National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 09/2005
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
9/30/05 23:50 Orland Park IL Light 15-20 minutes Two pulsing bright red lights in eastern sky seen around 11:30 p.m. from my backyard in Orland Park, IL 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:45 Tucson AZ Light 30 seconds Brilliant light over the Catalinas 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:30 Oak Forest IL Circle five minutes red circle in sky flashing on and off 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:30 Tinley Park IL Circle 1 hour The 3 red lights of south chicago 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:30 Orland Park IL Triangle 10-15 minutes Three red lights that formed a triangle. 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:30 Tinley Park IL Changing 15-20 min red lights over tinley park, IL. 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:30 Grande Prairie (Canada) AB Light 7 - 8 seconds 4 lights moving across the Grande Prairie Night Sky 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:30 Tinley Park/Oak Forest IL Formation not sure Tinley Park Lights May have retured Three red lights in a triangular formation 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:25 Tinley Park IL Light 7-10 minutes Two red lights in the sky 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:25 Orland Park IL Light 10 minutes Red lights over sky of Orland Park, IL 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:23 Palos Heights IL Light 5 minutes UFO spotted over Chicago's Southwest suburbs 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:18 Tinley Park IL Circle 10 minute Sept. 30th 2005 Red Lights Sighting 11:18pm Tinley Park, IL 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:15 Oak Forest IL Light 30minutes 2 Bright Red lights above my house, then gain altitude before heading east very slowly 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:15 Oak Forest IL Sphere 10 minutes approx 2 Red light ufo's passing across sky 9/ 30/05 from west to east and 3 red lights ufo's on 10/1/05 w/ ext. video 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:15 Sugar Grove IL Light 15 Min 3 red lights - triangle shape N NE sky 45 degree angle off of horizon 5/15/06
9/30/05 23:15 Oak Forest IL Circle 20 minutes two bright lights moving slowly from west to east. bright red stars 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:15 Orland Park IL Formation 20-25 minutes Two red lights of undetermined origin over Orland Park, IL (USA) 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:15 Tinley Park IL Unknown 15 minutes 2 red lights moving west to east 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:10 Joliet/Orland Hills IL Light 25min Red Lights over Illinois 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00 Tinley Park IL Unknown 30 minutes UFO red lights in sky over tinley park, very descriptive explanation. 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00 Orland Hills IL Unknown 15min Two red light just hovering 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00 Orland Hills IL Light 15:00 min. My wife and I both watched 3 red lights to the east of our home for about 15:00 min.

They didn't do much just slowly got closer to e
9/30/05 23:00 Tinley Park IL Light 1 hour 2 objects that moved uniformally slowly, quickly, and stopping and staying together 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00 Orland Park IL Light 45 minutes September 30th sights in Orland Park Illinois of the 3 red lights. 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00 Orland Park IL Circle 2 hours 3 red objects in the sky 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00 Tinley Park IL Circle 10-15 minutes Two bright red objects move across sky west to east with no set speed or direction. 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00 Orland Park IL Light 45min there were 3 red lights seen in the east sky, in the shape of a triangle. there was originally one light and then 2 more came from the 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00 Tinley Park IL Light 10 minutes Two round red lights moving from wws to een in the night sky. 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00 Tinley Park IL Light 15 minutes 2 red lights nest to star. hovered for fifteen minutes or so, moving in a vertical fashion(up&down). Had blinking red lights 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00 Oak Forest IL Triangle 30 minutes Strange red lights as big as stars, blinking slowly. 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00 Orland Park IL Other 10-15 minutes My friends and I saw three lights that resembled bright red stars rearranging themselves in the northern sky. 11/3/05
9/30/05 23:00 New Lenox IL Light 5 min strange red lights verticle in a row in the sky. 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00 Oak Forest IL Light 20:00 minutes red dots seen in sky looked like a cell phone tower 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00 Orland Park IL Light 5-7 minutes Strang red lights appear in the sky. 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00 Tinley Park IL Triangle 20 minutes On Friday,September 1st at 11:00 PM, four of us who live in Tinley Park spotted 3 red lights that formed a triangle in the night sky. I 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00 Oak Forest IL Sphere 10 minutes two red lights were dangling in the air looking just like stars just disappeared after about 10 minutes 10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00 Tinley Park IL Light 20-30 minutes RED LIGHTS IN TINLEY PARK THIRD TIME IN 13 months 10/11/05
9/30/05 22:30 Ashland PA Circle 45 minutes Circle of lighst ((NUFORC Note: Suspected sighting of a star or planet. PD)) 10/11/05
9/30/05 22:30 Crystal Lake IL Cigar 4 Minutes Cigar shaped oject over Crystal Lake, IL with one red and several white lights hovering slowly then faded into space leaving a trail 10/11/05
9/30/05 22:00 Mitchell IN Light Hours ((NUFORC Note: Star or planet? PD)Brilliant white light, very high, swaying left, right, up, down, slowly but continuously moving up 10/11/05
9/30/05 21:45 Pueblo CO Triangle 20 SEC TRIANGLE IN THE SKY 10/11/05
9/30/05 21:35 Waterford (Republic of Ireland)

9/30/05 21:15 Chicago IL Light 3 mins several peculiar red lights flew about in a formation and appeared to climb 5/15/06
9/30/05 20:52 Ventura CA Sphere 5-8 seconds 2 "cotton balls" of light on same course moving quickly East to West 10/11/05
9/30/05 20:30 Summit IL Flash 2 min. I was sitting in the back seat of my mom's car at the Summit Amtrak station waiting for my sister's train to arrive. It was approximat 10/11/05
9/30/05 20:20 Overgaard AZ Sphere 30 - 40 seconds Brilliant white sphere instantly appearing in night skies over Heber-Overgaard, Arizona 10/11/05
9/30/05 20:15 New York State Thruway / Catskill NY Light 15 mins UFO Spotted over the New York State Thruway !! 10/11/05
9/30/05 19:35 Ulaanbaatar (Outer Mongolia)
Disk 3 minuts UFO over Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 10/11/05
9/30/05 19:20 Bourbonnais IL Light 6 to 8 seconds ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellites? PD)) Bourbonnais, Il, 09-30-05 (2) bright moving lights,very high - lasting 6 - 8 seconds 10/11/05
9/30/05 18:45 Reno NV Fireball less than a minute Fireball seen in sky over SE Reno. 10/11/05
9/30/05 18:28 Coral Springs FL Disk 1 minute SHIP BY THE SUN TOOK A PICTURE IN AMAZEMENT 10/11/05
9/30/05 16:00 New York City (Manhattan) NY Other 10 mins Silver object above Manhattan, NYC 10/11/05
9/30/05 15:15 Monticello KY Rectangle 30sec.&1mim. We saw a sm, rectang. object 2x with a hum & circ., wavy-patterned air around it make quick 90 deg turns w unbelievable speed 10/11/05
9/30/05 10:00 Bellefonte PA Cigar 2 hours Black tubular telephone size object flying over the Bellefonte PA (near a airport & Penn State) approximately 10:30am on 9/30/2005. 10/11/05
9/30/05 09:30 San Antonio TX Light 4 minutes Three bright orbs of light over San Antonio suburb. 8/7/07
9/30/05 07:50 New Haven IN Cigar 6 minutes Big as a jumbo jet, silver and red, no noise, no smoke, danced acrossed the sky. 10/11/05
9/30/05 07:50 Vacaville CA Disk 10 minutes saucer octagon shape lights on corners and a blue light on the bottom 10/11/05
9/30/05 05:04 Farmington UT Rectangle 25 Seconds Farmington Utah bright white light with blue in the middle in the shape of fixed wing aircraft flying Southwest to Northeast. 10/11/05
9/30/05 04:55 Paducah KY Triangle 8 min Strange encounter with unknown craft. 10/11/05
9/30/05 04:45 New Lenox IL Triangle 5 minutes triangle of stars breaking off in diffrent directions 10/11/05
9/30/05 02:10 Prescott Valley AZ Fireball 6 minutes At 2:10 AM i was in my back yard and saw an orange glow through my neighbors trees. It was going up (or approaching from the distance) 10/20/05
9/30/05 01:00 Lapeer MI Light
((NUFORC Note: Suspected advertising lights. PD)) 3 glowing objects making a unique pattern in the sky. 10/11/05
9/30/05 Tucson (Catalina Mountains) AZ

9/29/05 21:30 Plymouth PA Sphere 7 Sphere shaped object very similar to a star very close to it, only larger and brighter. 10/11/05
9/29/05 20:45 Fayetteville AR Cigar 10 seconds Ultra black, cigar shaped object streaks across night sky over Fayetteville, Arkansas 10/11/05
9/29/05 20:40 Franklin TN Light 120 seconds Fast moving noiseless object with three solid red lights shining at approximately -2.5 magitude. 10/11/05
9/29/05 20:30 Media PA Flash 4 min During Astronomy Lab course at Delaware County Community College. Students were looking at the constellation Cassiopeia when left of th 10/11/05
9/29/05 20:25 Ocean City MD Circle 20 mins North of Ocean City Md on 9/29/05 white blinking light moved quickly north then returned and left again 10/11/05
9/29/05 20:00 Port Richey FL Unknown 1 hour Bright Lights Above Port Richey. 10/11/05
9/29/05 19:15 East Meadow NY Other 5 seconds Bright Shooting Object Observed Flying North at Rapid Speed and Appeared to Loop Straight Down 10/11/05
9/29/05 19:00 Florida (coastline) FL Fireball about 20 secs Fireballs seen along Florida's coastline in a couple weeks 10/11/05
