National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 02/2006
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
2/28/06 23:50 Laguna Beach CA Unknown 43 minutes I saw an object in the sky and automatically dismissed it as an aircraft but after watching the item not move with multiple colors: Blu 3/11/06
2/28/06 22:00 San Antonio TX Triangle 3 Minutes V-Shape, lighted craft seen in San Antonio just over tree line. 5/15/06
2/28/06 20:57 Taos NM Triangle 3 seconds At night, huge triangle craft with three red lights zooming towards Taos Mountain at an unimaginable speed 3/11/06
2/28/06 20:00 Chicago IL Cigar 5 to 10 mintues Saw a Cigar like object that flashed a red beam at my face 3/11/06
2/28/06 19:45 South Kingstown RI Chevron 3 minutes Huge chevron or triangular craft with two large white circular lights 3/11/06
2/28/06 19:45 Middletown RI Light 10 sec Possible correlation to South Kingston sighting of 28 Feb 5/15/06
2/28/06 18:00 Austin TX Egg 1 min This object was silver in color and oblonged shaped. The sun was shining off of it causing it to glow. The item was visible for about a 3/11/06
2/28/06 13:00 Des Plaines IL Other 2 minutes Floating dark object, only 40 ft. away , thought to be Alien probe,I thought of camera, it sensed that, shot up 3/11/06
2/28/06 12:00 New York City NY

you'll want to read this 3/11/06
2/28/06 06:34 Oxford (UK/England)
Formation 34 mins (aprox 6 craft red /dark brown colour no noice 3/11/06
2/27/06 22:45 Edmonton (Canada) AB Cigar 6 mins two crafts, one ontop of the other, flying in a straight line away from my view, with lights blinking in sequence, over Edmonton Canada 3/11/06
2/27/06 20:30 Oak Ridge TN Fireball 10 seconds 3 Fireballs slowly crossing the night sky in Oak Ridge Tennessee. About 10 seconds long. 3/11/06
2/27/06 19:20 Emeryville CA Unknown 1 second Very bright green flash of light over Emeryville, California. 3/11/06
2/27/06 10:17 Lubbock TX Other 3 sec. No outline of the ship, just appeared as six lights moving at great speeds, Great Speed! 3/11/06
2/27/06 08:00 Hillsville VA Unknown
orange bright light 7/5/08
2/27/06 04:30 Terrace (Canada) BC Unknown 30 seconds it may have been a jet 3/11/06
2/27/06 00:00 Floa Vista NM Other fast It happed fast and silently. 3/11/06
2/26/06 23:00 San Diego CA Unknown 3 minutes Bright orange object west of the Big Dipper visible for 3 minutes 3/11/06
2/26/06 22:30 Toronto (Canada) ON Disk
Late afternoon my mother asked me out to check out a strange thing. I saw disk object with light under the disk. It was moving slowly a 3/11/06
2/26/06 19:30 Tampa FL Unknown 25 - 30 mins Large diamond or saucer-shaped obect just north of Tampa, FL with red flashing lights top and bottom and white lights at ends. 3/11/06
2/26/06 18:30 Santa Fe NM Light 2 minutes brilliant light skids low across sky without a sound 3/11/06
2/26/06 17:30 Brandon MS Light 1 hour the most interresting thing we ever saw shear power over gravity and reason . 3/11/06
2/26/06 09:40 Friendsville TN Fireball 5 seconds Yellow-White fireball viewed over southeast Tennessee - Possible Space Debris? 3/11/06
2/26/06 04:40 Berkeley Vale (Australia)
Light about 10 seconds A light appeared into view of my Handy Cam then dissappeared the same way as it came into view. 5/15/06
2/26/06 02:30 Montebello CA Other 5min It was cloudy that night but the sky had been clearing. i was walking a friend to his car when we both observed a orange glow loating a 3/11/06
