National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 05/2004
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
5/31/04 23:00 Knoxville TN Sphere 20 minutes Bright object observed slowly moving to west when another object (with red glow) was emitted and departed at a high rate of speed. 6/4/04
5/31/04 23:00 Knoxville TN Sphere 20 minutes MUFON/TENNESSEE REPORT: Follow-up on Knoxville sighting 6/18/04
5/31/04 22:30 Kansas City MO Triangle 30 seconds It was triangle in shape with bright white lights on the vertices of th triangle with a red glowing light in the center of the triange. 6/4/04
5/31/04 22:30 Baton Rouge LA Circle about 1.5 min I was in Louisiana on a business trip. Looking up to check the weather/cloud coverage I noticed an odd shape just floating through the 6/4/04
5/31/04 22:15 Omaha NE Unknown 10 min Possible Explination for Lincon, and Omaha, NE sightings 6/4/04
5/31/04 22:08 Sonora CA Triangle 5 minutes or so Triangular Object with Lights over Lyons Bald Mountain in Sonora, CA Caught on Video 6/4/04
5/31/04 21:10 Holbrook AZ Sphere 8 sec This planet started to move very fast and then straight up until it got smaller and then vanished 6/4/04
5/31/04 21:00 Modesto CA Unknown 1.5-2 minutes 'Bolt' from Canis Major-complete stop at Sextans;Briliant object leaves no contrail /debris Witnessed by 3-CALIFORNIA,USA 6/4/04
5/31/04 17:00 San Jose CA Sphere 1 minute Round black object with rainbow-halo seen in San Jose sky after May 17, 2004 8/5/09
5/31/04 16:00 Fort Lee NJ Oval 60 sec Right after the 5 US military jet planes passing by, Oval shaped, black, heavy-like, 70 degree tilted object was heading to north west 6/4/04
5/31/04 14:30 Lakewood CO Disk 20 seconds Four objects dissapear before our eyes. 6/4/04
5/31/04 11:35 San Gabriel Mountains CA Oval 5 minutes Burning bright, orange, white and dark edge along bottom. Nearly stationary. Faded away over 5 minutes 6/4/04
5/31/04 03:00 Branford CT Light 45 seconds Star became extremely bright, then dim again. Then moved off to the South. ((NUFORC Note: Possible Iridium satellite flare. PD)) 7/8/04
5/31/04 00:00 Gold Canyon AZ Disk 10seconds Humming noise and yellow lights - illuminated my walls 6/4/04
5/30/04 23:50 London (UK/England)
Diamond Night I switched the light off and went to bed, Iwas looking out of the window when I saw a bright red and whte light. 6/4/04
5/30/04 23:30 West Phoenix AZ Circle 20 min. star like object that would appear than disppear within a few minutes 6/4/04
5/30/04 20:45 Claremont CA Flash Over an hour. A very slowly-moving star-like object flickering light blue and red and hovering low above the horizon. 6/4/04
5/30/04 20:30 Nipomo CA Fireball 15 to 20 mins. As I was driving in a N dir. on Hwy. 101 from my home in Santa Maria, CA ((NUFORC Note: Contrail in sunlight. PD)) 6/4/04
5/30/04 20:00 Pickens SC Light Under a minute Blue light stricking in the sky. 6/4/04
5/30/04 18:45 Seekonk MA Unknown 45 seconds Two objects, only saw reflection. 6/4/04
5/30/04 17:00 Sedona AZ Sphere 1 minute Bubble visitor(s) in Sedona? 6/18/04
5/30/04 16:00 Yosemite National Park CA

Disk object dicovered on vacation photo's in Yosemite National Park 6/18/04
5/30/04 16:00 Chicopee MA Disk 1 minute White disk flying over park 6/4/04
5/30/04 12:00 San Juan Capistrano CA Sphere 30 mins. sali a sacar basura fuera de mi hogar para depositarla en los contenedores y al regresar a la casa observe que en el cielo habian mucha 6/4/04
5/30/04 00:40 Riverdale GA Light 1 second Silent bright blue light rapidly decending towards ground. 6/4/04
5/29/04 22:10 Brossard (Canada) QC Formation 20 minutes Bright lights rotating around each other with colors of red, green, blue, and white. ((Advertising lights??)) 6/4/04
5/29/04 22:00 Sparks NV Circle 40 seconds Red light 6/18/04
5/29/04 22:00 Wickenburg AZ Light 3 to 5 minutes We were out camping and riding quads again over the Memorial day weekend. We were northeast of Wickenburg,Az about ten or twelve miles 6/4/04
5/29/04 21:43 Citrus Heights CA Unknown 45sec - 1:30 min I saw a bright light traveling South by Southeast. As it headed south it gradually faded away.

I didn't think much of it at first b
5/29/04 21:00 Garfield NJ Light apx. 2 min Bright Dime size white light moving N.W - S.E. fast and NO sound. 6/4/04
5/29/04 19:30 Edgewater CO Triangle 15 minutes Four bright stationary objects observed to be hovering near a rainbow in daylight sky over Denver,Co. 6/4/04
5/29/04 14:35 Carlsbad CA Sphere 15 MIN sphere with black bottom, mirrored top 6/4/04
5/29/04 00:00 Kentucky (rural) KY Light TWO MINUTES Strange unidentified light detected on digital camera. ((NUFORC Note: Celestial body?? PD)) 6/4/04
5/28/04 23:15 Minneapolis MN Light 45 to hour I saw a light in the sky, it was moving around at odd angles, would disappear and reappear. I had pointed it out to two people who were 6/18/04
5/28/04 22:44 Johnstown PA Light 5 SEC (APPROX) White light appeared as a star, just dimmed out. 6/4/04
5/28/04 20:10 Tucson AZ Fireball 2 seconds Extremely fast, huge, bright fireball. 6/18/04
5/28/04 19:30 Mohawk NY Circle 2 minutes White circular saucer, flashed an intense bright light, then disappeared. 6/4/04
5/28/04 19:30 Sedona AZ Light 5 seconds bluish bright light in Sedona moved very fast 6/23/04
5/28/04 16:30 Tempe AZ Light 15 minutes Two objects near the moon hover move and disappear. 6/4/04
5/28/04 14:00 Oklahoma City OK Changing 30 sec Dark shiny cylinder 5/15/06
5/28/04 08:35 Anchorage AK Sphere 15-20 seconds I saw a silver sphere over Anchorage, Alaska, It stopped hovered and then disappeared before my eyes. 3/4/08
5/28/04 00:15 Hasselt (Belgium)
Formation 20 seconds 7 lights in formation, changing positions 6/4/04
5/28/04 00:00 Joshua Tree National Monument CA Formation 30 seconds Midnight in Joshua Tree- Viewed 4 points of light in diamond-shaped formation as they stopped, spiraled in place, and disappeared. 3/4/08
5/27/04 23:00 Albuquerque NM Light 15 minutes 6 white lights over Albuquerque 6/4/04
5/27/04 23:00 Cold Lake (Canada) AB Light 10 minutes It looked like a star and the it started to move all over the place, and eventually went so high up I couldn't see it anymore. 6/18/04
5/27/04 22:30 Minneapolis MN Circle Unknown While driving in a residential area a noticed blinking lights that stayed in the same spot. 6/4/04
5/27/04 22:20 Lynn MA Light 3-5 minutes Fast moving light vanishes from sight 6/4/04
5/27/04 22:15 Durham NC Sphere 3 minutes sphere of white light follows plane, then disappears into the night sky 6/4/04
5/27/04 21:50 Melbourne/Titusville (between) FL Oval 5 minutes Craft observed to emerge from vanishing point of "meteor" 6/4/04
5/27/04 20:30 Venice CA Other 4 minutes Around 8:30pm on May 27th, 2004, I got in my car with my dog planning to go to the supermarket. I got halfway down the street, approac 7/8/04
5/27/04 15:10 Klamath Falls OR Unknown 5 min Solid radar return with no visual 6/18/04
