National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 12/2004
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
12/31/04 23:55 San Diego CA Circle 3 min 2 brilliant, pulsating, Red lights over Mission Bay / Pacific Beach : Red objects accelerated at a very high speed . 1/27/05
12/31/04 23:55 San Diego CA Light 3 minutes 2 red lights in San Diego New Years eve (around 11:55pm - till midnight) 1/19/05
12/31/04 23:15 Santiago (Chile)
Rectangle 10-15 minutes Very bright red-orange "blinking" light in northern horizon (west of Pleiades) - brighter than Mars, two sightings, Santiago, Chile 1/11/05
12/31/04 23:00 Centurion (South Africa)
Sphere 45min sphere balls in sky 1/11/05
12/31/04 22:00 Hastings (New Zealand)
Fireball 5 min Yellow gold starlike object slowly rising in the western sky 1/11/05
12/31/04 21:20 Hastings (New Zealand)
Other 15 minutes Hastings New Zealand. A slow moving bright orange cup shaped disk very clear and visible 1/11/05
12/31/04 20:00 Sandpoint ID Other 5 minutes Three small unidentified lights or orbs in very close proximity investigate our firework display. 12/4/17
12/31/04 16:00 Lombard IL Disk 3 minutes saucer shaped object in the sky glows white and fades three times in sky 1/11/05
12/31/04 13:00 Friendswood TX Triangle 10-15 min. Saw orange light appear and dissapear on different parts of the sky for alteast 10 minutes 1/11/05
12/31/04 06:25 Sumter SC Light 3 MIN Point of light 1/11/05
12/31/04 01:00 Dunstable (UK/England)
Cone 15 mins Cone shaped object 1/11/05
12/30/04 00:00 Albany (Western Australia)
Circle ? Unidentified object at Albany (Australia) on 12/30/04 1/27/05
12/30/04 20:30 Wellsville NY Fireball 3 minutes Bright orange glowing object that hovered, moved across the sky and down, then disappeared. 1/11/05
12/30/04 20:00 Anchorage AK Light 15 min Two hovering lights above Anchorage, Alaska 1/11/05
12/30/04 17:00 High River (Canada) AB Rectangle 15 minutes 3 hovering bars over mountains change brightness and move up and down and back and forth for 15 minutes 12/16/05
12/30/04 11:30 Fullerton CA Oval 20 min Hovered up and down and side to side 1/11/05
12/30/04 09:15 Sebring FL Circle 30 seconds Bright white light appeared in clear blue sky for about 30 seconds around 9 A.M. 1/11/05
12/30/04 06:15 Quebec (Canada) QC Light 5 min The objects stayed in the sky without moving. 1/11/05
12/30/04 06:00 Inglewood CA Circle 2 Minutes Possible International Space Station Siteing 1/11/05
12/30/04 02:30 Lake Station IN Changing 5 Minutes Intense blue light filling room, and a baby nine months later 8/7/07
12/29/04 22:00 Sydney (Australia)
Diamond 10 minutes 4 people saw 2 massive, purple diamond lights in the sky. 5/15/06
12/29/04 21:10 Gainesville FL Light 5MINS I COULDN'T BELIEVE MY EYES 1/11/05
12/29/04 18:30 Billerica MA Circle at least 2 hours Large White circles of light racing in circles at fast speed above the clouds in Billerica, Ma 1/11/05
12/29/04 18:15 Emporia KS Other 5 - 10 seconds Amber lights in the shape of the number 7 or a backward capital F gliding silently across the Kansas night sky. 5/24/05
12/29/04 15:30 Rockford MI Oval 15 sec. While heading south on Ramsdell going to a local Deli to pick up dinner, I was coming to a stop sign onto Cannonsburg Road, I was almos 2/8/05
12/29/04 11:42 Lake City FL Circle 12 minutes Seven brite dots seemed to hover for 12 minutes, then vanished instantly. 1/11/05
12/28/04 21:00 Phoenixville PA Triangle 20 mins Light along the sides with a shape of a triangle 1/11/05
12/28/04 21:00 Fox Chapel PA Triangle 90secs Thsi not one of the UFOs I see before. 1/11/05
12/28/04 19:00 Hadera (Israel)
Circle 2 hours I saw about 3 or 5 dots of light in the sky for about 2 hours above the mediterranean sea. 1/24/14
12/28/04 14:00 Malibu (just W of, on Pacific Crest Highway) CA Triangle 1 minute I witnessed triangle craft being chased by military planes near NAS Pt.Mugu Dec.2004 5/15/06
12/28/04 04:00 Havre de Grace MD Unknown @ 1 HOUR the object looked like a star and appeared to get brighter at times as it moved up and down across the nights sky 1/11/05
12/27/04 23:59 Wenatchee WA Chevron 3 to 4 min bright lights forming a giant chevron formation 2/8/05
12/27/04 09:05 Sebring FL Circle 30 seconds Bright white light appeared in clear blue sky for about 30 seconds around 9 A.M. 1/11/05
12/27/04 07:35 Washington IN Other 07:35-16:00 Strange Day of Sightings 1/19/05
12/27/04 01:30 Bend OR Triangle 3 and one half minutes I am an employee of the Oregon Dept. of Transportation. I possess a Bachelor of Science degree with minors in Speech Communication and 5/24/05
12/26/04 23:10 Tobyhanna PA Light 5 Seconds Red light in the Sky 1/11/05
12/26/04 22:30 Thong Nai Pan (Koh Phan Gan)(Thailand)
Light 45mins Whilst holidaying on the island of Koh Phangan Thailand 10 of us witnessed an extra large red pulsating star like object in the sky(we 1/27/05
12/26/04 21:00 Tahlequah OK Oval 10 group of craft seen 6/20/05
12/26/04 20:00 Green Lake WI Light at least 1 1/2 hrs Very bright object low in the evening sky that seemed to spin while emitting light in many different colors. 1/11/05