2/26/06 01:00 Philadelphia PA Light 1 second Bright Green Light appears suddenly and falls from the sky 3/11/06
2/25/06 13:00 Columbus OH Light
bright u.f.o. seen floating across the sun and disappeared behind a cloud 5/15/06
2/25/06 09:00 Saginaw MI Flash 1 minute More than one sighting in saginaw! 5/15/06
2/25/06 06:00 Canoga Park CA Changing off/on ti'l 2:30am nx/day many craft change color shape and differant sizes, I felt an eletric/magnetic sensation 3/11/06
2/25/06 04:00 Julian CA Light 3 hours Long sighting/studied lights 3/11/06
2/25/06 01:20 Louisville KY Changing 10+ minutes ufo sighting in louisville ky, it just vanished! 3/11/06
2/25/06 01:15 Springfield MO Oval 7 minutes Ufo near Stockton Lake in Missouri as we where heading back to Springfield 3/11/06
2/24/06 20:15 Guyana
Cigar 90 seconds A brightly lit object flew silently in a straight line with apparent flames trailing it for several feet 3/11/06
2/24/06 19:30 Baltimore/Windsor Hills MD Chevron 5 - 10 minutes 3 luminous chevron-like objects silently cruising. 3/11/06
2/24/06 18:40 San Fernando CA Triangle About 20 seconds Large triangle shaped craft with three blue lights spotted by by two seperate motorists in San Fernando Valley. 3/11/06
2/24/06 15:15 Parker CO Sphere 4 mins. Saw object and thought to be a bird or balloon. Object moved in a large circle, then moved east and then turned and moved south until 3/11/06
2/24/06 15:08 Santa Ana CA Formation 4 minutes 3 circular metallic objects flying east to west in a traingular formation over central orange county, followed by another object 3/11/06
2/24/06 13:12 Albuquerque NM Disk 20 seconds Disk shaped object over Albuquerque, NM hovered and sped away at high rate of speed. 3/11/06
2/24/06 02:30 Mt. Morris NY Other 45 mins Followed by something 5/15/06
2/24/06 00:00 Waxahachie TX Triangle under 1 minute Large triangular craft moved from north to south over north central Texas at midnight on Feb 24, 2006. 3/11/06
2/23/06 23:00 Edneyville NC Light 5 minutes It was as if it wanted me to see it 3/11/06
2/23/06 21:00 Sahuarita AZ Formation 15 MINUTES Glowing orbs over Southern Arizona 3/11/06
2/23/06 21:00 Amado AZ Light 20 minutes White dots of light moving rapidly with occasional very large bright orange bursts. 3/11/06
2/23/06 20:00 Norfork AR Light 30 sec Fast moving bright start-like object 3/11/06
2/23/06 18:32 West Little Rock AR Light 4 minutes Bright bulging light moving like hot air balloon on fire, except it reversed its course superfast! 3/11/06
2/23/06 06:20 New Jersey (assumed; in-flight) NJ Disk 5 minutes 1 flying object splits into 5 diffrent saucers then vanishes 3/11/06
2/23/06 02:45 livingston LA Circle 10min round craft with no lights moves over livingston,la without sound 3/11/06
2/23/06 00:45 Chanute KS Other several minutes the object did not emit other object[error] 3/11/06
2/23/06 00:45 Goshen IN Other 1 1/2 hrs I don't know what it was, but we watched for 2 hrs! I can't wait to see if it happens again tonight! 3/11/06
2/23/06 00:02 Costa Mesa CA Triangle 1hr 21mins Very Bright Light in sky over Sourthern California... moving north towards Long Beach over 1 hour 20 minute time period 3/11/06
2/22/06 21:00 Yonkers NY Disk 42 minutes For the past few months, I've done a nightly walk around my neighborhood, consisting of roughly 1.8-2.4 miles and lasting 30-40 minutes 3/11/06
2/22/06 20:55 Lawdale CA Chevron 1 min chevron shaped with 6 dim lights on either side shaped like birds with no heads or tails. 5/15/06