5/27/04 12:10 Welland (Canada) ON Sphere 5-6 minutes dull metallic grey sphere observed while working on a roof, no sound, no lights 6/4/04
5/27/04 12:10 Welland (Canada) ON Sphere 5-6 minutes while working on a roof in welland observed what i originally thought was some kids balloon. was talking to my boss on my cell at the t 6/4/04
5/27/04 05:00 Hamilton (Canada) ON Other 10 Seconds Arc shaped object, unexplainable. 6/4/04
5/27/04 01:00 London (UK/England)
Spotted by 8 year old girl who looked out window after hearing a beeping noise. Described what she saw as a flying submarine with flas 6/4/04
5/27/04 00:00 Unknown
Unknown 1 minute Think about this... (NO OFFENSE) 6/4/04
5/27/04 Atwood IL Circle just a few seconds one opject, it shined, reflected light very well. It appeared high in the sky, very small looked greyish/white. when i noticed it, the 6/4/04
5/26/04 21:40 St. John's (Canada) NF Oval appox 1min Orbital Object overtakes Space Station at incredible speed 6/4/04
5/26/04 20:00 Tucson AZ Light 1hour Light to the far west of Tucson 6/4/04
5/26/04 16:00 Henderson NV Other 20 min. i was entering my house when i noticed what appeared to be awindblown sheet around 250to300 yds. in the sky. on second glance ifigured 6/4/04
5/26/04 13:27 Westlake Village AR Disk 3 minutes Strange very bright flashing disc over Thousand Oaks.. 6/4/04
5/26/04 01:00 Cancun (Mexico)
Other 10 min Show in the sky! 6/4/04
5/26/04 00:00 London (Hamstead Heath) (UK/England)
Formation 10 min hamstead heath the new ufo!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6/4/04
5/25/04 23:00 Robert LA Triangle 15 mins ufo over robert la 3/23/11
5/25/04 21:45 West Palm Beach FL Light 6-8 minutes 3 lights in the sky, crossed paths, way too high to be planes 6/4/04
5/25/04 14:00 Tucson AZ Unknown 5min It shoot out a golden light 6/4/04
5/25/04 14:00 Omaha (near) NE Cone 1min 15sec Storm chaser witnesses red and white cone over Nebraska field. 6/23/04
5/25/04 08:10 Washington, D.C. DC Other 10 seconds Craft with bright white lights motionless over Southwest Washington D.C. 6/4/04
5/25/04 01:00 Dothan AL Unknown 1+ hours A Light again 6/4/04
5/24/04 22:25 Langley WA Sphere 3 minutes 5 objects chasing each other in the sky... 6/4/04
5/24/04 21:45 Hagarville AR Light 15 seconds Orange light skips through sky near nuclear plant. 6/4/04
5/24/04 20:46 Crawfordville FL Changing 5 min.? Bright light breaks up into three lights, which then fade. 6/4/04
5/24/04 18:00 Metairie LA Formation 30 min round craft with bright center light and flashing blue, green and red lights stationary for 25 to 30 min. video recorded 6/4/04
5/24/04 10:40 Breckenridge CO Light 20 seconds Group formation of transluscent light/objects. Moved in tandem, occaisionally thrusting. 6/18/04
5/24/04 00:10 Kent WA Triangle 2 sec Transparent triangle over Kent Washington 6/4/04
5/23/04 23:30 Edmonton (Canada) AB Other 20 seconds silent booerang object flying very low and fast 6/4/04
5/23/04 23:10 Toms River NJ Circle 30 seconds It was a large bright circular white light that moved across the sky for about 20 seconds then gradually turned to the size of a pin 6/4/04
5/23/04 23:00 Hanceville AL Oval 10 min It was a green light that just sat there for a second. It had a slight pulse to it. It flew away to the east at a high rate of speed t 6/4/04
5/23/04 22:30 St. George Island FL Circle 5 minutes Bright point of light travelling south to north, zig-zagged, stopped, slowed, instantly resumed speed. 6/4/04
5/23/04 20:31 Omaha NE Oval 5 min.s ufo spotted near hospital during labor and tornados. 5/15/06
5/23/04 19:30 San Jose CA Light 1 minute 5/23/04 7:30 LARGE BRIGHT LIGHT HOVERING IN A CLOUD OR HAZE. 6/4/04
5/23/04 19:14 Peoria IL Triangle Unknown Digital image. 6/4/04
5/23/04 17:30 Seattle WA Sphere 5 min. + Six silver spheres with larger not -sphere, orange, in daylight. I got pics. 6/4/04
5/23/04 13:30 Santa Monica CA Disk 1 minute A disk-like object viewed over Santa Monica, CA. 6/4/04
5/23/04 12:20 Dorset (UK/England)
Light 8 mins Five faint lights high in the sky , very distant didnt seem to be moving but kept changing formation , dead west from south coast uk 6/4/04
5/23/04 08:00 Ohio (In-flight) OH Sphere 5seconds white sphere fly-by seen from window of commercial jet 6/4/04
5/22/04 23:00 Inver Grove Heights MN Flash 2 minutes My friend and I witnessed approximitly 12 greenish tinted lights standing still in the sky for approximitly 2 minutes... 6/4/04
5/22/04 23:00 Sumas WA Light 2 minutes We saw an object with a steady bright white light, no sound, low in the sky capable of changing its speed. 6/4/04
5/22/04 22:45 Ojai CA Light 1 hour Luminiscent lights dancing in front of large cloud bank. 6/4/04
5/22/04 20:20 Dunedin FL Cross 3 minutes two crafts one with a jet trail and one with out 6/4/04
5/22/04 20:00 Port Orchard WA Circle 3 minutes As my son and I were getting out of my car at Wal-Mart in Port Orchard I glanced up at the sky and noticed an object floating/drifting 6/4/04
5/22/04 16:00 High Falls NY Oval 2 seconds High Falls, NY, UFO Sighting 6/4/04
5/22/04 13:30 Parker CO Sphere 10 sec. I was standing in my yard Saturday afternoon.For some reason an objest caught my eye to the west flying straight along the cloud lines. 6/4/04
5/22/04 13:00 Leusden (Netherlands)
Teardrop about a minute I saw just one UFO flying in the vicinity of my house. The shape of the craft was like a drop. When it moved, it was gray, but when it 5/24/05
5/22/04 08:30 Tampa FL Unknown a minute or two It was circling another star and I ran inside to call everyone. 6/4/04
5/22/04 02:00 La Roche en Ardennes (Belgium)
Circle 10-20 seconds a circled object that was as good as gone in about 10 seconds. 10 lights around the object that lightened the whole sky 6/4/04
5/22/04 01:45 Sonora CA Unknown 2 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: I watched, the other "star" began to drop as well. 6/4/04
5/21/04 23:37 Clinton MO Diamond 5 min MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Diamond shaped craft.. I can't be to sure of this, but it had turned around in circles 6/4/04
5/21/04 23:37 Clinton MO Diamond 5 min MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: UFO photo over Clinton, MO submitted by witness via email to the investigator 6/18/04
5/21/04 22:45 St-Philippe (Canada) QC Triangle
5/21/04 22:42 Washington, D.C. DC Light five minutes Lights moving in a counterclockwise oval pattern 6/4/04
5/21/04 21:00 Palm Coast FL Cross 1 hour Pencil-shaped craft hovering in sky over Flagler County, FL. Three bright white lights which changed color before disappearing. 6/4/04
5/21/04 20:30 Ottawa (Canada) ON Other
HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: It hovered and its pattern of lights were changing. 6/4/04
5/21/04 15:00 Greeley CO Formation 5 minutes formation of 9-10 6/18/04
5/21/04 07:28 Washington, D.C., suburbs VA Cylinder One Min ((HOAX??)) Disk flys really fast. 3/11/06
5/21/04 Harrison OH Changing 1 hour &51 minutes The object was directly over my car ,sitting still in the air and shining two white beams of light down on me. 6/4/04