9/29/05 18:50 Lake Worth FL Unknown seconds we just saw a big flash in the sky on the eastern horizon , when we looked up the only thing there was a line of smoke like if a airpl 10/11/05
9/29/05 18:00 West Palm Beach FL Unknown 30 bright light streaking and smoke floowing the burn up. 10/11/05
9/29/05 12:00 Fresno CA Formation 10-15 minutes 15-20 flying formation objects seen from Fresno, CA 10/11/05
9/29/05 08:45 Spring Valley CA Egg 10 seconds Egg-shaped metal object that remained stationary in sky, and disappeared as I watched. 10/11/05
9/29/05 06:10 St. Michaels AZ Light 50 minutes Multiple Lights Appear in the Morning Sky, Persist For At Least 40 Minutes 10/11/05
9/29/05 04:07 Reno NV Chevron 10 seconds Dimly lighted chevron object moving quickly over NW Reno. 10/11/05
9/29/05 02:00 Carpinteria CA Circle
Circle of lights in the sky over Carpinteria CA 10/11/05
9/28/05 23:00 Duxbury MA Light 10 Minutes Strange bobbing light above horizon. 10/11/05
9/28/05 23:00 Bamfield (Canada) BC Light 6 houres We watched a light for 6 houres drag somthing off Diana Island and ride it out over the hurison. 10/31/08
9/28/05 22:30 Shoreview MN Circle 7seconds glowing orb 10/11/05
9/28/05 22:00 Sax/Cotton MN Oval 1 hour Red light over Sax/Cotton, Minnesota. 6/7/19
9/28/05 22:00 Chicago Heights IL Cigar 5 minutes high pitched whirling noise and random lights moving very quickly with sharp turns. 10/11/05
9/28/05 21:30 Kinston NC Formation 2 mins. Vshape with light orange glow to it....very wide in shape 10/11/05
9/28/05 21:30 Oak Bluffs MA Oval 15 minutes Went on my second floor balcony at 8:30 pm and noticed very bright yellowish light at 30 degrees above the horizon. Object too bright t 10/11/05
9/28/05 21:10 Valley Springs CA Light 5 to 6 minutes Very bright light appears, disappears, reappears. 10/11/05
9/28/05 16:30 Wyoming (I-80, westbound) WY Other 20 minutes Interstate 80, westbound, Wyoming, flying object seen by police officer and family. 3/11/06
9/28/05 13:30 Pinecrest CA Disk seconds spider like threads and a saucer 10/11/05
9/28/05 05:52 Port Richey FL Other 3 Seconds Unique Flying Boomerang Seen ! 10/11/05
9/28/05 02:38 Jacksonville Beach FL Triangle 15 minutes Huge triangle of lights gliding smoothly southeast with no sound. 10/11/05
9/28/05 02:29 Long Beach CA Fireball 1 second Bright green fireball decended straight down from the sky, it faded about 100 feet before hitting the ground. 10/11/05
9/28/05 01:38 St. Charles MO Changing 20 seconds We watched 4 lights expand and contract at astonishing speeds in the night sky, then vanish. 10/11/05
9/28/05 01:00 Morgantown WV Chevron 45 minutes orange orb seen rising into large chevron shaped object, plus other crafts visible 10/11/05
9/28/05 01:00 Colorado (site unspecified by witness) CO Fireball
I went outside to have a cigg. before I go to bed , and about 2 minutes after looking up at the sky a blue and orange something shoots 10/11/05
9/27/05 21:00 Gail TX Circle 3 min i live on lake thomas in borden co. we were out looking for sign of some wild hogs that go up and down the colorado river just after da 10/11/05
9/27/05 20:35 Goffstown NH Light 23 minutes Two Bright Lights Hovered over Power Lines 10/11/05
9/27/05 20:30 San Antonio TX Light 10-15 sec Light in night sky 10/11/05
9/27/05 14:00 Dockstader Park UT Disk
Two Disks Over Park. 10/11/05
9/27/05 06:30 Bakersfield CA Unknown 10 minutes While driving to work at 6:30 am I observed a jet trail streaking across the sky at a very fast rate. what appeared to be faster than m 10/11/05
9/27/05 00:15 Jackson NJ Light
Light dimming and brightening. 10/11/05
9/26/05 23:48 Bay City MI Triangle 1 min Huge non lite craft with spheres attached and trailing over Bay City Michigan. 10/11/05
9/26/05 23:39 Indian Harbour Beach FL Fireball one minute 11:39 pm watched a huge yellow ball of flame slowly cross the sky leaving glowing pieces falling behind 10/11/05
9/26/05 23:30 Warrenville/Wheaton IL Changing 3-4 minutes RAPID MOVING< COLOR CHANGING OBJECT. NORTH TO SOUTH < STRAIGHT UP AND ACROSS 10/11/05
9/26/05 22:00 Kings Park NY Light 4 seconds Intense Bright light appears to make jet alter flight path 10/11/05
9/26/05 21:52 Hyvinkää (Finland)
Other 30 seconds "Unusual" satellites seen over the town of Hyvinkää, Finland 10/11/05
9/26/05 20:00 Kansas City MO Circle 20 minutes Orange Glow over Kansas City seen for 20 minutes. 10/11/05
9/26/05 20:00 Ellsworth WI Formation 2+ Hours I was driving home from Hudson, and had just driven through River Falls when I spotted the first one. It was a very bright light, large 10/8/07
9/26/05 19:00 Watsonville CA Triangle 25minutes it was similar to a manta ray with no tail bobbing in the sky, black with soft edges 10/11/05
9/26/05 11:00 Teton National Park WY Other
I like to look at this web-cam at the Grand Tetons about a couple of times a week because I think the Tetons are the most beautiful mou 10/11/05
9/26/05 09:24 Holland MI Triangle
4 Objecst Flow over us and the hot tub we wactched then all the objects disapeared. 10/11/05
9/26/05 03:15 Panama City FL Flash In The Sky Unidentifed Flashing Object In Sky, Observed. 10/11/05
9/26/05 00:05 Palm Springs CA Chevron 1 minute Dark, unlit, wing-shaped UFO flew over Palm Springs - NNW to SSE - 12:05 am 9/26/05 10/11/05
9/25/05 23:45 Port St. Lucie FL Fireball 45 Sec Orange firebal went across the sky from ~WNW to ESE over the ocean 12/16/05
9/25/05 23:18 Grantville GA Light 3 minutes Mysterious Lights that seemed to have landed and taken off again 10/11/05
9/25/05 19:41 Lannoy (North part of France)
Rectangle 22 minutes Black little square floating in the sky, North of FRANCE. 5/15/06
9/25/05 19:15 Prescott Valley AZ Fireball approximately 2-3 minutes Extremely bright glowing orange ball of light with some sort of dim object obove it, possibly a reflection on a larger surface 10/11/05
9/25/05 19:00 Nottingham (UK/England)
Changing 3 minutes UFO sighting ,Nottingham England.Bright light eventually appeared to grow and change shape b4 vanishing 10/11/05
9/25/05 18:45 Tokyo (Japan)
Triangle 5 sec As I was looking up the sky I noticed a black triangle shape flying object with three amber color round light source on all corners fly 10/11/05
9/25/05 13:45 Melbourne FL Diamond 1 Unusual object in digital photo noticed only when downloaded on laptop...nothing seen during photo shoot 10/11/05
9/25/05 12:00 Sayreville NJ Oval 3 minutes blimp-like craft over the Raritan 12/16/05
9/25/05 08:15 Shongaloo LA Light 8-10 minutes It was a light with a haze around it. 10/11/05
9/25/05 02:00 Chateauguay (Canada) QC Changing 1-2 minutes Pulsating bright greenish white object that hovered and then disapeared into thin air 10/11/05
9/24/05 23:00 Colorado Springs CO Flash 6 Min Bright Flashing extremely white lights. 11/3/05
9/24/05 23:00 Deerfield Beach FL Triangle 30 seconds I saw a boomerang/triangle shaped object sort of swimming through the air. It moved like a jelly fish and looked like it was plasma. 3/19/09
9/24/05 22:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Triangle 5 minutes Weird triangle shaped object with 3 oval shaped things on the back which got small to big, no sound, slow moving. 10/11/05
9/24/05 20:30 Chicago Heights IL Circle 1 hour Three strange lights in the night sky on Sept. 24th, 2005. Were they were man-made or terrestrial? 10/11/05
9/24/05 19:35 Red Bluff CA Other 3 seconds Flash lighting entire skyline 11/3/05
9/24/05 19:00 Durant OK Other About 20 Min. A Bright Light High Up in The Southern Sky... 10/20/05
9/24/05 18:30 Chicago IL Oval 5 min Two oval objects flying high over Chicago Sky 10/11/05
9/24/05 14:30 Grand Rapids MI Chevron 5 minutes Red chevron shadowing small plane. 10/11/05
9/24/05 13:00 Noack (near Thrall) TX Rectangle 20-25 minutes It looked exactly like a plain white shirt box you would put a dressing robe in to give your dad for Christmas... 12/12/09
9/24/05 09:30 Spring Creek NV Rectangle unknown rectangle object with plus and minus symbols was not seen until pix was enlarged. 11/3/05
9/24/05 05:30 Fort Madison IA Light 20 minutes Recently my friends and I were on a mission trip just outside of Fort Madison, Iowa. We had just finished doing some work on a house wh 7/16/06
9/24/05 03:10 Stratford CT Unknown 2 Hours Twinkling multi-colored light in the South Eastern sky of Stratford, CT sky at around 3:00am. Lasted for over 2 hours, hovering. 10/11/05
9/24/05 00:30 Trinidad CO Unknown :01 2 large white lights moving N/NE. (We were facing North) Each light was about the size of Mars in the night sky. There was no sound, n 10/11/05
9/23/05 00:00 Welland (Canada) ON Circle 30 minutes round very bright white light 10/11/05
9/23/05 23:40 Vancouver (Canada) BC Triangle 10 seconds Triangle of dim star-like lights on object(s) travelling silently at high speed NNE to SSW in Vancouver,BC. 10/11/05
9/23/05 23:30 Chipley (15 miles southeast of) FL Light 10 mins Bright lights with no sound in NW Florida area. Jets in full AB's in area also. 10/11/05
9/23/05 21:00 Palm Coast FL Light 30 These sightings began on 23 Sep 2005 at approximately 2100. Two lights one traveling north to south and the other one east to west. T 10/11/05
9/23/05 20:00 In-flight (Georgia) GA Unknown 5 Minutes Pilots See UFO Over Southeast Georgia 11/3/05
9/23/05 20:00 Gorham NH Formation 2 hours Orange V-Pattern Lights Viewed in Mountains of Northern New Hampshire 2/24/07
9/23/05 19:00 Buna TX Light 2hrs/1mo. bright light 10/30/06
9/23/05 16:37 Beckley WV Triangle 5 minutes Two lighted upsidedown V's in sky side by side with UFO craft at tip. 10/11/05
9/23/05 Delco NC Flash home i seen one circle in the air and then three little one's came up and they where flashing and going back and forth in sky four about 45m 10/11/05
9/22/05 21:30 Seaside Park NJ Light 5 min bright orange lights observed from beach to east-southeast in repeating pattern 10/11/05
9/22/05 21:20 Randolph NH Light 45 minutes 9/22/05 -Red lights (5-8) stationery changing to small white with roar 10/11/05
9/22/05 21:00 Lareto (Baja Mexico) NV Unknown 30 minutes Bright Lights 30 miles North of Lareto, Baja Mexico 11/3/05
9/22/05 21:00 Rifle CO Light minute Brillant Large Light 10/11/05
9/22/05 21:00 Saltville VA Other 5 minutes Witnesses claim they saw object maybe "500 feet" in the air, red and green lights, stationary for a minute or so and then moved slowly 10/11/05
