cone 45 minutes Strange blue light above the western horizon lasting 45 minutes. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:01 Goodyear AZ Cone 2 minutes Radiating Clouds. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:01 Buckeye AZ Light 3 minutes Bright light appeared through what seemed to be fog on a clear night. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:00 Phoenix AZ Light 15 minutes Bright white light – brighter and further north than incoming airlines flights. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:00 Arizona City AZ Circle 5 minutes Red to white "flare" that emitted a fog. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:00 Litchfield Park AZ Light 10 minutes White light with smoky aura in SW sky then disappears and replaced with blue light. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:00 Peoria AZ Cone 5 minutes Very bright in the sky through clouds glowing haze around it hard to make out. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:00 South Phoenix/Laveen AZ Light 3 minutes Bright light shining out of cloudy patch in night sky over South Phoenix. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:00 Paulden AZ Light 5 minutes A bright light heading towards me; then looked like it exploded. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:00 Kingman AZ Light 5 minutes Sudden bright white/blue light in the sky seemed to have a dome of of lighter color.((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:00 Phoenix AZ Circle 3 minutes A blue streak/hazey to the southwestern side. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:00 Gilbert AZ Light 12 minutes Cloud of light moving slowly across the sky then vanished.. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 18:57 Tucson AZ
5 minutes A bright light with white round hue turning into a blue hue in a straight line. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 18:45 Payson AZ Unknown 5-7 minutes Very bright circle of white light with green center of light for 5-7 minutes. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 18:30 Glendale AZ Unknown
Bright white light with small green streak in the middle. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/6/15 20:00 Sedona AZ Changing 15 minutes Aurora Borealis in Sedona? ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/5/15 05:58 Tucson AZ Light 3-4 minutes Was it a secret satellite or and extremely fast, high flying plane or object? 11/6/15
11/3/15 08:30 Scottsdale AZ Circle 45 minutes Two shiny orbs east Scottsdale, AZ. 11/6/15
10/31/15 00:00 Wheatfields AZ Light 5 hours High speed chase in the sky...zigzag motion...but it has come back and it stays...hovering. 11/19/15
10/30/15 22:00 Phoenix AZ Unknown 3 minutes I observed a light in the sky; it wasn't a plane nor helicopter. It didn't make a sound; it move slowly, hovered, then, ascended. 11/6/15
10/30/15 19:05 Chandler AZ Fireball 5-10 minutes Multiple Aircraft circling and 1 bursts into a fireball and falls out of the sky. 11/6/15
10/30/15 19:00 Glendale AZ Light 45 minutes 6 orbs flying in a linear pattern over the Glendale/Phoenix area. 11/6/15
10/27/15 21:00 Golden Valley AZ Sphere 5 minutes Green white translucent sphere. 12/3/15
10/24/15 21:00 Lake Havasu City AZ Formation 7-8 minutes 8 red orbs in flight pattern, 2 additional appeared and turned white and trippled in size 10/29/15
10/24/15 15:12 Casa Grande AZ Unknown 1 minute Bright object appeared in the sky and traveled from point A to Point B in what seemed to be instantaneous. 10/29/15
10/20/15 01:05 Tucson AZ Light 1 minute Red-orange lights being followed by helicopter 10/29/15
10/18/15 21:38 Gilbert AZ Other 1 minute About the size of 6 houses. Hovering extremely low to the ground over a housing development making no movement. As soon as I got off of 10/29/15
10/18/15 18:15 Gold Canyon AZ Disk 10 minutes Two lights in the sky over Rattlesnake Hill - next to the Superstion Mountain. 10/29/15
10/16/15 15:29 Sedona AZ Oval
Saucer shaped object near Sedona, AZ. 11/12/15
10/15/15 22:00 Phoenix AZ Light 2 minutes I notice a ball of light above the tree tree stands bout 35ft tall. 11/19/15
10/15/15 15:20 Surprise AZ Cigar 10 seconds Bright bar of lights in phoenix sky 10/15/2015 10/16/15
10/10/15 19:50 Anthem AZ Sphere 1-2 minutes Reddish orange sphere. The light was pulsating. 10/16/15
10/7/15 14:10 Phoenix AZ Unknown 2-4 minutes Something strange above in Phoenix. 10/9/15
10/3/15 20:00 Apache Junction AZ Sphere 15 seconds light chasing satellite. Then leaving it behind. 10/9/15
10/3/15 18:50 Tucson AZ Light 3 minutes Bright light moving in straight line, stopped and reversed without turning in sky above East Tucson, AZ. 10/9/15
10/3/15 00:00 Surprise AZ Unknown
Slow moving object with star appearance very high in sky to the northeast. Zig-zagged to rt,then down then left then back up 10/9/15
10/2/15 23:55 Apache Junction AZ

There was a blue fireball streak falling toward earth, before fading away right before land fall. 10/9/15
9/30/15 06:03 Phoenix AZ Changing 08:10 Shapeshifting orb hovering through chemtrails over downtown Phoenix. 10/2/15
9/30/15 02:20 Casa Grande AZ Other 90 minutes Vertical string of lights in Arizona. 10/2/15
9/29/15 19:50 Bullhead City AZ Flash .30 minute Star-like object, moving ENE, emitting bright flashes. 12/10/15
9/29/15 19:00 Bullhead City AZ Flash 10 mins plus Brilliant white, pulsating, orb at high altitude. 10/2/15
9/28/15 21:10 Tacna AZ Triangle ~15 seconds Brightly lit craft flew and hovered right in front of us, then disappeared. 9/29/15
9/28/15 03:30 Phoenix AZ
2 hours + A bright orb to the naked eye when superimposed a bunch of dancing lights shifting shapes, last one looked like a man staring down. 9/29/15
9/27/15 20:30 Sun City West AZ Circle 30 minutes On the same night as the blood moon I got more than a blood. moon to observe I had the company of two interstellar observers o allong f 9/29/15
9/27/15 18:34 San Tan Valley AZ Sphere 2 minutes Black sphere rose from the west. It made no noise as it traveled south. Then descended again.I couldn't tell the sizebut it was perfect 9/29/15
9/27/15 03:00 Spring Valley AZ Diamond 1 hour ((HOAX)) Star came down as a drone or ufo came close to the house behind the trees send a light that surrounded the house. 10/29/15
9/24/15 22:15 East Mesa AZ Light 30 minutes A bright flashing white light was seen floating high up overhead in the Southern sky that seemed to fall to the ground in 30 min.. 9/25/15
9/24/15 04:45 South Scottsdale AZ Changing 2 hours Super bright light just before sun up. Got binoculars object moved to far to fast. Once focus light was a bunch of lights flashing in s 9/25/15
9/23/15 20:51 Avondale AZ Formation Several minutes Formation of various color lights over Phoenix area (Avondale/West Valley) 9/25/15
9/21/15 17:30 Phoenix AZ Oval <1 second Saw a flash of light while taking a picture of sunset and object ended up in my picture. 9/25/15
9/21/15 04:30 Scottsdale AZ Circle 2.5 hours I saw a what appeared to be a very bright star but was too big and too round low in eastern sky.had circles inside circles under zoom 9/25/15
9/19/15 19:30 Gilbert AZ Fireball Few minutes DIRECTION CHANGING COMET-LIKE OBJECTS IN EASTERN SKY 9/25/15
9/19/15 04:00 El Mirage AZ Circle 1 hour My husband took our puppy out to potty and came to get me when he saw a huge bright light in the sky. It was way too big and close to b 9/25/15
9/18/15 22:45 Tucson AZ Flash 15 minutes Tucson, AZ: There were multiple bright flashes up above the atmosphere, the multiple flashes were at the same focal points in the sky. 9/25/15
9/17/15 20:00 Tempe AZ Fireball 30 minutes 5 lights fy beside each other. 9/25/15
9/16/15 20:00 Tucson AZ Disk 5 minutes On 09/16/15 at approx. 8PM in Tucson, Arizona, I saw a silent stationary UFO. I was awake and sitting upright on a sofa. 9/25/15
9/15/15 22:00 Yucca AZ Disk <1 minute Saw something I can't explain.... ((anonymous report)) 8/17/17
9/15/15 20:00 Glendale AZ Unknown 2 hours 2 Rapid moving lights over Glendale 9/17/15
9/15/15 00:00 Cordes Lakes AZ Light hours Many slow zig zag to fast moving lights with red & orange strobes. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly stars?? PD)) 9/25/15
9/14/15 19:31 Paradise Valley AZ Circle 5 minutes Around 7:30 p.m. on September 14, 2015, one of my daughters and I decided to head-out for a walk with our dog. Literally within 3 mi 9/17/15
9/14/15 18:30 Catalina Township AZ Chevron 2 seconds how do I send you the photos? 10/2/15
9/6/15 20:45 Glendale AZ Other 2 hours Bright star like object dancing in night sky for hours above North Glendale/Peoria Arizona. 9/11/15
9/6/15 20:45 Glendale AZ Other 2 hours Bright star like object dancing in night sky for hours above North Glendale/Peoria Arizona. ((NUFORC Note: Star? PD)) 9/17/15
9/5/15 20:45 Phoenix AZ Light 2 minutes The light I saw look just like a ordinary star, but this particular one was moving fast judging for the distance of the other stars. 9/17/15
9/4/15 18:45 Phoenix AZ Fireball 90 seconds Fireball in the SW Phoenix Sky 9/4/2015 6:45pm, or was it? 9/11/15
9/3/15 20:45 Mesa AZ Triangle 10 seconds Triangle craft moved slowly and deliberately over the area, was very low, and clearly visible after thunder storm. 9/11/15
8/29/15 20:00 Phoenix AZ Light
3 lights format triangle and remained in sky. 10/2/15
8/28/15 06:27 Sedona AZ Fireball 4-5 seconds Sedona, AZ, possible UFO sighting near 'Y' junction, inbetween two small mountain peeks which disappears without impact into thin air. 9/2/15
8/23/15 03:30 Paradise Valley AZ Sphere 5-10 minutes Bright flash, then round ball moves slowly across sky, does quick button hook, followed by 180 degree turn, heads NE, disappears. 8/27/15
8/5/15 01:00 North Mountain area AZ Flash 45 minutes Driving home going west, viewed white flashing light/object in driver's side mirror that stayed in the same spot for at least 45 minute 9/17/15
8/1/15 21:21 Tempe AZ Light 10 minutes Ten points of light flying formation in the sky over Tempe, AZ, 21:21 hrs 1 AUG 2015. 8/6/15
8/1/15 20:22 Tempe AZ Formation ~4 minutes Formation of about 8 to 10 dim reddish lights. 8/6/15
7/25/15 18:40 Tempe AZ Light 5 minutes Lights over North Tempe. 7/31/15
7/24/15 23:00 Phoenix AZ Circle 15 minutes It stood still over mountain for minutes 7/31/15
7/23/15 20:20 Kingman AZ Other 15-20 minutes Appearance as a Very Bright Star with the naked eye, BUT...With 8-52x60mm W/52x Zoom Field Glasses, Please see my discription. 7/31/15
7/22/15 20:15 Queen Creek AZ Light 15 minutes 3 Bright orange lights in sky. 7/23/15
7/20/15 22:00 Aguila AZ
10 seconds ((HOAX??)) Craft in high space: After throwing Booster, it speed up and, disappeared. 7/23/15
7/20/15 20:38 Sierra Vista AZ Light 2.5 seconds Large ball of light seen traveling across the sky and under cloudline 7/23/15
7/13/15 21:30 Buckeye AZ Light 40-60 seconds One, then two lights turning off and on moving across the southern Arizona sky 7/17/15
7/13/15 21:15 Tucson AZ Changing 20 minutes Lights in the distance. 7/17/15
7/13/15 16:15 Tucson AZ Sphere 30 seconds I saw a black spherical shaped object moving easterly direction, first saw it when it was over Davis monthan air force Base, I would sa 7/17/15
7/12/15 01:00 Utting AZ Light 20 minutes I was driving at night south of Parker AZ on hwy 72 near Utting AZ and I saw a light on the left of the road I thought was blinking or 7/17/15
7/11/15 23:10 Lake Havasu City AZ Changing 10 minutes Lights moving like no air craft at termendous speeds. 7/17/15
7/11/15 20:45 Mesa AZ Triangle 10 minutes 3 fiery colored lights in line that did not flicker, but eventually dimmed, grew bright, then dimmed and zoomed off quickly one-by-one. 7/17/15
7/9/15 21:45 Scottsdale AZ Other 15 minutes I saw 10 objects in the eastern sky with white and red blinking lights and they are not airplanes. They move back and forth. 7/10/15
7/8/15 23:00 Phoenix AZ Flash 5 seconds Bright blue white condensed flash. 7/10/15
7/5/15 20:30 Mesa AZ Light 90 minutes Two lights in sky slowly moving west over valley. Lights would Disappear and reappear. Multiple aircraft hovering/observing objects 7/6/15
7/5/15 00:35 Chandler AZ Sphere 1 minute I saw a glowing orange light that was ascending and accelerating very slowly. When it was pretty close it just blasted into the clouds 7/6/15
7/4/15 21:29 Tempe AZ Sphere 30 minutes Craft under intelligent control, flying in Tempe, AZ. 7/6/15
