National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 07/2003
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/31/03 23:35 Houston (Canada) BC Light few seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Bright white light zig zagged low in the night sky. 8/4/03
7/31/03 23:30 Houston (Canada) BC Light approx: 4 sec. HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Object it zig zagged and disappeared. 8/4/03
7/31/03 23:30 Edmonds WA Unknown 4 minutes Strange satelite(s)? 8/4/03
7/31/03 22:45 Redmond WA Other 2-4 minutes I looked out my bedroom window and saw a ferris wheel type shaped object hovering and glowing red, yellow and green. 8/4/03
7/31/03 22:40 Seattle WA Light 2-3 seconds It was about 10:40 pm. a light moving slowly north, seemed like a plane but suddenly moved very fast in an arc and dissappeared. 8/1/03
7/31/03 14:00 Des Moines IA Cigar 5-10 Seconds Cloaking Cigar... 5/15/06
7/31/03 13:20 Lansing MI Rectangle 15 seconds long object over Lansing, MI 8/1/03
7/31/03 03:00 Tulsa OK Light 1 minute I saw a super-bright light standing still for 30 seconds and a minute later it was moving 8/28/03
7/31/03 02:00 Kelowna (Canada) BC Other (?) HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Connection With Missing Time Experience 8/28/03
7/31/03 01:35 Wilmington CA Light 15 seconds red glowing object splits, then 1 splits off and falls to earth, then both disapear 8/1/03
7/31/03 01:30 Kelowna (Canada) BC Other approx: 30 min. HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Missing Time In Kelowna, British Columbia 8/28/03
7/31/03 01:00 Westbank (Canada) BC Flash 2 seconds ? HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: It flashed as bright as a flash of lightening. 9/9/03
7/30/03 23:50 Airdrie (Canada) AB Light 10 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Pulsating a bright blue white light. 8/1/03
7/30/03 23:00 Paradise Island (Bahamas)
Other 20-30 Minutes Two cloud like objects. 7/5/05
7/30/03 23:00 Edinburgh (UK/Scotland)
Formation 45sec cloud of smoke with cicular light/object? in centre hovering over Edinburgh house estate - 30/7.03 8/1/03
7/30/03 22:53 Silverdale WA Light 1 second very fast very bright light moving in a vertical(up) direction did not dim out just went out. 8/1/03
7/30/03 22:50 Tioga ND Unknown 30 minutes A blue light that moved fast in the sky then slowed rapidly turned red and then faded. 8/1/03
7/30/03 19:00 Birmingham AL Rectangle 1 minute Rectangle shape, like a flat non-reflective white 2-by-4, and seemed suspended in air - - no movement. 8/28/03
7/30/03 12:50 Glendora CA Oval 2-3 Seconds Saw a hovering, tilted, silvery oval with a dome on top. I saw it in the sky 7-30-03 at 12:50pm in Glendora, CA for 2-3 scs. Flew aw 8/4/03
7/30/03 07:52 Las Vegas NV Egg 5 min Multiple objects in formation that flew away at tremendous speed 8/1/03
7/30/03 02:41 Mena AR Triangle 20min The object was of un known orgin 8/1/03
7/30/03 02:30 Delaware OH Changing 30minutes Dancing light in the sky appeared like a star but then changed colors and positions rapidly unlike a plane 8/28/03
7/30/03 00:05 Bushkill PA Formation 1 1/2 Minutes Perfect Triangular Formation of Silent Star-Like Lights Heading South Lasting About 1 1/2 Minutes 8/1/03
7/29/03 23:35 Alcochete (Portugal)
Triangle 2 min Vasco da Gama Sight 8/1/03
7/29/03 23:30 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Changing 2 hours My wife looked out the window at around 11:30 PM. and saw a light in the distance to the west over Manhattan. At first we thought it w 8/1/03
7/29/03 23:00 Arlington WA Unknown 5 Minutes Continuous Fireworks in the sky near Arlington, WA 10/31/03
7/29/03 22:45 Lynnwood WA Circle 2-3 minutes Two lights moving rapidly, changing distance from each other and one disappearing & reappearing. 8/1/03
7/29/03 13:00 Key West FL Disk 15 min. Six adults witness a cluster of colorful, disc-shaped objects hover over Key West for approx. 15 min.. 8/1/03
7/29/03 12:00 Zionsville IN Circle 3 minutes Small silver disc, Stationary in clear sky 8/1/03
7/29/03 04:30 Harrison Township MI Circle ongoing Bright yellow object in southern sky moved around constantly for 35 minutes while maintaining its position above the earth. 8/1/03
7/29/03 02:00 Bucharest (Romania)
7/29/03 01:22 Fairfield CA Unknown 1 hr and going Single bright light that moved like no airplane i have ever seen before 8/1/03
7/29/03 00:30 Harrison Twp. MI Circle 30 seconds star-like object moving stangely 11/26/03
7/29/03 Atlantic Ocean (Canada) NS Circle 15 min baseball size lights,one behind the other,travelling in straight line 7/16/06
7/28/03 23:32 Vancouver WA Triangle 5 Minutes I was laying outside stargazing when I saw a triangular formation of light moving as one. 8/1/03
7/28/03 23:30 Woodstock IL Egg 1 minute One bright white object with a star burst pattern of light around it 8/1/03
7/28/03 23:00 Woodstock (Canada) NB Light 2 hours lights moving north 8/1/03
7/28/03 22:45 Lód (??) (Poland)
It was one quite big, red light moving very slowly.Than it`s dissapeared and return in that same place, but in yellow color.After half 8/1/03
7/28/03 22:32 Bozeman MT Oval 3-4 min. bright oval light seen. 8/1/03
7/28/03 22:20 Windsor CA Chevron 3 minutes One object traveling towards a group of 3, then fell out of sky. 8/1/03
7/28/03 22:00 Nacogdoches TX Fireball 5 seconds We saw this fireball as well, over 150 miles outside of Houston 8/4/03
7/28/03 21:00 Tomball TX Other 5 seconds The trajectory was upwards and the flash was a large bright red flame shaped object with a blueish halo and it had a tail and dissap 8/1/03
7/28/03 21:00 Tomball TX Flash approx: 5 to 6 sec. HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Flash was a large bright red flame shaped object 8/1/03
7/28/03 21:00 Houston TX Fireball 5 seconds Orange fireball w/green glow & trail low in sky no noise 8/1/03
7/28/03 20:50 Houston TX Circle 10 seconds Glowing Green Ball travelling slowly about 50-200 feet from earth in Houston at Westheimer/Chimney Rock 8/1/03
7/28/03 20:00 Oklahoma City (near) OK Light 10 secconds Big star and a smaller one moving in skies 8/28/03
7/28/03 18:00 Pinebush NY Disk 30 min saucer shape ufo's taken with new digital camera, showing 4 ufo's getting out of way of plane 11/26/03
7/28/03 12:00 Silverton CO Cigar unknown Vacation photo shows two cigar shaped objects (that were not seen when photo was taken). 8/28/03
7/28/03 11:00 Troro MA Teardrop 1 frame Is this a UFO??? 8/28/03
7/28/03 02:00 Charlotte NC Sphere 3 minutes Large White & Orange Sphere over Kannapolis Concord NC Area 8/28/03
7/28/03 01:30 Seattle WA Circle 30 minutes Spotted with bonoculars - investigated further with Meade 4504 Telescope SR 4mm, H 12.5mm, H 25mm 8/1/03
7/28/03 01:30 Canada (various locations) BC Unknown approx: an hour HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Some Emails From The July 28, 2003 Sighting Of The Beam Of Light 3/17/04
7/28/03 01:20 Granite Falls WA Changing approx 15mins Stationary egg shape with row of lights in semi-circle array 8/4/03
7/28/03 01:00 Kamloops to Kimberley (Canada) BC Unknown 1 hour HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: UFOs, Beam of Light, Puzzled And Frightened Residents. 9/4/03