5/20/04 23:25
NV Light 45 min red light in sky move from one place to another and come together and make a big red ball 3/11/06
5/20/04 23:00 Burlington WA Diamond 6 minutes I was taking my usual walk down the dike, when I noticed 3 dimond-shaped objects in the sky.Chaning color and shape... 6/4/04
5/20/04 21:40 Boston MA Egg 20 seconds wobbly flying red object 6/4/04
5/20/04 21:30 Gila Bend AZ Disk 60 minutes 7 bright yellowish-orange lights from a flying saucer were seen in sky surrounded by smaller white sparkling lights 6/4/04
5/20/04 21:30 Montrose CO Circle 3 seconds Spotted a UFO while watching a helicopter at night persuing a criminal 6/4/04
5/20/04 20:30 Superior WI Light 3 min I set my camcorder in the window in night vision mode fixed with an infrared filter which blocks the visible light ranges. After aprox 6/4/04
5/20/04 20:20 Honolulu HI Unknown 30-45 seconds May 20, 2004 At approximately 8:20 P.M. Pacific Standard time, I saw in the northeastern sky a series of random light bursts that we 6/4/04
5/20/04 19:40 Fairfield/Vallejo (between) CA Rectangle 3.5 minutes My family was driving west on HI 80 from Fairfield, CA (heading for Vallejo, CA)when I looked up towards the sun which was partially co 6/4/04
5/20/04 03:00 Superior MT Formation 10 minutes Pictures of night-flying UFOs over Superior, MT 6/4/04
5/20/04 02:00 Loganville GA Other 25 min lighting the whole woods up 3 times as bright as the moon. 6/18/04
5/20/04 00:15 Indore (India)
Flash 4 hours V-shaped light being focus towards sky which would last for 5to 10 sec . 6/4/04
5/19/04 23:30 Vicksburg MI Disk
Saucer, flickering green and blue lights, about 30 ft in air, big flash, blinded me for 30 sec and then it was gone. 6/4/04
5/19/04 22:40 Ohsweken (Canada) ON Triangle 5 or 6 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Lights in a tight triangular formation. 6/4/04
5/19/04 22:30 Vernon (Canada) BC Other varies HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Object flared 3 times heading north, dimmed to gold. 6/4/04
5/19/04 22:00 Denver CO Circle at least 20 minutes Bright light hovering for a long time 6/4/04
5/19/04 21:52 Trail (Canada) BC Triangle
HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: There were three lights on each "wing" of the V rotating rapidly in circles. 6/4/04
5/19/04 21:50 Ottawa (Canada) ON Triangle
HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: "V" Shaped Object. 6/4/04
5/19/04 21:30 Gila Bend (Yuma?) AZ Other 1 1/2" hour Very large object hoovers in sky for hour or so.. HUGH object. 6/4/04
5/19/04 21:30 Gila Bend- Yuma? AZ Other 1 1/2" hour Very large object hoovers in sky for hour or so.. HUGH object. ((NUFORC Note: Venus??)) 6/4/04
5/19/04 21:30 Hastings MI Triangle about 20 sec. big black triangle shaped object lasting 20 seconds or so overhead then gone without any sound 5/24/05
5/19/04 21:00 Punta Brava (Mexico)
Oval 1 minute Craft over Meixcan coast on Caribbean side of country 6/4/04
5/19/04 20:00 Pleasant View TN Oval 4 mins Green oval glowing objects zipped across the sky. 6/4/04
5/19/04 18:45 Fairmont MN Circle
HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: White, round light in the sky with what had appeared to be smoke by it. 6/4/04
5/19/04 14:15 Kent (UK/England)
Cigar 15minutes black cigar shaped object 6/4/04
5/19/04 11:38 Greenland (above, inflight)
Disk very short UFO photo took over Greenland 9/29/04
5/19/04 05:30 Tulsa OK Disk 5 sec A disc, not very high up and moving very fast from north to south. 6/4/04
5/19/04 03:00 San Antonio TX Triangle 10 seconds The Golden triangular flying object seemed to first be on a crash course with my vehicle, but after 10 seconds vanished into the sky. 6/4/04
5/19/04 00:00 Manchester (UK/England)
Small star like objects that move at a slow pace at high altitude and gradually fade away. 6/4/04
5/18/04 23:00 Westminster CO Fireball 26 seconds The fireball shaped craft was flying in the sky at 23:00 hours and blinked various different colors.The ufo spun sparingly in approxeme 6/4/04
5/18/04 23:00 Lake Powell UT Oval 4 hours Blue light objects hoovering and moving at high speeds. 6/4/04
5/18/04 23:00 Sturbridge MA Triangle 2 hours crazy purple light dropped. 3 multi colored light triangular SUPERSIZE object 6/4/04
5/18/04 22:35 Victoria (Canada) BC Light 30 to 40 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: 3 bright round objects. 6/4/04
5/18/04 22:35 Palatine IL Other 2 sec could have been a bird or plane but....white ghost/smoke like, no lights, silent, bird or plane shaped, no wing movement, traveling st 6/4/04
5/18/04 22:30 Howell MI Disk 5 min i saw ufo's 6/4/04
5/18/04 20:17 Rocklin CA Disk 10 minutes Silver circular craft with bright Blue lights on underside zipping above trees at rapid speed in figure 8 pattern. 6/4/04
5/18/04 10:00 Cedar Falls IA Oval 3 minutes I was outside looking up in the sky when I noticed a oval white Halo bouncing about then it streamed acrossed the sky.As it came closer 6/4/04
5/18/04 Silver City NM Circle one minuet white object seen going north to south may 18,2004 in western sky over Silver city,nm. in a.m. 6/4/04
5/17/04 22:00 Puerto Vallarto (Mexico)
Light 40 minutes A flashing red and white light making irratic movements and hovering at length before disappearing. 6/4/04
5/17/04 22:00 Vernon (Canada) BC Other
HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: I saw a globe "star" about the brightness of Jupiter and similar in size fly over Vernon. 6/4/04
5/17/04 22:00 Doncaster (UK/England)
Oval 2 seconds 17 May 2004 - UFO sighting in the UK. Three large oval shaped lights moving very fast in the sky. 6/4/04
5/17/04 21:30 Portland MI Cylinder 20min Lighted object in sky that danced around in the sky and moved closer to me and then farther away several times 6/4/04
5/17/04 20:40 Batesville AR Light 4 minutes Orange Pulsating light over Ramsey Mountain, Batesville, Arkansas on May 17th, 2004 at approximately 8:40 pm in the western sky. 6/4/04
5/17/04 18:45 San Jose CA Sphere Approx. 2 min Light spotted early evening moving rapidly for 30 sec then becoming stationary appearing as white bell-jar shape. 8/11/04
5/17/04 17:40 Tempe AZ Teardrop 4 secs Light over tempe 6/4/04
5/17/04 16:30 Sonora CA Disk 10 Minutes Two Silver Disc-Shaped Objects Hovered for 10 Minutes over Sonora, CA 6/4/04
5/17/04 15:30 Farmer City IL Light 5 seconds Saw a neon bright blinking light in straight line in middle of afternoon disappear behind a cloud. 6/4/04
5/17/04 11:00 St. Louis MO Light 30 seconds moving light over St. Louis, MO 6/4/04
5/17/04 07:45 Culloden WV
15 mins. Witness claimed they saw a black figure run pass the window while cleaning. They also reported seing something fly past and a bright li 8/11/04
5/17/04 02:45 Southampton (UK/England)
Formation 15 mins for about 15 mins me and a freind watched 9 lights in formation in the south of england (uk) on the 05/17/04 6/4/04