7/4/15 21:15 Tempe AZ Light 30 minutes Two red orbs hovering over the firework display appered around 9:15 pm and lasted 25-35 min. Multiple people saw the object and couldnt 7/6/15
7/4/15 21:00 Tucson AZ Light 20 minutes Bright lights seen over the Catalina Mtns. north of Tucson 7/10/15
7/4/15 02:45 Mesa AZ Light 90 minutes Top of hill, South Central Mesa, AZ, close to Interstate 60 Distance: approx. 0.5 mile from observer, facing north. 7/6/15
7/1/15 21:00 Goodyear (in flight) AZ
45 minutes Two bright lights, one light larger in size; had aura. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of Venus and Jupiter. PD)) 7/3/15
7/1/15 20:30 Mesa AZ Unknown 1 hour Hovering object over SE Mesa. ((NUFORC Note: Venus and Jupiter. PD)) 7/3/15
6/29/15 00:30 Phoenix AZ Egg 6 seconds A large flagellated bug, the size of a house, silently floating around Phoenix. 7/3/15
6/23/15 21:00 Mesa AZ Diamond 2 minutes Noticed lit object dipping, recoiling, then glided over a park near me . Bright red and blue orbs from ufo. 5 ft diameter. 6/24/15
6/22/15 22:00 Sedona AZ Triangle 2 minutes 2 triangle shape amber colored UFOs, making a turn in unison, are witnessed by 7 ppl. in Sedona, AZ 7/3/15
6/19/15 02:30 Yuma AZ Formation 2 minutes As I was driving down I-8 W at about 2:30 hrs I noticed a UFO flying in parabolic fashion with the convex point at the highway. 7/3/15
6/19/15 00:00 Douglas AZ Light 1 hour First we seen round lights way above the stars moving from north to south and then a big light came don in front of us. 6/24/15
6/14/15 19:00 Chandler AZ Disk 10 minutes Black disk shaped object with 3 large yellow/orange lights spotted over Phoenix, AZ area. 6/15/15
6/14/15 00:05 Mesa AZ Circle 3-4 minutes 2 orange lights. 6/24/15
6/11/15 22:45 Dewey AZ Light 1 minute 4-5 red blinking lights in a line just above the southern horizon 6/15/15
6/11/15 11:30 Twenty Nine Palms AZ Sphere 2-3 minutes Bright Orange Sphere above desert clouds 6/19/15
6/10/15 21:00 Maricopa AZ Light 2 hours 2 White lights dancing together in the sky in desert area. One larger and brighter. Another smaller yellowish light dropped in the sky 6/15/15
6/10/15 12:30 Glendale AZ Other 7-8 minutes Huge space craft like something out of a movie. 8/13/15
6/7/15 01:32 Glendale AZ Formation 30 minutes Cluster of approximately 20 bright white blinking lights traveled slowly in a westerly direction over glendale AZ 1:30 am 6/15/15
5/31/15 12:15 Groom Creek wilderness area AZ Disk Unknown Unknown disc-shaped object discovered within frame of photograph. 10/2/15
5/27/15 23:27 Sun City AZ Light 1-2 minutes In the Northwest sky there were flashing lights which, in succession, would flash and disappear then reappear in another very nearby lo 5/29/15
5/24/15 15:00 El Mirage AZ Rectangle 5 minutes Strange flickering, metallic reflections (several) moving up, down and left to right that seemed to be rotating. 5/29/15
5/22/15 21:30 Phoenix (northwest area) AZ Light 5 minutes Several large red orbs over Phoenix. Clear night sky. 9:30pm. Flew toward us, then changed direction & vanished. 5/29/15
5/17/15 21:10 Chandler AZ Light 10 seconds Flashing white parallels lights moving up and away as though connected. 5/22/15
5/17/15 20:30 Phoenix AZ Circle 1.5 hours Orange orbs and star-like lights seen in sky over phoenix 5/22/15
5/15/15 12:05 Mesa AZ Circle 2 minutes Small object moving in a straight line west to east just below cloud level 5/22/15
5/13/15 21:55 Maricopa AZ Light 5 minutes 2 very white stationary blinking lights 5/29/15
5/12/15 23:45 Mesa AZ Other 2 minutes Multi-colored almost straight line of lights, dropped out of sky near east mesa (Ellsworth and baseline) looking west. 5/13/15
5/12/15 21:00 Prescott Valley AZ Light 2 minutes or more Two very bright lights like big stars floating stationary over the town, alternating on and off. 5/22/15
5/12/15 21:00 Prescott Valley AZ Light 2 minutes or more As we were heading home from shopping on a very clear night, the car turned onto Tranquil Blvd. pointing west. We immediately observed 5/22/15
5/12/15 00:15 Mesa AZ Rectangle 10 seconds Rectangular object with no lights or sound heading from south to north over mesa night sky 5/13/15
5/9/15 22:00 Sierra Vista AZ Changing 45 minutes Shape shifting object looked like it had a face 5/13/15
5/5/15 01:30 Wikiup AZ Sphere 10-15 seconds Drove past 3 silver orbs floating on side of mountain. 6/5/15
5/4/15 20:30 Buckeye AZ
6 sec. Seen on tv. 5/8/15
5/2/15 21:40 Chino Valley AZ Light 1 hour + UFO in northern Arizona. 5/8/15
5/2/15 11:15 Phoenix AZ Other 0:30 Loud boom. 5/8/15
4/30/15 21:47 Lake Havasu City AZ Light 60 seconds Amber colored orb rotating in the sky. 5/8/15
4/30/15 18:34 Tucson AZ Unknown 15 minutes To the west spotted what seemed to be a falling star but as it disappeared into the horizon it excellarated north in a rapid obscure up 5/8/15
4/28/15 20:15 Phoenix AZ Circle 3 minutes Orange orb moving side to side, then disappeared. 4/30/15
4/27/15 22:00 Avra Valley AZ Unknown 15 minutes V-shaped, lighted objects hovering and moving in westerly and easterly directions 4/30/15
4/26/15 20:30 Surprise AZ Circle 3 minutes Amber colored object makes 90degree turn and disappears. 4/30/15
4/26/15 00:30 Mesa AZ Light 2 minutes As a friend of mine took our dog out to the backyard last nite she saw a very bright light in the sky.I saw this same light thru an ope 4/30/15
4/23/15 20:10 Buckeye AZ Triangle 5-7 minutes Air Force jet's pursue 2 triangle shaped craft over White Tank Mountain Range 4/30/15
4/23/15 01:00 Sahuarita AZ Cylinder 11 minutes Saw a bright green light shaped in a sideways oval shape move very slow in a straight line. The light seemed to scan the desert. It was 4/30/15
4/22/15 07:40 Gold Canyon AZ Light 4 minutes A solid white light traveling slowly in a southerly direction was verified through 7X50 Fujinon binoculars. The object did not show run 4/23/15
4/21/15 18:00 Chandler AZ Sphere 3 minutes 5 black spheres in East sky. 4/23/15
4/20/15 21:45 Tucson AZ Unknown 00:10 Witnessed an impossible eclipse of crescent moon. 4/23/15
4/19/15 23:49 Lake Havasu City AZ Light 28 seconds Thought it was a bright star. 4/23/15
4/15/15 23:15 Apache Junction AZ Light 5 minutes Bright green light moving in every direction before shooting up and disappearing. 4/17/15
4/14/15 19:35 Tucson AZ Light 5 minutes Free moving light in sky. 4/17/15
4/13/15 20:30 New River AZ Light 3 minutes 5 bright blue lights zig-zagging threw night sky very close to each other. 4/17/15
4/12/15 19:00 Flagstaff AZ Formation ~1 minute Lights on the horizon near Flagstaff, AZ. 4/17/15
4/9/15 20:00 Queen creek AZ Other 1 second Possible sky quake in Queen Creek, AZ. 4/17/15
4/7/15 20:45 Cave Creek AZ Fireball 5 seconds Bright Light Streaked Across Sky Moving North East 4/8/15
4/6/15 21:00 Glendale AZ Oval 2 minutes 1 object sighted, 9 pm 4/6/2015 Glendale, Arizona 4/8/15
4/5/15 01:00 Tucson AZ Other my house ((HOAX??)) There are spaceship by my house and i could see them there also in my house. 4/8/15
4/4/15 21:11 Tucson AZ Light 3-5 minutes Stationary bright light disappears without trace 4/8/15
4/3/15 04:00 Phoenix AZ Circle 10 Two circular objects. 4/3/15
3/30/15 21:00 Vicksburg (east of Quartsite) AZ Circle 7 minutes sphere orb light following a huge black object 4/3/15
3/29/15 20:00 Gilbert AZ Triangle 1-2 minutes Three orange lights moving across the horizon in Gilbert 4/3/15
3/28/15 20:40 Mesa AZ Light 35 minutes Large Bright Light with Red Thin Lights Shooting Out. 4/3/15
3/28/15 20:00 Gilbert AZ Other 5 minutes Fireballs in the sky. 4/3/15
3/25/15 10:05 Scottsdale AZ Light 5 minutes Seen in Scottsdale Arizona, 3 Bright Yellow Lights in Triangle Formation Hover Low to Ground then fly off together 4/3/15
3/23/15 20:30 Green Valley AZ Light a few days now Bright light under the moon viewed from Green Valley 3/26/15
3/21/15 22:00 Mesa AZ Formation ~3 minutes Bright lights 4/3/15
3/21/15 21:19 Fountain Hills AZ Circle 15 minutes 2 bright spheres hovering over Fort McDowell. Looked like some sort of helicopter or plane close to spheres.One suddenly vanished. 3/26/15
3/21/15 20:30 Peoria AZ Circle 30 minutes 20 orange orbs over Peoria, AZ. 3/26/15
3/20/15 14:30 Phoenix AZ Disk 5 minutes Solid large disk. 4/17/15
3/16/15 20:00 Surprise AZ Light 30 minutes Large unnatural light over white tanks. 3/20/15
3/16/15 19:55 Goodyear AZ Fireball 4 minutes Large orange ball, with tail, moved across sky, getting smaller as it moved. Eventually died out near sky over Luke Air Force Base. 3/26/15
3/16/15 18:00 Chandler AZ Light 3-5 secounds A small bright blue orb shaped ball of light diving at a angle and lasting around three to five secounds 3/20/15
3/15/15 14:30 Tucson AZ Light 1-2 minutes Football-shaped, blinding white, light in clear, sunny sky appearing and disappearing in high wind as slowly, steadily flying east. 3/20/15
3/15/15 12:00 Surprise (75 miles north of) AZ Oval picture Round disk flat bottom with a white aura around it. 7/3/15
3/14/15 20:30 Chandler AZ Triangle 15 seconds Triangle shaped UFO hovers over Ostrich Festival. 4/30/15
3/14/15 20:00 Phoenix AZ Circle 2-3 minutes Large round bright circle moving behind cloud. 3/20/15
3/13/15 21:45 Mesa AZ Flash 10 seconds ((HOAX??)) Bright green light shaped like a done lit up the sky for about 10 seconds. House lights dimmed for a few seconds. 3/20/15
3/13/15 05:38 Phoenix AZ Light 20 minutes 2 beeps, 8 beeps, light hovering, blurry eyes, ufo dream, alarm didnt go off. 3/13/15
3/8/15 08:00 Tucson AZ Disk 1.5 hours Daylight disc seen in clear morning sky for and hour and a half. 3/26/15
3/7/15 20:05 Glendale AZ Cigar 10 seconds Five bright lights moving sporadically to the southwest. 3/13/15
3/6/15 22:30 Phoenix AZ Light 30 minutes Bright stationary object in Phoenix. 3/13/15
3/6/15 20:30 Peoria AZ Sphere 3 minutes 3 orb lights slowly formed a perfect triangle in the Phoenix suburbs night sky. 3/13/15
3/6/15 20:25 Peoria AZ Fireball 10 minutes At about 8:25 pm or 20:25 hours, i looked up at the sky while working, due to a vivid red light at the corber of my eye. I looked up an 3/13/15
3/6/15 19:50 Phoenix AZ Unknown West Valley Seen an object a bright light shoot straight up from the ground to the horizon in a very fast motion. The object moved S, then N. 3/13/15
3/2/15 20:30 South Phoenix AZ Other 8 seconds Alien-shaped head peaking over my backyard fence. 3/6/15
3/1/15 23:55 Glendale AZ Disk 60-90 seconds Saucer shaped aircraft with 6-8 white circular lights on its bottom side spotted near the dead of night by a cousin and me. 10/6/18
2/28/15 20:45 Phoenix AZ Chevron 1 minute Driving home on I-10 freeway. Witnessed chevron craft hovering over government buildings right off of 7th Avenue and I-10. The craft wa 3/6/15
2/26/15 20:15 Waddell AZ Cigar 10 minutes Driving on the 303 S & exited on Waddell, we saw a bright, bright orange/yellow light in a horizontal row on the sky. They looked like 3/6/15
2/25/15 20:20 Tucson AZ Fireball 10 minutes Splitting orbs, fade out. 3/6/15
2/23/15 18:53 Duncan AZ Light 4 seconds 4 lights appear from nowhere. 3/6/15
2/22/15 22:50 Scottsdale AZ Triangle 5 minutes Its shape was outlined from the two lights on the ends and how it covered the stars behind it. 3/6/15
2/18/15 19:21 Phoenix AZ Fireball 5-10 minutes Second time reporting this siting-Two orange/yellow glowing round objects to the west of South Mountain's radio towers. 2/20/15
2/18/15 12:13 Tempe AZ Teardrop 3 minutes Out smoking a cigarette when we noticed the craft hovering without sound across the sky and out of sight 2/20/15
2/18/15 00:08 Tempe AZ Teardrop 4 minutes We were out smoking a cigarette when we saw this craft cover across the sky It did not have a sound but it had a vibration. 2/20/15
2/11/15 21:30 Phoenix AZ Sphere 5 minutes (intermittent) From Squaw Peak, saw orange glow coming from the mountain range west of South Mountain. First one lasted 5 minutes then disappeared. 2/20/15
2/11/15 20:00 Sun City AZ Changing 15-20 minutes Fiery lights in the south-western Phoenix sky. 2/12/15
2/11/15 19:30 Phoenix AZ Formation 15-20 minutes 4 bright lights over south Phoenix. 3/13/15
2/11/15 19:30 Buckeye AZ Light 1 hour PHOENIX AMBER LIGHTS SIGHTING BUCKEYE, ARIZONA. 02/11/2015. 2/12/15
2/11/15 04:00 Cottonwood AZ Unknown 10 minutes Most recent sighting of many over 10 years. Light that appears, brightens gradually to the intensity of an airplane wing light, then g 3/6/15
