National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 03/2006
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
3/31/06 23:00 Furnace Creek, ca (death valley) CA Light 15min Small light like moving star over Death Valley 5/15/06
3/31/06 22:30 Sacramento CA Formation 5 seconds cloaked stingray shaped object lowflying only saw moisture build up around front end of object 5/15/06
3/31/06 22:00 Claremore OK Disk 15-20 seconds rotating saucer shaped object flying south to north. 5/15/06
3/31/06 21:10 Lincoln NE Light 2 1/2 minutes Two yellow lights trailing dropping sparks seen heading slowly south over Lincoln, NE 5/15/06
3/31/06 21:00 Tri-Cities WA Light constant Six stationary multi-colored objects/lights in the sky seen from all directions. 5/15/06
3/31/06 20:50 Lincoln NE Light 10-15 min It was at night so all that was visible were two yellow to orange lights that were side by side, the distance between them is unknown. 5/15/06
3/31/06 18:30 Singapore
Oval not sure Bright oval shaped object, possibly with shimmering lights on top. 5/15/06
3/31/06 13:00 Bolton, Manchester (UK/England)
Other 5 minutes I saw two lights which appeared to be linked very high up, as I looked at the lights, I saw up to twelve flying together. 7/16/06
3/31/06 07:17 Madurai (India)
Unknown 1 minute Sir, Tonight at exactly 7.16 p.m (I looked at the time in my cell phone which I had in my hand) while taking my usual walk in the open 5/15/06
3/31/06 04:15 Calabasas CA Flash 3 Seconds Fast bright object in Calabasas 5/15/06
3/31/06 01:10 Greenwood IN Triangle 20 minutes triangle object 5/15/06
3/31/06 01:00 Pullmam WA Disk 1 hour A metal disk 'blinking'moving up and down. 10/8/07
3/31/06 01:00 Greenwood IN Triangle 15 to 20 MIN Triangle shaped object 10/30/06
3/30/06 23:01 Cape Town (South Africa)
Teardrop 37 minutes large teardrop shaped, white crafts 5/15/06
3/30/06 21:15 Marion IN Light 1 hour Multiple Orange Lights 5/15/06
3/30/06 21:00 Broadway NC Unknown 45 mins it was a bright object it would travel east then wesand then north it would move so fast you couldn't watch it with binoculars. It kept 5/15/06
3/30/06 20:30 Palmetto FL Flash 1 hour Unidentified floating flashing and blinking light in Palmetto Florida rural property. 5/15/06
3/30/06 19:18 Franklin MA Triangle 8 seconds Solid, silent Black Triangle UFO over Franklin, Massachusetts 2/24/07
3/30/06 19:15 Lawley AL Egg 16 minutes Unknown lights filmed descending into wooded area 10/30/06
3/30/06 13:00 Burlingame CA Cigar 25 minutes I saw a very large, metallic object descend from over the hill crest to within 15-30 feet above the houses in full daylight. 4/27/07
3/30/06 09:26 Tallahassee FL Fireball aprox 5 minutes Glowing Greenish Firball on Power Lines in Daytime 5/15/06
3/30/06 02:30 Penicuik (UK/Scotland)
Triangle 4 minutes I am a police officer in scotland and while on night duty near to the Pentland hills which is near to Edinburgh I observed a triangle s 5/15/06
3/30/06 01:00 Perth (Australia)
Oval 5 minutes approx Large orange object possibly 50+ Metres across 10/31/08
3/29/06 22:00 Milladore WI Light 30 minutes Eratic moving light multiple sitings changes direction at great speeds 5/15/06
3/29/06 21:19 Kokomo IN Light 20 min multiple occurrence of bright points of light separating into 3's 5/15/06
3/29/06 20:55 Starkville MS Circle 12 seconds Silent white object spotted, then moved 2 miles, flashed, moved again, flashed, moved again, flashed 3 times, then dissapeared 5/15/06
3/29/06 19:07 Yamachiche (Canada) QC Triangle a minute or so three lights forming a perfect triangle 5/15/06
3/29/06 18:50 Richmond VA Other 10 seconds Red and Silver Object Viewed Shortly After Take-off from Richmond International Airport 4/27/07
3/29/06 17:50 Longmont CO Other five minutes Three black flying figures in the sky heading east during rush hour. 5/15/06
3/29/06 15:00 Brockville (outside of, before exit 687) (Canada) ON Circle 10 seconds as I was driving west (note, this is correction: first submission I indicated east) on 401, I made my first sighting of a UFO, which 5/15/06
3/29/06 14:24 Stamford CT Changing 7seconds extremly bright circular light in daylight sky that quickly vanished 5/15/06
3/28/06 23:00 Wayne NJ Triangle 5 minutes bright white lights with rapid speeds 5/15/06
3/28/06 22:45 Penobsquis (Canada) NB Unknown 30 mins flashing lights in the tree line late at night that went straight up and down 5/15/06
3/28/06 22:15 Sutton MA Oval 30 minutes Object hovered in the sky in one place for several (10-15) minutes then drifted slowly over horizon. 5/15/06
3/28/06 22:00 Campbelltown-Sydney (Australia)
Other 10min stars in a V shape with a faint out line like a bomarang 5/15/06
3/28/06 20:00 Brunswick ME Circle 1 hour There was a bright circular object in the southern sky around 2000. It changed color from red to blue to white in a pulsing fashion. Ob 5/15/06