2/22/06 18:45 Abilene (near I-20) TX Circle Several Seconds A small object near I-20 with 2 lights. 3/10/17
2/22/06 18:40 Tustin CA Other 30 seconds I had just gotten off of work here in Irvine, California in Orange County. I was heading to my parents house who live in Tustin near t 3/11/06
2/22/06 01:45 Brookings OR Light 10-15 seconds Satelite object with some strange movement. Satelites don' t do this. do they?? 5/15/06
2/22/06 00:20 Binghamton (40 South of KBGM) NY Unknown 4 min FL340 40NM South of KBGM 3/11/06
2/21/06 21:00 North Kingstown RI Other ? at least 1 minute North Kingstown RI odd sighting 3/11/06
2/21/06 20:52 Longmont CO Light 10 seconds Do Shooting Stars TURN? Longmont, Colorado, 02/21/2006, 3/11/06
2/21/06 20:05 Sheffield (UK/England)
Circle 5 seconds a bright orange/yellow orb flashed through the sky with heavy cloud formation not a shooting star and way too fast for a plane light i' 3/11/06
2/20/06 22:00 Brownstown MI Other 1 hour UFO Sightings 3/11/06
2/20/06 21:30 Attica MI Light 3 minutes 3 lights flying with a Jet coming after them 3/11/06
2/20/06 21:02 Northampton MA Changing 3-5 minutes February 20th, 2006 - Bright ball changing direction and shape in Western sky over Western Massachussettes with green and blue lights. 3/11/06
2/20/06 21:00 Fountain Valley CA Disk 2-3 mintues DISK SHAPED CRAFT IN FOUNTAIN VALLEY 3/11/06
2/20/06 20:00 Collinsville MS Other 1 minute Plane and fireball signaling each other? 3/11/06
2/20/06 19:30 Denahm Sptings LA Light seconds strange swirling lights over Denahm Springs Louisiana February 20, 2006 3/11/06
2/20/06 18:25 Vandercook Lake MI Light 5 Sec Stationary light appears next to jet in setting sky over Jackson Michigan. 3/11/06
2/20/06 15:00 Las Vegas NV Triangle 15 minutes While walking south on the east side of 2'nd street between Ogden and Fremont street in Downtown las Vegas.. I noticed a black object 3/11/06
2/20/06 06:30 Markham (Canada) ON Other 5-10 minutes Its was like two rectangles forming an obtuse angle of 130 degrees and below it, there was like a globe with some shadows. 8/7/07
2/20/06 04:55 Tirau
Changing 5 plus minutes A bright light that became larger & then again receded becoming smaller until it vanished - duration was probably just over 5 minutes 3/11/06
2/20/06 01:00 South Bend IN Unknown 10-20 minutes Bluish white dots seen over south bend, IN 8/5/12
2/19/06 23:45 London (UK/England)
Light 5 seconds Huge section of sky filled with burning purple/orange colour over london 3/11/06
2/19/06 17:30 New York City NY Changing 20 minutes At first we saw from our car one bright opalic light on a perfect clear sky. The shape was like a comet , being steady. We got to a hig 3/11/06
2/19/06 06:00 Cambridge IL Light 10-15 seconds Single bright light, zigzag track with abrupt course changes. Fast moving, no sound. 3/11/06
2/19/06 02:00 Tampa FL Unknown 1hr At 2 am in Tampa Fl I saw 2 different UFO's 3/11/06
2/19/06 01:07 Merced CA Light 15 minutes weird lights outside my house 3/11/06
2/18/06 22:50 Lumberton NC Formation 1hr to 45 min 3 lights that circled in one area ,that put on a show. ((NUFORC Note: Possible advertising lights. PD)) 3/11/06
2/18/06 21:30 Colchester VT Light 5 sec Blue light falling from the sky 3/11/06
2/18/06 17:16 Silverdale WA Unknown 2.5 min black flying object seen flying over silverdale WA 3/11/06
2/18/06 03:32 Boise ID Rectangle 2 minutes Repeated sightings. 3/11/06
2/18/06 01:00 Monroeton PA Light
it was weird to see a ufo this was my first time. 3/11/06
