National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 11/2003
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
11/30/03 00:00 Siren WI Oval 1 hour object was spoted two nights in a rowe south-east of siren wis.change shape,move from side to side and up and down fast. 12/9/03
11/30/03 23:53 Auberry CA Light 3 seconds Saucer w/ navy blue lights 12/9/03
11/30/03 23:00 Union MO Light 20 min I was driving home and saw the moon out of the corner of my eye. Then, I noticed a bright yellow light to the left of the moon. I blew 12/19/03
11/30/03 22:30 Rockford IL Light 1 Hour (so far) Light hovered for at least an hour with colors of white, green and red. 12/9/03
11/30/03 20:45 Ashgrove MO Unknown 10 minutes large UFO 12/9/03
11/30/03 19:50 Pico Rivera CA Changing 20 minutes Bright Red UFO Continues To Haunt Montebello 12/9/03
11/30/03 19:30 St. Louis MO Unknown 10 minutes ufo with other strange goings on/ monster? 1/17/04
11/30/03 18:55 Kingston TN Triangle 3 minutes Triangle shaped object with lights hovering at the side of our house. 12/9/03
11/30/03 18:30 Belle Chasse LA Light 15 minutes Bright light changing colors about 20-30 miles in the night sky. 12/9/03
11/30/03 18:30 Stockbridge and Whitmore Lake MI Triangle 2 hours Craft seen hovering over field and then same craft seen over my house 25 miles away along with crafts hovering in distance 12/9/03
11/30/03 16:45 Vernon (Canada) BC Light 8 to 9 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Object descend into the trees on the hill directly south of Vernon airport. 12/9/03
11/30/03 16:30 New Westminster (Canada) BC Light appox: 6 sec. HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Suddenly disappeared within about 1.5 seconds, and it all came together as one. 12/9/03
11/30/03 16:00 Washington, D.C. DC Light 10 seconds Bright light that was stationary and moved and light became smaller over a 10 sec period untill it vanashed 12/9/03
11/30/03 15:35 San Diego CA Circle 1-2 minutes At 3:35 PM I went outside to feed the family of ravens who arrive/calling at that time. I went out onto my upstairs balcony to see how 12/9/03
11/30/03 12:45 Ashland NE Disk 2-3 Minutes Film is seen by who knows how many hundreds of people and is considered to be authentic & has been determined that it is not a Hoax. 1/19/05
11/30/03 12:25 Nottingham (UK/England)
Egg 3-4 mins Five intensely bright flashing lights at high altitued in bright daylight. 12/9/03
11/30/03 02:00 Mumbai (India)
Oval 20secs ufo seen in mumbai last fullmoon night 12/9/03
11/29/03 23:10 Siren WI Disk 2 hr went out side at 11.10 get mail.seen objects south/east of siren.object changed colors moved up and down fast . 12/9/03
11/29/03 22:30 Waterloo (north of) IA Fireball 30 seconds Green fireball Sonic Boom felt 12/9/03
11/29/03 22:03 Bergenfield NJ Light 20 seconds The object was a ball of light which changed direction and speed several times, and slightly changed color once. 12/9/03
11/29/03 22:00 Stoughton MA Circle 18 seconds UFO dropped from the sky at high rate of speed. 12/9/03
11/29/03 20:36 Limerick PA Triangle 1 minute slow moving triangle with three lights, that stopped rotated and shot off in the other direction 12/9/03
11/29/03 18:00 To remain unknown MN Unknown 20 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Large craft showing a number of lights on it. 12/9/03
11/29/03 Grasonville MD Other 3 seconds blinked on moving very fast and blinked off. 12/9/03
11/28/03 00:00 Hayward CA Light 5 minutes I didn't see a solid object, but I saw some crazy lights! 12/9/03
11/28/03 23:45 Bismarck ND Other 20 minutes We spotted unusual bright lights and drove to investigate. It came towards our vehicle as if it were going to hit us. 12/9/03
11/28/03 22:55 Clifton NJ Light
Circles of light in a geometric formation. They are hovering over our home and in our back yard. 12/9/03
11/28/03 22:00 Jackson MS Light 2 seconds green light moving at high rate of speed 12/9/03
11/28/03 21:30 Thomas OK Oval 5 min while on a hunting/camping trip on the north canadian river in wesrern oklahoma 5 of us observed a large light going east (toward okla 1/17/04
11/28/03 17:35 Palo Alto CA Disk 10 sec. I sitted an image in the sky. 12/9/03
11/28/03 15:00 Cloudcroft NM Other on going HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Possible Elk Mutilation ((NUFORC Note: Mystery may have been solved at this writing. PD)) 12/9/03
11/28/03 12:40 Walnut Creek CA Triangle 2.3 minuites I and 7 freinds and family saw a dull, grey triangular shaped object hover over a hill, fly toward us and the speed away. There was a v 12/9/03
11/28/03 11:00 Surrey (Canada) BC Other pm FIive glowing light travelling in a speed about 300~600km per hour or higher. 2/12/04
11/28/03 01:20 Paris TN Light 10 min Moving orange ligh 12/9/03
11/28/03 00:00 Didsbury (Canada) AB Light 3 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Three white/yellow lights in color moving around in the sky. 12/9/03
11/27/03 22:40 San Diego CA Light 20 seconds Light srteaking through the sky in San Diego, CA at 22:40 on 11/27/03 projecting white, green and red. 12/9/03
11/27/03 22:25 Summerside (Canada) PE Oval 15 SEC Reddish Oval Observed 12/9/03
11/27/03 21:05 Hemet CA Triangle 1minute We heard a loud noise, and noticed 2 white lights connected by a single object, moving a first slow then great speed. 12/9/03
11/27/03 20:35 Ridgefield WA Unknown 1 minute Very bright light, flickering and traveling faster than a normal commercial jet. 12/9/03
11/27/03 19:00 San Diego CA Fireball 30 seconds large white circular shape leaves a trail of blue and orange streaks, last only seconds then disapears. 12/9/03
11/27/03 18:45 Memphis (100 miles north of) TN Light 30-40 minutes I have never seen a weather balloon change colors and be bright enough to be seen at night, and travel at 500 mph. 1/17/04
11/27/03 18:24 Los Angeles CA Triangle approx 15 seconds Triangular formation of bright amber lights passes over downtown L.A. after violating LAX approach path 12/9/03
11/27/03 00:20 Kalispell MT Disk Continuing Since 1996, we have seen UFOs w/flashing red, blue, green, & white lights circle our house apx. 2 miles above us onece every month. 12/9/03
11/26/03 21:41 Gatineau (Canada) PQ Light 3 Seconds Bright greenish / white light that flew in a strange sequence at the speed of a falling star. 12/9/03
11/26/03 20:15 Cape May County NJ Light 3 to 5 seconds STRANGE BLUISH---GREEN LIGHT. 12/9/03
11/26/03 20:00 Valencia CA Triangle 15 seconds Silent, triangular object with three dim, greyish lights 12/9/03
11/26/03 18:55 Gilbert AZ Triangle 90 sec Nov 26th 6:55pm I saw three red lights 12/9/03
11/26/03 18:31 Vernonia OR Sphere 30 seconds Bright light seen near Mars, descended rapidly. 12/9/03
11/26/03 17:26 Milton VT Light 3-5 minutes Bright steady light traveling low and heading north, no sounds were heard. 12/9/03
11/26/03 17:00 Cancun (Mexico)

11/26/03 16:15 Forest Park (a little south of Atlanta) GA Light 15 minutes on and off Light over the skies of Georgia 12/9/03
11/26/03 07:00 Indianapolis IN Other 06:00 The object was bright and stauled. 12/9/03
11/26/03 06:12 Woburn MA Teardrop 5 minutes Blue/green teardrop over woburn 12/9/03
11/26/03 06:10 York PA Light 10 minutes A object following our van 12/9/03
11/26/03 05:30 Wichita Falls TX Chevron 3 mins Chevron shaped object observed over Wichita Falls, TX. 12/9/03
11/26/03 03:00 Bellemont AZ Fireball 5 minutes A large glowing green fireball. 1/31/04
11/26/03 01:23 The Dalles OR Light 10 seconds I saw weird, moving lights along the Columbia River heading Eastward. 12/9/03
11/25/03 23:00 Warren OH Triangle sighting it was silent and so low you could seee everything 3/2/04
11/25/03 21:20 Creston (Canada) BC Light unknown HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Creston, British Columbia Missing Time. 12/9/03
