National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 03/2007
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
3/31/07 23:15 Gerry/Ellington NY Disk 15 minutes 5 to 6 gray thin disk-shaped "saucers" were flying quickly across the sky. 4/27/07
3/31/07 22:00 Kennedy NY Oval 2 hours I saw 5 flying objects that were light up circling in the sky late at night. 4/27/07
3/31/07 21:48 Delta CO Cross 30 min Saw a green and red glowing cross in the sky 4/27/07
3/31/07 20:15 Kelseyville CA Cylinder 30 minutes Cylinder shaped object with bright red and orange flickering lights moving slowly 4/27/07
3/31/07 20:00 East Rutherford NJ Circle 2 hrs 4 circular objects intertwining in and out of each other in circular motion behind clouds. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights? PD)) 4/27/07
3/31/07 19:50 Portland OR Light 4 sec bright lights 4/27/07
3/31/07 19:45 Beaverton OR Unknown 10 seconds Large object with hot pink glowing light in front and turquoise blue light in back descending with no trail and disappeared at dusk. 4/27/07
3/31/07 19:00 Arlington TX Oval 3 Mins White oval (weather balloon?) over The Ballpark 4/27/07
3/31/07 19:00 Whittier CA Light 30 seconds bright white light with violet streaks 4/27/07
3/31/07 18:30 Sydney (Australia)
Fireball 10 sec Before dark yesterday a huge bright golden light was seen, before it exploded and shot off on a right hand downward trajectory. 4/27/07
3/31/07 18:15 Tucson AZ Cigar 1 to 2 minutes Object seen over Tucson Mountains; possible missile launch? 4/27/07
3/31/07 08:30 Redondo Beach CA Disk 15 seconds silver object hovered over the ocean 4/27/07
3/31/07 06:55 Gwynn Oak MD Disk 3 minutes UFO over Gwynn Oak MD 6/12/07
3/31/07 05:00 Los Angeles CA Circle 3 minutes Two objects in the AM sky over Los Angeles moving together. 4/27/07
3/31/07 02:00 Perryville MO Other <10 seconds Greenish object seen falling with a greenish illuminated plume along the trajectory path. 4/27/07
3/30/07 23:39 Santa Clarita CA Disk 2or 3 mins bright lights caught my eye as we were driving home it was round saucer shape with a triangle of lights under the saucer. 4/27/07
3/30/07 23:12 East Windsor (Cranbury) NJ Light Around 75 Minutes VERY LARGE BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT OBJECT ROTATING OVER 1 HR. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising light?? PD)) 4/27/07
3/30/07 21:30 Sugar Notch PA Triangle ~1 minute? 3 Light Triangle / Wyoming Valley / Eastward 6/12/07
3/30/07 21:30 Kalamazoo MI Triangle 1-2 min. Large triangular craft, no lights or sound, spotted at low altitude. 4/27/07
3/30/07 21:01 Rome GA Light 1 min 30 seconds Two Bright Lights observed - faded away simultaneously 4/27/07
3/30/07 21:01 Ravenswood WV Light 1 min Two bright lights in eastern hemisphere at a 45 degree angle 4/27/07
3/30/07 21:00 Wheeling WV Light 20 Seconds Two lights, in close proximity (approximately 3-4 degrees apart, very bright (brighter than venus) and without flicker, in the NNE. . . 4/27/07
3/30/07 19:00 Hollywood CA Cigar 30 seconds black cigar like object in hollywood hills 4/27/07
3/30/07 14:15 Rockville MD Cigar 15 seconds +/- I was taking a break and laying on the sidewalk in front of our office looking straight up into the sky. The weather was clear, visibil 4/27/07
3/30/07 06:30 Sarasota FL Light 4-5 seconds very bright star or planet in morning sky that moved very rapidly and then disappeared 4/27/07
3/30/07 04:30
MS Sphere 5 minutes White luminous Sphere 4/27/07
3/30/07 00:00 Norwich CT Light seconds bright stationary object quickly shooting upwards at a 45 degree angle 4/27/07
3/29/07 23:30 Tallahassee FL Light half hour+ I have seen this two times now. 4/27/07
3/29/07 22:00 Fresh Meadows NY Oval 20 minutes I was driving home from my parent’s house and I notice as I arrived closer to my home a bright star to my left. I continued driving and 4/27/07
3/29/07 21:15 Canton MI Formation 2 - 3 minutes Two pulsing lights traveling in perfect formation 4/27/07
3/29/07 20:00 Jersey City NJ Diamond 1 hour and still ongoing Bright white diamond shaped object in the sky within the atmosphere standing motionless. 4/27/07
3/29/07 12:00 New London CT Unknown
03/29/07 11:49am Thames River, New London, CT Strange light in the sky 4/27/07
3/29/07 10:00 Lecce (Italy)
Cigar 13 minute the cigar flew all over my orizont while i was waiting the train pass 500 Lights On Object0: Yes 4/27/07
3/29/07 09:30 Morgantown WV Sphere 5-mins redish-orange glowing sphere 4/27/07
3/28/07 22:30 San Juan Bautista CA Circle 6 hours Six UFO obererved for six hours in rural area outside of San Juan Bautista, California. 4/27/07
3/28/07 21:00 Plover WI Sphere 15mins Possible F-16 engagment of a UFO over Plover, Wisconsin 4/27/07
3/28/07 20:30 Sarasota FL Flash 40 Minutes ((HOAX??)) Spotted hovering for a long period of time over Bradenton Sarasota airport. 4/27/07
3/28/07 19:00 Cary NC Teardrop 1-2 min 2 red UFOs shuts off electrical equipment and makes noise. 4/27/07
3/28/07 17:15 Rochester NY Other 10 min pure white bubbulous object with brilliant tiny red twinkling lights in a small area on the underside 4/27/07
3/28/07 04:30 Mountain View AR Light 10-30 seconds Moved too fast & silently to be an airplaine. 4/27/07
3/28/07 01:30 Duluth MN Changing 5 to 10 minutes i looked to my south and saw a cluster of lights changed to a stright line of lights 4/27/07
3/27/07 23:01 Antioch CA Triangle 6 minutes I saw a flash of light, the object moved erradically in one area, stabilized itself, then I saw another moving erradically 4/27/07