2/17/06 22:30 O'Fallon IL Disk 5 seconds We were driving north up Scott-Troy Road when we noticed that a bright object in the sky was slowly hovering to the east (towards Scott 3/11/06
2/17/06 21:39 Warsaw (Poland)
Fireball 11 h Flaming green object fell from sky Object fell, burning up before hitting the ground. Color was neon green. 3/11/06
2/17/06 21:00 Cambridge MA Triangle 2 minutes weird lights spotted over East Cambridge 3/11/06
2/17/06 21:00 Miami FL Disk 2 minutes this ligth was no plane or shooting star. 3/11/06
2/17/06 20:30 San Manuel TX Circle 3 MINUTES CIRCULAR OBJECT WITH RED AND WHITE LIGHTS. 3/11/06
2/17/06 20:24 Moorestown NJ Unknown 20 seconds Appeared as a star then faded into the night sky until it was not visible. 3/11/06
2/17/06 18:16 Warren ME Sphere seconds Sphere with an eye or hole in it 3/11/06
2/17/06 07:25 Index WA Oval 30-40 seconds Two silver orbs over Index 3/11/06
2/17/06 06:00 Marlborough CT Circle 3-5 min. A circle object the flew up down and all around! 3/11/06
2/17/06 05:48 Great Yarmouth (UK/England)
Light 2 mins was walking too work when i noticed a really brite light in the sky at first i thought it may have been the planet you can see in the e 3/11/06
2/17/06 00:00 Coquitlam (Canada) BC Flash ON GOING Flashing red, blue and white "stars" at home over Coquitlam, BC 5/15/06
2/16/06 23:45 Norwich (UK/England)
Other 1 min ((HOAX??)) a UFO with possible connection to my past. 10/30/06
2/16/06 23:30 Mammoth Lakes (near ) CA Formation 1.5 min. Strange lights in formation, could have been a single object. 7/16/06
2/16/06 14:00 Estero FL Egg 20 seconds military jets trying to intercept egg shaped matalic object 3/11/06
2/16/06 05:00 Melrose Park IL Circle 30 mins red flashing light in sky 3/11/06
2/16/06 00:42 Shreveport (20 miles off) LA Light 10 seconds A big triangle of light. 5/15/06
2/16/06 00:02 Campbell CA Unknown 1 minute Observation of a intense orange light that rapidly decelerated, then disappeared. 3/11/06
2/16/06 Pacific Ocean (inflight, Japan-Los Angeles)
Triangle 30 secs or less I was sitting in seat 47K (a window seat on the right side of the jet airliner) of Japan Airlines flight JL 060 on Feb 16, 2006, on my 7/16/06
2/15/06 23:10 Surfside Beach SC Light 3-5 seconds unusual object sighted over surfside beach south carolina 3/11/06
2/15/06 23:00 Owensboro KY Triangle 1 minute While driving on a clear night I happened to look overhead and saw a black trianglular craft having 3 lights. The lights were of an od 7/16/06
2/15/06 22:00 Larose LA Circle 30 minutes Red Ball of light seen hovering over Lake Salvador in Louisiana. 5/15/06
2/15/06 21:30 Florence SC Circle 1 min. 30 secs. Five bright orange orbs move across the Florence SC Sky 5/15/06
2/15/06 21:00 San Bernardino CA Light 10 Minutes Star like object that was making very elaborate, non-pattern movements in the sky. 8/5/09
2/15/06 20:00 New Amsterdam
Light about 10 minutes Strange object with flashing lights sighted over New Amsterdam, Guyana 3/11/06
2/15/06 19:15 Redding CA Circle 2 seconds A circle moved quickly in a strait line. 3/11/06
2/15/06 19:10 Auburn CA Light 45 seconds 2 lights traveling in formation then fading away into space. 3/11/06
2/15/06 18:30 Oceanside CA Oval 5 minutes Oval circular object passes san diego apparantly at very high speeds. 3/11/06
2/15/06 18:15 Middletown PA Light 15 minutes This is the second time I have seen these lights, and just by looking on this website, others are seeing the same thing.