9/22/05 20:43 Silver City NM Light 8TO 9 SECONDS bright object emits spherical cloud like something out of WAR OF THE WORLDS. 10/11/05
9/22/05 20:10 Silver City NM
5 minutes my wife and i saw a half-moon shaped light emerge to the northwest of town....perfectly symmetrical it expanded for about 5 minutes to 10/11/05
9/22/05 20:00 San Diego CA Circle 1:00 smoke like obect in air looked like meteoroid.. other object was small movign in zig zag movements and no lights. 10/11/05
9/22/05 20:00 Baja (Mexico)
Unknown 15 MINS ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch from Vandenberg AFB. PD)) SOME SORT OF CRAFT AND MUSHROOM CLOUD, TO THE NORTH 10/20/05
9/22/05 19:40 Phoenix AZ Oval 1 min the boject had a large bright tale like a comet then it turned off like a light it was huge thousands of people had to see it 10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30 Yorba Linda CA Light 30 seconds Comet-like object with a white light and contrail. 10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30 San Diego CA Fireball bright light ((NUFORC Note: Vandenberg AFB missile launch. PD)) The bigger bright light was travel in san diego and left trail behide 10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30 Pleasanton CA Sphere 5 minutES Bay Area Ball of Light 10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30 Riverside CA Fireball 3 minutes THis siting was of a fireball spiraling through the western sky. It looked like it might have disipated but again flaired up. Not sure 10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30 Laguna Hills CA Unknown 10 minutes Very Bright *V* shaped light coming from aircraft. HUGE amount of Light uncomparable to a plane in the same vision of field. 10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30 Sand Dune Recreational Area (west of, on I-8) CA
3 minutes We were heading to Arizona on I-8 E through the mountains when I saw a bright shining light behind us that seemed to be dragging a flou 10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30 Camp Verde AZ Changing approx 5 min. Object sighted in Yavapai County, could be damaged craft. 10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30 Poway CA Circle 4 minutes craft spun around then twisted then flew up 10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30 Surprise AZ Fireball 3 minutes Comet like light seen in the western sky near Surprise, Arizona 10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30 Tucson AZ Fireball 15 sec bright object in the western sky, traveling north to south, with fan like trail. 10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30 Peoria AZ Unknown 10 seconds Slow moving bright white light emitting particles 10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30 El Cajon CA
unkown Our nieghbor was sitting outside his house talking to his sister when the sky (North East) became white, then there was a circle white/ 10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30 San Diego CA
3 minutes large cone shaped vapor trail northwest of San Diego 10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30 Yorba Linda CA Triangle 2 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Vandenberg AFB missile launch. PD)) Boomerang shaped object with bright light emanating from the rear of the craft. 10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30 Chandler AZ Light 30 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD)) Glowing trail of orange-white light low in the sky accompanied by super-bright, blue-white light. 10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30 Maricopa AZ Fireball
Bright Fireball streaking across sky West of the city of Maricopa 10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30 Cornville AZ Light >5 minutes Bright white light emitting circular beam fills horizon over Mingus mountains 10/11/05
9/22/05 19:28 Simi Valley CA Fireball 6-8 min Bright lights and glowing ball seen over Simi Valley, Ca.. 2/14/06
9/22/05 19:26 North Hollywood CA Light 10 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Vandenberg AFB missile launch. PD)) Bright Light that left a Trail behind. 10/11/05
9/22/05 19:25 Corona CA Light 1 minute ((NUFORC Note: Vandenberg missile launch. PD)) Strange light in the W side of the sky like a search light. 10/11/05
9/22/05 19:20 Ramona CA Fireball 3 minutes ? ((NUFORC Note: Vandenberg AFB missile launch. PD)) Point of light leaves an expanding glowing pear-shaped cloud of gasses. 10/11/05
9/22/05 19:20 West Holloywood CA Unknown 15-20 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Vandenberg AFB missile launch. PD)) long trail of lights and gases above West Hollywood, Ca 10/11/05
9/22/05 19:00 Country Club Hills IL Unknown 2 min Cloaked object, with lights to disguise it as an airplane when viewed from a more horizontal standpoint. 10/11/05
9/22/05 04:00 Bakersfield CA Disk 1 minute civilian sighting, can not be explained has to be experienced, Dreamland encounter, happend while dreaming. 10/11/05
9/22/05 02:41 Vashon WA Fireball 1 second Extremely bright white light dropped down from Orion to the ENE for one second covering apx 30 Deg. 10/11/05
9/22/05 01:45 Brentwood CA Light 2 minutes Two bright white lights travel quickly over Brentwood, Ca. 10/11/05
9/22/05 00:23 College Station TX Disk 2 min ufo 10/11/05
9/22/05 00:00 Conroe TX Triangle 3mins I was evacuating from the hurricane Rita down the conterflow of I45 highway. I had been driving several hours and decided to jump the 10/11/05
9/21/05 23:45 Lynden WA Disk 15 minutes 10 disc shaped lights hovering at an angle between the cities of ferndale wa. and lynden, wa. They were light blue in color almost like 10/11/05
9/21/05 23:00 Manalapan NJ Unknown 5min. extremely bright lights hovering over the tree line before dipping below the tree line 10/11/05
9/21/05 22:39 Moundsville WV Other approx 5 mins Bright then fade 10/11/05
9/21/05 22:30 Lake Havasu City AZ Light 10 minutes What looked like a bright orange star over the lake, as we gazed at it, it totally disappeared right before our eyes, like it knew we s 10/11/05
9/21/05 22:00 Whitefish (?) MT Flash half hour flashing red and green object at night.. then suddenly a flash bulb type of light went off right below it. 10/11/05
9/21/05 21:45 Sanbornton NH Disk 4 minutes A friend and I went to the observatory ontop of Steele Hill Inn. We could see in every direction for miles and observed the usual plane 10/11/05
9/21/05 21:00 Wautoma WI Light 45 minutes Four lighted objects with irregular flashing light with erractic flight pattern, occasionally emitting bright flare like flashes. 10/11/05
9/21/05 20:30 Winnisquam NH Light 5 minutes Bright flashing light slowly moving over tree tops and lake 10/11/05
9/21/05 20:00 Gorham NH Other 40 Minuets 2 craft were flying around vally and appeared to be fighting with orange light balls at close range. 12/16/05
9/21/05 20:00 Christchurch (New Zealand)
Light 2-3hrs then saw same thin strange light seen in christchurch skies possible a UFO 10/11/05
9/21/05 19:30 Northridge CA Oval around vannys airport Oval object with a white and blue florescent glow in Los Angeles, Northridge close to van nays airport 10/11/05
9/21/05 19:30 Exeter NH Light .03 A bright light to the northern sky, then goes dim as it leaves. 10/11/05
9/21/05 19:30 San Diego CA Unknown 20 seconds Flew in and out of atmosphere leaving weird trails. 10/11/05
9/21/05 19:30 Glendale AZ Disk 30 seconds I saw a round object moving across the sky after dark heading east from Glendale,Az towards Phoenix. It was just getting dark and it se 10/11/05
9/21/05 19:00 Boonton NJ Other 20 minutes Three flare-like objects slowly moving vertically at a great distance 10/11/05
9/21/05 15:00 Laconia NH Disk 10 minutes Disk seen hiding in cloud hovering over city 10/11/05
9/21/05 10:14 Irvine CA Disk 2 minutes Great gift idea for posters on this board... 10/11/05
9/21/05 07:00 Las Vegas NV Cone 30 minutes Large glowing streak in sky with two strange objects. 10/11/05
9/21/05 05:45 Albion (rural) NE Flash 5-10 seconds Unexplained bright light in early morning hours 10/11/05
9/20/05 23:45 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Teardrop 10 minutes "Whining" cross between quiet helicopter and blimp seen sailing low going southwest over Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 10/11/05
9/20/05 23:00 Moline IL Triangle 20 seconds MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Black triangle ship moving west to east, 12/12/09
9/20/05 23:00 Luray VA Light past few nights strange flashing blue green and red lights suspended in the night sky 10/11/05
9/20/05 22:00 Burke (north of) SD Other 40 seconds Air Force bombing runs mistaken for UFO's 10/11/05
9/20/05 22:00 Decatur GA Unknown 20 seconds it was not a police helicopter and it was close and hovering about telephone pole height. 2/1/07
9/20/05 21:30 Romulus NY Flash 2-3 seconds I saw a bright blue/white light in the South East sky. 10/11/05
9/20/05 20:30 Sunnyvale CA Formation 10 minutes while walking my dog two objects appeared on my left over railroad tracks 10/11/05
9/20/05 20:15 Laconia NH Circle 6 minutes 3 white craft in triangle formation, 1 red craft shot out a white light 10/11/05
9/20/05 19:30 Albuquerque NM
20 min from the flightline of Kirtland AFB looking west, an extremly bright light was witnessesed. the light was stationary and viewed by 6 ai 10/11/05
9/20/05 19:30 Jacksonville to Ft. Pierce IL
See Below Glowing fireball .... no gov't. agency "saw it." ((NUFORC Note: News article in "FLORIDA TODAY." PD)) 10/11/05
9/20/05 19:28 Albuquerque NM Light 10 minutes Brilliant white light west of Albuquerque 10/11/05
9/20/05 19:00 Phoenix AZ Cone 2-3 minutes Cone shaped craft with fire and smoke trail in Phoenix sky. 10/11/05
9/20/05 18:30 Deltona FL Fireball 2 seconds? Very bright fireball over Deltona Florida skies 10/11/05
9/20/05 17:00 Portland OR Cylinder 10 seconds I was riding in the passenger seat of my best friends car my fiance in the backseat behind me, when i noticed a large black shadow over 5/15/06
9/20/05 15:00 Lithia Springs GA Changing 2 minutes I was riding as a passenger in the car on the way to to buy a present for my brother as it was his birthday.