7/28/03 00:00 Vernon (Canada) BC Other approx; 45 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Beam of light running across the night sky. 4/27/04
7/28/03 Howell MI
Late Night The Crop Circles of Livingston County 8/1/03
7/27/03 23:48 Keerbergen (51.00 N, 4.617 E) (Belgium)
Light 15-20 seconds Bright 'satellite' fades away in a couple of seconds 8/1/03
7/27/03 23:30 Houston (Canada) BC Light 3 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Bright light 3 times larger than Venus 8/1/03
7/27/03 23:17 Terrace (Canada) BC Light approx: 8 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Object +- 1.5 to 2 km up, travelled across the sky slowly 8/1/03
7/27/03 23:00 Pasco WA Cross 5:00 for two nights now have seen strange lights and have videotape of the first night. 8/1/03
7/27/03 22:50 Lód (??) Poland
red light changed to yellow .3 others lights moving very fast(1 yellow and 2 red) 8/1/03
7/27/03 22:00 Stillwater MN Fireball 5 sec. A family of three witness two quck flashes, then a VERY fast, dramatic fireball streak west in the night sky. 8/1/03
7/27/03 21:30 Yamuna Nagar, Haryana (India)
Circle 15 minutes Strange fire color object seen in sky!!!!! 8/28/03
7/27/03 20:00 Ocean Shores (NSW, Australia)
Circle half hour Two UFO's seen over Ocean Shores in Australia 8/4/03
7/27/03 19:00 Keizer OR Other 5 min translutant orb seen two different times. 8/1/03
7/27/03 16:25 Lapu-lapu (Philippines)
Disk 30 sec I am looking at the clear skies near near the airplane path from Davao City to Cebu City. I was at my verandah in my home, when I saw t 8/28/03
7/27/03 11:00 Richland (Tri-Cities) WA Circle 20 min Twenty minute observation of a silver and black disk performing "hawk-like" maneuvers. 8/4/03
7/27/03 05:30 Burlingame CA Disk 1 1/2 minutes Saucer with lots of lights flying at about 3,000 feet. and made no sound. 8/1/03
7/27/03 05:00 Marysville KS Flash 1-3 seconds A blue/white flashing light traveled past our car from south to north in an incomprehensibly short interval of time. 8/28/03
7/27/03 04:03 Pinellas County FL Unknown 5 seconds Large falling object looked like a shooting star at first but too big to be just one that burned in the atomosphere. 8/1/03
7/27/03 04:00 Lithia Springs GA Light 1hour plus My brother and I were smoking out on the front porch watching the stars when I saw a small light moving across the sky the size of a sm 8/1/03
7/27/03 04:00 Kimberly (St. Mary's Lake) (Canada) BC Light 1-2 minutes Telephoned Report: A husband and wife, camped with their children near St. Mary's Lake, approximately 12 miles east of Kimberly, B.C., 8/1/03
7/27/03 03:30 Mission Viejo CA

Extremely fast moving craft lights up as it shoots over Southern CA coastline 8/1/03
7/27/03 02:30 Cranbrook (Canada) BC Unknown 5 to 6 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: A very bright and silver/white in color object. 9/24/03
7/27/03 02:00 Vernon (Canada) BC Disk approx; 20 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: An object was cut into six section. 8/28/03
7/27/03 01:30 Kimberly (Canada) BC Light 2 to 3 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Another witness comes forward (Bright white light). 8/28/03
7/27/03 00:10 El Paso TX Light 3 seconds A distant ball of blue and orange light that disappeared after rapidly moving at a downward angle. 8/1/03
7/26/03 23:30 Cicero IL Circle 3 min Gray circle followed by two small lights. 8/1/03
7/26/03 23:30 Hampton (near Langley AFB) VA Light 30 mins. A bright light in the sky almost directly over head seemed to be moving in an erratic pattern. 8/4/03
7/26/03 23:17 Tillamook OR Fireball 1-2 minutes fireball into ocean 8/1/03
7/26/03 23:15 Beulaville NC Flash 1 hour iam older than 60 and a vet and this was exciting 8/1/03
7/26/03 23:00 Davenport IA Light 10-15 seconds beautiful lights? 8/1/03
7/26/03 22:55 Eureka Springs AR Light 15 seconds White light increased in size and brightness and then shot off into space. 8/1/03
7/26/03 22:05 Sheffield (UK/England)
Light 5 minutes we were having a bbq on the garden when we saw a light in the sky, a gold/orange light in the sky approximatly to the right hand side o 8/28/03
7/26/03 21:52 Portland OR Fireball 2-1/2 min This was the amber fireball...very smooth trajectory and very fast...just takin` its time it seemed.... 8/1/03
7/26/03 21:00 Burbank CA Unknown 10 Minutes Strange orange glow like flame of hot air balloon - but without the balloon - over the evening sky in Burbank, CA. 8/1/03
7/26/03 19:45 Bristol TN

Peter, your show with Art Bell 17 Jan. The tape of the UFO that is on your web site needs to be reviewed again & again. Perhaps someone 1/22/04
7/26/03 05:00 Westminster (near) MD Formation 30 sec Cluster seen over Carrol County ,Maryland 8/1/03
7/26/03 04:00 Dardanelle (2 mi. from Logan, on Hwy. 22) AR Light 30-60 seconds Moving ,blue star-like object changes to bright yellow, going form north to south. 8/1/03
7/26/03 03:10 East London (UK/England)
Light 1hr.40mins Single bright light with a smaller beam either side of it, hovering for approx. 1hr. 40mins. 8/1/03
7/26/03 01:58 Terrace (Canada) BC Light 3 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Greyish-white colored object changing direction. 8/1/03
7/26/03 01:20 Wasa (Canada) BC Light 45 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Large white light changes orange. 8/28/03
7/26/03 00:50 Wardner (Canada) BC Light 5 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Light as being colored and round in shape. 8/28/03
7/26/03 00:30 Cranbrook (Canada) BC Light approx: 1 1/2 min HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: I should have reported a month ago. My husband (names deleted by HBCC UFO) and I saw a bright white light 8/28/03
7/26/03 00:20 Alexandria VA Unknown 30 seconds Was a light going from east to west, it got brighter then dimmer did this twice then eventualy dissapeared into the horizon. Was just a 8/1/03
7/25/03 23:30 Maysville NC Rectangle 3 minutes Bus shaped object with 4 bright lights 20 feet off ground seen in rural eastern North Carolina.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
7/25/03 23:00 Schenectady NY Formation 3-4 seconds Line of equally spaced ornage lights moving at an incredible speed, over Schenectady, New York 8/1/03
7/25/03 22:41 Shelton WA Light 2 minutes Bright Light 8/1/03
7/25/03 22:30 Duncan (Canada) BC Unknown 20 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: zig zagging object. 8/28/03
7/25/03 21:30 Woodsville NH Fireball matter of seconds 5 fireballs 5/24/05
7/25/03 21:00 Port Washington NY Diamond 35 minutes Object hovered for 35 minutes, glowed whitish yellow, changed shape., appeared to be approximately 5 to 10 miles away - 1,000 feet high 11/26/03
7/25/03 20:30 Enderby (Canada) BC Cylinder 5 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: shiny, bright cyl. shape, stationary high in the sky, "broke apart", split into 2 exact same size pieces 8/1/03
7/25/03 14:30 Meteor Crater AZ Unknown Showed up on a snapshot It looked like a brown upside down spoon. 8/28/03
7/25/03 14:30 Philadelphia PA Light 4 min looking eastward which would be facing NJ flashing over NJ I saw a flashing light in the sky, at first I thought it was a very high fly 8/1/03