12/26/04 19:38 Toronto (Canada) ON Formation 6 SECONDS At about 19:38 pm I was out trying to view the comet Machholz as I was looking up in the sky directly above me while standing facing di 1/11/05
12/26/04 16:00 Sarasota FL Cylinder 3-4 minutes Two silver white cylinders moving way to fast for a blimp 1/11/05
12/26/04 13:30 Coimbatore (India)
Disk 2min Saucer shaped object brown metallic was seen descending just as i was watching the report on sea surges throughout asia thought these 1/11/05
12/26/04 04:00 North Little Rock AR Other ~1 - 2 hours I remember being dropped off into my house. I was so exhausted when I "fell" into my bed. 5/24/05
12/26/04 00:00 Winter Park FL Changing 36 Min 27 Seconds 3 Multi colored objects hovored over my calm lake... 1/11/05
12/25/04 00:00 Rio Hondo TX Circle 23 two large Circle indentation in ground left at scene 10/30/06
12/25/04 22:25 Gloucester MA Changing 5 MINUTES 2 triangles split apart to many stars and hovered near Orion. 1/11/05
12/25/04 21:00 Lafayette LA Fireball 5 MIN. CHRISTMAS NIGHT, OBJECT IN SKY GLOWING RED AND ORANGE. 1/11/05
12/25/04 20:00 Long Beach CA Triangle 3 mins On Dec 25th , 2004 I was heading east on stearns going towards cal state long beach on my way home for christmas dinner. As I made a ri 6/20/05
12/25/04 18:35 Garden City NY Light 4 seconds I saw a white light in the sky flare brightly, then dim, then flare again, less brightly, then disappear. 1/11/05
12/25/04 17:00 Eugene OR Changing 5 minutes After exiting my garage on my way to the car, my eye caught something odd in the night sky. I observed what seemed to be an object with 1/11/05
12/25/04 13:23 Republic WA Unknown
A ball of light. 3/11/06
12/25/04 06:20 Baker CA Light 30-45 seconds Fireball in Desert near Baker, Ca. 1/11/05
12/25/04 06:00 Audubon NJ Unknown 1 minutes Star? Moving Rapidly Across the sky maintaining altitude. 5/24/05
12/25/04 01:00 Bellefonte PA Formation 3 minutes Three bright lights flying in a v formation that were following a smaller yellow-white light. 5/24/05
12/25/04 00:00 Saskatoon (Canada) SK Triangle 10 minutes It started to dip and dive 1/19/05
12/24/04 23:00 Monterrey (Mexico)
Cross 45 seconds On December 24th at about 11:00pm a jet shaped objected moved across the sky glowing orange at a high altitude. 1/11/05
12/24/04 23:00 Idaho Falls ID Unknown 2 minutes Strange blue light lite up the inside of my pick up truck while driving back roads to my house. 8/31/18
12/24/04 22:00 Madera CA Light 3 minutes i saw lights blinking in weird formation and it was hovering next to the car. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 11/3/05
12/24/04 21:00 Harlingen TX Other 20min. Large Blue Light-1st Snow in 105 years. 8/24/10
12/24/04 20:58 Vienna VA Fireball 1 sec Bright BLUE/GREEN object streaked cross the sky from NE to SW. 1/11/05
12/24/04 19:35 Peshastin WA Light 5 Minutes Slow Moving , Gold in Color,Started to Flash and Dropped a Light same in color as the object continued slow without any noise 1/11/05
12/24/04 19:00 South Webster OH Sphere 3 seconds Blue Green Falling Star-No Trail 1/11/05
12/24/04 04:00 Columbia MD Other over an hour object looked like a star, but the color changed back and forward 1/11/05
12/24/04 00:00 Philadelphia PA Disk 2 minutes clear view of a flying saucer,hovering, and beaming down a light. 5/15/06
12/23/04 18:30 Reynoldsburg (east of) OH Light 2 minutes The bright white light moved at high speed from the sky down to the horizon and then horizontally across the treeline. 5/24/05
12/23/04 16:40 Nanaimo (Canada) BC Unknown 34min Do not have much time here, Christmas eve, gotta go, but yesterday, my fiance and I saw about 1000 feet away, above 120 foot tall old f 1/19/05
12/23/04 16:30 Murfreesboro TN Sphere Several seconds Bright orb of fiery red light seen beneath cloudy overcast in southern sky. 1/11/05
12/23/04 16:00 Abilene TX Oval 5-10 seconds The shiny hovering object sat there, then it was suddenly gone. 5/24/05
12/23/04 05:00 Somerville TX Other
Very bright static light with multi-colors. 1/11/05
12/23/04 04:20 Malvern IA Light 5 seconds shooting star which stopped and suddenly shot upward 1/11/05
12/23/04 01:00 Palo Alto CA Formation 15 Seconds V shaped formation floats across sky, 1/11/05
12/23/04 00:00 Chatsworth GA Diamond 1 minute i came out an looked cuze of my dogs noise and there it wuz over the mountain 1/11/05
12/22/04 23:00 Tulsa OK Unknown 3-5 minutes strange noises in the night time sky of tulsa. ((NUFORC Note: Please see note. Sound probably related to aircraft activity. PD)) 1/11/05
12/22/04 21:00 Birmingham (UK/England)
Flash 3 seconds 3 white lights flash downward within about 0.3 seconds 1/11/05
12/22/04 20:30 Portland OR Unknown 10 Minutes Loud object with three lights. 1/11/05
12/22/04 16:39 Vancouver (Canada) BC Cigar 2 minutes 6 cigar shaped objects over Vancouver 1/11/05
12/22/04 07:55 Frederiksted (St. Croix, US Virgin Islands)
Flash 2 minutes Streaks of light moving quickly and erratically around an open field. 9/2/05
12/22/04 07:01 Palma de Mallorca (Spain)

unknown I'm airline pilot. Last December, 22th I was flying early morning from Tenerife South (Canary islands) to Alicante (Spain).

