National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 10/2005
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
10/31/05 23:52 Salt Lake City UT Disk 2 seconds saucer shaped craft, emitting a glow of grey/white light moving up words from the valley floor 11/3/05
10/31/05 23:45 Northridge CA Unknown 2 seconds We're not sure what we saw - if it was a meteor or a craft. It went very quickly, at an arc downward, and vanished. It was a huge brigh 11/3/05
10/31/05 23:30 Retreat TX Disk all night Horseshoe shaped image with red and white lights 11/3/05
10/31/05 23:00 Fort Fisher NC Circle 10min. plus eratic moving circular object 12/16/05
10/31/05 21:40 Bristol TN Unknown 90 seconds MUFON TENNESSEE REPORT: Tennessee confirmation of sighting. 11/3/05
10/31/05 21:30 Lancaster PA Light 3 seconds light across the sky 12/16/05
10/31/05 21:30 Poolesville/Dickerson MD Fireball 30 seconds White fireball over rural Northwestern Montgomery County. 2/24/07
10/31/05 21:30 Burnsville NC Fireball appox 2 min Fireball in the sky while viewing Mars 10/31/05 11/3/05
10/31/05 21:17 Charlottesville VA Fireball 5-10 seconds Bright fiery contrail in eastern night sky 11/3/05
10/31/05 21:15 Leesburg VA
few seconds Very bright flash with a tail seen in the night sky on Oct. 31, 2005 between 21:00 and 21:30 over Leesburg, VA. 11/3/05
10/31/05 21:10 Mt. Pleasant PA Flash 15 seconds Bright green stream of light that was moving south along 119 South. 11/3/05
10/31/05 21:00 Augusta Springs VA Unknown 1 minute We saw an unusual bright blue flash in the sky and then noticed a trail in the sky that quickly faded away. 11/3/05
10/31/05 21:00 Northridge CA Chevron not sure took picture tho U or V shaped object with round center body, with various compartments. Digital photo sent. 2/14/06
10/31/05 21:00 Clearfield/Curwensville PA
seconds the object left a trail 12/16/05
10/31/05 21:00 Johnstown PA Egg 3 minutes lights in SW sky 10/31/05 9pm 11/3/05
10/31/05 21:00 Greensboro NC Flash 15 sec Driving north on rt. 220 towards Va. Approx. 9 p.m. the sky entirely lit up in a blue/turquiose color and deminished as fast as it app 11/3/05
10/31/05 20:30 Greensboro MD Fireball 2 X 1 Minute At about 8:30 EST on 10/31/05 Something lit up the sky and fell towards Earth as a fireball with a long firery trail behind it 11/3/05
10/31/05 20:00 Fairfield CA Triangle 20 seconds Triangular craft hovering over highway 12/16/05
10/31/05 19:40 Bristol TN Changing 90 seconds TENNESSEE MUFON REPORT: Slowly falling, plasma-like object. 11/3/05
10/31/05 19:30 Scottsdale AZ Triangle 2:00min On Halloween Night 2005, 3 Lights in shape of a triangle moving over Scottsdale, AZ. 5/15/06
10/31/05 19:30 Australia
Disk 3 minutes Chromed disc shapped object moving irractically, dissapearing/reapearing, very fast to floating at times. Clear skies at dusk. 11/8/05
10/31/05 19:15 Chambersburg PA Fireball 20 sec Fireball 11/8/05
10/31/05 19:00 Newark DE Light 45 seconds Very fast, brillant bluish/white light travelling horizontally without dimming or falling 11/3/05
10/31/05 19:00 Scottsdale AZ Triangle 10 mins Gilbert 12/12/11
10/31/05 19:00 Clarksville MD Other 5 seconds White ball shaped bright object whizzing across the holloween sky 11/3/05
10/31/05 19:00 Scottsdale/Phoenix AZ Triangle 02:00mins Well Trick or treating with my 2 daughters 13 and 11, I looked up to the sky as I often do. My eye's fixed on what looked like 3 stars 5/15/06
10/31/05 18:30 Linwood NJ Light 5 seconds VERY bright apparent meteor over Southern New Jersey on 10/31 and 11/1 2005 11/3/05
10/31/05 18:00 Poughkeepsie NY Light 1 1/2 hours Several bright lights moving erratically for extended periods of time, including growing in size and brightness, and disappearing. 11/3/05
10/31/05 17:00 London (UK/England)
Unknown still there Strange sighting over heathrow airport uk 11/3/05
10/31/05 16:00 New Milford CT Cigar 2 minutes rocket shape traveling south to north, no noise. 11/3/05
10/31/05 14:00 Baltimore MD Cylinder 10 seconds bright shiny silver cylinder shaped object 2 pm, irratic flying 11/3/05
10/31/05 11:29 Shalimar FL Flash 2-3 seconds There were lights on the object ,There were aircraft in the vicinity, or aircraft chasing the object . 11/8/05
10/31/05 08:45 Vallejo CA Unknown 5-15 mins flapping flying object with big red light on bottom 5/15/06
10/31/05 08:30 Edison NJ Other Seconds IN REPLY TO: 10/31/05 18:30 Linwood NJ Light 5 seconds VERY bright apparent meteor over Southern New Jersey on 10/31 and 11/1 2005 6/12/07
10/31/05 05:11 Las Vegas NV Other 60 seconds Light like a star that got brighter and brighter before a sudden fading and disappearance. 11/3/05
10/31/05 02:55 Marion NC Sphere 4 SECS Bright green orb falling from sky in the same fashion as a shooting star. 11/3/05
10/31/05 02:15 Yonkers NY Other 5-7 minutes Orange ball of light when noticed, became dark, had white and red strobe lights and pursued me 2/14/06
10/31/05 02:00 Turner Falls OK Unknown about a minuit satelite behaving very different from all the other satelites we saw in the sky that night 2/14/06
10/31/05 01:50 Charlottesville VA Other 1 -2 mins Craft with bright light focused on something, and then gone. 11/3/05
10/31/05 01:00 Laporte IN Formation 5 MINUTES Whoosh 11/3/05
10/31/05 00:00 Mars Hill NC Cigar 4 seconds I witnessed a cigar shaped object with a bright light center and an emerald green glow around it.. 11/3/05
10/31/05 Orland Park IL Formation hour or more strange lights over Orland Park, Ill 7/16/06
10/30/05 22:48 Strafford MO Sphere 3 seconds Cyan Orb that moves left to right while movie in one direction 11/3/05
10/30/05 22:00 Litchfield CT Light 1 hour Orange lights form triangular patterns and move and rotate in unicen 11/3/05
10/30/05 21:30 Silver Spring MD Triangle 25 minutes solid triangle with white lights and no sound hovered and glided 2/1/07
10/30/05 21:30 Dubbo (Australia)
On October 30th 2005 at about 9:30pm a green light was seen gliding across the sky in Dubbo. 11/3/05
10/30/05 21:00 Litchfield CT Light few hours strange lights in sky 11/3/05
10/30/05 21:00

Fireball 10 minutes Some light or fireball hovering over a small town 10/30/06
10/30/05 20:00 Rachel NV Other 45 minutes AFTER ENJOYING A BURGER AT THE LITTLE ALI-INN… 11/3/05
10/30/05 19:30 Napa CA Fireball momentary Falling fireball ended in lightning-like flash to north of Napa, CA 10/30/2005 19:30 PST 11/3/05
10/30/05 19:30 Porterville CA Unknown 30 seconds Light over Porterville, Ca. 11/8/05
10/30/05 19:30 Kelseyville CA Fireball 15 seconds Fast moving fire ball with massive flash in the sky. 11/3/05
10/30/05 19:28 Sonoma CA Fireball 2 Sec. Fireball over the Sonoma Valley 11/8/05
10/30/05 19:28 Mission Viejo CA Other 2.5 seconds Huge, white meteroid with red flames and brown tail-burns out right over houses! 11/3/05
10/30/05 19:15 Porterville CA Sphere 30 seconds bright light going and coming in the sky in Porterville Calif. 11/3/05
10/30/05 19:00 Turnpike NJ Diamond 30 minutes BRIGHT LIGHT AND 15 UFO FLYING AROUND IN NJ TURNPIKE 2005 ((NUFORC Note: May not be a serious report. PD)) 11/3/05
10/30/05 18:30 Marin CA Light 3 seconds strange green lights over Marin then they disappeared 11/3/05
10/30/05 13:00 Indianapolis IN Cylinder 3 min Object was a silver cylinder with a bright flourescent blue round top. It reminded me of a wand or staff. 11/8/05
10/30/05 11:00 Perris CA Other 4 MIN 7 SPHERIC OBJECT HOVERING 11/3/05
10/30/05 06:00 Osierfield GA Light 15 minutes A point of light made a circle, an x, a z,then it rose up and 6 fainter lights combined with it (3 from each side) then it disappeared 11/3/05
10/30/05 04:31 L´ARBOÇ (Catalunya) (Spain)

10/30/05 03:00 Edwards AFB CA Triangle 1 minute Black Triangle Craft Spotted. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a hoaxed report?? PD)) 2/14/10
10/30/05 02:30 Flagstaff AZ Triangle 1 minute triangular shape object with lights on all three points moving slowly north bound quik flash and disapeares 2/14/06
10/30/05 01:50 Starkville MS Flash 2 seconds Flash of bright green light streaked across the sky for about 2 seconds. 11/3/05
10/30/05 00:00 Preston MD Diamond 15 min Diamond shaped silent , low flying craft sighted near preston. Anyone else see it? 11/3/05
10/30/05 Glendale KY Other 2 seconds On October 30th, 2005 at 7:50 pm Near Glendale, Ky., My fiance and I were traveling south bound on interstate 65 around mile marker 84 11/3/05
10/29/05 23:30 Wyndmoor PA Fireball 3 seconds I was standing outside and counting the number of planes I could see.

