National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 10/2020
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
10/31/20 23:30 Richmond TX Light 10 minutes A light in the sky appeared out of nowhere, moved towards me, slowly passed over me, turned around, slowed down, stopped, and faded off 12/23/20
10/31/20 23:15 Crittenden KY Triangle 10 minutes Pyramid shaped ufo at low altitude and speed with clear visibility. 12/23/20
10/31/20 22:10 Whitman MA Diamond 5 minutes Two extremely bright red lights moving rapidly and abruptly through a clear night sky. 12/23/20
10/31/20 22:00 San Jose
Chevron 2 minutes Chevron Lights 12/23/20
10/31/20 21:06 Kansas City MO

MADAR Node 40 12/23/20
10/31/20 21:00 Lilesville NC
Picture Object in photo of the moon 12/23/20
10/31/20 21:00 Ogden KS Other 10 minutes Row of white lights slowly moving over the highway. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/31/20 20:30 Aurburn WA Circle 10 minutes At about 8:30 PM on Halloween, me an my daughter witnessed 8 to 10 UFOs fly in straight line, then formed triangle, then upside down v 12/23/20
10/31/20 20:00 Rensselaer
Fireball 60 seconds + Three large orange objects over Albany NY 10/31/20 12/23/20
10/31/20 19:30 Sandy UT Circle 5 seconds UFO above Lone Peak Mountain 12/23/20
10/31/20 18:40 Las Vegas NV Light 90 seconds I just saw something that I can only describe as a UFO. I've lived in Las Vegas for 3 years. I live not far from the airport and am ac 12/23/20
10/31/20 18:12 Bellingham WA Chevron 10 minutes Rocket-like vessel with unusually thick plume traveling west to east over Puget Sound and Washington State. 12/23/20
10/31/20 14:30 Bainbridge OH Changing >5 minutes Bright object that changed shape with protruding poles was observed over Bainbridge, Ohio for 5 minutes by several individuals. 12/23/20
10/31/20 12:00 Franklin WI Rectangle 30-60 seconds Large flat black rectangular shape just hanging in sky. 12/23/20
10/31/20 11:41 Maumee OH Rectangle 15+ seconds It was a little bit scary and definitely not like anything I’ve ever seen before. 12/23/20
10/31/20 10:00 Vandalia OH Light 10 minutes Spotted red and green switching lights from my deck 10-31-20 at approximately 2200hrs took 4 different short videos. Video show changin 12/23/20
10/31/20 09:30 Dade City FL Oval 6h 30 mins Ufo above Northern Dade City Florida 12/23/20
10/31/20 08:00 Geneseo NY Light 2 seconds I saw what I thought was a star and it had stayed there for quite some time. All of a sudden it dropped from the sky and disappeared ov 12/23/20
10/31/20 07:00 Columbia Falls MT Circle 5 minutes Stream of lights 20 plus, evenly spaced, in a straight line, in the sky to the north of Columbia Falls. ((Starlink satellites)) 12/23/20
10/31/20 07:00 Hanover MD

MADAR Node 77 12/23/20
10/31/20 06:55 folsom PA Circle
I was walking across the street and I notice a orange UFO moving slowly across the sky then it disappeared 12/23/20
10/31/20 01:48 Haddam CT Light 1 minute Haddam ct out on my deck with wife saw a light thought it was a star at first it was moving slowly it stood out to me was vary bright i 12/23/20
10/31/20 00:00 Georgetown OH Circle
((NUFORC Note: Witnes provides no information. PD)) 12/23/20
10/31/20 00:00 Mcallen TX Changing 4 hours 2 unidentified objects in the sky in South Texas 12/23/20
10/31/20 00:00 Campbell CA Flash 3 minutes I observed a green and red steady light come out from behind the line of trees of the southern sky, heading northbound, stopped in nort 12/23/20
10/30/20 22:00 Miami FL Sphere 10 seconds red fading into purple sphere rotating at 360 degrees at an incredibly accelerated speed at night disappeared leaving a beam light 12/23/20
10/30/20 19:00 Duluth GA Circle 1 minute It was 19:00 hours. And the sun was low in the western sky. I was driving South, on Pleasant Hill Road towards 85, when a round, orange 12/23/20
10/30/20 17:25 Manchester CT

MADAR Node 151 12/23/20
10/30/20 13:55 Star Valley AZ

MADAR Node 53 12/23/20
10/30/20 05:40 Inlet Beach FL Triangle 10 seconds Predawn. Extremely high flying, large, fast moving object with a single white light on it. Flying from NNE to SSW over the Gulf of Mexi 12/23/20
10/30/20 02:45 Palmer AK Light 10 seconds I have video 12/23/20
10/30/20 00:00 Winchester KY Changing 10 seconds I asked my friend if he had looked at the night sky he had said no I walked towards the outside for a look and he followed then nothing 12/23/20
10/29/20 21:15 Breckenridge TX Light ~15 minutes Driving south on Curry Pool rd after leaving a gas station at dusk, as we came to a stop sign at a T-intersection (Curry Pool rd and FM 12/23/20
10/29/20 16:39 Manchester CT

MADAR Node 151 12/23/20
10/29/20 12:00 Park Forest IL Oval 10 seconds Strange white moving object South Chicago Suburbs around Halloween 2020 12/23/20
10/29/20 07:15 Thibodaux LA Unknown 5 minutes While unloading fuel I saw this object either giving of light or reflecting light moving slowly across the sky. 12/23/20
10/29/20 06:30 Pocatello ID Light 3 minutes 10-29-2020 06:30 Pocatello circles 3 minutes white star dots northeast sky over Pocatello, Idaho 11-10-2929 12/23/20
10/29/20 01:00 Beaverton OR Circle 30 minutes For the past week between midnight and 2am I have seen a circular shaped object in the sky that moves extremely slow and has multicolor 12/23/20
10/28/20 20:00 Heber AZ Unknown 15 seconds 10/28/2020 Heber, AZ. Cigar. 15 seconds. Craft moving 3 times faster than fighter jet with 2 amber lights. 12/23/20
10/28/20 19:30 Highway 87 AZ Formation 5 minutes Red blinking lights fly into Superstition Mountains. 12/23/20
10/28/20 16:10 Norwalk CT

MADAR Node 106 12/23/20
10/28/20 12:56 Littlerock CA

MADAR Node 56 12/23/20
10/28/20 06:40 Chehalis WA Circle 8-10 minutes 10-28-20 Chehalis, Washington star like objects moving in line perfectly for about 10 minutes, ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/28/20 06:37 Randle WA Light 2-3 minutes It looked like the lights were appearing out of onions belt area. Once we noticed them, we saw there were several hundred. We personall 12/23/20
10/28/20 06:35 Willamina OR Light 10 minutes More than 20 lights moving across the sky in a line formation. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/28/20 05:30 Gresham OR Circle 30 minutes Seemed like invasion. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/27/20 21:00 Salem OR Unknown 1+ hour Super-Intense, Extremely Bright White Light(s). (Silent, Slow moving, High-Altitude Aircraft: flashing Red/Green Marker Lights). 12/23/20
10/27/20 21:00 Cottage Grove OR Light 3 seconds Extraordinary bright and large light seen a few seconds apart in two different directions in the night sky. 12/23/20
10/27/20 20:30 Miami FL Triangle 1 minute Three dim lights (triangle) moving SE towards water in Miami 12/23/20
10/27/20 08:07 Watertown MA Circle 1 minute I saw a ufo (unidentifiable light definitely not a plane/helicopter) in Watertown ma, (02472) shine across the sky too slow to be a fal 12/23/20
10/27/20 07:28 Midwest city OK Light 7:28am-7:31am Bright misty orange or amber light flashing sporadically like lighting almost. Has rained all at but this was NOT lighting! It was isol 12/23/20
10/26/20 19:12 Morehead City NC Unknown 3 seconds Unbelievably fast light streaks by! 12/23/20
10/26/20 19:00 Aurora CO Disk 2 minutes At first glance I thought it was the tail of a shooting star. Then I notices it didnt fall. It was a vertical line and as I looked clos 12/23/20
10/26/20 19:00 Lafayette CO Triangle
Black Triangle over Lafayette 12/23/20
10/26/20 16:15 Bozeman MT Cone 2 minutes Me and 5 coworkers on our way back onto work from a short break spotted a blue inveterate cone shaped object in the sky nothing attache 12/23/20
10/26/20 10:11 St. Peter MN

MADAR Node 60 12/23/20
10/26/20 08:01 North Port FL

MADAR Node 147 12/23/20
10/26/20 06:23 Irmo SC

MADAR Node 95 12/23/20
10/26/20 04:17 Puerto Vallarta YT Changing 30 minutes A cluster of oval shape objects lit up but change shape in videos or pics. 12/23/20
10/26/20 04:10 Reading PA Other 10 minutes oddly shaped moving object 12/23/20
10/25/20 23:32 Garrettsville OH