7/25/03 13:00 Renton WA Other 20 mins. Looked like a streetlight, hovering like a helicopter in Fairwood, Renton 9/4/03
7/25/03 07:45 Palm Harbor FL Disk 7 minutes Bright UFO seen for 7 minutes crossing airline flight paths. 8/1/03
7/25/03 05:15 Upper Providence Township PA Light 7 Minutes Light seen in sky. 8/1/03
7/25/03 03:30 Ottawa (Canada) ON Triangle < 60 seconds I saw a very dark shape that stood out against the night sky. It had no lights and moved across the sky to the west. 8/28/03
7/25/03 01:30 Wallowa OR Disk 20 seconds Flying saucer type object not large and alone soft white light and incredibly fast. 6/1/16
7/25/03 00:00 Big Bear CA Unknown camp out flashing blue lights, darting,fast 1/17/04
7/24/03 23:50 Vernon (Canada) BC Triangle 5minutes bright light goes across the sky 8/1/03
7/24/03 23:45 Terrace (Canada) BC Oval 60 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Glowing/oblong shaped object moving slowly along side highway. 8/1/03
7/24/03 23:10 Rio Rancho NM Light 1 hour Hovering bright light fades in and out. 8/1/03
7/24/03 23:10 Kingston (northeast of) (Canada) ON Other approx: 20 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Boomerang in shape. 8/28/03
7/24/03 22:45 Conway AR Light 1.5 minutes A dark object blocking out stars, with one dim light. Chasing a jetliner across the sky from south to north 8/1/03
7/24/03 22:45 Fort St. James (Canada) BC Sphere five minutes White and Red sphere in northern British Columbia Canada 8/1/03
7/24/03 22:00 Wellsville NY Triangle 2 minutes Unknown slow mvoing silent triangular object spotted in non-military area. 6/12/08
7/24/03 21:15 Milton (north of) (Canada) ON Unknown 7 minutes Super bright light moving from west to east, not too high and not too fast. 1/24/12
7/24/03 15:00 London (UK/England)
Sphere 5min London England, Small double sphere 8/1/03
7/24/03 00:00 Kuwait (Camp "New Jersey")
Disk 4 minutes 3 different type of lights spinning CW and CCW against each other and the craft would appear and disappear. 2/27/14
7/24/03 Port Renfrew (Canada) BC Formation 5 min row of many big and small lights 10/7/03
7/23/03 23:10 Lunenburg (Canada) NS Light 3 minutes High speed zig zagging point of light. 8/1/03
7/23/03 22:44 Cedar MI Sphere 1-2 min Red flashed white. Northern Michigan 8/1/03
7/23/03 22:35 Cottage Grove MN Changing approximately 10 minutes I saw a strange light show over suburban Minnesota 8/1/03
7/23/03 22:00 Mississauga (Canada) ON Light 10 sec A series of lights moving to fast to be a plane 8/28/03
7/23/03 22:00 Portland OR Circle nightly We see objects in the sky that look like tiny stars that move at lightning speeds, hover in one spot then takes off at lightning speeds 8/28/03
7/23/03 21:00 Waupaca WI Circle 25 sec. I was sitting out side my house when I saw A shinney round object going across the sky. 30 sec. later two fighter jets came after flyin 8/1/03
7/23/03 14:30 Austin/Rochester (between) MN Oval 5-7 seconds Dark grey oval seen from an aircraft 3/29/04
7/23/03 06:30 Memphis (near) TN Unknown Unknown Possible sighting associated with a strong storm 8/1/03
7/23/03 01:15 Strathmore (Canada) AB Triangle Night Hazy Orange/red Triangle 7/23/03
7/23/03 00:58 Gig Harbor WA Triangle 2 minutes Triangular white lights with smaller red and blue strobing lights near the white lights. 8/1/03
7/23/03 00:05 Dakota City NE Unknown 5 minutes I am a student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. I am now home for the summer and when I got home from work one night I saw three 7/23/03
7/22/03 22:29 Woodinville WA Light 1-2 minutes The Same Bright Light ! 7/23/03
7/22/03 22:01 Camarillo CA Circle 10 minutes Brother and I saw an object about the size of a basketball across the street. ((anonymous report)) 4/7/17
7/22/03 21:15 Washington, D.C. DC Chevron 2 minutes Chevron-shaped craft gliding over Washington, D.C. 7/23/03
7/22/03 21:00 Mukilteo WA Cylinder 5 minutes 2 Bright glowing lights over Paine Field, (Boeing) in Everett Washington 7/23/03
7/22/03 20:45 Gilbert SC Light 20 seconds I have pictures. I had just bought a new digital camera and was trying it out on my tripod. I live on a lake and we had just experience 7/23/03
7/22/03 18:00 Cordoba (Argentina)
Oval one minute sylver oval shape moving straight and then dissaper 1/21/08
7/22/03 17:30 Naperville IL Triangle 1 minute 2 jetliners 1 glowing white Triangle ufo, intersecting flight paths Triple Near miss Clear Day . 8/1/03
7/22/03 11:00 Orinda CA Circle 10 mins Circular object with v-shaped notch, hovering in daylight 8/1/03
7/22/03 01:05 Prince Rupert (Canada) BC Light approx: 5 minues HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Bright Flash and two lights noticed. 7/23/03
7/22/03 00:20 Lethbridge (Canada) AB Triangle 5 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Two triangle shaped flying objects. 7/23/03
7/22/03 Kalispell MT Unknown 15 minutes object moved in odd directions and amazing manuvering ablitites and speeds 7/5/05
7/21/03 22:40 Shasta Lake CA Light 3 to 5 mins My brother caled me outside to see a white light slowly heading east. The light appered to slightly speed up and slow down as it travle 7/23/03
7/21/03 22:30 Portland OR Light 3 mins Between 10 and 11 pm, very bright quiet object traveling S to N then abruptly turned toward the E.. 8/1/03
7/21/03 22:00 Woodinville WA Triangle 5 minutes Craft with Red Strobing Light! 7/23/03
7/21/03 22:00 Tucson AZ Triangle 15 min very large and slow moving 8/1/03
7/21/03 21:40 Shasta Lake City CA Light 3 min light in night 7/23/03
7/21/03 21:30 Shreveport LA Triangle 1 minute large triangle thing over Shreveport 7/23/03
7/21/03 21:10 Port Angeles WA Sphere 5minuts A round object hit a plane and kept traveling. 7/23/03
7/21/03 14:06 Elsmore KS Disk 4 minutes Brilliant White Saucer/Oval shaped object flying very low across highway daytime Moran/Elsmore Kansas 7/23/03
7/21/03 02:30 Bamberg (Germany)
Light 7 days Bright light moves in sky daily. 9/12/03
7/21/03 01:00 Mormon Lake AZ Triangle 2-5 min A large triangle flying at high altitude 4/27/04
7/20/03 22:30 Sparks NV Light 3 minutes I thought maybe it could be military since the fallon air base was that direction but very odd behavior. 7/4/12
7/20/03 22:00 North Logan UT Disk a few seconds Looking for something? 5/24/05
7/20/03 21:40 Arnold CA Light 20min Star-like object obeserved 3 different times travelling in different direction and pattern each time. 7/23/03
7/20/03 11:00 Forest Grove OR Light >30 seconds Bright light moving erratically, then moving to one spot to disappear. Forest Grove, Oregon, July 20, 2003 8/28/03
7/20/03 07:00 Bend OR Other
A strange craft the best i can subscribe it was a thin rectangle with a pair of wings they went back from the front in a 60 degree angl 12/16/05
7/20/03 02:30 Katy TX Sphere 30 seconds Green glowing floating sphere the size of a basketball witnessed by a man swimming in the middle of the night 5/15/13
7/20/03 02:00 Cotate CA Flash 2 min. Woman witnesses two bright, disc-shaped objects maneuver and "jump" in morning sky. 8/1/03
7/20/03 01:30 Newcastle upon Tyne (UK/England)
Light 1 minute we were sitting in the back garden at approximately 1.30am looking at the stars. We saw a bright white light travelling across the sky 7/23/03
7/20/03 01:14 Columbus IN Circle ? Fast bright light 8/28/03