I was looking in one direction over the tree lines, and a Fire
10/29/05 22:00 Livingston LA Sphere 3 seconds Very bright ball of light seen above the tree line on I-12 in Louisiana 11/3/05
10/29/05 21:30 Lancaster CA Light 3 minutes I first noticed what appeared to be a jetliner (approx the same altitude & speed as a jetliner) flying due east outside commercial air- 11/3/05
10/29/05 21:00
15 seconds four bright harizontal lights 11/8/05
10/29/05 19:30 Hillsboro KY Other 1 hour Unusually large & bright white light returns for a fourth visit. 11/3/05
10/29/05 19:00 Surprise AZ Light 1min Immense Light Near Phoenix Northwest Valley 11/8/05
10/29/05 19:00 Farmington NM Other picture captured aproxamitally 7:30pm in Farmington, NM trying to capture a picture of mars and captured a picture of what appears to be a round ufo 11/3/05
10/29/05 18:51 Seattle (Boeing Field) WA Other 5 sec. Twin-engine jet fighter seen to STREAK west to east over Boeing Field in IFR conditions. 11/3/05
10/29/05 16:30 Mishawaka IN Formation 1 minute Several contrails that appeared to be in formation, VERY high in altitude. ((NUFORC Note: Probably not UFO related. Aircraft. PD)) 11/3/05
10/29/05 13:42 New Wimington PA Other Unknown Photo of unknown objects in Western Pa with what appears to be flying behind it. 8/7/07
10/29/05 10:00 Dallas TX Disk 10 minutes Three UFO' seen over Dallas, TX during daylight hours 2/14/06
10/29/05 08:00 Jamshedpur (India)
Other 5 hours I saw a ufo which appearerd to be a star to me. 11/3/05
10/29/05 07:30 Frankenmuth MI Rectangle 7 minutes 4 lighted rectangular/oval objects... 11/3/05
10/29/05 00:30 Freelton (Canada) ON Light 3 seconds 2 lights beneath Saturn move quickly and disappear 11/3/05
10/28/05 20:15 Carlsbad CA Formation 5 minutes 2 Flashing red lights pass directly overhead in perfect formation at very high altitude with no sound. ((NUFORC Note: Aircraft. PD)) 11/3/05
10/28/05 20:00 Fenton MO Triangle 20 minutes Black triangle with single light over Fenton, MO (Murphy area). ((NUFORC Note: Possible celestial body. PD)) 11/3/05
10/28/05 19:20 Mesquite TX Circle 4+ minutes Small dim circle of light close to Moon began moving in a wide circle & moved away but was chased by a light from area of Moon 10/30/06
10/28/05 19:00 Nicholasville KY Diamond 2 hours + Diamond-faceted. ((NUFORC Note: Object was present on two sequential nights. Possible sighting of Sirius, we suspect. PD)) 2/14/06
10/28/05 18:15 St. Louis MO Fireball 1 hour Fireballs in St. Louis 11/3/05
10/28/05 18:15 Cocoa FL Oval 5-10 secs. "Here 1 min. gone the next"" 11/3/05
10/28/05 14:00 Kendallville IN Sphere 15 sec. or less On friday Oct. 28, 2005, a co-worker and I (of 7 years) were sitting outside our plant near the loading dock around 2:00pm. Our company 11/8/05
10/28/05 10:00 New York City (Bronx) NY Changing 15 minutes New York Sightings in the Night Sky as reports of unexplained smells come in to the NYC 911/311 exchange. 11/3/05
10/28/05 08:00 Eldridge IA Disk 30 seconds MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: I saw a bright circular metal object in the sky which seemed to hover. 12/12/09
10/28/05 05:00 Memphis TN Unknown 1 hour Hovering craft over Memphis, TN. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of a celestial body, we suspect. PD)) 11/3/05
10/28/05 02:00 Austin TX Triangle 10 minutes Object over highway in Austin, TX 11/3/05
10/28/05 01:30 Pygra (Cyprus)
Triangle 45mins Triangle shape with amber, green and white flashing lights hovering over Pygra in Southern Cyprus 12/16/05
10/28/05 01:00 Evarts KY Teardrop 20 minutes The craft that i seen was shaped like a teardrop. and had 2 lights on was going about 60 mph from fromeast towards west. 11/8/05
10/27/05 20:00 Jacksonville NC Disk 30 minutes Observed bright disc shaped object with three red pulsating lights on the bottom for about 30 minutes. 11/3/05
10/27/05 20:00 Kazerin (Israel)
Unknown 4 sec. para-nornal activity in Israel 11/3/05
10/27/05 19:30 Edwardsville IL Changing 1 hour Bright white balls over Edwardsville, Iillinois. ((NUFORC Note: Possible advertising lights. PD)) 11/3/05
10/27/05 17:00 Gonsaga Bay (Mexico)

unknow dont see it untill down load the pictures 11/8/05
10/27/05 08:14 Redwood City CA Light 5 min 8:14 a,m, My family apparently saw a scene of two bright white objects destroyed by a green object. 11/3/05
10/27/05 03:00 Elko NV Light light Soild Beam of Light; Lazer 3/11/06
10/27/05 00:00 Glidden IA Triangle 5 hrs ((NUFORC Note: PSmall blinking color changing moving lights. 11/3/05
10/27/05 00:00
night Dream of UFO connected to sightings in NY 11/3/05
10/26/05 22:04 Tracy CA Oval 9:45 PM silver oval shaped object with circular shinning lights 11/3/05
10/26/05 21:30 Vaudreuil-Dorion (Canada) QC Unknown 30 seconds Not a UFO but a Strange being sigted 11/3/05
10/26/05 21:20 Borrego Springs CA Triangle 4min four orange/yellow balls forming two sides of a triangle 11/3/05
10/26/05 21:00 San Francisco CA Light 15 secconds VERY BRIGHT, warm white light and pretty large, low on the Western horizon as if it was a prominent planet about to set. 11/3/05
10/26/05 20:45 Eloy AZ Formation 1-2 mins Formation Lights southwest of phoenix area 11/3/05
10/26/05 20:00 Covington GA Triangle 15 minutes bright spot light and a triangular object 11/3/05
10/26/05 20:00 Tracy CA Sphere
((NUFORC Note: Student report? PD)) On this odd night my little brother was coming home froms his friends house. 12/16/05
10/26/05 20:00 Hillsboro KY Changing 30 minutes Extremely bright white object floating in sky with light rays radiating in all directions and changing shape several times. 11/3/05
10/26/05 20:00 San Jose CA Other 5 min multiple reddish lights moving quickly through apartment complex in san jose 11/3/05
10/26/05 19:45 Gila Bend AZ Light 3 minutos 6 Luces ambar en el desierto de Arizona entre Ajo y Gila Bend por aproximadamente 3 minutos 12/16/05
10/26/05 19:30 Chesterfield MO Light 10 sec Bright-light object ascended rapidly through clouds which were about 5,000 ft up 11/3/05
10/26/05 18:50 I-495S/I-95S VA Light 50 minutes Bright, white light moving horizontally/vertically visible from I-495/I-95S in Northern Virginia. ((NUFORC Note: Pilot report. PD)) 11/3/05
10/26/05 14:00 Orlando FL Cigar 5 minutes Cigar shaped bright aluminum craft appeared in the north west sky at an elevation of about 35 degrees. 11/3/05
10/26/05 13:39 Wichita KS Light 15 sec Light near Witchita, KS 11/3/05
10/26/05 09:45 Tracy CA Oval 15 minutes it was an oval shape brighty lit no sound blinking lights underneath 11/3/05
10/26/05 01:00 North Miami Beach FL Other 30 seconds We saw a manta ray shaped object, looked like it was trying to camouflage in the sky. 5/13/15
10/26/05 San Francisco CA

Article in the San Francisco Chronicle about peculiar lights seen over California on the night of October 26, 2005. 11/3/05
10/25/05 23:00 Milwaukee WI Triangle 1/2 minute I have never seen anything like this before in my life. 11/8/05
10/25/05 22:00 Miami Beach FL Chevron 1 minute Tuesday 10/25/05, during the Hurricane Wilma blackout, I saw a large boomerang shape, fly from North to South over Miami Beach. 11/3/05
10/25/05 20:35 Canon City CO Light 5 mins 10/25/05 8:30pm several lights floating in sky and disappeared one by one 11/3/05
10/25/05 19:30 Surprise AZ Light 11/2hr More lights west of Phoenix. 11/3/05
10/25/05 17:50 St. Louis MO Other 5 minutes Two shining objects spotted in the day time sky high above St. Louis. 11/3/05
10/25/05 02:00 Morgan Hill CA Flash 20 minutes Trying to locate Mars in the early morning hours I was searching the sky towards the East South-East with binoculars when i came across 11/3/05
10/25/05 Pasadena CA Circle 12 minutes Amazing glowing air craft in Pasadena, California 11/3/05
10/25/05 Colorado (in flight to)
Other 4 minutes On a commercial flight, over the Colorado mountians, something silver is reflected from the sun in all that wilderness! 5/12/09
10/24/05 22:50 Miami FL Triangle 5-10 mins. Triangular Object spotted over Miami after powerful Hurricane, 3/11/06
