National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 03/2004
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
3/31/04 23:00 Inkerman/Tracadie (Canada) NB
30 minutes Flying UFO with tree different lights colors (blue,red,yellow) changing direction faster than anything i had ever seen before!!! 4/9/04
3/31/04 21:30 Harlem GA Unknown 2 minutes I was driving home from my parent's house and I saw a formation of lights shaped in a stretched out "V". I stopped the car because I wa 4/9/04
3/31/04 21:30 West Central MN Unknown approx: 5 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: V Shaped Lights. 4/9/04
3/31/04 21:00 Naples FL Sphere 40 minutes Triangle shaped light formation of Florida golf coast. 10/8/07
3/31/04 19:45 Norman OK Chevron 5-8 seconds Almost Transparent Chevron Shaped Objects- Norman Oklahoma 4/9/04
3/31/04 19:00 Sand Springs OK Circle 5 seconds Mushroom shaped light flashed and lit up white disc, then the light sucked back up into the sky. 4/27/04
3/31/04 14:31 San Rafael CA Unknown 5-10 min Taking shots of contrails, I later noticed unkown objects in 3 of the pictures 4/9/04
3/31/04 11:15 Grootebroek (Netherlands)
Oval about 10 seconds The object looked like a oval metallic subject wich lit up for about ten seconds. It was hanging shorlty above the ground and a few sec 6/18/04
3/31/04 03:00 Idaho Springs CO Circle 2 Hours Three circular lights appearing as big as the moon on mountain top hovering in Idaho Springs, CO. 4/9/04
3/31/04 00:15 Vancouver (Canada) BC Light
Two crafts were flying side by side giving out a dim light and they appered like saucers. They flied from east to west and faded away a 4/9/04
3/30/04 23:15 Terrebonne (Canada) QC Cylinder 20 secondes Bite me if i am wrong, but that was a UFO for sure. 4/9/04
3/30/04 23:00 California AZ Disk looking at stars all four of my friends saw a saucer like object and it was about four houses long and moving very slow. 4/9/04
3/30/04 23:00 Harker Heights TX Light ongoing Hovering and flashing object at a distance in the night sky 4/9/04
3/30/04 22:30 Kissimmee FL Formation 30 sec. 3 bright objects moving in a V formation, no sound, suddenly began making rapid, intricate manuvers. Converging, orbiting each other. 4/9/04
3/30/04 20:48 Arlee MT Unknown 2 minutes Orange steady light, white flashing light, silent, moving South above Arlee. 4/9/04
3/30/04 18:30 St. Louis MO Fireball 6sec tailing large fire ball travling from SE to NW at a high rate of speed. Faster then a jet or aircraft. Teardrop with largeest part in t 5/24/05
3/30/04 15:30 Aberdeen NC Triangle 5min triangular craft with large rounded tailfin 6/4/04
3/30/04 12:40 Buffalo NY Cigar 10 seconds a little nervious about this but here it goes,from leaning aganist the back of my house overlooking the Kinsington expressway from my r 4/9/04
3/30/04 12:00 Los Alamitos CA Other 20 min This one has bin seen before it has 4 spheres. 4/9/04
3/30/04 11:00 Longueuil (Canada) QC Rectangle 20 seconds Big grey-black rectangular ufo flying really slowly. 8/29/14
3/30/04 07:45 Canton CT Oval 3 min. driving on rt.44 in canton ,i stoped for a stop light .it was a nice night so i had my sunroof open. i looked up as i always do tho loo 4/9/04
3/30/04 00:32 Burbank CA Unknown 3 seconds Ghostly enormous lights of soft color with a foggy auora fly across Burbank, CA 4/9/04
3/29/04 21:30 Nanton (north of) (Canada) AB Light 10 minutes On March 29th 2004 I saw a bright light in the sky a little video too! 4/9/04
3/29/04 21:14 Orlando FL Unknown 40 seconds Three objects flying in strange speeds and maneuvers closing in to eachother and dispersing away. 4/9/04
3/29/04 20:45 Edmonton (Canada) AB Formation 2-3 seconds tight faint formation directly over Edmonton, AB Canada. Going NNW. 4/9/04
3/29/04 20:00 Baltimore MD
10 minutes Light on the moon 4/9/04
3/29/04 20:00 Jordan Valley OR Circle 1-2 minutes I am a farmer from Idaho and was driving a semi-truck north bound on hwy 95 about two miles out of the small town of Jordan Valley, Ore 4/9/04
3/29/04 19:50 Ottawa (Canada) ON Light 2-3 minutes I was out last night taking out the garbage after sunset at around 7:50pm and noticed a light moving across the sky directly above me. 4/9/04
3/29/04 19:50 Ottawa (Canada) ON Light 2-3 minutes HI, This is a follow-up to my ealier report, I forgot to put the date in my original report. Use the event date (29-MAR-2004) with thi 4/9/04
3/29/04 17:30 Vernon (Canada) BC Other 5 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: I saw a small ship, silver and reflecting the sun. 4/9/04
3/29/04 17:00 Hayward CA Egg 10-12 minutes Chrome colored object in western sky. 5/4/04
3/29/04 11:15 Harwich, Essex (UK/England)
Other 20 seconds driving home from the shops and my girl friend said look as she is pointing in to the sky not to far away, i only got a glimpse as i wa 3/29/04
3/29/04 05:15 Orlando FL Chevron 30 seconds Huge grouping of lights defining a boomerang shape silently moved above me on my early morning dog walk. 4/9/04
3/29/04 Orlando FL Light less than 60 sec. Visiting my son from Calfornia. In the evening sky saw thee lights, like a triangle. Slow flying, not a comercial jet or a militay jet. 4/27/04
3/28/04 23:10 Lancaster PA Light 5-10 seconds brilliant but fuzzy rectangle shaped fast mover 3/29/04
3/28/04 22:50 Naples (Vanderbuilt Beach) FL Light 40 minutes 3 lights moving in sky - 1 light on horizon - Florida Gulf coast 3/29/04
3/28/04 21:30 Cusick WA Unknown still going different color lights that move in no known aeronautical fashion 3/29/04
3/28/04 21:30 Chesapeake OH Light 10 minutes There were bright lights in strange formation 3/29/04
3/28/04 21:00 Battleford (Canada) SK Oval
I was at my friends and we were looking at the sky,then we saw a bright light,later we found out it was a meteorite.There was a loud so 4/9/04
3/28/04 20:00 Martinez CA Fireball 5-7 minutes Fireballs performing amazing feats. 4/9/04
3/28/04 20:00 Bradenton FL Circle over an hour Round and glowing 8/5/12
3/28/04 20:00 Abington PA Diamond ~2 minutes I saw a silent, diamond shaped craft with 5 lights on bottom, traveling slow. The outline was fuzzy......... 4/9/04
3/28/04 19:45 Fall City WA Light 10 seconds Two lights brighter than Jupiter, one above the other, suddenly disappeared. 4/27/04
3/28/04 19:45 Renton WA Light 15 sec. anomlous lights 4/9/04
3/28/04 19:25 Hayward CA Triangle 5 seconds standing outside staring at the moon, i noticed a quiet craft with four lights in an unusual pattern pass overhead. It seemed that the 3/29/04
3/28/04 19:00 North Vernon IN Circle 3 hours Round shape with a dip in the top and bottom 3/29/04
3/28/04 17:45 San Mateo CA Disk one minute Black saucer, hovering 200-300 feet from ground. 4/9/04
3/28/04 17:10 Calgary (Canada) AB Disk
HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Two r ound Discs - circular in shape and had a silver metallic color. 3/29/04