7/20/03 01:00 Marengo OH Triangle 5 minutes UFO Hoovered over home 2/14/06
7/19/03 23:50 Toronto (Canada) ON Unknown seconds series of lights moving north over Toronto 7/23/03
7/19/03 23:38 Pleasent Grove (near) AR Light about 10 seconds The wrong type of lights over the Dover Lights. 7/23/03
7/19/03 23:30 Haelen (Netherlands)
Formation 3 seconds 4 flying dots seen over Holland. 7/23/03
7/19/03 23:00 Stryker OH Triangle 5sec I noticed this triangular, dimmly lit object traveling from East to West, covering abot 90 degrees in about 4-5 sec. No sound 7/23/03
7/19/03 22:42 Roosendaal (Netherlands)
Light 20/30 seconds 6 unusual lights 7/23/03
7/19/03 22:30 Creston (Canada) BC Light 2 to 3 min. single bright sound,very fast 7/23/03
7/19/03 22:15 New Cumberland (Fairview Twp.) PA Light 1:00 a bright light and no sound 7/23/03
7/19/03 22:10 Scituate RI Oval 45-60 seconds while at Seagrave (Amateur Astronomy) Observatory on Peeptoad Road, Scituate,Rhode Island,noticed on the western horizon a turquoise br 7/23/03
7/19/03 22:00 Burlington (Canada) ON Fireball 10 seconds looked like a comet 7/23/03
7/19/03 22:00 Bellerose NY Light 2-5 min 2 ufos 1 nite 7/23/03
7/19/03 21:45 Dryden MI Unknown 10 minutes We saw two bright lights and it faded and changed colors as it moved upwards towards the sky. 7/23/03
7/19/03 21:30 New York City (Queens) NY Light 5-15 min 2 bright lights moving across Queens's sky 7/23/03
7/19/03 19:20 Eugene OR Oval 2 minutes Oval object seen racing from west to east over Eugene, Oregon. 7/23/03
7/19/03 18:30 Jersey City NJ Cylinder 5 minutes Strange Upright Cylinder crosses over New York City before disappearing behind the clouds. 7/23/03
7/19/03 15:00 Richland WA Other 8 sec in mid summer there was an ovel shinny object in the clouds over head moving silently & slowly 2/14/06
7/19/03 14:15 Ford City PA Unknown 15 seconds At 14:15 P.M. over Ford City, PA, 40 miles NE of Pittsburgh, I saw a pale object moving at a rapid pace from the NW to the SE. 7/23/03
7/19/03 13:00 Charleston SC Circle 15 Minutes Round object above US 17 Charleston, SC. 7/23/03
7/19/03 02:29 Renton WA Unknown 2hrs+ SPEACHLESS NOT KNOWING WHAT THIS IS. 7/23/03
7/19/03 00:50 Barra da Tijuca (Rio de Janeiro) (Brazil)
Other 15 - 20 minutes lights came out of the bottom and evenly fanned out toward the ground in rows like the tines of a fork 7/23/03
7/18/03 23:50 Calgary (Canada) AB Other 5 seconds i was with a friend, suddenly i was with some strangers with bright white lights. 7/23/03
7/18/03 23:15 Terrace (Canada) BC Light 50 seconds plus HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: High altitude object of white-grayish color. 7/23/03
7/18/03 22:50 Narberth PA Light
Lights on Friday night! 8/1/03
7/18/03 22:40 Vancouver WA Rectangle 15-20 seconds we saw three unusual objects zig-zag overhead in a way we had never seen any aircraft manover before 7/23/03
7/18/03 22:00 Twin Falls ID Sphere 30 minutes Low flying green orbs 7/23/03
7/18/03 21:00 Brightwaters NY Disk 2 secs Disk with lights around the outside 7/23/03
7/18/03 17:40 Scarborough (Canada) ON Rectangle 2 minutes Flashing Flat Silver Rectangle 7/28/10
7/18/03 13:58 Thunder Bay (Canada) ON Light 1 minute A round green/orange light that was stationary than sped off quickly and disappeared without a sound. 7/23/03
7/18/03 02:00 Dupont WA Triangle apx 30 min Three hanging orange lights spaced at intervals, emmitting a saucer-shaped glow, slowly chaning into a triangle shaped pattern. 7/23/03
7/17/03 23:30 Jackson WY Light 30 min One very bright light for 8 seconds above the horizon then 2 smaller lights that moved very close to us and we saw 4 seperate times 8/1/03
7/17/03 23:00 Cambridge Springs PA Other 5 sec. vertical line of three extremely bright lights moving very very quickly. 7/5/05
7/17/03 22:55 Trail (Canada) BC Light approx: 4 sec. HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Two low flying objects passed over top the Trail, B.C. Smelter. 7/23/03
7/17/03 21:19 New York City NY Formation 2 1/2 minutes Formation of moving lights over Manhattan 7/23/03
7/17/03 21:15 Mljet, Soline (Croatia)
Lightball standing then coming towards us extremly fast becoming large, becoming smaller and vanishing from one second to the other. 7/23/03
7/17/03 21:15 St.Thomas (Canada) ON Other 1 min ligh moving at great angles and a blinding white light. 7/23/03
7/17/03 21:00 Londonderry NH Unknown a few minutes It was moving faster then a plane in direction, stopped and came back the way it came. 4/9/04
7/17/03 20:00 San Antonio TX Sphere 5-10 minutes three metallic spheres moving at great speeds and with difficult maneuvers, watched for 5-10 minutes 6/18/04
7/17/03 20:00 Terrace (Canada) BC Circle approx: 4 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: A silver, round shaped object 7/23/03
7/17/03 17:15 Leola PA Disk 45 seconds tube to a saucer 7/23/03
7/17/03 15:15 Portland OR Sphere 1hr 15 min Clearly visible, stationary sphere, "takes off" after an hour or so of observation 7/23/03
7/17/03 12:50 New Westminster (Canada) BC Circle Aprox By the colour,the way the object moved and hovered, you could tell it was not a plane or a satlelite. 7/23/03
7/17/03 12:00 Seasta Key FL Oval
An oval craft in the Gulf of Mexico going at a very high speed 8/28/03
7/17/03 05:45 Winter Springs FL Light 15 minutes "star" looking object next to the moon 7/23/03
7/17/03 05:30 Kirkland WA Other 3 sec Bright Craft disappears into a black hole? 8/1/03
7/17/03 03:00 Columbia PA Disk 40 minutes 7/17/2003, 3 AM, Columbia, PA, 40 minutes duration, blue saucer shaped craft hovered for 20 minutes. 7/16/06
7/17/03 02:00 Whittier CA Unknown still going on I don't know what the hell it is but from what we've heard it was there last night as well. whatever it is its pretty big, it is righ 7/23/03
7/17/03 02:00 Sandpoint ID Other 5 hours Object on orbital path around the moon. 7/23/03
7/17/03 02:00 Windsor (Canada) ON Circle 40 minutes A bright pulsating white light near the moon.... 7/23/03
7/17/03 02:00 Scottsbluff NE Other 30 minutes When attempting to photograph "stars" next to the moon, we captured something entirely different with almost perfect geometric shapes. 7/23/03
7/17/03 01:15 Terrace (Canada) BC Light 5 mins. HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Object/Light exploded/or flashed brightly. 7/23/03
7/17/03 00:30 Dousman WI Disk 45 minutes Some friends and I have been watching the skies from Herr Road (near Sullivan, WI) for a few years now. This long, narrow road has a u 8/28/03
7/17/03 00:30 Des Moines WA Light 3 minutes Heard a sound like a moving object through the air, starting and stopping. 7/23/03
7/16/03 23:59 Los Angeles CA Light Was looking at it for abo Light hovering over left hand side of moon 7/23/03
7/16/03 23:30 Copenhagen (Denmark)
Unknown 10-20 sec Very bright,and fast, starlike UFO in Copenhagen 7/23/03
7/16/03 23:02 Fresno/Madera CA Light 30 seconds large round ball of bright white light 7/23/03
7/16/03 23:00 Phoenix (area) AZ Fireball few seconds Orange fireball over Phoenix area 8/4/03
7/16/03 22:00 St. Laurant (Canada) MB Changing 12 min. this thing flew over our house and then into the trees in a very irratic pattern. it would move forward very fast and then it would sto 3/17/04