10/24/05 22:30 Queen Creek AZ Triangle 5 minutes UFO Sighting Over Southeast Phoenix In 2005. 2/24/07
10/24/05 22:00 Manchester (UK/England)
Formation 15 minutes triangle shap pattern over my town of swinton manchester england. 11/3/05
10/24/05 20:30 North Miami FL Light 10+minutes MOVING STARS 10/30/06
10/24/05 20:00 Ely (7 mi. south of) NV Sphere 10 minutes 2 bright red lights south of ely 11/3/05
10/24/05 19:16 Surprise AZ Other 2 minutes West Valley Lights again!! 11/3/05
10/24/05 17:20 Denver CO Changing 25 minutes The objects were reflective and the movement was not wind driven and appeared in the field at once. 11/3/05
10/24/05 10:17 Lauderhill FL Oval 1 minute or less Stonebridge Gardens, Lauderhill, FL spacecraft sighting in wake of Hurricane Wilma 10/24/2005 8/7/07
10/24/05 06:25 Missouri City TX Flash 15 Minutes Slow traveling Extremely bright and fast flashing white strobe light .... 11/3/05
10/24/05 05:30 San Antonio TX Circle 8 minutes 3 white lights moving East with a helicopter watching them at a distance 11/3/05
10/23/05 23:00 Park Valley (near) UT Rectangle 4-5 seconds 10/23/05; Park Valley, Utah; rectangular; 4-5 seconds, looked like a flying box car; posted 10/28/05. 11/3/05
10/23/05 21:30 Yucaipa CA Light 7 min Amber/orange light sighting 11/8/05
10/23/05 21:30 Yucaipa CA Light 7 minutes Light in Eastern Sky, emitting other lights, turning from single to three light pattern 11/3/05
10/23/05 21:00 Cyprus (Mediterranean Sea)
Formation 60 seconds twenty orange coloured oblong shapes arranging themselves into a formation, silently. 11/3/05
10/23/05 20:00 West New York NJ Fireball 3-4 seconds Blue streak across the sky bright white and red flash when it disappeared in 3-4 seconds 11/3/05
10/23/05 19:40 Jacksonville NC Triangle 2 min. 1 FLYING TRIANGLE VERY SLOW AND LOW THEM COMES BACK OR THERE WERE 2 OF THEM? 11/3/05
10/23/05 12:00 Espanola NM Fireball 12:00 to 4:00 AMAZING DIFERENT FORMING UFO UNLIKE ANY OTHER IN ESPANOLA NEW MEXICO! ((Possibly Sirius?? PD)) 2/14/06
10/23/05 11:00 Phoenix AZ Formation 5 min. It was 11:00 Am. On 10/23/2005 The sky was clear. there where three of them round in shape and white. The where in a formantion of a tr 11/3/05
10/23/05 02:00 Preston KS Fireball 5 minutes Explosion with a fire ball 11/3/05
10/23/05 00:30 Fort Worth TX Light 2 min Three lights, two red, one white, on erratic flight paths 11/3/05
10/22/05 22:20 Bassevelde (Belgium)
Circle 1 hour Lightshow above our home 3/19/09
10/22/05 22:00 Edmond OK Oval few seconds Very bright light passing what looked as if it was going westward going toward the ground. Brighter than a shooting star and looked to 11/3/05
10/22/05 21:30 Tinley Park IL Unknown 15 minutes Strange glowing redish orange light hovering over 88th Avenue in Tinley Park, IL 6/12/08
10/22/05 21:10 Little Rock AR
3-4 seconds My name is Fritz Hughes, I live in Little Rock AR. On Oct.22nd 2005 at approximately 9:10 pm CDT I was out on our back patio smoking a 11/3/05
10/22/05 20:35 Tinley Park IL Light 10 minutes Red light moving over Chicago's South Suburbs during White Sox World Series. 11/3/05
10/22/05 20:08 Nelsonville OH Triangle 20 sec Bright light sailing in sky. 11/3/05
10/22/05 19:55 Gulf of Mexico (west of VK 989) LA Unknown 20+ Min Bright white stationary light, hovering for 20+ minutes 11/3/05
10/22/05 19:00 Grand Island NE Rectangle 3sec Blue rectangle stationary to gone in 3 sec. near total darkness in evening. 11/3/05
10/22/05 17:30 Phoenix AZ Light 5 minutes Pulsing object in Phoenix 11/3/05
10/22/05 16:00 Lithia Springs GA Sphere 30-45 min Sphere and dics craft. 11/3/05
10/22/05 15:00 Silver City NM Light 20 minutes Daytime sighting of white "star-like" objects that moved in formations and also had the ability to suspend themselves motionless. 11/3/05
10/22/05 10:15 Hinkley CA Other 1-2 minutes Dark brown potato-shaped object seen over desert mountains. 2/14/06
10/22/05 06:10 Shoreview MN Light 60 Minutes Slow moving bright light moving across early morning sky! 11/3/05
10/22/05 05:15 Irmo SC Circle 1 hr 30 min Multiple Star Like Objects Move Towards Same Direction After Meteor Shower 11/3/05
10/22/05 03:00 Yuma (outside of) AZ Disk 5 Minutes approx Large object on the ground..then it vanished before our eyes! 5/29/12
10/22/05 02:25 Chilliwack (Canada) BC Light
Had a red and yellow light. and left a tail for about10 seconds. vary quiet. flew vary fast. 11/3/05
10/22/05 02:00 Liverpool NY Unknown 30 minutes Slow moving humming noise over house. 11/3/05
10/21/05 23:05 Canyonville OR
4 seconds 1 Large lime green meteor like object no meteor tail. Fell at an angle from northwest to southeast. Much larger than other meteors I ha 11/3/05
10/21/05 20:00 Heflin AL Sphere 30 minutes Huge ball of light seen on the ground in Talladega National Forest / Sweetwater Lake 12/16/05
10/21/05 18:15 Equinunk PA Other 10 min. 6 Streaks of light in the southwest sky at sunset travelling left to right. 11/3/05
10/21/05 13:00 Bristol (UK/England)
Light 15 min it was changing colour , zig zag pattern, rapid upward travel. 11/3/05
10/21/05 07:00 Auburn WA Circle 40 seconds Silent Daytime Disc Disappears When Just Out Of Sight. Prior to recalling abduction. 5/4/18
10/21/05 05:00 Kansas City KS Rectangle 1 minute ((NUFORC Note: May not be an authentic report. PD)) Scary stuff. 11/3/05
10/21/05 04:15 Parkersburg WV Other Wood County ((NUFORC Note: We are not certain whether this is a serious report. PD)) It looked like a red ball of fire falling from the sky. 11/3/05
10/20/05 23:00 Geneva IL Other 15 minutes Circular cloud formation surrounding the moon. ((NUFORC Note: Probable "Moon dog," caused by high-altitude ice crystals. PD)) 11/3/05
10/20/05 22:30 Moline IL Triangle 2 minutes A huge giant black isoceles triangular craft flew over in total silence and then took off at Mach 10 5/12/09
10/20/05 22:00 Pueblo CO Unknown 45 minutes A bright white light hovered over Pueblo Blvd. bridge over the Arkansas River, about 30 ft. above traffic, but no traffic seemed to see 3/4/08
10/20/05 21:10 Brandon FL Light 4 secs. 10/20/05 21:10 Brandon, Fl. Light 4-5 seconds Fast moving and turning at a steadily increasing speed until it went out of sight 11/3/05
10/20/05 21:00 North Myrtle Beach SC Disk 15 seconds Saw lights of rotating, saucer-like object off of coast. Was completely silent, close, and very large 11/3/05
10/20/05 20:51 Essex (UK/England)
Other few mins 30 orange star like objects hovering above the M25 11/3/05
10/20/05 20:14 Gainesville FL Triangle ~1 min Slow moving low flying black triangle with dim star-like lights 10/20/05
10/20/05 20:00 Montville OH Cone 40min. Six coned like objects,with bright white lights floating in the Montville sky. 11/3/05
10/20/05 20:00 Springfield MO Unknown 4-5 seconds Green light seen hovering over south Springfield, then moving southwest at a rapid speed. 12/7/06
10/20/05 19:00 Surprise AZ Light 2 hrs. followed 6 lights in a circle shape 11/3/05
10/20/05 19:00 Nixa MO Disk 2-3 minutes it was confirmed to be machine like, metallic in nature, traditional saucer format with port holes and multicolored lights 11/3/05
10/20/05 18:00 Loveland CO Changing 2 minutes I witnessed five lights that became stationary and moved in to a pattern that looked like the number five on a dice. 9/28/17
10/20/05 16:00 Lancaster CA Sphere 30-60 MIN SPHERE SHAPE CRAFT 10/20/05
10/20/05 14:10 Denver CO Cigar 1 minute Silver Cigar Shaped object flying over I-25 downtown Denver at 2pm on a clear day 11/3/05
10/20/05 12:00 Quincy MA Fireball 10 sec 3 UFOs seen in broad daylight 11/3/05
10/20/05 09:25 Austin TX Triangle 30 seconds 3 lights forming a triangle in Austin, TX 11/3/05
10/20/05 08:30 Connelly Springs NC Unknown
bright red light, hovering then flying away 12/16/05
10/20/05 04:15 Rockport WV Fireball 30 seconds Fireball falling from sky but slow landed on ground and glowed for about 30 seconds then went out. 11/3/05
10/20/05 01:34 Chateauguay (Canada) QC Changing 20 seconds Driving home from work on Highway 30. Saw huge bright light move side to side and then vanished. 11/3/05
