National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 02/2004
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
2/29/04 23:20 Seattle WA Unknown 55Min+ Three rapidly sparkling objects hovering over Seattle to the WSW, two left after short time, one remained. ((NUFORC: Star??)) 3/2/04
2/29/04 21:30 Mission (Canada) BC Light ten minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: A very large, bright white object in the northwestern sky. 3/17/04
2/29/04 21:30 Livermore CA Light 5 min. The bright light stayed there for 5 minites than took off extermly fast and vanished. 4/27/04
2/29/04 21:00 Brooklyn MD Oval 30-45sec Bright light; oval shaped object right in the backyard very close to home and people! 3/2/04
2/29/04 19:30 Roswell NM Changing 3 Hrs Emerala shape, stationary in the South west sky atabout a 45 Degee attitude from horizion,seemed to be following earth rotation. 3/17/04
2/29/04 17:45 Grapevine TX Changing 2MIN SHAPE CHANGING OBJECT ON FIXED COURSE. 3/2/04
2/29/04 17:30 Kingsport TN Formation 20 min They were the brightest lights I ever saw in the sky during the day 3/9/04
2/29/04 17:30 Bristol TN Disk 15 minutes MUFON/TENNESSEE REPORT: Disc filmed in daytime sighting 3/9/04
2/29/04 16:00 Blackpool (UK/England)
Changing 10 mins No lights, wings. Double balloon shape, rolling slowly across late afternoon sky. 3/2/04
2/29/04 11:00 Miami Beach FL Circle 1 minute It was an orange ball of light just wobbling from side to side and up and down (it stayed in the same spot though). I went to go get my 6/4/04
2/28/04 22:39 Chambersburg PA Unknown 10 min as i was driving down I81S i noticed an aircraft hovering over an area approx 500 yards westward at the 6 mile marker in PA 3/2/04
2/28/04 20:35 Hawkwsbury (Canada) ON Light several hours HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Red lights hovering in the sky. 3/17/04
2/28/04 20:30 Studio City CA Triangle 5 minutes A triangular shaped object flies near the freeway and hovers 3/2/04
2/28/04 20:00 Brunswick Hills OH Light 2 Hours Bright Light - That turns into a Saw Blade Shape when videotaped by a Digital Video Camera. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius??)) 3/2/04
2/28/04 18:40 New Orleans LA Light 15 seconds Star-like object meandering in sky. 3/2/04
2/28/04 18:10 St. Albert (Canada) AB Sphere 15 min Weather balloon doing some experiment? Recorded the event with a telescope! 3/2/04
2/28/04 08:30 Danialson CT Diamond
Two Dimond shaped objects hovering above the telephone poles. 3/29/04
2/28/04 03:45 York PA Light Aprox. 2 minutes Four red lights dancing around heading due west. 3/9/04
2/28/04 02:00 Schenectady NY Unknown
I saw a glowing thing hovering over the ground this morning. 3/2/04
2/27/04 22:40 Allentown PA Circle 3 Min. Allentown PA at opprox. 10:40 p.m. estern. time I was standing in my backyard with my dog. I looked up at the big dipper to my north.Tr 3/2/04
2/27/04 22:30 Pontiac IL Other 10-15 sec. Four lights horizontal with the trajectory, flying very fast. 3/2/04
2/27/04 22:30 Pontiac IL Unknown 10-15 sec. four horizontal lights, dimly lit and flying in a unusual way 3/9/04
2/27/04 22:30 Decker Lake (Canada) BC Disk 5 to 10 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Disk shaped craft with blue lights. 3/17/04
2/27/04 20:45 Alpha NJ Disk 20 mins. I ran to the store, and when I got back my 12 year old son and wife were very excited/nervous saying they had just seen a UFO and caugh 3/2/04
2/27/04 06:00 Truxton NY Light 15 minutes The object moved right to left while making a humming sound and remained there for approximately 15 minutes. 3/2/04
2/27/04 05:30 Keaau HI Light several minutes Looked like a distant moving star, kept going. ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellite. PD)) 3/2/04
2/27/04 03:55 Huntsville (Canada) ON Flash 35 sec. bright flash followed by a halo around flash like smoke the a small bright object moving away from halo very fast 3/2/04
2/27/04 03:11 Sioux City IA Disk 20 minutes Red flash and a flying saucer 3/2/04
2/26/04 00:00 Argentina
2/26/04 21:00 Kingston (Canada) ON Light 5 min Several unusual lights in the sky between kingston and perth. 7/16/06
2/26/04 19:30 East Springfield PA Unknown 10 minutes 2 glowing objects red green white hovering with slow movements 3/2/04
2/26/04 17:00 Aledo TX Disk 10 minutes 1 DISC shaped object - did not seem to be controlled 3/2/04
2/26/04 01:00 Lima (Peru)
Cross 45 positive id by numerous airliners ((NUFORC Note: Photos do not appear very convincing to us. PD)) 3/9/04
2/26/04 00:00 Silverdale WA Circle
green sigar shaped things 3/2/04
2/25/04 23:50 Arlington WA Other 15 min. Round object changing colors from white to red, green, yellow or orange. 3/2/04
2/25/04 23:20 Nottingham (UK/England)
Diamond 22minutes it was getting closer then it quickly turned 3/2/04
2/25/04 22:30 Pinal County AZ Other 10-15 Seconds Amber-colored lights in the sky over Arizona, which disappeared instantaneously. 3/2/04
2/25/04 19:20 Bellevue OH Disk 3 minutes Small disk-shaped object with numerous green lights, moved left and right slowly. 3/2/04