5/17/04 Culloden WV Light app 15 min i was cleaning and walked past my back window and a black figure ran past my window... i looked outside didnt see anything, then i star 6/4/04
5/16/04 23:30 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Formation 1 hour Observation of 7 events consisting of several lights flying very, very fast in formation. 6/4/04
5/16/04 23:00 Gallup NM Light
In the newspaper it was reported that several people saw strange lights and moved at unbelieveable speeds & simply stopped and hover 6/4/04
5/16/04 23:00 North Vancouver (Canada) BC Light varies HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: A bright yellow streak of what looked like fire with drips coming off the bottom of the flames. 6/4/04
5/16/04 22:12 Farmington NY Fireball 4 seconds fireball came out of northern sky toward the south and vanished 6/4/04
5/16/04 22:10 Livonia MI Rectangle 19 min A bright light appeared in the sky West of our house and remained their for about 20 minutes and left with incredibale speed. 6/4/04
5/16/04 22:04 Wheaton IL Fireball 5 seconds A large, comet-like oval green fireball with a short dark yellow tail passed overhead sotheast to northwest for about 5 seconds. 6/4/04
5/16/04 22:00 Milwaukee WI Fireball 15 seconds Heading east toward Milwaukee, bright green fireball descending to the north, visible for about 15 seconds 6/4/04
5/16/04 21:30 Tucson AZ Sphere 5 seconds Bright Sphere Falls Towards Horizon, then Moves Horizontally across Tucson Night Sky, May 16th, 2004 6/4/04
5/16/04 21:30 Madison WI Fireball 5 seconds greenish-bluish fireball like object streaking across NW sky. 6/4/04
5/16/04 19:50 Mesa AZ Circle 10 seconds Gunsight AZ UFO sighting 6/4/04
5/16/04 19:45 Phoenix (75 miles west of) AZ Circle Apx 2 seconds A light the shape and size of the moon moving East to West across the Suther sky about 5 to 10 degrees above horizon in the AZ desert 6/4/04
5/16/04 19:00
WI Fireball 1 minute Green Fireball over Kenohsa 9/2/05
5/16/04 11:40 South Haven MI Sphere 3 Seconds Glenn Haven private beach, bonfire sunday night of the 16th. 3 of us enjoying the warm summer night. About 11:40pm Britney said "did yo 6/4/04
5/16/04 11:00 Naples FL Disk 5 sec what ever it was it was halin ass from a complete standstill to like out of sight 2 -3 second tops 6/18/04
5/16/04 10:00 Rocklin CA Disk 20 minutes Saucer spotted near Rocklin CA in clear, mid-morning. Observed for 20 minutes 6/4/04
5/16/04 09:30 Lockport NY Circle 5min Wierd moving lights in the sky 6/4/04
5/16/04 02:40 Rushville IL Triangle 5-8 minutes We saw a trianglar shaped craft in the back woods of western Illinois. 6/4/04
5/16/04 00:35 Indiana PA Light 1 hour Hovering and hiding UFO Light above Jimmy Stewart Airport in Indiana Pennsylvania 6/4/04
5/15/04 23:00 Slidell LA Oval 10 seconds Bright white lights seen in open area on road 6/4/04
5/15/04 22:40 Cuijk (Netherlands)
Light 5 min. it was a lot bigger then an airplane and though it made no sound and there where also no trail. 6/4/04
5/15/04 22:30 Racine WI Light approx. 4 min. White light 6/4/04
5/15/04 21:45 Federal Way WA Cylinder 2 minutes Concentric Cylinders Flat Silver Color with white light 6/4/04
5/15/04 21:37 Mesa AZ Circle 3 seconds Large bright light appeared in sky overhead and then quickly dropped down out of my sight. 6/4/04
5/15/04 21:00 Miami FL Disk 5 seconds Round glow passes over Miami from East to North West, faster than a jet plane at low altitude 6/4/04
5/15/04 21:00 Jackson NJ Circle 10 minutes White orb follows jet aircraft 6/4/04
5/15/04 20:00 Scarborough (Canada) ON Other
HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: At first I saw one small pink-red light at cloud level traveling parallel. 6/4/04
5/15/04 19:00 Satara (India)
Circle 5 min is that natural miracal ? 6/4/04
5/15/04 15:45 Los Angeles CA Light 15 minutes Spotted Mylar Balloon looking object revolving as it floated above Hollywood Freeway by Vermont Ave. exit. Traffic was at a halt and I 6/4/04
5/15/04 14:30 Portland OR Rectangle 10 minutes Dark Cylinder/ Rectangular flying object dips in and out of low clouds over Portland, Oregon 6/4/04
5/15/04 14:00 Castro Valley CA Sphere 1 minute Sighting over the hills in Castro Valley 6/4/04
5/15/04 06:45 Ypsilanti MI Disk 8 sec. 5 to 7 saucers move around a few seconds and take off at high rate of speed in same direction. 7/16/06
5/15/04 06:15 Canton IL Cigar 3seconds Dark colored cigar shaped object at high speed (no smoke trail) 6/4/04
5/15/04 05:45 Lake Charles LA Oval 20 seconds small silvery object blends into surrounding sky 6/23/04
5/15/04 03:00 Summerland (Canada) BC Triangle
HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Triangle and Orb. 6/4/04
5/15/04 03:00 Hanna City IL Other 2 hours bluish white lights 6/18/04
5/15/04 00:45 Utrecht (Netherlands)
Formation 00:01:00 11 orange balls of light,s from the south,then turn to the east,moving slow, 6/4/04
5/15/04 00:30 Towson MD
35 Mins + Second hand report from first party witness with multiple craft sighting & close encounter contact with grey 7/25/04
5/15/04 00:30 Valley Center KS Triangle 3 minutes MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: It was unmistakably a triangle. CLEARLY TRIANGULAR. 12/12/09
5/15/04 00:00 Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Circle 5 minutes Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2004. Me and a group of people saw 5 strange brilliant lights of colours moving in the sky 6/4/04
5/15/04 00:00 Victor NY Disk 35 seconds Red and green flashing lights.spinning travaling fast. 6/12/08
5/14/04 23:15 Omaha NE Sphere 5-6 secinds Omaha green sphere with tail 6/4/04
5/14/04 23:00 South El Monte CA Other
It was a V-shaped UFO flying perfectly straight across the night sky at a very fast speed and it was a glowing baby blue. 6/4/04
5/14/04 23:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Unknown 1 Fast glowing moving object does 90 degree turn at night. 6/4/04
5/14/04 22:55 Cary NC Triangle 3-4min. thought i was just my imagination for a moment...not so...could be huge transparant w-3 point white lite..or3 seperate objects . 6/4/04
5/14/04 22:38 Grand View ID Triangle 8 minutes Large black triangle at high altitude moving NW to SE at slow rate. 6/4/04
5/14/04 22:30 Jacksonville NC Other 5 minutes brigth light seen in sky above Jacksnville, NC 6/4/04
5/14/04 22:30 Melbourne (VIC, Australia)
Light 4minutes Stationary light turns and moves away a high speed 6/4/04
5/14/04 22:30 Strongsville OH Light 6 seconds or so It started off almost right above me and ended up all the way across the sky and then seemed to hit something and made a 90 degree turn 6/4/04
5/14/04 22:00 Santa Monica CA Sphere 1minute They were transparent, but they clearly had a shape to them like soap bubbles. 6/4/04
5/14/04 21:40 Santa Rosa CA Circle 45 sec Orange circular object moved quickly to NE and was followed almost to the horizon. 6/4/04