2/8/15 01:00 Scottsdale AZ Diamond 6 seconds Bluish Green diamond shaped coming in at a steep angle towards the earth, then it banked hard right and gained altitude as it headed S. 2/12/15
2/5/15 20:15 Dateland AZ Formation 35 minutes Orb formation. 2/6/15
2/5/15 19:30 Buckeye AZ Formation 10 minutes Was driving to take my boyfriend home and once we got into his neighborhood, I happened to look up in the sky(over I-10 behind the pets 2/6/15
2/4/15 11:39 Gilbert AZ
seconds Saw what look like meteor come down bright left a big streak and come trail then other fast come trails around the mane was clo 2/6/15
2/3/15 22:18 Goodyear AZ Rectangle 5 minutes Orange lights over Estrella Mountain in Goodyear, AZ. 2/6/15
2/3/15 21:25 Buckeye AZ
10 minutes 8 white lights in a row south of Buckeye, Arizona. 2/6/15
2/3/15 21:16 Goodyear AZ
4 minutes New sighting of Phoenix Lights. February 3, 2015. 2/6/15
2/3/15 20:15 San Tan Valley AZ Circle 10 seconds Amber orb with beam. 2/11/16
2/3/15 20:15 Peoria AZ Triangle 5 minutes I was smoking a cigarette in my back yard looking in the sky when i see a triangular shaped craft hovering in the sky emiting 8 lights 2/6/15
2/3/15 09:25 Waddell AZ Light 5 minutes Horizontal line of lights in the west valley sky that went out one by one. 2/6/15
2/1/15 19:45 Marana AZ Other 10 minutes Super Bowl jets chased object south to near Tucson city limits. Circiling at HIGH SPEEDS. 2/6/15
2/1/15 19:40 Tempe AZ Triangle 2 minutes I live in Tempe, AZ, a city in the Phoenix metroplex area. As you are probably aware, the Super Bowl was hosted here in Pho 2/6/15
2/1/15 08:00 Fountain Hills AZ Light Unk Orb over Fountain Lake. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect the small green orb is a lens flare. PD)) 2/6/15
1/30/15 01:30 Tucson AZ Oval 45 seconds THERE WAS NO LIGHT DISTORTION AROUND THE RED BALLS. 2/6/15
1/28/15 19:15 Scottsdale AZ Light 30-35 minutes Around 7:15 PM, 4 others and I witnessed 2-3 glowing orbs over Mesa/Salt River Reservation in AZ. 1/30/15
1/27/15 19:15 Mesa AZ Circle 35 minutes You will be seeing 2-3 glowing orbs over Mesa/Salt River Reservation In Arizona. 1/30/15
1/27/15 18:00 Tucson AZ Light 10 seconds One bright light in the southwestern sky divided into three lights, spread horizontally and equidistant, then disappeared. 1/30/15
1/27/15 06:00 Sacaton AZ Triangle 30 minutes Triangle shape UFO in Gila River Indian Reservation. 1/30/15
1/26/15 06:17 Phoenix AZ Other 3 minutes ((HOAX??)) I heard an unknown and unhuman voice at 6 in the morning. 1/26/15
1/26/15 05:30 Ash Fork AZ Light 30 minutes Northern Arizona bright colored moving light. 1/26/15
1/25/15 20:15 Buckeye AZ Fireball 10 minutes Flashing orange lights, stationary but abruptly grow dim. Pulsating with small beams of red and white. 1/29/16
1/19/15 18:30 Phoenix AZ Light 4 seconds Brite white lite mock 1 turn 90 degree. 1/26/15
1/18/15 19:00 Fountain Hills AZ Fireball 20 minutes Fireballs, silent, appear in Arizona skies. 1/26/15
1/18/15 15:00 New River AZ Triangle 45 minutes Artificial sounding triangular aircraft circling overhead. 1/26/15
1/18/15 07:25 Apache Junction AZ Fireball ongoing Fireball, with long tail, falling. 1/26/15
1/16/15 21:00 Mesa AZ Sphere 8 minutes Sphere with red and green lights hovering over Mesa, Arizona. 1/26/15
1/16/15 19:15 East Mesa AZ Circle
Round ball changing colors from red ,blue, green, hard to tell other colors. Did see large passenger plane fly just above it.. (??) 1/26/15
1/13/15 20:06 Gila River Indian Reservation AZ Other Unknown Orange lights south of Phoenix near Estrella Mountains 1/16/15
1/12/15 19:00 Gilbert AZ Flash 2-3 minutes Red and orange flying objects seem in the south sky moving in clusters and disappeared 1/16/15
1/12/15 19:00 Maricopa AZ Triangle 3 minutes Unknown large object being escorted at low altitude; too dark to tell. 1/16/15
1/12/15 00:00 Cottonwood (outside city limits) AZ Oval 20 minutes Multiple crafts above cottonwood and Sedona 2/6/15
1/10/15 20:50 Tempe AZ Light 2 seconds Two red lights on north Tempe horizon. 1/16/15
1/8/15 00:30 North Phoenix AZ Disk 3 minutes As I was taking my sick child to Mendys Place on 27th avenue off of the I17 near John C Lincoln on the exit ramp I noticed a saucer fla 1/16/15
1/7/15 21:15 Phoenix AZ Fireball 2-3 seconds Green fireball. 1/9/15
1/6/15 20:00 Phoenix AZ Light 35 minutes Slow moving high altitude bright flashing light changing red to blue to green to yellow colors. 1/9/15
1/6/15 18:30 Phoenix AZ Triangle 5 seconds Please take seriously. 3/6/15
1/5/15 20:59 Cottonwood AZ Fireball 45 seconds Bright fire ball rising in the sky. It swerved and disappeared. 1/7/15
1/4/15 21:45 Tucson AZ Formation 2 minutes 4 big bright orbs. Tuned on and off like the flip of a switch. 3 formed a triangle and a 4th one joined; all disappeared. 4/3/15
1/3/15 21:45 Glendale AZ Oval
5 white dots flashing in the sky in a "Y" formation at 9:45 pm.. 1/7/15
1/3/15 01:15 Tucson AZ Circle 6 minutes These were 6 or 8 ORBS, not just lights. 1/9/15
1/1/15 00:30 Mesa AZ Sphere 10-15 minutes Glowing orange light moving in a random way and then disappeared. 1/7/15
12/27/14 03:15 Waddell AZ Circle 4 minutes Big orange orb emited a smaller orange orb, then that split to 2, flew different directions. Big one vanished. 1/7/15
12/26/14 22:00 Phoenix AZ Fireball 20 minutes A row of red orbs flying across city of Phoenix from the far west valley to the east valley. 1/7/15
12/24/14 18:45 Gilbert AZ Light 3 minutes 3 Amber/Orange Lights over South Gilbert Arizona 1/7/15
12/22/14 21:30 Apache Junction AZ Light 20 minutes + I witnessed a hovering line of super bright white lights over the Superstition Mountains . I first noticed these lights because of the 1/7/15
12/22/14 00:40 Glendale AZ Circle 50 seconds Orange glowing light over Glendale 1/7/15
12/21/14 03:00 Peoria AZ Other 25 minutes Amber sphere breaks up into multiple fragments, 2 seperate repeated events. 12/22/14
12/19/14 18:15 Bullhead City AZ Other 50 seconds Large square with rows of lights different colors flying slowly over the mountain in front of the safeway just off Silver Creek Rd.. 12/22/14
12/16/14 18:56 Mesa AZ Other ~5 4 orange umbrella-like objects seen above Mesa, Az. 1/7/15
12/14/14 21:00 Chandler AZ Fireball 4-5 minutes 5 orange fireballs seen from Chandler close to Skyharbor Airport 12/18/14
12/11/14 20:04 Phoenix AZ Chevron 3 minutes 4 Orange Lights Spotted South Of The Phoenix Area. 12/12/14
12/10/14 21:20 Mesa/Chandler AZ Sphere 20 minutes Multiple orange spheres over Mesa/Chandler, AZ. 12/18/14
12/10/14 20:30 Chandler AZ Sphere 1 hour 1-7 bright orange spheres seen for over an hour in Chandler, Arizona, near the Gila River Reservation. 12/12/14
12/10/14 20:10 Mesa AZ Sphere 15 minutes Orange spheres over Mesa. 12/18/14
12/10/14 20:00 Maricopa AZ Formation 20-25 minutes Bright orange lights over Maricopa. 12/12/14
12/10/14 19:30 Litchfield Park AZ Formation 20 minutes Multiple lights in the sky in Litchfield Park, Arizona. 12/12/14
12/10/14 13:03 Eloy AZ Other 4 minutes Unknown object over Eloy, Arizona. Daytime sighting. 12/12/14
12/8/14 18:55 Phoenix AZ Fireball 2 seconds A large fireball traveling NW at a very high rate of speed. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD)) 12/12/14
12/6/14 21:00 Gilbert AZ Changing 2-3 minutes Bright glitter/shimmering, long-tailed UFO's in Gilbert! 12/12/14
12/6/14 20:00 Mesa AZ Oval 10 minute Three lights in sky appear and disappeared. 12/12/14
12/6/14 12:00 Apache Junction AZ Triangle 5 minutes Has anyone else noticed the increased military activity in the skies above the east valley, Mesa, AZ. 12/12/14
12/6/14 00:22 Prescott AZ Fireball 3 seconds Blue/white ball of light falling toward Earth, and same color arrow shaped light which lit up in front of/below it. 12/12/14
12/2/14 07:15 Surprise AZ Sphere 30 seconds Taking picture and saw light from corner of my eye. Looked up and saw it travel from south to north. 12/5/14
12/1/14 20:37 Prescott AZ Light 2-3 seconds Triangular/Chevron of three white lights flew extremely fast East over ERAU in Prescott, AZ 12/5/14
11/30/14 21:30 Apache Junction AZ Unknown
Looking west towards Phoenix, five or six bright lights were in a straight line, and then quickly formed into a triangle. 12/5/14
11/30/14 18:45 Scottsdale AZ Formation 15 minutes Lights in formation seen over freeway. 12/5/14
11/27/14 20:00 Phoenix (northwest part) AZ Fireball 2 minutes Large fireball with lights. 12/5/14
11/27/14 18:45 Phoenix AZ Diamond 15 minutes They were close enough to get a good look but not a good recording.

I was driving on the I17. Just past the airport and on the righ
11/20/14 18:58 Tucson AZ Flash 30 seconds 3 flashing objects near Casino del Sol. 11/21/14
11/18/14 20:00 Glendale AZ Formation 20 minutes Orange lights spotted in the northwestern sky either on a large aircraft or five small aircrafts in formation. 11/21/14
11/16/14 01:22 Casa Grande AZ Fireball 10 seconds I stepped outside to have a cigarette on my back porch and saw in the sky a bright blue explosion or meteor falling towards the earth! 11/21/14
11/15/14 19:35 Phoenix AZ Circle 7 minutes 8 red orbs moving in all directions above South Mountain, not flares, not aircraft, occasional a formation of 2, disappeared 2, 3, 2, 1 11/21/14
11/15/14 19:00 Mesa AZ Circle 9:00 On the night o Nov 15 my wife and just got home From shopping and I let our dogs out back went Out side with the dogs . When I heard th 1/30/15
11/15/14 19:00 Mesa AZ Circle 9:00 minutes On the night o NO 15 my wife and just got home From shopping and I let our dogs out back went Out side with the dogs . When I heard th 1/30/15
11/14/14 14:15 Chandler AZ Cylinder 5 minutes I witnessed a black, cylinder-shaped UFO in Phoenix, Arizona. 11/21/14
11/14/14 02:45 Sacaton AZ Fireball 2-3 seconds Bright green fireball and tail falling toward the ground. 11/14/14
11/13/14 22:00 Tucson AZ Formation 1 minute Casino del Sol area, huge disc-shaped lights. 11/14/14
11/11/14 12:00 Tucson AZ Changing 2-4 hours Two stars moving closer emitting a sparkling, shimmering object. 11/14/14
11/10/14 08:00 Coolidge AZ
all night Amazing UFOS caught on tape!! 11/14/14
11/6/14 19:45 Buckeye AZ Circle
Circular shaped craft hovering about municipal complex. Multiple vehicles on the road slowed down to view the craft. Hovered silently i 11/14/14
11/5/14 18:40 Peoria AZ Circle <1 minute I saw a UFO, then, it disappeared! 11/6/14
11/5/14 14:00 Flagstaff AZ Cigar 5 minutes Silver Cigar shaped UFO near Mt. Elden. 11/6/14
11/5/14 04:50 San Tan Valley AZ Oval 20 minutes Single oval object blinking red and white light. Making loops over the Arizona desert near Coolidge, AZ 11/6/14
11/3/14 20:00 Cottonwood AZ Light 3 minutes Extremely bright lights (2) fluctuating downward, and 5 + times brighter than an plane (AND SILENT). Low Level Flight pattern. 11/26/14
11/2/14 18:03 Phoenix AZ Unknown 8.51 minutes Red and green light hovering changed directions instantly. 11/6/14
11/1/14 03:00 Cascabels (near) AZ Disk 5-10 Blacked Out Disk Silently Traverses Canyon. 7/3/15
10/31/14 20:45 Gila Bend AZ Fireball 3/4 seconds I believe what I saw was a very large meteorite. It was very bright, last just a few seconds; no sound. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor? PD)) 11/6/14
10/29/14 21:20 Phoenix AZ Light 5-10 Driving down the I-10 saw three aircrafts form a shape of an triangle. Drove under one that seem to be an unfamiliar aircraft with ligh 11/6/14
10/28/14 18:15 Tucson AZ Sphere 1 minute A white sphere slowly descending straight down from the sky. It was way to slow for meteor and hand no flashing lights like a helicopte 11/6/14
10/28/14 01:05 Oracle AZ Light 75 minutes We witnessed a blue and white flickering light about twice the size of a star, but ten times as bright. It shot across the sky. 11/6/14
10/27/14 19:00 Sahuarita AZ Sphere 2 Bright "star-like" objects appeared over Sahuarita, followed by scrambling F-16s. 11/6/14
10/27/14 18:55 Tucson AZ Circle 10 minutes Orange light split in two and then melded back into one light before vanishing 11/26/14
10/27/14 16:00 Tucson AZ Cigar 10 seconds White cigar shaped object floating in between rock formations at the top of Catalina Mountain. 11/6/14
10/25/14 07:00 Apache Junction AZ
2 minutes White light object. 11/6/14
10/24/14 20:00 Coolidge AZ Triangle 2 hours Date 10/24/2014, Friday Time: 8:00 – 10:00 p.m.