11/25/03 20:30 Manitowoc WI Formation 3-5 minutes Pair of lights over Lake Michigan 12/9/03
11/25/03 20:30 Atlanta GA Changing ~3 minutes Bright light which seemed to morph into wedge/cylinder with red and blue/green lights at intersection of North Druid Hills and Lavista 12/9/03
11/25/03 18:50 St. Albans WV Other 5 seconds Bright object seemed to move at an amazing speed toward the area I was standing and paused for a moment, then flew away. 11/26/03
11/25/03 17:35 Tower MI Light 3 minutes It had very bright light and blinking green and red lights . It moved downward in a straight perfect and quiet manner. 12/9/03
11/25/03 16:10 Portland OR Disk 2 to 3 minutes Wobbling Disc Daylight Sighting 11/26/03
11/25/03 14:00 Chilhowie VA Other 3 minutes pyramidal craft daylight sighting 3/23/04
11/25/03 07:20 Indianapolis IN Unknown 5 mins hovering light over Avon for 10 minutes sends signal then disappears 12/9/03
11/25/03 05:33 Columbia (70 miles south of, on I-26 West) SC Circle 2-3 minutes, Not totally Enormous Round Object with Lights in the Sky 12/19/03
11/25/03 02:00 Portland ME Unknown 10 minutes While at work on the Ptld, Maine, waterfront ,at 2a.m I did see bright white lights, 25-45 sec, that vanishedbehind,into a cloud , 3/2/04
11/25/03 00:45 Hartford WI Other 15 minutes Brite light flash seen in bedroom. 11/26/03
11/25/03 00:00 Scarborough ME Light 1-2 seconds Incredibly fast tranveling large white ball of light over Scarborough. 10/20/05
11/24/03 21:43 San Diego CA Triangle 1 min Triangle with circular lights on each end. 12/9/03
11/24/03 19:15 Laredo TX Circle 15 SEC UFO sighted over U.S - Mexico border town. 11/26/03
11/24/03 19:00 Destin FL Circle 45 min.+ Large (circular view with possible oval side)object with sophistacted lighting system hovered and moved over ocean (Gulf of Mexico) 12/9/03
11/24/03 18:32 Fairbanks AK Disk 5 Minutes UFO speeding south, westward of Fairbanks. 12/9/03
11/24/03 18:10 Coos Bay OR Oval 5 to 6 mins very bright light, slowing and speeding up, white light w/red and yellow lights around main light 12/9/03
11/24/03 17:50 Guwahati (India)
Light 5 min 2 objects in a ziz zag pattern crossing the clear evening sky over Guwahati state capital of Assam India 11/26/03
11/24/03 17:00 Colorado Springs CO Changing 5 minutes Colorado Springs has Bright Stationary Object(s) that were filmed for about 5 minutes. Then disapears. 11/26/03
11/24/03 16:30 Kaufman TX Sphere 20 secs While watching jets,saw sphere and video-taped 12/9/03
11/24/03 06:20 Sacramento CA Triangle 1 minute Low flying Triangular Object w/ 7 lights. As it passed overhead appeared to be a 5 sided dark gray object. 11/26/03
11/24/03 01:00 White Sulphur Springs MT Circle 3 hours There were two crafts hovering for several hours. 11/26/03
11/23/03 23:48 Brunswick ME Circle 15-20 seconds Very unusual, fast moving craft with sequential light display at high altitude, Maine, 23Nov03 11/26/03
11/23/03 23:00 Santa Maria CA Light .10 six red lights moving away from each other 11/26/03
11/23/03 22:45 Ponca City OK Oval 1 hour flashing lights in easten sky ponca city okla 11/26/03
11/23/03 22:30 Seattle WA
5 seconds Freak Seattle lightning strike on or about 11/23, similar event in other west coast locations. 12/9/03
11/23/03 22:00 Napa CA Unknown less than 5 minutes what seemed to be a burning triangle shape, no noise, burning pieces falling from it , no explosion,just red debris falling 11/26/03
11/23/03 22:00 Morehead KY

OHIO/MUFON FOLLOW-UP REPORT: More information regarding peculiar case of unidentified screams. 12/9/03
11/23/03 21:15 San Diego CA Chevron 3 seconds 4 sphere red chevron 11/26/03
11/23/03 20:45 Johnson City NY Circle 7 min A brite lite 12/9/03
11/23/03 18:30 Piscataway NJ Triangle 1/2 hour Triangle shaped abject that hovered in the sky 11/26/03
11/23/03 18:30 Muskogee OK Light 2-3 min Star like,very large and extremely bright 11/26/03
11/23/03 18:00 Berkeley CA Oval ~8 mins huge illuminated object with flashing lights moving smoothly over Bay Bridge toward Oakland 11/26/03
11/23/03 17:35 Seekonk MA Light 3 min The object appeared to be a small rapidly flashing light. The object was traveling Southwest at about 40 mph, at 1000-2000 ft, I notice 11/26/03
11/23/03 00:00 Cabot AR Formation 3mm large fast formation in the sky. 11/26/03
11/22/03 23:30 Colorado Springs CO Triangle 30 seconds tops Triangle shaped, no lights, clear, like it was being cloaked, I could still make out the shape. VERY LARGE. Totally silent, very fast. 11/26/03
11/22/03 23:20 Philadelphia PA Changing five-ten minutes Ball lights form circles and rotate. Two groups of two. 11/26/03
11/22/03 23:06 Bergenfield NJ Other 35 seconds The W shaped object contained no lights, produced no sound, and banked left to right constantly as it flew from north to south. 11/26/03
11/22/03 23:00 Georgetown MS Light several hours We noticed a light in the sky we first thought was a bright star. It moved irratically up and down and in circles. With binoculars, we 11/26/03
11/22/03 22:30 Airdrie (Canada) AB Unknown approx: 20 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Beam of light comes from the sky. 1/17/04
11/22/03 21:25 Bardstown KY Other 1-2 seconds The object passed very fast from right to left in front of me and was emmiting blue flames from the rear. 11/26/03
11/22/03 21:00 N. Ridgeville OH Cigar 40 minutes Huge white cigar shaped craft hovered in my front yard for an extended period of time. 12/9/03
11/22/03 20:50 Fleetwood (Lancashire) (UK/England) LA Circle 10 minutes My friends daughter phoned her father to say there was lights in the sky above her house, which is in Fleetwood, Lancashire, UK. I was 11/26/03
11/22/03 20:30 Albany NY Other 8 seconds Dim yellow lights on a solid object moving silently and quickly 11/26/03
11/22/03 20:20 Dahlonega GA Circle 10 seconds A large, white moon-like object fell out of the sky, disintegrating as it fell. 11/26/03
11/22/03 19:30 New Carlisle (Canada) PQ Cylinder
As we were driving home we saw this bright cylinder, traveling at a very high,then it exploded and crashed in the water. 11/26/03
11/22/03 19:30 Vista CA Triangle 15scc two crafts were sighted moving north to south at a high rate of speed 12/9/03
11/22/03 19:30 Vista CA Triangle 10 seconds The first craft was in had 3-5 small dim blue lights in a triangular shape, although the outline of its body was circular, it was very 11/26/03
11/22/03 19:25 Los Angeles CA Light 8-10 seconds Peculiar light, the apparent size of a star, streaks from west to east over Los Angeles, CA. 11/26/03
11/22/03 18:25 Ronkonkoma NY Circle 15 minutes darting circle that shot staright up and a red light circling the area at a fast speed 11/26/03
11/22/03 18:24 Dacusville SC Light 4 min Three star like lights following the ISS 11/26/03
11/22/03 18:00 West Palm Beach FL Light 01.00 Bright Light moving on a collision course with power lines 12/9/03
11/22/03 14:10 Spartanburg SC Other 10 minutes Eight, small star-like objects were seen floating and moving after a plane passed, then they disappeared 11/26/03
11/22/03 11:30 Calhoun (north of) GA Circle 1 second Circular metallic gray object in the sky in front of me appeared for about 1 second. 11/26/03
11/22/03 09:20 Florence AL Triangle 3 or 4 seconds A fast triangular-shape without any noise which disapeared seconds after sighting. 11/26/03
11/22/03 06:30 Tunkhannock PA Triangle 30 seconds triangle aircraft with white lights on corners and a blue light in the middle 11/26/03
11/22/03 05:00 Murrells Inlet SC Circle 15 minutes cluster of white lights "hopscotching" in the sky 11/26/03
11/22/03 02:30 Livermore CA Light > 1 hour Space battle in the eastern sky? 11/26/03
11/22/03 00:30 Harding (near) WV Disk 10 seconds Transluscent disc shaped ufo flying right at us... 4/9/04
11/22/03 00:00 Burnley (UK/England)
Sphere 3 seconds A ball of light trvelling very fast, in a straight path, in a SSE direction.