We were riding through
9/20/05 13:39 San Juan (Puerto Rico)
Sphere e minutes Bouncing, white spherical object near building in san Juan Puerto Rico. 10/11/05
9/20/05 07:30 Many LA Light one minute flying light similar to venus, but venus does not move ;) 10/11/05
9/20/05 07:30 Harlan KY Fireball 20 minuates The shape was oval. It moved across the sky. 5 UFO's were observed. It looked like it was burning and had red lights. The background 10/11/05
9/20/05 07:00 Adams NY Disk 10 min It was fast made no sound and left no trail. 10/11/05
9/20/05 03:00 Ulladulla (Australia)
Fireball 10 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Hoax. Note date indicated by source. PD)) Theres alien's in the woods near my house. 10/11/05
9/20/05 00:15 Bertram TX Light 1 minute three orange lights moving left to right 10/11/05
9/20/05 00:00 Belfair WA Circle 5 minutes Large, full round object that hung in the sky without moving. 10/11/05
9/20/05 00:00 Medical Lake WA Light 3min. Connection to a Craft, the feeling we feel when seeing such an unexplainable event 10/11/05
9/19/05 23:45 Willow Springs NC Disk 30 min This is the third sighting I have had. 10/11/05
9/19/05 22:30 Fairborn OH Triangle 10-20 seconds I am licensed radio operator and a trained weather spotter. On this evening I was outside to make weather observations while attempting 10/11/05
9/19/05 22:00 Sonoma CA Diamond 5 Minutes 09/19/05 about 5-10 minutes at approximatley 23:30 hours, diamonds shaped Red Blue Yellow White flickering lights. 10/11/05
9/19/05 21:30 Portage WI Formation 20 minutes Four orange lights in a row with a single orange light to the lower right of them. 10/11/05
9/19/05 21:30 Duluth GA Light 3 minutes 2 different moving lights over Duluth. 10/11/05
9/19/05 21:01 Centreville MI Other 5 MINUTES It looked like a giant Fourth of July sparkler roaming the sky. 10/11/05
9/19/05 21:00 Orange/ Derby CT Cross 2 mins Strange hovering lights over Orange/Derby CT 10/11/05
9/19/05 20:30 Bancroft (northeast of) WI Unknown 5 minutes Unexplained large, bright lights with a yellowish tinge in remote, desolate area, moved in an atypical way. 10/11/05
9/19/05 20:20 Boulder CO Cigar 10 seconds BOOMERANG shaped. no lights on craft. Nighttime sighting. DEFINITLY under intelligent control. utterly silent. 10/11/05
9/19/05 20:15 Portage (near) WI Light Around a Hour or so Lights in the sky around Portage seen on HWY 51 10/11/05
9/19/05 20:01 Wautoma WI Circle 3 seconds Two bright lights in the evening sky 10/11/05
9/19/05 19:30 Miami FL Other 30 seconds Objects photographed over Miami 10/11/05
9/19/05 19:30 Phoenix AZ Light 30 Seconds Bright white light - brighter than North Star, no visible blinks or flicker - moved directly UP/out of the atmosphere, and fast. 10/11/05
9/19/05 15:00 Dragoon AZ Light At least 3-5 Minutes from Seeing a Group of shiny UFO's while a Military plane "flies low" 10/20/05
9/19/05 14:39 Chiricahua National Monument AZ Sphere Unknown Anomalous object photographed and not noticed until closer examination. ((NUFORC Note: Image due to camera flaw. PD)) 10/20/05
9/19/05 14:00 Laconia NH Disk 35 seconds disk seen hovering beneath a cloud 10/11/05
9/19/05 12:00 Sequoya National Park CA Disk Noticed on Film Later Didn't see in person, but noticed on digital picture later. 12/16/05
9/19/05 11:50 Irvine CA Circle 8 minutes The objects were a whitish light in color and moved interactively 10/11/05
9/19/05 11:00 Charlotte NC Fireball foggy I was outside when these big fireballs came neer my house i took out my shot gun and shot at them they came back and shot theyr guns at 10/11/05
9/19/05 10:47 Patras (Greece)
Light 3min A circle with many lights over Panahaikon mountain in Patras Greece 10/11/05
9/19/05 08:20 Hopland CA Other 2 minutes I have in the past thought I saw, or hoped that I saw, a UFO. Now I know I have never before seen something like this. 10/11/05
9/19/05 00:00 Fort McMurray (Earth) (Canada) AB Unknown couple mins Strange light moving around the moon observed from front walk way 10/11/05
9/18/05 23:50 Plantation FL Light 5 min While driving in my jeep with my top down an object in the sky caught me eye so I pulled over to watch it. It looked like an extremely 10/11/05
9/18/05 23:30 Mequon WI Oval 30 minutes Oval objects with red lights fly at sporadic rates of speed and change direction seemingly randomly. 10/20/05
9/18/05 22:30 Lawton OK Fireball 20 min 4 fireballs orbiting eachother for 20 min. 10/11/05
9/18/05 21:30 Collings Lakes NJ Other 20 seconds not a UFO, but what I believe to be an actual alien in my wooded backyard. 10/11/05
9/18/05 21:00 Woodridge IL Light 2 Minutes I live up on a relatively large hill when I exited my car i looked southwest towards a landfill you can see about 2-3 miles from my hou 10/11/05
9/18/05 21:00 Dalton Gardens ID Light Seconds Night time view of (possible space craft) 10/11/05
9/18/05 21:00 Lynchburg VA Cigar about 15 seconds maybe sighting of ISS? 10/11/05
9/18/05 20:30 Dayton OH Fireball 1minute A fireball in the southwestern hemosphere that was five times the size of a planet that lasted for 60 seconds 10/11/05
9/18/05 19:00 Tappan NY Light 45min And saw a huge light in the sky were it hovered for a time. 10/11/05
9/18/05 18:00 Tacoma WA Triangle 20 + minutes V/Triangular Object over Tacoma Washington 10/11/05
9/18/05 14:00 Atlantic Ocean
Disk 1 minute lenticular cloud to disc 10/11/05
9/18/05 13:00 United Kingdom (Southern coast; inflight sighting)
7 disk boomerang formation 10/11/05
9/18/05 08:30 Snowball AR Oval
Gray Oval ,Bright orange square lights, viewed from open sky 10/11/05
9/18/05 01:17 Mewmarket (Canada) ON Light 10-15 seconds September 18 2005 1.17 AM Newmarket Ontario Canada I was sitting out side in my deck (second floor) having coffee, facing south west 10/11/05
9/18/05 01:10 Liverpool/Bootle (UK/England)
Flash 00:05 light flashes over liverpool 10/11/05
9/18/05 01:00 Lake Geneva WI Light 10 minutes BRIGHT, GOLD, FLYING BALL. Moving from one horizon to overhead to up and away at a constant speed 10/11/05
9/17/05 23:00 Rockaway OR Light 20 sec Bright lights in the sky over the ocean. 10/11/05
9/17/05 23:00 Matthews NJ Diamond 5 min. It was diamoned shape and green. 10/11/05
9/17/05 22:00 Havre MT Fireball Several Minutes Bright Lights on the High-Line 3/4/08
9/17/05 21:30 Austin TX Fireball 2 or 3 Seconds A bright green glowing sphere, almost teardrop shaped that fell extremely fast and disappeared, 10/11/05
9/17/05 21:15 Lesage WV Light 5 seconds Fast-moving bright white light that suddenly disappears. 10/11/05
9/17/05 21:00 Tillamook/Bay City OR Formation 5-7 minutes Rows of very large bright Yellow/Orange panels of light above the ocean: 5 sightings in 7 minutes 2/14/06
9/17/05 21:00 Lake Geneva WI Circle 45 minutes Lights over Lake Geneva, WI. 10/11/05
9/17/05 21:00 Oceanside OR Light 3 sec Over the ocean, 1 bright white light blinked off became two, another blinked on became five horizontal 10/11/05
9/17/05 20:00 Cape Lookout/Tillamook OR Formation 7 min One light above horizon, splits into 5 orb-like lights that brighten and then fade out left to right 10/11/05
9/17/05 20:00 Newark DE Triangle 1 minute 3bright lights trianglular shape like an airplane, but hovering 10/11/05
9/17/05 19:44 Newnan GA Cigar 1-2 minutes A stubby oblong/circular shaped UFO sighting occured over Newnan GA 40 minutes south of Atlanta. 10/11/05
9/17/05 19:30 Fresno CA Disk 3 min Many lit up flying objects in the sky that my digital camera found. 10/11/05
9/17/05 14:00 Beijing (China)
Disk Unknown Object caught on camera over the Great Wall of China. ((NUFORC Note: Possible bird. PD)) 10/11/05
9/17/05 10:40 São Paulo (Brazil)
Triangle 20 minutes triangle stoped on the air I have the movie on my camera 12/16/05
9/17/05 08:56 Federal Way WA Light 30 min. me and my friend were talking on the phone and i look out the window and saw a ball of light orange-red and it was slowly speed up and 10/11/05
9/17/05 07:45 Nephi UT Disk 20 min. went to set up the Gps base station for the survey crews in morning at 7:00am,it took 3 of us to set up the antenna tower 40 min.while 10/11/05