7/16/03 20:40 Rolla MO Light 20 minutes Second sighting seen in less than 24 hours. 7/23/03
7/16/03 20:30 Barnoldswick (UK/England)

60 seconds Unidentified flying man 8/28/03
7/16/03 20:17 South Bend IN Cylinder 4:00min the object was watched for 4-6min. and made no apparent sound,from ground it appeared brown/no zoom 9/28/03
7/16/03 16:00 Crossville AL Triangle 5 minutes Black, triangular object observed over pond in Crossville, Al 10/11/05
7/16/03 04:00 Vancouver (Canada) BC Diamond 1 hour Motionless - set of bright diamond shaped lights in southwestern sky at pre-dawn 7/23/03
7/16/03 02:00 London (UK/England)
Unknown 1 minute London 3 witnesses - nothing special just a nightime aircraft that makes no sound and skips pebble style 7/23/03
7/16/03 00:45 Brighton MI Unknown Bright bluish/purple ligh Heavy winds, Pulsating sound, Bluish/purple light , lots of electrical current 8/1/03
7/16/03 Arizona (rural) AZ

UFO on the ground in the Southwest US. ((NUFORC Note: Turns out to be a bizarre structure on ground. PD)) 8/4/03
7/15/03 23:45 Rolla MO Disk 1-3 minutes Coming from the woods, I saw a UFO very close and it passed over my friend's house and over me and went into the woods. 7/16/03
7/15/03 23:30 Pound Ridge NY Disk 3 minutes One flying saucer flying in a zigzag motion, then a light in the sky resembling a slow-moving star which then sped up and vanished. 7/23/03
7/15/03 23:10 Taylorsville UT Flash 2:00 A flash in the sky around Salt Lake City 7/16/03
7/15/03 23:00 Elberfeld IN Light 23:00 - 1:00 3 orange globes. 2/14/06
7/15/03 23:00 Carbonado WA Sphere 5-7 minutes Ultra fast neon, cobolt blue round light descending into trees 12/19/03
7/15/03 22:28 Lufkin TX Teardrop
Odd shaped UFO sighted at low altitude. 7/16/03
7/15/03 22:05 Vashon Island WA Unknown 5-10 minutes Possible UFO seen off Vashon Island WA, stayed in place for almost 5 minutes, then went vertical and disappeared. 8/28/03
7/15/03 22:00 Haddonfield NJ Disk 5 seconds I was 5 years old and in my parent's bedroom. i was looking out the window across the street and i saw something weird shaped like a s 7/16/06
7/15/03 22:00 Fountain Valley (2hrs N of; on I-5 S) CA Light 90 seconds I don't know what it was. More modern than anything that I can think of. 7/28/10
7/15/03 22:00 Portage MI Changing about 2 minutes The ship hovered in place for a minute and then flew away with no trace left of it. 4/27/04
7/15/03 22:00 Bear DE Formation 2 min Five strange lights moving in a slithering motion over my car like a sidewinder. 3/4/08
7/15/03 21:40 Spencer IN Triangle 5 seconds At approximately 9:40 as I was sitting in my yard star gazing, something that made me think of a comet passed directly overhead. It w 7/16/03
7/15/03 21:30 Edmonton (Canada) AB Triangle 3 minutes Two triangular craft 1/22/04
7/15/03 21:30 Chiefland FL Disk 21:50 We got a good look, it had 5 big square windowsw/ foggy dim light and no one inside that we could see, it landed on the road behind us. 5/15/06
7/15/03 21:30 San Jose CA Other 40 sec This object looked like a flying carpet or flage blowing and waving in a wind . It radeated gold and orange and red. It was the size of 8/28/03
7/15/03 20:25 Montreal (Canada) PQ Light 40 secondes A brilliant shape lengthened cross the sky disappear, reappear and redisappear. No trails No sound 8/1/03
7/15/03 20:00 St. Loisville OH Oval 5-10 minutes I witnessed a huge gray ball of light follow an airplane until they both were out of my eye sight. 11/6/14
7/15/03 19:25 Helsby-Cheshire (UK/England)
Oval 20 seconds While taking a walk on this fine clear evening, I noticed something very bright in the sky. I could not determine the color, it was ext 7/16/03
7/15/03 15:00 Waterdown (Canada) ON Cigar 5 minutes Cigar shaped object spotted by Canadian teachers in Ontario 5/4/04
7/15/03 14:00 Chicago IL Fireball 2 minutes Bright ball of fire 9/17/03
7/15/03 14:00 Gurnee IL Cylinder 5 minutes Slow moving "rod?" in a crystal clear sky 10/31/03
7/15/03 13:00 Portage WI Sphere 3 minutes "Foo-Fighter" seen from ground around Commercial jetliner in Wisconsin 5/24/05
7/15/03 12:30 Ipswich (Australia)
Disk 1 MIN A CHROME SAUCER. 3/2/04
7/15/03 11:00 El Cajon CA Disk 30 min dull black disc made circles in the sky. 1/17/04
7/15/03 10:55 Santa Clara CA Formation 5 Minutes My co-worker brought to my attention something unusual in the sky while we were doing some work outside of the warehouse. I looked up t 7/16/03
7/15/03 05:00 Hungry Horse MT Light 10-20 minutes Saw something wierd, got it on video. 7/23/03
7/15/03 02:00 Nauju Lazu village (Lithuania)
Light 5 Hours Three,non-earth,lights hanging in 2 meters hight,50 meters from me. 3/2/04
7/15/03 00:30 West Greenwich, East Greenwich, West Warwick, Warwick RI Disk About 12-15 Minutes Craft follows our car up the highway for at least 10 minutes then takes off when we change direction and speed abruptly. 4/27/04
7/15/03 00:15 Fortuna CA Light >1 hr fifteen minute timer 7/23/03
7/15/03 00:10 Seattle WA Fireball 3 seconds Blue-green fireball 7/16/03
7/15/03 00:05 Lakewood WA Cylinder 8 seconds UFO Green chem light looking cylinder over Puget Sound. 7/16/03
7/15/03 00:05 Burien WA Cylinder 5-10 SECS I was looking out westward over puget sound when i saw a bright flaming sphere of fire. It was green with hues of red and yellow. It wa 7/23/03
7/15/03 00:00 Kelowna (Canada) BC Light approx: 3 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Kelowna, British Columbia - Another Connection To Missing Time Case 10/31/03
7/15/03 00:00 Maple Rapids MI Sphere 10 min red sphere follows us 10/11/05
7/14/03 23:15 Carmicahel CA Light 15 sec Bluish star-like light in the sky that moved relatively slowly and then faded until it vanished. 7/16/03
7/14/03 22:45 Summerville SC Sphere 1 second Red light slipping effortlessly through sky. 7/16/03
7/14/03 15:33 Beaverton OR Oval 21 min White-pink oval object seen & photo'd while rising up thru high cloud. 10/31/03
7/14/03 02:00 Saint John (Canada) NB Disk 2 minutes 2 feet long disked shape saucer , multiple sightings 500 Lights On Object0: Yes 6/12/07
7/14/03 01:30 Orting WA Triangle 4 HOURS Strange lights in Orting, WA 7/16/03
7/14/03 01:00 London (UK/England)
Chevron 30seconds the speed of direction change 7/16/03
7/13/03 23:10 Deniliquin (Australia)
Unknown 20-30mins bright orange circle moved acros the sky and back. 7/16/03
7/13/03 22:00 Denver CO Light 3 Minutes Bright single light in sky, that was stationary for a while, moves up and down, and turns into blue & red light 7/16/03
7/13/03 19:30 New York City (Staten Island) NY Sphere 1 hour 7 dots in the sky moving in unfamiliar fashion 7/16/03
7/13/03 18:15 Bartonsville PA Formation 10 minutes Large object with nine bright small objects moving independently nearby 7/23/03
7/13/03 18:15 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Sphere 15 Minutes Watch Spherical object for 15 Minutes over Brooklyn 7/23/03
7/13/03 18:00 Belle Harbor NY Changing 5 minutes The thing I found most odd was the object appeared to remain motionless. 7/16/03
7/13/03 18:00 Buffalo NY Light 5.00 i was sitting in front of my house smoking a cigertte and when i looked up over a larg empty feild right across from me i saw somthing 12/19/03