The first
2/15/06 15:00 Atascadero CA Cigar photo Image found by accident in a daylight photo. 2/24/07
2/15/06 14:00 Wilksboro NC Sphere 10 minutes We were driving along highway 421 North towards Boone, NC, I was driving and my friend noticed a small black dot hovering in the sky. 12/7/06
2/15/06 14:00
NM Egg 15 min We were driving along the interstate 20/10 westbound heading to Arizona when we look to the South and see an odd shape in the sky. It d 3/11/06
2/15/06 13:00 Arizona (western; Hwy 40) AZ Circle 30 seconds round silvery object seen in NW Arizona sky on 40 fwy during daylight 3/11/06
2/15/06 06:00 Crumrod AR Disk
Driving alone at night , then very bright lights invade on you while driving 3/11/06
2/15/06 05:15 Winder GA Flash 30 seconds flash of light in sky, strange vapor trail 5/15/06
2/15/06 04:15 Washington, D.C. DC Formation 30 seconds a formation of dimly glowing objects...maybe birds? Very odd. 3/11/06
2/15/06 02:00 The Woodlands TX Unknown 5 seconds Just a strange light 3/11/06
2/15/06 01:00 Carmel IN Fireball 20-30 minutes BIG FIREBALL.. 7/3/13
2/15/06 00:00 Pismo Beach CA Fireball 10 minutes A low object emitting fire and red and blue "debris", it also emitted a blue-lit object that remained stationary 3/11/06
2/15/06 00:00 Columbus GA Unknown 2 minutes Silent craft cruses by, near military base 5/2/11
2/14/06 00:00 Pioche NV Disk 1 hour getting used to seeing strange hovering (things) in the sky here in Nevada 3/11/06
2/14/06 23:00 Eagan MN Rectangle 30 minutes I let my dog out to go to the bathroom. Across the street was a huge brilliant cluster of light. Not moving, just perfectly still abo 3/11/06
2/14/06 20:30 Little River KS
unknown Strange silent lights 3/11/06
2/14/06 20:00 Turon KS Light 3 minutes We saw two yellow lights hovering above the horizon. 3/11/06
2/14/06 19:45 Pretty Prairie KS Light about 30 minutes Amber colored lights that slowly faded and dissapeared around Pretty Prairie, Kansas starting at about 7:45 central time. 3/11/06
2/14/06 19:30 McPherson KS Other 20-25 min. Two seperate sets of muliple stationary lights. 7/16/06
2/14/06 19:28 Lancashire (UK/England)
Sphere 2 minutes Bright orange light with flame behind it flying across the sky 3/11/06
2/14/06 12:02 Cairo NY Triangle 1 minute caught craft on digital camara that i use to scan the skys every day.after months of nothing .isaw this craft on playback..enlarging th 2/14/06
2/14/06 08:30 Urbandale IA Teardrop 1 min Object re-entering atmosphere...slowly 3/11/06
2/14/06 08:15 Ellinwood KS Unknown 15min. bright lights in the sky 4 of them paraell when i took a picture they disappeared no sound at all 3/11/06
2/14/06 01:34 Grafton OH Changing
ok here we go i was in grafton then at like 134 in the morning i heard a big bang and then i went out side to see what it was and i se 5/15/06
2/13/06 21:35 Austin TX Other 2 minutes ? Floating "Veil" Austin, TX 2/14/06
2/13/06 19:55 Rutledge TN Circle 2 minutes we knew these werent aircraft, nor stars, nor satellites. 2/14/06
2/13/06 18:53 Camarillo CA Circle 2 Seconds Driving north on Woodcreek Road, passed Mission Oaks Blvd, I looked and saw a circle in white flash in a downwards motion. This is a t 2/14/06
2/13/06 18:45 San Juan Capistrano CA Light 45 sec While driving home to Carlsbad Ca on the 5 freeway I saw what looked like 6-8 weird blue lights almost the color of blue dimonds moving 3/11/06
2/13/06 17:40 Yorkville IL Other 5 minutes looked like a line with a small head at the end of the direction it was going and looked like the air crafts were surrounded in fire 2/14/06
2/13/06 17:30 Evergreen CO Light 45 minutes This is the third time this week I've seen a lighted object (maybe lit by the sun?) hovering and moving slowly west of Evergreen. This 2/14/06
2/13/06 17:15 Woodland Hills CA Sphere 8-10 mins Amber objects performing high speed maneuvers; overing 2/24/07
2/13/06 15:00 Salem KY Other 10min Not a UFO, but a strange black helicopter. 3/11/06
