National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 08/2004
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
8/30/04 15:50 Glasgow (UK/Scotland)
8/24/04 19:15 Cancun (Mexico)
Cigar approx. 30sec A huge object off the coast of Cancun, Mexico 6/9/09
8/24/04 19:00 Clermont GA Light about 5 seconds I saw a bright multi-colored shape of light about 500 feet in the air that hovered then rapidly decended and vanished. 3/19/09
8/22/04 01:00 Boise ID Oval 30 seconds? Green Oval Shaped UFO Sighted Near Gowen Air Field US Air Force Base Boise Idaho 4/27/07
8/21/04 22:00 Oak Forest IL Triangle half hour Strange air ship moving north to south over the southwest Chicago suburbs. 10/30/06
8/21/04 22:00 Tinley Park IL Light 30-45 minutes 3 red lights hovering in tinley park in odd shapes that came together as one and flew away. 10/8/07
8/21/04 22:00 Tinley Park IL Triangle 1 hour Leslie Kean's (see face book) UFOs is THE book ; however, it does not have a reference to the Tinley Park Triangle . 5/13/12
8/21/04 00:00 Tinley Park IL Light 20 minutes Lights over Tinley Park. 7/16/06
8/20/04 22:30 Newport OR Fireball 30 minutes Two men observe large, red/orange, glowing object disappear into the night sky. 7/17/11
8/20/04 11:00 Tukwila/Renton WA Light 2 minutes i saw four balls of light moving slowly. i turned my head to tell my friend and they were gone.same thin a few days later 12/7/06
8/17/04 21:30 Macomb IL Light 2 - 3 minutes Very bright then dim object no flashing lights spotted moving south then back north. It was spotted by a feeling my wife had. 8/21/11
8/17/04 02:30 Agawam MA Triangle 7-10 minutes Triangle shape 7/3/13
8/17/04 01:00 Brady NE Light 30 seconds Very loud sound like a helicopter or plane woke me up in middle of night. Observed a bright large light with beams stationary. 6/27/19
8/16/04 19:00 Gulf Shores AL Triangle 5 minutes Object looked to be a mile high ,at least half mile wide with five lights three feet across on bottom. 3/19/09
8/16/04 12:05 Scarborough (Canada) ON Disk 15-20 mins Brilliant White flat shape object 8/24/10
8/16/04 12:05 Scarborough (Canada) ON Disk 30 minutes Afternoon white long stationary saucer shape craft witnessed for 30 minutes by five witnesses 8/19/12
8/15/04 21:00 Al Asad (near Hit) (Iraq)
Sphere 1 minute Amber sphere in Iraq 2/1/07
8/15/04 20:00 Poinciana FL Circle 30 seconds Circular object with multiple white lights circling it in sync with each other almost as if chasing itself 12/1/19
8/15/04 14:00 St. Louis MO Cylinder 1 minute Black cylinder flying at altitude of airline within reaching distance. 3/13/12
8/15/04 11:15 Goshen OH Disk 15 minutes Close up encounter. 2/26/16
8/15/04 05:30 Ocean City MD Fireball 30 seconds Object of green, active cold fire traveling at very high speed low above the ground in absolute silence. 4/18/12
8/15/04 05:00 St. Paul MN Triangle 25 Commercial pilot witnesses triangle craft in early hours moving silently above treetops. 8/5/09
8/15/04 03:30 Cranston RI Formation 20+ minutes Saw a formation of crescent-shapped objects over suburban neighborhood. 3/31/08
8/15/04 02:00 Faluja (Al anbar)(Iraq)
Egg 1 minute "Tic-tac"-like encounter. 6/1/18
8/15/04 00:16 Roswell NM Disk 13 min Freaky Lights and Sound i feel very cold 10 degrees 8/7/07
8/15/04 00:00 Cashion AZ Triangle approx 3 hrs Huge slow moving black triangle that oddly appeared to have caused us a loss of time. (no! this is not a joke) 7/16/06
8/14/04 16:00 Albuquerque NM
5 min It was pale yellow and orange in a traingle shape. 3/19/09
8/11/04 02:30 Mount Holly VT Light 10 minutes They made me feel very uncomfortable. 8/15/14
8/10/04 03:55 Baghdad (Iraq)
Light 4 seconds 8/10/2004 0355 Extremely fast, regularly "winking" white light west to east direction. While west of Baghdad, Iraq. 12/12/11
8/10/04 01:00 Mayfield Heights OH Unknown As long as I was awake. 2 Strange black figures in my room resembleing my parents. 5/15/06
8/9/04 01:00 Loveland CO Disk 1 hour object white in color with red glow around it 2/1/07
8/9/04 00:00 Loveland CO Disk 30 mins 4 am i was coming home from work........saw a light far away moving fast and it looked like it was blinking or flashing 4/27/07
8/7/04 00:24 Valentine TX Circle 10-15 minutes 7 to 9 orb-type objects each illuminating alternately hovering directly over Marfa,TX Aerostat facility estimate 1,000 feet altitude. 3/4/08
8/6/04 03:45 Matunuck RI Light 30 minutes 12-15 golden-white lights equally spaced, unmoving, about a mile from the shore out in the ocean 8/15/14
8/5/04 00:00 Cincinnati OH Circle 3 minutes Wish I had written down the exact day and time but i didn't want to report it.

I worked at an office complex in cincinnati ohio as a
8/1/04 22:00 Piceance Creek CO Cigar 3-5 minutes Glowing cigar-shaped object; cast no shadows. 8/25/16
8/1/04 02:00 San Francisco CA Fireball 60 seconds Large bright green fireball moves slowly in the sky. 4/18/12
8/1/04 00:00 Terrell TX
20 minutes Saw light outside window and awakened by a gray being stand at foot of bed. 1/5/11