Reoccurance on 26th. Same path and direction but see
11/21/03 22:30 Gettysburg PA Light 2 hours UFO sighting on a Ghost tour in Gettysburg. 11/26/03
11/21/03 22:05 Lewiston ID Light 20 minutes Bright, steady white light with blue and red flashes 12/9/03
11/21/03 21:15 Afton MI Light 20seconds bright white ball of light ,color shifting,stationary?,disapeared in 3 to4 sec. total time seen 20 to 25 sec. 11/26/03
11/21/03 20:30 Barnesville OH Formation 8 seconds the object distorted the visible sky yet you could see through it and it was boomerang shaped,very fast, and silent. 11/26/03
11/21/03 20:15 Mesa AZ Egg 2 seconds Bright Green Light above Mesa 11/26/03
11/21/03 19:30 Morehead KY Unknown
crying from a female 11/26/03
11/21/03 19:00 Irvine CA Cigar approx. 10sec Blue cigar shaped with a red light 11/26/03
11/21/03 19:00 Bourbonnais IL Chevron about 2 minutes Strange white triangular craft possibly military or not. 11/26/03
11/21/03 19:00 Snappertuna (Finland)
Disk app.6 sec. objekt with two lights flying over my car 12/9/03
11/21/03 16:00 na DC
15 minutes USO seen my military coming up out of the water. 3/4/08
11/21/03 03:00 Dayton area OH Light 15 -20 seconds 3 white circular lights flying in a triangle formation 12/9/03
11/21/03 01:00 Waterville ME Cross 20min cross shaped, six light,silent,big maby 1oo feet long, 11/26/03
11/20/03 22:23 Denham Springs LA Light 2-3 seconds small flashing lights 11/26/03
11/20/03 22:00 Koh Samui (Thailand)
Changing hours Dramatic prove of E.T. visiting earth! 3/9/04
11/20/03 21:00 Arbutus MD Triangle over an hour triangular flashing lights 11/26/03
11/20/03 19:30 Parker KS Unknown 20 minutes Two bright reddish orange lights moving from southern horizon in NNW direction 11/26/03
11/20/03 19:00 Kuna ID Triangle 5-6min Triangular object with pulsating lights hovered near Meridian Rd., then slowly flew off towards Boise, ID 1/17/04
11/20/03 18:30 Mesa AZ Light 8 minutes Flashing red light moving slowly 11/26/03
11/20/03 18:30 Tempe AZ Other 45 minutes Brilliant Red Starlike object in east sky on 11-20-03 in Tempe AZ 11/26/03
11/20/03 18:00 Watertown WI Rectangle <1 min. 3 Amber Circles enclosed in Rectangle - Healing requested. 1/17/04
11/20/03 18:00 Marin CA Cylinder 5 - 10 minutes Bright, yellow UFO crashes in California. 11/26/03
11/20/03 18:00 Omaha (outside of, near I-80/Westbound) NE Triangle 20 min Triangle shape craft with multiple lights underneath hovering around I-80 11/26/03
11/20/03 17:45 Rohnert Park CA Fireball 1 second flare-type unidentified light over Rohnert Park, CA 11/26/03
11/20/03 17:40 Riverside CA Circle 10-15 secs Bright Green Circle over 60 FWY 11/26/03
11/20/03 17:34 Campbell CA Other 5 seconds? Bright white/green streak straight into Almaden Valley / Los Gatos area - 5:34pm PST 11/26/03
11/20/03 17:30 Salinas CA Circle 30 Seconds I was not the actual witness but the news stations were discussing the incident for hours and the object was reported from Sacramento,C 11/26/03
11/20/03 17:30 Los Gatos CA Light 3 seconds Single Gigantic White Light in Cylinder shape with light Tail at extremely high rate of speed 11/26/03
11/20/03 17:30 Sunnyvale CA Unknown 6 seconds HUGE Ball of Light Falling from the Sky. Possible meteor or missile test on California coast. 11/26/03
11/20/03 17:30 Scotta Valley CA Other 2-3 seconds Glowing green snowflake object falling to the ground. 11/26/03
11/20/03 17:30 El Rito NM Fireball 15 minutes A bright yellow egg-shaped firey object suddenly appeared in the west on 11/20/03 at l7:30 hours, suddenly vanishing and leaving a smok 11/26/03
11/20/03 17:30 Los Gatos CA Light 3 seconds Single Gigantic-size Solid White Light in Rounded Cone Shape with a light tail behind it traveling at Extremely Fast speed 11/26/03
11/20/03 09:45 Lewisville TX Circle 3 min Very small Yellow circular object moving toward the east at a slow pace 11/26/03
11/19/03 23:00 Redlands CA Light 30 minutes Singular light in night sky. Shifted intensity irregularly. Appeared to give off red, green, white, blue, purple light. 11/26/03
11/19/03 22:41 Hattiesburg MS Triangle 4-5 seconds Triangular Object - Silent - No lights - Low Flying - Light colored markings on underside 12/12/09
11/19/03 22:30 Birmingham AL Light 40 minutes stationery pulsating white starlike object with blue and red flashes appeared to be spinning. 11/26/03
11/19/03 22:25 Abbeville LA Formation 10 minutes It was a scarey sight. 11/26/03
11/19/03 21:45 Austin TX Light 10 minutes They were all the same magnitude brightness and not one object. 11/26/03
11/19/03 21:30 Trenton MO Triangle 30 sec On the night of November 19 2003, after watching my buddys band practice we went outside to load the equipment in his truck. I hear hi 11/26/03
11/19/03 21:30 Trenton MO Triangle 30 sec Triangle shaped craft with 8 lights 4 on nose one in middle one on each wingtip and one on the rear 11/26/03
11/19/03 21:00 Arcadia MO Light 1 hour Swirling colored ball's of light in night sky. 11/26/03
11/19/03 20:30 Farisita CO Light 1 hour Like stars, but moving in different directions, then disappear. 1/17/04
11/19/03 20:07 Marinsvile IN Triangle 10 sec. there were 2 ufo's they made alot of noise. they were as low as trees as 50 ft. 11/26/03
11/19/03 20:00 Catalina Island CA Triangle 4 to 5 min Huge triangle object with big red pulsating lights 11/26/03
11/19/03 19:20 Delton MI Sphere 10 minutes A sherical craft that manuverd around then it flashed green, red, and blue then it vanished 12/9/03
11/19/03 18:05 Lansing MI
30 seconds Flaring star: star got brighter 4x that of mars) and then faded gradually to nothing 2 times 11/26/03
11/19/03 18:00 St. Clair MO Light 15 min lights had strobe affect in a erratic way 11/26/03
11/19/03 17:30 Guelph (Canada) ON Formation 10-12 seconds several crafts flying in a V-shaped formation; Guelph, Ontario 11/26/03
11/19/03 17:15 Eustis FL Sphere 10 minutes Brilliant lightts with a haze 1/17/04
11/19/03 16:31 Chicago (west suburbs) IL Light 5 min 2 soft white lights, one disappears and reappears quickly next to the other during a sunset. 11/26/03
11/19/03 14:00 Valkeala (Finland)
Other 1 minute 12 strange ships come from sky and floated on air. 11/26/03
11/19/03 09:00 Naco (Mexico) AZ Light 09:30 white floating light 11/26/03
11/19/03 05:45 Dallas TX Light over 1 hr. Light in the Western Sky 11/26/03
11/19/03 05:45 Dallas TX Light over 1 hr. Earlier during the day on the 19th of November at about 2:05 pm, I saw a gray cylinder that resembled a fuselage without any wings goin 11/26/03
11/19/03 05:00 Atlanta GA Light 5 minutes plus white light source changing from pinpoint to much brighter size(possibly rotating space debris catching sunlight) 11/26/03
11/19/03 04:30 Coppell TX Unknown 5 minutes i saw eight flashing dots like stars changing colors from red to silver 11/26/03
11/19/03 02:30 Victorville CA Triangle on going 3 hovering objects making quick compensating waterbug-like movements to hold their position. Look like bright stars, except light is f 11/26/03
11/19/03 02:30 Magnolia AR Triangle 30 Seconds Triangle Craft spins overhead and then speeds away. 5/24/05
11/19/03 02:30 Arlington TX Triangle 5 minutes large triangular ship moving slowly on it's path 11/26/03
11/19/03 00:48 Jaipur (India)
Oval 8 sec A group of UFO's were seen, having no lights black and metallic lustre and no shine. 11/26/03