The sighting happened while driving home from Casa Grande, AZ to Coolidge along a
10/23/14 20:00 Tucson AZ Light 1 hour+ Red, blue, white lights continue to be seen over Tucson in October 2014. 11/6/14
10/23/14 19:30 Maricopa AZ Changing 20 minutes Orange Light breaks into evenly spaced pieces then disappears in Arizona 11/6/14
10/23/14 14:00 Witch Wells AZ Circle 4 minutes Metallic Circular object observed over Witch Wells, Arizona. 11/6/14
10/23/14 13:00 Scottsdale AZ Circle
10/22/14 16:22 Gilbert AZ Triangle 6 minutes 8 silver objects over San Tan mountains 11/6/14
10/21/14 01:00 East Mesa AZ Disk 10-15 seconds 2 light-Grey disc's. Over East Mesa. No sound, no lights. Very fast. 11/6/14
10/20/14 19:10 Tucson AZ Sphere 35 seconds The sphere was a completely orange. 11/6/14
10/20/14 01:24 Cave Creek AZ Diamond Continual Diamond shaped craft with Multi colored lights appears for 5th time in two weeks. Duration is constant. Craft made no sound. 11/6/14
10/19/14 17:45 Peoria AZ Disk 10 minutes Disk shaped object flying fast across the sky stayed in straight line did not shift or change flight path. Object was black in color an 11/6/14
10/19/14 00:15 Gold Canyon AZ Circle 4 hours Object in night sky changed shape and emitted red/green lights. Seen 11 objects in the sky. 11/6/14
10/18/14 23:00 Scottsdale AZ Circle 4 seconds Large orange glowing ball falls to earth. 11/6/14
10/16/14 19:09 Tucson AZ Light 3 seconds Red light very fast moving across sky then white flash and gone. 11/6/14
10/15/14 00:00 Lake Havasu City AZ Fireball 45 seconds Orange fireball moving e to w dropping small fireballs from the rear. 11/6/14
10/15/14 19:30 Flagstaff AZ Triangle 5 minutes Three yellow lighted hovered next to my car very close! 11/6/14
10/12/14 05:00 Prescott AZ Light 30 seconds Three UFO sightings in AZ within a week. All lights. I'd never seen one before! 11/6/14
10/12/14 00:45 El Mirage AZ Circle 25 minutes 1-3 orange lights, over a short period of time. West sky from West Valley area of Phoenix. 11/6/14
10/11/14 09:55 Sedona area AZ Other 2 seconds 3 objects followed by smoke trail, 3 Blue lights in triangular form. 11/21/14
10/10/14 21:00 Glendale AZ Unknown 2 minutes Black Helicopter 5/8/15
10/5/14 23:49 Tucson AZ Triangle 2 seconds Saw a fast moving arrowhead shaped object, glowing from bottom, appear and disappear, moving horizontally. 10/10/14
10/4/14 23:00 Tucson AZ Unknown 6 minutes 6 orange slow moving objects in western Tucson sky. 10/10/14
10/4/14 22:00 Tucson AZ Sphere 20 minutes Glowing objects near Oracle and River Roads in Tucson. 10/10/14
10/4/14 16:15 Peoria AZ Triangle 45 minutes Looks like a starship out of SciFi movie 10/10/14
10/4/14 08:51 Sedona AZ Fireball 2-5 seconds I do not assume this was a UFO or alien aircraft. I believe it to be a meteor or meteorite. I just want to make sure that this was docu 10/10/14
10/4/14 08:50 Gilbert AZ Teardrop 3 seconds Teardrop object falling through sky on fire (could've been asteroid). ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD)) 10/10/14
9/29/14 21:50 Phoenix AZ Oval 3-4 minutes 3 separate sightings of bright orange objects in the sky over Phoenix 10/3/14
9/29/14 21:40 Phoenix AZ Changing 4 minutes Orange lights ufo Phoenix, Arizona. 10/3/14
9/29/14 21:30 Tucson (Catalina Foothills) AZ Sphere 5-6 minutes Bright white sphere, green/red (like star) basket ball size, 0.5 distance, shot straight up, slowly decended above houses 10/3/14
9/29/14 20:15 Gilbert AZ Light 15 minutes Strange lights in Arizona. 10/3/14
9/29/14 00:50 New River AZ Sphere 12 minutes It's not venus........ 12/5/14
9/26/14 20:30 Surprise AZ Light 3+ minutes Bright lights hovering over Sun City West, Az. 10/3/14
9/24/14 02:15 Cave Creek AZ Diamond Continual Object with multi colored lights w/random sequence flash. Begin 0205 hrs continual and currently still hovering over E SE Cave Creek, A 9/25/14
9/21/14 18:45 Sedona/Cottonwood looking NE AZ Light 2 hours Repeating flashes of light across the low NE sky, with no clouds, no rain, no weather. 9/25/14
9/20/14 20:00 Phoenix AZ Fireball 5 minutes Multiple maneuvering fireballs. 9/25/14
9/20/14 19:38 Chandler AZ Fireball 30 minutes Four balls with flaming tails floating down slowly from the sky with directional changes. 9/25/14
9/20/14 19:38 Gilbert AZ Fireball 20 minutes Unidentified balls of light with flaming tails that floated down out of the sky like feathers. 9/25/14
9/20/14 19:35 Chandler AZ Unknown <5 minutes Fire trails in the sky, changing direction and descending. 9/25/14
9/20/14 19:30 Gilbert AZ Fireball 5 minutes Dancing fireballs over Gilbert, AZ. 9/25/14
9/20/14 19:30 Gilbert AZ Changing 5 minutes Changing lights in sky, from red/blue light to flare like light. 9/25/14
9/18/14 21:50 Phoenix AZ Circle 2 minutes A Slinky-like light beam. 9/25/14
9/17/14 21:35 Wickenburg AZ Circle 5 minutes 4 bright amber lights. 9/25/14
9/15/14 20:00 Phoenix AZ Oval 5 minutes Rich, blue light. 9/18/14
9/14/14 05:45 Holbrook AZ Triangle 30+ minutes Driving east on I-40 just E of Holbrook noticed triangle shaped bright light. Watched for 30 minutes until it was above me. 9/18/14
9/13/14 Coolidge AZ Triangle 10 seconds V-shaped craft, almost like a sting ray, going a high rate of speed, faster than any plane could go. 9/18/14
9/12/14 21:00 Phoenix AZ Changing 15 minutes Blue light. 9/18/14
9/10/14 11:55 Phoenix AZ Triangle few minutes Been seeing this a few times this week blue pulsating triangular light slowly moving, turns white, moved quickly across the sky stopped 9/18/14
9/8/14 22:00 Phoenix AZ Fireball 5 minutes 5 red orbs in the western sky hovered then suddenly dissapeared 9/10/14
9/6/14 04:30 Marana AZ Light 60 minutes Bright white light dancing in the sky. 9/10/14
9/6/14 04:30 Mesa AZ Unknown 20 minutes I know what i seen.... 9/10/14
9/5/14 10:21 Holbrook AZ Unknown ~7 seconds I may have witnessed a static shadow of a cloaked UFO 9/10/14
9/5/14 02:40 Tucson AZ Unknown
Non moving red, white, and blue flashing object in the distance to the west. 9/5/14
9/2/14 23:00 Gilbert AZ Other 5-10 minutes Small ultra-light sized UNDO over Gilbert, Az. 9/5/14
9/1/14 19:00 Scottsdale AZ Disk So far Four Months UFOs over Scottsdale, Arizona. 12/5/14
9/1/14 09:30 Southwest desert AZ Triangle 5 minutes 3 brilliant bright orb lights observed in the SouthWest desert parked on a plateau in the middle of nowhere. 9/5/14
8/31/14 18:25 San Tan Valley AZ Light 5 minutes Huge bright object just above mountain peak. 9/5/14
8/27/14 20:30 Phoenix AZ Circle unknown Driving west on Thunderbird I noticed a blue light in the Southwest sky. the light was hovering and was not moving. 8/29/14
8/26/14 09:50 Mesa AZ Disk 2 minutes I saw a half round disk object in flight zone then realized it was flying against flight path traffic normally flies. 9/5/14
8/25/14 20:00 Tempe AZ Unknown 10 minutes Two unusual crafts above Tempe, Arizona. Very bright! 8/29/14
8/21/14 03:50 Mesa AZ Triangle 2 minutes Glowing, blue triangle slowly crossed sky. 8/29/14
8/17/14 20:00 Phoenix AZ Flash 10 minutes Cluster of at least 6 unidentifiable brillant flashing red and while hovering objects. 8/22/14
8/15/14 22:00 Phoenix AZ Light A few minutes I was driving down interstate 17 south from north loop 101. When I got on 17 from 101 I noticed a irrational and strobing blue light in 10/10/14
8/12/14 13:30 Green Valley AZ Light 10 seconds Bright light orb. 4/30/15
8/11/14 20:00 Grand Canyon Village AZ Fireball 5 seconds Large bright white light with a long tail arcs across sky at Grand Canyon. 9/10/14
8/10/14 23:00 Fountain Hills/Scottsdale/North Phoenix AZ Other 4 hours Multiple orbs, formations, triangle and fireballs seen, as well as lunar and atmospheric anomalies. 8/15/14
8/10/14 19:30 Phoenix AZ Light 3 minutes I very bright light was in the air in north Phoenix and then flew away faster than any plane. 8/15/14
8/8/14 21:00 Scottsdale AZ Fireball 30 seconds Two Orange Balls of Light Over Scottsdale, AZ. 8/15/14
8/5/14 20:50 Mesa AZ Formation 10 seconds I was driving from Fountain Hills to my apartment using highway 87. 8/8/14
8/1/14 20:00 Cave Creek AZ Light 40 minutes Two separate large Light Balls observed hovering each with a large helicopter 8/8/14
8/1/14 04:00 Phoenix AZ
2 minutes In the south phoenix awatukee area I was looking at the constalation of orion, I saw an object of unknown shape, apron twice the size o 12/10/15
7/31/14 18:40 Tempe AZ Light 3 minutes Pulsating bright white light formation take off at amazing speed. 8/8/14
7/27/14 20:20 Tucson AZ Light 5 minutes Object seen pulsing red, blue and white, moving up and down and side to side in perfect 90 degree angles. 8/1/14
7/13/14 20:13 Lake Havasu City AZ Light 10 minutes UFO Sighting in Lake Havasu City AZ July 13 2014 7/20/14
7/13/14 19:57 Lake Havasu City AZ Circle 90 seconds UFO over Lake Havasu City, Arizona, at around 19:57 Pacific time. 7/20/14
7/10/14 22:23 Three Points AZ Fireball 10 minutes Lots of fireballs. 7/11/14
7/6/14 21:00 Queen Creek AZ Triangle 2 minutes Triangle shaped aircraft over Queen Creek, AZ. 7/11/14
7/5/14 22:45 Scottsdale AZ Fireball 4 minutes 1 object seen from car. Bright fire orange in color..When first seen it seemed to be lower towards the ground maybe 100 ft. 7/11/14
7/4/14 21:30 Tucson AZ Flash 40 minutes intermittent Points of blue-white light, some with red, intermittently flashing on and off and streaking against the backdrop of mountains 7/5/14
7/4/14 21:20 Tucson AZ Light 30-40 minutes Flashing moving lights white, blue and red, across the Tucson foothills mountain range. 7/5/14
7/4/14 21:05 Tucson AZ Unknown 1 minute Two unknown objects with solid blue lights, moving rapidly, without sound. 7/11/14
7/4/14 21:00 Prescott Valley AZ Light 21:30 Blinking object over Mingus Mountains. 7/11/14
7/4/14 20:00 Tempe AZ Unknown 10-15 seconds Blinking, star sized object over Tempe, AZ. 8/8/14
7/2/14 22:30 Tucson AZ Fireball 1 minute Orange orb. 7/4/14
7/2/14 01:00 Phoenix AZ Changing 35 minutes It was a transluscent obj. that changed shape and seemed to respond to us speaking to or about it. It had red energy that ran through 7/4/14
7/1/14 21:37 Tucson AZ Formation 10 minutes Strobing lights in straight line formation traveling south over Tucson, Az 7/4/14
7/1/14 20:43 Tucson AZ Other 45 seconds Orange light over Kitt Peak. 7/4/14
6/29/14 21:20 Maricopa AZ Circle 30 minutes Two very bright objects hovering. 7/4/14
6/26/14 23:30 Chandler AZ Fireball 10 minutes Orange round looking fireballs flying in the sky over Chandler, AZ. 6/27/14
6/26/14 11:30 Chandler AZ Fireball 10 minutes Round orange fireballs in the sky, made a triangle shape then disappeared. 6/27/14
6/23/14 22:00 Pima AZ Fireball 45 minutes Lots of fireballs in the sky tonight. 6/24/14
6/23/14 21:45 Gila Bend AZ Unknown 10 Three orange lights seen by 4 people south of Gila Bend AZ 7/4/14
6/23/14 20:35 Chandler AZ Circle Unknown Circular craft flying low with one steady green light and two alternating red lights. 6/24/14
6/23/14 08:05 Cottonwood AZ Formation 5-10 minutes Five light objects hovering over Cottonwood. 11/6/14
6/22/14 20:30 Prescott AZ Fireball 10 seconds A red fire-ball shot across, low in the sky and then disappeared instantly. 6/24/14
6/15/14 20:00 Black Canyon City AZ Light 15 minutes Orange/copper colored lights over Black Canyon City 6/20/14
6/14/14 21:45 Chandler AZ Formation 10 Chandler lights. 6/20/14
6/13/14 06:45 Lake Havasu AZ Sphere 30 seconds Flying at 8500 feet. Encountered small red sphere. 6/13/14
6/12/14 22:00 Mesa AZ Formation 20 minutes Me and My Family Stood and watched the lights as they flew around in Formation and Synchronization, Then Dissapeared 6/13/14
6/12/14 21:42 Mesa AZ Changing 28 minutes UFO in Mesa, AZ, 30 lights to 20 than 10 disappearing and made T-shape and Triangle shape before disappearing. 6/13/14
6/11/14 18:00 Tempe AZ Cigar 5 minutes I saw a Cigar shaped space craft hovering above for about 5 minutes. It zig zagged all throughout the sky and then zoomed off into the 6/13/14
6/9/14 21:45 Bullhead City/Fort Mohave AZ Rectangle 5 seconds Slow moving meteor like with tail and green/red glow and spark emitting till in hit the ground. Another smaller one at 4:45 am as well 6/13/14
6/8/14 19:34 Scottsdale AZ Egg 3 minutes Bright orange marble sized fireball/orb. 6/13/14
6/8/14 02:31 Tempe AZ Rectangle 2 minutes I have aircraft training backround. 6/13/14
6/5/14 20:20 Witch Wells (rural AZ) AZ Light 1 hour 10 "stars" in stationary cluster one at a time move and disappear in sighting over AZ. ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellites?? PD)) 6/13/14
6/4/14 21:00 Scottsdale AZ Light 15 minutes Large bright lights are hovering in sw sky. they fade out and reappear iu diffrent part of sky. you can see aircraft lights flying. 6/27/14
6/4/14 20:00 Phoenix AZ Triangle 6 minutes One triangle shaped space craft with bright blue lights above an apartment complex parking lot. Object was hovering in a large circle m 6/6/14
6/1/14 20:45 Gilbert AZ Fireball 1 minute Flaming UFO. 6/13/14
5/31/14 10:00 Cane Beds AZ Sphere 10 minutes A white sphere hovering over the NW Arizona area. At first it appeared to be a large balloon but it hovered for far too long. 7/26/14
5/30/14 22:35 New River AZ Changing Continuing 3 stationary UFO over my location on bearing 160 200 and 203 - photo's taken, continuing to watch. 1+10 so far. 6/4/14
5/27/14 23:30 Dewey AZ Unknown 5 seconds Small flashing green light in front followed by huge, steady white light. No sound. 6/4/14
5/25/14 23:00 Tombstone AZ Circle 30 seconds Bright blue object traveling vertical and horizontally. 6/4/14