3/28/06 02:00 Hemet CA Triangle 30 Seconds Triangle craft in hills by Ramona Bowl in Hemet California. 5/15/06
3/28/06 Sanford ME Circle
Looked like a disco ball in the sky. 5/15/06
3/27/06 23:59 Baie D'urfe (Canada) QC Changing 2 seconds Large fast pulsating bright light 5/15/06
3/27/06 22:30 Sydney (Australia)
Light 3 seconds Two faded, glowing lights buzzing about frantically at exceptional speed above the Sydney Opera House 5/15/06
3/27/06 03:43 Pecs (enroute eastbound to) (Hungary)
Changing 6 min UFO's in Hungary 5/15/06
3/27/06 03:30 High Knoll Fort (St. Helena Island)
Light 15mins Unexplainable bright lights dancing in the sky 5/15/06
3/26/06 23:30 Irvine CA Circle
I saw blue lights that were formed into a circle moving right to left for 30 seconds then went all the way to its right and disappeared 5/15/06
3/26/06 22:00 St. Paul Park MN Fireball
3/26/06 18:30 Gainesville FL Changing 3 minutes Acrobatics and in broad daylight over city. 5/15/06
3/26/06 15:00 Interstate 80/I-76; into Colorado begins ( NE Other 3-4 min While traveling west heading for Colorado, my husband spotted what looked like a round object in the northern sky. He pointed it out, a 12/12/09
3/26/06 01:33 Murphy NC Unknown 1 hour plus Moving lights with multiple strobing colors. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "twinkling" star. PD)) 5/15/06
3/26/06 01:00 Orlando FL Unknown 1 minute white object over orlando fl 5/15/06
3/26/06 00:00 Prestonsburg KY Light 15 minute OBJECT NOTED OVER KENTUCKY HILLS 5/15/06
3/25/06 23:10 Plymouth WI Formation 20 sec 5 lights in a straight line over plymouth WI 5/15/06
3/25/06 23:00 Manchester CT Other
I beleive I caught a alien on video. 5/15/06
3/25/06 22:00 Kenosha WI Disk minute Reported three strange objects, multi light in sky Dec 7th 2005. Lately seems to be alot of strange objects in sky. Coming home from 5/15/06
3/25/06 21:30 Onion Creek WA Fireball 4 seconds i thought this sighting was rather co-incidental.. i was watching SIGNS with mel gibson and joaquin phonix was about to bash an alien w 5/15/06
3/25/06 21:00 Blue Springs MO Unknown 20 seconds white flashing lights flying quickly viewed in blue springs missouri 5/15/06
3/25/06 21:00 Amherst NY Circle 2 minutes Four circles of white light about the size of dinner plates flying in the sky doing formations 5/15/06
3/25/06 13:00 Summersville WV Unknown 5minutes white square object moving very fast 5/15/06
3/25/06 05:30 Stroud OK Flash 1-2 sec Bright Flashes of Light 5/15/06
3/25/06 04:45 Summers AR Flash 4-5 sec blue flash of light lit up the sky 5/15/06
3/25/06 04:45 Prairie Grove AR Flash 4-5 sec blue flash of light that lit up the whole sky 5/15/06
3/25/06 04:30 Southwick MA Triangle 1 minute Early morning trangle spotted near airport 2/1/07
3/25/06 04:00 Charlotte NC Oval 2 minutes Hot UFO spot in Charlotte NC 2/14/10
3/25/06 03:56 Carson CA Fireball 2 sec It was a blue fireball shaped object. 5/15/06
3/25/06 03:50 Alhambra CA Fireball 4-5 seconds Bright flash of light and streak of light over Alhambra, CA 5/15/06
3/24/06 22:45 Halifax (Canada) NS Light 10mins 3 lit objects in triangle formation 5/15/06
3/24/06 22:30 Lubbock TX Circle 30 seconds Lubbock, TX: saw an illuminated object moving quickly from the south to the north at a high altitude and was being followed by a plane. 5/15/06
3/24/06 21:30 Greenwood Village CO Light 15 sec Blue ball of light with svrl trails shot across the sky 5/15/06
3/24/06 21:30 Boston MA Cigar 30 seconds 3 totally black and silent cigar shapes flying at a low height through edge of city center 5/15/06
3/24/06 21:00 Victorville CA Light 5 min Numerous Moving Stars 5/15/06
3/23/06 22:00 Powhatan VA Light 2-3 minutes odd light that moved quickly to two destinations, reappeared to first destination, faded away, came back as coloured light and blinked 5/15/06
3/23/06 22:00 Scottsdale AZ Disk 10 seconds silent, no lighting, a Y shape centered within the disk, cruised by at a medium speed and low altitude. 5/15/06
3/23/06 21:30 Ben Lomond CA Light 30 minutes Looked like stars but they changed direction and moved in random like patterns and multiplied and then faded. 5/15/06
3/23/06 21:00 Kansas City MO Changing hours parabollic bell glowing hot blue white 5/15/06
3/23/06 19:25 Las Vegas NV Oval 2 – 3 minutes Yellow Orange oval ring seen over the Northwest Las Vegas valley. 5/15/06
3/23/06 19:10 Rancho Mirage CA Fireball 45 seconds Bright white orb flashes,expands,contracts,moves off slowly,then vanishes 5/15/06
3/23/06 15:30 Amarillo TX Rectangle 20 seconds blueish silverish UFO felt like jello over Amirillo,Texas. 5/15/06
3/23/06 04:20 York PA Circle 20 seconds Round UFO covered in yellow flashing lights spotted in York, PA 5/15/06
3/23/06 02:00 Allison TX Triangle 20min I seen 3 triangle shaped air craft flying at 300 ft in perfect formation, not a sound was heard. 8/5/09