From the
12/22/04 01:00 Lansdale (on highway) PA Unknown few seconds Craft was speeding along at an insane speed and then stopped on the dot, hovered then flew back at an insane speed. 1/11/05
12/22/04 Oxford (UK/England)
Cigar 3-4 minutes silver sparkly object splits into two!!!!!! 1/11/05
12/21/04 21:10 Wenatchee WA Fireball Seconds Large shooting star over eastern sky 1/11/05
12/21/04 21:00 North Myrtle Beach (Cherry Grove) SC Circle 5.min Every thing was a very bright gold color. 2/8/05
12/21/04 20:00 Ponce (Puerto Rico)
Circle 1 minute Zig Zag shaped light does fast movements in the sky then banishes in one direction 1/11/05
12/21/04 16:45 Orlando GA Unknown 5 Minutes Sea World UFO 2/14/06
12/21/04 08:00 Chillicothe OH Changing 1 hour + Uncle and nephew have encounter with strange entity from glowing globe. 10/20/05
12/21/04 06:30 San Marcos (Escondido, Rancho Bernardo) CA Other 20 mins enormous size blue ufo followed over 3 cities 1/11/05
12/21/04 04:30 Fairview NC Changing 2 hours UFO sightings in the eastern sky. 1/11/05
12/21/04 01:00 St. Paul MN Circle Ongoing Appear as two very bright stars with red centers. They are fairly fixed in the sky in a southeast location above the Mississippi River 1/11/05
12/21/04 00:05 North Miami FL Oval 90 seconds I have never seen anything that could move that quick and make a 90 degree turn, then go backwards!! 1/11/05
12/20/04 20:50 Prescott Valley AZ
ongoing 5 "stars" in a curved pattern under Orion of a bright magnitude that don't belong thereand have never been there before! 1/11/05
12/20/04 20:00 Indianapolis IN Disk one hour Drove directly underneath a UFO in Indianapolis, saw the underside and inside of the UFO. 2/8/05
12/20/04 20:00 Fairbanks AK Unknown About 15-30 Minutes A Cluster of Fixed White Lights Hovering Over Fairbanks Alaska is Seen From Wal~Mart. 10/20/05
12/20/04 18:00 Salome AZ Circle five minutes Three motionless orange lights appear, disappear, then reappear above Salome, Arizona. 1/11/05
12/20/04 17:30 Tulsa OK Unknown 20 secounds It was a bright light that was desending , then a big burst of something and then sped upward and out of sight 1/11/05
12/20/04 16:00 West Lafayette IN Oval 20 seconds 2000 mph metalic oval with con trail in day time sky over Indiana. 1/11/05
12/19/04 20:00 Kuwait
Oval 4 minuts 4 din lights in the sky ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights?? PD)) 1/11/05
12/19/04 20:00 Myrtle Beach SC Chevron 5 min Went out to walk dogs. Clear, starry night. Looked up at sky at airplane and then my vision was blocked by a huge, black, chevron sha 2/22/05
12/19/04 18:00 Brighton (UK/England)
Light 1 minute A bright light hovered some distance away for a minute, before bursting into 4 or 5 lights and all of them disappearing. 1/11/05
12/19/04 17:00 Tecumseh MI Light
11 huge glowing lights over Southern Michigan 1/11/05
12/18/04 22:20 Vancouver (Canada) BC Flash 1 second Silent blue lightning shoots from the sky 1/11/05
12/18/04 19:32 Coronado CA Flash 10 seconds it flashed for three or four seconds and disapered. 1/11/05
12/18/04 19:06 Tacoma WA Fireball 5 seconds Brite white ball with tail ..same as one in china seen by 700 or more people 1/11/05
12/18/04 19:05 Guarda la Vaca (Cuba)
Light 5mins Bright Orange Light seen over Cuban Sky 1/11/05
12/18/04 19:00 Rockville IN Fireball 1min Glowing Disk Craft hovering over high power wires with fast strobing light on top and bottom , 1/11/05
12/18/04 18:45 Redmond WA Sphere 5 seconds Driving East on 520 freeway, off of NE 148th blue sphere traveling very fast about the size of a basketball appearing to head downwards 1/11/05
12/18/04 13:00 Santa Monica CA Cone 40 Minutes Unknown object over Santa Monica, CA. 1/11/05
12/18/04 09:00 Rocky Mount MO Circle 4 minutes Object with lights. 2/22/05
12/18/04 05:30 Texarkana TX Circle 1 hour I saw a UFO without a doubt a UFO! 1/11/05
12/18/04 05:05 Thousand Oaks CA Disk 25 min. The object or light would move quickly from right to left, and move in a circular motion vertically. ((NUFORC: Possibly Venus?? PD)) 1/11/05
12/18/04 00:00 San Francisco CA Light 45 min UFO hiding in star constellation 1/11/05
12/17/04 16:35 Bellmar NJ Formation 20 minutes FOUR WHITE OBJECTS MOVING SLOWLY SW IN FORMATION 1/11/05
12/17/04 14:39 Haleakala HI Other 20 minutes 2 cameras record object pass over Hawaii. 5/24/05
12/17/04 09:00 Los Angeles CA Triangle 5 Min Huge 1/11/05
12/17/04 04:19 Haleakala (Maui)/Mauna Kea (both) HI Unknown 20 min. (approx.) (explanation of sighting detailed on link) 5/24/05
12/17/04 00:30 East Islip NY Light 5 seconds Incredibly fast moving bright light in an oscilloscope-like path 1/11/05
12/16/04 23:50 Roy UT Egg 5 seconds Very bight light flashes across night sky. 5/24/05
12/16/04 22:40 Gaylesville AL Rectangle 5 seconds Enormous oval object with three lights flew just above tree tops and over my car. 1/11/05