3/28/04 16:45 Portsmouth VA Oval 2 min Metallic oval shaped object that moved across the sky and then stopped and hovered and was out of sight with no trace. 3/29/04
3/28/04 14:30 Laurel MS Changing 5-7 minutes Undulating object seen over Laurel Mississippi on 3/28/04 at 2:30pm 3/29/04
3/28/04 04:00 East Northport NY Disk 5 seconds glint of light on mettalic circular object 4/9/04
3/28/04 01:26 Prince George (Canada) BC Light approx: 40 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: We saw two fiery orange balls hovering in the sky above us. 3/29/04
3/28/04 00:15 Brighton (UK/England)
Triangle 1 minute Craft with strange lighting alignment 3/28/04
3/27/04 22:45 Montreal (Canada) QC Other 20 sec there light was almost red , and they were flying very fast 3/28/04
3/27/04 22:30 Wilmington/Carson CA Circle 10 minutes Ball of orange/white gaseous light seen over Los Angeles suberb for 10 minutes. 3/28/04
3/27/04 22:25 Aachen (near Cologne) (Germany)
Other 1-2 seconds Fast moving neon-green orb of light with a green tail. 3/28/04
3/27/04 21:00 Davidson County NC Unknown 30 seconds Huge red fireball hits in NC county, locals assume it to be a small plane crash--- no small plane found 4/9/04
3/27/04 20:35 Manor GA Light 45 seconds 5 yellow/orangish lights appeared and blinked in the sky, and then disappeared!!! 3/28/04
3/27/04 20:30 Rigaud (Canada) QC Light 4 hours Il érait environ 8 heures lorsque nous roulions sur l'autoroute 40. J'ai dit à mon copain de regarder le ciel car il y avait une planèt 3/29/04
3/27/04 18:30 Canandaigua NY Disk 2 seconds object acending in the sky 3/29/04
3/27/04 18:23 Plains MT Disk 47 minutes On March 27 6:23 P.M. me and jumbo saw two oval shaped and brightly lit saucers flying south over Plains Montana. 3/29/04
3/27/04 17:55 Watsonville CA Sphere 10 minutes Four slowly moving white round objects seen in sky over Watsonville, CA. 3/28/04
3/27/04 09:35 Rushville IN Other 15 seconds It was about 9:30-10:00 in the morning late March I was on my way to a unemployment hearing we I was leaving town I stop at VP store go 9/24/12
3/27/04 04:00 East Stroudburg PA Cigar 1:30 Electronics not working,Engine not working,Air fuzzy around ship.Red white and blue lights on the ship. 4/9/04
3/27/04 04:00 Lurgan (Northern Ireland)
Unknown 2 minutes Two stars were chasing each other? Since when did Stars do that? 7/25/04
3/27/04 04:00 East Stroudburg PA Cigar 1:30-1:45 Electromagnetic fields, Haze or blur, red white blue lights on craft. 4/9/04
3/27/04 02:30 San Jose CA Light 5 or 6 seconds 3/26/04 san jose, ca. wedge shaped light flying low, fast, and silent. look like a shooting star, but kept going. FAST. 1 solid light 3/28/04
3/26/04 22:20 Bennington KS Sphere 6 min low flying craft with oscillating lights. Have vedio 4/9/04
3/26/04 19:50 Bradenton FL Other 3-4 minutes two saucer like objects moving really fast in Bradonton FL tonight. 3/28/04
3/26/04 19:50 Bradenton FL Disk 3 - 4 mins. 2 rapid moving almond shaped discs initially heading east from the Gulf of Mexico and sharply turning south. 3/28/04
3/26/04 18:15 New Brunswick NJ Other 7 minutes a noiseless, rotating cluster of shiny metal-like objects seen floating at a slow steady pace over a chapel on my university campus 3/28/04
3/26/04 10:00 East Northport NY Triangle 7 seconds triangle object, blue red white lights, rotated 360 degrees without turning then made a U turn and dissappeared 3/29/04
3/26/04 07:30 Lethbridge (Canada) AB Sphere 8:30 I se what seems to be a star but looks like a plane lights so i keep looking and it is still in the same place for awhile i go outside 3/28/04
3/26/04 03:30 Hickman NE Unknown 40 seconds Hickman Ne. 3:30am Thursday, two or three weeks ago (I know I should have remembered the exact date) I was pulling into my driveway i 4/27/04
3/26/04 00:00 Carnation WA Triangle
it was a large triangle in the sky. 4/9/04
3/25/04 23:30 Palm Springs CA Light 5 seconds Strange lights over Palm Springs, CA 4/9/04
3/25/04 22:45 Trail (Canada) BC Circle approx: 3 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Object and Unusual Mark - Photos 4/27/04
3/25/04 22:15 New-Wes-Valley (Canada) NF Disk approx: 20 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Oval disk like shaped object that flew through the night's sky. 3/28/04
3/25/04 21:30 Pueblo West CO Light About 15 sec. 3 red parrellel lines cross highway, head for springs. 3/28/04
3/25/04 21:00 Fischer TX Egg 15 minutes Texas Hill Country apparent mapping or topographic ufo flying north to south and then east to west straight lines, no lights, no sound 4/9/04
3/25/04 21:00 Fischer TX Egg 15 minutes Hill Country Texas apparent mapping or topographic ufo flying north to south and then east to west straight lines, no lights, no sound 4/9/04
3/25/04 20:00 Harlem GA Circle
lights spooked me and a heard of deer 3/28/04
3/25/04 19:40 Wilsonville OR Rectangle 5 min Hovering craft with green, then orange, then yellow-white lights seen in night sky over housing development. 3/28/04
3/25/04 19:30 Chimacum WA Fireball 2-3 sec Blue fireballs travelling N-S approx 400mph, the first one took out the power for 30-45 secs, the second took out the power for an hour 3/28/04
3/25/04 19:25 Amman (Jordan)
Cigar 10 seconds cigar shaped, 50 cm of size, no sound, no wings or so on, no side moves, staying completely straight heading north 3/28/04
3/25/04 19:00 Omaha NE Formation 20 min Air Traffic Controller receives a report from airline pilot of UFO's 3/28/04
3/25/04 18:30 Toronto (Canada) ON Sphere 2 minutes Two spheres or discs flying parallel in the sky 4/27/04
3/25/04 17:00 Anthem AZ Cigar 3 minutes Phoenix/Anthem AZ Lights March 25, 2004. 3/29/04
3/25/04 15:15 Avondale AZ Light 5 seconds A bright light , on a sunny day, suddenly appeared at about 45 degrees from the horizon headed west and suddenly vanished. 3/28/04
3/25/04 15:00 Ellistown (Republic of Ireland)
Circle 39 secs High speed. Leaving a trail. Circular. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly not a serious report, we believe. PD)) 3/28/04
3/25/04 04:45 Coaldale CO Sphere 5 seconds Second orange sphere seen by family member 4/9/04
3/25/04 01:00 Freeman MO Light 30 Seconds 2 bright lights side by side seen near Freeman, MO. 6/4/04
3/24/04 23:23 Advance NC Unknown 2-3 minutes Strange UFO like sound coming from wooded & farmland area. 3/28/04
3/24/04 21:30 Middleton TN Other 5 minutes this "craft" was like nothing i ever seen, soundless, lots of bright multi colored lights...... 3/28/04
3/24/04 20:30 Lake Havasu City AZ Light <1 minute Bright reddish-orange light southeast of the city phased on and off in an inconsistent north-to-south-to-north again pattern. 3/28/04
3/24/04 19:00 Russia OH Fireball 5 seconds orangish fireball 3/28/04
3/24/04 18:01 New Port Richey FL Fireball 2min an orange flame ball, went from left to right three times,maybe 2400 miles up, in front of the moon 8pm.