2/13/06 09:40 Houston TX Light 30 seconds Luminous Point Lights Spiral in the Texas Sky 2/14/06
2/13/06 05:50 Yorkville IL Oval 5 minutes 15, bright orange, fire looking, U.F.O's sighted 2/14/06
2/13/06 04:35 Montgomery AL Unknown 30min-1hour Unknown flying object in Alabama 5/15/06
2/13/06 04:30 Springtown/Azle TX Triangle 2 hours SAW BRIGHT LIGHT IN SKY THAT FOLLOWED ME. 2/14/06
2/12/06 22:20 Placerville (east of) CA Light ongoing lights at a highaltitude hover E of placerville toward NV. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a star or planet, we suspect. PD)) 2/14/06
2/12/06 19:30 Kingston upon Hull (UK/England)
2/12/06 06:00 Hudsonville/Allendale/Standale MI Sphere 1 hour 15 minutes Blue-Green Sphere Moving in Circular Pattern Over Ottawa and Kent County, Michigan 2/14/06
2/12/06 00:00 Perth (Australia)
Disk 60 mins it was scary 3/11/06
2/11/06 22:00 Bozeman MT Fireball 15 sec Fireball of green/orange seen above SW Montana. 2/14/06
2/11/06 06:50 Austin TX Other 1 hour + 2/11/06 6:40am NOW - UFO Sighting in eastern sky in Austin Texas. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus, we believe. PD)) 2/14/06
2/11/06 02:00 Missoula MT Formation 30 min. A color changing circle with wavy edges and a beam coming out the bottom. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD)) 2/14/06
2/11/06 02:00 Clifton VA Unknown 2-3 minutes Blue/green flashing light power outage northern VA 3/11/06
2/11/06 01:40 Erwinna PA Light 1 hour + A bright light just above the tree line with scanning red lights. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a celestial body? PD)) 2/14/06
2/11/06 01:00 Missoula MT Sphere 25+ minutes I think I saw the same object of the report posted for the same date. Video if same thing. 3/11/06
2/11/06 Heber/Overgaard AZ Circle 30 seconds A bright white, round, silent, object moving slowly west. 5/15/06
2/10/06 23:50 South Plainfield NJ Formation 4-7 minutes Bright lights in a triangular formation that did not move 3/11/06
2/10/06 21:00 Morgantown PA Formation 6 min large birds? flying at a very high altitude in a circle- couldn't have been birds, they glowed in the dark and traded light- it looked 3/11/06
2/10/06 20:00 Cusseta AL Light 10-15 minutes 4 lights going in circle pass through each other. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights?? PD)) 2/14/06
2/10/06 19:30 North Hudson NY Formation less than 30 secs Saw a string of white lights extending into the sky at 45-75 degree angle above mountains in Essex county. 3/11/06
2/10/06 17:30 Seattle WA Cylinder 2 minutes Cylindrical object with 3-4 rows of bright lights & vapor between ground & object hovering silently at 500-1000' above ground. 3/11/06
2/10/06 17:25 Seattle WA Unknown 1-2 minutes Object with rows of very bright, clear lights around perimeter hovering silently 1-2 minutes before exiting. 3/11/06
2/10/06 14:00 Brentwood TN Sphere 2 MIN I was at a Waffle House in Brentwood T.N. on the corner of Old Hickory B.L.V.D. and Franklin Pike Circle. Across the street of Franklin 2/14/06
2/10/06 05:00 Turkey (in-flight sighting)
Circle 2 minutes i am a co\pilot and we were flying over turkey at flight level 370 and the captain drawed our attention for an object was flying near t 2/14/06
2/9/06 23:45 Fairview Heights IL Unknown 8-10 seconds Red, blue, and green lights on a stair-step shaped hovering object in Fairview Heights, IL. 2/14/06
2/9/06 23:45 Auburn CA Circle 2 seconds Fiery large globe, no tail. Direction of flight: 60 degrees, from south to north. Two-second flight. 3/11/06
2/9/06 22:08 Fairfield CA Egg 2-3 minutes Traveling east to west, egg shape object with brown flood lights beginning to flash and then spark. 2/14/06
2/9/06 18:35 Coeur d'Alene ID Light 5 to 10 minutes Changing colored lights on object viewed from Dalton Gardens possibly traveling low over Coeur d'Alene, Idaho to the south. 2/14/06
2/9/06 18:30 Garden Grove CA Sphere 15 Seconds We saw a bright white light that was hovering. 2/14/06