12/16/04 21:50 Manassas VA Triangle 10 Seconds Black Triangle seen low over town of Manassas ((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous. PD)) 4/16/05
12/16/04 20:30 Anaheim CA Fireball 2-3 sec large blue fireball moving very fast 1/11/05
12/16/04 20:15 Bethel OH Triangle 5 minutes MUFON/OHIO REPORT: Big white triangular UFO with flashing lights ... completely silent. 3/4/08
12/16/04 18:05 Farmers KY Light 5 + minutes very bright object in sky, no movement, 2 bright headlight shape with faint light in center. 1/11/05
12/16/04 15:40 Binghamton NY Other 10 min This may not be reportable, but I feel that I must publish it. While going east to west in Binghamton, I was watching what appeared to 1/11/05
12/16/04 12:00 Anderson SC Cigar 5 minutes Silver cigar shaped object with no wings that stopped and changed direction in mid-air 1/11/05
12/16/04 11:00 São Paulo (Brasil)
Formation 30 min black twins UFO 1/11/05
12/16/04 04:30 Ardmore PA Unknown 10 minutes Bright, randomly flashing, zig-zagging craft or object (possibly orb) off in the distance. 1/11/05
12/16/04 00:15 Veedersburg IN Light 5 minutes At 12:15AM a large extremely bright object in the northern sky was slowly moving south. As it moved closer, its size appeared even gre 1/11/05
12/15/04 23:00 Charleston MO Unknown 10 minutes Low flying craft with no sound 1/11/05
12/15/04 20:30 Headland AL Unknown 15 minutes Extremely bright light and no noise. 7/16/06
12/15/04 19:45 Poole, Dorset (UK/England)
Sphere 5 seconds 2 objects travelling at slow speed (dim light)....then seperated at great speed on a tacking motion..and disappeared.......our first ev 1/11/05
12/15/04 19:35 Carmel IN Oval 4+minutes Bright pinkish orange oval radiating light at 19:35 close to the horizon and about 15-29 degrees east of due north. 1/11/05
12/15/04 18:00 Kelowna (Canada) BC Circle 5 seconds Object made a change in direction without making a curve and did not slow down during this manouver . 1/19/05
12/15/04 17:00 Montego Bay (Jamaica)
Circle 10 mins Possible UFO sighting in Jamaica 1/10/09
12/15/04 14:05 Tampa FL Rectangle 3 minutes Huge rectangular object at 2:05 pm flying(or whatever) low and slow. 11/3/05
12/15/04 09:55 Lajes Air Force Base (Portugal) UT Sphere 10 seconds none of the below was seen or experienced 1/11/05
12/15/04 09:00 Paola KS Triangle 2 min 3 traingle shaped objects, low to the gorund 1/11/05
12/15/04 08:10 Victoria (Canada) BC Circle ~40 minutes Six white lights encircling greenish dot, seen over Washington state,10000 feet, high moves slowly southward 1/11/05
12/15/04 08:00 Savanna NY Cigar
There were 4 lights in a row and they kept flashing as if each one was a strobe light! 2/22/05
12/15/04 05:00 Palo Alto CA Formation 34 Minutes Several V-Shpaed Formations of Amber glowing craft float across the night sky 1/11/05
12/15/04 04:35 Long Beach MS Light 5 minutes It was 4:25 a.m. on Wednesday 12/15/04 and I was preparing to set out for work. I had taken some water outside to de-ice my truck winds 1/11/05
12/14/04 23:30 Pond Inlet (Canada) NT Circle 10-15 seconds Racing lights 1/11/05
12/14/04 23:00 Charleston/Mt. Pleasant SC Sphere 5 seconds Gold, non moving light in sky that vanished completely over river near Charleston 1/11/05
12/14/04 22:30 Johnson Village/South Park CO Triangle 10 min. Traveling home my daughter noticed 3 stars that came closer and closer then we noticed that it dropped 2 ball like objects that came f 1/11/05
12/14/04 22:20 Seattle WA
2 seconds Hi again Mr. Davenport: I wanted to let you know that I spoke to my brother in law, who is a ferry boat captain on the North Vashon Is 1/11/05
12/14/04 22:00 Frankenmuth MI Triangle 10 minutes we saw an object that we know was not from earth 5/24/05
12/14/04 21:00 Sandy UT Sphere 15 min strange changing light above south mountiain 1/11/05
12/14/04 18:28 Lucerne Valley CA Triangle 6 Min Large Triangle spotted In Lucerne Valley, CA on a clear cool night 1/11/05
12/14/04 17:00 Chatham (Canada) ON Sphere 10 minutes Tuesday, December 14, 2004 While driving to Chatham from Ridgetown on the 401 at apx. 4:50 pm I noticed a jet above the clouds on the 1/11/05
12/14/04 06:58 Orange (also visable from Covina) CA Fireball about 5 minutes Saw Strange line of light due east of location in Orange, CA shortly before sun crested over horizon. Ran into house to get camera and 1/11/05
12/14/04 06:30 Phoenix AZ Light 5 Minutes Light above South Mountain, Phoenix 1/11/05
12/14/04 05:15 Brooklyn MI Light 2 minutes Bright orange light flares, changes into tight cluster of blinking lights that moves erratically over Brooklyn, Michigan. 1/11/05
12/14/04 04:30 Tremont MS Light 2-3 mins A strange sound appeared to be coming from something hovering over our house. As soon as it came it all of a sudden stopped. 12/14/04
12/14/04 01:00 Orrville OH Other 3-5 minutes 3rd time seeing the most peculiar aircraft I have ever seen. 1/11/05