11/19/03 00:30 Fairfield IA Triangle 2-3 minutes MUFON/IOWA FOLLOW-UP REPORT: Low-altitude triangle with triangular shaped pinkish-white lights at angles. 6/4/04
11/19/03 00:30 Fairfield IA Triangle 2-3 minutes observed triangle shaped object fly from north to south at slow speed making no noise. Corners were glowing triangles 11/26/03
11/18/03 23:45 Pine Bluff AR Light 7 seconds light ufo seen on arkansas highway between Little Rock and Pine Bluff appearing to land in nearby woods. 12/9/03
11/18/03 22:30 Huachuca City AZ Oval Ongoing Four circular lights in the eastern sky. 11/26/03
11/18/03 22:00 Chillicothe OH Changing 3 hrs Object changed colors and shapes, divided at one point ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD)) 12/9/03
11/18/03 21:30 Illinois IL Triangle 10-15 sec Lighted V pattern but couldn't determine whether it was one object or several 11/26/03
11/18/03 19:00 Fontana CA Changing 30 seconds It looked like a giant jelly fish with little lights all around. and it kept changing it's shape. I looked a lot like the something fro 11/26/03
11/18/03 18:35 Los Fresnos TX Sphere 5-10 secs Spherical light seen headed due East towards the Gulf Of Mexico. Extremely fast with no apparent noise sound/emmitted. 11/26/03
11/18/03 18:30 Muskego WI Other Watched for at least 10 m Cloud cover, very low ceiling, six rings would move around, then move into one ring, then separate, move around, and go again into one 11/26/03
11/18/03 18:30 Yucaipa CA Light 20 sec Orbital lights, bright, flashing or stationary 11/26/03
11/18/03 13:55 New York City (Queens) NY Cigar 10 seconds cigar shaped object fling fast near jfk airport 11/26/03
11/18/03 04:00 Roskilde (Denmark)
Oval 1 min Fishing trip turned interesting. 12/9/03
11/18/03 02:30 New York City (Staten Island) NY Unknown 20 min Me and my bro saw alien and ufo at our house 11/26/03
11/17/03 20:30 Burbank CA Sphere 10 munites A bright gold sphere in Burbank, CA @ 8:30 pm seen in the southern sky 11/26/03
11/17/03 19:45 Miami FL Light 5 seconds White Orb 11/26/03
11/17/03 17:45 San Francisco CA Light 10 minutes What looked like shooting stars over the east in the San Francisco bay area. 11/26/03
11/17/03 16:45 Miami FL Unknown 1 min Invisible Jet or I'm Blind. 11/26/03
11/17/03 14:10 Yuma AZ Formation ongoing Straightline formation of numerous white "lego-type" objects in flight above Yuma Az,as viewed online from the local satellite of www.w 11/26/03
11/16/03 23:32 Enterprise AL Light about 4 min. Three to four different oblects together being attacked by jets. 11/26/03
11/16/03 23:00 Appleton (near) ME Triangle 40+ minutes I saw a bright odd-shaped star through my bedroom window facing southeast in a valley toward the coast of Camden, Maine (about 22 mile 11/26/03
11/16/03 21:00 Corona CA Light 30 to 45 minutes two white lights with red light blinking back and forth,moving to the right then back to the left. 11/26/03
11/16/03 21:00 San Diego CA Circle 15 minutes + Walking back to my apartment and noticing the sky had cleared between storms, I looked up to see and appreciate the clear, dark sky and 11/26/03
11/16/03 20:00 NV/CA state line (near; above the I-15) CA Other 30 secs Dark object spotted over Interstate 15 near CA/NV state line 11/26/03
11/16/03 19:30 St. Petersburg FL Circle one hour Circular object flying overhead 11/26/03
11/16/03 18:46 Texas City TX Unknown 1 minute approx. Saw straight line star color objects moving at a high rate of speed from south to north;moving too fast to be bird formation,also maint 11/26/03
11/16/03 18:15 Wentzville MO Light 3 seconds Bright Light 11/26/03
11/16/03 18:00 Wakefield (UK/England)
Light 10 mins Bright red light moving slowly with loud humming noise 12/9/03
11/16/03 17:30 Lawton OK Other about 30 mins 2 crescent shaped lights moving and changing into "rockets" with red flames, and no white streaks behind them. 11/26/03
11/16/03 16:15 UK/England
Oval 45 minutes UFO filmed over Leyland, Lancashire, U. K. 11/26/03
11/16/03 15:00 Coquitlam (Canada) BC Other few seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: A elongated, whitish/silver shaped light just below the cloud cover. 1/17/04
11/16/03 11:35 Woodland Hills CA Light 5-10 Seconds Intense, White Light Streaks Across The 101 Freeway Towards Simi Valley!! 11/26/03
11/16/03 11:30 Los Angeles CA Other 30 minutes Stars in the mid-day sun. 11/26/03
11/16/03 11:05 Melbourne (VIC, Australia)
Disk 1 min bright glowwing yellow lights 11/26/03
11/16/03 07:30 Burns Lake (Canada) BC Light approx: 1 minute HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Glowing bright reddish light, lights up highway #16 11/26/03
11/16/03 06:30 Santa Bonifacio (Corsica)
Disk 10 minutes approx Moon colored disk objects sighted from the second floor of Le Royal Hotel at 6:30 AM Nov. 16, 2003 12/19/03
11/16/03 01:10 Mebane NC Unknown 5 min Unseen object's, Very loud sonic booms over Mebane NC 11/26/03
11/15/03 23:30 Sacramento CA Unknown 2 seconds We heard and felt an unearthly object pass down our street, traveling incredibly fast. 11/26/03
11/15/03 23:00 Colorado (on interstate) CO Triangle 60 minutes Silent craft followed highway 10/30/12
11/15/03 22:45 Palm Coast FL Triangle 7 seconds Very large V shape with lights, haze, silent,moving east extremely fast. 11/26/03
11/15/03 22:00 Athens AL Triangle 15 seconds Triangular shaped craft with three dimmly lit lights on the bottom of it and It was following something on the interstate going south. 3/23/04
11/15/03 22:00 Jacksonville Beach FL Rectangle 2 minutes UFO streaks past hotel and unreported aerial search of beach and ocean is conducted by the navy (most likely) or coast gaurd 11/26/03
11/15/03 22:00 South Portsmouth KY Light 3minutes I was walking outside for a breath of air.It was about 10pm.I looked uped at the sky to look at the planes and stars.I looked towards P 11/26/03
11/15/03 21:00 Bournemouth (UK/England)
11/15/03 21:00 Vernon (Canada) BC Light 4 to 5 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Large bright florescent green colored round ball of light. 11/26/03
11/15/03 21:00 Salisbury MD Diamond 10 seconds Sighting of a huge, diamond shape UFO in Maryland. 11/26/03
11/15/03 21:00 Apex NC Formation stationary? I photographed 3 planets lined up but my digital camera came back with a strange "constellation"?? 1/31/04
11/15/03 21:00 Irmo SC Circle 5 minutes Strange Hovering Object 6/18/04
11/15/03 20:13 Englewood FL Formation 6 seconds 4 ights in a row wiggling like a centerpede 11/26/03
11/15/03 19:30 Sierra Vista AZ Unknown 1 hour + The pulsating light kept moving over our area for over an hour with no sound emitting from it and the light pulsating the whole time. 11/26/03
11/15/03 19:30 Halifax (Canada) NS Unknown 1min. Strange lights moving together across the night sky then disapear moving extremely fast. 11/26/03
11/15/03 18:15 Gilbert AZ Fireball 25 Nov 20 Bright Red light low in sky moving northeast across Gilbert, Arizona. 11/26/03
11/15/03 18:00 Watersmeet MI Light 2 hours Mystery Light in Northern Michigan 12/19/03
11/15/03 18:00 Fuquay Varina NC Disk 1 minute I was traveling on state road 1010 heading towards Hwy 401 around 6pm, just North of Fuquay Varina, NC. Just above the tree line on th 1/10/09
11/15/03 18:00 Strawberry AZ Disk 45 min Landed Object viewed with High Power Scope at Length 5/24/05
11/15/03 17:30 Bradenton FL Other 3-5 minutes 3 objects that were very odd in color and moved quickly and then hovered at times. Bright flashes of light as each disappeared. 11/26/03