3/22/06 23:30 Patung Beach (Phuket Islan, Thailand)
Changing 15minutes I took a 9 min video of more than 25 lights traveling E over Phuket Island, Thailand. ((NUFORC Note: Possible lanterns?? PD)) 5/15/06
3/22/06 23:00 Kokomo IN Light Hours Aircraft or Flares? Two flickering balls of light hovering for hours. 5/15/06




3/22/06 21:45 Las Vegas NV Light <30 seconds I was driving home and facing east, I saw four lights all in a horizontal row, the first one was brightest then the rest were not quite 5/15/06
3/22/06 21:15 Port el Kantoui (Tunisia)
Other 5 sec my wife and my self witnessed a rod shapped object, about 4 - 6ft long with dim lights almost out running along underside, the object w 5/15/06
3/22/06 21:07 Franklin TN Chevron
They were both boomerang shaped and were doing the exact same thing. 5/15/06
3/22/06 19:35 Contoocook NH Circle 3 seconds Orb-like object around 7:35 pm EST. 2 witnesses. around my home. 5/15/06
3/22/06 17:49 Rankin TX Oval approx 30 sec oval shaped object above hills 5/15/06
3/22/06 13:30 Fontana CA Unknown 15 minutes UFO over San Bernardino Mountains 5/15/06
3/22/06 11:05 Burnaby (Canada) BC Unknown 2sec Large explosion leaves city confused 5/15/06
3/21/06 23:00 Port Angeles WA Triangle Non-Stop This is totally insane... 5/15/06
3/21/06 22:30 Sonora CA Light 1 second TUESDAY 21ST MARCH 2006 - 22.30 LOCATION - SONORA, Stockton St DESCRIPTION Me and my friend had just taken the dogs out for a late w 5/15/06
3/21/06 21:05 Kokomo IN Disk 10 seconds Large object of amber lights hovering very low. 5/15/06
3/21/06 21:00 Kokomo IN Light 4-7 seconds very bright, intense amber lights 3-4 items high altitude west of kokomo 5/15/06
3/21/06 21:00 Kokomo IN Fireball aprox.30sec. falling star seen over mid west indiana. 5/15/06
3/21/06 07:00 Mesa AZ Circle 2 hours 2 objects over Mesa, 10-15 thousand ft., broad daylight 5/15/06
3/21/06 White Mountain AK Sphere 30 minutes Three orbs were bounced towards our little village the first one was at 2:15 am and it was white lite in color about 2 inches in diamet 5/15/06
3/20/06 22:00 Benicia CA Fireball 5-10 min A large silent Orange firey orb that seemed to have streams of light falling from it and shooting out from it . 5/15/06
3/20/06 00:04 Irving/Arlington border TX Triangle 2 min. The triangular shaped U.F.O. was almost silent and hovered like a helecopter but didn't make a sound. 5/15/06
3/20/06 Ottawa (Canada) ON Light
surprise photo 5/15/06
3/19/06 23:53 Alexandria VA Fireball 2 seconds Neon Green Flash Fireball 5/15/06
3/19/06 23:30 Kelso WA Fireball about 10 seconds Three fireballs seen accross Kelso, WA. 5/15/06
3/19/06 23:20 Seattle WA Circle 2-3 seconds A very solid brilliant white opaque ball crosses sky, 2-3 seconds. Heading SSE over Seattle Sun. night. 5/15/06
3/19/06 23:00 Birmingham (UK/England)
Light 2 hours I actually saw an alien 10/30/06
3/19/06 22:45 Boise ID Other 30 minutes Went outside to let pet out and saw in the southwest sky a cluster of lights flashing red, green and blue. The object did not move but 5/15/06
3/19/06 20:30 Tamarac FL Light 30 seconds A little red light flew across the sky. 5/15/06
3/19/06 08:45 Ontario (Canada) CA Triangle 11 secs. very different craft triangler shape no blinking lights but three yellow orange lights 5/15/06
3/19/06 08:30 Longwood FL Triangle 1 minute T here were 2 UFOS they were both triangular shape. It had lights going back and forth. It had no wings or front lights.It was extremel 5/15/06
3/19/06 00:00 Crestwood KY Disk Night saw one ufo as i was in a hamton hotel from geogia. I was in the pool outside with my face poited up and i saw a huge slow flat circler 5/15/06
3/18/06 23:30 Excelsior MN Flash 1 minutes Saw a bright flash, and a low level airplane. Saw a green flare come down from sky, but not from airplane. 5/15/06
3/18/06 23:15 Long Beach CA Oval 5min orange light drips in LONG BEACH CA 5/15/06
3/18/06 23:00 Myrtle Beach SC Fireball 1 min A fire ball that stood over the ocean and came from the ocean!!! 5/15/06
3/18/06 19:00 Junction City OR Other 45 mins perfect silver ball floating 10/31/08
3/18/06 18:35 Jackson NJ Sphere 1 minute round white light in northern sky of Jackson NJ - disappeared instantly after observing for 1 minute 5/15/06
3/18/06 18:00 Lakewood Ranch,Bradenton FL Cylinder 35 minutes cylinder object with five bright lights vertical and horizontal 5/15/06
3/18/06 12:40 Huntington Beach CA Cross 13 minutes Cross shaped formation of lights dropping red flair light projectiles 5/15/06
3/18/06 08:30 Hallandale FL Circle
a spinning oval that disappeared toward northeast and to outerspace 5/15/06
3/18/06 06:00 Fleetwood PA Light 15 minutes Bright White Light Climbing Altitude, Viewable for Short Period. 5/15/06
3/18/06 01:00 Sacramento CA Unknown 60 seconds Strange Sounding Aircraft Over Sacramento CA 5/15/06