12/14/04 00:30 Garland TX Unknown 1 min 30 sec. I saw a dim indeterminately shaped object that flew silently about 1.5 degrees per second whose only hint of its appearance was in the 12/14/04
12/14/04 00:00 Portland OR Disk 5 - 10 seconds Circular shaped space craft moved slowly in the sky, hovered, then shot off. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly not a serious report. PD)) 2/24/05
12/13/04 23:59 Biloxi MS Unknown 6 to 8 secs V shaped light formation travleing S/SW in Biloxi 12/14/04
12/13/04 22:30 Trio SC Light 10 seconds More night sky activity in Salters 12/14/04
12/13/04 22:15 Seattle WA
2 seconds Hi Mr. Davenport: Just spoke to you about the “meteorite” that I saw or think I saw last night,Dec. 13, 2004 at approximately 10:15 to 12/14/04
12/13/04 22:00 Neosho MO Other 20 seconds On the night of Dec. 13th while watching the meteor shower, I saw a large, silent, and completely dark object travel across the sky. 1/19/05
12/13/04 22:00 Neosho MO Oval 20 seconds An addendum to my report made in December 2004 for the sighting on Dec. 13, 2004. 2/8/05
12/13/04 21:10 Maricopa AZ Changing 45 Min 3 lights. Would change colors then circle each other then go on and off in a line. This went on for over 45 min 1/19/05
12/13/04 21:07 Upper Black Eddy PA Circle 10 seconds fast ball of light moving every which way 12/14/04
12/13/04 20:35 Exeter RI Light less than a second unusual light in sky 12/14/04
12/13/04 20:15 Blue Springs MO Disk 20 seconds Two unidentified objects flying in left echelon formation over Kansas City, Missouri 1/19/05
12/13/04 20:15 Blue Springs MO Oval 20 sec Blacked out craft (2) headed south crossing in controlled airspace in Blue Springs area. 1/19/05
12/13/04 20:00 Emory TX Cone Two hours - plus I witnessed a cluster of extremely bright white, blue and red strobe type lights at a low altitude for about two hours. 1/11/05
12/13/04 18:27 Alexandria LA
15-20 seconds Date: Dec. 13, 2004 Sighting Time: 06: 28 p.m. c.s.t.

Location: Alexandria, Louisiana My wife and I were traveling by SUV over the
12/13/04 18:20 Myrtle Beach SC Light 60 seconds Sonic boom in Myrtle Beach 1/11/05
12/13/04 12:29 Dulce NM Disk Photo Small u.f.o. hovering over Archuleta Mesa in Dulce, NM. 9/2/05
12/13/04 06:35 Benton City WA Teardrop 2-3 seconds? bright blueish white fireball crossed the sky southward 1/19/05
12/13/04 06:00 Cleveland TN Unknown 15 Minutes Sporadic movement from light, with cross glare. 12/14/04
12/13/04 03:11 Tucson AZ Fireball 3 seconds I was watching the geminids towards about I think it was Venus ENE I am located in NE Tucson AZ The fireball was slow for other meteor 12/14/04
12/13/04 02:00 Machesney Park IL Unknown 15-20minutes 15-20 minutes of Extreme light in the sky with very strange noises. 12/14/04
12/13/04 01:00 Honolulu HI Disk 3 mins I seen the windows around the saucer and I can draw exacly what I saw. 5/24/05
12/13/04 00:30 Arlington VA Formation 45 Minutes V, Shapes with trails, then lights at corner making out a square in the sky, ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights, possibly. PD)) 1/19/05
12/12/04 22:46 La Junta CO Light seconds Red light across the sky 12/14/04
12/12/04 22:15 College Station TX Triangle 5 minutes 22 orange-yellow UFOs, flying low, fast and silently east to south over Texas A&M University 4 randomly moving followed by 18 in a line 12/14/04
12/12/04 22:00 Nashville TN Light 30 min. lights circling inside clouds over Nashville 12/14/04
12/12/04 21:13 Mesa AZ Formation 10 seconds a formation of 5 yellowish orange flexing noodles flying across the sky 12/14/04
12/12/04 20:25 Dallas TX Formation 5-10 seconds Two linear groups of maneuvering lights over Dallas, Texas 12/12/04 1/19/05
12/12/04 19:00 Tinley Park IL Flash 5 minutes series of exploding white, green, orange lights in NE area of Tinley Park within 5 minutes. 12/14/04
12/12/04 18:32 New River AZ Oval less than a minute Oval/almond shaped two blue lights dissapered. 2/22/05
12/12/04 17:00 Santa Clarita CA Sphere 30minutes Bright red lights hoovering over Santa Clarita 12/14/04
12/12/04 17:00 Chino Hills CA Oval 15 min 12/12/2004 Chino hills objects hoverin very far from Earth Vshape formation. 1/11/05
12/12/04 16:15 Sutton cum Lound (UK/England)
Light 10 mins Lights a christmas but not a decoration 5/24/05
12/12/04 10:00 Phoenix AZ Sphere 2 minutes glowing gold spere seen 10 am in nw phoenix -hovered then moved from s to n across west valley 12/14/04
12/12/04 02:45 Puyallup WA Sphere 5 Minutes orange glowing object that drops smaller glowing ojects. 12/14/04
12/12/04 02:00 Friendswood TX Triangle 45 min Triangular shape craft seen from the Houston, Tx. area on 12/12/04 @ 2 a.m. 12/14/04
12/11/04 22:30 King NC Unknown 3-5 sec. December '04 - Bright meteor in NW North Carolina ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD)) 1/19/05