2/25/04 16:10 Aurora CO Disk 10 min Bright object in mid day moved from North to South 3/2/04
2/25/04 13:17 Spring TX Diamond 5min 30 sec something flew over house and unmarked helicopters chased after it. 3/28/04
2/25/04 09:15 Kingston (Canada) ON Fireball 15 sec weird light in the morning sky 3/2/04
2/25/04 03:45 Bladensburg MD Changing 1/2 Hour Object was CigarShaped, very bright leaving short ,thin exhaust vapors. It moved at different speeds could stop on a Dime. 4/9/04
2/25/04 01:30 Emma (approx.) MO Unknown 15 Minutes Very large object in the night sky about 3 hundred feet off of the ground not moving or making a sound w/blue flashing lights. 3/9/04
2/24/04 23:00 Dayton OH Triangle 10 seconds 3 lights in triangular formation 4/27/04
2/24/04 22:30 Lodge Grass MT Light several minutes During the evening of February 24, 2004, the town of Lodge Grass was surprised to see several lights hovering above the cemetary. This 3/2/04
2/24/04 22:00 Paisley (UK/Scotland)
Several nights in a row, unsual hovering lights in the sky, flashing red, white, blue flashing on a wide object in the sky. 3/2/04
2/24/04 21:00 Gaffney SC Other 5 minutes Gaffney, SC, Report. Bright Light With Sparks 7/5/08
2/24/04 19:44 North Bay (Canada) ON Fireball 2-3 minutes A very bright star light kind of thing bombing down than dissapearing. 3/2/04
2/24/04 18:54 Tucson AZ Light 15 sec Horizonal group of five lights 3/2/04
2/24/04 18:43 Tucson AZ Circle 3 to 5 min Circlular rotating lighted low flying craft west of Ina at Silverbell Rd, object moved slowly then instantly disappeared. 3/2/04
2/24/04 18:20 Spearfish Canyon SD Circle 15 SECONDS At aproximatly 18:20 Hrs. I was working outside in our parking lot and happened to look up at the moon and the bright planet to its low 3/2/04
2/23/04 23:00 London (UK/England)
Light 4 nights 4 Nights i observed a hovering orb of light with 2 other observers this is the story ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a celestial body. PD)) 3/9/04
2/23/04 20:56 Oneonta NY Unknown 30 seconds Two lights traveling at a high rate of speed 3/2/04
2/23/04 16:15 Bastrop TX Fireball 3 sec. I saw a green ball of light with an orange tail for 3 sec. in central Texas. 3/9/04
2/23/04 13:45 Blackburn (UK/England)
Cigar 10 mins Cigar/Rod shaped object rotating silently in the sky 3/2/04
2/23/04 01:00 Scottsdale AZ Fireball 15 minutes There was an object fireball/light 3/2/04
2/22/04 22:30 Calgary (Canada) AB Light 8 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Alternating blue, red, bright white, dull white, yellowish light. 3/17/04
2/22/04 21:30 Edmonton (Canada) AB Formation 30 minutes? Orange Ball 3/2/04
2/22/04 21:05 Hartselle AL Fireball 5-10 sec It was just like the footage of the shuttle explosion! 3/2/04
2/22/04 21:00 Stone Ridge NY Oval 7 minutes Slow moving red lights descended, disappeared then reappeared and ascended; dogs barked at them. 1/19/05
2/22/04 20:04 Newfield NY Fireball 10seconds green fireball in upstate new york 3/2/04
2/22/04 20:04 Stony Brook NY Circle 5 seconds Brilliant reddish-orange object with green tip; hovering then ascending at impossible speed 10/30/06
2/22/04 19:00 Dayville CT Fireball 2 minutes huge fireball lights seen in the sky amazing 3/2/04
2/22/04 18:15 Gaffney SC Sphere 10 minutes glowing object crosses road, drops sparks, starts fire, leaves object in tree which fire Chief can't find next morning. 3/17/04
2/22/04 18:15 Corinth Community SC Other
Unknown Object Crashes Into A Tree At Corinth Fire Department Puts Out Fire By JIM HOLLAND News Editor Originally, it was a routine tr 3/2/04
2/22/04 17:59 Sarawak (Malaysia)
Other 4 hours UFO bird style. 8/24/04
2/22/04 16:00 New York City (Queens) NY Fireball don't have exact minutes i saw that this shaped fireball 3/2/04
2/22/04 01:20 Denton TX Light 2 minutes I was returning from doing some star gazing with a new spotter scope I have. I was traveling on Hwy 380 traffic was light. Off to my l 4/27/04
2/21/04 22:24 Colorado Springs CO Other fleeting What looked like a flock of geese flying overhead at night but couldn't have been. 3/2/04
2/21/04 22:05 Portland OR Unknown unknown HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: The clouded parts of the sky on that day had some weird shaped circular or oval. 3/17/04
2/21/04 21:00 Matauri Bay (near Kerikeri) (New Zealand)
Light 15 minutes Nine Orange lights appeared and headed out to sea. 3/2/04
2/21/04 15:00 Nyack NY Triangle 3 minutes When crossing the Tappen Zee bridge my wife snapped photos of the area because she though it would be a nice place to buy a house. I do 3/2/04
2/21/04 12:30 Houston TX Changing 10 mins I saw several high flying objects hovering in the clear blue sky and make a formation before disappearing. 3/2/04
2/21/04 02:00 Warsaw (Poland)
Triangle 2-5 minutes Three triangular shaped aircarfts sighted moving fast in Poland, in close distance to Warsaw. 3/2/04
2/20/04 23:30 Roseburg OR Cylinder 5min Orange glowing cylindrical spinning object - Roseburg Oregon 3/2/04
2/20/04 23:05 Fairfax County VA Other 5 min Airship w. Red Strobe Lights over Fairfax County, VA 3/2/04