10/20/05 01:00 Wellston MI Circle 2 seconds Glowning green ball in Michigan 4/27/07
10/20/05 00:15 Pinckney MI Light 5 mins Seen from a distance, Traveling Northwest. Pulsating white lights, left to right pattern. Approximate speed of 90-100mph. Thought it wa 10/20/05
10/19/05 22:45 Milwaukee WI Triangle 5 minutes Tilted Strobing Lights in the Sky... Circular or Triangular Object 11/3/05
10/19/05 22:00 Whitesburg KY Triangle 5 minutes Black triangle with red lights on corners and two brighter "escorts" silently fly overhead in night sky. 11/3/05
10/19/05 21:15 Jonestown PA Light 60 seconds Bright circular lights light up the sky in Pennsylvania 10/20/05
10/19/05 21:00 Marlboro MA Circle 20minutes looking over cornfield round bright object lookin through binoculars many separate bright lights moved foward back north then soth in 11/3/05
10/19/05 18:00 Bastrop LA Triangle 45 minutes UFO followed us for more than 30 minutes in Bastrop, La 3/19/09
10/19/05 07:30 Elizabeth NJ Light 1 minute light in the sky of elizabeth 10/20/05
10/19/05 02:00 Chillicothe OH Fireball 10 seconds Fireball. 10/20/05
10/19/05 01:30 Colwyn Bay (UK/Wales, north country)
Other 5 hrs Aeroplane which turned into cigar light shape, then a circle of red/green light in North Wales UK 11/3/05
10/18/05 23:00 Orlando FL Other 10 seconds I was standing out side and saw, what I thought was going to be a shooting star, but it went way to far. Horizon to horizon, There was 11/3/05
10/18/05 20:30 Downingtown PA Cylinder 1 minute cylinder object in night sky 11/3/05
10/18/05 19:30 Hillsboro KY Sphere 1 hour Two orbs seen hovering in sky. 10/20/05
10/18/05 19:23 Louisville KY Changing 12 minutes On October 18, 2005, 7:23 PM (EST) looking from Blankenbaker Lane in Louisville, KY towards the West a vertical light (like an exclamat 10/20/05
10/18/05 18:00 Oak Forest IL Light 20MIN ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Mars? PD)) A BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT HANGING IN THE SOUTHWEST SKY. 10/20/05
10/18/05 06:50 Brazil IN Circle 10 Minutes ((NUFORC Note: Student report. Possible hoax. PD)) Red object formed out of a yellow one, then they joined again 10/20/05
10/18/05 01:15 Hickory Hills IL Formation .15 one object with three strobe lights pulsating - been over 10min in one position then moved very fast thru other position . 10/20/05
10/18/05 01:00 Anchorage AK Other 2 hours These Structures were gyrating, twirling, twisting and dancing like a lariat in a ribbon like manner at extremely high speed. 10/20/05
10/17/05 23:40 Glendale AZ Light 30 min light hovering somewhere east of glendale AZ 10/20/05
10/17/05 23:25 Murfreesboro TN Light 50 minutes An optical illusion, not a UFO 10/20/05
10/17/05 22:00 Wixom MI Egg 3 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Witness is anonymous. Possible hoax? PD)) Poval-shaped object seemed to float above several farm buildings, 10/20/05
10/17/05 21:00 West Chester PA Disk 5 seconds saucer object cutting through full moon, south to north 11/3/05
10/17/05 20:50 West Chester PA Oval 1 minute Strange black image passed quickly across the sky on a clear autumn night. 12/16/05
10/17/05 20:00 Kittanning PA Light
Unexplainable lights. 10/20/05
10/17/05 19:00 Welland (Canada) ON Triangle
Bright white light, triangle, 3 lights on the bottom, no noise, red blue and white little lights. 10/20/05
10/17/05 18:35 Chambersburg PA Light 5 minutes Object left no visible exhaust chased by jets leaving white exhaust trails 10/20/05
10/17/05 18:05 Milwaukee WI Circle <1 second Glowing object on Milwaukee's lakefront 11/3/05
10/17/05 18:00 Yukon OK Changing 45 minutes 45 mintues stalled aircraft that were being followed by us airplanes changed shapes 11/3/05
10/17/05 16:00 Clementon NJ Other 30 seconds Pink object chased by jet fighters over New Jersey. 2/1/07
10/17/05 15:30 Kearns UT Diamond 5 seconds ((NUFORC Note: Student report. We cannot certify that it is a serious report. PD)) Two diamond shaped ufo's, and a red dot. 10/20/05
10/17/05 15:15 Kearns UT Cross 3 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Student report. Possible hoax. PD)) Two, colorful, cross shaped objects in the sky. 10/20/05
10/17/05 13:00 West Valley UT Other 10 seconds ((NUFORC Note: Student report. Probable hoax. PD)) It was such a scary sight. 10/20/05
10/17/05 06:45 Orlando FL Light 7-8 seconds Odd movement and speed of star-sized object in early morning sky 10/20/05
10/17/05 01:40 Arlington TX
1 minute Two adults witness peculiar yellow flare, which suddenly accelerates and streaks away. 10/20/05
10/16/05 21:20 Westland MI Formation 2 MINUTES there were intersecting lights with nothing holding them together and no sound 10/20/05
10/16/05 21:00 Boulder CO Light about 10 mins It was around 9pm and I was at just going out side for a cigg. break. And i looked up in the sky and seen a bright red and yellow light 10/20/05
10/16/05 19:48 Santa Maria CA
1 minute Experienced observer witnesses a strange, amorphous, unlighted object streak across the sky, stop, and then simply disappear. 10/20/05
10/16/05 19:46 Santa Maria CA Oval 1 minute Dark oval like shape moving both fast and slow at night. 10/20/05
10/16/05 19:30 Saint Clair Shores MI Other 40 min ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling star? PD)) thought it could have been a star low in the horizon or satellite or space junk. 10/20/05
10/16/05 19:15 Anderson SC Triangle 1-2 minutes Dark, soundless object low in the sky over Anderson, SC; looked like huge black helium balloon? 10/20/05
10/16/05 18:15 Colorado Springs CO Triangle 2 min. Black triangle spotted in Pikes Peak region and slowly fades from sight. 12/16/05
10/16/05 17:39 Rosthern (Canada) SK Cylinder 2 minutes Oct/ 16 sun 2005; Me and my daughter and while on the way home from a convience store saw a silver sparkle in the sky; it was a clear e 10/20/05
10/16/05 10:30 Virginia Beach VA Unknown 1 minute Sighting in Virginia Beach near Pungo 10/20/05
10/16/05 10:00 Porterville CA Circle 15-20 mins big red ball like object with littler star like objects zooming around 10/20/05
10/16/05 08:45 North Zulch TX Circle 15 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Mars. PD)) I was outside last night packing our truck at our ranch in Texas… 10/20/05
10/16/05 06:28 Daytona Beach FL Light 20 min We were picnicking on a pier over the beach as the tide was high and the water engulfed the entire beach. We had layed down on the bla 10/20/05
10/16/05 02:25 Modesto CA Oval 5 seconds Strange Bright Green Light moving through sky near Modesto CA at 2:25 am... visible from I-5 on the left horizon. Very nearby 10/20/05
10/16/05 02:20 Chicago IL Light 30 minutes Multicolored strange object over Chicago. ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling star. PD)) 10/20/05
10/16/05 Ventura CA Oval 40 mins. It was Saturday evening October 16, 2005. I myself have never in the past seen anything like this or any other UFO's. I still don't kno 11/3/05
10/15/05 23:40 Thunder Bay (Canada) ON Disk 2 minutes Cloudly except for a circle around the near full moon, which was illuminated in blues and greens, then a saucer appeared 10/20/05
10/15/05 23:00 Americus GA Light 10 to 30 minutes There was one light, but if you used binoculors you could see for lights. 10/30/06
10/15/05 23:00 Fairbanks AK Light 30 4 balls floating over town , disappearing one by one and coming back , happend twice 3/11/06
10/15/05 23:00 Converse IN Other 10-15 seconds each time We were sitting around a fire when three lights lit up in a horizontal fashion in the western sky. 2/24/07
10/15/05 23:00 Gleason WI Sphere few seconds One sphere craft (viewed by two different groups) similar characteristics of the craft. 2/14/06
10/15/05 23:00 Schuylkill Haven PA Light 10 - 15 minutes Amber colored lights in sky. 3/4/08
10/15/05 22:30 Gleason WI Sphere 5 seconds orange spherical-shaped ufo flies over lake; amazing speed 2/14/06
10/15/05 22:00 Brentwood NH Light 20 minutes There were red dot in the distance and the would blink and they had nonoise and my father told me that they might of been stelth bomber 1/10/09