12/11/04 22:00 Greenville TX Triangle 10-20 seconds Triangle shaped lights slowly fade out and disappear. 12/14/04
12/11/04 21:55 Van Alstyne TX Triangle 15-20 seconds Triangular 3-light formation with "dimmer switch" 1/19/05
12/11/04 21:55 Van Alstyne TX Triangle 15 seconds Triangular formation of lights seen in the western sky above Van Alstyne, Texas fade away into the ether. 12/14/04
12/11/04 21:50 Fort Worth TX Light 1 minute Three lights in form of triangle in sky west of Fort Worth disappeared completely. Two were brilliant white & one orange. 12/14/04
12/11/04 21:00 Williamsport MD Fireball 6 seconds Green light emmitted from sky in Western Maryland ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD)) 12/14/04
12/11/04 21:00 Denton TX Triangle 12-15 seconds Triangle of lights. Very large object west of Denton. Sat still for 10 seconds before fading from view. 5/24/05
12/11/04 20:00 Baltimore MD Fireball 4 seconds Multicolored fireball in west Balitmore City near the county line 1/19/05
12/11/04 20:00 College Park MD Fireball 2 seconds Big Green Ball of Light Falling over College Park, MD on December, 11 2004 ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD)) 12/14/04
12/11/04 19:55 Gaithersburg MD Other 2 seconds Brilliant green comet or meteor 12/14/04
12/11/04 19:55 Manassas VA Light 15 - 20 sec. Huge glowing green object in Northern VA. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD)) 12/14/04
12/11/04 19:00 Washington, D.C. DC Unknown unknown Possible UFO seen in skies over nation's capital 12/14/04
12/11/04 19:00 Hagerstown MD Flash 15 seconds I saw this computer page and know I needed to write in. Every Saturday night my buddies and I make fruit cups and shoot the breeze, us 1/19/05
12/11/04 14:30 Monmouth Beach NJ Light 3 seconds 12 brilliant silver orbs surge from the cloud cover 12/14/04
12/11/04 00:00 Coconut Creek FL Diamond 5 minutes this object looked like the north star was getting 20 times closer to earth. 12/14/04
12/10/04 20:00 Adrian MI Triangle 2 min Silent black triangle moving very slowly about 75 feet off the ground. 1/19/05
12/10/04 19:30 Phoenix/Tucson (between; on I-10 E) AZ Other 5 minutes Unknown Craft Hovers Over I-10 5/24/05
12/10/04 15:11 Kidderminster, Warwickshire (UK/England)
Disk 9 minutes Silver saucer viewed over Kidderminster in England 5/15/06
12/10/04 04:45 Los Angeles CA Light 5 seconds Small light heading north got brighter then flashed and headed south. 12/14/04
12/9/04 22:10 Bristol TN Triangle 25 seconds Triangular object photographed 12/14/04
12/9/04 22:05 Lourinha (Portugal)
Triangle 6 sec. Triangle shaped lights disapeard on the sky 12/14/04
12/9/04 19:45 Lindsborg to Lyons KS Light 1Hr 15 Min Bright orbs appeared in the sky, bigger than stars and much brighter,also bigger than plane lights. 12/14/04
12/9/04 19:00 League City TX Triangle Seconds I saw a triangular shaped craft outlined in lights hovering over the highway that I was traveling on low & in front of me. 2/14/06
12/9/04 17:10 Palm Desert CA Other 5-10 minutes Saw a luminous yellow-green color craft, with external white lights. It was quite large. It was low on the horizon, so low that it wa 12/14/04
12/9/04 16:15 Yellowknife (Canada) NT Oval 8 minutes Twilight sighting of bright, glowing, red, oval and moving object in northern Canada. 12/14/04
12/9/04 07:30 Nason IL Light 10 Minutes moving vanishing star 12/14/04
12/9/04 07:30 Clarksville TN Other 3 minutes In the night sky I saw an object that looked like the pontoons on a pontoon boat, except that one was aligned ahead of the other. 1/19/05
12/9/04 03:00 Washington, D.C. DC

this being was observed in the city. ((NUFORC Note: Bizarre creature apparently witnessed by sec. guard in Washington, D.C.. PD)) 1/11/05
12/9/04 01:46 Mariposa CA Light 3 hours Strange Lights over Mariposa California. 12/14/04
12/9/04 00:04 Chico CA Triangle 5 seconds Observed flying triangle with five orange lights as it flew silently and slowly in an eastwardly direction over city. 12/14/04
12/8/04 23:33 Henderson NE Formation 6 sec. 3 gold colored connected lights very large moving East to West 12/14/04
12/8/04 23:00 Washington, D.C. DC Other
In the air flying very low 20 feet above tree line. No sound at all. Moving from north to south. looked like a flat dark hangglyder typ 12/14/04
12/8/04 19:30 Surfside Beach SC Light 20 minutes Orange lights with many strobes over ocean in Surfside. 12/14/04
12/8/04 18:45 Peebles OH Light 1.5 mins Orions belt, Brighter than I ever saw anything, then two aircrafts departed in opposite directions from it. 12/14/04
12/8/04 18:00 Greenwood Lake NY Other 15 sec 3 lights moving very fast from east to west. First 2 lights merged then moved out of sight. 12/14/04
12/8/04 06:30 Goldbar WA Light 1.5 hrs there were 3, bright glowing objects hoovering in the pitch black sky. 12/14/04