2/20/04 22:55 Bowling Green KY Diamond minutes i seen a space craft that was hovering an then it faded away it didn't hide behind anythin. 3/9/04
2/20/04 19:30 Olathe KS Other 10-15 minutes Five Unknown Aircraft in Battle Formation Over Kansas 3/2/04
2/20/04 19:00 Quartzite AZ Circle 10min.approx. large circular craftlike" outline "of a black smokelike substance, in the sky.(Many times larger than a plane) 6/4/04
2/20/04 15:25 Lewisville TX Unknown seconds Series of Sonic Booms over Southern Denton County just north of Dallas 3/2/04
2/20/04 13:00 Phoenix AZ Disk 10-15minutes The object was a silver craft and vanished without a trace in a clear blue sky. 3/28/04
2/20/04 02:00 Silverhill (SE of) AL Light 5min&10min lights in the middle of the night in South Alabama 5/4/04
2/20/04 00:00 Sioux City IA Oval 5 minutes I saw an oval shaped light fly across the sky going very fast and just before it disappeared there was a light coming out the front. 3/2/04
2/19/04 21:00 Meridian MS Triangle 20 minutes Triangle over pond 7/8/04
2/19/04 19:30 Monkland (Canada) ON Chevron 30 Minutes chevron shaped craft hovering near our home 3/2/04
2/19/04 18:25 Freehold NJ Sphere 15 seconds Bronze/Gold sphere in the western sky observed in freehold New Jersey at 18:25 on 02/19/04 3/2/04
2/19/04 15:30 Burton Dassett (UK/England)
Circle unknown Photo taken on unexplained object in Warwickshire 3/9/04
2/19/04 10:00 UK/England
Circle 2 seconds objec seen leaving the sea at 30 degrees leaving a contrail of water 6/4/04
2/19/04 01:21 Bellflower CA Fireball 10-20 MIN LARGE FIREBALL FALLING FROM SKY 3/2/04
2/18/04 21:35 Round Rock TX Other 30 seconds Jigsaw Puzzle shape coming from the North..Heading south...Low Orange Glow 3/2/04
2/18/04 21:30 Lexington KY Light unknown ATC Atlanta Center UFO warning near Lexington / Knoxville, Wed 18 Feb 04, evasive maneuvers by AA pilot 3/2/04
2/18/04 21:00 Scottsdale AZ Circle 5 to 10 seconds 6 cicular lights were in the sky then dissapeared. 3/2/04
2/18/04 20:30 Blackshear GA Light 30 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: It slowly moved south for a few seconds then it turned moving back towards the north again. 3/17/04
2/18/04 20:30 Vincennes IN Light 10 minutes 8 large bright pale orange lights were seen above treeline on and off for about 10 minutes. 3/2/04
2/18/04 19:50 Muskegon MI Triangle 40 seconds Black Triangle flying treetop level slowly over road 3/2/04
2/18/04 18:20 Lantana FL Light 10 minutes Constant streak of light in the westward sky, too high up to be in normal airspace, 6:20pm 3/2/04
2/18/04 07:00 Newland NC Oval 8 min Ufo attacked by jet 5/24/05
2/17/04 23:45 Harvard MA Fireball 3 or 4 seconds Meteor-type object travel up-ward, out of wooded area. 3/2/04
2/17/04 21:30 Carrollton MO Unknown 8 Min ufo Missouri 3/2/04
2/17/04 21:00 Jeffersonville KY Diamond 30 LOOK LIKE DIMONDS IN THE SKY FADING AWAY ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Sirius. PD)) 3/9/04
2/17/04 21:00 Howell MI Disk 6 min. floating above my feild 3/2/04
2/17/04 20:00 Centerville OH Diamond 10:00pm ufo sighting in centerville ohio 3/2/04
2/17/04 19:00 Phillipsburg NJ Triangle 3 minutes Flying object with 3 lights. One at each end . Triangular shape 3/2/04
2/17/04 06:00 Covington TN Diamond 3 minutes There were seven diamond things that hovered and vanished while emitting a loud shrieking noise. 3/2/04
2/17/04 05:45 on highway AR Sphere 10 minutes It was a very large red ball, no other lights, it looked like it was feeding. 3/2/04
2/17/04 05:35 Renton WA Light 1.5 to 2 seconds bright star burst in norther sky at 60 degrees above horizon at around 5:35am on 2-17-04 3/2/04
2/17/04 01:20 Reston VA Fireball 3-5 Seconds Green Meteor 3/2/04
2/17/04 01:17 Newmarket/Luray (between, going up Massanutten Mt.) VA Circle 10 seconds Blue green glowing ball dropping quickly from sky 3/2/04
2/17/04 01:00 Pittsburgh PA Egg 25 minutes Ok well I was outside star gazing as i often do thanks to Mike Gullo. When all of a sudden My dog started barking, as i looked around i 3/2/04
2/16/04 22:05 Seattle WA Rectangle 1 minute 'burning paper' 3/2/04
2/16/04 21:30 Central Islip NY Fireball 20 seconds This was no ordinary green light.................... 3/9/04
2/16/04 20:45 The Woodlands (N. Houston) TX Light Approx 1 Hr Stacked Flashing Lights in The Woodlands, Texas 3/2/04
2/16/04 20:35 Commack NY Unknown 10 seconds Commack Road Sighting maybe in association with Amityville sighting 3/9/04
2/16/04 20:30 Amityville NY Egg 5 minutes A large, silent, fast moving object with lights moving back and forth over my neighborhood. 3/2/04
2/16/04 19:30 Morongo Valley CA Fireball 30 Seconds Fireball, then lights or flame went out and there was 3 red dots, with blue lights in middle. 3/2/04
2/16/04 19:30 Orlando/Oviedo FL Light 5 mins Unknown light in sky, "blasted" off and vanished. 5/24/05
2/16/04 12:30 Interstate-95 RI Light 2 min Bright light in sky over CT 3/2/04
2/16/04 11:30 Lander WY Diamond 15 min 8 Sided diamond, (I think that is a tetrahedron), just appeared or we just noticed it after it appeared. It hovered high above the moun 3/2/04
2/16/04 10:00 Troy MI Triangle 30min brite white clearly defined triangle 3/2/04