5/14/04 20:00 Topeka KS Disk 2 hours On May 14, 2004, I saw a black, disk shped craft come out of a cloud bank and fly low over a park and a shopping center in Topeka, KS. 12/3/04
5/14/04 16:20 Chasworth CA Sphere 7 sec. A bright Sphere object descended from the sky and stopped below tree lines in Chatsworth, Ca. area near 118 fwy. 6/4/04
5/14/04 11:30 Valley City OH
one hour I lost one hour of time this morning. 6/4/04
5/14/04 10:39 Valley City OH
one hour A self-employed contractor working in Medina, Ohio area reported that he could not account for an hour of time after powering washing a 8/11/04
5/14/04 03:40 Spring Wood VA Triangle 1 minute possible triangular shaped craft w/green light and blinking red light hovering over i 81 north at the 162 mile marker in virginia 6/4/04
5/14/04 03:25 Bryceville FL Disk approx.15 min. The eye may be sometimes decptive but if you get poked in it --it hurts! 12/3/04
5/14/04 02:55 San Diego CA Triangle approximately 45 seconds I was sitting on the patio in Point Loma (in San Diego, Ca) Friday, May 14th, 2004, looking up at the Big Dipper when I saw three red a 6/4/04
5/14/04 02:30 Scappoose OR Triangle 5minutes Massive triangle object moving from south to north covering the background stars 6/4/04
5/14/04 02:00
AZ Triangle 5 minutes Lights in the shape of a Triangle. 11/28/07
5/14/04 01:00 Manila (Philippines)
Triangle 3 seconds may 13 2004 1:00-4:00 am i went outside our roof to do my star gazing in search for an answers .

with a pillow and a telescope i w
5/13/04 23:15 Prince George (Canada) BC Other 4 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Objects cross paths. 6/4/04
5/13/04 23:00 Perth (Western Australia)
Cigar 50 lots of UFOs 6/4/04
5/13/04 22:45 Tequesta FL Diamond 1-min At first a shooting star 6/4/04
5/13/04 22:18 Lompoc CA Triangle >2 minutes Tapered Triangle. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of the triplet of U. S. Navy "NOSS" satellites?? PD)) 6/4/04
5/13/04 22:00 Heiskell TN Light 8-10 minutes Unexplained light in the sky over Heiskell. 6/4/04
5/13/04 21:10 East Springfield PA Unknown 10 to 15 seconds Bright white light suddenly disappears. 6/4/04
5/13/04 21:00 Roswell NM Light 3-5 min High, fast moving, silent "light" flew horizon to horizon and was followed by 2 military aircraft within minutes, then filled the sky. 6/4/04
5/13/04 20:00 Slidell LA Circle 3min Ithink it was at about 30,000 feet as it was very small Redish orange in color 6/4/04
5/13/04 18:55 Bakersfield CA Other 15 minutes Two slow moving "tethered" objects" 6/4/04
5/13/04 16:30 Brighton (UK/England)
Cigar 20 the object appeared to float for a long time and gently spun was along way away and hard to see if there were any markings.on 6/4/04
5/13/04 12:00 Dale City VA Circle
((HOAX??)) I saw a redish glow so I looked up and there were 4 red balls hovering over my house. 7/6/10
5/13/04 09:50 Gerrardstown WV Triangle 2 minutes In the paper "The Journal" It stated that this month would be the month to see space satalites that would be visible in the night sky b 6/4/04
5/13/04 04:00 Melbourne (VIC, Australia)
Disk 15 mins disc type object sighted along the coast of melbourne, AU south eastern area. 4 object, similar size, moving at a slow pace but quick. 6/4/04
5/13/04 03:00 San Antonio TX Triangle 15-20 seconds A peach colored blob moved straight toward me, became a triangle craft, turned around and vanished 6/4/04
5/13/04 00:20 Jacksonville FL Oval 2 seconds oval shape bright as a full moon 6/4/04
5/12/04 23:11 Calgary (55km outside) (Canada) AB Cigar 5 min cigar shaped glowed green and then changed to red flown to the east in zig zags approx 12 3/13/12
5/12/04 23:00 Sydney (NSW, Australia)
Light 4 days+ Infra red light photographs (invisible) taken over 4 days may 04 and I day january 05 in same location 5/24/05
5/12/04 23:00 Dublin (Republic of Ireland)
Cone 45 mins Cone shaped vehicle 6/4/04
5/12/04 23:00 Seguin TX Disk 10 minutes We were walking my dog when one ship appered then two more appered and we got a very good view of them. 6/4/04
5/12/04 20:55 Los Angeles CA Unknown 5 minutes Did anyone else see what we saw in Downtown Los Angeles? 6/4/04
5/12/04 19:15 Seattle WA Light 15-20 sec ufo at sunset 6/4/04
5/12/04 12:07 London (UK/England)
Egg 2mins Flesh textured and dark, with lights on side. 7/5/05
5/12/04 04:02 Boulder CO Formation 30 seconds 5 glowing golden cigar shaped discs moving in formation 6/4/04
5/12/04 03:20 Sun Prairie WI Other several minutes Triangle formation of moving stars, and slow bright object with in minutes of each other 6/4/04
5/12/04 02:00 Brisbane (QLD, Australia)
Light 4 seconds quick flash of light that was unbearable 6/4/04
5/12/04 00:00 Santa Monica CA Formation Approx 20 mins Extremely bright light formation and disc shape over Santa Monica mountains. 6/4/04
5/11/04 23:30 Ithaca NY Triangle 5 min Triangle With USAF in Grey on Black on Underside of Fuselage 6/4/04
5/11/04 23:15 Kissimmee FL Light hour i have no idea what this object can be at is this a UFO????? 6/4/04
5/11/04 23:00 Bowling Green FL Fireball Hour Five fire ball like lites disappearing and reappearing. Digital zoom camera showed C shaped formation and even a silver shape form 6/4/04
5/11/04 23:00 Utica (~20 miles north of) NY Triangle 30-40 seconds Triad of lights, maybe satelittes in formation, moving across the sky. 6/4/04
5/11/04 23:00 Winter Haven FL Light 1 hour to present Lights in the sky. 6/4/04
5/11/04 23:00 Indianapolis IN Unknown 5-6 min either one huge triangle with lights on each tip or 3 seperate crafts 6/4/04
5/11/04 22:45 Hopkinsville KY Circle 5-10 min. Strange Red Object. 6/4/04
5/11/04 22:40 Lakeland FL Formation 45 minutes East Lakeland sightings 6/4/04
5/11/04 22:30 Haines City FL Unknown 11/2 hours like a jellyfish with white christmas lites in it moving very slow 6/4/04
5/11/04 21:30 Val Caron (Canada) ON Light approx:.5 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Two pieces broke off the white object and moved one directly north. 6/4/04
5/11/04 16:00 Los Angeles CA Oval 10 min conical shaped object with a solid band of light on surface perimeter - viewed by atleast 8 hotel guests 6/4/04
5/11/04 03:15 Pico Rivera CA Circle 15 minutes 2 bright red circle shaped objects almost jellyfish like 6/4/04
5/11/04 02:30 Pico Rivera CA Light 3 minutes in mid-May 2004 at around 2:30am (PDT), i went outside to grab my book bag out of my car. when all of a sudden i saw two dark yellow/br 6/18/04
5/11/04 02:00 Deweese NE Oval 1.5 hours Five crafts fought in a arial battal. 6/4/04
5/11/04 Georgia Strait (over) (Canada) BC Light 1 hour did any one see any wierd light movement in the sky over georgia straight between Powelle River and Campbellriver at 1:14 am on tuesday 6/4/04
5/10/04 23:00 McNary/Sunrise Ski Resort (between) AZ Formation 3-5 minutes 3 white lights in triangle formation moving sw to ne (poss NOSS sats but shape /details differ from other reports) 10/30/06
5/10/04 22:45 Woodbury MN Triangle 15 minutes Witnessed 3 faint lights moving NNE to SSE.