MADAR Node 64 12/23/20
10/25/20 22:50 Clearwater FL Triangle Seconds Triangle shape flying at local aircraft elevation 10:50 10/25 12/23/20
10/25/20 22:00 Lake worth FL Light 20 seconds Palm Beach County little dipper shaped UFO sighting 12/23/20
10/25/20 20:00 Decatur GA Fireball 20 Multiple red circles still, but also moving 12/23/20
10/25/20 19:10 Langley (Canada) BC Circle 5 seconds just saw a traveling light heading west then it split into 2 bright white lights an went in a v shape and disappeared any one have in 12/23/20
10/25/20 18:30
NY Light 1 min My girlfriend and I were driving on interstate 84 southbound twords pennsylvania around 6:30 pm on 10/25/2020. As we were driving down 12/23/20
10/25/20 12:00 Buffalo NY Circle
I have video the object can from behind the clouds so beautiful and I was able to record it. 12/23/20
10/25/20 08:40 Canton OH Cigar 5 minutes Cigar shaped craft near canton ohio 12/23/20
10/24/20 00:00 Rolling Meadows IL Cigar 20 seconds cigar form ship , 3 light on board 2 on corners on in center. speed was so fast . was fog around ship . also size of ship close to empi 12/23/20
10/24/20 23:00 Waikiki HI Triangle 10 minutes Shaped like a wide V or triangle w g F lashing lighits and b 12/23/20
10/24/20 22:05 Irmo SC

MADAR Node 95 12/23/20
10/24/20 22:02 Kahuku HI Triangle 57 seconds Unsual lights floating above. 12/23/20
10/24/20 22:01 Honolulu HI Formation 21 seconds Shark formation floats across the pacific islands of Hawaii 12/23/20
10/24/20 22:01 Kona HI Cigar Minutes Video of cigar shaped UFO ship in Kona 12/23/20
10/24/20 22:00 Honoluu HI Rectangle 2 minutes floating scaffolding in T-shape spotted above ocean /Diamondhead lookout 12/23/20
10/24/20 22:00 Kula HI Formation 20 seconds A group of light in the shape of a gigantic ship floating by in space upper Kula. 12/23/20
10/24/20 21:30 Davis OK Formation 30 seconds Horizontal string of lights evenly spaced flying in a straight line. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 21:10 Keizer OR Fireball 1 minute Flying lantern looking thing. 12/23/20
10/24/20 21:00 Mokuleia HI Other 1-2 minutes Cluster of Stars Shaped Like Plane. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 20:45 Fraser MI Formation 3 minutes String of lights on top of cigar share light beam. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 20:45 Bigfoot TX Cigar 30 seconds Starlink! 12/23/20
10/24/20 20:04 Columbia MO

MADAR Node 46 12/23/20
10/24/20 20:03 Yukon OK Unknown 20 seconds Looked like a string of white light diamond shaped objects heading due south. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 20:03 Hutto TX Light 7 seconds Spaceship or ufo of some sort vertically spinning with lights. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 20:01 Cleburne TX Light 30 seconds Long string of unnatural lights alternating between white, yellow and blue. There were 15-20 individual lights ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 20:00 Gansevoort NY Triangle 1 hour 1 long object lit up streaked accross the sky meeting a triangle object and disappeared, leaving 4 triangle objects in the sky. 12/23/20
10/24/20 20:00 Norman OK Cylinder 30 seconds Long string of white lights. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 20:00 Enid OK Other 25 seconds 20 or so individual lights in a close line moving as one. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 20:00 Davis TX Formation 20 seconds Bright laser lights symmetrically aligned in a linear formation slowly moving. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 20:00 Cache OK Light 2-3 minutes Think it could of been starlink there was a scheduled launch at 11am but no reports of being over Oklahoma. 12/23/20
10/24/20 20:00 Kingsland TX Other 30 seconds Line of about 50 lights moving from north, northwest to south, southeast slowly. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 19:57 Duncan OK Cigar 2 minutes Long maybe 16 lights on side the same on the other side very uniform in the middle of the lights ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 19:45 Altamont NY Formation 1 minute We all say about 10 circles in a linear formation moving fast away from us late at night. ((Starlink satellites?))o 12/23/20
10/24/20 19:45 Dunbarton NH Rectangle 4 minutes Solid rectangular craft white lights. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 19:34 Hamilton NY Disk 1-2 minutes Rotating Saucer shaped object with lights hovered in place 12/23/20
10/24/20 19:31 Catawissa PA Other 4 minutes Line of lights moving N to S. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 19:30 Oxford MA Disk 15-20 seconds Extremely bright white lights in a disk looking shape 12/23/20
10/24/20 19:30 Toledo OH Formation 3 minutes It looked like a large formation of white lights, probably a couple of thousand feet long, hundred feet wide. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 19:30 East Haddam CT Formation 30 seconds string of white lights moving slowly in unison (straight line) ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 19:30 Sterling Heights MI Cigar 30 seconds Long UFO seen from sterling heights. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 19:30 Sheffield MA Light 1 minute Saw a row of bright LED like lights level acros the sky maybe 10 to 12 lights. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 19:30 Fountain CO Formation 2 minutes Moving lights. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 19:28 Bennington VT Cigar 5 minutes Cigar shape UFO over South Vermont. 12/23/20
10/24/20 19:28 New windsor NY Disk 2-3 minutes Wide saucer with square lights large and non moving. 12/23/20
10/24/20 19:28 Wilmington NC Cigar 3 minutes Long disc with approximately 10 round uniform lights. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 19:27 Buffalo NY Light 1 minute Bright line of dotted lights in night sky. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 19:25 Keene NH Light 10 seconds Long string of lights hovering just above the buildings. 12/23/20
10/24/20 19:25 Jackson MI Unknown 1 minute The five of us were by a bonfire. It just had turned dark outside. We saw a long line moving from the northwest to the southeast. It fi 12/23/20
10/24/20 19:20 Bloomsburg PA Other 3 minutes I was driving in the car with friends when one of them pointed out what they thought was a shooting star. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 19:20 Ancaster (Canada) ON Other 5 minutes many pinprick dots in a straight line moving across the sky between the moon on left and bright star on R ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 19:15 Elmore OH Cigar 5 minutes UFO over 80/90 turnpike. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 19:15 Tribes Hill NY Cigar 3 minutes Massive object Slowly flying with stream of lights. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 19:00 St. Clair Shores MI Formation 7 minutes There was a string of whitish blue lights in single file formation, silently gliding by in the night sky and then disappearing into the 12/23/20
10/24/20 18:59 Roy NM Cigar 30 seconds A centipede type light/craft flying across the sky. Looked like a chem trail but was clearly not. Like a thin building with lights flyi 12/23/20
10/24/20 18:30 Littleton CO Formation 2 minutes string or line of white lights in the sky moving slowly and steadily until it disappeared into a low cloud. ((Starlink?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 18:30 North Brookfield MA Rectangle 5 minutes Long shaped craft. multiple lights horizontaly 12/23/20
10/24/20 17:35 Clarksville TN

MADAR Node 138 12/23/20
10/24/20 16:30 Reno NV Diamond Seconds Driving, entering freeway, and for a brief moment I witnessed a glowing diamond shaped light hovering almost touching the pavement floo 12/23/20
10/24/20 15:00 Hamamatsu-city (Japan)
Sphere 40 minutes Small UFOs appeared in my Room on April 14th, 2020, captured in Video 12/23/20
10/24/20 10:25 Eagle ID Unknown 5 seconds A flare? 12/23/20
10/24/20 06:30 Seattle WA
5 minutes We saw a couple dozen high altitude lights flying in a line towards the East and had the appearance of satellites. ((Staarlinks?)) 12/23/20
10/24/20 00:16 Cherry Hill NJ Oval 4-6 seconds Oval shape white orb with tail 12/23/20
10/23/20 00:00 Santa Clarita CA Light 7 seconds at first I saw one light at very hi altitude moving south west just north east of Santa Clarita ca, didn’t seem to be traveling fast, t 12/23/20
10/23/20 23:52 Newark OH Light Newark Very bright green lights all over the sky! Flashing fast 12/23/20
10/23/20 23:00 St. George UT Triangle ~1 second As I stood there three bright dots in the formation of a triangle flew Northwest over me for about 1-2 seconds. It was 11:20 PM. 12/23/20
10/23/20 21:09 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 98 12/23/20
10/23/20 19:00 Westville NJ Other 1 hour One orrange light and a couple white lights. Circle. Came very close to my face. No sound. Hard to make out with the lights and my fe 12/23/20
10/23/20 10:17 Kansas City MO