10/15/05 22:00 Gleason WI Sphere 20 minutes orange glowing sphere, very low to the ground 12/16/05
10/15/05 22:00 Seattle WA Cylinder 1.5 min Cylindrical object hovering past my car at close range 4/27/07
10/15/05 22:00 Springfield MO Light 15 seconds Descending lights were observed by two groups of people within a single hour and 100 miles apart. 10/20/05
10/15/05 21:25 Bullhead City/Laughlin AZ Other 20 Minutes Hello, I reported an event on 4/7/2004 20:05, an identical event took place yet again in almost the exact same area as the previous eve 10/20/05
10/15/05 21:00 Austin TX Other Hours Two red & green lights over SE Austin 12/16/05
10/15/05 20:15 Bartlesville OK Other roughly 15-30 seconds ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) I sighted a prismic diamond-shaped object that glowed yellow green hovering over the trees. 12/16/05
10/15/05 20:00 Hiwassee VA Changing 20:00-20:10 Hello, I saw a light above a wooded area near my house white light no noise I watched it turn from one light into two then back to on 10/20/05
10/15/05 19:05 Marlton NJ Formation 7 minutes After retrieving a few items from the trunk of my car, I noticed three objects following each other in a line, flying north, then north 10/20/05
10/15/05 16:00 Cary NC Unknown 5min My friends and I where jokeing around outside and i got shoved and fell then I saw the craft it was moveing about 100-200 mph at proubl 10/30/06
10/15/05 16:00 Mineola TX Egg 40sec. Saw a metalic football shaped object traveling 200 to 250 mph at about 1000 to 1500 ft. No sound,no windows,no wings ,no trail . 4/27/07
10/15/05 14:00 Thrall LA
20 mins I shirt-boxed shaped object flew over my house slowly and silently on afternoon in Thrall, Texas. 6/9/09
10/15/05 13:10 Phoenix OR Cigar 3-5 Min. A jet black colored cigar-shaped object, with 2 tapered sharply shaped points at its ends, seen moving forward in a specific direction. 12/12/11
10/15/05 11:00 Joliet IL Flash half second A large flash in the sky, only for a short time. 3/11/06
10/15/05 10:19 St. Charles MO Sphere 2 seconds Bright Blue Ball of light 11/3/05
10/15/05 10:00 Kansas City MO Light 2 seconds Bright blue light very fast, defied physics. 10/20/05
10/15/05 08:30 Oxford OH Oval 1 minutes Oval silver flashing Object flying SE over Oxford, OH on a clear morning 10/20/05
10/15/05 04:32 Houston TX Circle 5 minutes UFO SIGHTED HOVERING AT REAR OF HOUSTON RESIDENCE. Richard & June H. /HUSBAND & WIFE WITNESS 10/20/05
10/15/05 04:00 Ammon ID Triangle 25 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Possibly not a serious report. PD)) Black Triangle UFO spotted and had a encounter.… 10/20/05
10/15/05 03:00 Arlington TX Light 2 minutes At approximately 3 am a bright light appeared NNE in the sky about 3 miles away at about 50 degrees above the horizon. The object was 11/3/05
10/15/05 01:30 La Crosse WI Formation 5 sec 5 lights in V formation, racing across night sky before abruptly disappearing 11/3/05
10/15/05 01:00 New Caney TX Formation 8 MINUTES I NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD HAPPEN TO ME. 12/16/05
10/15/05 Spanaway WA Oval 1:30 min cloud inhaler 5/15/06
10/14/05 21:30 Park Rapids MN Triangle 20+ min. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Mars? PD)) floating, moving object in Park Rapids,MN. 10/20/05
10/14/05 21:30 Earp CA Unknown 1-2 mins Four lights over Parker Strip CA/AZ 12/7/06
10/14/05 21:00 Denver CO Light 5 minutes Strange light in the sky shoot off through the sky after several minutes of hovering. 10/20/05
10/14/05 21:00 Correo NM Light 15 minutes Bright light emits smaller light 10/20/05
10/14/05 19:45 Lincoln (east of) MT Egg 15-30 minutes egg/circle shaped, red/yellow/white lights - west of Lincoln tonight 10/20/05
10/14/05 18:55 Bonner Springs KS Light 5 minutes Two lights of unknown orgin seen 15 miles Southwest of Bonner Springs Kansas. 12/16/05
10/14/05 14:45 Lenexa KS Sphere 5 minutes Watched three spheres with light reflecting off of them creating a silver glint. One was above the other by perhaps 100 feet. The third 10/20/05
10/14/05 13:30 Littleton CO Circle 30 minutes 10-14-05 Littleton, Co. 30 minutes 2 objects, one stationary, the second moving high rate of speed to the North-West 11/3/05
10/14/05 09:35 San Antonio TX Other 5 minutes Didn't really look like a craft. Maybe something biomorphic? 10/20/05
10/14/05 06:40 Amarillo TX Sphere 7 minutes at 06:40 this morning a saw what i thought was a shooting star. but it then stopped and it lite up bright blue for about a minute. afte 10/20/05
10/14/05 03:36 Llanelli (UK/England)
Triangle 30seconds triangle object flew over my house early morning blocking out all stars 10/20/05
10/14/05 01:00 Columbus OH Sphere 10 minutes flashing red sphere 10/20/05
10/13/05 23:30 Atlanta TX Other 15 Seconds "Boomerang" shape over Atlanta, Tx -October 2005 12/16/05
10/13/05 21:30 Hayward CA Rectangle 15 seconds low altitude flourescent light 10/20/05
10/13/05 21:00 Northfield MN Chevron 30 min Chevron shaped, low flying, one side shorter than the other, scilent, seen at 21:00, circling. 2/1/07
10/13/05 20:05 Livermore CA Light 2 min Strange light in the sky over Livermore CA. 12/16/05
10/13/05 20:00 Millbrook AL Changing 2hrs ((NUFORC Note: Probable twinkling star? PD)) Sky was clear with stars. 10/20/05
10/13/05 20:00 Miami FL Other 2 minutes A boomerang shaped craft moving north to south, stopped, circled, and continued south movement. 10/20/05
10/13/05 19:10 Shropshire (UK/England)
Light 20 minutes bright lights in England (shropshire) near shrewsbury 10/20/05
10/13/05 18:40 Mesa AZ Light 90 seconds The Lights over Mesa Return - See Video Footage. ((NUFORC Note: Possible flares near Gila Bend Firing Range. PD)) 11/3/05
10/13/05 17:32 Terlton OK Cylinder 2 minutes This object looked like a barrel and made no sound but moved in a straight line at an incredible speed. 2/14/06
10/13/05 17:32 Terlton OK Cylinder 2 Minutes Barrel shaped white craft with orange stripes on either end..silent, with no windows, doors, lights, or wings 6/12/08
10/13/05 15:12 Twin Falls ID Disk 1or 2 Min. Glowing craft in the day time. 10/20/05
10/13/05 05:05 Boise ID Chevron 3-4 seconds Fast and middle-low flying Boomerang with 3 lights and no sound ! 10/20/05
10/13/05 04:30 Jupiter FL Light 10 seconds Single small white light 10/20/05
10/13/05 02:20 Siloam Springs AR Circle 3 min Saw 3 round lights appearing to be surround in fog, 2 following each other, one to the east..heading north, one wen NNE. 10/20/05
10/12/05 22:00 San Jose CA Unknown 5 minutes Possible Chinese Spacecraft Launch?? 10/20/05
10/12/05 21:00 Georgetown TX Changing 2 hours ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling stars? PD)) Four objects with red/orange & green flashing lights sighted near Florence/Killeen,TX.. 10/20/05
10/12/05 20:32 Peoria AZ Triangle 4 Minutes Many sightings of 12 orange lights, bouncing + pattern formation, high rate of acceleration 8:34 PM on 10/12/05 10/20/05
10/12/05 20:05 Mesa AZ Sphere 3 minutes Phoenix Lights are Back! 10/20/05
10/12/05 20:02 Phoenix AZ Light 5 minutes Yellow Lights seen over South Mountain 10/20/05
10/12/05 19:35 Gurgaon (India)
Oval 5-7 minutes Blue oval ball over Gurgaon sky line 10/20/05
10/12/05 17:00 Noblesville IN Light 10 seconds yellow light moving in wierd patterns and disappeared over noblesville, indiana. 2/14/06
10/12/05 13:06 Richmond Hill (Canada)
Circle 3 seconds The flything ubject came out of the clouds,,, and stayed there for about 5 - 10 seconds and it sudenly moved to the right hand side by 11/3/05
10/12/05 12:00 Republic OH Flash 1.0 flashes,porthole,and very fast! 12/16/05
10/12/05 04:00 Farmland IN Light 10 minutes Bright, pulsating light in night sky 10/20/05
10/12/05 02:05 Longwood FL Formation 20 seconds Two glowing discs slowly glide accross Longwood FL night sky. 10/20/05
10/12/05 01:15 Bossier City LA Oval 30 seconds Very loud, noisy craft, intense orange-red color, goes over my house in early a.m. 10/20/05
10/12/05 00:00 Bakersfield CA Fireball 2 + hours ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Mars. PD)) Bright Star changes direction at high speeds. 10/20/05