3/18/06 00:05 Mesa AZ Disk 3 Secs. Disk 5/15/06
3/17/06 23:15 Afton VA Oval 8 minutes bright light poped up over the mountain then appeared to pause and hover briefly 5/15/06
3/17/06 21:00 Columbia MO Unknown 5min A strange piece of metal fell out of my daughters ear! ((NUFORC Note: Missouri Investigator Group investigates; medical device. PD)) 5/15/06
3/17/06 20:00 Nanuet NY Oval 20 minutes My grandparents were just pulling into the driveway and I went outside to meet them. I was helping them take suitcases out of the trun 5/15/06
3/17/06 13:30 Peterborough (Canada) ON Sphere 5 minutes Silver sphere like crafts seen over northern skies of Peterborough 5/15/06
3/17/06 09:00 Caracas (Venezuela) DC Disk 35 sec El objeto despego a alta velocidad dejando una estela, era de mañana en un dia muy claro, aproximadamente a unos 10 km de distancia del 5/15/06
3/17/06 07:30 Cascade ID Light 3 minutes On mountain, 5 miles south of Cascade. 3/18/16
3/17/06 02:00 North Andover MA Other 1 hour mass. sighting 4 or 5 objects, all blue ring surrounding a five pointed star shape, sometimes red dot would flash around it 5/15/06
3/17/06 01:40 Huntington Beach CA Cross 3 minutes Cross shaped formation of lights dropping red flair light projectiles 5/15/06
3/16/06 23:50 Kendall FL Oval 10 seconds Kendall, FL - West - East White Oval - 5-10 Seconds 5/15/06
3/16/06 21:00 Patterson CA Changing 34 min I have it on tape it not fuzzy, very clear and lasted a long time. And it was very bright for a long time one on the ground and one in 10/30/06
3/16/06 20:32 Springfield VA Triangle Letting my dog out to go Red Green lights on metal aircraft with aura around it viewed in Springfield VA. 5/15/06
3/16/06 20:30 Pennsauken NJ Unknown about 40 sec. bright star like object in night sky in pennsauken 5/15/06
3/16/06 20:00 Middleboro MA Triangle 20 minutes UFO's seen in Middleboro Massachusetts 5/15/06
3/16/06 20:00 San Antonio TX Triangle 5 seconds Triangular aircraft tumbling on it's side! 5/15/06
3/16/06 20:00 Oakville WA Unknown 5-10 seconds Possible 2 craft seen in Oakville Wa on 3/16/06 5/15/06
3/16/06 19:30 Peoria AZ Fireball 10 minutes It seemed like it was about to crash....then it suddenly dissapeared. 5/15/06
3/16/06 06:00 Los Angeles CA Light 45 minutes Photographed directly into a brilliant light in early morning hours. 3/19/09
3/15/06 23:30 Shirley Basin Road WY Light 10 min Three white lights seen searching along a field in Shirely Basin 3/31/08
3/15/06 23:00 Massillon OH Teardrop 10 minutes Humming noise with light. 4/13/10
3/15/06 23:00 Lenexa KS Light 5 seconds A blue light that fell out of the sky. 5/15/06
3/15/06 22:40 Columbus OH Disk 30 minutes huge saucer seen hovering and flying very low which made no noise 5/15/06
3/15/06 22:35 Grand Rapids MI Formation
glowing v-pattern lights about 3.5 miles away 10/30/06
3/15/06 22:30 Arlington VA Light 3 seconds Dazzling bright white oval light falls from sky in Arlington, Virginia 10/10/11
3/15/06 21:30 Normal IL Triangle 3 mins Triangular Space craft hovering over Normal, IL 5/15/06
3/15/06 21:00 New Britain CT Triangle 4 minutes saw a silent, huge, black, triangle shape object floating and flying in the sky with lights 2/1/07
3/15/06 20:10 Rinard IL Light 10 minutes two rows of amber-orange lights in sky 5/15/06
3/15/06 19:00 Edmonds WA Triangle 5-7 minutes Triangle craft seen in Edmonds 5/15/06
3/15/06 17:30 Oakland NJ Triangle 15 min. Daylight sighting late afternoon on the "Ides of March"...from Route 208, Bergen County.... 5/15/06
3/15/06 14:00 Redding CA Fireball seconds While driving I saw a ball of fire in the sky like a flash and noticed whittnesses. 7/4/12
3/15/06 13:00 Portland OR Triangle 30-50seconds Large triangle craft daytime ,over Portland, Or.strange manuvers black-ish very fast. 5/15/06
3/15/06 13:00 Portland OR Triangle 6seconds 3-5-06, over portland daytime- huge triangle shape craft- defied gravity ,changed shape ,lightning fast. 5/15/06
3/15/06 12:00 Sedona AZ Disk
picture in arizona 10/30/06
3/15/06 10:15 Grand Ledge MI Triangle 20 sec At 10:15 on a clear night a triangular craft with white lights in the corners and a red light in the center flew through the sky. 5/15/06
3/15/06 04:00 Hope Mills NC Changing 1 hour +/- See emailed photos 5/15/06
3/15/06 01:00 Covington WA Unknown short Two flashes of light in the sky. 5/15/06
3/15/06 01:00 Westfield NJ Light 1 hour 2 bright lights in the sky that was comming and going ,up and down and stoping and left to right. 5/15/06
3/15/06 American Canyon CA Cylinder 5 min coming home from work one day in march. i pulled into my mother's mobil home park, in american canyon ca. came around the corner, and 2/24/07
3/14/06 22:35 Hamilton (Canada) ON Oval 5 minutes Oval shaped craft over Canada 5/15/06
3/14/06 22:00 Lewisville TX Circle 5 sec Halo moving at fast speed. 5/15/06