3/27/07 23:01 San Francisco CA Triangle 3 seconds One triangular, or arc shaped illuminated object moving arbitrarily south to north. 4/27/07
3/27/07 17:00 Seattle WA Egg 20 seconds Two Crafts. One sighting. 3/31/08
3/27/07 05:45 Philadelphia PA Unknown a few seconds Bright green light streaked quickly across the Philadelphia sky very early in the morning. 4/27/07
3/27/07 05:37 Millstone Twp. NJ Flash 1-1.5 seconds BRIGHT FLASH NJ FOLLOWED BY ACCELERATED OBJECT 4/27/07
3/27/07 05:35 Livingston NJ Cigar few secounds bright light that was moving upward and curving slightly at a rapid speed a leaving a trail. It almost looked like a rocket burning in 4/27/07
3/26/07 23:40 St. Petersburg FL Circle 5 minutes 2 parallel sets of Circular "chasing" style lights hovering, then landing near Park Street in Pinellas County, Florida 4/27/07
3/26/07 23:15 Framingham MA Unknown 2 minutes Dark shape in nighttime sky. 4/27/07
3/26/07 21:05 Phoenix Area AZ Cylinder a ew seconds Spotted over Phoenix, AZ. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius…or a hoax?? PD)) 3/31/08
3/26/07 20:45 Orlando FL Cylinder 10 Minutes fire cylinder over the Orlando International Airport... 4/27/07
3/26/07 18:00 Shoreline WA Sphere Minutes Accidentally photographed UFO's 4/27/07
3/26/07 12:30 Modesto CA Sphere 2 minutes Multiple Spheres dancing in the sky over Modesto, California 4/27/07
3/26/07 05:55 Orlando FL Light 30-40 seconds Pulsating "star" moves slowly, stops for several seconds, then continues moving in a different direction 4/27/07
3/26/07 04:30 Parker AZ Diamond
It was about 4;30 am I was pulling in to the canso off of hwy95 and saw this Brit Light it was in shape of a diamond but soon entered f 4/27/07
3/26/07 03:30 San Pedro Town (Belize)
Triangle 30 seconds I saw a dark triangle with bright white lights at each point 4/27/07
3/25/07 22:45 Southgate MI Triangle 12 seconds UFO with one orange light followed by 2 red lights 4/27/07
3/25/07 22:18 Kingston (Canada) ON Other 30 seconds Observed in Kingston On. Canada, 2 grey lines passing one over another overhead. 4/27/07
3/25/07 22:15 St. Johnsbury VT Oval 1-2 seconds A greenish fireball shot across the sky. 4/27/07
3/25/07 21:05 Santa Fe NM Unknown 30 min Venus moves by itself? 4/27/07
3/25/07 20:58 Torrington CT Other 3-4 seconds twin-lights shoot over sky at a unbelievable speed over torrington ,Connecticut 3/25/07 @ 8:58 P.M. 4/27/07
3/25/07 19:00 Yuma AZ Fireball ? fiery ball in the south eastern sky 4/27/07
3/25/07 17:50 Gardena CA Circle 20 Seconds Bright Circle seen in sky in Gardena ((NUFORC Note: Student report. May be hoax. PD)) 8/7/07
3/25/07 15:10 Las Cruces NM Triangle 20 minutes Triangular UFO with tentacles. 4/27/07
3/25/07 10:45 Alexandria VA Circle 30-45 seconds Two tranclucent cirlces float over D.C. 4/27/07
3/25/07 00:00 Pinole CA Flash 7 minutes Bright Orange Object 4/27/07
3/25/07 00:00 Jacksonville FL Triangle 1 min The triangle strikes again 4/27/07
3/24/07 23:00 Celina TN Circle 3sec Thats a bright light 4/27/07
3/24/07 22:45 Joao Pessoa (Brazil)
Cross 1 min or less 2 amber orange cross-shaped flying objects 4/27/07
3/24/07 21:35 Monroe NC Light 2 Minutes Blinking light being chased by a military (?) aircraft... 4/27/07
3/24/07 21:00 Butte MT Light 5 MIN bright lights over butte & rocker, MT 4/27/07
3/24/07 20:35 Simi Valley CA Light 30 to 45 seconds Light travelling, turning. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Iridium satellite. PD)) 4/27/07
3/24/07 19:30 Palmdale CA Oval 3 minutes Bright light hoers over high desert 4/27/07
3/24/07 08:00 St. Johnsbury VT
Continuing France de-classifies UFO information & Sightings Reports 4/27/07
3/24/07 06:30 India
Unknown 5 minutes an unknown shaped onject ejecting reddish flames fr its tail but moving along the horizon 4/27/07
3/24/07 00:45 Tacoma WA Light 2-3 min Glowing light in sky puts on air show, poses for picture, and shoots out of sight over Tacoma,WA. 4/27/07
3/23/07 00:00 Goodyear AZ Fireball 5 minutes Strrange Fireball over Goodyear Arizona 4/27/07
3/23/07 23:40 Buffalo NY Unknown less than 3 seconds Two red lights (about the width of the pink finger held away from the body) in the sky almost directly moving at a very fast rate. 4/27/07
3/23/07 21:20 North Highlands CA Light 20 minutes Bright, sometimes pulsating, light "dancing" about in western sky at about 10 degrees above horizon for 20 minutes. 4/27/07
3/23/07 20:00 National City CA Sphere Unknown Red Orbs in San Deigo! 4/27/07
3/23/07 11:30 Hanson KY Fireball 4 seconds exploding ball of light flooded kitchen 4/27/07
3/23/07 08:10 Peoria AZ Fireball 10 minutes round ball, different colors, vanished, traveling in a few directions 4/27/07
3/22/07 22:46 Griffin GA Teardrop 2 minutes Purplish light seen from car over school parking lot in Griffin GA 4/27/07
3/22/07 22:15 Corvallis OR Light one-half second Round, white light with halo effect appeared briefly in the vicinity of the Big Dipper on clear, cold night.. 4/27/07
3/22/07 21:56 Richmond Hill (Canada) ON Disk 25 seconds ((HOAX??)) Massive disc shaped craft, dark in colour with white and red lights. 4/27/07
3/22/07 21:30 Visalia CA Sphere 1hr. 2007, March 22 @ 19:30 Amber lights seen over Visalia, CA 4/27/07
3/22/07 19:01 Ironton OH Cone Unknown Cone Shaped Object Photographed In Ohio 4/27/07
3/22/07 19:00 Beaverton OR Cigar 2-3 mins Multiple cigar shaped objects flying around each other then shooting across the sky. 4/27/07
3/22/07 17:00 Kohila (Estonia)
Light 10 minutes A bright and intense light on the ground in an empty field. 4/27/07
3/22/07 11:00 France

Wow... did you guys see this news today? France has openned up their UFO files on the Internet.