10/11/05 21:50 Rotherham (South Yorkshire) (UK/England)
Oval 1hr A light it was a oval shape duration was 1hr 12/16/05
10/11/05 21:00 Wall Lake IA Light 10 seconds strange shit in the sky in sac county iowa. 10/20/05
10/11/05 21:00 Little Ferry NJ Oval 5 min oval sahped the whole thing was lit up with a very bright white light, huvered over the trees,disappeared 12/16/05
10/11/05 19:45 Mobile AL Light 30 minutes? ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Mars. PD)) Massive brilliant white light that just hung in the Southern sky. 10/20/05
10/11/05 19:30 Tempe AZ Triangle ~3 sec 3 light triangle stayed perfectly still and then shot off fter 3 seconds of stillness. 10/20/05
10/11/05 19:00 Buckeye AZ Formation 30 minutes two different multi-light configurations that changed position and appeared low in the sky south of Buckeye, Arizona 10/20/05
10/11/05 19:00 Casa Grande AZ Light 30 minutes amber lights over I-10 near Casa Grande Az. 10/20/05
10/11/05 18:45 Peoria AZ Light 90 minutes Formation of amber lights over Tolleson, AZ that flickered off and on for about 90 minutes. 10/20/05
10/11/05 18:33 Pearl Harbor HI Light 2 seconds Fast moving light in the sky South of Peal Harbor 10/20/05
10/11/05 16:36 Lake Point UT Light about 12 mins Lights near Lake Point/Grantsville, UT 10/20/05
10/11/05 16:00 Canyonlands NP UT Formation 10 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellites. PD)) Needles Outpost: I was admiring the stars I saw 3 moving objects, all in a row. 10/20/05
10/11/05 03:20 Siloam Sprngs AR Circle 3 min Round light appeared to be surrounded by fog, approaced from south neaded NNE, changed speed, then turned sharply west. 10/20/05
10/11/05 03:00 Eagan MN Circle 2 hours plus ((NUFORC Note: Possible star. PD)) Bright colorfull glowing ball. 10/11/05
10/11/05 00:00 Cannock (UK/England)
Formation 3 minutes Formation spotted 10/20/05
10/11/05 00:00 Holiday FL Light ohrs light dancing over holliday florda 10/20/05
10/10/05 23:07 Brainerd MN Disk 5 min. A big lighted up silver saucer. 10/30/06
10/10/05 23:00 Hendersonville NC Light 10 Minutes Last night, October 10, at about 11:00PM for about ten minutes I observed a peculiar point source light in the Eastern sky. It was at a 10/11/05
10/10/05 22:08 East Wenatchee WA Light 20 min Strange light over East Wenatchee Washington 10/20/05
10/10/05 21:30 North Miami Beach FL Other 60 min a manta ray shaped object with orange and yellow lights flashing in 10/11/05
10/10/05 21:00 Lewisburg TN Unknown 4 minutes Like a grouping of balloons with a slight glow to them 12/7/06
10/10/05 20:00 Loretto PA Triangle 5 minutes Dull red flash, Triangular ship, Vocal Noises 10/30/06
10/10/05 20:00 Newtown (UK/Wales)
Formation 5/6 minutes red/orang lights dancing in the sky. 5/15/06
10/10/05 14:45 Los Angeles CA Egg 10 seconds Egg UFO over Hollywood Hills and LAX in LOS ANGELES, CA. 10/20/05
10/10/05 11:30 Edgewater FL
300 orange ball in sky video taped over edgewater florida 10/11/05
10/10/05 09:30 North Miami Beach FL Oval 30 minutes i sent you an e-mail 2 days ago and really want to be contacted, PLEASE contact me asap, I'm not crazy and nether is my wife, please c 10/20/05
10/10/05 09:00 Apache Junction AZ Other 30 seconds half-moon shaped objects that just winked out 10/11/05
10/10/05 07:40 Seattle WA Other one + minutes round symetrical with roundish flat bottom shiny white colored low flying bigger than a plane. 10/11/05
10/10/05 Franklin IN Disk ? two yellow objects sitting over the corn field in Franklin, Indiana 10/20/05
10/9/05 23:00 Bainbridge NY Disk 3 minutes Saucer flies straight towards us slowly from 45 degree angle down, zooms quickly straight backwards at same angle 10/19/17
10/9/05 22:30 Clovis CA Light 7 seconds 3 dimly lit objects traveling VERY fast passed directly overhead, with no sound 10/20/05
10/9/05 20:30 Eagle CO Triangle Unknown MUFON COLORADO REPORT: Triangular craft seen in vicinity of Eagle County airport. 11/8/05
10/9/05 20:08 Vancouver WA Light ~.08 seconds Yellowish, orange object travelling much faster than any aircraft, but slower than meteorite - Vancouver WA/Portalnd OR area 10/11/05
10/9/05 18:00 Garden City ID Other 1.min apple or urn shaped objects flying with birds following a commercial aircraft 10/30/06
10/9/05 16:11 Camarillo CA Unknown 15minutes Three white objects in a loose triangle formation moving ESE 10/11/05
10/9/05 16:00 Tulsa (near) OK Cigar 1:45 Minutes Cigar shaped object emerged from the moon in broad daylight 12/16/05
10/9/05 14:12 Denton TX Disk 2 - 3 minutes Driving from Denton, TX to Corinth, TX shiny saucer appeared next to airplanes 10/11/05
10/8/05 23:50 Sigulda (Latvia)
Triangle 1 sec We were sitting in jacuzzi located in the backyard an whathing stars. First two flying objects seemed as a falling stars but after som 10/11/05
10/8/05 22:30 Watagua TX Cigar continus it ws stange how it didnt move. 10/11/05
10/8/05 22:00 Livermore CA Light 20 sec. White light flying high over Livermore Valley near Sandia/Lawrence Livermore Lab 10/11/05
10/8/05 22:00 Quesnel (Canada) BC Disk one minute or so 3-4 round red disappearing lights in a curved pattern , suggesting the origin of the lights is disk shaped. 12/16/05
10/8/05 20:30 Bigfork MT Light 2 minutes 3 different colored objects moving down towards me. 10/11/05
10/8/05 20:01 Buena Park CA Oval 3-5 minutes flying object resembled a metalic baloon only sideways, like a flying saucer, metalic in color. underneath the artifact it had red ligh 10/11/05
10/8/05 15:30 San Fransisco CA Sphere 20 mins Three objects flying over san francisco during 2005 Blue Angels air show 11/3/05
10/8/05 15:30 San Francisco CA Oval 15 minutes 3 white spheres/ovals in a triangular formation, fixed in position. Very high in the sky but not as high as stars would look. Over San 10/11/05
10/8/05 14:45 San Francisco CA Formation 30 minutes I was at the Ferry Building in SF watching the Blue Angels perform. A very bright star-like light caught my eye and I stared at it for 10/11/05
10/8/05 13:00 Sarajevo (Bosnia)
Disk 30 40 seconds ((NUFORC Note: We are awaiting additional information. PD)) 10/11/05
10/8/05 12:00 Chester AR Oval 5 minutes Shiny Silver Oval Object Over Chester, Arkansas 10/31/08
10/8/05 06:15 Orlando FL Light 1 minute As I was looking I noticed this light, almost like a star or a plane, moving slowly. 5/15/06
10/8/05 02:00 Searcy AR Oval 3-4 minutes A ovular/circular object flew by me towards the south, almost stopped, slowly traveled for a few minutes, shot away, and then came back 10/20/05
10/7/05 23:35 Orland/Tinley Park IL Formation 45 Minutes Odd lights performing maneuvers never seen before near Chicago. 10/11/05
10/7/05 23:00 Cambridge WI Light
objects seen in sky at 23:00 above Cambridge WI 10/11/05
10/7/05 22:55 Lebanon OH Oval 1minute glowing object moving like nothing I know of man made. 10/11/05
10/7/05 22:00 Clifton CO Light 20 minutes Four diffused indiscriminately-swirling lights followed me while I was driving; by the time I reached my house, there were only three 10/30/06
10/7/05 21:19 Lowell AR Triangle
Triangular craft sighted in Lowell. 12/16/05
10/7/05 21:00 Boston MA Cigar Saw Later In Photos Cigar shaped, late evening, red line (light?) on top, yellow line (light?) on bottom, three side lights, 1 bright white light in front 12/16/05
10/7/05 20:30 Scandia MN Changing 10 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling stars, we suspect. PD))We saw an object in the sky that didn't appear to be moving. 10/11/05
10/7/05 20:00 Isle Of Palms SC Sphere 10 Minutes Me and some family were visiting some of my other family on 41st Avenue. At around 8 PM 3 of us ,myself included, decided to go out on 10/11/05
10/7/05 20:00 Danbury NH Cigar 5 seconds Saw two cigar-shaped objects flying low in Danbury, NH. 8/11/17
10/7/05 14:00 Sheboygan WI Cigar 30 secs Witnessed a cigar shaped craft fly silently over Lake Michigan 10/11/05
10/7/05 12:00

I am curious to know if the 03/05/07 Muncie, IN. photo is similar to this photo.