3/14/06 21:00 Marlboro NY Triangle 10 min. triangle shaped,rounded back,blacklight colored rear window, cast frame construction look from underside,slightly illuminated underneat 5/15/06
3/14/06 20:30 Dongen (Netherlands)
Formation 5 sec It was full moon and a little bit cloudy when I had fotografed these 3 things. 5/15/06
3/14/06 20:25 Shelton WA Light 1 minute Bright light being followed by what appeared to be a helicopter. 5/15/06
3/14/06 20:00 Golden CO Circle 40 seconds We saw a bright large white light in the sky that was moving and then disappeared. 5/15/06
3/14/06 19:45 Brookfield MO Triangle 20 minutes MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Follow-up report of events in Brookfield, MO. No response from witness to alleged event. 10/30/06
3/14/06 19:45 Brookfield MO Triangle 20 Minutes While I was driving through town I saw a triangle ufo I got out of my car to look at the object. 5/15/06
3/14/06 19:30 Bogata TX Light 5 minutes Bright orange lights 5/15/06
3/14/06 18:45 Agoura Hills CA Formation 10 seconds Three white dots flying across the sky in Agoura Hills, CA 5/15/06
3/14/06 14:00 Downey ID Cigar 15 min The silver shiny object. 6/12/08
3/14/06 12:00 Brick Town NJ Chevron 15 miutes It was big and had many diffrent colerd lights that went around in a circle clockwise. 5/15/06
3/14/06 08:00 Colorado Springs CO Flash 5 seconds Camera like flash of light that lit up the sky followed by a second flash 5/15/06
3/14/06 07:15 Shrewsbury (UK/England)
A round curcle of green and blue lights 5/15/06
3/14/06 06:00 Gainesville GA Light 30 minutes Bright white lights over Gainesville, GA, doesn't move for 30 minutes. 5/15/06
3/13/06 23:37 Sydney (Australia)
Light 10 seconds bright light moving slowly than shoots of in opposite direction at astonishing speed. 7/16/06
3/13/06 23:15 Wildwood GA Triangle 5 Min Black triangle moving slow with 4 bright lights on back and no noise 5/15/06
3/13/06 23:00 Bossier City LA Circle 10 minutes I have not told anyone, afraid of being labelled a nut. 10/8/07
3/13/06 22:56 New York City (Manhattan) NY Triangle 2:00 minutes 10:56 p.m. 03-13-06 3 U.F.O's fly across Manhattan's Citicorp, Metlife, and Chryler Buildings. 7/16/06
3/13/06 22:30 Minneapolis MN Triangle 15 mins The following sighting reports are very similar to the one my mother, father, North Minneapolis and I had back in 1975. This is the sec 5/15/06
3/13/06 22:00 Brick Town NJ Disk 5 minutes It was a orange light that followed my car on the way home. 5/15/06
3/13/06 21:30 Portland OR Other not sure, seconds Bright Aqua ball of Light over Hillsboro, Oregon - viewed from Cornelius Pass - Danced in the sky 5/15/06
3/13/06 21:30 Los Banos CA Teardrop 3 seconds large bluish-green light falling across the sky from east to west 5/15/06
3/13/06 21:00 Everett WA Light 20minutes I saw round objects that changed color and could move hundreds of miles in seconds. 5/15/06
3/13/06 21:00 Leon KS Light 8-10 min. Lights, starting from one , going to three, whole event 5-6 minutes. Clear nite E. of Wichita Kansas 5/15/06
3/13/06 20:00 Lancaster (UK/England)
Triangle 12 Seconds still triangle shape craft that had light at its corners. Veiwed from a moving car. 5/15/06
3/13/06 09:25 Cleveland (suburb) OH Circle 5min+ Saw a cloud-like object making swift, wide, regular circles over and over. 5/15/06
3/13/06 04:38 Minneapolis MN Flash 1 second green flash 5/15/06
3/13/06 02:00 South Bay (Belle Glade) FL Triangle 15 sec Green triangle over Belle Glade 5/15/06
3/13/06 02:00 Belle Glade FL Triangle 20sec Belle Glade, Florida—March 13, 2006 Driving north from Key Largo, Florida around the time of three A.M., we (my boyfriend, Fred Brosn 5/15/06
3/13/06 00:00 San Diego CA Circle 2 hours A big red orange ball shape object in the sky over by San Diego, California 5/15/06
3/12/06 23:15 Jacksonville FL Disk
Circular disc with two lights viewed over st. johns river jacksonville 5/15/06
3/12/06 21:55 Vancouver (Canada) BC Light 30 seconds Two star sized objects moving in syncro, one dissapearingupward followed by the second. 5/15/06
3/12/06 21:00 Augusta ME Sphere 15 minutes It was in med. size and red and white lights. It is not an a/c. It followed our car on the road. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 5/15/06
3/12/06 19:40 Gray TN Light 1 minute Then the lower light began to fade out, and after it did the 2nd did as well. 5/15/06
3/12/06 18:00 Tustin CA Other 3-4 min. A Boomerang shape object. 5/15/06
3/12/06 18:00 Daly City CA Fireball 5 - 10 seconds Fireball appeared for 5 seconds 5/15/06
3/12/06 16:45 San Francisco CA Light 20 LIGHTS FLYING OVER SAN FRANCISCO 5/15/06
3/12/06 12:40 Phoenix AZ Light less than3 minutes Glowing U F O 5/15/06
3/12/06 11:30 Putney (UK/England)
Triangle 20 UFO Spotted over Putney,London 5/15/06
3/12/06 05:20 Padukka (Sri Lanka)
Other 45 minuts It's look like a rotating spiral 2 arams.