5/25/14 20:00 Phoenix AZ Fireball 10 minutes Eight balls of lights passing over. One dimmed out to grey object. 6/4/14
5/23/14 21:00 Phoenix AZ Changing ~10 minutes A shapeshifting, violet hazed, multilighted and colored ufo. 6/4/14
5/21/14 20:43 Bullhead City AZ Rectangle 5 minutes 2 rectangular orange/yellow silent craft BHC Arizona 5/21/14 6/4/14
5/21/14 19:30 Laveen AZ Other 5 seconds Flying humanoid seen in Laveen, Arizona. 6/4/14
5/20/14 21:00 Cave Creek AZ Disk 20 minutes Disc shaped object blinking lights and hovering in Phoenix Sky. 6/4/14
5/18/14 20:50 Phoenix AZ Egg 5 minutes Three bright orange orbs pass by separately, one after the other. 6/4/14
5/17/14 22:50 Vail AZ Diamond 5 minutes Green dots. 6/4/14
5/17/14 08:30 Chandler AZ Triangle five minutes Trianglular lights that made no noise, dogs barking. 6/4/14
5/16/14 20:50 Mesa AZ Fireball 5 minutes About 10 Orange fireball orbs in a straight line north to south. Began to move east and scatter in a random shape. Followed our car sou 6/4/14
5/15/14 22:06 Goodyear AZ Other 8 seconds Near Earth object observed passing by at high speed. 6/4/14
5/15/14 18:00 Phoenix AZ Disk a few seconds It was not a bird,or plane, {no wings or tail}. 7/20/14
5/13/14 02:30 Surprise AZ Light 5-7 minutes One small round white light or craft moving through the clear afternoon Suprise, Arizona sky. 6/4/14
5/10/14 21:30 Tempe AZ Other 20 seconds "W"-shaped erratically flying at low level is "unidentified" with anything prior seen in thousands of flight hours. 6/4/14
5/9/14 21:45 Scottsdale AZ Light 15 minutes Bright blue and red lights shifting position as object reoriented before changing direction; hovered, rose, dropped 100' to 1000'; move 6/4/14
5/8/14 19:20 Ahwatukee/Phx AZ Sphere 15 minutes Single Blue Orb sighted over Tempe and Chandler Arizona at Sunset 6/4/14
5/8/14 11:30 Tucson AZ Circle 30 minutes 6 white circular objects in the sky over Tucson, AZ. 6/4/14
5/7/14 22:00 Apache Junction AZ Circle 1 hour UFO looked in danger of crashing at 40K feet. 6/4/14
5/2/14 22:15 Queen Creek AZ Light 30 seconds Single red/orange light moving east to west at the speed of a satellite lasting thirty seconds 5/8/14
5/2/14 21:45 Scottsdale AZ Fireball 3 minutes Orange fireball-glow, North Scottsdale night sky moving in various directions.Bright ball, radiatiing fingers of light, dimmed to dark 5/8/14
5/1/14 22:05 Maricopa AZ Unknown 5 minutes We first saw one very bright light in sky and as we were driving another one appeared stayed for two min and then one again and then 5/2/14
5/1/14 19:15 Mesa AZ Circle 2 minutes Spinning disc shape with red,and blue lights. Changing direction rapidly and hovering for several seconds 5/2/14
4/29/14 21:45 Casa Grande AZ Light 1 hour Round Yellow Lights in the evening sky, south of Phoenix. 5/2/14
4/28/14 20:25 Goodyear AZ Light 6 minutes Two orange lights hovering over mountains, one went out then both went were gone only to reappear in a different location . 5/2/14
4/27/14 09:48 Ahwatukee AZ Rectangle Unknown I was driving to work when I saw a strange rectangular cloud in the sky. It was going somewhere but it didn't look natural. 5/2/14
4/26/14 19:00 Gilbert AZ Triangle 1 minute Sitting outside on my back porch I observed the object fly over my house flew over at a slow speed disappeared in about a minute. It wa 5/2/14
4/24/14 20:00 Phoenix AZ Circle 4:00 Two circle white lights One big one small . We Spotted the lights from my backyard in west phoenix The larger white light was followin 5/2/14
4/23/14 20:30 Phoenix AZ Circle 5 minutes White light no noise 1 witness circular in shape. 4/24/14
4/21/14 09:00 Tucson AZ Disk during exposure of photo Unknown object shows up in photo after downloading to computer 6/4/14
4/20/14 21:00 Anthem AZ Unknown ~1 minute 4 to 5 bright orange lights – faded and came back, streaked fast and slowly, moved left and right and up and down, one appearing to dro 4/24/14
4/20/14 20:32 Peoria AZ Circle
((HOAX??)) Sighting of UFO April 20, 2014 in Peoria AZ at 8:32pm Circle shape Red, Blue, and Yellow colors. 4/24/14
4/20/14 15:40 Scottsdale AZ Light 45 seconds Bluish/purple light moving horizontally and vertically over East Scottsdale. 4/24/14
4/20/14 05:20 Anthem AZ Light 90 minutes Light hovering in the eastern over Anthem, Arizona. 4/24/14
4/19/14 21:00 Phoenix AZ Circle 3 minutes I was out side and caught somthing out of the corner of my eye it was round made on noise moving from east to west and zig zagging. 4/24/14
4/18/14 23:05 Phoenix AZ Oval 4 minutes Noticed a bright orange somewhat flickering fire colored light coming from south to north 4/24/14
4/16/14 20:40 Oracle AZ Sphere 5-6 seconds 4 or 5 orange-tinted lights, in formation, then split off and disappeared. No sound. Duration: a few seconds. 4/18/14
4/16/14 20:40 Tucson AZ Sphere 2 minutes 6 bright orange spheres in the sky N of the Catalina Mountains. 4/18/14
4/15/14 15:30 Surprise AZ Formation 3 minutes While outside, a slightly arched line of approximately 8 lights were seen. Colors were white, green, and red and were alternating color 4/18/14
4/15/14 14:30 Glendale AZ Circle 10 minutes Silver object, daytime sighting, Glendale, AZ. 4/18/14
4/14/14 20:40 Sun Lakes AZ Light 5 minutes Witnessed unexplanable lights appearing and disappaering and emerging from eachother. 4/18/14
4/14/14 08:30 Casa Grande AZ Other .30 Two orange lights spotted in desert, gone quickly, not plane. 4/18/14
4/13/14 12:49 Pine AZ Unknown 1 hour Mysteriose lights in sky. 4/18/14
4/13/14 02:00 Benson AZ Formation 5-10 minutes orange glowing lights in the southwest. 4/18/14
4/12/14 20:10 Chandler AZ Fireball 5 seconds Fireball Streaks downward across the estern sky. 4/18/14
4/12/14 20:00 Tucson AZ Fireball 3 seconds Fluorescent green fireball seen from Catalina over the Santa Catalina Mountains. 5/8/14
4/12/14 20:00 Queen Creek AZ Fireball 1-5 seconds Falling green fireball. 4/18/14
4/11/14 15:05 Phoenix AZ Sphere 15-20 minutes Point of light or bright object in the daytime sky. 4/18/14
4/10/14 21:15 Phoenix AZ Sphere 5 seconds It was as big as an orange and then blinked out like it was never there. 4/18/14
4/10/14 06:00 Phoenix AZ Fireball 3:00 My husband was walking the dog infont of our house on the street. He called me to go out side&quot; bebe come and see this&quot;. I did 4/11/14
4/8/14 22:30 Kingman (~30 miles n on 93) AZ Light 7 seconds Bright ball of light getting sucked up into "vortex" outside of Kingman, AZ. 5/8/14
4/8/14 14:50 Tucson AZ Unknown 8 seconds Silver object appears in small cloud, both disappear. 4/24/14
4/8/14 08:00 Scottsdale AZ Unknown 10 minutes Crazy bright blue light. 4/11/14
4/3/14 20:00 Phoenix AZ Light 2-4 minutes It was kinda interesting to see. 4/4/14
4/1/14 21:00 Lake Havasu City AZ Light 1 minute Yellowish to bright white color. 4/4/14
3/31/14 23:50 Phoenix AZ Cross
Bright flickering multi-colored lights surrounded by 4 arms. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius? PD)) 4/4/14
3/30/14 01:00 Apache Junction AZ Light 20 minutes Bright white light that changed colors red greed but was no sound and hovered over the Superstition Mountains then went straight down. 4/4/14
3/29/14 22:00 Glendale AZ Sphere 5-10 minutes 10+ more orange orbs. 4/4/14
3/29/14 21:00 Duncan AZ Circle 5 minutes Saw 2 orange crafts that moved up and down dimmed in and out then disappeared. 4/4/14
3/28/14 01:00 Laveen AZ Light 5 minutes I witnessed a green and red object moving slowly and erratically in the night sky in the southern PHX metro area on 03/28/14. 4/4/14
3/24/14 22:00 Gila Bend-Aztec AZ Fireball 2 hours They were beautiful, but every unnerving. 3/27/14
3/24/14 18:00 Mesa AZ Sphere 30 minutes An object which was constantly changing shape moved very slowly across the sky. 4/4/14
3/23/14 20:30 San Tan Valley AZ Light 30 seconds Blue, green, red lights sail over San Tan Valley. 3/27/14
3/21/14 20:30 Apache Junction AZ Fireball 30 minutes 18 fireball red UFO's sighted over Canyon Lake, AZ. 3/27/14
3/21/14 20:00 Maricopa AZ Sphere 3-4 minutes Circular ball of light radiating intense orange hue in sky SE of Maricopa and disappeared suddenly. 3/27/14
3/21/14 19:35 Maricopa AZ Light 2 minutes Yellow-orange bright pulsating light. 3/27/14
3/20/14 20:00 Globe AZ Other 5 minutes A red light flashed followed by 2 more red lights near it showing they were coming from a parallelagram patterned object. 3/27/14
3/20/14 18:45 Gila Bend AZ Fireball 45 minutes Orange circular/orb like balls of light appearing and disappearing across sky, radiating intense orange hue of light. 3/21/14
3/20/14 00:05 Miami/Globe AZ Light 20 minutes Large Unknown Stationary Object With Flickering Lights Spotted Outside Of Globe Arizona 3/21/14
3/19/14 04:45 Paradise Valley AZ Light 1 minute Beam of light in Paradise Valley. 3/21/14
3/17/14 22:22 New River AZ Light 4 seconds Red, green and white bright light seen in New River, AZ night sky. 3/18/14
3/12/14 14:30 Gold Canyon AZ Light 30 seconds Small white light seen hovering above Superstition Mountain. 3/18/14
3/10/14 21:00 Mesa AZ Circle 6 minutes Copper orange lights grow and disappear over East Mesa. 3/18/14
3/9/14 22:00 Mesa AZ Rectangle 5 minutes I was just let my dogs out to the backyard. And walk around the corner and looked up behind the house and saw orange glowing light movi 3/18/14
3/8/14 20:40 Yuma AZ Light 2 minutes Bright red orange light over Yuma, Az. 3/18/14
3/8/14 08:30 Beaver Dam AZ Circle 1-2 Orange light appeared twice in two hours in the almost the same area 3/18/14
3/5/14 18:30 Peoria AZ Circle 10 minutes Two back to back flying black/grey dimensional circles moving rapidly and holding steady focusing then flying away! 3/18/14
3/4/14 22:30 Page AZ Circle 3 hours I was star gazing and I see a abnormal star going i speeds flickering in and out. 3/18/14
3/4/14 19:39 Tucson AZ Triangle 5 minutes Tucson sighting from Catalina Foothills: 4 lights, triangle formation, moving low and silent in a northwest direction in the Tucson sky 3/18/14
3/2/14 01:00 Phoenix AZ Oval On Going Objects in Phoenix's night sky. 7/11/14
2/26/14 19:40 Tucson AZ Light 4 seconds I've never seen something moving so fast and so large and then to simply disappear. 2/27/14
2/26/14 01:30 Mesa AZ Light 15 minutes Fast, blue ball of light. 7/20/14
2/25/14 22:00 Phoenix AZ Fireball 50 seconds Red glow over Deer Valley, AZ. 2/27/14
2/21/14 23:34 Peoria AZ Light
Saw two different bright orange oval objects in the sky. 2/27/14
2/21/14 19:15 Sun City West AZ Fireball 15 minutes Orange fireball moving across sky before blowing up and falling to earth. 2/27/14
2/20/14 20:30 Gila Bend AZ Circle 45 minutes 5 orange lights in southern sky by Gila Bend Arizona. 2/21/14
2/20/14 02:30 Maricopa AZ Light seconds Bright green/blue ball traveling either west or straight down. 2/21/14
2/19/14 20:30 Maricopa AZ Light 30-45 minutes Orange lights (possibly flares). 2/21/14
2/19/14 20:00 Tucson AZ Light 3 seconds Two red blinking lights for a few seconds. 2/21/14
2/18/14 19:16 Tucson AZ Light 30 seconds REPORT FROM ATP PILOT: 3 orange orbs size, distance, altitude unknown WSW of Picture Rocks, visible 30 secs, then blinked out. 2/21/14
2/16/14 23:00 Surprise AZ Other 30 minutes Not an object; strange contrail-type cloud "fingers" stretching from east to west. 2/21/14
2/16/14 11:00 Quartzite AZ Oval 30+ minutes Large hovering object north of Quartzite. 6/4/14
2/14/14 19:45 Tucson AZ Light 15 minutes 4 orange glowing light orbs seen low in the sky. 2/21/14
2/13/14 19:07 Parker AZ Light 3 minutes Large bright orb near the Colorado River 3/18/14
2/9/14 20:32 Maricopa AZ Oval 2 minutes Red glowing disc wart like in appearance around tree top level. 2/14/14
2/8/14 20:00 Glendale AZ Light 5-10 minutes 3 Orange lights. 2/14/14
2/8/14 13:15 Tucson AZ Other 40 minutes Black and silver writhing serpent like craft reflecting sunlight in direction to sun traversed sky over Tucson above airplanes which pa 2/14/14
2/7/14 21:00 Gilbert AZ Other ~2 minutes Yellow lights over south Phoenix fade quickly out of sight 2-7-14 apx 21:00 2/14/14
2/5/14 19:30 Mesa AZ Oval 1-2 minutes 2 orange glowing orb hovering in the sky by the South 202 and McKellips 2/7/14
2/2/14 20:30 Thatcher AZ Circle 1.5 minutes Orange glowing light, appeared to be circular, coming from NW to SE direction disappeared in clouds. It did not make a sound. 2/7/14
2/2/14 20:30 Phoenix (southern part) AZ Formation 10 minutes About 12 lights brighter than the lights on the ground were sighted near south mountain holding a formation, after about 10 min.. 2/6/15
1/30/14 06:40 San Manuel AZ Light 5 minutes Slow light that turns and is out of sight in seconds. 1/30/14
1/29/14 23:00 Avondale/Tolleson AZ Light Unknown The orange/yello lisghts where closer at times and vanished. 1/30/14
1/29/14 07:30 Ahwatukee AZ Light 20 minutes Flaming lights in the sky over Ahwatukee 1/30/14
1/27/14 21:05 Tucson AZ Other 2 minutes Flew low over Tucson from the north to the south Below flying aircraft bright red and absolutely no noise. No flashing. Just steady red 1/30/14
1/23/14 20:50 Salome AZ Light 2 minutes 4 pairs of lights in Sky in path of Helicopter. 2/14/14
1/23/14 20:30 Phoenix AZ Circle 25 minutes Looking from North Valley which seemed in direction of Deer Vally Airport I saw 3 flashing balls appeared to have multiple colors and 1/24/14
1/23/14 19:30 Maricopa AZ Unknown 20 minutes 2 unmoving orange lights seen SW of Maricopa, Az. 1/24/14
1/22/14 19:00 Maricopa AZ
20-30 minutes 2 stationary circular orange lights in the sky for 20-30 minutes. 1/24/14