2/9/06 18:30 Westminster CA Flash 1-2 seconds Noted fast streaking ball of light moving south over Westminster, CA before disappating 3/11/06
2/9/06 18:00 Marion/P.G. area NC Light few seconds Blue/green light in the P.G. area of McDowell county 2/14/06
2/9/06 15:30 Federal Way WA Cylinder 2 minutes + Bright stationary silver cylindrical object seen in clear sky over Federal Way 2/14/06
2/9/06 13:58 London (UK/England)
Disk photo caught image sighting above millenium dome 7/16/06
2/9/06 07:25 Wellston MI Unknown 30 seconds or so I saw something weird 4/17/08
2/9/06 05:45 Paola KS Unknown 3-5 minutes Bright yellow object with unknown(possible changeing) shape. 3/11/06
2/8/06 23:00 Santa Cruz CA Cylinder At least 1 hour Changing lights over Santa Cruz CA. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius, we suspect. PD)) 2/14/06
2/8/06 21:00 Tampa FL Light 2 minutes Flickering light in Tampa, FL 2/14/06
2/8/06 20:15 Manilla IA Light 15 Seconds I believe we are being watched here. 2/14/06
2/8/06 20:03 Alice TX Light 20 min. Two truck drivers witness two, separate displays of peculiar yellow lights in the night sky. 2/14/06
2/8/06 19:30 Apache Junction AZ Circle 3 minutes Two lights appearing one at a time, growing in intensity then disappearing. 2/14/06
2/8/06 19:22 Panama City FL Unknown 3 min Multiple objects of varying kinds being chase by fighters from tyndall AFB 2/14/06
2/8/06 17:25 Roseville CA Sphere 3 minutes Black UFO with possibly red flashing light 2/14/06
2/8/06 15:40 Roseville CA Circle 3 minutes silver round object in the sky 5/15/06
2/8/06 06:45 Piermont NY Light 5min Rotating reg,green,and white light that shrunk in size and disappearedin 2-3 seconds 2/14/06
2/8/06 00:00 Granite Falls WA Disk 15-20 minutes The UFO hovered over house, hurt me and flew away 7/16/06
2/7/06 20:00 Manilla IA Light 15 Seconds Strange lights in Iowa skies 2/14/06
2/7/06 19:30 Channahon IL Triangle seconds Triangle orange lights moving through low clouds 2/14/06
2/7/06 16:00 Meadville MS Cylinder 1 minute 2 large cylinder shaped objects seen in clear daylight 3/11/06
2/7/06 11:20 Tel Aviv (Israel)
Fireball 20 seconds Orange orb in clear sky, moved in strait line and stopped 2/14/06
2/6/06 22:00 Delray Beach FL Disk 10 seconds 5 round objects were going south along the beach of Delray over the water they came out of the clouds moving very fast from north to so 7/16/06
2/6/06 18:30 Orlando FL Sphere 2 Minutes Possible Blimp or UFO 2/14/06
2/6/06 14:30 Lino Lakes MN Oval 1 minute silver object over Lino Lakes Minnesota 2/14/06
2/6/06 12:00 Fairbanks AK Sphere 10 seconds Flying disk 10/30/06
2/6/06 07:10 Hunter (near) NY Triangle 1/2 hour Bright object near the catskill area. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Venus, we suspect. PD)) 2/14/06
2/6/06 07:00 Castle Rock WA Fireball 15 seconds One bright meteor like object leaves a trail, vanishes and reappears again in a fixed and oscillating position 2/14/06
2/6/06 05:00 Union City CA Triangle 1 hour Flying Unidentified Black Pyramid. 9/9/13
2/6/06 05:00 Ruidoso NM Light 1 hour BRIGHT OBJECT!!! sighting Ruidoso New Mexico ((NUFORC Note: Probably Venus. PD)) 2/14/06
2/6/06 04:30 Woodford Green (UK/England)
Other 30 minites ((HOAX)) A fleet of ships landed in my back garden and took off again. 5/15/06
2/6/06 03:05 Dallas OR Triangle 10 minutes We saw a white triangle shaped craft and it flew very quick. 7/16/06
2/5/06 23:30 Redlands CA Light 30 seconds i saw it at about 11:30 P.M. and it was a couple miles away from my house.It was an orange light that was fairly bright. It slowly move 2/14/06
2/5/06 23:00 Yucaipa CA Sphere 1 minute Orangish Light emitting flashes or sparks 3/11/06
2/5/06 23:00 Questa NM Other
A verry tall creature! 3/11/16
2/5/06 21:00 Bekasi (Indonesia)
Unknown 15 sec and unidentified flying object had three lights, the color of the light is red,green,and blue 2/14/06
2/5/06 19:45 Albert Lea MN Unknown 20 seconds The object had no blinking lights and went in 3 different directions, but those turns were faster than what an airplane could achieve 2/14/06