9/17/05 02:30 Griffin GA Light 45 minutes looked like star with a haze aroud it, had a yellow light that moved very fast in different shapes watched for about 45 minutes. woke m 10/11/05
9/17/05 01:50 San German (Puerto Rico)
Teardrop 25 secs falling star-like UFO 10/11/05
9/17/05 01:30 Lake Geneva WI Light 15mins Two bright amber lights flying in diagnol formation over downtown under a full moon 10/11/05
9/16/05 23:30 Maypearl TX Unknown 24:00 mysterious object 10/11/05
9/16/05 23:00 Penacook NH Triangle 10 minutes triangle over Camp Spaulding 10/11/05
9/16/05 22:30 Maypearl TX Unknown 24:00 mysterious object 10/11/05
9/16/05 21:00 Pacific North West WA Formation All night Images – The first ones of PROOF are on there way, will put them onto my domain the moment they are received. www.fantasiaproductions.c 10/11/05
9/16/05 20:45 Eugene OR Changing 3m:40sec. Plum red flash gets my attention 10/11/05
9/16/05 19:20 Edgewater FL Sphere 30 seconds Fire from the sky 10/11/05
9/16/05 07:45 Acworth GA Rectangle 2 minutes Large rectangular shape, almost colliding with jumbo jet over Acworth, GA. on September 16th, 2005 10/11/05
9/16/05 07:33 Switzerland
some hundert meters a smoke or cloud which looks really strange and three strong lights a bit black to the side and a big smoke ...... 10/11/05
9/16/05 05:49 Loveland CO Other 10 seconds Bright starlike object slowly fades at initial viewing 10/11/05
9/15/05 23:00 Forest Hills NY Changing 2 min 2 handglider sized birds/crafts? with transparent wings over Queens blvd. and 67th Ave.Waved wings,flew around each other and seemed to 11/3/05
9/15/05 21:30 Starks LA Fireball 5-7 seconds fireballs intersecting 3/11/06
9/15/05 21:30 North Myrtle Beach SC Light 45 minutes Peculiar lights in the sky 2/24/07
9/15/05 21:15 Laconia NH Light 10 minutes Huge formation of blinking lights over lake 10/11/05
9/15/05 21:00 Chandler AZ Circle 20 min Response to orange balls of light seen: I've seen them since 2004 5/15/06
9/15/05 20:20 Osseo WI Circle 5 seconds There were 2 yellow globes in the sky close to each other-when we noticed them first 1 blinked out-then the other blinked out. Drove do 10/11/05
9/15/05 19:50 Longford (Republic of Ireland)
Light 30sec white star like object over horizon. 10/11/05
9/15/05 19:30 Pacific Palisades (L.A.) CA Triangle 1 min. at least Triangular flying vessel studded with green lights performing amazing maneuvers over Pacific Coast Hwy. 10/11/05
9/15/05 19:00 Dhaka (Bangladesh)
Light 15 sec Star-like dot of light travels away. ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellite?? PD)) 10/11/05
9/15/05 18:30 Kerrville TX Light
3white lights making a triangle, and 2 red lights to the right with 1 more wite light 10/11/05
9/15/05 18:30 Lower Hells Gate (Dutch Antilles)
Sphere 2 minutes 2 lights the size & brightness of Venus appeared in the NE sky from 17 38 N, 63 13 W. Lights lasted about 2 minutes, disappeared. 10/11/05
9/15/05 16:30 Gaithersburg MD Other 24/25 seconds In parking lot walking to store, happened to look up and see black object cross from west to east and was turning point to point (sidew 10/11/05
9/15/05 15:00 Athens GA Disk 1 minute I was sitting in my car with the sun roof open, waiting for my wife. As I was waiting I was looking at the cloud formations because th 10/11/05
9/15/05 14:00 Buffalo NY Oval 3 minutes silent soft green shimmering craft 10/11/05
9/15/05 12:00 Hatteras VA Cigar 30 seconds On my way home from an exciting vacation at Hatteras, NC, while driving, i noticed a cloaked cigar shaped object gliding parallel to so 10/10/11
9/15/05 09:10 Annapolis MD Disk 4 seconds UFO SIGHTED IN ANNAPOLIS OVER WEST ST. 10/11/05
9/15/05 07:00 Louisburg NC Triangle 15 minutes There was a black triangle object with three glowing disk beneath the craft hovering in the eastern sky as the sun was setting, pausing 10/20/05
9/15/05 05:30 Thornville OH Oval 8-10 seconds an oval ship appeared in the northwest sky up about 60 degrees that was traveling west on edge , bottom to the south. it then disappear 10/30/06
9/15/05 00:00 Tacoma WA Oval 10 mins Bright lights fading in and out, one after another. Then moving accross sky and stopping. 10/11/05
9/14/05 22:45 Vincennes IN Changing 5-6 minutes Night sighting of shape changing object sighted over Vinncennes IN, by experienced balloon pilot. 10/11/05
9/14/05 22:40 Ashland MO Triangle
Fast moving object with three or four lights over Ashland, MO 9/15/05
9/14/05 22:20 Estero FL Teardrop 15 seconds Large bright green object with a small amount of red in back was observed rapidly crossing the sky moving west to east at a low angle. 10/11/05
9/14/05 21:30 Shoreview MN Sphere 40 seconds Round, bright, low flying object silently flys overhead! 10/11/05
9/14/05 20:58 Carthage IL Flash 2 minutes it looked like a big roman candle shooting off 9/15/05
9/14/05 20:50 Gilbert AZ Rectangle 15 minutes Two Boomerang or V shaped crafts with green lights over Gilbert, Arizona 9/15/05
9/14/05 20:40 Havre MT Light 10 minutes Many lights appear at once, 4 known witnesses. 3/4/08
9/14/05 20:40 Havre MT Formation 10 min. Many lights in the sky all at once, four witnesses. 4/17/08
9/14/05 12:15 West Jordan UT Other
Airplane-like shape hovering in sky 9/15/05
9/14/05 06:00 Muscatine IA Fireball 5 Seconds Fire ball in the western sky from Muscatine 10/11/05
9/14/05 05:50 Various counties IA Fireball 5-7 Seconds IOWA MUFON REPORT: Fireball/greenish light seen from various Iowa locations by many witnesses & reported to radio show. 10/20/05
9/13/05 23:40 Great Falls SC Oval 13 mins Oval object 90 yards above field. 10/11/05
9/13/05 22:30 Sounth Atlantic/Caribbean (at sea)
Other 30 seconds Quick Moving Red Dot While on a Cruise. Around the South Atlantic or Caribbean 2/1/07
9/13/05 22:00 Novalja, Island Pag (Croatia)
Circle 1min Last week UFO over Croatia?! 10/11/05
9/13/05 21:45 Pierrefonds (Canada) QC Light 30 sec fast moving strobe light over montreal moving east made a stop and 90º turn to the north 9/15/05
9/13/05 21:45 Taos Pueblo NM Triangle 3.5 min On the above night stated, a friend and I were driving on Pueblo Lands. (Closed to non-tribal members of Taos Pueblo Indain Reservatio 10/20/05
9/13/05 21:25 Catskill NY Triangle 2 minutes Mom and Daughter see triangular craft with bright white lights in New York. 10/11/05
9/13/05 21:15 Salem OR Light 5-6 seconds I was in the parking lot and happened to look up and saw a bright light (-6 or -7 in magnitude) traveling southeast from approximately 9/15/05
9/13/05 21:00 Clovis NM Light 2 hours UFO seen, possible govt test 10/11/05
9/13/05 20:40 Litchfield Park AZ Light 20 minutes Amber lights near Luke AFB 10/11/05
9/13/05 20:30 Goodyear AZ Unknown 15 to 20 minutes Slow moving lights in the night sky. 10/11/05
9/13/05 19:50 Stockholm (Sweden)
Oval shaped orange glowing object 10/11/05
9/13/05 19:45 Waverly NE Light approx. 5 min bright ufo passes military plane 10/11/05
9/13/05 18:53 Payson AZ Disk 10 to 14 second's Possible U.F.O. captured in photo, while out by the river with my dog, at dusk, snapping some "Moon Rise" pic's w/digital camera. 2/14/06
9/13/05 16:47 Glendale AZ Light 5 minutes More "Phoenix Lights" 10/11/05
9/13/05 16:15 Rockville MD Changing ~5 min strange dark shape changing object with an "aura" 10/11/05
9/13/05 12:00 Mount Shasta (time lapse camera) CA Monday 12pm sept 13 2005 9/15/05
9/13/05 01:40 Adelaide (South Australia)
Teardrop few minutes tear drop fast ships 10/11/05
9/12/05 22:45 Cumberland RI Unknown 2 minutes In line strobe lights over Cumberland, RI 10/11/05
9/12/05 22:35 San Antonio TX Formation 5 minutes Star like objects hovering in sky, slowly moving, disappearing and reappearing 10/11/05
9/12/05 21:30 Tucson AZ Other 20 min They almost looked flamelike, very bright, very large - amber or orange-colored. 10/11/05
9/12/05 21:00 Clovis NM Light 1.5 hours Performing maneuvers near Clovis, NM, same craft as 9/11 10/11/05
9/12/05 20:56 Fort Collins CO Light 20 sec How aircraft shouldn't move 10/11/05