MADAR Node 40 12/23/20
10/23/20 09:21 Mountlake Terrace WA

MADAR Node 100 12/23/20
10/23/20 06:55 Hanover MD

MADAR Node 77 12/23/20
10/23/20 06:00 Goldendale WA Light 15-20 seconds huge, perfectly round lights looked like old model a headlights 12/23/20
10/23/20 05:30 Toledo OH Light 15 minutes All of these lights were not in any formation. They seemed to take uo most of the sky and all were moving westerly at sam speed. 12/23/20
10/23/20 04:00 Breckenridge CO Disk
Row of red and white lights, disc shapes appears to be two separate objects moving across the night sky above Breckenridge Mountain. 12/23/20
10/23/20 01:24 Joliet IL Triangle 3-5 seconds I sow 3 pair small paralel straps of lights blinking and rotating while flying on high speed from north to south over the yard. Distanc 12/23/20
10/22/20 20:50 Bakersfield CA Other 4 minutes Blobs that look like birds flying real fast 12/23/20
10/22/20 20:50 Austintown OH Triangle 10 minutes Triangular craft spotted around austintown ohio 12/23/20
10/22/20 20:30 Tyler TX
5 seconds Planet there then disappeared 12/23/20
10/22/20 20:30 Modesto CA Chevron 00:10 Shooting start transitioned into a black boomerang shaped craft. 12/23/20
10/22/20 20:08 Newberry FL Light 12 minutes Orange and Silver light 12/23/20
10/22/20 19:13 Edisto Island SC Light 30-60 seconds Hovering bright light(s) horizontally aligned with red flashing lights between them-changing to 5-6 vertically aligned bright lights 12/23/20
10/22/20 18:45 Newton/park city KS Triangle 30 minutes About 9-10 objects were all over the sky With a red light. I had thought they were an airplane as they had one light that would blink 3 12/23/20
10/22/20 18:21 Lincoln IL Rectangle 3 minutes It was rectangular and shot out very thin lightning bolt looking objects with a blue outline from behind it that went straight out. 12/23/20
10/22/20 12:30 San Diego CA Sphere 20+ minutes Stationary UFO for 20+ minutes shoots up vertically twice then leaves at incredible speed! 12/23/20
10/22/20 12:17 Edmonds WA

MADAR Node 61 12/23/20
10/22/20 10:02 Columbus GA Circle 7 hours Glowing rings in the sky 12/23/20
10/22/20 04:45 Avon MA Triangle 5 minutes Slow moving light over Avon Massachusetts 12/23/20
10/22/20 03:45 Millerton PA

MADAR Node 104 12/23/20
10/22/20 02:00 Bowling Green KY Triangle 15 minutes I had gotten up to use the bathroom and a bright orangish flickering light caught my eye out the window because it was low and relative 12/23/20
10/22/20 01:54 O'Fallon MO Light less than one minute Orb UAPs with a misty object hovering close by 12/23/20
10/21/20 22:00 Mullica hillf NJ Egg 3 minutes Orange triangle object slowly shrinks into ball and disappears 12/23/20
10/21/20 21:50 Milroy PA Unknown 30 minutes Was taking out the trash looked up to the east and saw a glowing orange like planet looking thing but moving in a circle them took a pi 12/23/20
10/21/20 21:07 Boise ID

MADAR Node 111 12/23/20
10/21/20 21:00 Panama City SC Disk 15 minutes We Spotted a small orange orb over the ocean, our first thought was it may be Mars, but the orb got bigger and it was able to move very 12/23/20
10/21/20 19:50 San Antonio NM Light 45 Witnessed two amber colored circular dots of light hopscotching each other horizontally across the sky and then disappear. 12/23/20
10/21/20 19:30 Webb City MO Light 2 minutes Bright ball of light in Webb City 12/23/20
10/21/20 17:52 New York NY

MADAR Node 85 12/23/20
10/21/20 17:45 San Diego CA Other 5 minutes A vertical crescent, parachute looking thing floating through the sky during rush our in San Diego 12/23/20
10/21/20 16:00 Sparta TN Unknown 5 hours At first it looks like a star but once you look more closely you can tell it is at about airplane level when I recorded it and enlarged 12/23/20
10/21/20 14:00 Virginia Beach VA Cigar 45 seconds 2 Navy Jets being followed by what??? 12/23/20
10/21/20 09:52 Star Valley AZ

MADAR Node 53 12/23/20
10/21/20 07:30 Dublin TX Triangle 10 minutes 3 bright white lights in triangle formation moving fast past dublin moving way faster than my car towards Deleon appeared above disappe 12/23/20
10/21/20 07:10 Dublin (Ireland)
Formation 35 sec approx Putting out the bins at 07.10 looking up at a clear dark sky decided to get my glasses(short sighted).I first saw a bright dot travell 12/23/20
10/21/20 01:00 Annapolis MD Oval
Green and red flashing lights moving in a zig zag, super bright and looks like its hovering in the air 12/23/20
10/20/20 23:00 Wharton state Forest NJ Other 2 hours I have video 4 circular lights moving back n forth and up and down stationary, 5th oject was much larger and wider also moving side to 1/19/21
10/20/20 21:30 Pasadena CA Light >5 minutes 4 orange sphere's over north Los Angeles basin 12/23/20
10/20/20 21:00 Valera TX
30 seconds We walked off the deck and saw 2 balls of light in the sky. They flickered a couple times like a blink. Stayed in one spot while blinki 12/23/20
10/20/20 20:48 Bloomington IN Disk 1 minute Photo revealed oval shaped object 12/23/20
10/20/20 20:18 Canton NC Light 6-10 minutes On 10/20/2020 at 9:18 PM, I had just returned from downtown Asheville, NC to my home located in rural Canton. Due to an owl whooting ou 12/23/20
10/20/20 20:00 Cisco TX Other 15 seconds Two large reddish orange lights moving right to left 12/23/20
10/20/20 19:28 Wilmington DE Circle
Red lights floating and disappearing 12/23/20
10/20/20 19:20 Locust Grove GA Fireball 30 minutes I saw multiple fireballs flying in formation. 12/23/20
10/20/20 17:43 Whately MA

MADAR Node 67 12/23/20
10/20/20 14:28 Kansas City MO

MADAR Node 40 12/23/20
10/20/20 06:53 Hanover MD

MADAR Node 77 12/23/20
10/20/20 06:45 Gulfport MS Cylinder 3 minutes White Tic-Tac object spotted over Gulfport, MS 12/23/20
10/20/20 06:10 Wauconda WA Light 1.2 minutes Weird light in the sky. 12/23/20
10/20/20 02:45 St. George (north of) UT Rectangle 2 minutes Heard a strange humming sound unlike anything I've heard before it was hard to find them they had dim aqua colored lights one had 3 and 12/23/20
10/20/20 02:00 Fernie BC Light 10 minutes Star like object of intense varying brightness, moving sporadically. 12/23/20
10/19/20 22:44 North Providence RI Oval 5 seconds I was in my yard looking up at the sky. Smoking a cigarette. Above the Treeline above 146north. I definitely saw a glowing orb with a t 12/23/20
10/19/20 22:30 Bayville NY Sphere 5 seconds Yellow to white sphere. Traveling at a high rate of speed. Traveling from south west to northest. Gradually gaining altitude. The craft 12/23/20
10/19/20 22:30 Portland OR Oval 5 minutes Glowing red orange craft with two small blinking lights behind it // no noise // quick pace 12/23/20
10/19/20 22:30 Newmarket NH Other 30 minutes Cylinder like UFO w lights on the tips gliding over the trees in my backyard making a loud hovering noise. 12/23/20
10/19/20 18:00 Fort Worth TX Diamond 1 hour 6 connected silver diamond objects under a 767 flight track, then moved into an expanded formation and moved several miles away 12/23/20
10/19/20 07:35 Phoenix AZ Sphere 90 seconds I snapped photos in succession and 3 out of 9 of them have this ORB in them. 12/23/20
10/19/20 06:15 Whitby (UK/England)
Formation 4 minutes UFO's on the march. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/18/20 21:30 Phoenix AZ Circle 2 minutes No man made air craft could move at these speeds and be that quite 12/23/20
10/18/20 20:44 Santa Barbara CA

MADAR Node 57 12/23/20
10/18/20 20:30 Eagle point OR Light 2 seconds I was driving my friend home when as clear as day I see something shoot across the sky over the hills, Weirdly enough it didn’t have a 12/23/20
10/18/20 17:38 Jakarta
Rectangle 0:3:00 UFO's Flying in Storm Clouds Above Jakarta, Indonesia 12/23/20
10/18/20 06:44 Las Vegas NV Changing 2 minutes Black w red accent, a shape changing object that captured the attention of a military jet plane. 12/23/20
10/18/20 06:05 North Port FL

MADAR Node 147 12/23/20
10/18/20 05:30 Rocky Face GA Sphere 2 hours I first thought it was a very bright star then realized it was to low in the dark night sky to be a star. I got my binoculars and disco 12/23/20
10/18/20 05:10 Fishers IN

MADAR Node 84 12/23/20
10/18/20 04:35 Indian Harbour Beach FL Triangle 5 seconds Orange glowing UFO takeoff in Indian Harbour Beach @ approx. 4:40 AM on 10/18/2020 12/23/20
10/18/20 04:25 Grand junction CO Triangle 3 minutes Triangle with amber lights Recorded in the sky by phone that distorted object to an orb. 12/23/20
10/18/20 03:04 Beaufort SC
~30 seconds Contact 2nd night in a row. 12/23/20
10/18/20 03:00 Broadway VA Disk 1 hour Bright lights, white and red and green. Maybe 6 lights at bottom of disc. Very clear night. High in the southwest sky above the moun 12/23/20
10/18/20 00:51 Jonesboro AR

MADAR Node 143 12/23/20
10/17/20 23:00 Mount Hope WV Light 2 minutes Object at Low Altitude Zigzagging 12/23/20
10/17/20 22:04 Port Royal SC Triangle 2 hours Black triangle flight level 090-110 moving south rotational pattern.