2/5/06 13:50 Manchester (UK/England)
Other 2 minutes S shaped solid object revolving slowly high in the sky 2/14/06
2/5/06 07:00 Ypsilanti MI Other 10 minutes Boomerang style crafted spotted with no sound only lights on the craft. 5/15/06
2/5/06 05:30 Cameron Park CA

My report yesterday was mistaken. It appears the planet Venus was what I was observing and it fooled me as I can never recall it being 2/14/06
2/5/06 05:25 Dahlonega GA Diamond 2 hrs very large object with red blue and green lights, hovering in the sky with approxamatly 30 degrees of movement when movement was notic 2/14/06
2/5/06 03:00 Phoenix AZ Unknown
Very bright and distinct flah of green light that lit up the sky over Phoenix. 2/14/06
2/5/06 00:00 Azle TX Cross 2 min. The "objects" flew directly over me about 50 feet in the air. The "objects" were redish orange in color and all but one were about 10 f 2/14/06
2/4/06 22:25 Morganton NC Light 30 sec Bright Blue/Purple light with red center falls out of sky 2/14/06
2/4/06 19:30 Sioux Falls SD Triangle 1 minute Triangle object without colored or blinking lights, shortly later a bright shere shaped object was scene. 2/14/06
2/4/06 17:00 Phoenix AZ Other 20-30 minutes VERTICAL RAINBOW INSIDE GLASS LIKE TRIANGLE OVER PHOENIX 2/14/06
2/4/06 04:00 Eureka NV Chevron 10 seconds 3 bright connected lights rose up in north then headed south gathering speed high overhead and sped straight south and over horizon in 2/14/06
2/3/06 19:27 Bideford (UK/England)
Changing home white, changed shape mosly stars 2/14/06
2/3/06 15:55 Denham Springs LA Cylinder 1 minute or less An intermittently silver & glowing-white cylinder, floating silently, about 1/8 mile up. 2 witnesses. 2/14/06
2/3/06 14:00 Philadelphia PA Other 5 minutes Dull black metallic oddly-shaped floating craft 2/14/06
2/3/06 09:30 Las Vegas (30 miles north of) NV Other 3-5 min I saw the object about a mile before we got to it, it was standing perfectly still, wide wing span and narrow vertically, silver plates 2/14/06
2/3/06 06:15 South Tyler TX Changing 5 min's At 0615 appro. one mile north of Bullard Tx. sits our house. it's back faces east. If Iwere facing north the siting was at 4:00 O' cloc 2/14/06
2/2/06 23:30 west morland CA Light 10:00 bright light traveling 5mi p/h 100ft from us at night made no sound 3/11/06
2/2/06 20:30 Sumter SC Triangle 30 seconds triangle shaped object-3 bright lights-blinked in a pattern-made no sound 2/14/06
2/2/06 20:10 Ottawa (Canada) ON Unknown 1 minute Quiet strange large lights hovering in the sky 2/14/06
2/2/06 18:30 Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)
Disk 2 hours + Irreguelar "cloud" formations in sky above Bahia de Banderas. 2/14/06
2/2/06 17:30 Thousand Oaks CA Circle 30 minutes Distant very bright object holds position over 20 minutes then moves rapidly, slows to near stop then explodes and falls toward earth. 2/14/06
2/2/06 17:00 Hershey PA Cigar 30 mins 4 orange lights in Northern Sky over Hershey Pa 2/14/06
2/2/06 10:36 Lexington KY Oval 5 seconds flew really fast shape of an oval tight formation of flight large 5/15/06
2/2/06 01:00 Bloomington IN Changing ufo changed shapes and colors 5/15/06
2/1/06 22:50 Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)
Formation 50 seconds Five reddish orange lights moving at very fast , floating speeds in a formation. Dog got agitated as it got closer. 2/14/06
2/1/06 22:00 Wagarville AL Fireball
What I thought as a falling star coming towards us at a rapid speed from the northwest automatically stopped. It hovered for a few minu 5/15/06
2/1/06 13:15 Hogback Mountain VT Egg Unknown Photo at scenic area displays object in sky, upon digital scanning and zooming object is visible. 8/12/08
2/1/06 01:59 Gig Harbor (Olalla) WA Unknown 5-10 Seconds bright green lights in olalla, wa 2/14/06
2/1/06 00:00 Lake Elsinore CA Light 5 Minutes Grouped Lights / No noise / No body 5/15/06