3/22/07 11:00 Paso Robles CA Cylinder 2 hours CHANGING COLOR CYLINDER IN WEST SKY OF PASO ROBLES 4/27/07
3/22/07 05:30 San Francisco CA Light 10 seconds High speed and dacing lights in the southern sky. 4/27/07
3/22/07 01:00 Show Low AZ Formation 5 hrs Giant disc in Show Low with 7 smaller discs in formation 8/12/08
3/22/07 00:00 Houston TX Circle 5 minutes Last night a large round object came out of a forest behing my house, the next day we explored the area to find no leaves. 4/27/07
3/21/07 21:30 Pittsburgh PA Light 1 min Two bright lights that did not move and that weren't there a minute ago. 6/12/07
3/21/07 19:45 Denton TX Changing 3hrs Bright oval shaped craft/object white with red pulses from behind it 10 to 20 sec, apart. Very close. Looked like it was in orbit..UFO? 4/27/07
3/21/07 09:45 Broadview Heights OH Triangle 5 minutes Large black triangle observed close up flying away then reaapearing soon after. 4/27/07
3/21/07 06:05 Pigeon Forge TN Light over 1 hour Light moving in strange patterned flight over Pigeon Forge, Tennessee 4/27/07
3/21/07 00:00 Celina TN Unknown 3sec Man that bright light was messed up. 4/27/07
3/20/07 23:16 Pearl Harbor HI Fireball 1 to 2 seconds Fireball in Hawaii 4/27/07
3/20/07 22:35 Newberg OR Light a few seconds round ball of light falling from the sky like a falling star. 4/27/07
3/20/07 21:27 Novato CA Circle 15 seconds UFO in Novato CA 3/20/07 9:27 pm 4/27/07
3/20/07 21:11 Chico CA Sphere 5 seconds Extraordinarily fast moving spherical object with pulsing light... 4/27/07
3/20/07 20:15 Scottdale PA Sphere 3 to 5 seconds Strange object not blinking but glowing strangely. 4/27/07
3/20/07 20:00 Livermore CA Circle <1 minute Bright circular object of rusty orange color crossing sky, then quickly fading 4/27/07
3/20/07 11:00 White City/Eagle Point OR Cigar about 10 mins Unknown over the hills of Eagle Point and White City 4/27/07
3/20/07 09:00 Papillion NE Cigar 30 seconds Two cigar shapes traveling the same direction and speed and aproximately one mile away. 8/7/07
3/20/07 06:37 Blackville SC Cigar 30 Seconds ((HOAX??)) The object appeared this morning while I was traveling to work. It’s was going SE to NW and then changed to west. 4/27/07
3/20/07 06:15 Davenport FL Light 30 seconds Pulse Plasma light / craft ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a flare from an Iridium satellite. PD)) 4/27/07
3/20/07 02:20 Ridgeway CO Other UFO There were nine or ten of these object flying everywhere and seemed to come from the dull star in the West. 4/27/07
3/20/07 01:00 Fort Collins CO Cylinder 10 minutes On my way to work going North on I-70 from Fort Collins Colorado to Cheyenne Wyoming.

Noticed a very bright white light in the dista
3/20/07 01:00 Charlotte NC Sphere 4 hours ((HOAX??)) I am actually a little freaked out that I am even in a position where I reporting something like this. 4/27/07
3/19/07 20:15 Berlin WI Fireball 15 minutes It would disappear in one part of the sky for a second then would reappear in a spot a very long distance from where it had disappeared 4/27/07
3/19/07 18:00 Lincolnshire (UK/England)
Diamond 2.30 Whilst out playing with my dog the huge bright star i had been obsessing over revealed its true colours!! 4/27/07
3/19/07 15:00 Prineville OR Sphere 45 sec. Saw a sphere shape light hovering off rimrock, it moved very fast, and was gone in an instant. 4/27/07
3/19/07 11:22 Colorado Springs CO Triangle 1 day Air Force fired projectiles of some sort at alien craft and hit them directly, causing all of the craft fired upon to hit the ground. 4/27/07
3/19/07 09:45 Dublin CA Other Approx 1 hr 2 stationary white objects at high altitude - then disappeared after 1 minute. 3 more objects seen moving slowly across the sky. 4/27/07
3/19/07 09:22 Matteson IL Light 18 minutes, give or take Very bright red light! 4/27/07
3/19/07 08:00 Palm Coast FL Changing 1 hour A very bright shape in the night sky, only to be moving slightly. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 4/27/07
3/18/07 23:30 Dennis MA Unknown 2 hours three objects hover in the sky for two hours above cape cod. 4/27/07
3/18/07 22:20 Murphysboro IL Rectangle 5 Seconds Rectangular, translucent object at a low altitude flies across the sky at high speed 4/27/07
3/18/07 21:32 Tehran (Iran)
Light 7 minutes red light which move slowly and gone rapidly 4/27/07
3/18/07 21:08 Annapolis MD Light 15 sec. Three craft lights traveling in formation- absolute parallel tracks, approx 075 degrees heading.

looked like sattelites, but flying
3/18/07 20:10 Kearny NJ Light 40 seconds light makes L- shape turn in sky 4/27/07
3/18/07 19:00 Norco CA Fireball 10 seconds fireball heading NE (towards Naval Weapons Center) in Norco 4/27/07
3/18/07 19:00 Upland CA Fireball 10 seconds Blue/ Green Fireball fly across the sky in Upland, Ca 3/18/07 4/27/07
3/18/07 17:30 Stratford CT Cigar 20 seconds white cigar shaped ufo over Stratford CT 4/27/07
3/18/07 12:00 Mundelein IL
5 Sec. Faint Black Trail extending out in front of high altitude aircraft 4/27/07
3/18/07 12:00 Othello WA Sphere 1 minute Silver Spherical Probe entering and exiting chemtrail in Othello, Washington 4/27/07
3/18/07 04:30 Bethlehem Township PA Diamond 10 seconds This report is basically the same thing I seen. I was driving to work I seen 4 white lights on each end of the object with a large red 4/18/12
3/18/07 01:00 Philadelphia PA Triangle About 5 minutes I observed a triangular craft that had three bright white lights on each tip and a large red light in the center. it was very close an 4/27/07
3/17/07 21:55 Aledo TX Fireball a few seconds fiery, comet-like meteoroid 4/27/07
3/17/07 21:15 Boynton Beach FL Circle 1 hour moving light over Florida 4/27/07
3/17/07 20:30 Myrtle Beach SC Circle
Strange light looking like a satellite moving slowly at first suddenly darts around the sky back and forth then stops. 4/27/07
3/17/07 20:30 Napoleonville LA Formation
8-9 neon green like balls moving in a snake like line 7/19/10
3/17/07 16:15 Shenzhen (China)
Unknown 20 minutes Hello, I just want to say that I saw couple things today but I'm not sure if it is worth reporting it since I could not distinguish th 4/27/07
3/17/07 15:30 Butong, Taal, Batangas (Philippines)