Silent, low level, 3 lights-one hull
10/17/20 20:30 Rindge NH Other >1 hour Moving light in sky emitting bursts with solid-like ogtagon shape. 12/23/20
10/17/20 20:20 Levittown NY Circle 10 minutes Quick ascending flaming object 12/23/20
10/17/20 20:15 Temple Terrace FL Chevron 20 seconds Sheathed stealth bomber. 12/23/20
10/17/20 20:00 Cleveland TN Light 15 seconds Object went overhead at amazing speed. Was the size of a night star and was out of sight in a matter of seconds. Definitely not a mete 12/23/20
10/17/20 19:46 Pittsburgh (east of) PA Fireball interval still present Trans-morphic scintillating orb/fireball south by southeast of Pittsburgh PA about 30 degrees off of the horizon. 12/23/20
10/17/20 19:45 Vero Beach FL Other 8-10 seconds Beautiful translucent-white jellyfish-like pattern with lights all over it traveling north to south along the shore at Vero Beach, FL 12/23/20
10/17/20 19:15 Fredericksburg VA Triangle 2 minutes I was driving on I-95 with my mother in the passenger seat. I saw bright lights in the sky, sort of low. Lower than a plane but higher 12/23/20
10/17/20 19:10 Milwaukee WI Light 5 minutes A group of 3 and a singular orange spherical light came into view moving south to northeast. 12/23/20
10/17/20 17:00 West Windsor NJ Sphere 2 minutes 10-12 orb like objects flying in a closed triangle formation 12/23/20
10/17/20 15:45 Lithonia GA Circle 7 seconds Siver Bright Circle Over Lithonia Georgia Clear Sky 12/23/20
10/17/20 12:33 Mt. Vernon IN

MADAR Node 119 12/23/20
10/17/20 11:55 Cheshire CT Fireball 3 seconds I saw a large white circular light come below the clouds from my right. It zig zagged across the sky then zipped above the clouds diag 12/23/20
10/17/20 10:30 Milford CT Cigar 15 seconds
10/17/20 10:00 Newton-in-Cartmel (UK/England)
Egg 5 minutes Whilst driving north on A590 my wife and I observed in distance an egg shaped irregular object apparently still in the air which we est 12/23/20
10/17/20 07:00 Compton CA Light 04:00 I saw about 7 or 8 bright orange lights hovering over lynwood California. 2 decanted from the flight formation to ground level and rej 12/23/20
10/17/20 07:00 Rome GA Flash 2 minutes I went hunting this morning right before daylight at 6:50-7:00AM. As I walked out of the house to make my way to the woods I looked up 12/23/20
10/17/20 06:45 Trophy club TX Light 2.0 minutes TWO OBJECTS MOVING IN TANDEM TOWARD MY POSITION 12/23/20
10/17/20 05:30 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Light ~5 minutes Stationary, rotating bright light 12/23/20
10/17/20 04:30 Atglen PA Triangle 10 minutes Extremely bright light contained in a pyramid shape high in the early morning sky. 12/23/20
10/17/20 03:20 Temecula CA Changing Presently there An object appearing to be shaped of multiple bright circles within it. 12/23/20
10/17/20 01:38 Tampa FL Triangle 1 minute Solid Light Grey Boomerang Object Traveling Slower than A Plane 10/17/20 1:38 AM 12/23/20
10/17/20 00:00 Port Clinton OH Other 1.5 minutes I woke up at 1:33 am and went out on my front porch to have a smoke. I looked out in front of me up in the sky. In the distance was a r 12/23/20
10/16/20 22:45 Burnaby (Canada) BC Chevron <1 minute Huge chevron-shaped object seen above Burnaby, British Columbia at night. 12/23/20
10/16/20 22:00 North SC Triangle 3 min. approx. Triangular aircraft (not a helicopter) hovering in place next to road at night 12/23/20
10/16/20 21:35 Billingsley AL Circle 45 minutes Several round pulsating stationary crafts with red, green, yellow orange lights. 12/23/20
10/16/20 21:15 Granite shoals TX Triangle 10 seconds Triangle shaped craft with V shaped lights underneath 12/23/20
10/16/20 20:34 Oklahoma City OK Light 10 minutes Bright white lights flying in military formation. ((Starlink satellites??)) 12/23/20
10/16/20 19:50 Youngstown OH

MADAR Node 73 12/23/20
10/16/20 19:30 Lewiston NY Light 10 minutes A hovering light in the sky 12/23/20
10/16/20 15:53 Gardena CA Oval 40-45 seconds Flyby North to South oval shape bright object non pulsating, very fast without a sound. 12/23/20
10/16/20 12:05 Reno NV Oval 10 minutes Saw a white orb floating across the sky while driving. 12/23/20
10/16/20 09:45 Brighton MI Rectangle 15 seconds Completely white 1 object with 2 shapes moving at various speeds 12/23/20
10/16/20 09:25 Phoenix AZ Sphere 30 seconds Two spheres flew around and interacted 12/23/20
10/16/20 07:35 poole
Sphere 11 seconds Metalic sphere 2metres wide traveling at 70mph at altitude 100 metres 12/23/20
10/16/20 06:15 Tacoma WA Light 10 minutes Multiple lights over Puget sound 12/23/20
10/16/20 01:05 Durham NC Sphere 30 minutes Watching sky for planes, as I often see. No stars were visible and there were no planes - the clouds thick. I saw a stationary light 12/23/20
10/16/20 00:00 Oak Lawn IL Unknown 3 seconds Red flashing lights moving very fast in the sky and then disappeared. 12/23/20
10/15/20 22:40 Ajax (Canada) ON Sphere 90-120 Seconds Orange Orb UFO Phenomenon Ajax, Ontario, Canada 12/23/20
10/15/20 22:30 St. Pete Beach FL Formation ~2 seconds 5 bright lights appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the sky, formed like boomerang shape and travelled high speed across the sky. 12/23/20
10/15/20 22:08 Moodus CT Changing 15 minutes I have video - changed shape- kept disappearing and reappearing same area in sky seemed to be same area- was hazy white/yellow -unident 1/19/21
10/15/20 19:50 Graton CA Light 3 hours Lights moving in strange patterns first from the west and then from the north 12/23/20
10/15/20 19:50 Augusta GA Triangle 1 minute Triangular-ish shaped thing in the sky with white and red blinking lights, really big, almost silent 12/23/20
10/15/20 19:35 Whitefish Bay WI Changing 7 minutes Two rows of parallel lights each containing 6 lights hovering stationary in the night sky until I started taking pictures. 12/23/20
10/15/20 19:10 Independence
Formation 10-15 seconds About 8 object flying low in a V formation going west to east. No sounds heard, some of the lights moved around the rear of the formati 12/23/20
10/15/20 16:50 Sunderland MA Cigar 6 seconds White cigar shaped object with no lights and no noise flew at a high speed and a high altitude from north to south. 12/23/20
10/15/20 16:10 West Allis WI Cylinder Still up there A bright gold light mass that has other different colors blinking i live in West Wisconsin the object is is straight east 12/23/20
10/15/20 10:31 Irmo SC

MADAR Node 95 12/23/20
10/15/20 09:22 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 98 12/23/20
10/15/20 08:05 Lutz FL Circle 1 minute Metallic sphere appears to cloak itself 12/23/20
10/15/20 06:30 Irons MI Circle 4 minutes 30 to 40 dots moving from west to north east over 4 minutes ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/15/20 06:25 Edmonds WA Formation 2 minutes The formation looked like a stream of 50 to 100 stars silently moving north in a nearly perfect line. ((Starlink satellites)) 12/23/20
10/15/20 06:25 Bellingham WA Light 2 minutes There was a line of silent lights moving east over Seahome Arboretum. ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/15/20 06:23 Shoreline WA Light 3 minutes + There was a string of lights heading east. They must have been VERY high like in low orbit because I could not hear anything. My partne 12/23/20
10/15/20 06:21 Vancouver WA Sphere ~1 minute approximately 40 + satellite objects but probably twice the size and half again brighter ((Starlink satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/15/20 06:20 Algona WA Light 1 minute I spotted what appeared to be stars that were moving in a clustered group As many as I could count 51 total. ((Starlink sattellites?)) 12/23/20
10/15/20 06:15 New Leipzig ND Sphere 3-5 minutes At least 61 UFOs in a straight line traveling West to East at 5:45 AM unforgettable !!! ((Starlink satellites??)) 12/23/20
10/15/20 06:05 Bremerton WA Light 20-30 seconds Early morning sky - still dark- very high long line of bright lights - 14 in all - moving from west to north east. 12/23/20
10/15/20 06:00 Keizer OR Formation 8 minutes 80+ white lights in Western Oregon Night sky ((Starlin satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/15/20 05:30 Benicia CA Other 5mins On 10/15/20 at approximately 5:30am I noticed an irregular object in the far distant sky while looking east of the Benicia, Ca bridge 12/23/20
10/15/20 00:10 Lakeview OH Light 1 minute I was going outside to let my dog out and try the astrophotography mode on my phone when I saw this white ball of light looking like a 12/23/20
10/14/20 23:30 Wilmington NC Other 5 minutes Hovering 30 FT x 20FT craft with a yellow light on either side and 3 vertical red lights in the middle. 12/23/20
10/14/20 23:11 Cedar Rapids IA Formation 2 minutes Line of lights sitting over the cedar river 12/23/20
10/14/20 23:00 Homestead FL Light
Circle shaped light in the sky like a white orb, stood there without moving when i looked it Flew away fast then disappeared. 12/23/20
10/14/20 21:50 Orlando FL Circle ~2 minutes Red blinking lights with white on a circular base seen by two 15 year old twin girls in Avalon Park FL Orange County 12/23/20
10/14/20 21:02 Yardey PA Unknown 2 minutes 2 brightly lit objects, intense orangish in color like shades of fire moved in unimpressive manner, followed by 4 more in random spacin 12/23/20
10/14/20 21:00 San Diego CA Rectangle 8 minutes Giant Rectangular Craft 12/23/20
10/14/20 20:50 Siler City NC Changing 3 minutes Coming out of work site in the driveway in my truck with window rolled down I seen a really bright white light beside a star. It was pe 12/23/20
10/14/20 20:45 North Ft. Myers FL Oval 10 minutes North Fort Meyers, oval shaped, about 15 randomly blinking lights, incredible speed and manuevers 12/23/20
10/14/20 20:36 Alexandris LA Flash >1 second Flash Racing Down Street 12/23/20
10/14/20 20:30 Pittsburgh PA Oval Ongoing Saw a Bright color changing/rapidly blinking craft over the city tonight it was oval shaped and silent 12/23/20
10/14/20 20:00 Palmdale CA Rectangle 3 seconds Rectangular wing, silent no lights, fast. 9 pm 12/23/20
10/14/20 19:30 Monroe WA Unknown 20-30 minutes we thought they were planes at first but planes do not fade in and out 12/23/20
10/14/20 18:47 Elizabethton TN Fireball 10 minutes Appeared to be fireballs with a dissipating trail falling toward earth at dusk. Two in number. October 14, 2020, 6:47 PM, Elizabethton 1/19/21
10/14/20 15:46 Antarctic
Disk Static Scanning the continent of Antarctica using Google Earth I found an saucer shaped object approx. 60’ in diameter. I took screenshots and 12/23/20
10/14/20 15:00 Kings Mountain NC Disk 20 seconds Half dome silver metallic object hovering in the sky 12/23/20
10/14/20 12:00 Cary NC Light 5 minutes Witnessed silver object that would shine bright when the sun reflected looked as if it was slowly spinning but staying in one place. I 12/23/20
10/14/20 09:48 Littlerock AR