9/12/05 20:45 Mt Rainier Nat Park, Cougar rock campground WA Light 15 seconds Fast moving light with a zig-zagging path. 10/11/05
9/12/05 15:16 Phoenix AZ Diamond 15 minutew it made a strange noise like a loud humming nosie. 10/11/05
9/12/05 12:15 Burbank CA Unknown 15 seconds daylight obstruction / eclipse before area wide power outtage in Los Angeles. 10/11/05
9/12/05 09:56 Roanoke VA Triangle 09:57 bottem was covered with lights. and it was a big black triangle like shape. 10/11/05
9/12/05 06:00 Florence/Vicksburg MS Fireball 10 sec Green flash then witness high altitude slow moving large fireball trajectory intersected by 10/11/05
9/12/05 05:10 Sammamish WA Light About 15 min. A "Twinkling" huge light that moved around and changed colors 10/11/05
9/12/05 01:30 Henniker NH Unknown I watched for 1/2 hr 2 bright lights moving erratically in sky and blinking. 10/11/05
9/12/05 01:00 Algeciras (Spain)
Light 6 minutes A very big light... i was sleeping.. after the light, i was dizzy. when i wake up, i had blood in my foot. 11/3/05
9/11/05 23:00 Dade City FL Light 3-4 minutes bright light-moved slowly over city for a couple of minutes then,at a high rate of speed, zipped away. 2/14/06
9/11/05 22:30 Hesperia CA Triangle 2min long triangle in night ski going west to east four lights on each side had night vission goggle to see it.. 2/14/06
9/11/05 22:30 Clovis NM Light 2.5 hours I acrobatic, 3 in formation, bright light coming from ground near ranches 10/11/05
9/11/05 22:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Light 10 seconds Sometime between 21:30 and 22:30.. Along with 2 guests, looking northward from an apartment balcony in southern toronto, we noticed an 10/11/05
9/11/05 21:03 West Des Moines IA Light 3 seconds Blue light that look about as bright as Venus streaked across the sky from the south to the north. I am in apartments sw of the I-235 10/11/05
9/11/05 20:10 Chapel Hill NC Unknown 10 SEC 5 MIN low quick moving light 10/11/05
9/11/05 19:15 Kernersville NC Flash 2 seconds bright flash heading southeast about 10 degrees left below a half moon, towards Greensboro,very possibly a meteorite,but very definetly 10/11/05
9/11/05 19:00 Dorset (UK/England)
Triangle 10 mins ((HOAX/Student report.)) Triangular, metallic object, hovering, beings were seen beneath. Dorset,England. 12/7/06
9/11/05 19:00 Haiku HI Diamond 1 hour I spotted one black disk/diamond shaped object hovering and leaving a faint exhaust trail just at cloud level. 10/11/05
9/11/05 19:00 West Tisbury MA Light 10sec small bright fast moving group of lights West Tisbury Marthas Vineyard Ma 20 secs 10/11/05
9/11/05 17:00 Baldwin NY Sphere 20-30 min during daylight, three bright "stars" maneuvered and disappeared. 10/11/05
9/11/05 05:25 Albuquerque NM Circle 10 seconds A dim orange sphere, traveling in a sweeping curve. 10/11/05
9/11/05 05:00 Three Rivers CA Light taking out trahs The obgect was in the stars it started to move then shot out of the atmisphere. I was with my dad. He saw it to. We both thout it was a 10/11/05
9/11/05 03:00 Blockhouse (Canada) NS Diamond 1-2 hours 3 strange, fast moving crafts over Blockhouse 10/11/05
9/11/05 03:00 Blockhouse (Canada) NS Diamond 2 hours Light in the sky, followed by three, different crafts. 10/11/05
9/11/05 01:20 Kure Beach NC Triangle 3 - 4 secs Triangular Shape with a Reflection of the Stars behind it (cloaked or something) 11/8/05
9/11/05 00:30 Plano TX Other 5 minuts Disappering Plane????? 10/11/05
9/10/05 23:15 Grass Valley OR Light 5 -10 minutes Bright streaks across the night sky light up surrounding area's below as if it were daylight 10/11/05
9/10/05 22:45 Needham MA Rectangle 5 MINUTES Needham, MA event. (NUFORC Note: Probably local aircraft. PD)) 10/11/05
9/10/05 22:00 West Paris ME Light
9/10/05 21:00 Pocahontas IA Light 45 secionds bright white- blue light in northern Iowa skies 10/11/05
9/10/05 21:00 LeRoy KS Triangle 5 min The lumbering giant 8/7/07
9/10/05 21:00 Alamosa (Madano Pass) CO Unknown 5-10 minutes Light in NW sky appears to be a planet, then moves off to west at a HIGH rate of speed. 9/15/05
9/10/05 20:45 Fairburn GA Circle 5 seconds 9/10/05 Bright Light with tail moved quickly southward in Fulton County, Georgia 10/11/05
9/10/05 20:00 Marana (Avra Valley) AZ Light 45 Minutes A dozen unknown lights form a trailing line and a wall of light in the face of fighter jets over Tucson, Arizona. 12/16/05
9/10/05 18:30 Laconia NH Disk 30 minutes 6 disks look like white lines in sky 10/11/05
9/10/05 18:05 Gig Harbor WA Unknown 5 minutes Gig Harbor, WA Sept. 10th, 6:00+ p.m.: Three lights in triangular formation cross telescope field of view... 10/11/05
9/10/05 18:00 Teterboro NJ Light 5 minutes Three lights in the sky forming a triangle in a clear blue sky. 10/11/05
9/10/05 17:00 Carrizozo NM Sphere 15 minutes we witnessed a silver spherical craft move silently across the desert sky. 7/4/14
9/10/05 15:30 Casa Grande AZ Sphere 3 minutes More than two dozen sphere object traveling southwest to northeast. 10/11/05
9/10/05 12:00 Payette ID Circle 10 min two white circles flying and then one hovering. 10/11/05
9/10/05 12:00 Columbus GA Disk 5 minutes pure white,saucer shaped,going 100 miles per min.,0ver 100 ft above me, faster than a jet or rocket 12/16/05
9/10/05 12:00 Mae Chang (Thailand)
Unknown several minutes Several people in Mae Chang (Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand) witnessed a strange creature. 10/11/05
9/10/05 08:15 McCook NE Circle NOW The light moved through the sky then stopped and is still sitting there. Its in the south west sky, more west than south. It still ther 10/11/05
9/10/05 03:00 Chesapeake VA Triangle 25 minutes large triangular object that was seen over our home 2/14/06
9/10/05 02:00 Haifa (Israel)
Triangle 2 seconds Black triangular craft flying over Haifa, Israel 10/11/05
9/10/05 00:35 Toronto (Canada) ON Circle 20 seconds circular object, glowing dim whitish yellow passes over toronto sky. 10/11/05
9/10/05 Van Buren AR

Forget about the UFO`S concentrate on what comes out of them check out Van Buren Arkansas !!!!!!!!!!!!! 9/15/05
9/10/05 Upshire Essex (UK/England)
Circle 10 min three orange balls in formation over Upshire in essex 10/11/05
9/10/05 Whittier CA Oval 5 minutes toy ballon shaped ufo 9/15/05
9/9/05 22:00 Markham (Canada) ON Disk 2 hours Seven of us were sitting in a backyard socializing when someone made a comment of small lights moving in an un-natural motion. Some cou 10/11/05
9/9/05 21:30 Gold Canyon AZ Unknown one hour or so Amber lights hovering over Apache Junction, AZ as seen from Gold Canyon, AZ 10/11/05
9/9/05 21:00 Sault Ste. Marie (Canada) ON Other 5 to 10 seconds I witnessed a low-flying, flat and round, blue-lighted object travelling at a great speed. 10/11/05
9/9/05 21:00 Montreal (Canada) QC Formation 30 sec looking at the stars, and at that veru moment, what looked like 4 stars, they were moving, what seemed to be at speed of light...i watc 10/11/05
9/9/05 20:55 Bertram TX Fireball 20 seconds low steaking fireball 10/11/05
9/9/05 20:30 Georgetown (Canada) ON Light 2 seconds Quick light bluish-purple light shot across the sky (leaving a sort of bright streak like a comet), and then disappeared 10/11/05
9/9/05 20:00 Pineville MO Light 20 min large amber yellowish light 10/11/05
9/9/05 19:00 Nodine MN Light 15 seconds orange ball of light in the horizon moving rapidly then instantly disapeared 10/11/05
9/9/05 11:35 Beaverton OR Other 5-10 sec. Four Silver Objects 10/11/05
9/9/05 04:00 West Palm Beach FL Light 15 min I woke up to get a drink of water. I looked out of my 2nd floor terrace doors and saw 2 small red lights. 10/11/05
9/8/05 00:00 Miami FL Light 40 minutes Darting light, popping ears 10/11/05
9/8/05 22:30 Bryne (Norway)
Triangle 5 sec Low and slowflying triangle. 10/11/05
9/8/05 21:30 Spirit Lake ID Light 2 minutes Object due north very bright (redish) and stationary then faded and 30 seconds later moved rapidly downward 10/11/05