7/13/03 16:00 Waterloo (Canada) ON Changing 40 minutes 3 spheres, changing colours and shape, moving among the clouds 7/16/03
7/13/03 14:00 Karthaus PA Flash 60 seconds in the afternoon when we noticed what seemend to be a very bright white light in the woods 6/12/08
7/13/03 13:00 Steamboat Springs CO Light 8 minutes 5 or 6 lights in day sky. 7/16/03
7/13/03 12:00 Milford DE Unknown 1 minute Long dark gray metallic object spotted in front of cloud, moving slower than a plane. 7/16/03
7/13/03 11:45 Hensall (north of) (Canada) ON Cigar 5 seconds Cigar-shaped object seen north of Hensall Ontario, crossing the road (at a distance) while driving on Hwy 4 7/16/03
7/13/03 09:00 Sacramento CA Unknown 1-2 minutes The UFO was an unusually bright white light moving slowly in a north to southward direction. 7/23/03
7/13/03 05:00 Del Rio TX Light 15-30 seconds bright light dead stop then moved and disappeard at "warp" speed 7/23/03
7/13/03 04:15 Lynn Haven FL Rectangle 15 to 20 seconds An orange rectangular silent fast moving light high in sky over my house 7/16/03
7/13/03 03:00 Tofino (Canada) BC Light 2 mins Light seen speeding back and forth 7/16/03
7/13/03 01:00 Humble TX Unknown 1 hour My wife and kids, and I, were watching the stars after midnight when a giant, asymmetrical, pulsing amoeba-like mass of light appeared. 6/18/04
7/12/03 23:45 Greenlaw (UK/England)

4/5 minute Approx 23.45pm looking West into night sky. Light appeared from nowhere, then climbed at angle approx 30% heading north before climbing 7/16/03
7/12/03 23:05 Charlotte MI Oval 23:09 pm remeniscent of the mass arizona ufo sighting. 7/16/03
7/12/03 23:00 Baileys Harbor WI Light 20 seconds Sattelite? ((NUFORC Note: We observe that description of event is not inconsistent with the sighting of an Iridium satellite. PD)) 2/24/07
7/12/03 22:55 Rachel NV Unknown 3 minutes 6 objects flying north near area 51 7/23/03
7/12/03 22:00 Ashland KY Disk 30 minutes we saw a light, then 20 or 30, mother saw aleans supposedly, and we woke up 30 minutes later in a different place on the road. 4/9/04
7/12/03 21:15 Kennett Square PA Oval 5 seconds oval shaped flaming light 7/16/03
7/12/03 19:50 Fairborn OH Cigar 2 minutes cigar shapped craft,moving very fast and very high;with no contrail! 7/16/03
7/12/03 18:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Oval roughly 30 minutes Object over Lake Ontario - Toronto area ((NUFORC Note: Turns out to be blimp. PD)) 7/16/03
7/12/03 18:00 Rancho Cucamonga CA Oval twenty minutes The object floated on the sky making no noise whatsoever 8/1/03
7/12/03 13:00 London (UK/England)
Sphere 20-25 miniutes Metallic speheres 6/23/04
7/12/03 05:45 Asheville NC Light 1-1.50 minutes I saw a bright light that seemed to be sucked into another dimension when I looked at it, and there was a loud "booming" sound as it di 8/27/09
7/11/03 23:15 Miami FL Cylinder more than 2 hours the strong bright light blinks every 5 seconds . a square cilinder shape 7/16/03
7/11/03 22:30 Sacramento CA Light 25 minutes 9 bright lights appeareing, moving, then disappearing 7/16/03
7/11/03 22:26 Heber City UT Disk 10:39 1 UFO goes in front of the moon! 7/23/03
7/11/03 22:00 Bay Shore NY Light 5-10 minutes Strange red lights over Bay Shore 7/16/03
7/11/03 20:50 Golden CO Unknown 6-8 minutes 3 lights triangular shaped, AAA fire, lights warping out, stealth-type fighter 9/24/03
7/11/03 19:12 Spring Hill TN Oval 5-10 seconds Whitish-silvery, oval shaped object appeared in the sky NW of Spring Hill, TN at 19:12pm 7/16/03
7/11/03 12:00 Zion National Park AZ Triangle photo A friend while on vacation shot some photos of scenery when the film was developed there was a craft on the film. I took it home and l 8/1/03
7/11/03 11:27 Littleton CO Sphere 1 minute white balloon-like object flying on its own volition, i.e. not with wind direction 7/16/03
7/11/03 03:30 Boulder CO Triangle 2-3 mins Triangular "constellation" of star-like objects float silently across the sky at very high altitude. 7/16/03
7/11/03 02:00 Madill OK Light 15 minutes A bright stationary light in the ski and physical abnormalities shortly later. 7/16/03
7/11/03 01:30 Hacienda Heights CA Light 2 + hrs Color changing craft seen above Los Angeles suburbs 7/16/03
7/11/03 01:00 New York City (Bronx) NY Light 2.5 hours Craft was near the moon and appeared to have landed on it. 7/23/03
7/11/03 01:00 Ramsgate (UK/England)
Unknown 1 hour Lights over a Kentish Airfield 11/8/03
7/11/03 00:45 Forestill MO Unknown 30 minuites MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Large object with smaller objects in vicinity and close to ground. 9/2/05
7/10/03 23:20 Farquay Varina NC Triangle 20 minutes On an otherwise cloudless and starry night, my brother and I noticed a dense low-lying cloud over their new development. Coming throug 8/1/03
7/10/03 23:00 Winfield (Canada) BC Light 2 1/2 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Light came to a complete stop. Film footage of object. 8/28/03
7/10/03 23:00 Castlegar (Canada) BC Triangle 2-3 min CANADA: 3 faint points of light resembling stars or satilites and forming a triangle 6/4/04
7/10/03 22:00 Morris IL Light 15 sec Red light circling over an area, then shooting off. 4/16/05
7/10/03 21:38 San Bernadino CA Fireball 3 secs While driving north on Interstate 15, 16 miles south of Hesperia, California my wife and I witnessed a green streak 40 degrees above t 8/1/03
7/10/03 21:00 Willmar MN Triangle 30 Min Black, unlit, triangular, silent, stationary, object hovering at high altitude, July 2003 in Willmar Minnesota USA. 9/24/03
7/10/03 20:00 Airway Heights WA Sphere 45 minutes Orange sphere of light hovering several hundred feet above Fairchild Airforce Base. 2/14/10
7/10/03 20:00 Biddeford ME Cross 15 minutes they are here. 7/16/03
7/10/03 04:00 Waikiki HI Circle 15minutes incredable speed 12/9/03
7/10/03 02:00 Wellington TX Light 04:00 looks like a star 8/28/03
7/10/03 01:15 Bedford (UK/England)
Diamond nearly 1 hour orange object spotted moving sharply with two further diamond shaped craft flying towards us 7/16/03
7/9/03 23:59 Reno (southwest) NV Other 6 hours Star-like Object 7/16/03
7/9/03 23:30 Barra do Tejuco (Rio de Janeiro) (Brazil)
Unknown 5-7 minutes Huge shapeless cluster of red and blue green lights with sporadic white stobe-like flashes floating over Barra, Rio de Janeiro. 7/16/03
7/9/03 23:15 Boise ID Formation 10 min. Light formation passes directly over 3 witnesses. 7/16/03
7/9/03 22:40 Pearblossom CA Triangle 5 min what we saw was a triangle shaped object with white lights at each point , it didnt make a sound as it passed overhead 7/16/03
7/9/03 22:12 Liberty Lake WA Triangle 3 minutes Triangle shaped lights, white w/orange rim, moving in unison across night sky 7/16/03
7/9/03 22:00 Coalinga CA Light 5 to 10 seconds While driving on I-5 north of Colinga exit (Hwy 198) around 10 pm observed increasing brignt light that caused entire area to light up. 7/23/03
7/9/03 22:00 Gilroy CA Changing 3-5 seconds Looked like a huge chunk of something, the size of a small car, seemingly on fire, falling out of the sky at a great rate of speed, lik 7/16/03
7/9/03 21:30 Sweetwater TN Light Approx. 1.5 hours Brilliant red-orange light that could maneuver unlike any human aircraft... 7/16/03
7/9/03 20:30 Endicott NY Triangle 2 minutes Craft re-enters the atmosphere 7/16/03