MADAR Node 56 12/23/20
10/14/20 07:45 Royal Palm Beach FL

MADAR Node 76 12/23/20
10/14/20 07:13 Metairie LA Sphere 1 minute What seemed to be a morning star dimmed the light and disappeared 12/23/20
10/14/20 06:19 SW Portland OR Formation 10-15 seconds The formation veered off their course and then accelerated higher into the sky at an approximately 45 deg angle, flying higher 12/23/20
10/14/20 06:16 Spokane WA Unknown 3 minutes Crafts were heading due north. They're was a single file line of approx 50. Strangest and weirdest thing we have ever seen. There were 12/23/20
10/14/20 06:05 Philomath OR Light 3 minutes NW Sky West to East 3min of individual bright lights, Traveling 1.5X sattelite speed BRIGHTEST THINGS in Sky. 12/23/20
10/14/20 06:00 Yakima WA Triangle 7 minutes Very fast and massive triangle shaped lights, non blinking, observed for 7-8 minutes 12/23/20
10/14/20 05:55 Nanaimo (Canada) BC Formation 6 minutes Line of bright lights travelling in a north eastern direction in British Columbia. ((Starlin satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/14/20 05:45 Mt. Angel OR Light 15 seconds The was a string of lights in the sky all one behind the other traveling in the same direction in a single line. About 5 to 7, moving 12/23/20
10/14/20 00:30 mountain grove MO Light 20 seconds One white ball of light appeared above the trees and was flying straight did a s in the sky then dissapeared 12/23/20
10/13/20 23:20 Federal Way WA
~30 minutes
10/13/20 23:00 Encinitas CA Light 10 seconds Fast-moving Light Cruising the Pacific Coast 12/23/20
10/13/20 21:30 Scarborough (Canada) ON Cross 10 minutes Object seemed to stay stationary for a period of about 10 minutes. It hovered over the Durham area,near the power station and did not 12/23/20
10/13/20 21:00 La Loberia (Argentina)
Chevron 8 seconds Date: Tuesday, October 13, 2020 Time: 9:00pm Local Time Location: Just North of La Loberia, Coastal Village on Atlantic Ocean, Northern 12/23/20
10/13/20 20:40 Glace Bay (Canada) NS Oval 5 minutes I and my wife witnessed a orange glowing light in the south west sky at aprox 70deg. It was sitting in the sky an was rotating in a cir 12/23/20
10/13/20 20:30 robertsdale AL Changing 10 minutes DIRECTLY over our house one appeared and was a visible UFO. 12/23/20
10/13/20 20:30 Knoxville TN Triangle 10 seconds Boomerang-Shaped UFO glides silent and dark over Knoxville 12/23/20
10/13/20 20:30 Harlansburg PA Triangle 10 minutes Huge craft with triangle of red lights and one green light 12/23/20
10/13/20 20:20 Russellville AR Light ~ 2 minutes I was fishing just west of the Shiloh ball fields when I noticed a non flashing yellowish white orb that was somewhat erratically flyin 12/23/20
10/13/20 20:00 Cape Coral FL Triangle 1 minute My wife and I was walking the dogs at 8:30pm. I was looking up at Mars and directly above head a triangle shaped craft was travling sou 12/23/20
10/13/20 20:00 San Antonio TX Oval 10 Fleet of red oval UFO's flying in formation high in the sky over bridge. ((Starlin satellites?)) 12/23/20
10/13/20 19:37 Port Crane NY Light Still currently happening Blinking red and white light 12/23/20
10/13/20 13:43 Boise ID

MADAR Node 111 12/23/20
10/13/20 06:00 Junction City CA Formation 2 minutes At 6:00 am on 10/13/20 I looked to the sky and saw about 20 white lights moving in formation SE. ((Starlink satellites)) 12/23/20
10/13/20 05:00 Battle Creek MI Light Weeks? Strange blue lights from the sky 12/23/20
10/13/20 03:50 Bloomington IL Flash Rotating around the airpo They seem to be looking for something. 12/23/20
10/13/20 01:30 Evaro MT Circle 45 minutes Flashing wobbly lights. 12/23/20
10/13/20 S. Burlington VT Unknown 0.5 second the fast flying object you have ever seen. 12/23/20
10/12/20 20:10 Missoula MT Diamond 20 minutes Circular Star disappearing and reappearing in different locations in the sky 12/23/20
10/12/20 17:40 Dover FL Cigar 10 seconds Driving thru Ridgecrest neighborhood when we spotted a horizontal white cigar shaped object with a darker band in the middle. It was m 12/23/20
10/12/20 12:00 Colorado Springs CO Rectangle 2 minutes I was sitting in my car and happened to look up at the sky. About 30,000 feet in the air I saw two white rectangle shaped objects that 12/23/20
10/12/20 09:33 Tucson AZ Sphere 1-2 minutes Saw an orange sphere moving Southwest over Tucson south side. Moving not fast but quicker than a plane. Slowly faded out not to be seen 12/23/20
10/12/20 07:36 Pine City NY

MADAR Node 82 12/23/20
10/12/20 06:30 Pepin WI Unknown 10 minutes I noticed this red light N about a 1/4 mile distance then just above the tree line. Then these white dots started appearing dim then gr 12/23/20
10/12/20 05:25 Center Conway NH

Correction 5:25 AM @ 10/12/20 report 12/23/20
10/12/20 05:25 Center Conway NH Light 10 seconds Stationary light suddenly and rapidly headed north. 12/23/20
10/12/20 03:00 Wellington (Canada) ON Light 4 minutes 3 zig zagging stars? 12/23/20
10/12/20 01:11 Bloomington IN Circle
Bright white, moves around night sky. Moves side to side 12/23/20
10/11/20 23:11 Lancaster CA Circle 1 hour I was awakened at 11:11 with a strange feeling to go outside. Heard like a whirring noise, like it was windy, but it wasn't. I looked 12/23/20
10/11/20 22:14 Manchester NH Other 4 seconds Two glowing ring disc &quot;crafts?&quot; glide over intestate 12/23/20
10/11/20 21:00 Roseberry (Tasmania)(Australia)
Flash ~1 minute Was outside stargazing and feeding my nighttime animals when I saw this flash of light. I looked up and I could not see anything but th 12/23/20
10/11/20 21:00 Naples NH Disk 30 minutes Bright, non moving, horizontal lights in sky 12/23/20
10/11/20 20:50 Bluffton SC Formation 2 minutes v shape with huge two back wheels had blue lights and the front red lights. 12/23/20
10/11/20 19:30 Eldorado
Fireball Very fast 30 secobds Large ball of fire streeked right above my trees seemed to disappear over trees 12/23/20
10/11/20 18:15 Brooks (Canada) AB Light 2 minutes Bright orb in clear sunny sky just before dusk in a clear sky. Bright light appears for 30 seconds disappeared then reappeared for 20 s 12/23/20
10/11/20 18:00 Norman OK Sphere 30 seconds Bright white orb with no sound. 12/23/20
10/11/20 17:10 Columbia MO