1/22/14 18:00 Scottsdale AZ Light 30+ minutes 2 Red Orbs hovering over Scottsdale. 1/24/14
1/21/14 20:25 Congress AZ Light 30 seconds We looked up in the northwest sky and saw a series of horizontal yellow/orange lights moving closer in the sky. There seemed to be from 1/24/14
1/20/14 18:00 Litchfield Park AZ Oval 3 minutes 3 floating orange orbs in a V formation lasting about 3 minutes then diassapeard one after the other. 1/24/14
1/20/14 17:30 Lake Havasu AZ Teardrop 10 minutes 3 red/orange flying in formation. 1/24/14
1/19/14 20:15 Prescott AZ Fireball 5-10 seconds Unidentified object object obscures radio. 1/24/14
1/19/14 19:20 Prescott Valley AZ Circle 4 seconds A circular object with a trail of white light heading north. It looked as if the object left in a sideways u-parabola, disappearing. 1/24/14
1/19/14 07:00 Camp Verde AZ Fireball 2 hours Very scary. 1/24/14
1/18/14 21:30 Lake Havasu City AZ Fireball 5 minutes 3 bright orange, low flying objects at high speed. 1/24/14
1/18/14 21:00 Lake Havasu City AZ Fireball 5 minutes Three bright orange balls moving silently at high speed. 1/24/14
1/18/14 20:45 Phoenix AZ Fireball 5 minutes Orange, flickering and flaming object moving on a very rapid and straight path heading southeast across at about constant speed. 1/24/14
1/18/14 08:45 Waddell AZ Light 2 minutes Approximately 12 red lights staying in formation over white tank mountains around 8:45 p.m. Dissapearing one by one. 1/24/14
1/17/14 19:30 Quartzite AZ Light 3-4 minutes Orange light rising above eastern horizon then traveling easterly out of sight. ((NUFORC Note: Witness is pilot. PD)) 1/24/14
1/17/14 06:45 Maricopa AZ Sphere 30 minutes 2 bright pulsating stars and three orange orbs. 1/24/14
1/11/14 18:00 Tucson AZ Cigar 4:00 Silver or white cigar shaped aircraft with no wings. 1/16/14
1/10/14 20:00 Yuma AZ Unknown 2 minutes Glowing streak of blue cloud passes quickly over the area in Yuma, AZ. 1/16/14
1/9/14 21:50 Phoenix AZ Sphere 5 minutes Second time spotting three orange fire orbs flying over Phoenix, Az, in formation. 1/10/14
1/9/14 19:15 Scottsdale AZ Light 15 minutes Three bright, large, orange orbs over Scottsdale. 1/16/14
1/7/14 00:00 Mesa AZ Unknown 2 minutes Three lights orange in color and wide spread. lights went out one at a time and then were gone. 1/10/14
1/7/14 21:56 San Tan Valley AZ Fireball 10 seconds 4 glowing orbs. 1/16/14
1/7/14 20:00 San Tan Valley AZ Light 10 seconds Three bright orange lites in succession in semi-circle repeate in southerly direction. 1/10/14
1/7/14 19:55 San Tan Valley AZ Sphere 2 minutes Orange glowing balls. Flicker on and off. Huge in size. Moved great distance in seconds. 1/10/14
1/7/14 19:08 Tucson AZ Unknown 1 minute 4 Orange Lights Illuminating In Succession. 1/10/14
1/4/14 23:00 Scottsdale AZ Chevron 2 minutes Orange glowing light over Scottsdale, AZ. 1/10/14
1/4/14 22:08 Phoenix AZ Other 2 minutes Large, bright red ill defined light flying over then disappearing straight up. 1/10/14
1/2/14 18:30 Tucson (north of) AZ Circle 20 minutes Red and orange orb over the foothills in Tucson, Arizona. 1/10/14
1/1/14 23:00 Tucson AZ Light 5 minutes Floating lights. 1/10/14
1/1/14 19:00 Brenda AZ Circle 5 minutes Five yellow orange objects flying at same altitude slightly above hills to south east of us. 1/10/14
1/1/14 01:00 Chandler AZ Egg 20 minutes 3 Orange "orb" shaped objects over Southwest Arizona, followed by a fourth. 1/10/14
1/1/14 01:00 Tucson AZ Light 2 minutes Bright dark orange colored light with varied speed and direction disappearing while traveling straight into the atmosphere. 1/10/14
1/1/14 00:24 Goodyear AZ Sphere 3 minutes Seven orange/red lights moving slowly and / or hovering. 1/10/14
12/31/13 22:30 Maricopa AZ Sphere 3 minutes Big bright orange yellow ball moving from north to south, got smaller then disappeared. 1/10/14
12/31/13 22:00 Tucson AZ Cross 3-4 minutes Five bright amber lights in the Northwest over Tucson. 1/10/14
12/31/13 21:54 Mesa AZ Fireball 48 hours I'm reporting very concerning sightings of non identifiable objects that are being launched into the sky. 1/10/14
12/30/13 06:00 Phoenix AZ Flash
While dark outside, in the early morning. Large light past threw atmosphere, had a tail of light following. Was to the left of the cres 1/10/14
12/29/13 06:00 Beaver Dam AZ Light 1 hour Light makes erratic movements over northern AZ and southern UT. 1/10/14
12/28/13 23:00 Maricopa AZ Light 10 seconds Bright orangish light moving fast and silent right over the house. 1/10/14
12/27/13 19:00 Tucson AZ Fireball 2 minutes Looked like a bright orange fire flying across the sky of Tucson. 1/10/14
12/25/13 19:15 Maricopa (City of) AZ Light 5 minutes Two orange balls of light from Phoenix Area. 1/10/14
12/24/13 23:25 Mesa AZ Unknown 5 minutes 3 orange lights lined up, went to grab my phone came back and they were gone. 1/10/14
12/24/13 21:00 Yuma AZ Cross 3-5 minutes Lone star-shaped ufo sighted over Yuma, Az on Christmas Eve, 2013. 1/10/14
12/24/13 19:25 Glendale AZ Formation 10 minutes Red lights in formation. 1/10/14
12/24/13 18:25 San Tan Valley AZ Fireball 30 minutes Red orbs over San Tan Valley. 1/10/14
12/23/13 20:30 Queen Creek AZ Light 3 minutes Light appearing two nights in the same week during December in Queen Creek, AZ Identical in occurence. 1/10/14
12/23/13 20:00 Apache Junction AZ Fireball 2 minutes 4 people witness a total of 4 orange glowing balls fly and disappear over a two night period. 1/24/14
12/22/13 20:39 Tucson AZ Formation 2 minutes Little dots in a formation of orange. Some red. One fell out of the sky on fire the others faded away. 12/23/13
12/22/13 20:39 Tucson AZ Formation 5 minutes Multi-colored light formation in the shape of constellation, one burst into flames. 12/23/13
12/22/13 02:30 San Tan Valley AZ Oval 3-5 minutes Red glowing oval/bell shaped object moves very quickly across sky and then slows down. 1/10/14
12/21/13 21:00 San Tan Valley AZ Rectangle 2 minutes Bright fireball crafts spinning in the sky over San Tan Valley. 12/23/13
12/20/13 20:30 San Tan Valley AZ Light 2 minutes Red orange flickering strobe lights in San tan valley sky 12/20/13 8:30 pm. 12/23/13
12/19/13 18:50 Rio Rico AZ Light 5 seconds Lights in the sky. 12/23/13
12/19/13 18:00 Goodyear AZ Circle 60 seconds My friends and I were enjoying an evening cocktail when we noticed a bright orange sphere traveling from northwest to southeast. It wa 12/23/13
12/14/13 20:02 Phoenix AZ Fireball 5 seconds Fireball seen 19th ave/Dunlap, Phoenix. 1/10/14
12/14/13 16:00 Maricopa AZ Circle 30-40 seconds circular silver object moving slow almost hovering..sun reflected off it ..went straight up and disappeared within 5 secs clearblu sky 12/23/13
12/13/13 22:30 Prescott AZ Disk Unknown Saucer shape over Prescott and three lights on Phoenix horizon. 12/23/13
12/10/13 21:00 Goodyear AZ Light 10 minutes At least 12 red non-flashing lights flying east to west in night sky then disappear at same linear point in the sky. 12/12/13
12/7/13 20:30 Gilbert AZ Light 10 minutes Object streaking across sky similar to falling star, It stopped and dropped 4 other objects that moved in formation. 12/12/13
12/6/13 16:15 Laveen AZ Fireball 16:18 Fire Orb By North Star In Phoenix 12/12/13
12/4/13 19:00 Tucson AZ Light 3 minutes 3 bright orange lights seen over east Tucson 12/23/13
12/4/13 19:00 Tucson AZ Fireball 3 minutes 3 12/23/13
12/3/13 20:00 Tucson AZ Light 5 seconds Three large orange lights in a row. 12/12/13
11/30/13 20:30 Tucson AZ Other while driving Luminous gold angular boomerang shaped objects moving west to east over Tucson on November 30 2013. 12/2/13
11/30/13 20:00 Tucson AZ Unknown 3-4 minutes Unusual Lights Above Catalina Mountains in Tucson 12/5/13
11/30/13 11:35 Lake Havasu City AZ Chevron 5 minutes 4 to 6 shiny objects approached close to Lake Havasu City, AZ. 12/2/13
11/28/13 19:45 Lake Havasu City AZ Circle 1 hour Bright Fireball got lower to ground and dimmer until it eventually just faded out. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus. PD)) 12/2/13
11/28/13 18:10 Tempe AZ Formation driving Orange light formation. 12/2/13
11/27/13 19:30 Tucson AZ Other 5 minutes White lights seen at night to the north of Sabino Canyon. 12/2/13
11/27/13 19:10 Phoenix AZ Triangle 30 seconds Amber-Orange triangle of 3 lights southeast of Phoenix, AZ. 12/2/13
11/26/13 19:05 Apache Junction AZ Fireball 1.5 minutes Silent, bobbing flaming orb. 12/2/13
11/26/13 15:00 Yuma AZ Rectangle 30-40 minutes Stationary Object in sky northeast of Yuma AZ. 12/12/13
11/23/13 20:55 Chandler AZ Fireball 90 seconds Slow-moving orange light crossing overhead, then slowly burning out. 12/2/13
11/20/13 00:00 Sun Lakes AZ Circle 3 minutes Orange ball over Sun Lakes, AZ, fell from sky. 12/23/13
11/20/13 21:10 Nogales AZ Light 60 seconds Four orange/red orbs seen in Nogales, AZ sky. 12/2/13
11/18/13 21:51 Red Rock AZ Light 5 minutes Stationary oscillating lights north of I-10. 11/20/13
11/17/13 18:40 Mesa AZ Oval 15 minutes At 6:40 pm I went to let the out side in the back yard when I got the back side of the I could not miss look Up in the sky to see a re 11/21/14
11/17/13 03:00 Tempe AZ Oval 12 minutes Dark silent oval craft that was silhoutted against the white clouds lit by the full moon over Tempe AZ. 11/20/13
11/16/13 20:00 Lake Havasu City AZ Fireball 15 minutes Fireballs appeared over Lake Havasu City and gradually departed gracefully, lovely to watch. 11/20/13
11/14/13 23:00 Lake Havasu AZ Formation 5 minutes I saw three colored spheres (green, red & blue)in a line formation fly past. As they passed very fast they rose changing their formatio 11/20/13
11/13/13 17:35 Lake Havasu City AZ Disk 5 minute Object flying in the cold jet stream air and not leaving a vapor trail from it's hot exhaust like other jets were leaving! 11/20/13
11/12/13 19:30 Black Canyon City AZ Circle 2 minutes Near I-17 interstate a formation of orange soft steady glowing obs equally spaced apart were observed by my husband and I. At the time 11/20/13
11/11/13 20:30 Peoria AZ Sphere 15 minutes 8 orange balls move across the sky. 11/20/13
11/11/13 19:03 Mesa AZ Light 1-2 minutes Reddish-orange object with beams of light emanating from body of object. 11/20/13
11/11/13 17:00 San Tan Valley AZ Light 2-3 hours Bright white light hovering in southern Arizona night sky 11/20/13
11/9/13 19:40 Mesa AZ Formation ~10 minutes Formation of moving lights split off and hover. 11/11/13
11/5/13 20:15 Scottsdale AZ Other 15 seconds Looked like a silver of a moon, or circular in shape. Very low and gliding. 11/11/13
11/5/13 18:45 Show Low AZ Fireball 1 minute Bright ball in the southern sky then disappeared there was no clouds present. 11/11/13
11/3/13 20:00 Flagstaff AZ Changing 20 minutes Shape in sky disappearing and reappearing. 11/11/13
11/2/13 19:30 Wickenburg AZ Light 20 minutes My husband, 9yr. old daughter were in our truck heading to Las Vegas from Phoenix. We were on highway 93, heading north just through W 11/11/13
10/31/13 20:00 Queen Creek AZ Other 3 seconds Long slim line of dimmish lights of different hues of green yellow and orange, descending and then disappeared. 11/11/13
10/29/13 22:00 Camp Verde (south of) AZ Unknown 2 minutes Brilliant white sputtering oval nodding side to side around 800' above highway. 11/11/13
10/26/13 18:00 Glendale AZ Fireball 10 minute Fireball-like objects above ASU West. 12/23/13
10/24/13 21:00 Chandler AZ Disk 10-20 seconds Craft moved from West to East across South Chandler sky. 11/11/13
10/23/13 23:38 Scottsdale AZ Other 2-3 minutes Irregular hexagon with 3 big bright lights emitting beams 11/11/13
10/23/13 21:30 Cottonwood AZ Formation 15-20 minutes Formation of 4 lights seen over Cottonwood. 11/11/13
10/23/13 19:00 Wickenburg AZ Fireball 45 10-15 Orange “Fireballs,” appearing and disappearing and moving about in the evening sky for the last 3 nights in a row… 11/11/13
10/22/13 19:15 Prescott AZ Flash 4 minutes Standing on my balcony, me and my fiancé noticed a bunch of faint lights flickering in a group, they moved slowly shining 5 lights then 11/11/13
10/22/13 18:30 Prescott Valley AZ Other 2 1/2 hours 3 then up to 6 white flashing lights move erratically all over-N. Prescott Valley, AZ 10/22&10/23/13 PM 11/11/13
10/21/13 00:30 Cottonwood AZ Light 7 minutes Red, white blue flashing lights 10/23/13
10/19/13 20:30 Goodyear AZ Fireball 3 minutes A constant orange firey light traveling a few hundred miles per hour toward Phoenix and then diverted. 10/23/13
10/19/13 20:15 Chandler AZ Fireball 3 minutes Object looked like it was on fire 10/23/13
10/19/13 19:30 Winslow AZ Fireball 10 seconds Fireball traveled 10 seconds high above the horizon then abruptly disappeared. 10/23/13
10/19/13 13:40 Sierra Vista AZ Circle 20 seconds Noticed a bright white circle (reflected sunlight) appearing from the NE on a SE trajectory. Alt. lower than the ISS when it appear. 10/23/13
10/19/13 07:30 Prescott AZ Oval 5 minutes Portal to alien planet or Alien base uncovered. 10/23/13
10/16/13 21:30 Globe AZ Other 25 minutes Six objects each consisting of an arc shaped pattern of 7 lights spotted near Globe, AZ. 11/11/13
10/16/13 19:30 Queen Creek AZ Unknown 10 minutes Flashing lights that turned into a steady burning ball and then vanished. 10/23/13
10/15/13 16:00 Lake Havasu City AZ Fireball 10 seconds UFO's sighted flying in the Lake Havasu City, AZ night sky. 10/23/13
10/9/13 04:00 Phoenix AZ Light 15+ minutes Flashing stationary floating UFO over central Phoenix 4 AM. 10/14/13
10/9/13 00:15 Tempe AZ Unknown 10 minutes Ascending lights seen over east valley. 10/14/13