then vanished,'''''will go
3/24/04 04:30 Kingsport TN Circle 30-45 seconds MUFON/TENNESSEE REPORT: Object emits lime greel light in a semi-circle along interstate 5/10/04
3/24/04 02:00 Moorpark CA Light 5 seconds At night,looking out window. All of a sudden 5 bright dots (not blinking), come blasting through the sky in this formation: (this 1 i 3/28/04
3/23/04 23:15 Edmonton (Canada) AB Light 15 Fast ball in the sky 3/28/04
3/23/04 22:47 Porterville CA Circle 20 seconds 3 white dim cicular fast moveing crafts no sound moved like nothing i have never seen before 3/28/04
3/23/04 21:35 Oakdale MN Triangle 6 to 7 minutes A triangular, slow moving, silent, lighted with 6 lights on base with green and blue being dominate, subdued yellow and red also, 3/28/04
3/23/04 21:30 Lynchburg VA Diamond 30+ minutes update to eariler report (3/23/04) 4/9/04
3/23/04 21:30 Lynchburg VA Diamond 30 min+ VERY bright, diamond shape ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus?? PD)) 3/28/04
3/23/04 21:00 Maricopa AZ Light 20 min watched lights for 20 minutes in the desert. 4/30/04
3/23/04 21:00 Las Cruces NM Unknown unkown Blackedout Helo Ops in Las Cruces, NM 3/28/04
3/23/04 20:45 Avondale AZ Chevron 5 Minutes We were driving west on Buckey road crossing the Agua Fria River. Noticed a chevron shaped formation of 3 amber bright lights. The ch 3/28/04
3/23/04 20:30 Vanceboro NC Sphere 5 minutes Strange light in the sky over Eastern NC 3/28/04
3/23/04 20:00 Russia OH Fireball 5 seconds Driving down St. Rt. 48 and saw an orangish/redish fireball shoot through the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Student rept. PD)) 3/28/04
3/23/04 04:10 Louisville KY Cone 2 minutes huge craft 3/28/04
3/23/04 03:00 Fiat IN Light 2 minutes 3 bright lights in the field that were never there before 4/27/04
3/22/04 23:00 Motherwell (N. Lanarkshire Co.) (UK/Scotland)
Cylinder 3 seconds I was sitting watching television, the window curtains were open and I caught something green coloured in the side of my eye. I turned 3/28/04
3/22/04 22:53 Fairfield PA Light approx. 2 min. 30 sec. Slow moving object in night sky abruptly disappears 3/28/04
3/22/04 21:30 Greenville TN Egg 40 minutes Truckers followed by pulsating red light for 2 nights 4/9/04
3/22/04 20:30 Salida CO Sphere 3 seconds Dull orange sphere above house 4/9/04
3/22/04 20:00 Hastings (Hawkes Bay) (New Zealand)
Light 20mins very bright blueish light..moved in a large half circle..then stayed in one spot and seemed to be moving away from us as the light was 3/23/04
3/22/04 20:00 Hopewell NJ Formation 10 minutes Sighting involving light formation and a mysterious vehicle 3/28/04
3/22/04 19:00 Santa Cruz CA Triangle 2 seconds Triangle Dim Lights, Silent, See-Through, and very Fast 3/28/04
3/22/04 03:00 Joanópolis (Brasil)
Triangle 00:30 Objeto de forma triangular que surgiu no lado oeste da represa do riu JAGUARÌ e, em seguida surgiram mais dois, ambos os objetos com fo 3/28/04
3/21/04 21:45 Rue de la Montagne (Canada) QC Other
HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Seemed like two X's 3/23/04
3/21/04 21:20 Brookston IN Flash 15-20 sec 4 bright orange flashes in a line 5/24/05
3/21/04 21:02 Langford (UK/England)
Triangle 5 minutes Formation of three white pinpoints slowly crossing the night sky at very high altitude. ((NUFORC Note: NOSS satellites?? PD)) 3/23/04
3/21/04 21:00 Woodward OK Other 4 hours Star looking object moving in zig zagging shapes and various speeds and Changing colors ((NUFORC Note: Sirius. PD)) 3/23/04
3/21/04 20:34 Saskatoon (Canada) SK Fireball
HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Possible Fireball. 3/23/04
3/21/04 20:30 Lewistown MT Fireball 3 Minutes Object with blueish tail impacts NW of Lewistown Montana 3/23/04
3/21/04 20:30 Carmichaels PA Light 8:00 to 9:30 Object did not look like a plane ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 3/23/04
3/21/04 20:30 Carmichaels PA Light Appx. 45 mins. Refer. to the report from Carmichaels, Pa. on 21 March 2004 at 20:30 hrs.

My son and I were six miles from Carmichaels, Pa in the vi
3/21/04 20:25 Tinton Falls NJ Sphere 3 minutes More orbs near the Jersey Shore area... 3/23/04
3/21/04 20:00 Onion Lake (Canada) SK Fireball seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Blue turned yellow orangey colored Fireball. 3/23/04
3/21/04 19:37 Ottawa (Canada) ON Fireball 3 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Fireball Sighting 3/23/04
3/21/04 19:37 Ottawa (Canada) ON Fireball 3 seconds Blue Green FireBall Flying close to the Ottawa Airport and the Canadian Forces Base 3/23/04
3/21/04 19:30 Wapato WA Fireball 20sec There was a bright orange object in the sky it was very bright and lasted 20 sec or so than disapeared. 3/23/04
3/21/04 19:26 Kingfisher OK Triangle 10 minutes triangle shaped brightly lighted ufo 3/23/04
3/21/04 19:26 Kingfisher OK Triangle 10 min Triangle Shape, 2 bright halogen lights, clear or hollow middle 3/23/04
3/21/04 19:21 Champlin MN Fireball 10 seconds blue fireball descending 3/23/04
3/21/04 19:00 Hollywood CA Circle 20 minutes unknown shape over the hollywood bowl. 3/28/04
3/21/04 19:00 Columbus OH Light several minutes White orb silently passing over metropolitan area 4/9/04
3/21/04 02:30 Bangalore (India)
Cigar 15minutes A bar like object sighted in India which was in a stand still position illuminating light downwards on to ground. 6/4/04
3/21/04 Alberta (Canada) AB Light seconds 21 march the prime minister Paul Martin saw an ufo over Alberta 4/9/04
3/20/04 22:00 Bucerias (Nayarit) (Mexico)
Disk four min. the object over our house was huge! 10/30/06
3/20/04 22:00 Vallejo CA Chevron 15 mins Balloon like object rotating, dull gray in color, had a vibrating aura. 4/9/04
3/20/04 20:45 Fort Collins CO Chevron 15 sec. I saw the phoenix lights over ft.collins colorado 3/23/04
3/20/04 20:00 Live Oak CA Triangle 2 hours Hovered with bright lights over the house for 2 hours. ((NUFORC Note: Celestial body?? PD)) 3/23/04
3/20/04 19:50 Kalispell MT Light 5 miutes A slow large starlike,high object,followed us to driveway,stopped,then high speed flee into red speck lite 4/27/04
3/20/04 18:45 Mesa AZ Changing 5 minutes I saw for a 2nd time a cigar or oval object that seems to flip and bobel as it's flying changing form from oval to doubled winged shap 3/28/04
3/20/04 18:00 North Port FL Sphere various /Users//Documents/Blinking Intel Dime-sized Light.pages 1/30/15
3/20/04 13:00 Midwest U. S. (on airplane, inflight) MD Cigar
Ok me and my friend were on a plane Southwest.From ONT California to Baltemor MA. 12/7/06
3/20/04 04:15 Minnedosa (Canada) MB Circle 1:00 very bright white light and changes in color which hovered in a straight line with smaller round lights that shot out from the large on 3/23/04
3/20/04 00:15 Ainsworth NE Light 2-3 seconds Bright blue light covered sky on clear night while driving on highway. 3/23/04
3/19/04 23:30 Bowling Green KY Oval 40 Minutes I am sending you this message to report another strange sighting which occured on Friday night, March 19th, 2004 here in Bowling Green, 3/23/04
3/19/04 23:15 Sheffield Lake OH Disk 3 min. Paced the UFO for about 3 minutes at 30 mph. 3/23/04
3/19/04 23:15 Cheyenne WY Other 2-3 Seconds Green Streaking Object 3/23/04
3/19/04 23:10 Phoenix AZ Egg 1 minute Eggshape In the Night Sky 4/27/04
3/19/04 22:30 Coquitlam (Canada) BC Other 5 seconds Bright Green light in sky 3/23/04
3/19/04 22:30 Victoria (Canada) BC Cigar 3 seconds long cigar shaped bright green object flying from east to west 3/23/04
3/19/04 21:40 Methuen MA Changing 5 minutes I looked over and low to the ground was a shape shifting, almost gas like form. At first I thought it was a balloon bieng launched from 3/23/04
3/19/04 21:00 Anglemont (Canada) BC Circle 1 minute bright star-like object, very distant, moving while fading and glowing strong, visible with naked eye for a minute or so. 4/9/04
3/19/04 20:50 St-Rémi (Canada) QC Sphere almost 1 hour This object was immobile and looks like to watching or waiting for something. ((NUFORC Note: Probably a star or planet?? PD)) 3/23/04
3/19/04 20:50 Ciel de St-Rémi (Canada) QC Oval approx: 1 hour HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: It was oval shaped, almost elongated, very luminous and stationary. 3/23/04
3/19/04 20:30 Summerside (Canada) PE Light 10-15 Speeding Ball of Light 3/23/04
3/19/04 20:03 Lawrence KS Light 1 minute This craft moved with too much force, that would've killed a person. 3/23/04
3/19/04 19:00 Shepherdsville KY Triangle 5 min Sphere-like object coupled with two bright lights on each side viewed from a distance, Triangular base 3/23/04
3/19/04 16:00 San José (Costa Rica)
Oval 20 minutes The objet was stedy in the sky 7/8/04
3/19/04 15:00 Great Smokies National Park NC Light 10 minutes A stationary white dot was observed for 10 minutes. 3/28/04
3/19/04 12:10 Atlanta GA Circle 5-10 min. Single adult witness sees a reflective, disc-shaped object fly below high-altitude contrails. 3/23/04
3/19/04 12:10 Atlanta GA Circle 5-10 min.