MADAR Node 46 12/23/20
10/11/20 12:40 Antioch CA Oval 3 seconds The shape was oval with green lights on the square strip shape 4 light all around the side I saw 12/23/20
10/11/20 08:30 Dunrobin (Canada) ON Unknown 5 minutes 1 white alternating red light. Turned out to be 2 parralel objects, that separated to east & west locales from over Dunrobin, ON 12/23/20
10/11/20 08:00 Nutley
Sphere 1 minute Big blue circle light in middle of sky disappeared after 5 seconds 12/23/20
10/11/20 07:00 Weiser ID Light 3 minutes Light in the distance moved back and forth parallel to the ground, and then performed patterns unlike any aircraft I know of. 12/23/20
10/11/20 07:00 Milton FL Light 5 hours Large, bright white object seen over Milton Florida for 7 hours 12/23/20
10/11/20 05:58 Millerton PA Light 30-secs plus Witnesses responded to a MADAR alert at 5:58 AM on 10-11-20 7 & saw a bright white light above the overcast. ((MUFON rept.)) 1/19/21
10/11/20 05:58 Millerton PA Light
Witnesses responded to a MADAR alert, went outside and saw a bright white light above the overcast cloud layer 1/19/21
10/11/20 04:55 Lemoore CA Light 1-2 minutes Streak of lights appearing out of thin air over Lemoore military base. 12/23/20
10/11/20 02:40 Hilton Beach (Canada) ON
seconds At around 2:30 - 2:40 am I looked at the beautiful clear sky from my bathroom window that faces East. I could see to my right the cresc 12/23/20
10/11/20 seabeck WA Circle 2200 Round object with 5 or 6 white lights and a V shape blue light and a red light at point of V. Primarily stationary but changes altitude 12/23/20
10/10/20 23:30 Charlemont MA Light a few minutes one red light fading in and out, then 3/4 other red lights started twinkling around the central bright light. 12/23/20
10/10/20 23:30 Denver CO Triangle 15 seconds 5 lights in a triangle, high velocity north to south direction, silent, appear to be tight formation or connected however the stars bey 12/23/20
10/10/20 21:00 (Unspecified by witness) KY Light 1 hour Lights moving around the sky. 12/23/20
10/10/20 21:00 Hatboro PA Sphere 3 seconds Saw a large green light, sphere or circle .shaped go in arc across the sky, fairly fast, steady rate With no trail. 12/23/20
10/10/20 21:00 Hatboro PA Sphere 3 seconds I looked at the sky above my front yard and saw a bright green light, sphere shape travel in a arc across the sky between two trees. 12/23/20
10/10/20 20:35 Howell NJ Fireball 20 seconds Light green fireball-like object traveling downward. 12/23/20
10/10/20 20:15 New York City (Bronx) NY Fireball <1 second Ball of light shot briefly across sky and disappeared 12/23/20
10/10/20 20:00 Beaver Island MI Triangle 5 hours 3 triangle objects hoovering 12/23/20
10/10/20 19:45 Bryan TX Diamond 1 minute Central Texas. Object tracking along side the ISS off its port side, emitting repetitive white and blue pulses of light. 12/23/20
10/10/20 19:00 Monroe WA Fireball 3 minutes Orange ball of light that zig zagged. 12/23/20
10/10/20 18:44 St. Louis MO

MADAR Node 70 12/23/20
10/10/20 18:00 Pensacola FL Oval 2 hours Metallic UFO above Pensacola Florida 12/23/20
10/10/20 16:30 Otisville MI Other 5 minutes Neon Orange lines making zigzags and circles in a small area 12/23/20
10/10/20 16:15 Las Vegas NV Cigar 4 minutes Craft was gliding South to North toward Sheep Mountains. Craft was changing from silvery bright to darker black and back to silvery con 12/23/20
10/10/20 14:00 bidenhospice AK Chevron 45 Why in the hell have you people just stopped updating the site?? Site is worthless 12/23/20
10/10/20 11:09 Jasper GA Unknown 2 minutes Watching TV with my kids and from our living room we have almost a full wall of windows.The sky lit up like turquoise blue for almost 2 12/23/20
10/10/20 11:00 Huntingtln Beach CA Other 1 minute While taking trash out approx 11 AM pdt to apt complex looked up saw what I first thought was a plane or small helicopter it was about 12/23/20
10/10/20 08:55 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Cigar 10 Big long vertical luminous beam of white light 12/23/20
10/10/20 08:28 Leaving Denver by plane headed to Texas CO Light .30 Glowing round light 30,000 ft in the air spotted from airplane 12/23/20
10/10/20 06:15 Independence MO Unknown 1.5 hours Observed 2 white lights moving in tandem forward and back, up and down just before dawn. 12/23/20
10/10/20 05:43 Rocksprings TX Sphere Unknown Unknown Sphere's. 2 separate sightings.One on camera 12/23/20
10/10/20 00:05 Orleans (Canada) ON Cylinder 5 minutes This was a cylinder which had a burning flame coming out of it and looked like a parachute like craft was above it. It had no sound and 12/23/20
10/9/20 23:25 Elkridge MD Diamond 3 minutes Approached by diamond shaped white light on I-95 alone at night. 12/23/20
10/9/20 22:00 Rolla MO Cigar 30-40 seconds “Plane” with no wings turns into saucer then vanishes 12/23/20
10/9/20 21:15 West Springfield MA Light 3 seconds Large light projection flew over my home and out in front of me 40-50feet, then disappeared silently 12/23/20
10/9/20 20:30 Glens Ferry ID Disk 2 minutes Purple disk close enough in the sky to see individual lights forming circle 12/23/20
10/9/20 20:00 New Bedford MA Formation 10 minutes Four lights flying in formation over the city 12/23/20
10/9/20 19:19 Las Vegas NV Light ~18 seconds Light Above Plane Following Flight After Takeoff - Stops and Suspends In Air Before Vanishing 12/23/20
10/9/20 19:10 South Kingstown RI Light 4 minutes Tiny red object ejects small white light 12/23/20
10/9/20 18:50 Manchester CT

MADAR Node 151 12/23/20
10/9/20 17:35 Pensacola FL Circle Ongoing A bright white round object sitting perfectly still against a clear blue sky..broad daylight 12/23/20
10/9/20 07:15 Davenport WA Other 15 minutes Extremely bright object slowly moving in and out of the mid-level clouds 12/23/20
10/9/20 06:04 Garrettsville OH

MADAR Node 64 12/23/20
10/8/20 22:45 Quincy IL Light 12 seconds One emensely bright light observed to my northwest which faded after about 12 seconds after it caught my eye. Didn't move. 12/23/20
10/8/20 21:00 Pittsburgh PA Triangle 2hours White lights and no sound was rotating and spinning in one spot almost a prism shape 12/23/20
10/8/20 20:45 Cicero NY Light 10 seconds Very fast moving light going across the sky. 12/23/20
10/8/20 20:30 Eastlake OH Teardrop 10 seconds Dark teardrop shaped object flew fast close to the ground had blue lights on front of it and moved silently craft was very dark and eas 12/23/20
10/8/20 20:15 Sevierville TN Egg 15 minutes Three lights on an a hovering, egg like object that slowly dimmed before it disappeared. 12/23/20
10/8/20 20:04 Waterloo IL Triangle 30 seconds Bright Light pulses twice in the sky, mysterious aircraft with no indicator lights trailed by two jets crosses same spot 12/23/20
10/8/20 19:08 Spencerville
Other 30 seconds Chrome Tic-Tac Craft in clear sky in Dekalb County, Indiana 12/23/20
10/8/20 19:01 Stockport OH Light 10 minutes plus My son and I were on porch at dusk and saw what looked like perhaps planes making trails in sky but realized they weren't moving to our 12/23/20
10/8/20 18:36 Pine City NY

MADAR Node 82 12/23/20
10/8/20 17:06 Redding CA Disk 2 seconds UFO appeared on live t.v. 10/8/2020 12/23/20
10/8/20 13:30 Newburgh IN

MADAR Node 142 12/23/20
10/8/20 13:17 North Port FL

MADAR Node 147 12/23/20
10/8/20 12:00 Davy WV
1 hour Intergalactic ufo have a truly wide range of shape patterns lights size n distance never discount a shaky looking star of a 12/23/20
10/8/20 08:43 Lakeville MN Disk 7 minutes I spotted this disk shaped ufo while driving near Lakeville MN area. I took several pictures. In one picture the ufo was hovering in a 12/23/20
10/8/20 05:20 Baileyton AL Light ~1 minute There were three lights, 2 brilliant blue Lights on the sides and 1 green/blue large light in the middle.