7/9/03 20:30 Oakland CA Egg 3 to 5 min. july 9 2003- glowing pink object hovering above san francisco bay 7/16/03
7/9/03 14:15 Richmond (Canada) PQ Cigar 2 min Daylight sighting of a white, cigar shaped object. 7/16/03
7/9/03 11:35 Sylva NC Changing 20 seconds The disk I saw was easily able to avoid the fighter aircraft pursuing it 7/16/03
7/9/03 00:30 Westmoreland TN Triangle 10-12 minutes Huge triangle with white lights over Tennessee, Kentucky Border 7/16/03
7/8/03 23:50 Nanaimo (Canada) BC Sphere 3 minutes (UFO) Hazy orange coloured orb hovering over a small lake in British Columbia, Canada 7/16/03
7/8/03 22:20 Jacksonville FL Light 10min light flew over florida and makes u turn back south 7/16/03
7/8/03 22:15 Miami FL Oval 2 seconds It was oval shape bright white blue ball in the middle with a oval halo around it and came out from the sky into another dimension. 7/16/03
7/8/03 20:49 Porum OK Disk 2 minutes Fast moving UFO in Porum, Ok 7/16/03
7/8/03 20:31 Gaithersburg MD Oval 6 minutes Bright object at edge of moon sat still, then moved slowly away from moon. 7/16/03
7/8/03 20:30 Greece
Triangle 10 min triangular star formation in greece / cephallonia / poros 7/23/03
7/8/03 19:00 Santa Rosa CA Other 15-20 min. I was aware of every thing around me. I am amazed how it stayed in one spot rotating and flapping. 3/17/04
7/8/03 18:50 Lafayette CO Circle ~1 minute small dark balloon like object flying straight north to south very quickly in windy conditions. 7/23/03
7/8/03 18:00 Clermont IN Disk five minutes huge disc shaped object moving within a quickley moving storm cloud 7/16/03
7/8/03 16:41 Longview TX Circle 3 Seconds Daylight observation of a fast moving bright circular object below a 10,000 ft cloud level. 7/16/03
7/8/03 16:30 London KY Disk 10 minutes it traveled on a angle,we always travel this hwy,and had never seen anything like this. 7/16/03
7/8/03 14:00 Dallas TX Disk seconds White or Luminous Disk seen 8/1/03
7/8/03 12:00 Nottingham (UK/England)
Other sighting it was a clear day and i saw some thing in the sky that eye believe is a UFO 1/17/04
7/8/03 02:10 Seminole FL Unknown 10 minutes none because to far away to see actually what it was. 7/16/03
7/8/03 00:30 Grand Junction CO Sphere 1 minute orbs in Colorado 7/16/03
7/8/03 Arizona (rural) AZ Disk 10 seconds or less Saw a saucer after a plan spining w/ lights and other events followed. 7/16/03
7/7/03 22:30 Warninglid Village (UK/England)
Light 2 minutes light in sky ,noise in room, temporary paralysis, keep waking back in bed. help me please? 7/16/03
7/7/03 22:30 Verdun (Canada) PQ Other 5 to 6 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: I received a telephone call on the UFO Hotline this morning from a gentleman who resides in Verdun, Quebec. 7/16/03
7/7/03 17:30 Jasper AL Fireball 1- 2 minutes White/Orange color sphere seen in Alabama 6/4/04
7/7/03 16:00 New Mexico (rural) NM Other 2 minutes A photographic encounter with an unexplained object in the New Mexico desert. 10/27/04
7/6/03 23:11 Rochester NY Circle 5 minutes Very bright, star like object moving across the sky--backing up and making very sharp turns and circles. 7/16/03
7/6/03 21:36 Tulsa OK Triangle
it changed colers it went from bule to red to green to yellow i thot it wus a airplane but it wus silent but not like a night hawk 7/16/03
7/6/03 21:30 Winnipeg (Hecla Provincial Park) (Canada) MB Unknown approx:10 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Object made a very quick and very sharp U-turn. 7/16/03
7/6/03 21:00 Bonita Springs FL Light 1-5 minutes Bright white objects in night sky seen in SW Florida 5/15/06
7/6/03 20:30 Low Country Region SC Sphere 3-4 minutes Sliver sphere - quick rolling movements - light sequence 7/23/03
7/6/03 20:30 Bahia de Los Angeles (Baja, Mexico)
Egg less than 10 minutes glowing ball flying from south to north at the south end of the bay... Bahia De Los Angeles Baja California Norte 3/28/04
7/6/03 19:30 Cambridge MA Diamond 30 seconds possible fighter jet closely tailing an airliner. 7/16/03
7/6/03 19:15 Salem OR Circle 15min saw 11 circle object heading due south a a very slow pace in a group formation than disappeared 7/16/03
7/6/03 18:15 Elwood IL Disk 2 seconds Disc shaped object observed travelling at a high rate of speed in thunderstorm 7/5/05
7/6/03 16:05 Chichen Itza (Yucatan) (Mexico)
Circle 5 sec 2 sec appearance on video while climbing piramid in chichen Itza Pen Yucatán México 7/16/03
7/6/03 15:30 Morrison IL Disk 6 seconds I couldn't believe what I was seeing.. 7/16/03
7/6/03 11:30 Lewisville TX Cylinder 20 Sec While Driving with my family, South on I-35 over Lewisville Lake in Texas - we observed a shiny disk (55 degrees) on the southern sky. 7/16/03
7/6/03 00:30 Corbin KY Formation 1 minute wile fishing last night a formation of 3 craft flew across the sky 7/16/03
7/6/03 00:08 Porthmadog (UK/Wales)
Unknown 1 min LOoked up to see a flashing orb 7/16/03
7/6/03 00:04 Salem OR Other 45-65 seconds V shaped, Tilted and rotating pale white craft. No noise. 7/16/03
7/6/03 Undisclosed
Unknown 3 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Pictures Of An Unknown Craft, Daylight Sighting. 8/28/03
7/5/03 23:30 Bakersfield CA Light appx. 1 minute One dim light grouping with two other dim lights in a triangle pattern, switching directions 7/16/03
7/5/03 23:15 Sedona AZ Triangle 2 minutes A black triangle was seen flying over Sedona, AZ the evening of July 5, 2003 by six eyewitnesses 7/16/03
7/5/03 23:15 Fallon NV Unknown 5 minutes Space junk triangle traveling from West to East over Fallon, NV? 7/16/03
7/5/03 22:30 Pickering (Canada) ON Circle 10-20 seconds The light went up and down a few times then went in a circular motion and dissapeared within seconds. 1/17/04
7/5/03 22:27 Clive IA Teardrop 2-3 minutes It was about 10:30. I had finished watching a TV show and i walked into my bedroom. When I walked into the room there was a blue and ye 7/16/03
7/5/03 22:00 Niles IL Flash 5 seconds Aura ufo near chicago 11/26/03
7/5/03 22:00 Horton KS Triangle 7 minutes Large triangle shaped object over Horton, KS moving east. 3/2/04
7/5/03 21:00 Dixfield ME Circle 45 minutes Green Circle gets chased, leaves cloud of red haze behind. 3/11/06
7/5/03 20:00 Seekonk MA Other 10 seconds Jet shaped object explodes in white flash. 11/26/03
7/5/03 19:40 Athens AL Cylinder <2 minutes Cylinder shaped object travelling at high rate of speed. No contrail, no sound. 7/16/03
7/5/03 18:00 Rend Lake IL Oval 2-3 minutes MUFON/Illinois Report: 2 bright white objects seen over Rend Lake, IL during airshow 9/4/03
7/5/03 16:00 Benton IL Sphere 2 MIN 07/05/03 REND LAKE IL, 4PM TWO ROUND SHINY LIGHTS MOVING SOUTH TO NORTH 7/16/03
7/5/03 14:30 West Covina CA Cross twenty five mins I observed a large brightly object in the sky, it was sitting low, suddently the object increased its attitude. It looked like a cros 8/28/03
7/5/03 10:30 Crystal NM Cigar less than a min. a silvery object was moving across the clear blue sky at a slow speed. 7/16/03
7/5/03 02:30 Al-Ain (UAE)
Disk 5 min The Disks went sraight over my house and the radio started breaking up. 7/16/03