Lights formed a triangle and moved VERY slowly to the SSE. About 1/3 the speed of an no
5/10/04 22:40 Freehold NJ Circle 30 SECONDS What else could it have been? 5/10/04
5/10/04 21:30 Brandon MS Triangle 5 seconds three softly glowing disks flying silently and swiftly in a triangular formation 6/4/04
5/10/04 21:15 Ventura CA Triangle 15-20 sec Lights in V formation 6/4/04
5/10/04 20:30 West Memphis AR Sphere 5 Min I watched the sphere made a sharp left turn to the west while moving from the south to the north. 7/25/04
5/10/04 20:00 Tamil Nadu-cuddalore (India)
Circle 30 seconds I and my brother saw a spherical object in the size of a criket ball and it color was like moon. It was moving from southeast to south 10/11/05
5/10/04 20:00 Delta (Canada) BC Triangle 5 mins triangular shape (grey-black colour) with 3 stars of a whitish hue on each tip, one star larger than the other 2. hovering, floating. 6/4/04
5/10/04 15:41 Hertfordshire (UK/England)
Changing 9 Minutes GLOBULAR ALIEN? 10/27/04
5/10/04 03:35 Denver CO Triangle 3 minutes Triangular sighting in Central Denver, 10 May 2004, at 3:35 AM ((NUFORC Note: NOSS satellites. PD)) 5/10/04
5/10/04 03:00 Oberneunforn (Switzerland)
Circle 30 Weak light constantly with the observer moves 9/2/05
5/10/04 01:00 Hamilton OH Disk 10-15min Black Area In Night Sky 6/4/04
5/10/04 00:45 Edmonton (Canada) AB Formation 20 seconds 7 objects travelling VERY FAST, changing postions, travelling in formation, and creating no noise. 5/10/04
5/10/04 00:37 Edmonton (Canada) AB Formation 20 seconds Silent, fast, low traveling lights fly over Edmonton Sunday night 5/10/04
5/10/04 00:30 Edmonton (Canada) AB Formation 5-10Sec lights in the north 6/4/04
5/10/04 00:30 Edmonton (Canada) AB Formation 5-10Sec 3 or 4 orange round lights with tails in the front, 2 in middle, and 3 or 4 in the back. 6/4/04
5/10/04 00:00 Edmonton (Canada) AB Unknown 30-40 seconds Looking for what i saw i found this site on the internet 5-7 green [lime] and red [huge], huge oval type shape lights traveling from th 6/4/04
5/9/04 23:15 St Raphael (France)
Triangle 30 sec Searching for the comet at an almost dark place, it seems that some stars were slowly moving. ((NUFORC Note: NOSS satellites? PD)) 6/4/04
5/9/04 22:45 Rome NY Triangle 3minutes triangluar shaped lights 5/10/04
5/9/04 21:15 Batroun (Lebanon)
Light 30min was starlike and moving from star to star 9/9/04
5/9/04 20:00 Mesa AZ Circle HOUR STATIONARY OBJECT, RED, GREEN LIGHTS, NOW AND THEN ((NUFORC Note: Venus or Sirius. PD)) 5/10/04
5/9/04 19:00 Wayne PA Disk 3-4 Minutes Rotating Disc seen over Southeast, Pennsylvania 6/4/04
5/9/04 18:00 Douglas (UK/England)
Light 30 min Two star like lights 2 to 3 miles apart in line for 30 min in day light 1/19/05
5/9/04 13:30 St. Louis MO Cylinder 15 minutes shinny, cylindrical object seen above St Louis, Missouri 6/4/04
5/9/04 01:45 Stone Harbor NJ Teardrop 7-10min object dropped into the ocean, only to reappear ,and then go up behind the moon 6/4/04
5/9/04 01:30 Rio Hato (Panama)
Oval 30 min. approx Bright light on the sky 5/10/04
5/9/04 00:40 Northern High Prairie (Canada) AB Unknown 05 minutes It was a ball of light , kinda like a plane light,But it suddenly had a trail of sparksand made no noise.. 6/4/04
5/9/04 00:05 Graton CA Triangle 3-4 seconds Triangular Lights 5/10/04
5/8/04 23:40 Knoxville MD Triangle 1-2 minutes Large triangle of three lights noislessly moves from West to East - occludes stars - fades rapidly. 5/10/04
5/8/04 23:30 Gibsonia PA Light 2 minutes While viewing Venus, off to the left and higher, it appeared at first to be a shooting star. It was a very bright white light with no 5/10/04
5/8/04 23:15 Littleton CO Formation 30-45 sec. What appeared to be 3 normal stars began to move in perfect formation, then faded from view. ((NUFORC Note: NOSS satellite. PD)) 5/10/04
5/8/04 23:15 Westcliffe CO Triangle 2 minutes Triangle shaped object with3 points of light moved from north to south and then faded away, no noise. 6/4/04
5/8/04 22:50 Vernal UT Triangle 1-2 minutes V-shaped craft with dimmed "mini-lights" around it. 5/10/04
5/8/04 22:00 Anaheim CA Other 22:20 It is about 11:29 PM right now, I went outside to check on my car that is parked on the outside curb of my apartment when I saw a star 5/10/04
5/8/04 21:00 Minford OH Other 45 minutes Disc object with off shooting tubular lights 11/2/04
5/8/04 15:30 Hamilton (Canada) ON Cigar 10 seconds of us observed 4 cigar shaped formations flying in a north west direction, diamond formation. zig zaged for 10 sec & vanished 5/10/04
5/8/04 14:10 Tracy CA Disk 3-4 seconds 15 meters brilliant silver object slowly floats then zips away on a clear day - gone in a fraction of second 6/4/04
5/8/04 13:45 Sherwood OR Sphere 20 min. Sphere cluster release's smaller object's. 5/10/04
5/8/04 11:45 Cleveland OH Light 30sec. a fast light that stoped in the sky ,a shooting star could not do that said my husband 6/4/04
5/8/04 09:30 Wekiva FL Light 30 min three lights in the sky motionless for an hour 6/4/04
5/8/04 05:00 Cerritos CA Sphere 5mins Circular non transparent object seen hovering inside house 6/4/04
5/8/04 04:17 Terre Haute IN Circle 5 seconds FAST AND LOW CROSSING. 5/10/04
5/8/04 02:00 Ona WV Triangle 5 mins Three-lighted triangular object, slow moving outside Huntington, West Virginia. 6/4/04
5/8/04 01:15 New York City (Bronx) NY Circle 2 hours 4 round UFO's spun very fast in circles and then came togetter and broke apart every 10-15 minutes. ((Advertising light??)) 5/10/04
5/8/04 01:00 Los Angeles CA Circle 3 mintues Large, ring shaped with inner ring. seen over los angeles 6/4/04
5/8/04 00:45 Conklin (Canada) AB Triangle 3 min 16 lights 6/4/04
5/8/04 00:00 Warren OH Light Five Minutes I seen on the weather station that we had 11thousand ceiling hight and it was bright Light that I seen. It was very fast light and it w 5/10/04
5/7/04 23:48 Bangkok (Thailand)