3/19/04 05:30 Brampton (Canada) ON Circle approx: 40 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Two circular quickly started to accelerate north. 3/23/04
3/19/04 02:00 Austin TX Light 45 Me and my borth were going east on 360 when we saw a light. The light was about 60%up and to the southeast just off the corner of my e 4/27/04
3/19/04 01:00 Laona WI Light 15 minutes Round, bright, white light that followed us for approx 10 miles(NOT THE MOON) 6/4/04
3/19/04 00:30 Walkerton VA Cigar 20 min ((HOAX??)) Shot at cigar shaped object, when it illuminated my vehicle. 3/23/04
3/18/04 22:14 Sarasota FL Sphere 35 seconds Seen 3/18/2004 near longboat beach in Sarasota. Amazing sphere just above water. Great photo of the object. 3/28/04
3/18/04 21:45 Danville KY Other 20 seconds Faint but large boomerang shaped object then small star like object turning red 3/23/04
3/18/04 21:00 Houston TX Circle 10 minutes I did not see a UFO last night, but now I can attest to how a person could mistake Venus for one. Even through the overcast last night 3/23/04
3/18/04 20:00 Noblesville IN Light 3 min Moving light that slowed down, stopped, stood still and then disappeared. 3/23/04
3/18/04 18:40 Pt. Orchard WA Rectangle 30 seconds I was out on the back porch looking S.S West. I thought it was a helicopter, but way too many running lights. It appeared to be about 3/23/04
3/18/04 18:32 Red Bluff CA Triangle 1 minute Triangular, possible aura, definately morphed shape. 3/23/04
3/18/04 17:00 Benton KY Light 5 min ea time yellow/orange lights, hover, flicker, go out,re-appear 3/23/04
3/18/04 16:15 Melbourne (VIC, Australia)
Triangle 3 minutes Extremely high,barely visible,sudden change of direction, change of light colour from white to amber. 3/23/04
3/18/04 12:15 Vail CO Oval about a minute MUFON/COLORADO REPORT: Two witnesses see UFO buzz by Air Force C-17 transport over Vail, Colorado in daylight. 3/23/04
3/18/04 01:00 Brooksville FL Formation 5 to 10 mins strange array of lights suddenly appear about 1/2 mile in front of my truck, in Brooksville Florida. 3/23/04
3/18/04 01:00 Portland OR Disk 20 seconds? Fast moving round object at night. 3/23/04
3/17/04 23:50 Columbus (south on US 23) OH Unknown 6-10 seconds 2 balls of red pulsing light 1 small blinking.Near aep power plant. 3/23/04
3/17/04 23:15 Pomgali (France)
Light 15 s light in the sky 3/23/04
3/17/04 22:50 Ellensburg WA Other 15-20 min Craft that produced no noise, accelerated from still to unreal speeds, had 3 crafts or 3 sections. 3/23/04
3/17/04 22:22 Fort Lauderdale FL Sphere 45 minutes Feel crazy, but true 10/27/04
3/17/04 22:00 San Diego CA Circle 2-3 hours the object jeted across the sky like a shooting star the stoped the jeted again across the sky and stoped and this continued for hours 9/2/05
3/17/04 21:30 Oakland CA Triangle 15 seconds I was looking up at the stars as I and a couple of friends were walking to grab a bite to eat, when I noticed an object flying across t 3/23/04
3/17/04 20:30 Yakima WA Formation 10 or 15 minutes 3 very bright lights in a V formation, no sound and flying very slowly 3/29/04
3/17/04 20:28 Yakima WA Triangle 5 minutes St. Paddy's Day UFOs over Yakima, Washington 4/9/04
3/17/04 20:10 Yakima WA Light west they moved slowly across the rige to the valley as if looking for something then shot in to the night sky and was gone 3/23/04
3/17/04 20:00 Coventry (UK/England)
Light 20 minutes erratic movement of what appeared to be a star. 3/23/04
3/17/04 19:00 Phoenix AZ Other 5 minutes Lemon-shaped UFO, covered with rows of lights, bigger than a helicopter, bigger than a bus. 3/23/04
3/17/04 18:30 Bullhead AZ Other 20 min It was dusk it all lasted about 20 min the object split into two. 9/2/05
3/17/04 18:15 Kirkby in Ashfield (Nottingham) (UK/England)
Triangle 5 mins bright triangle over nottingham (england) 3/23/04
3/17/04 18:00 Aurora CO Other 2 minutes Low, hovering object that appeared to be an airplane, but was too low and slow in the sky, then disappeared. 3/23/04
3/17/04 16:30 Milton DE Other 16:34 Boat/schooner shaped Hull curved rotating ,color Flat Black. 4/27/04
3/17/04 14:00 Bend OR Circle A few seconds A round metallic object seen momentarily in the blue sky. 3/28/04
3/17/04 12:15 Santa Monica CA Sphere 2 minutes The craft came from the West out over the Pacific Ocean. It was flying much higher than the Commercial Jet Traffic over Los Angeles. 3/23/04
3/17/04 08:45 Ellensburg WA Diamond 10-20 minutes I was sitting at my friends house, in my car after leaving the city pool, and I looked up. There was no noise, and the objects seemed 4/9/04
3/17/04 00:00 Mount Pleasant SC Formation 6 seconds Amber formation races across sky in 5 or 6 seconds. 3/17/04
3/16/04 22:10 San Luis Obispo CA Flash 3 seconds 3 lights flash less than seconds apart in a row to the right - with a "fading" effect. 3/17/04
3/16/04 22:00 Kalispell MT Fireball 30 minutes Bright light getting brighter and shrinking to its' center a beacon went back and forth across the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 3/17/04
3/16/04 21:30 Phoenix AZ Fireball 2 min Bright fireball in the sky that would drop other fireballs 2-3 times and then it disappeared. 3/17/04
3/16/04 21:15 River Ridge LA Sphere 5-10 seconds In New Orleans, approximately 7 spheres silently travel in a straight line then become triangle as they move overhead. 3/17/04
3/16/04 20:00 Norwich CT Other 5-10 minutes Strangly lit, loose formation of silent auircraft-like objects, with a treetop level meteor appearing during the overflight. 3/23/04
3/16/04 18:23 Oxford (UK/England)
Cigar 11 minutes it shot from the canal and there were magnetical effects before it disappered into the skies 3/17/04
3/16/04 18:22 Summertown, Oxford (UK/England)
Cigar 13 minutes the cigar came up from the canal and blasted off low into the sky 3/17/04
3/16/04 15:00 Dunstable (UK/England)
Disk 20 minuits saucer shaped craft 3/17/04
3/16/04 02:00 Dubai (UAE)
Diamond 2min clear diamond shape thing with blue and orange light came close to land but did not land on it and vanished 3/17/04
3/15/04 22:00 Napa CA Triangle 10 seconds It was a triangle shape with 5 white lights and it made a sound like hi-tech jet. 6/18/04
3/15/04 20:45 Parsippany NJ Triangle 1:30 Flying triangle spotted in new jersey 3/4/08
3/15/04 20:30 Jackson NJ Other 8-10 seconds 2 people saw strange comet shaped lights in the sky traveling at unusual speeds and proximity to earth 4/27/04
3/15/04 20:00 Adelaide (South Australia)
Formation 1-3 hrs ive got three different cases to report.