2/16/04 05:00 Beckley WV Circle 20 seconds Oval object traveling East to West 3/2/04
2/16/04 03:00 Spokane WA Unknown approx: 2 hours I was asleep in my bed when I was overtaken by a shaddowy figure woke up in what looked like a lab and was sent back to my bed. 6/4/04
2/16/04 01:25 Terre Haute IN Flash 5sec Bright blue object with a streaming white tail 3/2/04
2/15/04 23:00 Bethlehem CT Light 1 second Fast moving green light, 2 witnesses, a third witness in another state with a similar story. 3/2/04
2/15/04 23:00 Elkader IA Unknown seconds A strange creature or being.... 3/23/04
2/15/04 23:00 York Landing (Canada) MB Light 5 minutes Sighting - NE Thompson, Manitoba, Canada 1/19/05
2/15/04 23:00 Cape Girardeau MO Triangle 1min i was on my carport and looked over by the street light when i noticed a small triangle shape fly under the light it was glowing green 11/28/07
2/15/04 22:50 Bloomington IN Triangle 15 seconds A dark triangle moving through the sky. 3/2/04
2/15/04 22:00 Doniphan MO Fireball 10 minutes The craft was fireball shaped and was red and orange in color, It followed us for 10 minutes just above the roadway. 3/9/04
2/15/04 21:39 Rising Sun MD Sphere 10 seconds Bright white sphere on Sylmar Road 3/2/04
2/15/04 20:40 Cocoa Beach FL Cross 35 minutes Large stationary cross with center white light and orange lights at all points. 3/2/04
2/15/04 20:15 Sedro-Woolley WA Cigar 20-30 seconds Cigar shaped object with two orange lights flies low and FAST across sky only blocks away with no sound 5/24/05
2/15/04 19:36 Saline MI Other 1 minute Object with no lights reflected light in an odd way and moved out of sight 3/2/04
2/15/04 12:00 Oldsmar FL Circle
small white and greyish shiney ball floating in the air 3/2/04
2/15/04 11:00 Auburn WA Circle 15 minutes looking up a white disc came in my view out of the corner of my came over to the middle of the valleyand slowed down and started 4/27/04
2/15/04 08:00 Hartford KY Unknown 3 minutes Metallic objects following the ISS. 1/7/15
2/15/04 07:40 Heber UT Disk 3 minutes Saw UFO fly over bus, had flame shooting out of bottom. 2/24/07
2/15/04 05:55 Romeo MI Fireball 3 sec Fireball in Western sky on Feb 15th Sunday 2004 over Romeo Michigan. 3/2/04
2/15/04 03:00 San Antonio TX Circle 4 minutes Two circle crafts performing gravity defining manuvers. 3/2/04
2/15/04 02:00 Charlotte NC Light one hour Two motionless, intense, white lights around 100' above ground 3/2/04
2/15/04 01:00 Novato CA Other aprox. 10mins High Velocity, Lighted with mutlicoloured arrangement, suacerlike object 3/17/04
2/15/04 01:00 Dededo (Guam)
Light 3 mins I spotted a bright red light that flew east, then headed morthwest then headed east then I lost sight of it. 3/2/04
2/14/04 23:00 San Carlos CA Triangle 1 hour Red Triangles Near San Francisco Bay Area Northern Sky 3/2/04
2/14/04 23:00 Bonnyville (Canada) AB Fireball 15 seconds shot dowards at an angle from the sky with distinct orange flames trailing it then went behind a tree and could not be seen after that 3/2/04
2/14/04 22:25 Casper WY Triangle 10 minutes 4 triangular orange and red lighted in casper, wyoming 3/2/04
2/14/04 21:30 Parsippany NJ Light Less than 1 second Round Green light flew over my house in Parsippany 3/2/04
2/14/04 21:00 Glasgow (UK/Scotland)
Circle 2 mins 3 fast objects fly over glasgow (scotland) 3/17/04
2/14/04 21:00 Belfair WA Light 2 seconds fast moving zigzaging light. 2/22/05
2/14/04 20:17 New Effington SD Unknown 2 seconds Explosion in the sky 3/2/04
2/14/04 20:10 Vernon (Canada) BC Other unknown HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: A weeks reports, one witnesses sightings. 3/17/04
2/14/04 20:00 Tulsa OK Formation 10-15 min. Three adults allegedly witness three formations of "points of light" pass overhead at high speed. 3/2/04
2/14/04 20:00 New York City (Staten Island) NY Oval 2 seconds Blue Orb 12/14/06
2/14/04 19:45 Wood-Ridge NJ Circle 5-10 seconds Driving at night, me and my boyfriend noticed a bright glowing green object in the sky, which then sped off and disappeared. 3/2/04
2/14/04 19:45 Newtown PA Oval 2 seconds Glowing Green Light streaking accross sky 3/2/04
2/14/04 19:35 Blue Bell PA Circle 2 seconds Pale green glowing round object flew across the sky followed by a long tail of light 3/2/04
2/14/04 19:30 New York City NY Fireball 5 sec huge blue shooting star 3/17/04
2/14/04 19:30 Williston Park NY Fireball 1 minute Blue-green ball of light 3/2/04
2/14/04 19:30 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Sphere 2-3 seconds whitish neon-green orb of light with a tail 3/2/04
2/14/04 19:30 Sallisaw OK Disk 2 hours 3 bright lights hovering with colored aura moving back and forth and up and down one landed. ((NUFORC Note: Venus??)) 3/2/04
2/14/04 19:00 Winnebago County (west of) IL Light 10-30 minutes bright light with an even brighter light on its left side sorta hoovering for a while then began to rappidly move faster. 3/2/04
2/14/04 15:18 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Circle 10 seconds I t was 3:18 pm on Valentines day that I have witnessed an object in the sky. I am in Brooklyn.