This was an unseen artifact taken with a 35 MM fi
10/7/05 10:30 Cardston (Canada) AB Cone 5 Seconds Bright blue ball of light 10/11/05
10/7/05 09:00 Kirby Bellars (Leicstershire) (UK/England)
Other 20 seconds star shape low flying fast 10/11/05
10/7/05 02:15 Long Beach CA Unknown 20 Minutes Star-like object/body very high the sky; but moving about extremely fast is very unnatural trajectory, constantly changed position, and 10/11/05
10/6/05 21:30 Lynchburg VA Triangle 45 Seconds Black Triangle, Three White Lights, What was that? 12/16/05
10/6/05 21:30 Bartonville IL Triangle 12sec Pekin IL, 10/11/05
10/6/05 18:50 Hempstead TX Cigar 10 min Bright object over HWY 290 Hempstead, TX 10/11/05
10/6/05 18:00 Cedar Falls IA Light 10min RED LIGHT 10/11/05
10/6/05 11:00 Park Forest IL Oval 5 mins I saw 3 round strange looking objects in the sky 10/11/05
10/6/05 06:00 Mason City IA Light 5 minutes strange flying object 10/20/05
10/6/05 05:30 Huachuca City AZ Cigar 15 minutes A cigar shaped object leaning to left moved thru storm clouds, moved to lean right and then to a dot and moved toward another storm. 2/14/06
10/6/05 02:25 Buttonwillow CA Light still visible Bright, erratically maneuvering object, spotted over Buttonwillow, CA - October 6, 2005 - 2:25 AM. 10/11/05
10/6/05 01:15 Coon Rapids/Fridley MN Triangle 1 minute object trailed by military aircraft flew over at high rate of speed knocking out power in certain homes. 10/11/05
10/6/05 Katy TX Unknown 5 SECONDS pulled into driveway after work and looked into the sky to notice the stars with it being a clear sky and all of a sudden an aircraft o 10/11/05
10/5/05 23:30 Clearwater FL Chevron 6 Sec While sitting outside at night, a dark boomerang flew silently above me. It was sharp edged with appx 4 blurry whiteish lights on each 10/11/05
10/5/05 23:00 West Des Moines IA Cigar 5 Minutes Object Hovering between 2-5,000 feet in the air. 4-5 Strobe lights in a row flashing in sequence. Object hovered without making a sou 10/11/05
10/5/05 22:00 Rockford MI Fireball 10-15 seconds Fireball falling from the sky 5/15/06
10/5/05 22:00 Salem OR Chevron .40 seconds There was a lone craft in the sky,that seemed pretty high. I am not familar with the exact hieght/Locations of things> According to the 10/20/05
10/5/05 21:30 Great Falls MT Other 3 hours Three day sighting spectacular! 11/3/05
10/5/05 21:00 Toledo OH Light 48 min Point source of light observed for 48 min in rapid acceleration and deceleration and apparent stationary flight 10/11/05
10/5/05 20:43 Mokena IL Circle 18 as i was out in the driveway of my home and walking towards the field in my backyard i notice int he west sky 2 round lights gaining an 10/20/05
10/5/05 19:45 Tupper Lake NY Light Hour Flashing lights 10/11/05
10/5/05 16:00 Green Sea SC Triangle 2-3 hours 2-3 hour observation of Triangle craft while hunting top of trees 150 to 160 yards away 7/4/12
10/5/05 02:00 Stuart FL Unknown 2 hours not sure what i saw 10/11/05
10/5/05 Casper WY Sphere 30 seconds Glowing object crosses road right to left - vanishes into ravine..than crosses again left to right..then away. 10/11/05
10/5/05 Natchez MS Light seconds ((NUFORC Note: May not be serious report. PD)) Large bright light. 12/16/05
10/4/05 21:40 Grand Rapids MI Oval 10 seconds I watched it in clear view and it suddenly dissapeared. 10/11/05
10/4/05 21:30 Hyvinkää (Finland)
Other 90 seconds The story of strange satellites REVEALED 10/11/05
10/4/05 20:40 Woodbridge VA Other 5sec object was greenishyellow color 10/11/05
10/4/05 20:15 Granger IA Formation 15 seconds six orange lights in formation over Granger, IA 10/11/05
10/4/05 20:00 Waterford MI Sphere 20 min Unidentifiable light(lights) moving uncharacteristically....... 2/14/06
10/4/05 19:15 Surprise AZ Changing 5 minutes The first night of 3 possible nights. The fist nignt we saw 3 bright lights above what would look like Interstate 10 in Arizona. The li 10/20/05
10/4/05 19:00 Huntsville AL Circle 5 minutes Up close flying low tonight and 2 others within a month! 10/11/05
10/4/05 19:00 Auburn AL Oval 1 hour Blue Star object seen hovering above auburn then dissapears. 10/11/05
10/4/05 19:00 Modesto CA Circle 20 sec From very Bright to dim. 10/11/05
10/4/05 18:55 Peoria AZ Light 10 min Amber lights near Tolleson, AZ 10/11/05
10/4/05 18:30 Bonne Terre MO Triangle 30 mins 15- 20 mins 10/04/2005 a triangle shaped object in the western sky with a blue, orange and red light Bonne Terre Mo. 10/11/05
10/4/05 18:05 New York City (Manhattan) NY Light 20 minutes Six bright "stationary" objects over Manhattan / NYC. I took a picture. 10/11/05
10/4/05 17:21 Shenyang (China)
See or I wrote what I want to say and the pictures there. 10/11/05
10/4/05 17:00 Winnemucca NV Circle 5 seconds i am an oil painter so I take pictures of sunsets and clouds etc. The night of October 4th the sky was beautiful to the northeast of Wi 12/16/05
10/4/05 13:30 Rock Hill SC Other seconds daylight ufo seen from my front window,amazing to see. 12/16/05
10/4/05 06:50 Chanute KS Light approx. 2 minutes Bright solid light moving rapidly east 10/11/05
10/4/05 04:00 Scottsdale AZ Triangle 1 1/2 hrs. ((Apparent report of helicopter. PD)Loud hovering object with red and green lights over McDowell Mt. Ranch Subdivision in N Scottsdale. 10/20/05
10/4/05 03:00 Dickensonville VA Circle 15 minutes Appeared to be flattened round shape. White, red, and green colored lights flashed around the perimeter. 10/11/05
10/4/05 01:00 Seattle WA Other A few seconds 6 dimly lit orbs travelint at a high speed 12/16/05
10/4/05 00:50 Citrus Heights CA Other 90 seconds Sighted several bright green, rectangular lights both descending and ascending; sighting lasted about 2 minutes. 10/11/05
10/3/05 23:18 Cherry Hill NJ Circle 2mins Three white objects in triangle formation hovered, then objects flew away from eachother at high speed. 10/11/05
10/3/05 23:00 Ogden UT Circle 5 min October 3rd 11:40pm 05 above the eastern bench in ogden UT, An orb slowly brightend up then moved arround in a circular motion, 10/11/05
10/3/05 22:30 Burlington VT Disk 15 minutes 2 low flying brightly lit and quiet objects in sequence, taking the same flight patter. 10/20/05
10/3/05 22:00 Lake Villa IL
1/2 hour + Bright stationary red light on a partially cloudy night in an area of the sky in which no stars were visable. This was not a star/plane 10/11/05
10/3/05 21:40 Castle Rock CO Oval 1hr On Monday october 3, 2005, I spotted two spaceships in the sky. The first spotted ship was what seemed to be a bright star, when it st 10/11/05
10/3/05 21:30 Boulder CO Chevron 45 seconds Low flying, silent, muted white lights on a chevron shaped glider 10/11/05
10/3/05 21:00 Hartford CT Light
((NUFORC Note: Star or planet?? PD)) Steady blinking 3 color lights. 10/11/05
10/3/05 21:00 Whitefield NH Light 4 Hours ((NUFORC Note: Probably a twinkling star. PD)) Satellite pulsing with color? 10/11/05
10/3/05 12:00 Westfir OR Other 20 minutes clear real photo graph of extraterestrel 10/11/05
10/3/05 11:00 San Jose CA Formation 3 min It was 11:00 am, my daughter 4 1/2 was our front feeding our dog, I was inside. Then I hear her yell "Momma, Momma, come look at the s 10/11/05
10/3/05 07:09 Sacramento CA Oval east a small oval object in the sky wit a flash in on it. 10/11/05
10/2/05 19:30 Hillsborough NJ Triangle 5 minutes Very large, bright orange triangle shaped object moving slowly through the sky. 10/11/05
10/2/05 18:20 Strasburg CO Oval 15 min Metallic oval or cylinder , daytime, visable for 15 min, splits into 3 objects,Strasburg Colorado 10/11/05
10/2/05 18:00 New York City (Manhattan) NY Other 3 minutes Did anyone see a very strange object flying above New York City on October 2, 2005? I have pictures 2/14/06