Disk 2 Minutes white round object flew from the open sky into the clouds and disappeared 4/27/07
3/17/07 14:45 Edgewood NM Triangle 2-3 minutes Triagular object 4/27/07
3/17/07 14:28 Coventry (UK/England)
3/17/07 13:30 Hayward CA Cigar 5 min. At around 13:30 I was throwing the afternoon trash at work and I looked in the eastern sky and I noticed a White Cigar shaped object fl 4/27/07
3/17/07 12:00 Port Charlotte FL Light 5 min bright lights catch my attention 4/27/07
3/17/07 09:30 Valrico FL Light 7 minutes approx Do Satellites Stop then Change Directions? 4/27/07
3/17/07 09:00 Sunnyside NY Circle unknown Circle imprints left in snow in backyard in Queens, New York. 4/27/07
3/17/07 08:00 Ozark AL Unknown 5 minutes 3 objects,that left 3 hugh flashes 4/27/07
3/17/07 06:30 Mishawaka IN Triangle 1 to 2 min March 17, 2007 - Mishawaka, Indiana Approx 6:30am 3/17/07 I saw a red light reflection on the top of my large picture window. I then 4/27/07
3/16/07 23:43 Pasco (Walla Walla/Franklin county line) WA Triangle 20 sec. ufo 4/27/07
3/16/07 23:00 Berkeley CA Chevron 12 minutes Dark, swift chevron-shaped craft with bright "headlight" over East Bay, CA 4/27/07
3/16/07 22:30 Carnation WA Sphere 5 sec Bright Green Object in Sky Over Puget Sound area 4/27/07
3/16/07 22:30 Phoenix AZ Light 3 minutes Red light over Phoenix area. Blinking, solid, and then strobing. 4/27/07
3/16/07 22:15 Sydney (Australia)
Oval 7 minutes ((HOAX??)) It looked like a saucer. 3/31/08
3/16/07 22:00 Federal Way WA Light 10 seconds One large blue spherical light traveling across the sky in about ten seconds. 4/27/07
3/16/07 21:35 Issaquah/North Bend WA Fireball less than 30 seconds Bright green 'fireball' with distinct tail traveling southbound from I-90 and Highway 18 4/27/07
3/16/07 18:20 Vernon (Canada) BC Unknown less than a minute Bright white lights, coming up out of a valley, straight up and out. 4/27/07
3/16/07 13:30 Yakima/union gap WA Triangle 3 minutes triangle shape craft going up and down above house and tree's, about 60mph. 4/27/07
3/16/07 11:45 El Paso TX Oval 8 min Group of 19 small, white bright objects traveling around larger white object seen in El Paso Texas skies. 4/27/07
3/16/07 10:15 Ironton OH Oval 3 minutes Saw a bright yellow/orange football shaped light low over Ironton,Ohio. 4/27/07
3/16/07 10:15 Ironton OH Light 3 minutes Bright yellowish orange football shaped light over western Ironto, Ohio 4/27/07
3/16/07 10:15 Washougal WA Circle 5 seconds large, bright, green something zipped across washougal river area 4/27/07
3/16/07 08:45 Calgary (Canada) AB Circle 3 minutes+- Fast hard high altitude maneuvers 4/27/07
3/16/07 06:20 Stoughton/Cooksville area WI Circle 1-2 min hovering mass of lights over Stoughton WI 4/27/07
3/15/07 23:18 Ames IA Other 5 minutes Two white spheroids merged together while remaining distinct and hovered at a distance before disappearing after five minutes. 4/27/07
3/15/07 23:00 Pratt KS Fireball ~1 minute "Green Fireball" falling through the sky in a western trajectory. 4/17/15
3/15/07 23:00 Easley SC Unknown 5minutes Stationary object moved rapidly away, then back to original spot, then vanished 6/12/07
3/15/07 22:30 Carmel Valley CA Oval 3 seconds Sighting of Similar UFO as Posted on AOL "Did UFO Visit Peace Rally?" 4/27/07
3/15/07 22:30 Leicester (UK/England)

15 min Three bright lights moving side to side across the sky 4/27/07
3/15/07 22:00 San Clemente CA Light 5-7 minutes Two orange dancing lights near San Onofre nuclear reactor 6/9/09
3/15/07 21:30 Medford OR Light 5 sec Green/Blue Colored Lights fall from the sky in same location nearly twice a week around same time. 4/27/07
3/15/07 19:30 Springfield MO Triangle 4 sec MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Man witnesses a "triangle box-shaped" object fly over prison area. 6/12/08
3/15/07 19:00 Delta CO Cone 20 minutes Spotting two UFO's at night, one landing the other taking off, plus one other on the ground the very next day. 4/27/07
3/15/07 17:30 Greenwood DE Sphere 5 minutes Unidentified orbs seen in vicinity of Dover Air Force Base 7/5/19
3/15/07 16:00 Etobicoke (Canada) ON Disk 1 minute silver disk, hovering in the sky approx. 1 minute 6/12/07
3/15/07 15:00 Sratford CT Cylinder 45 mins they will be back. 3/19/09
3/15/07 14:00 Tucson AZ Circle 15 minutes typical saucer shaped craft Stationery in the sky appearing to be watching military air show. 1/31/11
3/15/07 12:00 Montreal (Canada) QC Sphere 10-20 seconds Stainless and brown object over Montreal 8/19/12
3/15/07 11:00 Leicester (UK/England)
Other still there moving misty lights I cant explain 4/27/07
3/15/07 09:27 Spokane (Veradale) WA Changing
i was on the trampoline with my cusien and i was shot back after taking a picture of the UFOs the picture just shows a bright light 4/27/07
3/15/07 09:26 Houston TX Teardrop about at an estimate 15 m Teardrop,fast,lights,ufo,balcony,house,dissapeared,strange,unidentified flying object 4/27/07
3/15/07 09:00 St. Bernardin (Canada) ON Light 2 hours Light appearing in our skyline , changes colors and decends down , hovers then disappears away. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 4/27/07
3/15/07 02:00 Casa Grande AZ Other 45 seconds Distortion crosses starlit skies. 4/27/07
3/15/07 North Wilkesboro NC Other
Images of unidentified &quot;object&quot; accidentally located while viewing on &quot;Streetview&quot; in North Wilkesb 12/30/16
3/14/07 22:55 Voorburg (Netherlands)
Circle 15 minutes Two different shaped lights changing colors in a pattern,frequently at night during 15-20 minutes.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
3/14/07 22:25 Corpus Christi (off shore) TX Light apx. 10-15 minutes Ufo sighted by ExprssJet Piots and confirmed by the crew of another ExpressJet. 4/27/07
3/14/07 22:19 Eden NC Rectangle two to three seconds Extremely fast moving lights in North Carolina 4/27/07
3/14/07 22:00 Boise ID Circle 1 hour Very bright changing color circle shape object moving slowly east to west over Boise towards Ontario, I got video but my camera was pro 4/27/07
3/14/07 21:15 Gig Harbor WA Light 20 minutes Bright light seen over Hail's Passge up close! 4/27/07
3/14/07 21:15 Gig Harbor WA Other Thirty Minutes Wednesday the 14th of March, 2007. Around 9:15 pm PST.