I realize that this is Valentines D
2/14/04 04:00 Caribbean (in a cruise) (Mexico)
Light 15 MINS they werent planes they were UFOS 3/2/04
2/14/04 00:45 Majenica IN Flash Less than 3 seconds Green light falling in distance 3/2/04
2/14/04 00:00 Pittsburgh PA Unknown
2/14/04 Bothell WA Triangle ~15 seconds Upside down triangle, solid, dark color, one object, no lights, traveling at a steady pace and movement. 3/2/04
2/13/04 22:30 East Pennant (Canada) NS Unknown 5 minutes unblinking bright light in night sky that appeared stationary then moved higher in sky then went out. 3/2/04
2/13/04 22:00 Barcelona (Spain)
Other 3 hours+ Strange cloud over Barcelona, Spain 3/2/04
2/13/04 22:00 Oneonta NY Unknown 1hr. Strange moving, multi-colored light, not a plane satellite or star. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly the star, "Sirius?" PD)) 3/2/04
2/13/04 21:30 Fort Walton Beach FL Triangle 60 seconds Craft was hovering over an area at the edge of Eglin Air Force base runway. Craft was triangle with bright lights at bottom and maneuv 3/2/04
2/13/04 21:00 Flora IN Circle 45 seconds Three round, orange objects in the sky 3/2/04
2/13/04 20:00 Why/Tracy AZ Formation half hour My sons and I observed four bright, winking lights in the sky in a diagonal fashion in southern Arizona. 4/27/04
2/13/04 19:11 Eveleth MN Light 15 seconds Two large lights above the treetops about 150 feet from our car that radiated light that affected my wife and I 3/2/04
2/13/04 16:30 Yadkinville NC Sphere 5 minutes Spherical, shiny object hovering over wooded area near Yadkin County, N.C. 3/2/04
2/13/04 07:40 Maricopa AZ Light
lights similar to phoenix lights only turn on faster 3/2/04
2/13/04 06:15 Seattle WA Fireball 45 seconds Fireball near the beach on Vashon Island 3/2/04
2/13/04 03:00 Sterling Heights MI Light 3/5 min. The object moved faster, lower and the lights were brighter than an airplane. 3/2/04
2/13/04 03:00 Mumbai
Other 1h 15m for Info. & Images ((NUFORC Note: We recommend a visit to the URL indicated here! PD)) 2/22/05
2/13/04 03:00 Chelmsford (UK/England)
Oval 10 minutes 5 craft hovered in triangle formation and interupted all radio signals and vanished. 3/2/04
2/12/04 22:30 Phoenix AZ Sphere hours Large luminous object appearing easterly from Phoenix, appears stationary. 3/2/04
2/12/04 21:00 Cancun (Yucatan, Mexico)
Light approx 30 minutes Star-like objects turning and moving at different directions and sometimes at incredible speed. 3/2/04
2/12/04 20:40 Minneapolis MN Rectangle 4 minutes Long rectangular vertical shaped object with several bright white strobbing lights 3/2/04
2/12/04 19:30 Post Falls ID Formation 3 seconds 2 lights travelled from North to South in about 3 seconds @ 7:30 pm on 2-12-04. 3/2/04
2/12/04 18:00 Port Coquitlam (Canada) BC Circle 3 hours VERY bright light in the sky, doesn't move at all, red light blinking around it, gradually disappears in the end and no trace left. 3/2/04
2/12/04 17:00 Daly City CA Light All Night Object has been in the area for 2 evenings and moves back and forth over the montain. ((NUFORC Note: Celestial body?? PD)) 3/2/04
2/12/04 15:45 Wenatchee WA Light 2 minutes Bright light approz 2x the size of Venus in western sky above ridge of foothills. I pulled over to see what it might be, or if it was 2/12/04
2/12/04 13:35 Commerce CA Light 15 minutes star like object race across the sky 3/2/04
2/12/04 09:15 Port Angeles WA Changing 30-45 seconds Ball/Cylinder shaped metallic object hovering over Port Angeles, Wa 3/2/04
2/12/04 06:00 Newland NC Triangle 2-3 seconds Fast trianglar craft 4/16/05
2/12/04 02:30 Calgary (Canada) AB Unknown 5:00-7:00min. Had a multycoloured pulsing strobe-light sort of like a disco light. 3/2/04
2/12/04 00:43 Newcastle upon Tyne (UK/England)
Cigar 25 seconds As me and two of my friends were standing on the bridge we were looking up towards the sky when all of a sudden long shaped craft apper 3/2/04
2/11/04 23:30 Richmond (Canada) BC Light 3 half hours HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Object moving in a slow, steady path from south to north. 3/28/04
2/11/04 22:45 Wiaheke Island (New Zealand)
Other 2-3 minutes New Zealand 11/2/04 Blue object moving fast and chaning direction - 2 witnesses 6/4/04
2/11/04 21:32 Langley (Canada) BC Fireball 5 mins Direction change, colour change, blinking lights, NOT AN AEROPLANE! 3/2/04
2/11/04 20:00 Wareham MA Light 15-20 minutes strange bright orange light hovering in sky, fading in and out , same spot on multiple occasions, darted across sky 2/12/04
2/11/04 20:00 Peoria IL Oval all evening Red, white and blue unmoving orb. 2/12/04