Light 10-15minutes Floating star like objects (hundreds) rising up slowly in the sky, looks like small red stars visible for 10-15mins before dissapearing 5/10/04
5/7/04 23:45 San Antonio TX Light 15 minutes wierd things in san antonio 5/10/04
5/7/04 22:35 Bremerton WA Other 3 min. at 22:35 i was using my teloscope.i saw a almost rectangular object that had orange lights on it.i saw it for 3 minutes until it took o 5/24/05
5/7/04 22:00 Houston TX Other 30 seconds three blimp like objects glided in front of our car and disappeared into the trees. 6/18/04
5/7/04 21:23 Durand IL Other aprox. 40 MIN Bright ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 5/10/04
5/7/04 21:15 New Orleans LA Light 1 minute Pulses of light 5/10/04
5/7/04 21:15 Boonville IN Sphere 6 minutes Orange illuminated sphere moving west at high speed in a straight line. 5/10/04
5/7/04 21:00 Carterville IL Light under 2 minutes Small shining dot flies straight North ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellite. PD)) 6/4/04
5/7/04 21:00 Nevada (on a highway in) NV Triangle 10 minutes just read this 6/4/04
5/7/04 21:00 Rockford IL Sphere 41:36 When the orb disappeared, It was like turning off a light... It was no longer visible. 6/4/04
5/7/04 15:35 Pompano Beach FL Triangle 6-8 minutes Pompano/Ft .Lauderdale Beach Triangle craft disappears! 5/10/04
5/7/04 10:25 North Lauderdale FL Oval 10 minutes Oval-like shape object approx 10:25pm , row of blinking lights, lights alternated blue and red, while object ismaking a humming sound 5/10/04
5/7/04 02:05 Cumming GA Unknown forty seconds I think it could have been a meteor but my partner thought it could have been a UFO it was very bright and traveled across the sky smo 5/10/04
5/7/04 01:00 Fort Walton Beach FL Light 15 seconds High speed white trail across the night sky with no sound. But too slow and long to be a meteor. 5/10/04
5/6/04 23:20 Gravenhurst (Canada) ON Triangle 10 seconds Low flying aircraft - no flashing lights - no sound - travelling at speed 5/10/04
5/6/04 22:00 Surprise AZ Light 15min A few months ago I reported seeing lights that I could not explain behind the white tanks mountains west of Phx.To be honest with you I 5/10/04
5/6/04 21:00 Cleveland MS Unknown about 30 mins It looked like a bright yellow star flickering b & r and also emitting these b & r lights around it. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD)) 5/10/04
5/6/04 21:00 Clarksville TX Sphere 10 minutes Objects make transfer in night skies ? 6/4/04
5/6/04 21:00 Joplin MO Changing 2 hrs disc shape with faces in middle, bright light changing into different shapes 5/10/04
5/6/04 19:59 Denver CO Disk unknown Two disc-shape crafts over Denver, at dusk, resembling the recent Mexico UFO's, caught on a webcam snap 6/4/04
5/6/04 19:25 Goedehoop,Strand (South Africa)
Fireball +- 1 min Hi Myself and the kids spotted something which we can only describe as an UFO last night. What happened was this : We live in Goedeho 5/10/04
5/6/04 17:15 Charlotte NC Changing 25 seconds Un-earthly object descends from sky 5/10/04
5/6/04 12:59 Bakersfield CA Unknown 6 Minutes Object was flashing orange/white lights and moving in circles very slowly and vanished 5/10/04
5/6/04 09:52 Alpharetta GA Sphere 20 seconds White Sphere flying below and at right ange to an airliner. 5/10/04
5/6/04 09:00 Emlenton PA Other 1HOUR It looked like a cluster of fireballs. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 5/10/04
5/6/04 03:45 Boise ID Oval few minutes blueish grey oval spotted in the air 5/10/04
5/6/04 03:00 San Leandro CA Oval 20 min Loud humming noise and oval shape with lights 6/4/04
5/6/04 01:14 Big Lake MN Diamond 10 seconds Small, burnt orange colored craft paralleled flight path of well-lit helicopter. 5/10/04
5/5/04 23:30 Vegas NV Teardrop 1min Are you guys sure you don't work for the Government, perhaps the Air Force? To you, every sighting is venus. Well, if venus crashes i 5/10/04
5/5/04 22:30 Concrete WA Sphere one half hour We saw a large object that was bright yellow with five or six white lights shining from it, that completely disappeared before our eyes 5/10/04
5/5/04 22:30 Beaver Dam WI Light 30-45 minutes Very bright motionless light suddenly vanishes, and a separate fast moving light/object vanishes earlier ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 5/10/04
5/5/04 22:05 Vancouver (Canada) BC Unknown 10 seconds craft in the distant sky that seemed to be descending, could have been a plane. 5/10/04
5/5/04 22:00 Stuart (FL Turnpike MM 128) FL Light 10-12 minutes Traveling south on Fla Turnpike saw two very large bright lights stationary as we drove under them. 5/10/04
5/5/04 21:30 Portland OR Sphere 3 sec It was a very large globe-shaped object, very low and very fast, traveling in a very straight line. Color was deep orange-yellow, and 6/4/04
5/5/04 21:05 Lochbuie CO Light 10 seconds Super fast white light flying horizontal for 20 sec. flash in mid-air then gone 5/10/04
5/5/04 21:00 Denver Metro CO Cigar 2 seconds Zippy light above Red Rocks Ampitheater 5/10/04
5/5/04 20:30 Santa Fe NM Oval 1/2 hour three nights, in one week, glowing green and red, pulsating and then silver, very fast 6/4/04
5/5/04 20:00 Seattle WA Unknown
HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: They look like a Y without an arm. 6/4/04
5/5/04 19:00 Laughlin NV Other 3 minutes Laughlin, Nev 2004 sighting of bomerange of multiple round shapes reflecting lights from River Palm Hotel 7/16/06
5/5/04 19:00 Safford AZ Fireball 6 seconds fireball just above cloud level approached from eastern horizon and disappeared into western horizon 6/4/04
5/5/04 17:00 Bellingham WA Light 15 minutes Little white dot visible very high in the daylight sky 5/10/04
5/5/04 09:00 Indianapolis IN Light All evening Unidentified object in night skies over Indianapolis ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 5/10/04
5/5/04 04:30 France (Pyrenees Mountains)