11/15/03 17:00 Tracy CA Teardrop 7 mins I had just left tracy, CA traveling west on I-205 towards San Francisco. The sky was a little stormy but there was a clearing in it ju 11/26/03
11/15/03 17:00 Sky CIty NM Other 5 min. New Mexico and UFOS 11/26/03
11/15/03 17:00 Union City MI Oval 17:26 Orange/red meshed object Union City, Michigan 3/4/08
11/15/03 16:00 New York City (Bronx) NY Light 30 seconds or so white light on the sky, moving slowly, then suddenly disapearing over the sky ( the sky was clear, really clear that day)! 7/25/04
11/15/03 15:00 Albuquerque NM Oval 10 SECONDS WHITE OBJECT OVER ABQ, NM. 5/4/04
11/15/03 14:00 Superior AZ Sphere at least 1 hr Silver Sphere Hindreds of Witnesses Superior AZ 11/26/03
11/15/03 11:30 Poughkeepsie NY Light 1-2 min Red light in the night sky. 1/27/05
11/15/03 11:30 Coachella Valley CA Light
Group of fuzzy, oval illuminations in the desert night sky 11/26/03
11/15/03 02:00 Santee CA Formation 12 minutes Four saucers in a diamond formation. 11/26/03
11/15/03 00:20 Twenty Nine Palms CA Diamond 30 sec Fast moving vehicle with no sound. 11/26/03
11/15/03 00:00 Moe (Australia)
Light 5 mins a moving object seen in the distant stars 3/2/04
11/15/03 Selcuk (Turkey)
11/14/03 23:34 La Canada Flintridge CA Other 8 minutes didnt see object very well but saw a HUGE amazing yellow light covering my WHOLE window and saw only one of its lights from the object 5/15/06
11/14/03 23:15 Floral City FL Changing 20 minutes Circular/Oval shape with red, orange, blue and green lights hovering 11/26/03
11/14/03 22:30 Hortense GA Cigar 2 hours Object appeared just below the Big Dipper. Colors were red,yellow,green and blue. Seemed to descend as we watched it. Began to ascend 11/26/03
11/14/03 21:00 Lake Butler FL Light 1-5min bright white light shot down below treeline 11/26/03
11/14/03 20:00 Punta Gorda FL Flash seconds flashes and power failure in florida 11/26/03
11/14/03 19:30 Sanford FL Light 15 min Traveling east on I4 I spotted a bright white light w/ 2 flashing red lights 11/26/03
11/14/03 18:00 Haslingden (UK/England)
Rectangle 20 seconds 4 lights square 1 red dot traveling anti-clockwise 11/26/03
11/14/03 17:30 Niles OH Circle presently ocurring Objects were soft blue in color, formation appeared as fuzzy clouds. They did not make any sound, hovered and frequently criss crossed 11/26/03
11/14/03 17:30 Niles OH Circle presently ocurring MUFON/OHIO FOLLOW-UP REPORT: People followed and watched by objects in Niles, Ohio 1/17/04
11/14/03 17:00 La Center WA Triangle 7 minutes triangular craft spotted in washington state 11/26/03
11/14/03 14:50 Charleston SC Sphere 5 minutes silver orb associated with chemtrails 12/9/03
11/14/03 12:00 Port Angeles WA Unknown 10-15 seconds Unexplainably loud , extremely close, hovering noise which resembles a large aircraft. 11/26/03
11/14/03 00:00 Midlothian VA Circle 10 to 15 minutes This was pretty weird, we live in the country somewhat. My house is high on a hill and my deck you can see the woods far away. I woke u 11/26/03
11/13/03 21:30 Hortense GA Changing 20 minutes bright object with colors of red,blue,green and yellow, moving in an erractic pattern and changing shape 11/26/03
11/13/03 21:30 Atlantic Ocean (Virgin Islands)
Rectangle 1 minute A bright Orange Object appeared to be observing our cruise ship in the southern atlantic ocean 11/26/03
11/13/03 21:10 Port Orchard WA Unknown continuing My husband went out onto our back deck at approximately 21:10 on Thursday evening and suddenly called out to myself, and my daughter to 11/26/03
11/13/03 20:00 South Portsmouth KY Light 3minutes I saw a ufo at 9:00pm on the 13th. 12/9/03
11/13/03 19:00 Warren MI Triangle 10 Min. 4 lights close to horizon 11/26/03
11/13/03 18:45 London (Canada) ON Other
Large square object with white lights flying about 40 feet over my head completly silent 2/12/04
11/13/03 18:00 Virginia Beach VA Disk UFO I went out to back bay . I was taking pictures of the area. I captured this on my digital camera. that about sums it up. I was alone. 11/28/07
11/13/03 18:00 Boothbay Harbor ME Light 20 min This is the Second Report I have done in the last two days. I had written about UFO Objects that hover in the sky that first appear to 11/26/03
11/13/03 18:00 Boothbay Harbor ME Light 20 min Star Like UFO's that are Hidden in the Stars, But With Binoculars, Are Obviously Discs; I Saw 10-20 tonight!!!! 11/26/03
11/13/03 15:00 Vallejo CA Formation half hour approx STARTED WITH 4 COMING OUT OF THE SKY THEN 5 THEN 7 THEN 8 THEY WOULD COME TOGETHER THE LEAVE 11/26/03
11/13/03 13:34 New York City (Staten Island) NY Fireball 1 min I was sitting in my backyard And i saw a Big red fireball across the sky, my wife marge, and my dad, George were with me i was worried 11/26/03
11/13/03 06:50 St. Louis MO Cigar 45 seconds Cigar shaped slow moving haze or shadow 11/26/03
11/13/03 05:00 Hanover Park IL Triangle 2 MIN Possible triangle caught on tape in Illinois. 11/26/03
11/13/03 02:30 Eden UT Diamond 15 mins then out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of light 11/26/03
11/13/03 02:00 Montour Falls NY Oval
Oval shaped with lights on under belly. 12/9/03
11/13/03 01:30 Aruba (Caribbean)
Triangle 3 HOURS AND 20 MINUTES Strange lights off the coastline of Aruba 1/17/04
11/12/03 23:45 Kelowna (Canada) BC Light approx: 8 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Bright green lights in the area. 11/26/03
11/12/03 23:30 Orlando FL Cone 1 hour Approximately 11:30 - midnight the night of Nov 12, 2003, I observed a cone-shaped hovering object in the Southeasterly sky. It was to 11/26/03
11/12/03 22:05 Nashville TN Other 20 seconds Serpentine object with windows. 11/26/03
11/12/03 21:30 Lyons CO Sphere 3 Hr Color was yellow,red and it did not move in any direction,it just disappeared. 12/16/05
11/12/03 21:00 Boothbay Harbor ME Disk 1 hour Bright Red Objects with Orbiting White Lights/ Hovering Discs with Green,Red, Blue, White Lights Dancing Around It 11/26/03
11/12/03 19:20 Charlotte NC Light 1 minute more or less dimming light that rotated counter-clockwise and then shot across the sky and vanished 11/26/03
11/12/03 18:30 Arkansas (NE part, US Rt 67) AR Other 1-2 hrs NE Arkansas Sightings 12/9/03
11/12/03 15:32 Livermore CA Other Two Minutes I was driving down Lido Lane in Livermore, California, driving northwest. Something caught my eye that at first glance looked like a st 11/26/03
11/12/03 09:30

1 I recognized what could be a typical UFO in the news ((NUFORC Note: "UFO" is street lamp. PD)) 11/26/03
11/12/03 09:30 Tomball TX Triangle 1 minute v shaped almost triangles moving across the sky 11/26/03
11/12/03 09:00 Canton MI Oval 1-2 minutes Oval shaped, Gray colored, and flying low and fast 11/26/03
11/12/03 05:00 El Monte CA Oval 5-10 seconds Oval flying object across my window screen 5-10 seconds 11/26/03
11/12/03 01:00 Huber Heights OH Unknown over 30days The objects moved in a fasion not consistent with conventional aircraft and were completely silent. 11/26/03
11/11/03 23:30 Saskatoon (Canada) SK Triangle 1 minute 3 triangular white lights traveling too slow and too low to be a plane 11/26/03
11/11/03 22:00 Aurora IL Formation 2 hours every ten minuts the 4 disk shaped formation flashed about half an hor later i past out 11/26/03
11/11/03 21:00 Chesterfield (UK/England)
Fireball 20 seconds it came from left to rite ,in a green fkesh going down,, 11/26/03