2/11/04 20:00 Yreka CA Other 15 seconds observed ufo traveling south to north, high altitude, v-shape, 7 maybe 8 lights in a v shaped pattern 3/2/04
2/11/04 20:00 Nokomis FL Unknown 1 hour The object appeared to be over the Gulf of Mexico in the Nokomis FL area. At first there were 3 lights with rays of light above and bel 3/2/04
2/11/04 19:30 Kingman IN Fireball appx. 15 min. Orange slightly red balls motionless in the distant horizone. 2/12/04
2/11/04 19:27 Red Rock (Canada) BC Light approx: 10 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: It grew brighter and brighter and it out shone Venus several times over. 3/17/04
2/11/04 16:00 Bayonne NJ Oval 2 minutes I saw something flying that I just can't explain! 11/2/04
2/11/04 10:15 Irvine CA Egg 2 minutes An object that disappeared in the clear blue sky 2/12/04
2/11/04 10:00 Kista (Sweden)

Strong bright light, the colors was yellow, blue and red. The shape is diffrent from craft to craft some are round. They comming from n 2/12/04
2/11/04 08:22 Lyndhurst OH Cigar 10 seconds silver metallic wing less cigar rapidly moved north while presenting side on view and dissapeared. 2/12/04
2/11/04 06:45 Cathedral City CA Circle 2.5 minutes bright round shape object traveling from south to north same area three times at diferen dates around the same hours. 6/4/04
2/11/04 05:45 West Roxbury (subtown of Boston) MA Light 3-5 Minutes ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of planets?? PD)) Unusual pre-dawn sighting. 5/24/05
2/11/04 02:00 Linthicum MD Cigar 90mins I live near the bwi airport. Was in the my basement and heard a very low bass sounding noise for 30mins. I decided to take a look outsi 3/2/04
2/11/04 00:00 West Palm Beach FL Disk 20-30 minutes UFO here in florida. 4 witnesses no BS. 2/12/04
2/11/04 00:00 Fresno CA Light 5 minutes I saw a bright red light in the far distance that moved slightly, faded in and out slightly, and a piece broke off and fell. 2/12/04
2/10/04 23:45 New York NY Disk 20min. ((HOAX??)) The ship was quik as a flash 5/2/11
2/10/04 22:30 Titonka IA Teardrop roughly 45 sec-1 min We saw 3 white teardropped shape unidentified objects hovering in the sky for 45 sec to 1 min. on 2-10-04 22:30. 2/12/04
2/10/04 22:14 Alice Springs (NT, Australia)
i am only 16 but i am into ufo aircraft, so me and a few freiends went out bush to look through the teliscope, we were out for a whilew 2/12/04
2/10/04 21:30 Pratt KS Circle 15 minutes color changing spherical object, moving slowly over the night horizon 2/12/04
2/10/04 21:00 Broken Arrow OK Chevron 5 minutes Three huge, low flying, slowly moving chevron shaped objects with lights along the underneath sides. 9/24/12
2/10/04 20:45 St.Helens (UK/England)
Light 2/3 mins Yellow light moving at very high altitude in the night sky. 10/27/04
2/10/04 19:00 Annapolis MO Sphere 15 min Orange Spheres and strange activity in the sky 3/2/04
2/10/04 05:15 Mansfield OH Other 3 SECONDS THE OBJECT WAS STREAKING, THEN VANISHED 2/12/04
2/10/04 01:00 San Bernardino CA Other 1 minute SHAPE IN THE CLOUDS NO LITE OF OBJECT. 3/4/08
2/9/04 20:30 Conyers GA Light 3 minutes I stepped out onto the driveway to have a smoke with my wife I noticed what looked like to planes very close together. as i watched one 2/12/04
2/9/04 20:30 Calgary (Canada) AB Sphere 30min 2 bright objects in the sky hovering and signaling each other. 2/12/04
2/9/04 20:11 Escondido CA Formation 5min. 13sec. 6 horizontal lights appear to be large craft hovering over Leucadia California. 3/17/04
2/9/04 20:00 Lebanon IN Fireball about 4 min Observed several orange round fireballs in the night sky. They appeared and disappeared very quickly. 2/12/04
2/9/04 19:44 Marion IN Unknown 15 minutes Sets of repeating, grouped lights that reoccurred on two separate days, at approximately the same time in same area of sky. 3/2/04
2/9/04 19:00 Lincoln City OR Disk 1 hour 10 min. bright amber lights flashing in random sequence later came withing 30 ft. of our house and returned over the ocean 3/2/04
2/9/04 18:00 Wallingford (south of) IA Fireball matter of moments A ball of blue-white fire rolls on the roadway, and kills my engine. 3/2/04
2/9/04 18:00 Wallingford IA Fireball Seconds MUFON/IOWA REPORT: Investigated by Iowa MUFON, Beverly Trout. At 6:00 p.m. on 2/29/04 Blue-white fireball. 6/4/04
2/9/04 07:20 Merriam KS Fireball 5 sec ufo fly bye a jet 3/2/04
2/8/04 21:00 Middlebury CT Fireball unknown 4 or 6 Scattered Ball lights.. similar to the top of a cell phone tower.. but there were no towers 2/12/04
2/8/04 18:37 San Jose CA Light 45-55 Seconds object in the shape of a round bright light 2/12/04
2/8/04 18:25 Lowrys SC Light 5 minutes One light, no fuel cell lights, no tail aircraft sound or vapor trail..during pass over dogs were barking loudly. 2/12/04