9/8/05 21:10 Albany OR Oval 4 seconds Probably a meteor 10/11/05
9/8/05 20:30 Buckeye AZ Fireball 1 hr X's 3 days AT LEAST 19 LIGHTS OVER BUCKEYE-GILABEND AREA , 3 NIGHTS IN A ROW FROM 8:30-9:30PM 10/11/05
9/8/05 20:00 Westboro MA Light 1 hour Bright Light looked like enormous star....Hovered over noise....moved away silently and very rapidly until out of sight...m 10/11/05
9/8/05 19:00 Chenango Forks NY Disk 10 min rotating light seen in sky and watched while it came closer then turn 10/11/05
9/8/05 15:30 Los Angeles (downtown) CA Oval 3-5 min. Flashing light over the Little Tokyo in L.A. 10/11/05
9/8/05 14:00 Morehead KY Circle 5 min Metallic, circular object seen in daytime sky 10/11/05
9/8/05 11:18 Montréal (Canada) QC Cigar 5 minutes Cigar shapeed over park in Montreal canada and militairy helicopter followed minutes later 10/11/05
9/8/05 05:43 Gainesville GA Other 1-2 minutes Was observing Mars overhead when flashing light caught my eye from the northern sky. They were extremely bright, flashing almost strob 10/11/05
9/8/05 05:25 Columbiana OH Oval 5minutes About 1,500-2,000ft agl. traveling from west to east about 150knots. circular/oval in shape with red lites around perimeter and 5-10 st 10/11/05
9/8/05 05:00 Amboy WA Light hour Glittering small lights changing from red to blue to green, moving in erratic circles and lines, two days in a row. 10/11/05
9/7/05 22:00 Willoughby OH Unknown less than 5 minutes Bright, high flying, quick moving object moving south to north 10/11/05
9/7/05 21:30 Crown Point IN Changing 2 minutes Reddish fireball with tail/sphere over Crown Point, Indiana 10/11/05
9/7/05 20:10 Gold Canyon AZ Light 15 min. orange lights in sky 10/11/05
9/7/05 19:53 Bethel Park PA Disk about five mins On my way home I saw this flashing light which soon was showing different colors. 10/11/05
9/7/05 19:04 Vancouver (Canada) BC Cigar 3 Minutes Time I saw object: 19.04 Hours, September 7th 2005.

I'm one of those unfortunates or fortunes to see many of these things in my li
9/7/05 18:15 Oradell NJ Light 10 minutes Just a few moments ago while sitting in my car, I noticed a bright light. It was nearly as bright as the sun but of course very tiny in 10/11/05
9/7/05 17:30 Marlton NJ Other 3 minutes Bright object in sky changes direction in a split second 10/11/05
9/7/05 17:00 Lisle IL Oval 4 mins crazy moving lite in the sky. 5/15/06
9/7/05 14:00 Williamsport PA Other 1 hour Shape is boomerang and white with colors on bottom, which takes off sideways at blinding speed while other objects are below. 10/11/05
9/7/05 13:30 Redmond WA Other 4 minutes + Tumbling balloon-like object, very large and high, square angles, white. 10/11/05
9/7/05 02:00 Big Sur CA Diamond 30 seconds Large Bright Object, intially stationary, moves quickly across large area of sky, dropping "balls of light", accelerates into space. 10/11/05
9/7/05 01:56 Los Angeles CA Light 2 minutes Orange light climbs 3 minutes straight up into night sky over Los Angeles 10/11/05
9/6/05 23:00 Whitecourt (Canada) AB Light 5 seconds From the East I saw 4 lights streaking across the sky moving in close proximity to one another. 10/11/05
9/6/05 22:15 Hedgesville WV Light 30 plus minutes a star like light moving irratically and changing colors (red,green/blue, white) 10/11/05
9/6/05 22:04 Phoenix AZ Unknown >5 minutes Nighttime lights moving over the Northwestern Valley of Phoenix. 10/11/05
9/6/05 22:00 Seattle WA Triangle 10 seconds Triangular craft w/ large,dim yellow-orange lights @ corners over N. Seattle 09/06/05 10/11/05
9/6/05 21:30 Coronado CA Cigar 15 Minutes 4 bright flashing light seen at a very high altitude in south Coronado bay area 10/11/05
9/6/05 21:17 Waco TX Light 2MINUTES descending blue light changes colors stops then rapidly disappears heading nothwesterly in waco,tx. 5/15/06
9/6/05 21:00 McDonald Observatory TX Light 2 hours Slowly flashing stationary whitish light observed by 75 witnesses observed during a star party over Mcdonald Observatory. 12/12/09
9/6/05 20:00 Meadville MS Other approx.5or6 min Please don't laugh at this 10/11/05
9/6/05 17:45 Olin NC Unknown About 6 seconds While scanning the sky with binoculars for the planet Venus a strange object flew into the field of view. 10/11/05
9/6/05 11:20 Wilmington NC Other 5 Min. UFO in the vicinity of chemtrail 10/11/05
9/6/05 05:30 Columbia PA Disk 30 seconds 9/6/05 05:30 AM Columbia, PA 30 second duration, disk-shaped craft with lights flying at low altitude 7/16/06
9/6/05 05:00 Columbia City IN Triangle 1 minute appeared to rise up in south east heading west very very low over trees and houses in neighborhood. 3 lights in "V" form, no sound as o 10/11/05
9/6/05 03:00 Grimsby (Canada) ON Unknown >1 hr. apx 45 degrees up in the East sky. It is as bright as the brightest star out with a reddish tinge, on this clear night. It is in the sa 10/11/05
9/6/05 02:00 Grants/Albuquerque NM Diamond 5 - 10 minutes we were driving on I 40 E, a long diamond shaped craft appeared on the passenger side, approximately 300 ft in length with flashing red 10/11/05
9/6/05 00:48 Morgan Hill CA Light Approx. 60 sec. A white bright star like object moving slowly in the 15 degrees above the horizen from Henry Co State Park! 10/11/05
9/5/05 23:30 Summerville SC Triangle 1-2 min My 2 children and I were heading out to the store. We live near an air force base so we constantly watch the skies for odd aircraft. 10/11/05
9/5/05 22:47 Wendover UT Cigar 30 secs We were headed on 80east heading east and we saw this very bright flashing light that just sat in the sky 10/11/05
9/5/05 22:15 Bothell WA Light 4 minutes Star-like object changing luminosity while meandering from SE to NW direction before vanishing 10/11/05
9/5/05 21:00 Arlington TX Fireball Around one minute A distant explosive sound as the area around me turned deep blue for a second and then I witnessed two bright lights in the sky. 8/14/07
9/5/05 20:18 Simi Valley CA Light 10 seconds Blue Dot like light 10/11/05
9/5/05 20:00 Fife (UK/England)
Light 5 hours reflected cloud white glowing lights randomly apearing and spinning around a center piont and reversing 10/11/05
9/5/05 19:55 Las Vegas NV
5 minutes Three bright craft traveling at immense speeds at impossible trajectory variants displaying some type of cloaking capability. 10/11/05
9/5/05 13:30 Eugene OR Light 1m. 10sec. Video on infrared records something 9/15/05
9/5/05 10:30 Mount Washington KY Disk 20 to 25 seconds I saw a metallic disk over the shoulder of a realestate agent in the distance in Mt. Washington,KY on 9-5-05 3/4/08
9/5/05 04:37 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Light 20 sec Early morning Labor Day, I was sitting on my front step looking at the stars. I focused on 3 stars in a triangular format. That's when 10/11/05
9/4/05 22:58 Wichita KS Cone 2 minutes Cone-shaped light that changes colors 9/15/05
9/4/05 22:30 Schenevus NY Circle 1 hour Red, blue and white lights continuously moving on unidentified object in Upstate NY sky 9/15/05
9/4/05 21:45 Zevenaar (Gelderland, Netherlands)
Fireball 4minutes yellow orange light spotted over Zevenaar, Netherlands 9/15/05
9/4/05 21:45 Venice FL
15 seconds Venice Florida boomerang shaped group of 10-15 objects 9/15/05
9/4/05 21:10 Berry Creek CA Light 6 seconds A bright light that left a trail. 9/15/05
9/4/05 21:00 Ann Arbor MI Light 5 seconds TWO RED-ORANGE LIGHTS IN "FORMATION" OVER ANN ARBOR, MI. 9/15/05
9/4/05 21:00 Redwood City CA Circle 15 minutes A flashing ,stretching light in the south west sky in redwood city 10/11/05
9/4/05 04:00 Punta Cabras (Mexico)
Light 15 seconds Brightest light in the sky "S Curves" and shoots straight away and fades into nothing.- - Punta Cabras, Mexico 9/15/05
9/4/05 04:00 Puntas Cabras
Light 30 sec bright light moved in slow "S" motion then it changed speeds and straight up and disapeared 9/15/05
9/4/05 02:00 Sherwood Park (Canada) AB Teardrop 30 minutes bright light spinning around with flashing lights 9/15/05
9/4/05 00:45 South Pasadena CA Fireball 2 seconds Large, glowing, bright green "fireball" falling fast south of Los Angeles. 9/15/05