11/11/03 20:50 Paddock Lake WI Sphere 2 seconds Silvery sphere, glowing white, headed southwest very quickly from Paddock Lake, Wisconsin 11/26/03
11/11/03 20:50 Hawks MI Changing 3 min. One night my friends and I were coming home when we saw a very bright light that disappeared. 11/26/03
11/11/03 20:00 Williamstownm MA Triangle 2 min. Long Triangular Object seen around eclipse 12/9/03
11/11/03 19:50 Wewahitchka FL Other 4-5 seconds Green object falling but not as fast as a shooting star 11/26/03
11/11/03 19:00 Lansdale PA Triangle 30 seconds Low, slow, nealy silent delta wing 'airliner.' 11/26/03
11/11/03 19:00 Grayslake IL Diamond 1 minute Dimond shaped craft with pulsating multicolor lights -- very fast -- not a plane. 11/26/03
11/11/03 18:10 Brandon FL Disk 15 min. Glowing saucer-shaped light hovering, then lowering. 11/26/03
11/11/03 18:00 Hueytown AL Other 2:00min. Y shaped 11/26/03
11/11/03 16:50 San Jose CA Unknown aprox 30 seconds stationary Object apeared at first to be star than faded and became two or three objects then faded out ocmpletely. 11/26/03
11/11/03 16:00 Woodstock GA Teardrop 30 mins Great design for travel and being seen clearly. 11/26/03
11/11/03 00:00 South Lyon MI Light 3 min 3 bright lights flying in formation around each other. then, vanished into the sky 11/26/03
11/10/03 23:50 Tuscaloosa AL Cone 15 minutes Bulky Conical object abducts human 11/26/03
11/10/03 22:21 Pensacola FL Sphere 5 - 8 secs. Orange Sphere over Northwest Florida 11/26/03
11/10/03 21:30 Portsmouth NH Triangle 15 minutes Saw Triangle UFO, low right above trees, with white light at each point. Did a 180° turn directly over road without slowing down. 7/3/13
11/10/03 20:00 Las Vegas NV Formation
Strange light formation on photo of night sky over Las Vegas 11/26/03
11/10/03 20:00 Watsonville CA Disk 5 min Disk shaped object flew low, had 4 light and an antenna, once i began to run after it, it lowered as if it were goin to land. 11/26/03
11/10/03 19:00 Chino CA Circle 1 minute Watched as hovering green circular craft stopped and then flew off. 11/26/03
11/10/03 18:30 West Covina CA Disk 5 minutes Cloud-like saucer shape with top and bottom domes having flashing lights moving slowly at low altitude. 11/26/03
11/10/03 18:20 Pasadena CA Disk 15 min Driving East on 210 Fwy, looked to right, and my Daughter and I saw a saucer, fluorcent lights, just kept on hovering, did have a red l 11/26/03
11/10/03 07:30 Audubon MN Light 20 seconds moving light in sky, changed direction and disappeared 11/26/03
11/10/03 02:30 Tucson AZ Light 10 minutes 3 starlike lights moving together in unison very bright and low, then disappearing together. 11/11/03
11/10/03 00:45 Las Vegas NV Light 1 min or less 7-8 objects with green lights in las vegas 11/11/03
11/9/03 22:56 Rutledge PA Other 30+ Mins Eratic moving star - sphere with with crescent reflection. 11/11/03
11/9/03 21:00 Hayward CA Triangle 30-sec. Trianglular object 11/11/03
11/9/03 19:30 Kau HI Fireball 2.5 Hr. In Nov. 2003 my two friends and I saw 50 or so Fireballs 4/30/04
11/9/03 18:05 Rocklin CA Light 15 - 20 seconds Brilliant white light that pulsated, enlarged, pulsated again, faded and moved away. 11/11/03
11/9/03 14:00 Batavia IL Sphere 5 minutes 4 object in daylight 11/26/03
11/9/03 00:30 Springfield MA Formation 2 Minutes November 8 Lights over Massachusetts 11/26/03
11/8/03 23:00 Kelowna (Canada) BC Light unknown HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Continuing Abduction Problems For Kelowna, B.C. Family. Plus Green Lights Return. 11/26/03
11/8/03 22:00 Battle Creek MI Diamond 30-40 sec Silent UFO over Battle Creek MI on night of Eclipse. 1/22/04
11/8/03 21:30 Richmond VA Triangle 20 seconds A V-shaped formation of triangles moving across the sky 1/17/04
11/8/03 21:15 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Chevron 15 minutes V-shaped translucent object seen near the moon during the eclipse 5/15/06
11/8/03 21:00 Bearlake PA Unknown Unknown Lunar Spotting 11/26/03
11/8/03 21:00 Washington NC Light 2-3 minutes 50-75' lights hover than streak away out of sight 6/20/05
11/8/03 21:00 Charlottesville VA Unknown 60 seconds 3 flashing objects moving , stopping flashing blue and red in the sky then disappearing in space 11/11/03
11/8/03 21:00 St. James NY Triangle 5 min this happened during the end of the luner eclips i would have put it on eairlier but i have been out any way this was around 9:00 i was 11/26/03
11/8/03 20:35 Portland ME Other about 3-4 seconds I was watching the lunar eclipse out by Back Cove from a soccer field. I was alone, and pretty much freezing to death. I saw a shape mo 11/26/03
11/8/03 20:35 College Point NY Formation about 10 seconds Three large luminescent objects 5/15/06
11/8/03 20:35 New York City (Manhattan) NY Triangle 45 min-1 hour "V" shaped light formations over manhattan during lunar eclipse 11/26/03
11/8/03 20:30 New York City (Manhattan) (upper east side) NY Chevron 15 MINUTES Two Chevrons over New York City 11/26/03
11/8/03 20:30 Cornish NH Other 1 minute I observed the lights for only a brief time (30-40 seconds) and dismissed them as a distance cluster of stars as they didn't move. 11/26/03
11/8/03 20:30 Ozone Park NY Triangle 15minutes Sliver or Dark Grey Colored Boomerang With No Lights Or Sound 11/11/03
11/8/03 20:30 New York City NY Disk ~1 minute Dark, silent cylinder/worm shape over NYC the night of the eclipse 12/9/03
11/8/03 20:17 Augusta ME Sphere 14 seconds I went out side to look at the Lunar Eclipse, When i asked my Fiancee to come outside and look at the Lunar Eclipse. As I was looking a 11/11/03
11/8/03 20:16 New York City (Yonkers) NY Formation 2 sec Right half of arrow. 11/26/03
11/8/03 20:15 New York City NY Triangle 1 minute Triange shaped object moving across the sky in New York City on a Lunar eclipse 11/11/03
11/8/03 20:10 Penn Yan NY Chevron 1 min 30 sec Lunar Eclipse UFOS - Illuminated Geese 11/26/03
11/8/03 20:10 Newington CT Other 20 seconds I was in my backyard viewing the lunar eclipse when i noticed 15 objects flying just below the lunar eclipse at about 8:10pm, they were 11/11/03
11/8/03 20:05 Sewickley PA Unknown moments J shape by Moon 11/26/03
11/8/03 20:04 London (Canada) ON Rectangle seconds Rectangular shape, white, fluttered out of a cloud, descended, then sped off very quickly. 11/11/03
11/8/03 20:00 Philadelphia PA Formation 1-2 min. A v-shaped line of lights moving in unison. 12/9/03
11/8/03 20:00 New York City NY Changing 2 minutes Strange Line Over Manhattan 11/26/03
11/8/03 20:00 New York City (Jamaica area) NY Other 10:00 UFO SIGHTING DURING ECLIPSE NOVEMBER 7, 2003 11/11/03
11/8/03 20:00 Old Saybrook CT Light 30 min Group of 6 to 8 luminous objects slowly moving form NE to SW in the direction of New York City. 11/26/03
11/8/03 20:00 London (Canada) ON Rectangle 2 minutes CLear veiw of very large craft on night of Moon eclipse 11/26/03
11/8/03 20:00 Venice FL Flash seconds Two separate flashes across the sky on 11-08 lunar eclipse seen from our driveway around 8pm-8:30pm 11/26/03
11/8/03 20:00 Merritt Island FL Other 15+ minutes Moving stars underneath the lunar eclipse 11/26/03
11/8/03 20:00 New York City (Manhattan) NY Formation Approx. 1 hour Shape-changing formations above New York City during lunar eclipse 11/11/03
11/8/03 20:00 Parkertown NJ Other 1-3 secs while watching the lunar eclipse I observed a metallic object over the moon. 1/31/04