Hail's Passage (Between Gig Harbor Mainland and Fox Island) The area is a fr
3/14/07 21:00 Redmond OR Light hour Shimmering brilliant light darting and hovering in horizon above butte in Redmond, OR. 4/27/07
3/14/07 19:40 Andover MA Circle 6 minutes Green circle stayed in clouds moving in a circular formation for 6 minutes at least 250 feet above us 4/27/07
3/14/07 10:40 Los Angeles CA Disk 30 seconds 7/14/07 Craft sighting 10:40 on Sepulveda Blvd near Veterans Cemetary,Los Angeles, partially cloaked and hovering. 4/27/07
3/14/07 10:10 Kingsland GA Circle 2 minutes Circular Object with many lights. 4/27/07
3/14/07 05:00 New York City (Queens) NY Circle 1 hour I have take down the photo and film for this issue.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
3/14/07 02:50 Lawrence KS Triangle 10-15 seconds Two Isosceles Triangluar-shaped craft gliding effortlessly. 4/27/07
3/13/07 23:20 Bergen NY Circle 2 1/2 hours Large groups of lights in the sky. 4/27/07
3/13/07 23:15 Whitby (Canada) ON Triangle 1 minute Dark triangular craft with white light on each point and large white light in middle. 4/27/07
3/13/07 23:00 Englewood CO Diamond 5 seconds At exactly 10:45 pm,we are going into our building to clean, my husband said stand beside me and we gonna see something in one minute! 4/27/07
3/13/07 22:33 Winthrop NY Sphere 2-3 minutes Bright shiny light-object, changes color and disappears when hit by auto-focus beam from camera...see picture 4/27/07
3/13/07 22:00 U.S.S. San Juan (Atlantic Ocean, east of Florida) FL Unknown 8 HRS. RED BEAM OF LIGHT SEEN BEFORE U.S. SUBMARINE DISAPPEARS FOR 8 HOURS 500 Lights On Object0: Yes 4/27/07
3/13/07 21:30 Jacksonville NC Other 1 hour Large wing shaped mother ship with over 80 small craft formation 4/27/07
3/13/07 21:10 Santa Fe NM Unknown 5 Seconds An object with two lights flying across the western sky -- didn't seem like airplane. 4/27/07
3/13/07 21:00 Beatrice NE Light Two Days I saw a low positioned yellow light that disappeared after a short period of time, haven't seen it since. 4/27/07
3/13/07 19:40 Simi Valley CA Rectangle 1- 2 min Ridiculously fast flying vehicle spotted over Simi Valley Tue. March 13, 2007 4/27/07
3/13/07 19:12 Philadelphia PA Triangle 20 seconds Object(s) over Philadelphia 4/27/07
3/13/07 06:19 San Jose CA Sphere 10 minutes My surveillance camera took pictures of a "spook" on, 3/13/07 and the video is recorded on my DVR. 4/27/07
3/13/07 03:00 Lafayette CA Unknown 5 min 2 beams of light shining thru the skylight in bathroom 4/27/07
3/13/07 01:20 Las Vegas NV Triangle 0-10 mins. Two crafts flying from Area 51 towards Nellis Air Force Base within 5 minutes of each other. 4/27/07
3/13/07 00:00 Rutland VT Unknown 4-5 minutes 2 red lights and 1 white in a triangular pattern on an airborne craft that was neither plane nor helicopter 4/27/07
3/12/07 23:00 Monticello IA Other 3to4 min Blinking lights moving several different directions. 4/27/07
3/12/07 21:00 Silver City NM Changing 20 Minutes UFO With Green, Red, And Blue Lights That Split Into 2, Formed Back Into One, Then Shut Off And Fell From The Sky Followed By 2 Circles 4/27/07
3/12/07 20:30 Lulworth, Dorset (UK/England)
Disk 10 minutes 7 bright whitle lights on the plains of lulworth cove in Dorset, england 4/27/07
3/12/07 20:09 Hayward CA Sphere 1 minute 6 Revolving Spheres over Hayward Calif. 4/27/07
3/12/07 19:00 Gallup (30 miles east of; on I-40) NM Oval 30 mimutes Bright circular object turns into 3 discs over western New Mexican skys. 8/7/07
3/12/07 04:40 Edinburgh (UK/Scotland)
Unknown 1min At around 4.40am 3dec 2007 north northeast, i was heading to work going towards bonnyrigg i stopped at traffic lights at bridge at dalh 3/4/08
3/12/07 01:00 Arroyo Grande CA Triangle 1 hour 1/2 triangular shape with colorful lights hovering above oceano dunes, oceano, california 4/27/07
3/12/07 00:00 Hendersonville NC Light 30 seconds Local TV station reports green light in skies over NC. 8/7/07
3/11/07 20:30 Red Deer (Canada) AB Sphere 1hour-? A spherical light appeared in the sky, and has not moved. 4/27/07
3/11/07 20:10 Scarborough (Canada) ON Fireball 5 seconds Green fireball streaks across the Scarborough sky 4/27/07
3/11/07 20:04 Milton (Canada) ON Flash 20 minutes Bright flash, smoke trail, UFO drone, escorted airliner, hovering object. 4/27/07
3/11/07 20:00 Waynesburg OH Fireball 5 seconds Green fireball in W sky, leaving trail and then exploding. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect that the object may have been a meteor. PD)) 4/27/07
3/11/07 20:00 Jeffersonville OH Other 5 seconds Very green cloudy shooting star type of object in Ohio. 4/27/07
3/11/07 20:00 Afton MI Light 10 seconds seen the light fall from the sky and observed it touch the ground and then disappear. 4/27/07
3/11/07 19:58 Toronto (Canada) ON Fireball 6 sec. approx. Big flaming intense green meteor(ite?) travelling south, very low in the sky. Very cool. Looks like it would have landed in the south o 4/27/07
3/11/07 19:45 Longmont CO Light 5 Minutes Three stationary red/white lights in eastern sky 6/12/07
3/11/07 18:30 Warrington (UK/England)
Triangle couple of minuits traiangle seen over cheshire uk nov 07 11/28/07
3/11/07 16:45 Los Angeles CA Cigar 30 min. Two objects over Los Angeles on a Sunday afternoon. 4/27/07
3/11/07 13:30 Kamas UT Fireball 3hours ((HOAX??)) red light that was on the grond that went fast in kamas ut 8/14/07
3/11/07 11:00 Los Angeles CA Changing 4:59 UFO? Strange shape shifting object with strange light/reflection 4/27/07
3/11/07 09:10 Portchester NY Triangle
3/11/07 04:25 North Hollywood (San Fernando Valley) CA Sphere 2 1/2hrs there was a glowin sphere which is still visible right now that is still swayin back and forth in the distance 4/27/07