12/8/04 05:30 Montreal (Canada) QC Oval About 30 seconds Bright yellow light at the horizon in the East of Montreal (Qc) on August 12th 2004 8/7/07
12/8/04 05:20 Lithonia GA Light 5 seconds A bright green light with a quick burst of speed infront of my car while I was driving 12/14/04
12/8/04 00:00 Myrtle Beach SC Chevron 5 to 10 seconds Orangish - Reddish Glow moving in a zig zag pattern about midnight! 12/14/04
12/7/04 23:00 Boca Raton FL Other 2 hours Strange Streak Across Sky December 7, 2004 Picture located on NASA’s ‘Astronomy Picture of the Day’ December 7, 2004 On the evening 10/31/08
12/7/04 21:45 Midwest U. S. OH Unknown 30 minutes + Airline pilots see strange lights approaching Cincinnati 12/14/04
12/7/04 21:00 Kingsport TN Diamond 15-25 minutes A large amount of UFO's in the sky, including a low flying one that was nearly silent and a sort of diamond shape with 5 lights. 12/14/04
12/7/04 21:00 Johnson City TN Light short strange lights over washington county tennessee 12/14/04
12/7/04 19:55 Alexandria LA Formation 10-15 seconds While driving a friend ogf mine and I both saw random glowing lights appear in the sky then formed a strait line and dissapear 12/14/04
12/7/04 19:05 Myrtle Beach SC Unknown 10 Seconds White lights, in unison, left to right, not change in velocity, direction, or speed, much too large for a normal A/C 12/14/04
12/7/04 18:30 Salters SC Light 30 seconds Saw the same lights again tonight that we saw on October 20, 2004. 12/14/04
12/7/04 17:30 Chattanooga TN Fireball 10 seconds Fireball observed Tuesday, Dec 7, 2004 in Chattanooga, Tennessee 12/14/04
12/7/04 17:18 Tucson AZ Cylinder seconds Phasing Cigar UFO over NE Tucson AZ 12/14/04
12/7/04 16:30 Denton TX Light unknown Unseen Lights In The Sky 1/19/05
12/7/04 16:20 Aiea HI Circle 2mins Two seperate sightings On oahu 1/19/05
12/7/04 05:45 Fort Worth TX Cigar 2 seconds Gold Cigar shaped object seen moving away from Carswell AFB. Object was moving very fast. I thought it was an Aircraft ditching into La 12/14/04
12/6/04 21:00 Oakwood GA Light less than a sec A beam of light like a firefly makes but at a way larger scale 12/14/04
12/6/04 20:00 Elyria OH Light 10 mins The lorain county airport is literally in my back yard. the object that i saw was a pulsing light of a full spectrum of colors. the o 12/14/04
12/6/04 19:00 Oxnard to Yuma (enroute) CA Flash split seconds intense flashes light up whole sky 12/14/04
12/6/04 18:55 Brandford FL Triangle 5 minutes triangle w/three lights followed us 1/4 of a mile 12/14/04
12/6/04 06:34 Harbor Beach MI Unknown 2 hours it was large and blinking kind of haveing a fierce glow around it , there was things dropping off of it. 12/14/04
12/6/04 04:00 Richmond (Australia)
Unknown 10min Bright lights and shaking New South Wales Australia 6th December 2004 12/14/04
12/6/04 01:00 Oahu HI Flash 5 minutes Large,glowing green,yellow,white ball of light flew over me,hovered & dropped into the ocean.Aircraft followed to investigate. 5/24/05
12/5/04 23:00 Fort Pierce FL Triangle 5 min Three bright lights over Fort Pierce, Florida. 10/30/06
12/5/04 22:20 Bishkek (Kyrgyzistan)
Unknown 2 hours A bright shining object emitted multicolored beams of light 12/14/04
12/5/04 22:00 Strathroy (Canada) ON Diamond 10 minutes Slow moving diamond/triangle shaped low flying craft without any sound w/bright white lights on tips and scrolling blue and red lights 12/14/04
12/5/04 21:35 Bainbridge NY Disk 2 mins I was driving West on NY state I88 when I spotted a UFO in the shape of a disk/saucer hovering above a field. It was silver/gray with b 12/14/04
12/5/04 20:45 Homosassa FL Sphere 15-30 Seconds Florescent / Irridecent Green Sphere 7/16/06
12/5/04 20:30 Orlando FL Light about 7 or 8 seconds A bright green, flourescent light that traveled at a very rapid speed leaving a trail and changed direction rapidly before disappearing 12/14/04
12/5/04 14:45 Tampa FL Other 15 min CYLINDRICAL OBJECT REVOLVING WITH ONE END GLOWING 12/14/04
12/5/04 07:00 East Stroudsburg PA Light approximately 5 seconds e object in the vacinity of the airplane that appeared to be a bright orange light, similar to what you would see as the sun rise reflect 12/14/04
12/5/04 04:25 Terre Haute IN Chevron 5 seconds FOUR LIGHTED CHEVRON SHAPE SILENTLY GLIDES SOUTHWARD! 12/14/04
12/5/04 01:30 New York City (Manhattan) NY Rectangle
we were stood outside and it came and went 7/5/05
12/4/04 23:30 Sutherland IA Light 30 min A quiet light apeared to observe us as we were coon hunting near the river. 2/24/05
12/4/04 23:00 Kansas City MO Other 3 minutes Convoy crosses Kansas City sky. 12/14/04
12/4/04 23:00 Geelong (Australia)
Light 5 Minutes 3 Lights in Triangular Formation Moving Accross The Sky ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy "NOSS" satellites?? PD)) 12/14/04
12/4/04 22:56 Recife (Brazil)
good evening, I live in Recife, Brazil, I´m sending a picture for analysis.