None of the lights flashed
10/8/20 03:40 Granville OH Light 10 seconds Was driving into work this morning. A bright light just appeared in the sky above me. It was about 100 feet in the air. It just appea 12/23/20
10/8/20 03:25 Bemidji MN Circle 5 minutes Moving object? 12/23/20
10/8/20 03:00 Lansing MI Circle 2 seconds green light with a smoke tale falling in the south sky. 12/23/20
10/8/20 02:40 Coggon IA Circle 2 seconds Bright Green light moving across sky in Iowa 12/23/20
10/8/20 01:00 Charleston WV Light 2 seconds Around 1am driving around kanawha city my girlfriend and I saw a white light with a green hue around it streaking down toward the groun 12/23/20
10/7/20 23:30 Grass Valley CA Disk 5 minutes I captured a disk-like object with astro-photography equipment, and can not explain it with my astronomy, physics, or camera knowledge. 12/23/20
10/7/20 22:45 Freedom PA Oval 5 minutes 3 oval shaped objects met in sky and hovered closely. 12/23/20
10/7/20 21:30 Riverside CA Sphere 5 seconds Fast moving orb craft over Southern California 10/07/2020. 12/23/20
10/7/20 21:00 Ferndale MI Chevron 45 seconds Pale blue asymmetric chevron of several steady lights. 12/23/20
10/7/20 20:00 Gordonsville VA Oval 30 seconds A oval shaped object flew by close to the ground without making noise. 12/23/20
10/7/20 19:45 Gaston SC Triangle 30 minutes + repeating observation of object in westerly sky after sundown and before object sets, rapid flashing red, green white and blue 12/23/20
10/7/20 19:35 Terre Haute IN Light unsure Four points of light appeared one after the other, one with a quickly-disappearing light trail, half an hour before nightfall. 12/23/20
10/7/20 19:21 Belchertown MA Unknown At least 1 hour Bright opal/diamond color shifting lights near Quabbin reservoir 12/23/20
10/7/20 19:00 saint peters MO Other 1 minute I saw a cloked wedge shaped craft it was slow moving with no sound. 12/23/20
10/7/20 14:38 Hanover MD

MADAR Node 77 12/23/20
10/7/20 09:21 Boise ID

MADAR Node 111 12/23/20
10/7/20 09:13 Waterford MI Flash 2:31 Object started flashing ( I’m aware it’s not the planet next to it) lasting actually about 5 minutes. I was parked in my car, craft a 12/23/20
10/7/20 06:15 Charlottesville VA Circle 1 minute Driving to work on I-64, I saw two really bright stars in my peripheral vision. They didn’t catch my attention.... until one moved extr 12/23/20
10/7/20 05:15 Youngstown NY Circle 1 hour circular lights behind a tree, saw for an hour 12/23/20
10/7/20 03:14 Star Valley AZ

MADAR Node 53 12/23/20
10/7/20 01:05 Franklin PA Oval 1 hour Donut shaped craft, appeared to be a hole in the center, fire red to orange in color.(Changed) 12/23/20
10/6/20 23:38 Key West FL Unknown 28 seconds Shining orb flew in a zigzag pattern then disappeared 12/23/20
10/6/20 22:12 San Antonio TX Fireball 7 seconds Whatever it was? It big 12/23/20
10/6/20 21:00 Skamania WA Unknown 1 minute Dimming light varying speeds in sky until it disappeared 12/23/20
10/6/20 20:15 Delaware OH Light 7 minutes White lights moving in an erratic hovering pattern that no aircraft could achive 12/23/20
10/6/20 20:00 Colbert WA Unknown 2 minutes My husband and I were outside playing with our dog in the evening. We live in the country and the sky was almost completely dark at thi 12/23/20
10/6/20 20:00 Beavercreek OR Unknown 5 minutes Bright white object appeared to be shot at and exploded. 12/23/20
10/6/20 19:52 Oakdale CT Triangle 3 seconds Triangle UFO, bright white lights at each corner. 35ft long by 20 feet wide in back. Black craft, silent, went 35 MPH, 150ft off ground 12/23/20
10/6/20 19:35 Teerre Haute IN Cigar 10 minutes This unknown orange glowing object became apparent as I was taking photos and video of what I think was either space debris or a meteor 12/23/20
10/6/20 19:13 Clifton AZ Light 90 seconds Bright solid white light executes 90 degree turn then disappears 12/23/20
10/6/20 19:00 Bridgewater MA Cigar 60 seconds While standing in my driveway I glanced upward and saw a slow moving object high in the sky with 3 lights positioned in a line moving s 12/23/20
10/6/20 17:00 Harrisburg PA Cigar 5 seconds Capsule shaped object seen. 12/23/20
10/6/20 16:15 Kansas City MO Sphere 45-60 minutes Two white spherical objects high in the daytime sky. 12/23/20
10/6/20 14:40 Alexander NC Cylinder 10 seconds Translucent cylindrical silent aircraft Seen near Asheville North Carolina 11/5/20
10/6/20 11:50 Abilene TX Other 15 seconds Craft with curved wings like an S shape (for the wings) flying over then vanish 11/5/20
10/6/20 11:00 Ueda
Sphere 2 minutes After loss of sleep with no dream recall I had an Abduction Experience and UFO sighting. 12/23/20
10/6/20 06:40 Tulsa OK Circle 4 minutes Light came from southwest moving east northeast. Thought it was iss, but as it came closer it was too bright. Was very bright white not 11/5/20
10/6/20 06:15 Farmers Branch TX Light 3-4 seconds Fast moving object 11/5/20
10/6/20 04:30 Hubbard OR Flash 5-10 minutes This morning I was sitting in my bedroom watching TV (My room is in front of the house, facing east) and I looked out my window and tho 11/5/20
10/6/20 Enumclaw WA Triangle
My son two of my friends (who are in there 50s) and myself were walking my friends pup and we heard a jet. I looked up to see 3 lights 12/23/20
10/5/20 00:00 Pensacola FL Triangle 20 minutes just after turning dark while a tree crew was cutting down a very large tree limb in my back yard that fell from hurricane sally. a tri 11/5/20
10/5/20 21:05 China Spring TX Disk 2 minutes Two circles or disks with pulsating strobe that softened plus the rings looked concentric. No engines were heard, smooth movement unli 12/23/20
10/5/20 21:00 Malvern
Changing 30 Minutes Unexplainable rotating light pattern effect in the low cloud at night and strange loud humming sound 12/23/20
10/5/20 21:00 Bennettsville SC Triangle three minutes Second Triangular craft reported over Bennettsville 12/23/20
10/5/20 20:57 Albuquerque NM Other 25 seconds my porch is newly sealed 11/5/20
10/5/20 20:20 Manchester CT Fireball 2 Glowing orange orb moving across the sky 11/5/20
10/5/20 20:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Egg 3 minutes Shape, speed and flight pattern seem to defy normal aircraft 11/5/20
10/5/20 19:03 Avon OH Other 15 minutes or longer Bright cigar shaped objects with two tails curving toward each other 11/5/20
10/5/20 19:01 Houston TX Light 7 minutes Green lights moving quickly 11/5/20
10/5/20 18:45 Chandigarh (India)
Triangle 1 minute We saw a big boomerang shaped craft above us (INDIA) 5-10-2020 12/23/20
10/5/20 17:00 Staten Island NY Circle 2 minutes I was fishing on the pierre on SOUTH BEACH S.I. N.Y. 12 other people were also there a SILVER ROUND CRAFT was seen doing VERY FAST MON 11/5/20
10/5/20 16:01 LaSalle (Canada) ON Rectangle 3 minutes 15:01 until 15:03 I witnessed a moving rectangular object slowly moving across the northern sky. 11/5/20
10/5/20 15:01 Meeker CO Cylinder 10 minutes Observed a matalic cylinder shaped object,hovering vertically about 1 1\2 miles away. 12/23/20
10/5/20 14:21 Farmington Hills MI

MADAR Node 144 12/23/20
10/5/20 14:12 Littlerock AR

MADAR Node 56 12/23/20
10/5/20 10:35 Potterville MI Disk Unknown Object was noticed post event in a cell phone picture. 12/23/20
10/5/20 08:00 Ellensburg WA Oval 20 seconds Large oval metallic and shiny looking object in the sky Between Ellensburg and Yakima near the military training center in the morning. 12/23/20
10/5/20 06:47 Fishers IN

MADAR Node 84 12/23/20
10/5/20 06:30 Lakeside CA Circle 5 minutes White spots in space 11/5/20
10/5/20 03:10 Walworth WI Light 30 minutes bright star like form moving up and down 11/5/20
10/5/20 01:25 Tucson AZ Light 15 seconds Saw two red/orange dots rising to the southeast; they weren't blinking like a plane, just slowly rising. 11/5/20
10/5/20 00:30 Prestonsburg KY Disk 2 minutes Disc shaped object moving in strange directions very quickly 12/23/20
10/4/20 00:00 Birkenfeld OR Cylinder Sept 16 to current September 16, 2020--- On this night, at approximately 2:00 am, I was laying in bed with my 9 year old son in our “apartment&quot; on m 11/5/20
10/4/20 22:30 Niagara Falls (Canada) ON Circle 4:00 4 Weird lights seem to be repeating a pattern in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights?? PD)) 11/5/20
10/4/20 22:30 Vancouver WA Disk ~40 minutes At approximately 10:30 pm on the night of 10/4/2020 in the eastern sky over Vancouver Washington,my girlfriend and I noticed strange li 11/5/20
10/4/20 22:15 Tempe AZ Light 6 minutes UFO Sighting in Phoenix Metro area in the vicinity of Sky Harbor International Airport 11/5/20
10/4/20 22:00 Franklin OH Circle 10 minutes Franklin Ohio October 2020 11/5/20
10/4/20 22:00 Independence MO Triangle 3 minutes Traiangular silent craft with three white lights flew very low over our heads 12/23/20
10/4/20 21:30 South edmond OK Cigar 5 seconds White craft cigar shaped traveled west to east, There were no lights on just a white cigar shaped craft. Approximate speed was 800 to 9 12/23/20
10/4/20 21:30 Mason MI Light 1 minute It was what looked like a bright star or thought it was maybe mars but as I video it, it seemed to change colors and pulse it's not the 11/5/20
10/4/20 20:45 Lowell MI Circle 30 seconds Bright light looked like shooting star from south to north then immediately stopped. The objected turned 90 degrees and accelerated out 11/5/20
10/4/20 20:42 Lachine (Canada) QC Fireball 2 hours 1. Looked like a ball of fire with it's circumference flickering slighly.