The first involved 2 silver craft that were so high up one had to strain their eyes to see
3/15/04 19:45 Lancaster PA Light 10-12 seconds Fast white light horizon to horizon 10 seconds flat 3/17/04
3/15/04 19:44 Harrisville RI Light 5 seconds light shoots straight arcross sky in about 5 seconds 3/17/04
3/15/04 19:30 New Castle DE Circle 2 minutes Two white lights traveling at a very fast speed. 3/17/04
3/15/04 19:27 Springfield MA Fireball 12 seconds Slow moving "falling satr" at 30 degree angle west to east 3/28/04
3/15/04 19:00 Oklahoma City OK Circle 10 minutes Oklahoma City UFO 4/27/04
3/15/04 19:00 Willington CT Circle 30 seconds Two bright objects streaked across the sky with one disappearing before the other. 3/17/04
3/15/04 18:00 Rapid City SD Triangle 8min It hovered until we stopped like it was waiting for someone to see it. 2/1/07
3/15/04 15:42 Calgary (Canada) AB Formation 1-2 minutes Spherical White-Silver objects in formation seen over Western Calgary 7/5/05
3/15/04 15:00 Faben (50 mi east of El Paso) TX Disk 5 minutes I witnessed 3 silver, disc-shaped objects that were at a very high altitude which hovered and at times made a triangular formation. 4/27/04
3/15/04 13:30 Burlingame CA Oval 20 minutes Daylight sighting of squashed football shaped, silver object just above tree tops in heavily traveled area. 10/31/08
3/15/04 13:00 In-flight
A huge flying disk was seen in the sky from an airplane. 3/26/15
3/15/04 03:00 Breckenridge MO
1 minute Strange Overhead Sound at 3:00AM 3/17/04
3/15/04 02:45 Mansfield TX Light 10 Minutes Driving home this weird light was trippy. 8/24/04
3/15/04 00:00 Cold Spring NY Unknown 4-5 mins. black rainey nite,craft 300 feet long, could only see white window lites with a fuzzy white lite front & back,no noise very slow 3/4/08
3/14/04 22:15 Bound Brook area NJ Light 30 seconds 22:15 Light in sky theading NE, speeds faster than conventional aircraft, light changed direction, then disappeared. 7/25/04
3/14/04 22:00 Valencia CA Disk one hour plus Three horizontally placed lights hovering in the sky, attached to an elliptical object. 3/17/04
3/14/04 21:15 San Ramon CA Circle one hour and fifteen minu I filmed starry white objects in sky that I believe to be circular UFO's. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly celestial bodies. PD)) 3/17/04
3/14/04 20:30 Little Rock AR Unknown 1 hour Large intensely bright object low in shy some distance away ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 3/17/04
3/14/04 19:00 Las Vegas NV Light of and on 4 days If anyone around us has a chance, this is happening right now! ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 3/23/04
3/14/04 19:00 Vista CA Triangle 10 min three triangle Shaped craft recon behind a hill in vista,ca at night. 4/27/04
3/14/04 17:30 Greensboro NC Cigar 5-10 minutes I saw one or two silver, elongated objects moving across the sky and then they just darted away and vanished. 3/23/04
3/14/04 17:00 Wantagh NY Teardrop
was taking picture of sunset when developing pictures, saw white sphere in background & enlarged it showing what appears to be UFO 3/17/04
3/14/04 16:48 Murray KY Other 4 minutes Globular object surrounded by hazy distortion hovering over Murray, Ky. 3/17/04
3/14/04 12:24 Perth (Western Australia)
Disk 5 minutes v formation from hill hovered flew away 3/17/04
3/14/04 12:00 Death Valley CA Oval
Theres a U.F.O in this picture. 6/4/04
3/14/04 03:00 Reykjavik (Iceland)
Other 20 secs Two fast moving white dots in the sky, high above. Almost like they were playing catch with each other. 3/17/04
3/14/04 01:00 Terre Haute IN Unknown 1-2 minutes Abducted, studied, scared. 2/14/06
3/13/04 22:00 Falcon CO Diamond 10 minutes It was really fast and had flashing lights on the bottom of it. It didn't have any sound. 7/8/04
3/13/04 20:30 Tumwater WA Unknown 20 minutes A brilliant gold light over the Black Hills in the west. It did not move and remained there for 20 minutes then dissapppeared. 3/17/04
3/13/04 20:15 McCleary WA Circle 15 minutes Bright light spotted over Black Hills. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus. PD)) 3/23/04
3/13/04 20:08 Albuquerque NM Chevron 25sec ufo fly over out of this world sighting 3/17/04
3/13/04 20:00 Woodbine IA Light 23:00 Light hovered over several towns , it didn't seem to be a regular aircraft. 3/17/04
3/13/04 18:30 Washington, D.C. DC Disk less than one minute? I am not the witness to this sighting. My sister mentioned that a lady in her office saw the UFO along with her husband while in their 4/27/04
3/13/04 18:30 Martinsburg WV Other 30 seconds two-tiered configeration (like a chandelier) of bright lights perhaps one tenth the size of full moon hovering 3/17/04
3/13/04 15:15 Boone (Vally Crusis) NC Formation 5 to 8 min Took place on the Blue ridge park way. Lots of mountain and wide mountain landscape.