3/11/07 00:00 Mission Viejo CA Formation 8 seconds I think I have had a close encounter in Oranger County California 4/27/07
3/11/07 00:00 Bolingbrook IL Rectangle 30 sec. Small, rectangles appearing to be copies of a section of sky moving about double satellite speed in straight line from SSW-NNE. 4/27/07
3/10/07 22:00 Northamptonshire (UK/England)
Other 4 mins 5 bright orange lights fly in formation 11/28/07
3/10/07 22:00 Wolverhampton (UK/England)
Sphere 1 hour 10 mins small satalite shaped object seen doing turns and curcuits over wolverhampton,10th march 07. ((NUFOR 4/27/07
3/10/07 21:00 Franklin VA Light 2 hours Extremely bright light over Franklin, VA. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 4/27/07
3/10/07 20:23 New York City (Staten Island) NY Light 2-3 min Small white lights seen weekly slight green aura 4/27/07
3/10/07 20:00 St. Charles IL Triangle 4 sec Large arrowhead object with white lights around perimeter, flew over my hot tub. 4/27/07
3/10/07 19:40 Canyon Lake CA Light 3 Seconds I saw a bright light streak across the sky, then it looked like it shot straight up, and then vanished. 4/27/07
3/10/07 18:20 DeWitt IA Triangle 10 minutes object was traveling from South to North directly over town at a constant speed. 4/27/07
3/10/07 16:40 Isanti MN Changing 6 seconds Bright light in the sky changed shape or direction then disappeared. 4/27/07
3/10/07 02:30 Hammonds Plains (Canada) NS Unknown 15 - 20 minutes It was the night of March 10th 2007 at around 2:10 in the morning. Me and my best friend Steve were sitting in his car waiting to go on 4/27/07
3/10/07 02:00 Jacksonville FL Triangle 45min A triangle with bright white lights at each point and red flickering light in the middle. Lasted about 40min. 4/27/07
3/10/07 00:00 Alliance OH Circle 20seconds 17 circles in four v shapes! 4/27/07
3/9/07 21:30
UT Circle 5-8 sec Circles in triangle formation flying east to west, very fast over Orem Utah. 10/8/07
3/9/07 20:25 Tempe AZ Other 10 seconds low vapor sound in sky, accompanied ground rumbling 4/27/07
3/9/07 19:30 Holland NY Circle 60-90 seconds At about 7:30 p.m. on 3/9/07 saw moving UFO low in sky with 4 main lights of different colors equally spaced in a circular pattern 4/27/07
3/9/07 19:30 Houston TX Egg 5 minutes Gray egg shaped object with many colored lights flying low in the sky, then either vanishing or flying away very quickly. 4/27/07
3/9/07 19:30 San Dimas CA Oval 5-10 minutes Orange Red light traveling from west to east very slowly, then went straight up 4/27/07
3/9/07 18:45 Mattoon IL Light 5-10 minutes Three extremely bright, blinking, white-orange lights sighted East of I-57 near Mattoon. 11/28/07
3/9/07 18:22 Tijuana (Mexico)
Sphere unknow circule on the sun in the midtle of it. 5 or 6 pictures same mark diferent camera. 10/8/07
3/9/07 18:00 Bremerton WA
5 min. An anomalous event: Living in Bremerton, WA., near PSNS shipyard.

I reported to a friend yesterday (09/Mar/07)a mass flight of seem-
3/9/07 12:05 Tucson AZ Sphere 10 min A daylight sighting of a white sphere near a chemtrail over Tucson, AZ was observed from schoolyard by parents and teachers. 4/27/07
3/9/07 09:54 Margate FL Circle 5 minutes Margate Fl. - Large Circle in clouds with light on bottom side - pulling a cloud (twisting) into it 4/27/07
3/9/07 06:45 Salt Lake City UT Light 4 seconds Ball of orange light in morning sky over Salt Lake City 4/27/07
3/9/07 03:00 Stirlingshire (UK/Scotland)

1 1/2 hours Extremely bright white (sometimes greenish) flashes of light blocking house windows. Central Scotland. 4/27/07
3/9/07 00:00 Snellville GA Triangle seconds This is just a dream I had yesterday, but is not the first time I have this dream, 1st time is was around march 1996, in my dream on 19 4/27/07
3/9/07 San Dimas CA Oval 10 minutes Orange round or oval light, traveling slowly, no noise, no blinking lights, then disappeared. 8/7/07
3/8/07 23:00 Santa Monica CA Changing about 1-2 minutes Bright light over the Santa Monica mountains with an electrical effect. 4/27/07
3/8/07 23:00 Estacada OR Cylinder 5-8 seconds Red orb over Clackamas County, Oregon 4/27/07
3/8/07 22:30 Columbus TX Unknown 30-45 sec Unuaual aircraft flies in snake like formation breaking the sound barrier. 3/8/07
3/8/07 22:19 Zephyrhills FL Oval 20seconds a red light spotted over pasco county moved quickly across sky hovered then dissapeared into the east 4/27/07
3/8/07 22:15 Orlando FL Triangle 2 min Bright Orange, blazing traingular object/light moving upward at an angle Orlando FL; 3/8/07, 2215hrs. 4/27/07
3/8/07 22:00 Butte MT Light 1 min light in the western skys of butte. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 4/27/07
3/8/07 22:00 Columbus TX Unknown 45 sec Fast lights in a Zigzag pattern 4/27/07
3/8/07 22:00 Cleveland OH Sphere Two minutes At approximately 22:00 hours was passing by living room window facing due west. I noticed an intensely bright object about 45 degrees h 4/27/07
3/8/07 21:00 Argos KS Unknown
So this morning I was searching for the parameters of Grissom's Military Operations Area north of the base. My search rapidly digressed 4/27/07
3/8/07 20:00 Blythe CA Disk about 30 seconds I was driving with my friend and we seen one or more saucers... 4/27/07
3/8/07 20:00 Keystone (rural) IA Oval 30 minutes 3/08/07 to 3/13/07 Rural Keystone Iowa Oblong Lighted object/ small star like fast moving objects multiple sighting 20:00 to 21:30 4/27/07
3/8/07 19:50 Salem MO Light 5-10 min. I filed a report last night. It is an embarrassment to file one this evening, but I feel an obligation to do so.