2. With in a two hour span i sighted approx. 19 of  the o
10/4/20 20:00 Springfield IL Light 2 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Witness fails to provide detailed information about the sighting. PD)) 11/5/20
10/4/20 19:30 New Windsor NY Flash 45 minutes 4 flashing lights/orbs hovering above residential area in triangle to rectangle patterns 11/5/20
10/4/20 14:08 Kansas City MO

MADAR Node 40 12/23/20
10/4/20 13:28 Hanover MD

MADAR Node 77 12/23/20
10/4/20 06:05 West Chazy NY

MADAR Node 65 12/23/20
10/4/20 01:00 Tempe AZ Oval 15 minutes A round oval shaped like Traveling north south east west circular Flashing lights rotated Red Blue White I felt an energy as it drew c 11/5/20
10/3/20 22:55 Austin TX Changing 1 minute Bubble or orb-like craft sighting over North Austin, TX 12/23/20
10/3/20 22:55 Austin TX Changing 1 minute Bubble or orb-like craft sighting over North Austin, TX. 11/5/20
10/3/20 22:30 Playa del Rey CA Circle 2 minutes Object was hoovering over ocean.near los angeles international airport.the object was a glowing red. It started to move north up the ca 11/5/20
10/3/20 21:00 Everett PA Triangle
One was much larger than the other and the smaller one appeared to be be following the much larger one, they also appeared to be commun 11/5/20
10/3/20 21:00 mill creek WA Sphere 1 minute Taking dog in front of my house before going to bed. Look up and see brilliant / bright orange/red object silently moving from North t 12/23/20
10/3/20 21:00 Spring City PA Flash 2 seconds Green light in the sky 11/5/20
10/3/20 20:35 Walterville OR Other 2 minutes a bright star of fire 11/5/20
10/3/20 20:30 Ballston NY Sphere 3-4 minutes 5 friends witness and record a star-like ball of white light &quot;jump&quot; positions, fly through the sky and over them, and fade aw 11/5/20
10/3/20 20:00 Chewelah WA Unknown 3 minutes large craft stationary about a mile up,very bright green and red lights with huge white light between craft hovered for several minutes 12/23/20
10/3/20 20:00 Bethel Park PA Light 2 minutes I was looking up at the big dipper, and to the left of the end of the handle, I witnessed a light slightly dimmer than the nearest star 11/5/20
10/3/20 19:30 East Granby CT Teardrop 90 seconds Two teardrop shaped UFO’s seen near Bradley Airport. 11/5/20
10/3/20 18:00 Anchorage AK Circle over a month already bright orange UFO moving around all night. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a planet?? PD)) 11/5/20
10/3/20 17:41 New York NY Sphere 30 seconds brilliantly yellow ball-like shape moving way high in sky, with short white smoke behind that disappeared 12/23/20
10/3/20 15:50 Shrewsbury NJ Unknown 30-60 seconds At approx 15:50 I was traveling westbound on Sycamore ave. in Little Silver, NJ towards Shrewsbury. Further west from us and directly a 11/5/20
10/3/20 15:00 Rossville KS Sphere 1 minute White spheres spotted in Rossville Kansas 11/5/20
10/3/20 08:32 Ponca City OK Formation 5-10 minutes Pentagon Formation folloiwed by huge vapor trail 11/5/20
10/3/20 04:00 Lake Kinderhook, Niverville Hamlet NY Rectangle 15 minutes Two glowing blue objects with pulsing tangerine lights below, suspended absolutely still, in close view; dog agitated 12/23/20
10/3/20 01:40 Linden NC Cylinder 5 hours Please watch the video 11/5/20
10/3/20 00:38 Kelowna (Canada) BC Chevron 2 minutes I went out to the backyard to call our cat inside for the night. I looked up and noticed what at first appeared to be an airplane, comp 11/5/20
10/2/20 23:29 West Covina CA Unknown 5 minutes A bright orange flickering UFO moved from left to right over the 10 freeway in West Covina before turning and flying back/upward. 11/5/20
10/2/20 22:59 Austin TX Light 25-30 seconds My daughter (10y.o.) and I had just returned from getting groceries. When I closed the trunk and proceeded toward the house I immediate 11/5/20
10/2/20 22:00 Berea KY Triangle
3 noiseless and dark triangular aircraft were spotted hovering completely still over the interstate I-75. 11/5/20
10/2/20 21:18 Lewes DE Sphere 5 minutes Red fiery round object in sky 11/5/20
10/2/20 20:20 Center Conway NH Light 24 seconds A stationary bright flash of light in the northern sky at 50 degrees from horizontal.

It disappeared, then every three seconds after
10/2/20 20:00 New Hartford NY Circle 2 mins 2 Pink Orbs above crowd multiply then zip away VIDEO in Description 12/23/20
10/2/20 19:40 Mililani HI Disk 1 minute Peace sign like saucer with red and green lights moving slowly in the sky 12/23/20
10/2/20 19:15 Brunswick ME Circle 2 minutes 2 very fast circular crafts moving impossibly fast followed by 3 helicopters at much lower speed. 11/5/20
10/2/20 18:45 Center Harbor NH Light 15 minutes Lights hovering over Lake Winnipesaukee 11/5/20
10/2/20 09:30 Bryn Mawr PA Light 45 seconds Bright circle of light flying low, quickly and erratic about the size of a softball 12/23/20
10/2/20 08:00 Yukon OK Sphere 3-4 minutes Yellow light above treeline in the country too big to be a light or plane 11/5/20
10/1/20 23:00 Shelton CT Other 2 seconds Green meteorite came out of sky, de-flames itself if that’s a word, spacecraft hovering in air, disappears into thin air, warp drive ? 11/5/20
10/1/20 22:00 Troy OR Triangle 1 minute Two large triangle craft and one small white triangle craft 12/23/20
10/1/20 21:00 Cedar Rapids IA Triangle 4 minutes At 9:00 pm on Thursday October 1st, I was taking out my garbage when I saw a aircraft slowly coming towards my home, west to east, goin 11/5/20
10/1/20 21:00 Cumming GA Cigar All night a large red light resembling a ferris wheel ... We have seen this huge light on several occasions and when no stars are visible...When 12/23/20
10/1/20 20:30 Gaston SC Triangle 30 minutes + same as reported on 9/30/2020 triangular craft in western sky at 280 degs, inclination is ~30 degs this is about 1 hr earlier than yest 11/5/20
10/1/20 20:05 Harrogate TN Triangle 3 minutes Three bright white lights moving in unison in a triangular shape. 11/5/20
10/1/20 20:00 Mount Carmel PA Circle 5 minutes Saw a white white circular shape float across the sky for about a mile, then went behind a tree waited for it to come out the other sid 11/5/20
10/1/20 19:45 Roebling NJ Circle 2 minutes At roughly 7:45pm on Friday, October 1, 2020 I was standing in my front yard along with five other members of my family. We were trying 11/5/20
10/1/20 16:00 Windsor Locks CT Cigar 2 seconds Fast bright cigar shaped object 11/5/20
10/1/20 10:26 North Billerica MA Cone 30 seconds Three silver UFO's circling/erratically moving over Route 3 in North Billerica, MA. on crystal clear day 11/5/20
10/1/20 10:00 Troy OR Triangle 1 minute Two large triangle craft and one small white triangle craft 12/23/20
10/1/20 08:50 Austin TX Cigar 5 minutes Cigar-Shaped hovering craft spotted near I-35 and 290 exit north of Austin 12/23/20
10/1/20 06:30 Aberdeen (UK/Scotland)
Unknown 30 seconds I was driving to work this morning and i noticed what i thought was a plane in the sky coming into land as it was very low but as i loo 11/5/20
10/1/20 06:04 Ludlow MA Other 30 seconds I saw a white, reflective, and tic tac shaped object with no lights that flew over my house twice in a span of 5 mins 11/5/20
10/1/20 06:00 Temple City
Changing 2 minutes Object approached from south at 400 feet in altitude. Appeared to be floating with no lights. Estimated size about that of a small comp 11/5/20
10/1/20 06:00 Ludlow MA Other 5 minutes I saw a white, reflective, silent, and tic tac shaped object fly over my house twice of a span of 5 mins and recorded it. 11/5/20
10/1/20 05:55 Johnson City TN Triangle 5 minutes Triangular shaped with three bright white lights in vertical stationary position 11/5/20
10/1/20 05:00 Moundville AL Changing 30 minutes It wasn't the normal star. It was strobing and sparkling like a sparkler and it was lower than a star .All the years that I've lived h 11/5/20
10/1/20 04:00 Redding CA Circle 10 seconds Two black dots playing hide and seek. 12/23/20
10/1/20 04:00 Covington PA Light 2 hours I woke up at 4am to go to the bathroom and when I layed back down I saw a really bright light in the sky that I have never noticed befo 11/5/20
10/1/20 02:37 Everett WA Disk 1 hour Reflective object with time loss 11/5/20