10/2/05 17:30 Providence RI Changing 5 minutes White tear drop shaped object that was visible to the naked eye that I noticed after an aircraft flew overhead. 10/11/05
10/2/05 15:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Egg 2 minutes It zigzaged around and went very fast. It had lights that were not flashing 10/11/05
10/2/05 09:15 San marcos TX Diamond 1.5 hours Very bright light was seen over South direction 10/11/05
10/2/05 05:00 Dividing Creek NJ Circle 10min Round, red object flew liesurely then soared at tree level-it's color intensified and it quickly zig-zagged (3x) then traveled away. 10/20/05
10/2/05 04:00 Chicago IL Light 3-4min I saw a red lite moving accross the sky very slowly and totally silent. 10/11/05
10/2/05 03:00 Westfield MA Light >1.5 Hours Three bright lights appeard at different times. Moving in zig-zag patterns in the sky over a long period of time. 10/11/05
10/2/05 02:00 Edina MN Formation 3-5 Seconds Triangle Formation 10/11/05
10/2/05 00:30 Heflin AL Circle five min Object with bright red light hovered above my car siletly, and followed me for about five minutes then disappeared. 8/7/07
10/1/05 23:00 Tinley Park IL Light minutes Seen over the Tinley Park, IL. area. Three red lights hovering in the sky. Changed from red to green and back again. 10/11/05
10/1/05 22:30 Portage La Prairie (Canada0 MB Other 30 seconds Six lights in a strange formation surrounded by two long rectagular objects 10/30/12
10/1/05 22:00 Central Lake MI Unknown 25 min Lights over Traverse Bay 35min moving than fixed position 10/11/05
10/1/05 21:41 Montréal (Canada) QC Changing Don't know I just want to take a picture of Montréal and when i come here in front on my computer i see that green and orange thing in front of me 10/11/05
10/1/05 21:35 Buxton (UK/England)
Light 4 mins? 3 satellite looking objects moving close together 10/11/05
10/1/05 21:30 Laurelville OH Unknown 5 mins Very slow moving object that made no sound. 1/10/09
10/1/05 20:30 Napa CA Unknown 20 minutes Dim Flapping Object in Napa Sky October 1st 10/11/05
10/1/05 20:08 Hamilton (Canada) ON Light 15 seconds 2 bright lights simutaneously travelling north - Hamilton Ontario Canada - 10/11/05
10/1/05 20:05 San Jose CA Chevron 10mins One star shaped object, another V shaped object blending in with the nighttime clouds 10/11/05
10/1/05 20:05 Liberty Hill TX Light 15 minutes seven objects sighted with one apparantly landing 10/11/05
10/1/05 19:58 Rogers MN Triangle 17 Minutes Triangular UFO hovered with Stench 10/20/05
10/1/05 19:00 Winnamac IN Triangle 15 seconds orange triangular shape that turned on and off two times 10/11/05
10/1/05 18:00 West Palm Beach FL Teardrop 1 min I've seen the black teardrop/sphere/baloon too.... 3/11/06
10/1/05 17:00 Los Angeles CA Formation 25 mins 4 UFOs in a big arrowlike formation at high altitude over downtown part of Los Angeles 10/11/05
10/1/05 15:00 Phoenix AZ Oval 3 minutes A huge, metallic-silver colored, oval object was observed over the Estrella Mountains during the day. 5/15/06
10/1/05 09:30 Albuquerque NM Disk 10 minutes Two blue pinpoints of light merge onto one silver disk. 10/20/05
10/1/05 08:30 Vanderbilt MI Circle
white light bright 60 - 75 mph it was about 30 min long 10/11/05
10/1/05 08:22 Homestead FL Light 5mins its the same spot where my brother said he saw sumtin up in tha sky a few years earlier.... 10/11/05
10/1/05 06:30 Greenup KY Circle 30 seconds This has happened more than once! We saw a orange circle of light moving slowly through the sky, shooting about two inches to the human 10/11/05
10/1/05 03:00 Posen IL Light 10-20 minutes 3 Red lights in triangle formation moving slowly and silently 10/11/05
10/1/05 01:10 Oak Forest IL Cylinder 2 hours There were 3 red lights, sometimes they were in a trianlge and than in straight line. they went away one by on. After 1:00 am 10/11/05
10/1/05 01:10 Oak Forest IL Unknown 60 seconds it lasted for about one minute 10/11/05
10/1/05 01:10 Crestwood IL Light 5 min 3 small lights formed a triangle then straight line, took a digital picture, zoomed in a saw 3 lights inside each individual 10/11/05
10/1/05 01:10 Tinley Park IL Triangle
sitting in my yard 1:10 am i saw three red lights above my house in a triangle form i shined a light on it when i noticed it came close 10/11/05
10/1/05 01:10 Oak Forest IL Light 15-30min 3 red lights over chicagoland area 10/11/05
10/1/05 01:10 Hillside IL Changing 1/2 hour Initially observed a white dot in the northwestern sky which prompted me to obtain my binoculars to obtain a closer look. I then observ 10/11/05
10/1/05 01:10 Manhattan IL Triangle 10 seconds Tinley Park Lights Are Back!!! 10/11/05
10/1/05 01:10 Alsip IL Light 8 minutes RED LIGHTS SEEN IN ALSIP ILLINOIS 10/11/05
10/1/05 01:10 Cuyahoga Falls OH Other 5-7 seconds V-shaped object seen in sky of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 2/14/06
10/1/05 01:08 Evergreen Park IL Light 8 minutes Two red lights sitting in the sky, but I couldn't not make out an object. 10/11/05
10/1/05 01:03 Oak Forest IL Light 20:00 minutes red dots seen in sky formed triangle 10/11/05
10/1/05 01:00 Tinley Park IL Triangle 30 min + I saw 3 red flashing/blinking lights in sky 1:00am 10-1-05 over Tinley Park IL 10/11/05
10/1/05 01:00 Tinley Park IL Formation 20 minutes Three Red Lights Over Tinley Park. 10/11/05
10/1/05 01:00 Midlothian IL Light 20-25minutes Red lights, southland Chicago 10/11/05
10/1/05 01:00 Oak Forest IL Changing 5-10 minutes 3 red lights altered formations and each indiviadual light disappeared at different times 10/11/05
10/1/05 01:00 Tinley Park IL Circle 10 minutes Three red blinking dots in the sky that hoovered unlike an airplane that I know of. 10/11/05
10/1/05 01:00 Oak Forest IL Light Five to Ten Minutes That night after closing my garage door I glanced as I normally do towards the North my amazement just west of the North star 10/11/05
10/1/05 01:00 Tinley Park IL Triangle ? 3 red lights in a triagular shape that held position for awhile, then one light flew off very quickly 10/11/05
10/1/05 01:00 Tinley Park IL Circle 10 minutes 3 red lights in Tinley Park sky. 10/11/05
10/1/05 01:00 Tinley Park IL Triangle 15 minutes saw three red glowing lights in the sky above, in Tinley park Il. 10/11/05
10/1/05 01:00 Posen/Midlothian IL Formation about 15 minutes 3 Red Lights slowly flew over South Suburbs of Chicago at 1am 1Oct05, then disappeared one at a time. 10/11/05
10/1/05 01:00 Tinley Park IL Triangle
3 red lights in Tinley Park. 10/11/05
10/1/05 00:57 Orland Park IL Light 7 minutes Red lights in sky over Orland Park, Illinois 10/11/05
10/1/05 00:57 Orland Park IL Light :06 Red lights over Orland Park 10/11/05
10/1/05 00:55 Midlothian/Posen IL Light 10-15 minutes 3 pulsing red lights in triangular formation over Midlothian & Posen, IL...One by one they flicker out and dissappear. 10/11/05
10/1/05 00:53 Tinley Park IL Circle 15-20 minutes 3 red lights over Tinley Park. 10/11/05
10/1/05 00:40 Orland Park IL Diamond 45 min 3 red lights hovering in the northeast sky 10/11/05
10/1/05 00:30 Oak Forest IL Light hour I saw the three red lights in the sky over Oak Forest Illinois. They flashed like beacons. This happened around 12:30am 10/11/05
10/1/05 00:00 Evergreen Park/Tinley Park/Orland Park IL Light from 11pm - 1:30 Am strange. dozens saw it . happens all the time 10/11/05
10/1/05 00:00 Oak Forest IL Circle 1 hour At approximitly 0:00 I spotted three red circular lights in the western skies over Oak Forest, IL. The three large red light seemed mo 10/11/05
10/1/05 00:00 Harrisburg MO Light 40 minutes The waves of lights seemed to materialize high in the sky and move in an "ocean tidal manner" that is one wave after another, 12/12/09