Arriving at the H
3/8/07 19:45 Cabool MO Light 10 Minutes Two sets of red lights in southeastern sky. 4/27/07
3/8/07 19:30 Tipton MO Light 30-45 minutes cars in the sky? 4/27/07
3/8/07 14:00 Hixson TN Circle 20 seconds I was smoking a cigarette on my front porch at approximatley 2 pm. I observed a jet plane flying to the west with the beautiful tail t 3/8/07
3/8/07 13:00 Modesto CA Triangle 10 seconds Couldn't believe what I was seeing! 4/27/07
3/8/07 12:30 Jefferson MO Unknown 2 hours I saw 1 craft, which was it looked like a square with red and green lights. It moved slowly at times. I'm not saying it's an alien cra 4/27/07
3/8/07 12:00 Rockville MD Disk 4 minutes Second sighting of oval/disk metallic object 4/27/07
3/8/07 11:00 Austin TX Light 20-30 mins First one, then two white lights in the sky, visible in midafternoon 4/27/07
3/7/07 22:45 Middlesbrough (UK/England)
Diamond 2min pink diamond object in sky over middlesbrough 4/27/07
3/7/07 22:30 Ottawa (Canada) ON Light 2 min a bright blinking light in the sky that did not move 4/27/07
3/7/07 22:20 Glenden (Australia)
Unknown 10mins Bright lights in the night sky for 10-15mins 3/8/07
3/7/07 22:15 Ellensburg WA Triangle 30 seconds Triangle/Boomerang shape over Ellensburg--University Way area 3/8/07
3/7/07 19:30 Ewing KY Teardrop 20 minutes Tear-drop shaped lights. 7/3/13
3/7/07 19:30 Salem MO Light a few minutes Around 7:30 this evening I was waiting in the Salem H.S. parking lot waiting for the moon to rise. I was planning on photographing the 3/8/07
3/7/07 19:30 Messolonghi (Greece)
Other 5minutes, 2 minutes Huge musquito like golden object over Ionian Sea near Messolonghi, Western Greece. 4/27/07
3/7/07 19:00 Atascadero CA Light 1 hour Bright Ligtht sighted over Morro Bay and Atascadero California for about an hour on 3/7/7. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius or Venus?? PD)) 3/8/07
3/7/07 18:58 Trinidad CO Light 2 min I observed a white light at what appeared to be a very high altitude, moving from West to East at an extremely high rate. 3/8/07
3/7/07 17:50 Temecula CA Formation 3 minutes several blinking lights in circle formation, moving in a circle motion 3/8/07
3/7/07 12:00 Nashville TN Cigar 2 Minutes On March 7, 2007, we observed a chrome cigar-shaped craft. 4/27/07
3/7/07 00:45 Clinton (outside of) MO Triangle 3 minutes Set of triangular lights near Whiteman Air Force Base. 3/8/07
3/7/07 00:00 Wilmer TX Circle 7-10 minutes This sighting was by my step daugher and her step sister. This is the second sighting by my step daughter.

She and several of her
3/6/07 22:00 Houston TX Oval Ongoing Round with red,Green and white flashing lights moving in circular direction.Is stationary. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD)) 3/8/07
3/6/07 21:00 St. George Island FL Light 10 Min Red Lights seen over Gulf of mexico from St George Island Florida 4/27/07
3/6/07 21:00 Gila Bend/Wellton (between) AZ Triangle don't know exactly This is true! My husband and I were driving home from a meeting I had had in Phoenix,we were past the town of Gila Bend,Az I know this 4/27/07
3/6/07 20:38 Plainfield CT Circle 2 seconds Large round white light moving very fast, east to west across the horizon 4/27/07
3/6/07 20:25 Hico TX Circle 2 minutes An apparent satelite path , only larger, and orange, this object mimicke a satelite but slowed down at the horizon 3/8/07
3/6/07 20:00 Albuquerque NM Circle 15 minutes UFO sighted on southern boulevard , on the west mesa in albuquerque. 4/27/07
3/6/07 19:00 Nesquehoning PA Circle 1hr Object hovered over our barn white lights did not blink,white antena moved back and forth,with green light at tip. 3/8/07
3/6/07 13:00 Seattle WA Sphere 3 minutes I went outside my house, sat in a chair, facing north. I lit my cigarette, then looked up to find four white balls that I could not ide 4/27/07
3/5/07 22:37 Redmond OR Light 1min. three lights in the sky over redmond, oregon 4/27/07
3/5/07 21:00 St. Joseph MI Light minutes Strange red & white flashing lights over Lake Michigan 4/27/07
3/5/07 19:40 Silver City NM Disk 2 to 3 sec. Dark red Saucer follows Military aircraft. 3/8/07
3/5/07 19:25 Port Orchard WA Circle 15 minutes Solid light very high in sky. Then dissappeared. 3/8/07
3/5/07 19:25 Bremerton WA Circle 5 min Bright red light ,no sound traviling east North East 4/27/07
3/5/07 19:15 Bremerton WA Light 10 min bright red light over psns shipyard. 3/8/07
3/5/07 19:05 Bremerton WA Sphere 15 min. Bremerton Wa. Bright red light. 14 min. 20-30 mph. 3/5/07 3/8/07
3/5/07 19:00 Washington, D.C. DC Other 10 min Hovering saucer-shaped object, yellow lights, approached by bronze-colored object, triangular or flying wing shape, which hovered near. 3/8/07
3/5/07 19:00 San Diego (Carmel Mountain) CA Light 5 minuets or less My husband and I stepped out on to our patio the time was between 7:00pm to 7:30pm. It was a beautiful clear night. not long after we s 4/27/07
3/5/07 18:35 Billings MT Oval 3 seconds Two very bright lights moved quickly across the sky at about 8:30 pm MST. Object appeared oval or egg shaped. 3/8/07
3/5/07 18:00 Chicago IL Disk 4 hr 30 min Several UFO sightings in Chicago, IL during a four hour time span. 3/8/07
3/5/07 17:00 Hoquiam WA Light 1 minute Large round light didn't move, grew larger, changed shape and color, then blinked out. 4/27/07
3/5/07 12:10 McAllen TX Circle 10 Minutes McAllen White Orb Sightings 4/27/07
3/5/07 09:35 Muncie IN Other Photo time Photo of a jet flying overhead with an unknown 3/8/07
3/5/07 06:45 Des Plaines IL Circle 20 SECONDS Circular object over Des Plaines, IL traveling south at high rate of speed. 3/8/07
3/4/07 23:30 Lancashire (UK/England)
Formation 50 seconds snake like ufo captured at night 3/8/07
3/4/07 22:30 Rosemont/Darien IL Flash 1 hour flashing changing lights over chicago for an hour or more 3/8/07
3/4/07 20:00 Herndon VA Circle 1 Sec I was driving north on Fairfax Co. Parkway between Herndon and Sterling around 8:00pm when a rather large glowing object brought my eye 6/12/07
3/4/07 19:45 Eagle River AK Circle