we saw it move between contellation sentaurs to saggitarius.

we saw it apear in about 5
3/12/06 00:00 San Francisco (50 miles south of) CA Sphere 5 mins 101 freeway South of S.F. mysterious lights, orbs of intelligent energy being captured .. what was that? 10/30/06
3/11/06 23:00 Natick MA Unknown 2 minutes While walking my dog, a rather warm March night. He pulled, bolted straight into the neighbours yard. I did not have his regular leas 5/15/06
3/11/06 22:00 Brick Town NJ Disk 5 minutes It was a orange light that followed my car on the way home. 5/15/06
3/11/06 22:00 Matauri Bay (New Zealand)
Fireball 30mins Nine Orange lights rising slowly 5/15/06
3/11/06 21:00 East Boston MA Light 30 seconds First, i'd preface this by saying that I live no less than half a mile from Logan Airport. From my terrace I watch planes take off and 5/15/06
3/11/06 19:25 Camarillo CA Light 3 seconds Light circles star and then fades out. 5/15/06
3/11/06 19:00 Bay City MI Light
It was red and blue and was flying West. 5/15/06
3/11/06 18:00 Bakersfield CA Changing 2 Min Strange craft passed in front of the moon. 10/30/06
3/11/06 17:45 Charlotte NC Oval 5 min my friend and I saw 4 white flying ovals. 5/15/06
3/11/06 17:40 Santa Cruz CA Sphere 2 minutes Observed 10-12 metallic spheres, flying in formation, during daylight flying from Santa Cruz Mtns toward Monterey Bay. 5/15/06
3/11/06 12:00 Folsom CA Other 60seconds two hawk shaped objects paceing small jet at high alt. and speed 5/15/06
3/11/06 11:00 Carthage TX Circle 5-10minutes Shooting star streaks and then changes direction. 5/15/06
3/11/06 11:00 Whittier CA Sphere fifteen min object returns to whittier 5/15/06
3/11/06 09:00 Whittier CA Light 45 Min Amazing sighting in Whittier. (Frequent sighting) ((NUFORC Note: Possible celestial bodies, perhaps "twinkling" stars?? PD)) 5/15/06
3/11/06 05:45 Pittsburg CA Fireball 5 minutes Five sightings of glowing red orange fireball object over Pittsburg, CA 3/11/06
3/11/06 05:30 Rockport WV Light At least 10 min Horizontal bar of single blue and red lights in the southern sky with lights appearing to be about the size of large stars 5/15/06
3/11/06 05:30 Rockport WV Light 10 minutes Vertical line of three blue and red lights about three or four times the size of stars or planets well above the southern horizon. 5/15/06
3/10/06 21:45 Tulsa OK Changing 40 min. per. 5 glowing objects sighted in Tulsa. One of the five objects splits off into three seperate objects. 5/15/06
3/10/06 21:00 Whittier CA Circle 20 min I wanted to go to the liquor store to buy some cigarets and I asked my son to come along when I stepped out of my apartment and I saw i 3/11/06
3/10/06 21:00 Whittier CA Oval About 35 minutes Red Shimmering Object over Whittier California 5/15/06
3/10/06 20:30 Rock Hill SC Flash 10 seconds white flashing light over Rock Hill, SC. 5/15/06
3/10/06 20:00 Joplin MO Circle 3 - 5 seconds Small, stationary, reddish-orange, star-like object disappears. 5/15/06
3/10/06 19:20 Pacheco CA Light two minutes Planetary conjunction in Ursa Major? It's not possible 5/15/06
3/10/06 19:00 Norwalk CA Light 20 minutes Red flare type light over Los Angeles Area 5/15/06
3/10/06 19:00 Whittier CA Circle 5-10 min dark brite red lite seen over whittier ca. 3/11/06
3/10/06 05:15 Cridersville OH Fireball 5-10 mins. Several orb-like fireballs fading in/out; Alot of FEAE -psyhically 'knew' I was filming and moved in close - Check out the short video! 2/14/10
3/10/06 01:00 Lake Worth FL Triangle 2 minutes Triangle at night, no lights or sound; fast. 1/10/09
3/10/06 00:30 San Antonio TX Triangle 12:30 A.M.-1:40 A.M. I was driving home from downtown San Antonio and witnessed a series of crafts with strange lights on Highway 281 for an hour or so. 3/11/06
3/10/06 00:23 Tulsa OK Oval 60 seconds 3 stacked UFO's Hovering (transports) 3/11/06
3/9/06 21:25 Kennewick WA Rectangle 10min Rectangular object with four pulsing red lights at the corners, moving slowing and silently 3/11/06
3/9/06 18:30 Devore CA Oval 15 minutes + 03/09/2007 early evening Large lentricular cloud with several smaller ones near 215 freeway Devore, Ca. 4/27/07
3/9/06 14:10 China Spring (or surrounding communities) TX Other 5-10 Seconds Ships form Triangle in Daylight 3/11/06
3/9/06 12:00 Estonia
Teardrop 3 min A teardrop shaped object seen. 7/16/06
3/9/06 06:15 Lansing MI Disk 10 seconds I saw a UFO in the early morning. 3/11/06
3/8/06 22:28 Kirkland WA Formation 15 seconds The formation was formed by three lights (maybe half a mile each other) flying east to west on the lake Washington at an unbelievable s 3/11/06
3/8/06 20:00 Poughkeepsie NY Triangle 15 min Full lighting flanking each side. One side all red and one side that was green. Hovering in place for most of the time, then abruptly 3/11/06