Around 50 to 70 objects spotted by me and then
3/13/04 15:00 Orlando FL Triangle 10 minutes My daughter and I saw this triangular-shaped silvery object than was like nothing she or I have ever seen. 3/28/04
3/13/04 14:00 Panama
Sphere 5 minutes UFO at the PANAMA CITY BAY. 2/14/06
3/13/04 14:00 Parshall CO Sphere Photo White Orb Like object seen in digital photo 4/9/04
3/13/04 11:00 Kennesaw GA Disk 30 sec - 1 min Silver disk over Kennesaw, GA 3/17/04
3/13/04 09:50 San Jose CA Unknown 3 seconds Unusual Green/Blue light dropping from the sky... 3/17/04
3/13/04 09:00 Concord CA Circle 30 seconds Bright light becoming really dim then suddenly disappeared 3/17/04
3/13/04 06:48 Hay River (Canada) NT Circle unknown I was on a snowmobile traveling south down a cutline at 06:30. I stopped to wait for a couple friends coming about 5 minutes behind me. 3/17/04
3/13/04 05:18 Keaau HI Circle several minutes Looked like a moving medium size star, high altitude, no sound. ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellite. PD)) 3/17/04
3/13/04 02:30 Norwalk CA
5 minutes This is one true sighting. 3/19/09
3/13/04 00:23 Wishart (Canada) SK Disk 1 hour there was a big saucer shaped object that was a dull grey. there were lights encircling the entire space craft there also was a hummin 5/24/05
3/12/04 22:30 Decker Lake (Canada) BC Unknown approx: 10 minutes. HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: An extremely bright white object with a ring of red lights around the middle. 3/23/04
3/12/04 22:00 Los Angeles CA Triangle 10 min Strange triangular craft with red, green, blue, and white lights over Los Angeles. (NUFORC Note: Star or planet?? PD)) 3/17/04
3/12/04 21:30 Redmond OR Disk 2 minutes small disc shape object with dark orange glow underneath 3/23/04
3/12/04 21:20 San Diego CA Cigar 5 sec witnessed small oblong object with red and blue lights hovering above my vehicle. 6/18/04
3/12/04 19:05 Columbia MO Sphere 90 seconds Bright yellow sphere of light, changing to white and swiftly moving away. 3/17/04
3/12/04 19:00 Goodyear AZ Light 3 minutes I looked up and saw an object that looked like a star-almost as bright as venus...this was too big and bright to be a satellite. 3/29/04
3/12/04 18:00 Rockwell City IA Light 4 hours Cluster of lights in the sky 3/23/04
3/12/04 11:00 Bristol (UK/England)
Sphere 2MINS Flying Object on Horizon 4/27/04
3/12/04 10:00 Bryson Hesperia CA Unknown 1 hour Very Bright lights illuminating entire horizon moving quickly 5/24/05
3/12/04 02:14 Daytona Beach FL Egg 2 min Orange sphere appeared, turned, blinked, then faded away into the distance 3/23/04
3/12/04 00:45 Winter Springs/Oviedo FL Sphere 90 seconds approx. Orange sphere appeared, turned, blinked, then faded away into the distance 3/17/04
3/12/04 00:00 Pittsburgh PA Triangle 10 SECONDS THE OBJECT WAS MAGENTA AND AERODYNAMIC 8/24/04
3/12/04 Williamsburg VA Changing 2hr 30min My adrenaline was extremely elevated and my mind was seeing with unbelief. ((NUFORC Note: Probably Sirius. PD)) 3/17/04
3/11/04 21:30 Fairbanks AK Light 20 min for 20 min. watched 2 sets of stationary equally spaced large round yellow lights, one string of 4, one of 5, blinked out in order. 4/9/04
3/11/04 21:00 Ontario OH Triangle 40 seconds Very large noiseless triangular craft glides slowly south across Ohio's evening March sky near Mansfield -Ontario area 4/27/04
3/11/04 21:00 Ontario OH Triangle 40 seconds Large triagular craft glided slowly across Rt. 309 in southwestern direction that points toward Columbus, Ohio area 8/24/04
3/11/04 20:55 Scottsville KY Light ongoing now 22:24 At 20:55 I received a cell phone call from a friend in the near vacinity of my home,basically 1/2 mile away (as the crow flies) I was t 3/17/04
3/11/04 19:45 Merrimack NH Circle 10 MINUTES Like a planet, but moved about. Not an a/c. Round, bright when magnified. Distant, hard to hold in viewfinder. ((NUFORC: Venus.PD)) 3/17/04
3/11/04 19:00 Lake Grove NY Triangle 15 minutes I went out to bring my Suv into my garage , when i looked out into the western sky and saw this dark triangular shaped object with Blue 3/17/04
3/11/04 18:30 Attleboro MA Light 5 minutes There was one white strobing light which blinked about 1-2 times a second and seemed to have a rhythm. 3/17/04
3/11/04 05:00 Spokane Valley WA Light 15 Seconds A bright, white object near the North Star completely faded rapidly in clear skies. 3/17/04
3/11/04 02:31 Hong Kong (China)
Sphere 13 mins Sphere like ship seen 3/17/04
3/10/04 23:00 UK/England
Other 2 minutes Huge "wing" like shapewith a row of green lights along the back and no sounds at all even as low as 100ft 10/27/04
3/10/04 22:54 Cape Town (South Africa)
Rectangle 1 min standing out side my back door, when two rectangle shaped crafts hovered over a field across the side of my house for about two minutes 3/17/04
3/10/04 21:50 Gallup NM Light 30+ minutes Extremely bright white light with yellow and green strobing, long duration ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius?? PD)) 7/25/04
3/10/04 21:00 Muskegon MI Teardrop 1 minute There were two, flat, "teardrop" shaped, faint "pinkish" lights traveling at a high rate of speed, abruptly changing direction. 3/17/04
3/10/04 20:00 Spring Lake NC Light 1-2minutes Large light very high in night sky, no sound, could have been ISS. 3/17/04
3/10/04 20:00 New Bern NC Light 2-3 minutes Strange Lights over Eastern NC. 3/17/04
3/10/04 19:00 Neah Bay (50 miles off the coast of) WA Disk half hour fishing vessels observe disc shaped object with white red and green lights at high rates of speed for nearly a half an hour. 3/17/04
3/10/04 18:00 Los Banos CA Disk 45 min Sitting stationary the pulsating lights looked like a heart beat. ((NUFORC Note: Venus is very prominent in the western sky. PD)) 3/23/04
3/10/04 14:20 Marietta GA Cigar 3 minutes I saw a silver cigar in a clear blue sky over Marietta, GA. 3/17/04
3/10/04 09:00 Baltimore MD Unknown 3hours V shaped slow moving star like 3/17/04
3/10/04 03:00 Great Yarmouth (UK/England)
Disk 30 seconds Disc/Saucer shaped object seen in early morning night sky over Great Yarmouth, England 10/27/04
3/10/04 01:00 Hong Kong (China)
Sphere 5 min Ufo seen in hong kong victoria Peak , 24 witnesses seen sphere shape with low hum , and bright light over head . 3/17/04
3/10/04 01:00 Rochester MN Chevron 45 seconds solid red chevron-shaped ufo formation sighting in Rochester, Minnesota 2004 7/5/08
3/10/04 00:30 Broken Arrow OK Sphere 2-3 mins Orange orb in the sky vanishes..... 6/18/04
3/10/04 00:00 Merlo (Argentina)
Disk 30 minutes It seemed to me that the craft enjoyed looking at us that night, don´t know what would ve happened if we hadn´t keep a safe distance.. 10/30/12
3/9/04 23:10 Omaha NE Triangle 30 seconds HUGE TRIANGULAR OBJECT PASSED SILENTLY OVER MY HEAD 3/17/04
3/9/04 22:30 Fostoria OH Triangle 2 minutes Triangle shaped object, no sound, no trail, glided over my town 3/17/04
3/9/04 21:30 Chanute KS Triangle 20 minutes The object was surrounded by bright green lights forming a triangle. 3/17/04
3/9/04 20:45 Warthen GA Changing 2 minutes approx. 5-6 lights appeared to fly in formation and then battle each other in the sky. 5/10/04
3/9/04 20:00 Tom OK Oval 1 hour 45min. It bobbed from side to side and up and down in lazy swooping motions that seemed surreal. ((NUFORC Note: Celestial body?? PD)) 3/17/04
3/9/04 20:00 Otego NY Sphere 1 hour Exceptionally bright obj. noted in the W sky at approx 8PM, which dropped below horizon after 1 hour. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 3/17/04