10/6/13 07:00 Peoria AZ Fireball
I saw too floating fire ball like objects floating in the sky. 10/14/13
10/5/13 19:45 Chandler AZ Sphere 5 minutes 6 or 7 orange flickering orbs in a line formation over Chandler and Gilbert AZ on 10/5/13. 10/23/13
10/4/13 06:45 Surprise AZ Fireball 7:00 Saw what I thought was a meteor with full fire in back then it went to a bright light when I looked close it was moving. 10/14/13
9/28/13 21:00 Sedona AZ Unknown 1 hour flahsing red green and yellow, strobing white lights. 9/30/13
9/28/13 21:00 Phoenix AZ Formation ~9 minutes Triangle formation of red lights high over central phx at 9 pm 9/30/13
9/28/13 19:15 Glendale AZ Unknown 5 minutes UFO sighting over Glendale, AZ, on 9/28/2013 (150 orange objects). ((NUFORC Note: Report from ret. AZ Hwy. Patrol officer. PD)) 9/30/13
9/27/13 22:20 Peoria AZ Fireball 3 minutes Fireball in sky, slowed to a complete stop, then dimmed out in the night sky. 9/30/13
9/23/13 20:00 Ahwatukee AZ Formation 15 seconds Amber colored spheres with lighted objects in front heading west, 5x wider than a plane over Awatukee8pm 9/23. 9/30/13
9/21/13 19:35 Chandler AZ Fireball 3 to 4 minutes 4 flare like lights in the eastern sky. 9/30/13
9/21/13 19:30 San Tan Valley AZ Fireball 15 minutes One large fireball dropping 3-4 smaller fireballs into the AZ sky 9/30/13
9/20/13 20:02 Tucson AZ Teardrop 14-18 seconds Object over Tucson pursued by Air Force jets after entering local air space. 9/30/13
9/18/13 23:00 Bullhead City AZ Unknown 25 minutes Spotted from Bullhead city az craft in north eastern sky hovering at around 30000 feet 30 min so far. 9/30/13
9/18/13 23:00 Tucson AZ Circle
Something strange over Tucson today. 9/30/13
9/17/13 20:00 Tumacacori AZ Changing 5 minutes Bright Amber Light over the Tumacacori Mtns, near Tumacacori, AZ, Shape Shifting Back and Forth to a Large Triangle 9/30/13
9/17/13 15:30 Mesa AZ Triangle 40+ minutes 2 ufo sighted above Superstition Mt Mesa Az 330am 9-17 9/30/13
9/16/13 18:30 Goodyear AZ Changing 20 minutes Strange bright globs of lights in the evening sky. 9/30/13
9/15/13 10:30 Tempe AZ Sphere 10 minutes Strange red-orange spherical objects travelling in single file formation in the night sky. 12/2/13
9/14/13 07:01 Surprise AZ Unknown 1 second Fast moving object with what appear to be windows and some other exterior features. 9/30/13
9/13/13 21:10 Phoenix AZ Fireball 20 seconds Bright orange firball traveling southeast. 9/30/13
9/12/13 20:00 Buckeye AZ Light 90 minutes As with most nights out here, watching the Orange lights to the South/West. I was laid off from work this week so I have time to explor 9/30/13
9/11/13 23:30 Scottsdale AZ Other hour and a half+ I saw a cluster of white lights from 11:30pm-1:00am slowly moving across the sky. 9/30/13
9/5/13 18:00 Gilbert AZ Unknown 5 seconds Tiny cluster of white orbs one by one quickly appearing a disappearing. So close together it may have looked like one object. 9/9/13
9/2/13 19:20 Sun City AZ Light 15 minutes Husband was in the swimming pool and tapped on the kitchen window for me to come outside. I walked out, and he pointed to a bright spo 9/9/13
9/2/13 19:07 Goodyear AZ Cone 10-20 minutes There was no other objects in the sky, the entire duration, including clouds. 9/9/13
9/2/13 19:00 Mesa AZ Triangle
Triangular shape with bright lights 9/9/13
9/2/13 19:00 Queen Creek AZ Circle 20 minutes UFO filmed over queen creek, az. 9/9/13
9/2/13 18:50 Maricopa AZ Light 12 minutes Light changing from red to white and changing in size stationary then disappears 9/9/13
9/2/13 18:50 San Tan Valley AZ Triangle 25 minutes White Triangle object seen in San Tan Valley, AZ faded as sun set. 9/9/13
9/2/13 18:35 Mesa AZ Triangle 35 minutes Appeared round from the ground, but unusually bright. Upon observation through binoculars it appeared more diamond shaped. 9/9/13
9/2/13 18:30 Mesa AZ Circle Hours Very bright light in north eastern sky. Larger then stars and smaller then moon. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a star. PD)) 9/9/13
9/2/13 07:10 Peoria AZ Circle 2 minutes LARGE CIRCULAR BRIGHT LIGHT AT DUSK IN ARIZONA 9/9/13
8/31/13 19:59 Glendale AZ Changing 15 minutes Observed two objects in night sky changing shapes and color,amazing detail when enlarged 9/30/13
8/31/13 14:00 Gilbert AZ Oval 15 minutes Round illuminated object in sky over Gilbert, Queen Creek area this afternoon. 9/9/13
8/30/13 20:10 Sedona AZ Fireball 5 minutes Two orange/red fireballs ascending in western sky. 9/9/13
8/29/13 05:00 Phoenix AZ Cylinder 1 hour Small tube that flashed red blue and green in the South eastern sky. 8/30/13
8/25/13 21:25 Cottonwood AZ Rectangle 02 minutes Large, metallic object lands on city street in Cottonwood, AZ.during rain storm 10/14/13
8/23/13 18:15 Eleven Mile Corner AZ Unknown 15-20 seconds Observed large, shimmering, translucent shape in daylight sky over Arizona. 8/30/13
8/23/13 14:51 Tsaile AZ Other 30+ Strange cloud of a solid Sun God Kachina or ye bi chei head seen above route 64 not far up in the sky at around 3PM. 3/6/15
8/18/13 20:00 Gilbert AZ Chevron 6 minutes Stealth Aircraft flying street light high gilbert arizona. 8/30/13
8/18/13 03:00 Safford AZ Circle ~2 minutes Green hazy circular craft w/strange light pattern on craft. 8/30/13
8/15/13 20:20 Scottsdale AZ Cylinder 15 minutes Three bright orange low object under the monsoon clouds witnessed by two people. 11/20/13
8/14/13 21:00 Buckeye AZ Light 5 minutes Lights over Buckeye near mountains. 8/30/13
8/14/13 03:33 Phoenix AZ Light 3 minutes Amber-Orange light over Phoenix. 8/30/13
8/12/13 04:45 Litchfield Park AZ Light 30 Star like object moving eraticaly. 8/30/13
8/8/13 21:00 Phoenix AZ Light 3 minutes The craft spotted following the International Space Station was "definitely" the Japanese Craft in hot pursuit to catch up. 8/30/13
8/8/13 20:30 Peoria AZ Light 10 minutes Bright color changing light that shifts positions quickly, disappears and reappears over Peoria. 8/30/13
8/8/13 09:30 Jacob Lake AZ Circle
Jacob Lake, Arizona, 8/8/13 , at 9:30 pm, white dote moving zig zag 8/30/13
8/6/13 21:00 Tucson AZ
2 minutes Aug 6, 9pm it was in space looked like a star was still then moved it dimmed and faded away. too far for any details 8/30/13
8/3/13 21:30 Mesa AZ Sphere 3 minutes Pulsing bluish-white object seen over NE Mesa AZ 8/30/13
8/2/13 20:30 Flagstaff AZ Formation 3 minutes Two Pairs of Lights 8/30/13
8/1/13 21:15 Buckeye AZ Light 22:30 It's just a quiet night tonight. Only 3 total. One over Goodyear area due south of my work on the loop 303 at northern/peoria. 2 in the 8/30/13
8/1/13 20:01 Highway 5 AZ Circle driving I have seen a few unidentified flying objects floating in space right above highway 10 from California to Arizona. 9/30/13
7/31/13 21:15 Buckeye AZ Formation 23:00 Orange light and in formation tonight 8/30/13
7/30/13 21:15 Buckeye AZ Light 22:15 Orange Light, Goodyear/Buckeye AZ area, Most Nights between 21:00/23:00 8/30/13
7/29/13 23:30 Glendalemingle Dale AZ
10 minutes Strange lights above Glendale Arizona July 29th at about 11:30 pm 8/30/13
7/29/13 21:30 Goodyear AZ Fireball 23:30 Orange Lights over Buckeye/Goodyear Arizona 8/30/13
7/27/13 21:00 Cordes Junction AZ Light 2 minutes 10-15 blue pulsating lights in a horizontal line that spanned north and south bound lanes of freeway 8/30/13
7/22/13 20:00 Chino Valley AZ Sphere 3 seconds Bright white orb below cloud level pulsates, then disappears, heading North towards I-40 8/30/13
7/20/13 17:48 Sunset Point AZ Light 20 seconds A Flying Sun in Arizona at Sunset Point Arizona 8/30/13
7/19/13 21:40 Phoenix AZ Cylinder 10 minutes Two identical objects sighted over Phoenix Arizona. 7/22/13
7/15/13 15:30 Tucson AZ Light 00:2:00 One white light, solid, heading N. to S. and one red light, solid, heading E. both overhead and seeminly near to each other. 7/22/13
7/15/13 05:45 Mesa AZ Fireball 2 seconds White halo/ fire ball appeared in east mesa. 7/22/13
7/14/13 22:50 Chandler AZ Triangle 5 seconds I saw these lights as I was driving from the 101 South onto the 202 East San Tan Freeway. I saw the lights first in front of me as I wa 7/22/13
7/13/13 14:50 Cave Creek AZ Teardrop 1 min 45 seconds Flash, followed by falling teardrop ship, with fading redish trail. 7/14/13
7/9/13 21:30 Buckeye AZ Light 22:30 Amber Lights. 7/14/13
7/6/13 23:30 Gilbert AZ Fireball 20 seconds Three orange fireball like objects over Gilbert, AZ. ((NUFORC Note: Report submitted by aerospace engineer. PD)) 7/14/13
7/6/13 20:35 Maricopa AZ Sphere 10 minutes 8 Orange Lights moving into Storm clouds and lightning clouds in succession. 7/14/13
7/6/13 19:30 Tucson AZ Oval 10 minutes 6 red/orange orbs seen in Tucson 7/14/13
7/5/13 00:17 Surprise AZ Triangle ~5 minutes July 4TH to 5th 2013 ufo, 3 triangle shapes moving in triangle formation over nw phoenix metro area. 7/14/13
7/4/13 21:15 Mesa AZ Circle 30 minutes Reddish orange orbs moving east to west, caught on video 7/5/13
7/3/13 04:07 Surprise AZ Egg 1 second Motion activated video of object in a bubble for about 1 second. 9/30/13
7/2/13 21:46 Buckeye AZ Light going on NOW Orange/amber orbs. 7/3/13
6/30/13 22:30 Prescott AZ Fireball 30 seconds Silent, single bright orange orb heading east over Prescott, AZ, 7-10,000 ft above at a high rate of speed. 7/3/13
6/28/13 20:15 Goodyear AZ Light 5 minutes Perpendicular Light Formation. 7/3/13
6/27/13 21:30 Buckeye AZ Light 23:00 Orange/Amber Orb of Light. 7/3/13
6/22/13 23:00 Peoria AZ Unknown 1 minute Unexplainable loud noise. 7/3/13
6/22/13 22:00 San Tan Valley AZ Egg 10 minutes Glowing orange, oblong object moving rapidly in easterly direction suddenly getting small and dissappearing 7/3/13
6/19/13 21:30 Safford AZ Light 20-30 seconds Orang/reddish round lights, like a ball of fire, in east sky, night w/little moonligh. Appeared and disappeared like a flip of a switch 7/3/13
6/18/13 22:15 Tucson AZ Circle 20 minutes Lil yellow lights fading in and out in the sky. 7/3/13
6/18/13 22:00 Nogales AZ Flash 30 minutes North western sky. 6 blasts of yellow/orange lights. Each blast lasting about a second or two before disappearing. Then a second or two 7/3/13
6/17/13 18:00 Phoenix AZ Disk 5 minutes Visible fast slowed down rapid turn gone metallic figure. 7/3/13
6/16/13 21:00 Tucson AZ Light 5 minutes Sabino Canyon Tucson Arizona night UFO sighting. 7/3/13
6/12/13 22:20 Sedona AZ Light 10 minutes This is a mild sighting of something. I was driving on Upper red rock loop road when I noticed lights flashing and blinking over the mo 7/3/13
6/10/13 17:00 Sacaton AZ Circle 1.5 days Four silver, circular shaped objects over sacaton, az 7/3/13
6/8/13 22:00 Queen Creek AZ Unknown 30 seconds 12 or so flying objects at a high rate of speed appear to be stars flying in formation 7/3/13
5/30/13 17:00 Gilbert AZ Circle 5 second Went swimming and looked up at a airliner head east to west out of no were came a round silver object heading west to east past over th 6/2/13
5/27/13 15:00 Phoenix (near) AZ Disk 30 seconds Strange Disc Shaped UFO Flying under plane on Descent into Phoenix, AZ Airport. 6/2/13
5/26/13 20:00 Peoria AZ Triangle 1 hour 3 white dot triangle. 6/2/13
5/25/13 21:20 Tucson AZ Light 15-20 minutes A fleet of 20-30 glowing orange orbs flying in linear formation across the nightime horizon in Tucson 6/2/13
5/19/13 19:30 Surprise AZ Sphere 10 minutes 5 Orange orbs coming from the White tank mountains heading east 6/2/13
5/15/13 23:15 Peoria AZ Light 5 minutes Light Formation Seen Over West Wing Mountain, Peoria, Arizona. 6/2/13
5/15/13 20:30 Yuma AZ Light 4 minutes Yuma UFO May 15 with incredible movement. Video 6/2/13
5/13/13 17:00 Area 51 (general area; in flight) AZ Changing 8:00 minutes Area 51 large bright light on or near ground with long, thin, grey shape bisecting the light, seen out of jet window at 35,000 ft.. 9/9/13
5/11/13 22:15 Phoenix AZ Formation 2 minutes Amber Flickering Lights in Grid Formations Slowly Moving South. 5/15/13
5/11/13 22:00 Flagstaff AZ Light 30 minutes On Saturday May 11, 2013, I was stargazing in Flagstaff. What I thought was a star started to move. 5/15/13
5/11/13 19:00 Chandler AZ Light 10 minutes Orange flame like balls floating across the sky, and some "taking off." 5/15/13
5/10/13 22:00 Bullhead AZ Triangle 30 seconds 4D Triangle with neon green lights at the points in the desert behind Bullhead City, AZ. 1/12/18
5/8/13 20:00 Scottsdale AZ Unknown 1 minute Wispy white presence that jetted off after it perceived me to be watching. 5/15/13
5/7/13 21:00 Three-Points AZ Circle 20 minutes One absolutely enormous, maybe 500 yards dia sphere, two smaller spheres emitted in front and behind. 2/27/14
5/5/13 00:00 Rio Verde AZ Circle 10 minutes Red flashing light the size of a star zig zagging in the sky for 15 minutes before disappearing. 5/15/13
5/4/13 23:00 Laveen AZ Formation >1 hour Blue, Red, and White Lights West of Phoenix AZ. 5/15/13
5/3/13 21:45 San Tan Valley AZ Circle 15-20 minutes 25-30 orange/white balls of light traveling across the evening sky in San Tan Valley, Arizona. 7/3/13
4/28/13 20:30 Safford AZ Circle 30-40 minutes When object/objects were first spotted, they looked like stars, except they were flashing different colors - blue, red, yellow. 5/15/13
4/27/13 00:00 Prescott AZ Fireball 1 Small fire ball looking disk orange/red 5/15/13
4/26/13 21:00 Tucson AZ Light 5 minutes A dozen fast moving orange/peach colored lights west of Tucson 5/15/13
4/25/13 22:30 Phoenix AZ Circle 10 minutes This is in response to your show on Coast to Coast last night.. 5/28/13.