Fast moving blue object over Alaska sky. No trail. It then vanished. 3/8/07
3/4/07 19:33 Elkhart IN Light 5 seconds decending ball of bright yellowish light that suddenly disappeared just above the horizon on a clear night. ((Meteor??)) 3/8/07
3/4/07 18:45 Miami FL Cone 10 seconds Flashing, circular object at intense speed over streetway! 3/8/07
3/4/07 16:00 Maui HI Cylinder 20-30 seconds silver cylinder about 100-150 feet long appears overhead 1/10/09
3/4/07 11:00 Las Vegas NV Circle 11:00 One day,as i was looking outside of my room a circle shaped light beeming object appeared out of the blue,the light werew bright/the ai 4/27/07
3/4/07 00:27 Laufen BL (Switzerland)
Light 45 seconds Faint light travelling at quick speed over city of Laufen 3/8/07
3/4/07 00:00 Seattle WA Other 50-60 minutes Me and my girlfriend fell asleep watching TV around 8:45. I woke up sometime around 12:00 and shook her awake because I remembered that 3/8/07
3/4/07 Caldwell TX Disk 20 minutes Jutting light. 3/8/07
3/3/07 23:00 Cincinnati KY Circle 30-60 min. In the night sky, a second formation of the big dippper was moving at an exceptional speed south west. 3/8/07
3/3/07 22:50 Moreton Morrell (UK/England)
Sphere 15 min Red dot in sky on night of lunar eclipse 4/27/07
3/3/07 22:00 Gallatin TN Oval 2-3 MIN. gallatin tennessee, several crafts seen over past 6 months. 4/27/07
3/3/07 21:30 Cancun (Mexico)
Light 30 secs We observed a faint orange-red light coming from the north 4/27/07
3/3/07 21:00 Redwood City CA Triangle 15min I INSISTED I WAS SEEING SOMETHING BEYOND EXISTENCE................. 10/8/07
3/3/07 20:00 Oakwood GA Other About 2 minutes UFO hovered, moved over us slowly, then disappeared 10/8/07
3/3/07 19:30 Bremerton WA Light 12 to 14 minutes one evening in the first week of march,I stepped out on the porch of my east bremerton home. it was a clear night lots of air traffic. 4/27/07
3/3/07 18:30 Bogota (Colombia)
Egg 10 seconds egg object seen falling rapidly 3/8/07
3/3/07 18:00 Mdison ME Circle 22:00 ((HOAX)) One white and one blue 3/8/07
3/3/07 16:50 Boynton Beach FL Disk 1 minute Object landed in Boyton Beach Florida. 3/8/07
3/3/07 16:30 London (UK/England)
Circle 25 Circle travelling straight for 20 secs then disapears 3/8/07
3/3/07 12:00 Garden Grove CA Cylinder 3 min. Medium-sized white cylinder follows aircraft and departs over Garden Grove. 3/8/07
3/3/07 11:00 Merced CA Sphere 5 to 7 min Fleet of forty glowing spheres seen and caught on video over the skies of Merced Ca. U.S.A. 4/27/07
3/3/07 08:00 Oglala SD Unknown 10:00 min " A bright light was seen in the sky and it came down and went over the house and disappeared, no sound" 8/7/07
3/3/07 07:00 Milford CT Light 3 Minutes Orange/Red Object In Night Sky Suddenly Disappers, Second Sighting By Me In 2 Weeks. 3/8/07
3/3/07 01:45 Kansas City MO Formation 15 sec I was on my roof last night in Kansas City's Westbottem's and I was out there for the purpose to catch a UFO on camera. It was still 4/27/07
3/2/07 22:30 Poway CA Light 3-4 seconds Blue light object (2 parallel lines, one shorter than the other) 3/8/07
3/2/07 22:00 Willow Grove PA Other 1 hour(approx) Multiple unidentified objects spotted near military base. 3/8/07
3/2/07 22:00 Fleming KY Light four to five min Lights NE KY Ohio River Area 3/8/07
3/2/07 20:30 San Diego CA Fireball 60 seconds White fire ball changed speeds went from east to west and dropped (into the sea?) off of Del Mar San Diego 3/8/07
3/2/07 19:30 Marshall MO Light 30 minutes At 19:30 of Mar 2, 2007, my neighbor and I observed a very bright light west of Marshall, Missouri. It was 5 to 10 miles west of town, 4/27/07
3/2/07 16:40 Churchton MD Oval 2-3 seconds An extremely fast oval-shaped object flying at a very high altitude from a southwest to northeast direction. 3/8/07
3/2/07 16:00 Littlerock AR Cigar 5 mins Well at 16:00 hours i came out of the house looking up at an airplane spreading chem trails as i watched this airplane that came out o 3/8/07
3/2/07 01:56 Stephenville TX Flash 10 minutes ((HOAX??)) Injections put into us during an abduction.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
3/1/07 23:30 Hollywood CA Fireball 2 Seconds Brilliant ball of light streaks across the sky and disappears over the horizon. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor?? Other reports. PD)) 3/8/07
3/1/07 22:30 McKinney TX Unknown 30 may still be out there One large UFO and 4-5 objects surrounding the area hovering in the NE sky. 3/8/07
3/1/07 21:35 Albuquerque NM Sphere ~60 seconds Cobalt blue sphere being chased at hight speed SE to NW from ABQ, New Mexico juxtaposition @ aprox. 9:30-9:35pm. 3/8/07
3/1/07 21:30 Halletsville TX Fireball 5 seconds Greenish fireball fall from sky straight down. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD)) 3/8/07
3/1/07 20:50 Waterford (Republic of Ireland)
Light 5mins I witnessed a bright light in the sky over waterford city on the 01/03/07 fitting the exact description of an earlier sighting posted b 3/8/07
3/1/07 20:19 San Carlos CA Oval 10 sec A bright light moving in a straight line too fast for a plane and too slow for a meteor 3/8/07
3/1/07 19:10 Hutchinson KS Circle 2 Minutes Yellow fifteen foot sphere moved from Hutchinson to Wichita 3/8/07
3/1/07 18:30 Cabool MO Circle 3-5 minutes Orange/whitish lights in eastern-norther Missouri skies. 3/8/07
3/1/07 17:30 Boyes Hot Springs CA Formation 10 seconds rectanglar outline made up of dark dots. 3/8/07
3/1/07 12:00 St. Charles MO Triangle 3 minutes Saint Charles sighting on highway 94 6/12/07
3/1/07 12:00 Cardiff (UK/Wales)
Teardrop moments Disk shaped craft captured on camera by accident over City Hall in Cardiff, Wales 4/14/09
3/1/07 06:00 Salt Lake City UT Other 1 minute Black Manta Ray shaped U.F.O. seen flying over the 1300 light rail staion in Salt Lake City, Utah during the winter of 2007. 1/10/14
3/1/07 03:00 St. Petersburg FL
Unknown Lights caught by weather cam. ((NUFORC Note: The object looks like a seagull, in our opinion. PD)) 3/8/07
3/1/07 00:30 Charlotte NC Light 2-3 minutes bizarre orange lights over south charlotte 3/8/07