3/8/06 13:30 Bordentown NJ Circle 15-20 Seconds Circular shaped disc; initially suspended in the sky then rapidly disappearing into sky with black spot in the middle and black circle. 10/30/06
3/8/06 13:00 Fairborn OH Oval 3 mins Two ufos escorted across Fairborn 5/15/06
3/8/06 11:15 Panama City FL Sphere NA Sphere-shaped orb objects photographed near F22s in Panama City, FL 3/11/06
3/8/06 04:17 Elgin IL Fireball 2-3 min orange fireball ball in east sky glowed for 2-3 minutes at about 4:17-4:20 3/11/06
3/8/06 02:17 Muskego WI Oval 12 minutes 14 objects 7/16/06
3/8/06 00:50 Dayton OH Unknown 3-10 min Bright Yellow Light Over Southern Downtown Dayton 3/11/06
3/8/06 00:05 Caloundra (Australia)
Circle 15 minutes Flashing beams in the night. I'm scared now. 10/30/06
3/7/06 20:10 Lisbon NY Light 30 seconds light in the southern sky, reddish orange glow, light appears for about 5 seconds and glows bright. the light then re-appears to the ri 3/11/06
3/7/06 03:45 Desert Hot Springs CA Chevron 2-3 sec. Twin OrangeTriangles flying at extrememly high speed from south to north at high altitude. 5/15/06
3/7/06 02:40 Cleveland OH Fireball 5-10 minutes Sphere, big as a setting sun(yet no illumination beyond the sphere itself) sitting and then sinking below the horizon over Lake Erie 3/11/06
3/6/06 23:30 Decatur TX Other 3 hours. Strange (Craft?) sights seen between Boyd and Decatur Texas. 3/11/06
3/6/06 22:35 Woodland CA Light 5-7 mins Bright orange lights moving slowly south to north over Woodland - not blinking on/off - not a plane- not a satellite 3/11/06
3/6/06 21:00 Avery MO Triangle 1 hr 30 mins Orange Lights And A Very Large Triangle Watched 5/15/06
3/6/06 20:30 Quebeck TN Triangle 1 minute One Triangle shaped craft being escorted by helicopters 3/11/06
3/6/06 20:30 Cabool MO Circle intermittent Large red circular light in sky. 3/11/06
3/6/06 18:20 Bloomfield NJ Unknown 1min no lights, but gave off a blue and pink smear type of glow 5/15/06
3/6/06 16:00 Cabo San Lucas (Mexico)
Circle 2hours A yellow/orange circle which looked as if it radiated heat was moving at such a fast speed that the pictures I took left a long rope 5/15/06
3/6/06 16:00 Fort Edward NY Other 30 secs Gosh this is kinda hard seeing as i saw it so briefly. I glanced out my window and saw the craft flying by fairly quick. It caught my a 3/11/06
3/6/06 14:35 North Hills CA Egg 5 Min ((HOAX)) As I sat in my car taking my break, I looked at the sky and observed through clouds a round egg-like silver object. 5/15/06
3/6/06 13:30 Huntsville MO Oval 20 sec I saw this dull silver oval shape object in the north sky was a clear day it was moving west to east at 1:30 in the evening 3/11/06
3/6/06 05:45 Winterhaven FL Disk 3 min cresent reflection of light off of a cloaked, saucer shaped object over winterhaven fl. at about 5:45 am 3/11/06
3/5/06 21:20 London (UK/England)
Oval 20 seconds 2 bright oval shaped objects above central London. 7/16/06
3/5/06 21:00 Pittsburgh PA Chevron 3 minutes slow moving, chevron shaped object with brights lights on underneath of wings made no sounds. 5/15/06
3/5/06 20:33 Minneapolis MN Flash 1 second green flash 5/15/06
3/5/06 17:30 Waupaca WI Unknown 3 minutes Lights "turning on" in sequence, disappearing at once 5/15/06
3/5/06 14:00 Berkeley CA Oval 5 sec. ??? Large oval, moving slowly across building line, emitting extreme bright light with a tail of vapor. 3/11/06
3/5/06 14:00 Stryker (near) (NW OHIO) OH Disk appx 30 seconds Saw a floating object in the sky for about 30 seconds, then unexplainably, it vanished. 3/11/06
3/5/06 11:00 Birmingham (UK/England)
Other 10-15 Minutes or more Looking through my kitchen window, I can see several horizontal, white lines appearing in the sky, all travelling in the same path. Tho 3/11/06
3/5/06 04:00 Edwards NY Light 2 hours Very bright light in eastern sky. Seemed to move very fast in all different directions. Took digital pictures and the pictires look l 3/11/06
3/4/06 23:10 Sunland CA Changing white ring of smoke trave white circular free moving ring, changed to a smaller triangular shape in about two seconds. 3/11/06
3/4/06 22:59 Idaho falls ID Triangle
very very scary 3/11/06
3/4/06 20:30 Goodland FL Light 1hour Strange light that changes colors in our South sky every night for the last 10 days. 3/11/06
3/4/06 20:00 Madison Heights MI Triangle 10sec 03/03/06 madison hgts michigan 10 seconds fast moving triangle 03/04/06 3/11/06
3/4/06 19:47 Cygnet OH Chevron Seconds Unknown aircraft flying over Cygnet Ohio 3/11/06
3/4/06 19:45 Republic of Ireland
Light 19:46 one light in our atmosphere kind of flickered it was that quick then turned inland then dissapeared no sound out of our atmosphere stra 3/11/06
3/4/06 19:00 Lancaster KY Circle 5secs. bright white circle seen over highway 3/11/06
3/4/06 18:30 Canterbury (near), Dover, Kent (UK/England)
Disk 40 seconds 100mw Red pulsar laser chased off UFO. 3/11/06