9/4/05 Boonville NC Cigar 3+ hours Unusual activity in our small community, crafts seem to hover with lights not like anything recognizable. 9/9/13
9/4/05 Redondo Beach CA Triangle 5 minutes Triangulat UFO seen over Redondo Beach, California at 6:00 a.m. lights were not blinking, making strange patterns 12/16/05
9/3/05 23:35 Statesville NC Unknown 30 mins Tri-colored light in eastern sky attracts attention of star gazer near midnight in Statesville, North Carolina. 9/15/05
9/3/05 23:00 Pelican Lake WI Oval 3 hours Three-Hour UFO Sighting Accompanied By: A Beam Of Light - A Nosey Helicopter - And A Creature, 11/21/10
9/3/05 23:00 Pelican Lake WI Disk About 3 hours Pelican Lake UFO sightings, Amazing and very large. They emitted a beam of light and orbited,about 3/4 size of the moon was their size. 9/15/05
9/3/05 23:00 Hartville MO Fireball
9/3/05 22:30 Seattle WA Light 5 minutes Bright blue lights in the night sky above downtown Seattle. 11/3/05
9/3/05 22:20 Seattle WA Light 5 Minutes 5 dark blue lights traveling east then south 9/15/05
9/3/05 22:00 Bridgewater NJ Disk 20 min As I was driving on an open highway I saw what looked like a huge white sail from a viking ship. I had followed it and then saw it slow 9/15/05
9/3/05 21:30 Carrboro NC Unknown 15-20 minutes I looked into the sky and saw an unusally bright light and thought it was a helicopter going to the nearby hospital. The lights flicke 9/15/05
9/3/05 20:45 Browns Summit NC Changing 15mins diamond*triangle ( couldnt tell) amber colored with greenish purple glow with lighting bolts coming off it. 9/15/05
9/3/05 20:30 Lauglintown PA Sphere 20-30 seconds 2 bright white lights moving away from the ground rapidly over the mountains of western PA 5/15/06
9/3/05 19:23 Findlay OH Triangle 9 seconds Two triangle parallel objects in the eastern sky in Northwestern Ohio 9/15/05
9/3/05 18:23 Yorktown Heights NY Sphere 0:00:35;00 White Spheres Sail Across Early Evening Skies. 9/15/05
9/3/05 17:00 Renton WA Light incomplete Bright light in the sky over Ikea 9/15/05
9/3/05 13:00 Brighton (Canada) ON Triangle
An unknow object shown up in a fotograph 9/15/05
9/3/05 12:45 Kent City MI Oval 4 minutes White, pulsating oval shaped unidentified craft. 9/15/05
9/3/05 02:00 Glendale Heights IL Triangle 20 seconds I meet with a local astronomy club,& have a telescope to stargaze, & have never before seen anything so clear with unaided eye! 9/15/05
9/3/05 00:25 Lisalmi (Finland)
I was with my friend looking for northern Lights. I saw small, RED POINT bouncing on sky. Then it dissappeared. Well, we wait and watch 9/15/05
9/2/05 23:48 Carney MI Circle at least 1 hour Pictures of a distinct round shaped (beach ball sized) object - taken in a 10 minute sequence in the woods by a motion camera. 9/15/05
9/2/05 23:45 Stockholm/ spånga (Sweden)
Triangle 5-6 seconds triangle 9/15/05
9/2/05 23:30 West Chester PA Light 1 hour light flashing for about an hour and started slowly moving away 9/15/05
9/2/05 23:00 Boliver PA Circle 1 hour + Sept 2nd 2005 11pm Boliver, PA Witnessed an object in the night sky that moved at impossible speeds in horizontal directions. 9/15/05
9/2/05 22:40 Salem OR Light 4 seconds Observed slowly moving white light at 10:40 pm heading north from direcly overhead 9/15/05
9/2/05 22:30 Tilton NH Light 3-5 minutes white blinking lights flying very close together 10/11/05
9/2/05 21:30 Minneapolis MN
1 second Flash of light in sky 9/15/05
9/2/05 21:15 Tacoma WA Unknown 3 minutes tacoma wa sighting 9/15/05
9/2/05 19:55 Steubenville OH Circle 15 minutes More than a shape, they looked like stars,flashing red, green and white. One was much larger than the other - both moving slowly in a 9/15/05
9/2/05 19:15 Milwaukee WI Light 3 min white wavering light 9/15/05
9/2/05 19:00 Gastonia NC Fireball 15-20 seconds NCCPO REPORT: All things considered, this is an odd sighting and I cannot possibly begin to explain it. 8/14/07
9/2/05 18:30 Baltimore MD Cylinder 30-60 seconds Two distant shapes going west 9/15/05
9/2/05 17:00 Temple TX Light 4 seconds screaming whistle with bright light hit windshield with a shocking vibrating noise and disappeared. 9/15/05
9/2/05 16:00 Louisville KY Light 10 minutes Round objects spotted in Louisville, Kentucky. 9/15/05
9/2/05 15:00 Leicester (UK/England)
Oval 6-10 seconds Daytime sighting - fast object, trick of the mind, I dont know! 9/15/05
9/2/05 13:22 Shelby MI Cigar one miniute Shinny silver tube craft no wings - some dark areas. 9/15/05
9/2/05 10:21 Willow Creek CA Circle 1hr bright star like flash in the same spot every night 9/15/05
9/2/05 09:40 Lynchburg VA Cigar 3 minutes White cigar shaped object was stationary in the sky and then it was simply no longer there. 9/15/05
9/2/05 05:30 Mt Gilead OH Flash
5;30 friday morn bright light travelling at extreme speed 9/15/05
9/2/05 02:30 Tracy Arm (near; on cruise ship) AK Light 15 min. Balls of light seen from cruise ship in Alaska! 10/11/05
9/2/05 02:20 Issaquah (ouside of) WA Circle 5 seconds Blue and orange object in the sky 9/15/05
9/2/05 02:00 New Orleans LA Sphere 2+ hours I saw several high speed sphere shaped objects with purposeful erratic turning ability , with night vision goggles 10/30/06
9/2/05 Lisbon OH Cigar 3 minutes 2 UFO's 1plane and a military jet fighter this morning WOW!!!!! 9/15/05
9/1/05 23:00 Lemont IL Unknown 15min. Bright light observed hovering above the refinery and then changed directions twice as it flew off to the north. 9/15/05
9/1/05 23:00 Shaftsbury VT Sphere 1 hour Randomly flashing lights of red; blue; green; yellow ,small sphere quickly; randomly darting back and forth . 9/15/05
9/1/05 22:00 Banning CA Egg 1 hour Observed several egg shaped objects. The first appeared on the western horizon around 10 pm PST. we were able to observe the craft for 9/15/05
9/1/05 22:00 Warren OH Triangle 5 min Triangle craft with a bright blue and white light in 2 corners, and a red blinking light in the other. 9/15/05
9/1/05 22:00 Cape Hatteras NC Fireball 1 min. sitting on the deck of an oceanfront beach house, at approximately 10:00 p.m., an orange plasma ball appeared about a mile or less out 10/10/11
9/1/05 21:55 Great Falls MT Light 3 minutes each First Incident: At 21:55 I was outside and noticed a light in the sky moving. It looked just like a star. There was no flashing strobe 9/15/05
9/1/05 21:50 Boone IA Chevron 2-3 min. Slow moving boomerang moves across a Central Iowa town. 9/15/05
9/1/05 21:30 Warrenville IL Sphere 10-15 sec. ALOT of activity over Big Dipper, with Large BRIGHT White , turning red Sphere and then dissappearing. Pulsing light over Big Dipper. 9/15/05
9/1/05 21:00 Murfreesboro TN Triangle 1 hour Triangles hovering close to ground over Mufreesboro, TN 1/21/08
9/1/05 20:30 Bluffton GA Light 10 mins Bright red moving light in the sky that dims and brightens up and disappears some times reappearing and stationary 9/15/05
9/1/05 20:15 Fort Wayne IN Triangle 15 seconds Triangle shape with low glow seen for about 15 seconds 9/15/05
9/1/05 20:00 Marion IN Light 5 seconds A bright light, traveling at high speeds, disappeared after 5 seconds. 9/15/05
9/1/05 20:00 Naperville IL Light 20 min Lights in low clouds. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly advertising lights?? PD)) 12/16/05
9/1/05 19:50 Fall River MA Cylinder 8SECONDS OBJECT SPEED APPX. 70 MPH 10/11/05
9/1/05 18:25 Jefferson City TN Light 25 Seconds?? Strange Object Passes over House 3/11/06
9/1/05 15:00 Flint MI Disk about 2 minutes or so ufo while driving on exspress way 2/1/07
9/1/05 13:00 Maryville TN Cylinder 10 seconds Huge black cylinder, in front of cloud. 10/20/05
9/1/05 05:00 San Jose CA Light 10 Minutes Red Ball turns to Star and shoots off Stars! 10/20/05
9/1/05 04:00 Goodlettsville TN Rectangle 5 seconds Shinny or lighted object going very fast then maneuvered as if to dodge something, like a Bat would do, then the whole thing tilted bac 9/15/05
9/1/05 Ramadi (Iraq)
Light about a week orange lights in the sky in iraq, not anything military 6/12/07