3/9/04 19:57 Alexandria VA Circle <1 minute Moving bright light, March 9, 2004, 7:57 PM, Alexandria Va. 3/17/04
3/9/04 19:40 Warthen GA Triangle 2 minutes I am reporting another eyewitness account of the strange craft in Washington County on March 9, 2004. 6/4/04
3/9/04 19:00 Shelby OH Light 3 hours Bright white changed to yellow-orange light moving very fast several lights around it followed by a very low shooting star. 3/17/04
3/9/04 18:45 Dover NH Triangle 15 minutes Triangular shaped object floating or moving very slowly near Route 16 between exits 8 and 9 in Dover, NH 3/17/04
3/9/04 18:10 Mississauga (Canada) ON Fireball four seconds Orange type fire object, heading towards the earth at obscure angle very far away. 3/17/04
3/9/04 17:45 Seattle WA Other 2 hours A cluster of bright pulsing lights over downtown Seattle. ((NUFORC Note: Celestial body?? PD)) 3/17/04
3/9/04 16:18 Tucson AZ Circle 15 sec The object moved in a unexpectable speed from east to west and dissapeaers in completely blue sky. 3/17/04
3/9/04 16:15 Denver CO Oval 25 to 30 seconds MUFON COLORADO REPORT: Strange objects seen in daytime sky over Denver. 3/17/04
3/9/04 16:00 Eastpointe MI Disk uncertain ufo candy stripes boy's pillow ,father snaps picture of ufo 3/17/04
3/9/04 13:01 Mississippi WV Egg 15 minutes hovered flashed then left 9/9/04
3/9/04 03:20 Carlsbad CA Disk dont know BRIGHT WHITE SAUCER LANDS IN ROAD!!! ((NUFORC Note: Unconfirmed report. Witness remains anonymous. PD)) 3/9/04
3/9/04 03:12 Hollywood CA Changing 15 min Dancing Lights Los Angeles; Triangle; straight line; always changing shape [sic] 3/9/04
3/8/04 23:20 Arluno (Milano)
Oval 3-4 seconds A big oval light is moving in diagonal, suddenly changea direction e move in horizontal. After 1 second it vanishes 3/17/04
3/8/04 23:00 Alexandria VA Rectangle 20 seconds A huge craft that appeared to be attempting to cloak itself soundlessly flew from the west to the east and blended into the night sky. 3/9/04
3/8/04 21:00 Stevenson WA Circle 1 hour + Colorful sunburst shaped object sends streaks of red and green "dots" (lights) toward Earth. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 3/9/04
3/8/04 18:15 Auburn WA Other 5 min. Tumbling spheres observed with optics that disappeared suddenly in clear sky. 3/17/04
3/8/04 16:00 Charlotte NC Triangle 5 min a triangle was looking at me and than went away very fast 3/17/04
3/8/04 13:00 Seattle WA Cylinder 2 minutes long, narrow cylindrical object hanging horizontally above Seattle for about 2 minutes, then disappearing completely in 4 seconds. 3/9/04
3/8/04 08:00 Los Angeles CA Other 45 min Dozens, maybe 100 plane trails over San Fernando Valley and Sepulveda Pass, Los Angeles ((NUFORC Note: Contrails?? PD)) 3/17/04
3/8/04 08:00 Amsterdam (Netherlands)
3/8/04 04:00 Carnation WA Cylinder 5 min Cylinder shape in Carnation,Wa 3/17/04
3/8/04 00:54 San Clemente CA Light 1 min. 14 sec. Video of strange rotating lights in sky 4/27/04
3/8/04 00:00 Claremont CA Other 15 minutes The UFOs seemed not to move, from my window I could see flashing lights to each other. 3/17/04
3/7/04 23:45 Lawrence MA Light 5 min I live in the 3rd floor and I have access to the roof and I live alone and that night I went up cause it was A full moon I love to loo 3/9/04
3/7/04 22:50 Stony Plain & Spruce Grove (Canada) AB Fireball 5 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Green fireball traveling south to north. 3/17/04
3/7/04 22:00 Fountain Lake AR Light 25 min A very bright aircraft hovering above the ground for about 25 minutes then it disappeared behind the mts. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius??) 3/9/04
3/7/04 21:30 Lake Wales FL Egg 15 minutes Six 4-foot diamter orbs observed for 15 minutes by 2 witnesses 11/28/07
3/7/04 21:10 Decker Lake (Canada) BC Other 25 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: An elongated shaped object with a ring of blue lights around it. 3/17/04
3/7/04 21:00 Luton (UK/England)
Changing 20mins i seen two objects in the sky 3/9/04
3/7/04 20:15 Pacoima CA Disk 30 minutes Object was illuminated in night sky like a star, but hovered in one place and rotated with lights on top, bottom and sides. 3/17/04
3/7/04 19:00 London (UK/England)
Other 90 mins Brillently lite Trident shaped object hung in the sky 3/9/04
3/7/04 17:00 Carlsbad CA Cigar 20 to 30 mins Slow moving horizontal white light seen over the Pacific 3/17/04
3/7/04 16:30 Los Angeles CA Cigar 20 minutes White streaks, angled down as if landing 3/9/04
3/7/04 14:00 Winter Springs FL Egg 15 sec 3/7/04 Winter Springs, FL EGG shaped; 15 secs. partly cloudy and sunny day, looked up in the sky and saw an egg shaped craft 6/4/04
3/7/04 14:00 Palmyra MO Sphere 10 seconds It was white and sphereical and I have never seen anything like it. 3/9/04
3/7/04 13:30 La Mesa CA Egg 5 minutes 4 objects, light gray egg shaped. 3/17/04
3/7/04 11:00 Watsonville CA Circle
Feet of five craft "gliding" in air. No engine noise. Flying low to the ground. 6/18/04
3/7/04 08:00 Franklin/Nashville TN Formation hour and 40 minutes Large blinking objects that appeared to defy the laws of physics appearing and disappearing were seen in the skies over Franklin TN. 3/9/04
3/7/04 07:00 West Hartford CT Triangle 30 seconds Triangular shape - intense lights - silent and vanished in speed of light 12/16/05
3/7/04 04:00 Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley) CA Triangle 2 minutes Triangle Shaped UFO, Red Green Blue Lights Underneath, Los Angeles, March 2004 3/9/04
3/7/04 01:37 Minneapolis MN Fireball 10 minutes seen three fireball type crafts hovering over local park as i was walking back from friends house. the center craft had a beem of green 3/9/04
3/7/04 01:10 Nottingham (UK/England)
Circle 20 minates Circular shape with diamond shaped lights,hoverinrg and humming 7/25/04
3/6/04 23:00 Kelowna (Canada) BC Changing 10 minutes An orange star-like object that started moving, changed to a "plane". 3/17/04
3/6/04 23:00 Hertfordshire (UK/England)
Triangle 2 hours Faster than Mach 5, made barely any noise, far better technology than ours 2/8/05
3/6/04 22:45 Perth Amboy NJ Formation 15 sec 4 white lights moveing around area after initial UFO then into formation 3/9/04
3/6/04 20:30 Springfield CO
1 minute Was driving north of Campo Colorado last night (SAT) when i looked up and there were 5 large lights in the north sky. I watched as they 3/9/04
3/6/04 20:00 Mississauga (Canada) ON Light 1 minute Saw bright lights in the sky on an unusually warm March night. 9/1/04
3/6/04 20:00 New Jersey (southern) NJ Light 2 minutes Mother and two children witness peculiar bright light near Moon, which is seen to accelerate suddenly. 3/9/04
3/6/04 19:55 Fleetwood (UK/England)
Sphere 5 Minutes White object moving slowly over cleveleys/thornton area 3/17/04
3/6/04 18:00 Spalding (UK/England)
Light 10 seconds Bright light appeared in the sky and then abruptly disappeared! 3/17/04
3/6/04 17:45 Beaumont TX Disk 05 minutes waiting for crane at chemical plant late afternoon object left no vapor trail every other air craft in area left one 3/9/04
3/6/04 15:30 Houston TX Formation 15 minutes triangle formation seen for about fifteen minutes hovering clear blue sky 3/17/04
3/6/04 15:30 Foley AL Sphere 2 minutes Sphere flying in formation with 4 jet aircrafts 3/17/04
3/5/04 23:30 Elizabethton TN Light 4-5 minutes My daughter and granddaughter were were letting me out of the car in my driveway. As I got out I glanced at the mountain about 3/4 mil 3/9/04