I have been employed as an Airfield Management Specialist
4/25/13 21:20 Prescott Valley AZ Changing 30 seconds Bright orange pulsating lights on Western horizion moving in all directions then dissapeared with no sound, 5/15/13
4/24/13 21:00 Glendale AZ Triangle 15+ minutess Changing color UFO, sighted 4/24/13 near Glendale, AZ. Recording at 9pm Arizona time. 5/15/13
4/22/13 21:00 Superior AZ Fireball 30 minutes Fireballs appearing across the sky disappearing with jets circling the objects. Jets very low. 5/15/13
4/22/13 18:00 Phoenix AZ Sphere 6 seconds Flying sphere passes by American Airlines flight 1367 on final approach to Phoenix. 5/15/13
4/21/13 20:30 Chandler AZ Triangle 30-45 minutes Triangle amber yellow lights over Chandler Arizona 5/15/13
4/20/13 23:30 Mesa AZ Cone 20 seconds Went outside to look at the stars and noticed a cone shaped object low in the sky, which the streamers, it displayed immediately dissip 7/3/13
4/18/13 21:30 Prescott/Prescott Valley AZ Circle 40 minutes Bright orange pulsating lights. 5/15/13
4/18/13 11:00 Litchfield Park AZ Other 2 minutes Day Time Flat White Object With Point In The Middle 5/15/13
4/18/13 08:45 Parker AZ Fireball 1-2 minutes Strange Floating Amber Lights above P mountain in Parker,AZ 5/15/13
4/14/13 20:30 Mesa AZ Light 45 seconds Red, spherical light slowly and irregularly flashing, no sound. 4/1/16
4/6/13 10:59 Mesa AZ Formation 5-10 minutes Several yellow-orange lights in v formation break apart and zigzag until blinking out one by one 5/15/13
4/2/13 21:15 Fort Defiance (Navajo Nation) AZ Oval 10-20 seconds "It felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest!" 5/15/13
3/31/13 21:00 Sahuarita AZ Light 1+ hour Hovering, flashing, lights off, lights on, bright. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sightings of "twinkling" stars?? PD)) 5/15/13
3/31/13 Mesa AZ Light 5-8 minutes Really blue bright looking object that look like a bright star at first 5/15/13
3/30/13 21:18 Phoenix AZ Fireball 3 minutes 3 Possible orange UFO spheres over Phoenix Arizona. 5/15/13
3/30/13 09:00 Phoenix AZ Cigar 40 minutes I was on my way home and I noticed a bright flashing blue light infront of my car while i was driving. when I had arrived home I had se 4/12/13
3/29/13 21:30 Phoenix AZ Other 1 minute Phoenix 101. 5/15/13
3/29/13 20:00 Maricopa AZ Circle Hours They are seen tuesday through thursday 20:00 to 3:00 every week. ((NUFORC Note: We will encourage the witness to get photos. PD)) 5/15/13
3/25/13 20:00 Tempe AZ Flash 10 seconds When I looked up in the sky, it looked like oval shaped big green mint color flash dropping and going straight down. Last about ten sec 5/15/13
3/25/13 01:45 Peoria AZ Unknown 20 seconds Weird loud noise then flashing bright white lights over Peoria, AZ March 25th 1:45AM. 5/15/13
3/15/13 23:00 Avondale AZ Light 5 minutes Sighting of a silent bright glowing red orb over Avondale, AZ. 5/15/13
3/14/13 20:30 Tucson AZ Sphere 2 minutes Streaked in like a meteor only to slow down and break into 5-6 orbs, stop, hover 3 sec, dance up and down in the sky 7/3/13
3/13/13 01:30 Tucson AZ Circle 3 seconds Bright blue light moving quickly over Tucson early morning. 5/15/13
3/11/13 19:00 Maricopa AZ Light 5 minutes Two lateral oddly colored lights suddenly appear near Maricopa Az., fly north about 3000 feet then disappear. 5/15/13
3/11/13 18:00 Maricopa AZ Sphere 10 minutes Two Orange orbs seen laterally moving near Maricopa Arizona then suddenly disappearing. 5/15/13
3/9/13 20:30 Gilbert AZ Triangle 5 minutes 10 objects, pulsating red flame and yellow over Gilbert, Az. March 9, 2013 4/12/13
3/3/13 21:57 Bullhead City AZ Fireball 12 seconds One fireball seen in the skygoing from north to south no sound was not going very fast about 1500 ft. high… 4/12/13
3/1/13 23:35 Phoenix AZ Circle 2 minutes Purple pinkish bright object stationary above Phoenix AZ area gradually diminishing. 3/3/13
3/1/13 23:00 Scottsdale AZ Unknown <1 hour I have seen this odd light formation on several occasions (times seen; about, 6 times over 15 years)the first time was back in 1990 tr 8/30/13
2/23/13 19:45 Glendale AZ Light 10 minutes Red bright orbs flying in formation then three flew past us climbing up into the night! 2/28/13
2/23/13 11:00 Grand Canyon AZ Cigar 1 minute Black craft over Grand Canyon/white craft over Beverly Hills. 2/28/13
2/20/13 03:15 Chandler AZ Circle 10 seconds Swift moving, round shaped, white light in southern Chandler, AZ sky around 3:15 AM.. 2/28/13
2/20/13 01:30 Tucson AZ Circle 15 minutes Orange object appeared to be circular in Tucson AZ. 4/12/13
2/16/13 23:20 Phoenix AZ Fireball 5 minutes Red lights over Phoenix. 2/18/13
2/16/13 22:45 Paradise Valley AZ Oval 15 minutes 30-40 reddish-orange orbs filling the northern sky and visible from Paradise Valley, Arizona on February 16th, 2013 @10:45 PM. 9/29/15
2/15/13 20:30 Kingman AZ Sphere 5 minutes 20 star like forming shapes then disappearing. 5/15/13
2/11/13 23:30 Phoenix AZ Unknown now Someone else has to be seeing this thing in the pheonix area. 2/18/13
1/31/13 22:30 Lake Havasu City AZ Circle 15 minutes What are these bright orange orbs in the sky here over Lake Havasu City, AZ???? 2/4/13
1/27/13 09:14 Tempe AZ Changing 10 minutes I was 7 years old when it happend. 4/28/17
1/20/13 16:00 Phoenix AZ Circle 20 seconds UFO 2/4/13
1/16/13 07:50 Coolidge AZ Circle 5-10 minutes I was driving home southbound on arizona blvd in Coolidge az looked to my right and saw 7 orange lights four on the bottom 3 on the top 2/4/13
1/15/13 20:00 Marana AZ Light 5 minutes Hovering orange lights over Marana AZ. 2/4/13
1/15/13 19:30 Estrella Mountain AZ Other 2 hours Hovering bright orange disapearing/reapearing orbs of light. 2/4/13
1/15/13 19:30 Phoenix AZ Light 1 hour Pairs of orange lights. 2/4/13
1/14/13 20:00 Maricopa AZ Light 30:00 As many as 5 large, bright orange lights seen hovering near Ak-Chin Casino south of Maricopa, Arizona. 2/4/13
1/14/13 18:00 Scottsdale AZ Fireball 1 hour Reddish/orangish lights blinking turning off and reappearing at a modest altitude for an hour. 2/4/13
1/7/13 04:30 Sedona AZ Unknown 10 minutes Weird loud engine noise flying over my house sounded like a slow garbage disposal 2/4/13
1/3/13 00:43 Phoenix AZ
5 minutes Strange orange light start on side of sky. Then at very fast pace went across and stay still fir a moment hen went up and down patter 2/4/13
1/1/13 21:50 Fountain Hills AZ Other 5 minutes Observed flash in night sky at southern direction from 33 latitude and 111 longitude at 30-35 degree altitiude of bright(full moon) int 2/4/13
1/1/13 19:00 East Mesa/Tempe AZ Formation 70 minutes Bright lights in Formation Over Tempe, East Mesa/Apache Junction 2/4/13
12/31/12 23:30 Tempe AZ Fireball 30 minutes Fireball shaped object flying from east to west then took a sharp turn south before heading back east then just disappears into the sky 2/4/13
12/31/12 22:00 Bullhead City AZ Fireball 3 minutes While on Patrol at Laughlin Ranch homeowners association 4 orange glowing light were seen by me and a second person...we both called th 2/4/13
12/31/12 21:00 Glendale AZ Fireball 2 minutes Bright orange sphere that turned into a star in less than a second. 2/4/13
12/31/12 20:28 Peoria AZ Fireball 10 minutes 12/31/12 20:32 Peoria AZ Orange Burning Orb. 2/4/13
12/31/12 01:30 Bullhead City AZ Circle 5-6 seconds Brillant white disk shoots through night time sky in Bullhead City, AZ. 2/4/13
12/28/12 20:50 Phoenix AZ Sphere 7 minutes Orange Orbs Sighted over North Phoenix 12/28/2012 @ 20:50. 2/4/13
12/22/12 20:21 Phoenix AZ Light 2 minutes Phoenix, AZ -- 9 orange lights in the southeast horizon for approximately 2 mins Dec. 22, 2012, 8:20pm 2/4/13
12/22/12 18:00 Phoenix AZ Fireball 2 minutes Red light, left the atmosphere 2/4/13
12/21/12 20:20 Phoenix (Ahwatukee) AZ Unknown 5 minutes 9 orange lights seen in Phoenix, Arizona 12-21-12 2/4/13
12/20/12 20:00 Tumacacori AZ Light 5 minutes Bright & Big Stationary Pale Amber Light Just North of Tumacacori AZ, Fades & Departs with Dim Red Lights 12/21/12
12/20/12 13:00 Safford AZ Other 1 hour WWII era plane slowly and silently floated across sky fallowing hw 191 south and killed camera batteries attempting pictures 5/15/13
12/13/12 20:00 Phoenix AZ Light 15 minute 20 white orbs with one blinking orb form triangle over sky harbor. 12/20/12
12/11/12 21:28 Sedona AZ Teardrop 15 seconds Loud horseshoe shaped UFO with red, green and white lights that disappeared instantly. 12/20/12
12/10/12 20:00 Spring Valley AZ Light 20 minutes This is NO JOKE and I'm not making this up. It's for real and a little spooky. 12/20/12
12/6/12 19:00 Spring Valley AZ Light 15 minutes Object appeared to be satellite but did not conform to any orbital characteristics that I'm aware of. 12/20/12
11/29/12 20:30 Safford AZ Light 5 minutes While on approach passengers see amber color illuminating spheres in the sky near Safford Arizona 12/20/12
11/27/12 20:15 Sedona AZ Circle 2 minutes An organe sphere divided into 2 orange spheres or a 2nd one emerged from the first. Each appeared the same in color, shape, and size. 12/20/12
11/27/12 20:00 Phoenix AZ Circle 8 seconds Red orange lights over apache junction in Arizona. 12/20/12
11/22/12 23:00 Cave Creek AZ Fireball 2 minutes Floating orange/red balls, night time, responded to visual stimulation then took off. 10/10/14
11/21/12 00:30 Tucson AZ Unknown 15+ Bright BRIGHT Orange very large long shape above Tucson near DM AFB 12/20/12
11/17/12 20:23 Phoenix AZ Light 1 minutes It was a bright orange light. 11/19/12
11/14/12 16:00 Cave Creek AZ Circle 10 minutes Upside down rainbows and translucent circular ring Cave Creek, AZ. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flares?? PD)) 8/25/16
11/9/12 19:00 Lake Havasu City AZ Sphere 1 minute One orange glowing ball hovered, then moved sideways, then upwards. Did not move at all like an aircraft. It moved in the sky much fast 12/20/12
11/7/12 21:30 Tucson AZ Triangle 30-45 seconds Bright, orange, triangular light north of Tucson moving towards the south then turning east and disappearing 11/19/12
11/6/12 19:30 Arizona City AZ Changing 5 minutes Phoenix lights all over again 11/19/12
11/2/12 18:30 Phoenix AZ Formation 30 seconds At about 6:30pm in Phoenix my mom was walking me out to my truck. I noticed 3 non-flashing bright white lights spaced evenly apart. The 11/4/12
11/2/12 01:00 Anthem AZ Light 24/7 Pinpoint lights that move up, down, backwards, and sideways.. 11/4/12
11/2/12 00:00 Phoenix AZ Triangle 5:00 The object sounded like a helicopter but look like it was floating and the lights turned into one light then the other two turned back 11/4/12
10/30/12 20:30 Marana AZ Changing >1 hour Orange lights appearing and disappearing around Marana 11/4/12
10/29/12 21:00 Yuma AZ Rectangle 30 seconds 4 rectangle solid red lights in a right banking turn. then each blinked once and went out. 4-3-2-1. 10/30/12
10/28/12 19:30 Chandler AZ Fireball 5 minutes Three fireballs flying close to the ground 10/30/12
10/24/12 09:30 Tucson AZ Changing 35 seconds Brownish shaped changing object. 10/30/12
10/21/12 23:10 Surprise AZ Triangle 5 minutes Two craft with bright orange lights and no sound. 10/30/12
10/21/12 01:30 Paradise Valley AZ Triangle 10-15 seconds At approximately 1:30 am while smoking a cigarette in my back yard, movement high up in the atmosphere caught my eye. 12/20/12
10/20/12 22:35 Scottsdale AZ Unknown 10 minutes 13 orange lighted craft in line formation moving to the North in Northwest Scottsdale Az 10/30/12
10/20/12 22:30 Glendale AZ Light 5 minutes 12 - 20 lights flying in formation in phoenix sky video's linked in full description 10/30/12
10/20/12 21:15 Gilbert AZ Light 2-4 minutes 12 red lights over gateway airport. 1 light merged with anouther light and became 1 light. 10/30/12
10/20/12 20:30 Gilbert AZ Light 5-10 minutes 6-8 Orange lights in formation over Gilbert 10/30/12
10/20/12 20:07 Sierra Vista AZ Triangle 5-10 seconds Triangle-shaped, illuminated object flies fast and silent from north to south across sky 10/30/12
10/19/12 23:25 Scottsdale AZ Light 10 minutes 2nd Sighting, Orange UFO East of Scottsdale Arizona 10/19/2012 10/30/12
10/19/12 23:05 Scorrsdale AZ Light 5 minutes Orange UFO over Superstition Mountains, East of Scottsdale AZ. 10/30/12
10/18/12 15:00 Sedona AZ Egg ~2 minutes My girlfriend and I were hiking on a trail in Sedona, Arizona in mid October of 2012. Ironically I believe the name of the trail we wer 3/6/15
10/12/12 19:30 Tucson AZ Chevron 6 seconds Stange Craft seen in the night sky over Tucson Az. 10/30/12
10/12/12 19:00 Buckeye AZ Light ~1 hour I saw a strange orange orb in the southern sky. 10/30/12
10/12/12 19:00 Glendale AZ
45 seconds 2 objects with flame trails making manuevers spirals lights 10/30/12
10/12/12 18:55 Phoenix AZ Other 5 minutes Huge fireball in Phoenix turns into two orbs that float and tumble to the ground 10/30/12
10/11/12 21:01 Phoenix AZ Sphere 30 seconds 10/11/12 Phoenix, AZ Sphere 30 sec Yellowish-orange flashing sphere seen by myself 10/12/12 10/30/12
10/10/12 20:45 Phoenix AZ Sphere 5 minutes 18 glowing UFOs seen over Phoenix AZ tonight, 10/12/12 8:45PM 10/30/12
10/7/12 12:15 Glendale AZ Sphere 20 minutes This object was awesome yet very creepy and spooky. It shined like the shiniest chrome ever. It was completely quiet. 12/20/12
10/5/12 20:00 Peoria AZ Fireball 5 minutes My wife and I were sitting on our back porch facing north in our home in Peoria, when we observed a fireball that looked like a comet o 10/30/12
10/1/12 02:00 Surprise AZ Light more than half an hour Flickering color changing lights in