2/8/04 17:45 Houston TX Sphere 20 minutes Small reddish spherical object that flashed red at varying intensities and intervals and that seemed to slightly wobble laterally 3/9/04
2/8/04 11:34 Hayward CA Circle 45minutes Clear blue day with three lights in the sky while being at the park. 2/12/04
2/8/04 06:20 Shiloh NC Triangle 5-7 min I was comming home from work.The craft was running at tree top level as I crossed a little bridge on 343 the craft flared to the left. 2/12/04
2/8/04 01:00 Statesville NC Fireball 5minutes Very large Fireball shoots across sky. 5/4/04
2/8/04 01:00 Valparaiso IN Disk 30 min black with light from the bottom,Big ((NUFORC Note: Paucity of information provided by witness. PD)) 4/27/04
2/8/04 00:49 Fredericksburg VA Light a couple of seconds Greenish glowing ball seen decending in the sky over Fredericksburg 2/12/04
2/8/04 00:00 Bristol (UK/England)
Light 2 hours strange light above woods 2/12/04
2/7/04 19:00 Redmond OR Changing 1 1/2 hr. We watched a bright light off our pourch till it vanished. 2/12/04
2/7/04 18:05 Riverside CA Light about 45 sec Bright white light moving west to east, faster than commercial jet 2/12/04
2/7/04 18:00 Kelowna (Canada) BC Unknown 30 seconds film footage of a possible craft, and a flashing red light in the sky 3/9/04
2/7/04 15:40 Renton WA Light 20 minutes whitish silver appears and disappears changes formations high. 3/2/04
2/7/04 12:00 Tehran (Iran)
Light two years dear sirs: a few nights ago I was sitting outside on my chair in the yard that I noticed a star was addressing me while I was looking u 6/18/04
2/7/04 12:00 Pottsville AR Cylinder 5.00 min a cylinder seen hovering about 2 miles north of russellville at crow mountian at about 5 to 10000 ft. on feb 7 2004 . also seen bright 3/2/04
2/7/04 03:00 Moscow (Russia)
Light unknown object moved eratically 9/2/05
2/7/04 02:00 Lone Pine CA Unknown 30 hours UFO Battle 3/1/04
2/7/04 01:00 London (UK/England)
2/7/04 00:00 Sarasota FL Light 10 mins my fiancee and her mother as well as myself witnessed what appeared to be a star that moved in an extraordinary vertical, 2/12/04
2/6/04 22:50 Egham (UK/England)
Light 5minutes light in the sky with peculiar movements 2/12/04
2/6/04 21:00 Orlando (Lake Downey Park) FL
10 mins or so it was about 8:30 9pm or so I was catfishing at LakedownyPark off high way 50 and Dean road just east of downtown orlando.I had a feeli 2/12/04
2/6/04 18:36 Solvang CA Cigar 5 minutes Low "hum", white lights change to red and appear to almost merge at one point...cigar-like shape. 2/12/04
2/5/04 21:00 Split Lake (Canada) MB Circle 2 minutes The craft was not moving but it was in rotation emitting several different colours. 2/12/04
2/5/04 20:00 Lake Jackson TX Circle an hour and a half I was out walking my dog at 8:00 pm when I saw this very bright light coming over the tree tops. 3/2/04
2/5/04 19:53 Sunnyside WA Formation about 5 min bright clusters of light 2/12/04
2/5/04 19:30 Burbank CA Triangle 10 minutes V-shaped craft with 4-bright lights on it's front tow sides, traveled over the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles, CA. 2/12/04
2/5/04 19:30 Port St. Lucie FL Sphere Approx 10min+- Spherical with corona and tail Approx 10 min in duration 2/12/04
2/5/04 17:30 Limassol (Cyprus)
Egg 10min+ we were driving towards the mountains, i was in the passenger seat, we were headed north, to our left we saw a red line, it looked like 3/2/04
2/5/04 16:30 Monmouth County NJ Light 1-2 minutes Another white blipping light object/orb. 2/12/04
2/5/04 13:59 Bend OR Unknown not know here is the story behind the picture..I live in Oregon and as always for the last few months it has been cold and overcast if not snowi 3/17/04
2/5/04 11:30 Sun City CA Sphere 2.5 minutes Menifee, Ca: 4 Spheres seen by 3 people 2/12/04
2/5/04 08:50 Mesa AZ Disk 30 min Gold hub cap-like shape that bobbed along rather unsteadily. 2/12/04
2/5/04 06:45 St-Hilaire (Canada) QC Disk
UFO Sighting in St-Hilaire, Québec 2/12/04
2/5/04 00:30 Lehigh Acres FL Other 1-2 min. well im not a beleiver but i now i saw somthin wierd a teere drop shaped craft 4/9/04
2/4/04 20:35 Shalimar FL Sphere 4 minutes red spheres flying in large cilrcles 2/12/04
2/4/04 20:30 Toronto (Canada) ON Other 30 seconds dim white light with centerless circles in a triangular formation all one craft silent and quick. 2/12/04
2/4/04 19:00 Northfield OH Sphere 20 minutes Many objects appearing to be spheres, made up of erratic squiggly lines at various altitudes. 2/12/04
2/4/04 18:05 Seatac WA Triangle 10sec Lights over Seatc. 2/12/04