3/5/04 23:00 South Brunswick NJ Changing 5 minutes two blinking lights turned into one solid light and dissapeared 10/11/05
3/5/04 23:00 Mexico City (Mexico)
Disk 5 min. UFO's over Mexico City 6/4/04
3/5/04 22:30 Gold Coast (Australia)
Light 3 Seconds It was a very stormy night with alot of rain. It was one of the worst storms seem in the Gold Coast Queensland Australia in a long tim 5/15/06
3/5/04 22:00 Tracy CA Triangle 45 mins a transparent looking triangle shaped craft flew west, then north-west, then disappeared. 5/4/04
3/5/04 22:00 Punta Gorda FL Cross 10 Minutes At about 10:00 PM on 3/5/04, I was ready for bed and went out on the lanai to check if the screen door was locked. It was a very clear 6/18/04
3/5/04 20:45 Ceres CA Other 1 + minutes I saw a Huey heliocopter trailing a very large non light emiiting object at night at low elevation and low speed. 7/8/04
3/5/04 20:25 Mexico
Light 10 min Tue May 11 09:25pm on Video from the AP news.Check out sbcYahoo for video under this date.Mexican Air Force pilots filmed 11 unidentifi 6/4/04
3/5/04 20:00 Houston/Dallas (between) TX Diamond 1:30-2:00 saphe of diamond changing color ,moving very fast side to side very brigth 3/17/04
3/5/04 17:00 Mexico

See Below Mexico Air Force video creates UFO stir 6/4/04
3/5/04 09:00 Stanfield OR Teardrop 15 minutes Big flash of light, small figures, wierd motions awfully creepy! 5/15/06
3/5/04 04:30 Valencia CA Light 30 seconds Very low, loud oscillating sound, 3 streaks of thin green light 3/9/04
3/5/04 02:00 Springer (NM)/Colorado City (CO) CO Disk 2 1/2 hrs Large craft with blue lights followed me 4/27/04
3/5/04 00:56 White Plains NY Changing 5 seconds Swirling in Circles 3/9/04
3/5/04 Mexico

UFO's over mexico 6/4/04
3/5/04 Mexico City (Mexico)
Light 2-5 minutes 11 UFO's sighted in Mexican capital by airforce pilots visible only via infared cameras. 6/4/04
3/4/04 22:30 El Paso TX Changing
far east el paso sighting on march 4, 2004 ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD)) 3/9/04
3/4/04 21:30 Goodlettsville TN Light 1 minute Large, brilliant 'flashlight' arced "off". 3/29/04
3/4/04 20:42 San Francisco CA Fireball 3 seconds Green fireball over San Francisco 3/23/04
3/4/04 20:20 Las Animas CO Oval 2+ minutes 3/4/04 8:20pm A large oval white light with a very load roar over Las Animas, Colorado 3/9/04
3/4/04 20:00 Edmonton (Canada) AB Other 5 secs white LIGHT lasted 5 seconds 3/9/04
3/4/04 19:00 Palm Desert CA
15 min Western Sky brilliant lights reflecting red, streams of green blue extending far past the point of a twinkling star. 3/9/04
3/4/04 17:20 Queensbury NY Sphere 5 minutes upstate ny ufo 3/17/04
3/4/04 16:30 Denver CO Changing 2 hours flew in circles, changed shape, landed somewhere in the city. 6/18/04
3/4/04 06:45 Aurora CO Other
While driving to work me and my friends daughter saw a very black egg shaped object in the sky that came closer very quickly 3/9/04
3/4/04 03:00 Springer (I-25) NM Oval two hours seen two light blue lights,area had low clouds around Springer N.M. was travelling north on I-25. I went over Raton Pass and lights rea 3/9/04
3/4/04 02:00 Hayward CA Sphere 5 seconds blue light in hayward, califma 3/9/04
3/3/04 22:15 Monrovia VA

Possible Cattle Mutilation 3/9/04
3/3/04 22:05 Virginia Beach VA Formation 10 seconds Orange lights seen moving very fast across the sky above the clouds from east to west. 3/9/04
3/3/04 21:47 Healdsburg CA Other fraction of second At 9:47 p.m.m PST, I was walking close to due north on Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg, CA. I saw a very bright white object (about 10 degre 3/9/04
3/3/04 13:02 Allegany NY Circle 5 minutes 3 silver discs 7/8/04
3/3/04 03:30 Charlestown IN Unknown >90 minutes Large brilliant light from craft over Charlestown, IN. 6/6/14
3/3/04 Monrovia VA

Follow up to this one I saw on here .....

I live in the D.C. area and this was on the News the night it happened and was in the pape
3/2/04 23:00 Wilmington NC Chevron 2mins I had got off from work at around 11 pm and i arrived home at 1120 pm,I was locked out of my house(i had forgotten key).I looked up to 9/29/04
3/2/04 23:00 La Mirada CA Flash approx 20 min Red bright flashing light that hovered moving slowly east and west a couple of times throughout its 20 minute showing. 3/9/04
3/2/04 21:30 Englewood FL Other 25 seconds fast moving object 3/9/04
3/2/04 21:00 Amery WI Triangle 30 seconds three lights in shape of tringle disapered and then reapered seen in car out in country side at about 9:00pm. 3/9/04
3/2/04 21:00 Bethpage TN Unknown Three to five minutes Dancing red/orange object observed over Bethpage, TN 3/9/04
3/2/04 20:30 Washington, D.C. DC Light 1 minute A "formation" of about 20 pale lights moved slowly across the Washington, D.C. evening sky. 3/23/04
3/2/04 19:00 Johannesburg (South Africa)
Cigar 1 minute i am an alien that is what they said to me ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 3/9/04
3/2/04 17:45 Belmar NJ Other 5 minutes This description must be classified as a UFO for the present time, however, my explaination claims otherwise.

For the past several
3/2/04 14:00 Portland OR
10 seconds across the sky faster than most anything 3/9/04
3/2/04 13:16 Merriam IN Formation 4 minutes What a day!! We saw them as we stopped to fill up our RV at a gas station. A whirring noise made us look up and directly overhead we 3/9/04
3/2/04 12:35 Pasadena CA Egg 5 minutes Small ovid object observed coming in from the San Gabriel mountains and hovering over Pasadena 3/9/04
3/2/04 09:00 Augusta GA Fireball unknown whole city witnesses falling light (not meteror, nor plane distress flare) 5/24/05
3/2/04 08:20 Clermont FL
still happening a perfect ring around the moon ((NUFORC Note: Moon ring caused by ice crystals in atmosphere? PD)) 3/9/04
3/2/04 04:35 Reading PA Light 4 minutes Flashing light hovering in the same spot for about 4 minutes. Flashes of red, blue, and white. Went from several lights to one and the 3/2/04
3/2/04 01:00 Olive Hill TN Changing
While deer hunting this season I noticed what at first seemed to be a very bright light that was pretty close to where my deer stand wa 5/24/05
3/2/04 01:00 San Jose CA Disk 10 sec. Weird buzzing, and I black out! 3/9/04
3/1/04 22:00 Newbury (Canada) ON Egg approx: 2 minutes. HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Glowing egg shaped object flew over the hydro towers. 3/17/04
3/1/04 21:30 Garrettsville OH Light 15 minutes Light next to house and out above treeline. 3/17/04
3/1/04 21:00 Plymouth VT Unknown 3 min. life changing event for me will not view skies ever the same. 1/19/05
3/1/04 21:00 North Port FL Changing 20 minutes Bright red lights with an unusal pattern in the evening sky. 3/9/04
3/1/04 19:25 Shahrekord (Iran)
Light 2 min It was a line in the sky , a very bright light and it was crossing the sky from east to west . very wonderful. 4/27/04
3/1/04 19:00 Avalon CA Oval 5 mins Round, tall craft over Catalina Island, two teardrop black crafts inter-weaving with another at low altitude 6/4/04
3/1/04 15:00 King of Prussia (5 miles from) PA Other sixty seconds broad black (w) was in the day and made no sound, none 5/24/05
3/1/04 14:00 Tucson AZ Sphere 5 min Silver balls in the sky AZ 2/24/07
3/1/04 11:30 Lowell MA Other two minutes Parachute-like object drifting past window 4/9/04
3/1/04 10:50 Anaheim CA Changing 5-7 minutes A coworker and I noticed a black roundish object that appeared to be hovering above the Disneyland hotel. 3/9/04