3/4/06 16:45 Charlotte NC Oval 10 min. We saw two UFOs chasing an airplane. 5/15/06
3/4/06 16:00 Las Vegas NV Sphere 10 minutes 4 objects in the sky over Las Vegas. Very high and bright as stars in daylight. 3/11/06
3/4/06 12:40 Grand Ledge MI Changing 20-45 seconds very large unusual orange light and shape..dissapated very rapidly 3/11/06
3/4/06 11:17 Coventry (UK/England)
Cross 6minutes 4 cross shaped crafts. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly not a serious report? PD)) 5/15/06
3/4/06 11:15 Laguna Beach CA Circle 2 minutes I was looking up at a large hole in a large cloud from a north facing window of my house and within it saw a bright point of white ligh 3/11/06
3/3/06 22:30 London (UK/England)
Triangle 30 seconds Moving at about the speed of a plane, there was a black triangle with approx 10 faint lights down 2 sides, travelling east/south-east. 3/8/07
3/3/06 22:00 Bognor Regis (UK/England)
Circle 10 secs Objects in sky not planes, too high, 4 or 5, communicating. 3/11/06
3/3/06 21:10 Whittier CA Other 1 hour 03/03/06 9:00pm red ball of light by the moon moving east, stopping, blinking, then moving again. 5/15/06
3/3/06 19:39 Ironton MO Light 18 minutes Orange lights appearing and disappearing, again in Southeastern Missouri. 4/27/07
3/3/06 19:38 Beachwood OH Circle 3 -5seconds a extremely birhgt blue green light shot through the sky- no trail, no airport nearby, 3/11/06
3/3/06 19:15 Carriere MS Light 1min not a plane ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellite?? One of four reports from same source. PD)) 3/11/06
3/3/06 18:40 McMinnville TN Fireball 3 sec we saw a lightgreen circlur object crosing the sky. it crosed from south to north and it went down somewhere in van buren. 3/11/06
3/3/06 13:00 Dunkirk MD Other 2 minutes Orb seen hovering in sky, vanished within a few seconds. 3/11/06
3/3/06 06:00 Fayetteville AR Disk seconds saw it through my car sunroof, zipped away 5/15/06
3/3/06 04:30 Charlevoix MI Sphere 3 minutes The object was a bright red, sphere shaped object with circling red lights underneath it 3/11/06
3/3/06 03:00 Canberra (Australia)
Diamond 15 min Star like object that changed colours and seemed to have a beaming light underneath 5/15/06
3/2/06 22:00 Hanau (Germany)
Changing 10 minutes Orange shape shifting craft hovering over military installation 3/11/06
3/2/06 21:00 Mountain Home ID Unknown 10 seconds Row Of Lights Over Idaho (similar to lights over AZ 3/97) 3/11/06
3/2/06 19:15 Butte MT Chevron 10 seconds Triangle or boomerang shaped silent craft over Butte Montana March 2, 2006 19:15 local 3/11/06
3/2/06 15:30 Laughlin NV Other 2 minutes Unusual daylight sighting at Laughlin Nevada during the Ufo Congress 5/15/06
3/2/06 11:07 Ronkonkoma NY Circle 6 sec. ((Possible hoax)) It was a very large circular flying obj. that had very bright lights; after about 6 seconds it vanished. 3/11/06
3/2/06 09:00 Medford OR Disk 2 minutes +\- Object seen over Medford, Oregon 3/11/06
3/2/06 06:25 Kingman KS Other 5 MIN I saw an aircraft i cannot explain. 3/11/06
3/2/06 02:30 Winter Springs FL Light 2-3 seconds Strange appearing/disappearing white light 3/11/06
3/1/06 22:00 Townsend TN Light Two Days to Current Luminated objects spotted in clear night sky; our friends 20 miles away were called, they verified the sightings from their location. 3/11/06
3/1/06 20:00 Macon MS Sphere about 10 minutes Orb shaped light seen , lights moved and changed from light to dark as they seemed to move around in a circle. 3/11/06
3/1/06 20:00 Gold Canyon AZ Fireball 1 hour + Fire balls in the sky in AZ 3/11/06
3/1/06 19:45 Garden Grove CA Oval 3 min Flying oval shap object w/ bright white lights underneath 3/11/06
3/1/06 19:00 Ontario CA Oval 30 minutes huge bright eliptical shaped object with multi colored lights flashing, like millions of sparkling diamonds 3/11/06
3/1/06 19:00 Egg Harbor City NJ Light 10 minutes Five very bright orange lights just over tree line in New Jresey pine lands. 3/11/06
3/1/06 18:00 Corpus Christi TX Changing 10 minutes Mother ships in south Texas. 5/15/06
3/1/06 18:00 St. John's (Canada) NF Light 1 hour, 30 minutes I observed a bright light off in a distance over the ocean. The object would steadily and slowly move over the ocean and over Cape Spea 3/11/06
3/1/06 15:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Formation 15 minutes Cluster of UFO's with a big silver craft in the middle 3/11/06
3/1/06 07:00 Warren IN Triangle 2 minutes Triangle, Chrome, 2 Lights, Indiana. ((anonymous report)) 6/2/17
3/1/06 04:12 Glendale AZ Unknown 2 mins two whites that split into 5 form a line up and down grew bright and sparkling and disappear 5/15/06
3/1/06 00:30 Carlsbad NM Rectangle 7 seconds Silent football field sized and shaped metalic UFO is sited on Pecos River in Carlsbad, New Mexico. 10/30/06
3/1/06 Molalla OR Disk