2/4/04 16:20 San Marcos TX Teardrop 30 seconds Saw huge object less than 500 feet from ground started to emerge from overcast of clouds 2/12/04
2/4/04 12:00 Kearney/Elizabeth NJ Oval ongoing I've noticed a number of reports about a glowing blue/white object in the vicinity of Kearney, Elizabeth, and the New Jersey Turnpike ( 2/12/04
2/3/04 23:00 Scottsdale AZ Disk 30min. 5 ships move from n.east to the south. All ships of disk shape. 2/12/04
2/3/04 21:37 Sultana CA Diamond 42minutes On the night of February 3, 2004 me and a friend where watching the night sky we noticed a strange craft in the western hemisphere it w 2/12/04
2/3/04 21:30 Westfield (3 mi north of) IN Formation 30 seconds 4 bright white orbs in line formation near intersection of SR 38 & US 31 near Westfield, IN. 4/27/04
2/3/04 20:45 Salisbury NC Other 15-20 minutes The object was stationary, possibly 300-400 feet in the air and less than 1/4 mile away. We were facing west. The object appeared to be 2/12/04
2/3/04 20:00 Grand Haven MI Unknown 50 sec Red lights moving in the sky 2/12/04
2/3/04 19:00 Wijk bij Duurstede (Netherlands)

3 h well im going nuts here nothing but "verry" fast flying machines hearing and seeing here -there not the tipicle cause thay move way fas 2/12/04
2/3/04 15:25 Suffolk VA Sphere 6 seconds A sunny afternoon with Blue sky and a few white clouds. temp. upper 40s. coming out of a cloud were these flying objects(White in colo 2/12/04
2/3/04 07:06 Houston (Canada) BC Other 3 to 4 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Moon sized object hovers above the ground. 3/17/04
2/3/04 03:05 Medford OR Unknown 3 minutes Fast moving object disappears into night sky 2/12/04
2/3/04 02:00 Licking MO Light 20 min Three huge bright white lights 6/3/10
2/3/04 01:30 Roxboro NC Sphere 5-7 minutes Me and my friend were driving home from a party and we saw two spherical objects off to the west. They were red/orange in color and th 2/12/04
2/2/04 22:30 Cape Town (South Africa)
Other 5 Minutes I saw a bright orange "ball" hovering and moving short distances at speed 2/12/04
2/2/04 21:00 Maiden NC Light 3 OR 4 HOURS Unknown Lights ((NUFORC Note: Possibly the star, "Sirius." PD)) 3/2/04
2/2/04 19:30 Charlottetown (Canada) PE Fireball seconds fireball over charlottetown 2/12/04
2/2/04 19:30 Tillamook OR Cylinder 10 Minutes Brightly lit cylindrical object rises slowly above Tillamook Bay, Oregon 2/12/04
2/2/04 18:30 Melbourne (VIC, Australia)
Disk 3 mins 3 big white disks, shot into the sky and out of sight within 4-5 second when I approached. 2/12/04
2/2/04 07:00 Coquille OR
01 I believe I was ALMOST abducted. 2/12/04
2/2/04 03:00 Waxahachie TX Sphere 10 secconds Bright, red colored Spere, sounded like a train, seen twice 3/9/04
2/1/04 20:30 Tucson AZ Circle Taking pics We were taking pictures of the moon as there was a large white circle around it, and we tried to get that on film. We had never seen a 3/2/04
2/1/04 19:00 Colebrook NH Light 1 1/2 hours bright white light that exploded into a green light and small tendrils coming down to ground 2/12/04
2/1/04 16:30 Gastonia NC Sphere 30 seconds Round metallic object flying high in sky with no sound and no vapor trial. 2/12/04
2/1/04 13:30 Murfreesboro TN Other 45 minutes Three round ivory-colored single objects and two groups of 5 objects 7/8/04
2/1/04 12:30 Clifton NJ Disk 5 Seconds UFO Tears Through Clifton NJ Skies Silently and at Lightning Speed. 2/12/04
2/1/04 11:57 Hawthorne CA Light 11 minutes Two white round star objects moving very slowly over Los Angeles during daytime bright blue skies.skies 2/12/04
2/1/04 11:00 Cohutta GA Disk several mins Filmed Unidentified Flying Objects ! 2/12/04
2/1/04 07:33 Melbourne (Australia)
Unknown A few Minutes. Me and my friend were playing basketball in the backyard when my mate said 'Whats That?" I looked around to see a glowing light in the 2/14/06
2/1/04 06:30 Winter Park FL Flash 30 Minutes The light was white with a hint of orange in it in the east. Then, another light flashed right next to it and the were burning at the s 2/12/04
2/1/04 05:06 Los Angeles CA Triangle 2 min 2 strange craft over downtown and greater los angeles basin 2/12/04
2/1/04 02:00 Birmingham AL Chevron 15 sec Large dark chevron, silently passing overhead in early AM hours, only seen because against star fields. 11/28/07
2/1/04 01:00 Las Vegas NV Other 5 minutes I saw an alien. 8/29/14
2/1/04 01:00 South Bend IN Unknown >1 hour We saw some object in the sky move very slowly that was not a plane or a star. 2/12/04
2/1/04 00:00 Fontana CA Circle
I was driving around my friends house when my friend came out saying to look at the sky because he saw circle shape things.Then I came 6/4/04