Fireball 4 seconds rocket like object in mountain ranges between France and Spain while driving on the motorway - quickly coming down from the sky 6/4/04
5/5/04 01:00 Roseville CA Circle hours Abduction, middle of night, out of 2nd story bedroom. 4/28/17
5/5/04 Mexico

unknown Article in the Globe and Mail 6/4/04
5/4/04 22:00 Ontario (Eastern) (Canada) ON Light 1-2 minutes 2 ... 3 ... 4 bright lights in a clear sky. 6/4/04
5/4/04 21:30 Delta (Canada) BC Diamond 1 min Stranger square-shaped craft over Delta, B.C. 6/12/07
5/4/04 20:55 Denver CO Sphere 8 minutes My husband and I observed an small bright red object flying over central Denver on a clear sky at dusk. 6/4/04
5/4/04 20:48 Mexico City (Mexico)
Oval photo Saucer shaped object over Mexico City on May 4, 2004 6/4/04
5/4/04 14:23 Granbury TX Other 20 secs It was shaped funny and vannished. 5/10/04
5/4/04 12:00 Everett WA Oval 45 minutes Strange moon shpaed object that continues to move from side to side ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus, we suspect. PD)) 5/10/04
5/4/04 04:15 Lebanon PA Other 5 minutes dumb-bell shaped object moving from south to north glowing with an amber color then disapears 5/4/04
5/4/04 03:45 McFall MO Fireball 3 seconds I saw an orange sphere, or fireball, low to the ground at the same time another carrier saw it 100miles away. 5/4/04
5/4/04 00:00 Kirkkonummi (Finland)
Unknown 2 seconds Bright object speeded across the sky 6/4/04
5/3/04 22:00 Fort Collins (Seen from) CO Oval 2 minutes "String of Pearls" White, cloud colored small ovals that stood still, linked up, and then 1 zoomed into space. 6/4/04
5/3/04 22:00 London (UK/England)
Circle 15 mins The sky was clear and this large objet was just hovering 2/8/05
5/3/04 21:45 McAllen TX Sphere 1.5 min Me and a friend saw a shpere shape craft lingering near the power lines and when we got closer it began to withdraw. 5/10/04
5/3/04 21:30 Grand Haven MI Sphere 6 seconds During the 6 second time frame, the television had static lines, like the ones that appear when using a blender or vaccuum. 5/4/04
5/3/04 21:26 Helena AL Chevron 20 seconds Two adults witness boomerang-shaped object during a strange sequence of events 5/10/04
5/3/04 21:00 Socorro (approx 30 miles S. of, on I-25) NM Light 2 to 3 hours Driving North on I-25 south of Socorro, NM, my mother and I saw a bright light to the west that followed us to Albuquerque. ((Venus?)) 6/4/04
5/3/04 15:09 Salem OR Circle six minutes Object changed directions several times. 5/10/04
5/3/04 12:15 Jackson MS Disk Less than 6 minutes Disk over downtown Jackson, Mississippi on a clear sunny day 5/4/04
5/3/04 05:57 Hayward CA Oval 5 minutes Oval object with a rotating tethered object in the middle, observerd Oval blow up 5/4/04
5/2/04 22:00 Jackson TN Cylinder 30 minutes After watching a unusual "star" disappear,I jacklighted the positon,got a reflection,It reacted,another cylinder appeared. 1/19/05
5/2/04 21:00 Peoria AZ Unknown 20 min? At first it was noticed when a plane flew by. Then after the plane was gone we noticed a flashing light that appeard to be moving back 5/4/04
5/2/04 19:50 College Station TX Cylinder >5 min vertical bright cylindrical object 5/4/04
5/2/04 13:00 Amarillo TX Circle school It was little 5/15/06
5/2/04 11:30 Los Angeles CA Disk 1 hour Metallic disc seen slowly tumbling over Venice Beach, CA heading north. 5/4/04
5/2/04 10:30 Sunnyvale CA Unknown 7 minutes Blinking, moving object that traveled with an erratic but repeated pattern in the daytime sky above the silicon valley. 5/4/04
5/2/04 04:00 Nashville TN Changing 2 hrs It looked like a star then change to an elipse, then to blue and red, It lasted for at least two hours it was in the western sky at 4AM 6/4/04
5/2/04 03:00 Battle Mountain NV Sphere 30 minutes Orb chased our car for miles on Junction HWY 305 outside Battle Mountain Nevada , attempted abduction? 4/12/19
5/2/04 00:01 Camp Hill PA Unknown 15 minutes Three objects appeared that observed us and moved me to another spot before disappearing. 5/10/04
5/1/04 23:30 Helena MT Triangle 4 min. appx. 50' triangular, lighted craft hovering @ 100', then moving away proportionately as I approached. 5/10/04
5/1/04 23:00 Dunstable (UK/England)
Sphere 5 hours Shooting Stars? 7/25/04
5/1/04 22:45 Cotati CA Light 30 sec climbing light observed 5/4/04
5/1/04 22:30 Enfield CT Triangle 3 minutes Large slow moving triangle over Enfield 5/4/04
5/1/04 22:00 Las Vegas NV Light 1 minute Several floating lights joined in a strange V shape formation on the Las Vegas strip. 6/18/04
5/1/04 21:45 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Sphere 120 sec. Orange sphere with metallic object circling around it. 5/4/04
5/1/04 21:00 Elk WA Triangle 10 minutes Triangles and helicopters give chase 2/7/14
5/1/04 20:30 Cambridge (Canada) ON Disk approx; 1 minute HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Object that shoots off at a fast rate of speed across the sky nad video taped. 5/4/04
5/1/04 19:24 Bremerton WA Unknown second Good evening, I was trying to find somewhere to report an observation. We live in Bremerton Washington. At about 7:24 PM Pacific Standa 5/4/04
5/1/04 18:30 Gardner NY Sphere 5 min Glowing red lights, 2, sespended in place 5/24/05
5/1/04 14:00 Orlando FL Sphere 5 min BUBBLE IN THE SKY 7/13/05
5/1/04 08:30 Southgate MI Unknown
Three blinking lights. 5/11/05
5/1/04 07:19 Tonopah (south of) AZ Light 51minutes Didnt see anything until the imiages were uploaded into the computer 6/4/04
5/1/04 05:00 Seagoville TX Other till day break Right before day break, looked like old "ticker-tape" with objects that looked like tanks, aircraft carriers, cars, trucks, a 7/25/19
5/1/04 02:00 Butte MT Triangle 2minutes I was driving east from Continental Drive onto Farrell Street and I saw an aircraft I thought was a small plane. I thought, "what kind 6/18/04
5/1/04 01:30 Cleveland GA Cross 1-2 minutes Black rectangular shaped craft observed with night-vision equipment. No sound or lights! 7/16/06