I have the original file for the print format 2592 x 19
12/4/04 22:13 Elmhurst IL Light 15 mins Bright flashing point of light 12/14/04
12/4/04 21:08 Hialeah FL Oval 2 seconds A small oval white light shape going through a part of the sky from east to west then turns to north 12/14/04
12/4/04 21:00 Rockford IL Diamond a few minutes A diamond shaped object was found near Rockford Illinois. 12/14/04
12/4/04 21:00 Tipton MO Light 30 min Two lights observed in north sky 1/19/05
12/4/04 20:30 Burlington (south of) IN Triangle 20 minutes Orange flashes followed by appearance of objects 12/14/04
12/4/04 11:40 Santa Monica CA Light 15 MINUTES Two white, pinpoint lights at approximately 20,000 feet for 15 minutes 12/14/04
12/4/04 00:45 Pittsburgh PA Light 1 minute Glowing orange orb moving at high speed and changing direction over city of Pittsburgh, PA 12/14/04
12/4/04 00:30 Cumming GA Disk party Two bright objects flew over us. 2/14/06
12/4/04 Leicester (UK/England)
Light 25 seconds Fiery light 12/14/04
12/4/04 Papillion NE Other 3 seconds At 9:30 pm a whiteish blue light swiftly flew over my car, and it was to low to be an aircraft, and it made no noise 12/14/04
12/3/04 22:00 Sacramento CA Disk 10 sec Saucer orbiting the moon very close to its surface. 12/14/04
12/3/04 21:00 Jamestown NY Formation 1 hour horizontal ovular formation of white lights rippling through clouds 12/14/04
12/3/04 20:30 Winnemucca NV Triangle 10 seconds Viewed a large V shaped pattern of square lights moving quickly overhead from NE to SW. 12/14/04
12/3/04 20:30 Hershey NE Rectangle 5 Minutes Spinning and sliding sideways group of light that were Rectanglure in shape 12/14/04
12/3/04 20:00 Norwalk CA Cigar 30 seconds While taking my dog out for a potty call last night, i happened to look up in the eastern region of the sky and saw a very unusual UFO. 12/14/04
12/3/04 19:45 Los Angeles CA Triangle 60 seconds Huge triangle with red lights 12/14/04
12/3/04 18:12 Boulder CO Sphere Still continuing Moon normal shape glaring bright streams of light around the moons perimeter. The orbs were white and blinked on and off at time 1/12/12
12/3/04 18:00 Sunol/Pleasanton CA Triangle 30sec 7 Lights, Big to small, moving to the center of the triangle, appearing out of no where as if going un cloaked. 12/14/04
12/3/04 18:00 Grapevine TX Fireball seconds Bright Blue flash seen in the N.W. sky. 12/14/04
12/3/04 17:50 Lakewood OH Cigar 2-3 sec. Cigar shaped ufo along with heavy military air traffic in the area 12/14/04
12/3/04 15:00 Lexington KY Sphere 2 MINUTES Twenty white objects spotted hovering over University of Kentucky campus 12/14/04
12/3/04 07:30 Shaker OH Other 2 early morning sighting by 8 y.o. 12/3/04
12/3/04 05:30 Reed Spring MO Light aprox. 2 hrs 5:30 met friend to go to work. he is talking about light he has been watching in the south and also another much brighter light in the 12/14/04
12/3/04 02:37 York PA Other 10 - 15 minutes Strange glows appeared in sky, moving about in realativly close range. 12/14/04
12/3/04 01:00 Norquay (Canada) SK Sphere 20 minutes They were observing us. 12/3/04
12/2/04 00:00 Santa Cruz CA Circle 4 secounds Three objects traveling west..very cold clear evening. thought were shooting stars, no trails, gold in color moveing so fast, very very 12/3/04
12/2/04 22:25 Longmont CO Light 12-15 minutes Strange lights hovered low in the sky then accelerated quickly from Longmont CO to Boulder. 12/3/04
12/2/04 21:00 Del Rio TX Other 3 min On Dec 2nd two strange lights appeared around 9:30 - 9:45 pm coming from north- east going south-west 12/14/04
12/2/04 20:00 Carrollton VA Light 1 hour plus Zig-zagging starlike object. 12/3/04
12/2/04 19:05 Memphis TN Triangle 30 seconds Pure machine- If it was ours it will be on Memphis approach radar or be given clearance to enter TCA for MEM. 12/14/04
12/2/04 18:17 San Acacio CO Light 20 seconds The lights seem to make some what of a large triangle 12/3/04
12/2/04 18:00 Lindsborg KS Unknown 32 minutes West of Lindsborg Kansas is a Military bombing range. These craft have been seen on many Occasions, especially when bombing practice is 12/3/04
12/2/04 17:30 West Greenwich RI Triangle 1min30sec My co-worker told me I should report this on this site. This is the first time I have seen this. Myself and my fiend just fininshed a d 12/3/04
12/2/04 16:30 Bowling Green KY Diamond 20 minutes I am a graduate student at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green. I was on my way to an evening class. I exited Cumberland Par 12/3/04
12/2/04 06:30 Pottsville AR Triangle 10 minutes lights,qiuet,slow drift,,"whats all theses strang lights flying around". 12/3/04
12/2/04 Bowling Green KY

Correction to my entry - I 65 and not I-64 10/30/06
12/1/04 23:40 Shelby MT Fireball 5sec fireball/meteor 12/14/04
12/1/04 23:00 Lincoln NE Fireball 2-3 seconds Massive fireball over Lincoln, Nebraska. 2/22/05
12/1/04 23:00 Wylie TX Triangle 5 minutes Pyramid-shaped craft with pulsating light seen emitting red flare. 12/3/04
12/1/04 19:30 Hawthorne/Lawndale CA Triangle 4 or 5 seconds Aqua green florescent lights on leading edge of triangular craft moving at great speed downward and seemed to disapeared into a portal 12/3/04
12/1/04 19:15 Emison IN Sphere 5 minutes Yellow-Orange Lights in sky - Emison, Indiana 12/3/04
12/1/04 14:45 Springfield IL Triangle
Triangle seen hovering in the Sky 1/19/05
12/1/04 09:00 Dublin OH Egg 1.5hrs egg shaped craft 12/3/04
12/1/04 08:05 Pincher Creek (Canada) AB Teardrop 2 minutes The UFO was shaped like a tear drop on fire and descended slowly until out of sight. 12/3/04
12/1/04 05:00 Seattle WA Cylinder 10 min heading north to south, was a strobe light,dissapeared in clouds. 12/3/04
12/1/04 02:35 Plano TX Fireball Seconds Bright blue fireball of unusual size and distance; possible investigation. 12/3/04
12/1/04 00:00 Riverside CA Disk 40 min Floursent green "stars" that actually fly in the skies over So. Cal. 12/14/04