11/8/03 20:00 Holtsville NY Other 10seconds V-shape object seen in backyard during lunar eclipse. 1/17/04
11/8/03 20:00 Harvard IL Triangle 5 minutes Harvard, IL. 11/8/03 8:00 pm 5 minutes triangle shape no noise traveling to the south south east lights on side and rear 11/11/03
11/8/03 19:55 Sayreville NJ Unknown 40 seconds While watching the Luner Eclipes with a Meade Telescope, passing objects have been videotaped 3/2/04
11/8/03 19:55 Brookline MA Other 4 minutes hook shape of multiple small lights gliding silently at night during lunar eclipse 11/11/03
11/8/03 19:50 Bridgewater NJ Light 30 seconds During a lunar eclipse: faint reddish light zig-zagging swiftly away from the moon. 11/11/03
11/8/03 19:45 Grafton MA Formation 30 seconds Looked like ducks flying south with lights. 11/11/03
11/8/03 19:30 Attleboro MA Triangle 30sec a very lowflying massive craft spotted during lunar eclipse 11/11/03
11/8/03 19:30 Virginia Beach VA Chevron 45 seconds sighting during lunar eclipse 11/26/03
11/8/03 19:30 LaFayette GA Changing 30 seconds boomerang shaped, football field size, gliding silently, reflecting stars above it to the underside of it 11/26/03
11/8/03 19:00 Glen Lyon PA Sphere seconds Took a series of photos of moon eclipse at five minute intervals and one captured lights in the sky. 11/26/03
11/8/03 19:00 Pensacola FL Chevron 10 seconds Another boomerage shaped craft during lunar eclispe 11/26/03
11/8/03 19:00 West Bloomfield MI Fireball 5 to 6 Sec I also saw a fireball on the Night of the 11/08/03 Lunar Eclipse! 11/26/03
11/8/03 18:52 Bellingham WA Unknown a few seconds Three orange streaks the time of the lunar eclipes. 1/17/04
11/8/03 18:40 Colorado Springs CO Other 1 minute Backlit by the nearly eclipsed moon, my husband and I saw a dark, fuzzy boomeranged shaped object moving slowly. 11/11/03
11/8/03 18:30 Phoenix AZ Flash seconds "Shooting star" below cloud layer 4/9/04
11/8/03 18:30 Gananoque (Canada) ON Rectangle 5-6 mins Orange oval eclipe night 11/26/03
11/8/03 18:30 Madras OR Circle 15 minutes At about 6:30 p.m. 11/08/03, our next door neighbor's litte girl came over, knocked on the door, and asked if we wanted to see a UFO. 11/26/03
11/8/03 18:10 Ottawa (Canada) ON Circle 10 SECS We were driving west down hwy 174 from Orleans just east of Ottawa at 1810hrs at about 15 to 20 degrees in the NW direction were notice 11/26/03
11/8/03 18:00 New York City (Staten Island) NY Light 5 min Three reddish orange star-like lights pass high in the sky. 11/11/03
11/8/03 17:55 Meriden CT Light 2 min. We saw the lunock light for about 2 min. the took off in the light! 11/11/03
11/8/03 17:30 West Central MN Oval Few seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Object was oval in shape, turns to a vertical position and emits a red glow. 11/26/03
11/8/03 15:00 Springfield OR Cigar 10 minutes Two dark objects flying low without any sounds. 11/11/03
11/8/03 13:00 Maluhia (Maui) HI Other several minutes Intriguing rock shaped object 12/7/06
11/8/03 07:00 Adelanto CA Other 1 minute something drew my eyes to it, as I do not always look in that particular direction when walking on my walkway 11/26/03
11/8/03 00:05 Marsing ID Flash flash then several minute While sitting in living room talking about the bible, a brillant flash came through the windows, ran outside seeing meteriors shooting 11/8/03
11/7/03 22:00 Tulsa OK Formation 15 minutes plus Hundreds of glowing white objects in dozens of formations silently traveled for 15-20 minutes over Tulsa, Ok., 10/31/03 or 11/7/03. 11/26/03
11/7/03 20:00 Newport OR Other about 5 min This object was on the south beach area near the airport. I believe the object was partially behind a hill, so I wasn't able to get a 11/11/03
11/7/03 18:30 Barrie (Canada) ON Other 45 seconds I have never seen anything like it before. 11/26/03
11/7/03 18:30 Englewood FL Light 30 minutes A large bright light moved swiftly across the ocean after sunset suddenly stopped and didn't move any more. 12/9/03
11/7/03 17:11 Burnaby (Canada) BC Fireball 3 seconds Suspected meteorite - glowing debris descending very fast and steep 11/8/03
11/7/03 17:00 Quesnel (Canada) BC Light 3 to 4 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Light shot across the sky getting brighter 11/11/03
11/7/03 17:00 Vancouver (Canada) BC Fireball 3 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: It was large and had a long flaming/ sparking tail. 11/11/03
11/7/03 16:00 Oxford AL Cylinder about 1 minute Crystalline Object appears briefly near Mount Cheaha in the Talladega National Forest. 11/26/03
11/7/03 09:30 El Paso TX Sphere 45 seconds round object moving very slowly has no kem trail while another obvious jet does dissapears then NASA's jets start flyin around. 11/8/03
11/7/03 07:00 Port Angeles WA Fireball 10 minutes Object with glowing, sparkling tail seen traveling across the sky, disappearing over mountains. 12/9/03
11/7/03 01:00 Glendale AZ Triangle 10 sec Sitting outside with wife and witnessed a large triangular shaped object had no sound or lights. I got my wifes attention and she witne 6/4/04
11/7/03 00:00 Livingston MT Fireball 5 seconds Round green sphere, dropping beind the mountains, and landing. 11/11/03
11/7/03 00:00 Horizon City TX Light 3 minutes Bright star like object 11/26/03
11/7/03 00:00 Pikeville KY Light 30 mins. Odd crying and electronic beeping from hills, odd creature seen during childhood. 12/19/03
11/6/03 22:30 Kittery ME Cylinder 20 MINUTES BRIGHT LIGHTS NEAR NAVAL BASE 11/8/03
11/6/03 22:00 Moultrie GA Other about 40 minutes I wasted 40 minutes of my life gazing at flashing lights 11/8/03
11/6/03 21:00 Poulsbo WA Fireball 10 seconds Large Green lighted object falling from sky. 11/26/03
11/6/03 20:00 Santa Clarita CA Cigar one minute cigar shaped craft, huge in size with a number of red lights slowly crossed the moon lit sky with a small craft chasing after it. 11/8/03
11/6/03 19:50 Reno NV Circle one minute Bright white disc of light the size of a full moon approximately shot straight up into the sky & disapeared in less than 1 sec. 11/26/03
11/6/03 19:30 Portland/Gresham OR Light 1 minute Yellow/orange light in evening sky followed by military jet activity 11/11/03
11/6/03 17:50 Gulfport MS Changing 4 min Cluster of small red blinking lights that changed shape with each blink, no background 11/26/03
11/6/03 11:30 New Richmond WI Oval 2 min. I was driving along on I94 about 25 miles from St. Paul, Mn. I seen an oval shape object moving was approximately 1 mile awa 11/11/03
11/6/03 11:30 Portland (I-5/Lombard Exit) OR Sphere 2-3 min. Young woman reports witnessing F-15 fighter jets approach a peculiar sphere over Interstate 5. 11/8/03
11/6/03 05:15 San Jose CA
15 Minutes About 5:05 saw a huge ball of shining light that lasted for about 15 minutes. 11/11/03
11/5/03 22:36 Dunstable (UK/England)
Cigar 7 mins This was very wierd (and cigarish) 12/19/03
11/5/03 22:30 Glasshouse Mountains (Australia)
Light 45mins A single light flashing all over Mt Ngungun, including well above it and halfway down sheer cliffs. 12/9/03
11/5/03 21:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Flash 15 seconds BURST OF GREEN GLOWING LIGHT IN THE NIGHT SKY 11/8/03
11/5/03 21:00 Weona-Harrisburg-Waldenburg AR Triangle 1-2 Trinangles and Meteors seen over Nortrheast AR. 11/26/03
11/5/03 21:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Light 10 secs Light swooped in, I was on highway 400 north at exit 88.

Light was Greenish blue about400 feet off the ground, thought it was going
11/5/03 20:50 St. Joseph MO Other 3-5 minutes 2 ufo's with red lights on the sides and a large white light in the center came 50ft above my car on the higway shining light on me. 11/8/03
11/5/03 20:35 Mabank TX Oval 5 Seconds It came up from the pasture and darted toward the car. It had a yellow glow around it. 9/29/04
11/5/03 20:26 Granite Falls WA Fireball 1 - 2 seconds Brilliant green fireball was seen falling and trailing debris near Mt. Pilchuck 11/8/03
11/5/03 20:00 Parrish FL Light 1 minute Strange cone-shaped beam of light moves through clouds over Florida. 11/8/03
11/5/03 19:00 Alexandria VA Unknown few seconds 6-8 Bright lights, in a line. Moving slowly north. Over or near Old Town Alexandria/Potomac River. 11/8/03
11/5/03 18:45 Huddersfield (UK/England)
11/5/03 12:20 Burlington VT Disk 1 minute On Nov.5th,2003 at 12:20 P.M. our 12-year old son was home early from having only one half a day of school, I was home early from work 11/8/03
11/5/03 11:30 Esperance (Australia)
Teardrop 20 seconds White spot, moving in one direction and at a slow pace. No defining shape, just a spot. 12/19/03
11/5/03 11:00 Portland OR Circle 5 minutes Dear PD, On 11/5/03, my wife described a sighting to me that sounds very similar to one reported by a witness in your database for Port 11/11/03
11/5/03 08:30 Horn Lake MS Fireball 5 seconds? Totally unexpected, brilliant and very possibly a slightly curved course. 11/8/03
11/4/03 23:15 Loveland CO Oval 1 minute Oval ufo speeding SE to NW 11/8/03
11/4/03 23:15 Bowling Green (Plum Springs) KY Unknown 30 secs Stationary object appeared a little brighter than mars when it was visible a couple months ago. Obviously something low in the atmosph 11/8/03
11/4/03 22:52 Adelaide (South Australia)
Light 15 minutes A bright white light with purple/blue glow. Got Big. 11/8/03
11/4/03 20:50 Deming NM Disk 15 sec. Orange glowing disk south west of Deming NM on night of 11/04/03 11/8/03
11/4/03 20:30 Ellsinore MO Light 30 sec First saw 3 large bright lights at treetop level. The lights were horizontal and evenly spaced. As we were looking at the three light 11/8/03
11/4/03 20:00 Belvidere NC Other 10 minutes My family saw strange flying object making wild jerky movements while other objects hovered above in a circle 11/8/03
11/4/03 20:00 The Colony TX Unknown ongoing Spherical cell formation, to strange lights and aircraft in the sky, and now actual beings amongst us. 11/8/03
11/4/03 19:30 Greenville MO Light 1 minute THE TWO LIGHTS CAME ON THEN JUST WENT OUT WITH NO SOUND OR ANY THING . 11/8/03
11/4/03 19:00 Rye CO Circle 10 Seconds Circular Orange object 11/8/03
11/4/03 18:00 Poulsbo WA Circle 5-10 sec Saw a Circular Floursecent Green Object Hover and Disappear near Poulsbo 8/11/04
11/4/03 17:20 Wexford PA Cylinder 10 minutes What ever it was it was not from this world. 11/26/03
11/4/03 06:15 Phoenxiville PA Circle 30 minutes The objects were flying around. 11/26/03
11/4/03 05:27 California City (east of) CA Light 5 minutes 5 large red/orange hovering lights east of California City 11/8/03
11/4/03 01:14 Seattle WA Light 6 seconds This was a meteor sighting. It was very bright, and broke in two after a few seconds. 11/8/03
11/4/03 00:00 Waldenburg/Harrisburg (between) AR Triangle
triangle aprox. 20 ft on each side with a large white light in the front, two blue flashing light on the back, and small red in center 11/8/03
11/3/03 22:30 Rockledge FL Unknown 5-10 minutes Lights like a plane, not exactly the same, and disappearing after trees blocked my view. 11/8/03
11/3/03 21:45 Campbell CA Light 15 seconds Pinpoint of light moving far too fast to be a satellite...Also not a meteor because there was no trail...... 11/8/03
11/3/03 21:00 Charlotte NC Triangle 30 seconds Triangle shaped object with 3 round lights 11/8/03
11/3/03 18:30 Miami FL Other 30 min What thought to be stars that suddenly moved. 11/8/03
11/3/03 17:40 North Bergen NJ Other 45 minutes Star moving on a zig zag and cicular motion. 11/8/03
11/3/03 15:20 Holly Pond AL Oval 7 - 9 seconds On my way home from class this afternoon, I saw a very shiny object in the sky. It looked like a shiny egg lying on its side. 11/8/03
11/3/03 11:45 Mobile AL Triangle about 1 min. a triangular bright white object seen out of store window in Mobile, AL with eratict motion.. 11/8/03
11/3/03 05:30 Ashdown AR Other 30 seconds A bright light followed by a hazy tail, wider at the end, with a smaller bright light at the end, hovered in place then moved quickly. 11/8/03
11/3/03 00:50 Everett WA Circle 5 Min Large Bright Oarnge Ball shaped light and Dark shape above it and weird Star like thing in distance 11/8/03
11/3/03 00:00 Morris AL Diamond 1-2 hours I saw what i thought was a star going super nova. 11/8/03
11/3/03 00:00 Lake Buena Vista FL Other short Epcot UFOs explained 11/8/03
11/3/03 Lake Buena Vista (Epcot Center) FL Unknown
How many time must I say this? 3/1/04
11/2/03 00:00 Rockford IL Unknown 2 seconds November, Exact date I'm not sure of except it was early in the month. Sky was clear and I was taking a walk as I usually do. It was ju 11/8/03
11/2/03 22:00 Inola OK Light 2 Hours Strange flashing lights. 11/8/03
11/2/03 21:15 Dallas TX Flash 3 seconds Very bright light (almost green) fell out of the sky and then disappeared in a very well-lit area. Did not look like a shooting star. 11/8/03
11/2/03 18:00 Forest Lake MN Triangle 5-7 minutes Saw a triangular shaped craft that emmitted a beam directly at us and then followed over the top of our vehicle for a short distance. 11/26/03
11/2/03 17:00 Delhi (India)
Egg 5 sec the eeg shape thing moving with great velocity and glowing completely with white light following a rainbow path 11/8/03
11/2/03 13:19 Seoul (South Korea)
Disk less than 1 sec Among 3 pictures taken in 1 sec in a row, it showed only in the middle 11/8/03
11/2/03 04:20 Round Lake Beach IL Triangle 1 hour two objects one v shaped 3 lights on top, under brownish dimmed light another triangle shaped lights on top flying north. 12/9/03
11/2/03 00:30 Spring TX Unknown 1 minute There were pulsed white light surrounding an object with circular blue lights with a ring of red and white light underneath. 11/8/03
11/1/03 23:56 Fairfield CA Diamond 40 seconds Double-diamond shaped object sighted in Fairfield CA. Silhouetted by half-moon. No speed estimate. 11/8/03
11/1/03 23:20 San Francisco CA Oval 1 hour large hovering object UFO I thought was plane isn't moving and isn't a star -- I've done astronomy 11/8/03
11/1/03 23:00 Philadelphia PA Circle 10 min Kings Dominion Circle, seen at night five years ago 8/5/09
11/1/03 21:00 Chawton (Hampshire) (UK/England)
Other about 30 minutes This is not I REPEAT NOT made up! I was over across grass field feeding my two pet Goat's one evening when I noticed a white light at a 6/5/15
11/1/03 21:00 Hayward CA Light 30 seconds object appeared dropped 'pod'and disappeared 11/8/03
11/1/03 21:00 Miami FL Formation 60 seconds Four starlike objects, arranged in a quadrilateral formation seen over Miami 11/8/03
11/1/03 20:11 Wind Creek State Park AL Light 30 min bright lights in the sky 11/26/03
11/1/03 19:30 Chandler Gaspe (Canada) PQ Sphere
green lights in the sky over Gaspe Canada 12/9/03
11/1/03 19:30 Ewa Beach HI Sphere 15 seconds I was looking up at the sky slightly northward hoping for a glimpse of the aurora due to recent high solar flare activity when I notice 11/26/03
11/1/03 16:48 Portland OR Sphere 1 minute Pink-Orange sphere photographed near downtown Portland, OR 11/26/03
11/1/03 16:00 Oshawa (Canada) ON Sphere 20 seconds Low flying basketball sized translucent spherical bubble 12/12/11
11/1/03 15:30 Oil Trough AR Oval unknown The object apparently made no sound nor appeared to be moving in any direction 11/26/03
11/1/03 12:00 Palm Coast FL Cylinder 30 seconds Metallic cylinder object 12/9/03
11/1/03 11:04 Grand Rapids MI Oval 15 seconds grey oval in the sky in the daytime in Michigan 11/8/03
11/1/03 09:15 Grand Junction CO
10 Minutes Very strange whirring noises - about 3 minutes apart 11/8/03
11/1/03 02:00 Lemoore CA Circle 5 minutes Last night my husband and his friend were out fishing. They saw a small ball of light rise from the ground to the sky. The color of the 12/9/03
11/1/03 01:00 Gold Canyon AZ Circle Several Minutes Circle of Red Lights 1/31/11
11/1/03 00:00 Cheyenne WY Fireball 5 seconds A huge fireball east of Cheyenne Wyoming 1/17/04