7/5/03 01:48 Oklahoma City (north of) OK Teardrop 201 My friends and I were out real late on a counrty rode, drinking and celebrating the 4th of July. Now, don't take this the wrong way, I 7/16/03
7/5/03 01:30 Niantic CT Unknown 30-45 sec flashing light with incredible speed and manuverability 7/16/03
7/5/03 01:00 Logano (Switzerland)
the speed and the manovering abilities were imposible for an airplane or birds. 7/16/03
7/5/03 01:00 Solano County CA
Overnight Hundreds Flock To Crop Circles 7/16/03
7/5/03 00:34 Ithaca NY Light 10 minutes Light seen in night sky at a camp fire in itaca, ny 3/9/04
7/5/03 00:30 Randolph AFB TX Disk 1.5 minutes UFO over Randolph Air Force Base 8/4/03
7/5/03 00:13 Graham/Eatonville WA Triangle 2 minutes triangle of stars??????? 7/16/03
7/5/03 00:10 Kansas City MO Light 1 minute Saw five star-like lights of varying brightnesses moving from NNE to SSW. They were traveling at the same speed and direction. 7/16/03
7/4/03 23:59 Ottawa (Canada) ON Light 10 seconds Same as my last report in June. Bluish white light, shoots straigt up turns red-orange then gone. I checked with NASA thinking it may b 7/16/03
7/4/03 23:50 Merced CA Triangle 3 minutes 3 lights form perfect acute triangle for huge craft moving slowly overhead 7/16/03
7/4/03 23:30 Attleboro MA Formation 2 minutes approx faint triagle formation massachusetts rhode island 7/16/03
7/4/03 23:00 Ridgeway SC Circle 2 MINUTES No beams or if it was a car or truck now that I go back and look at this drive we should have not seem both lights of the car or truck 7/16/03
7/4/03 23:00 Clear Lake OR Light
light in sky that bobed and had big spotlight threw trees,made no noise 10/31/03
7/4/03 22:15 Port St. Lucie FL Fireball 1 minute Red Orb type ball crashing or descending 5/24/05
7/4/03 22:05 Tulelake CA Light 1-2 minutes 2 objects that looked like stars moving at high speeds 7/16/03
7/4/03 22:00 Seattle WA Triangle 15 minutes Triangular Ships Sighted in 4th of July skies over Seattle, WA. 8/28/03
7/4/03 21:30 Wellfleet MA Disk
Glowing light disk shape, and moving very fast. 7/16/03
7/4/03 21:00 East Wenatchee WA Light 20 min. Six glowing orbs hovered for 20 minutes above Columbia River at twilight. 11/3/05
7/4/03 20:30 Vancouver WA Egg 2 minutes The craft slowly climbed and then vanished. 7/16/03
7/4/03 19:45 Renton WA Egg 5 min. Dark oval object over Seattle 7/16/03
7/4/03 19:00 Nantucket MA Circle 15min. round shiny object in the sky, aircraft moving away from it 10/15/03
7/4/03 16:00 Butler PA Circle 2 minutes Circular white object moving from north to south silently, at a high rate of speed. 7/16/03
7/4/03 14:00 Tioga Pass CA Oval One minute Tilted oval reflective object sighted in the distance above a mountain ridge in the Eastern Sierra, near Tioga Pass, CA. 7/16/03
7/4/03 12:00 Bayonne NJ Other 45-60 seconds observed near the miltitary ocean terminal. flying west to east from across bayonne towards nyc 3 ufo's, two saucer shaped and one slow 7/23/03
7/4/03 11:00 San Diego CA Disk 15 minutes 3 of us saw a copper disk w/ a black solid circle slowly moving in a small clockwise circle tipping on edge showing the top & bottom. 8/28/03
7/4/03 08:30 Orland Park IL Triangle 15 minutes Orland Park Illinois. July 4th 2003,triangular object right over fireworks 1/19/05
7/4/03 04:05 Chico CA Light 90 seconds A constant golden colored bright light traversed the pre-dawn sky from west to east with no sound. 7/16/03
7/4/03 02:30 Mapleton IA Other 00:15 A stationary flashing object in the lower atmosphere 7/16/03
7/4/03 01:00 Bakersfield CA Circle appx. 30 seconds Three crafts travling in a triangular fashion across the sky and one by one dissapeared out of sight. 7/16/03
7/3/03 23:07 Fort Smith AR Triangle three to five minutes triangular shape and fireball in Arkansas 7/16/03
7/3/03 23:00 Seattle WA Circle
it was a round shape that was flashing red, blue and green lights there were two of them moving way to fast for an air-plane or anthing 7/16/03
7/3/03 22:47 Benton TN Circle 5 MINUTES HUGE RED ORANGE CRAFT 9/28/03
7/3/03 22:30 Tottenham (Canada) ON Circle 30 Sceonds Circular shape with bright white lights and another the same underneith. 7/16/03
7/3/03 20:40 Manlius NY Oval 30 seconds One large oval object observed traveling east to west at a fairly high rate of speed, metallic silver/gold color. appeared to reflect t 7/16/03
7/3/03 20:40 Manlius NY Cylinder 10 seconds 7-3-03 A Soundless Vaporless Silver Cylinder Object Flyies East To West In The Suburbs Of Syracuse New York. 7/16/03
7/3/03 18:15 Liverpool (UK/England)
Oval 20.minutes At about 18:15 myself and my wife were in the garden.I pointed out a small silver roundish object high in the sky ,Which was to high to 8/4/03
7/3/03 02:30 Pocatello ID Circle 20 minutes I was outside on the front porch of my house at about 2:30 am MST basically just cooling off since it was quite warm inside the house. 7/16/03
7/2/03 23:59 St. Ignace MI Triangle 2min V shaped object over St. Ignace,MI on 7-2-03 7/16/03
7/2/03 23:30 Lakeville MN Light 30 second Bright light formation moving at high rate of speed with no noise 7/16/03
7/2/03 22:00 California MO Sphere 3-5 MIN EACH Yellow-orange colored ball/light ; Silver Tube & Yellow-orange colored ball/light 8/1/03
7/2/03 20:10 Moorpark CA Oval 2 minutes Large reflective oval object hanging motionless above the mountain ridge, north of Moorpark, CA, seen in daylight, at sunset. 7/16/03
7/2/03 20:00 Timmonsville SC Oval 5 to 10 minutes UFO at treetop level on woods 7/16/06
7/2/03 20:00 Silver City/Ontonagan MI Disk ? I discovered a UFO on a digital picture I took of the clouds over Lake Superior from Silver City, Michigan on 7/2/03 7/16/03
7/2/03 14:30 Bloomington IL Cigar 30 seconds I saw a flat, white-illuminated object near Bloomington, IL yesterday afternoon. 7/16/03
7/2/03 03:00 Sea Isle City NJ Sphere 5 seconds Sea Isle City UFO 5/24/05
7/2/03 01:53 South Gate CA Circle 10-15 sec. Flickering light in S California 7/16/03
7/2/03 00:43 New Berlin WI Light 3 minutes 3 lights, converged into 1, then moved vertically and disappeared 7/16/03
7/1/03 23:50 Howell MI Cigar 5 minutes Craft with whight, blue, and red lights seen in the sky 7/16/03
7/1/03 23:46 Santa Maria CA Triangle 15 minutes Triangle Object over Pismo Beach, California 10/30/06
7/1/03 23:00 Kitty Hawk NC Light 20 - 30 minutes Strange glowing haze like light over Kitty Hawk NC. 9/2/05
7/1/03 23:00 Bermuda
Light 45 Minutes Wierd Slow Moving Bright Light 2/14/06
7/1/03 22:30 Tyngsboro MA Cigar 1 minute My son and I were stargazing when we observed what looked like a flashing bright green & yellow pill shape object traveling (skipping) 7/16/03
7/1/03 22:00 coventry RI Changing 3 minutes energy wings that took up the whole sky breaking into three small white lights and jetting off- no sound what so ever 10/30/06
7/1/03 22:00 Indianapolis IN Other 4 sec. In a moonlit sky, traveling from the west and turning to the southeast, it traversing an open space 30 degrees above the horizon to a p 7/5/05
7/1/03 22:00 Chicago IL Fireball 22:30 a bunch of mysterious fast moving objects appearing to have red and green strobe lights. 6/18/04
7/1/03 21:00 Moses Lake WA Sphere 10-15 sec ok I was sitting out on my drive way with my best friend (we were under 18 so no alcohol was involved) but anyway we'd relax on warm ni 12/3/04
7/1/03 20:30 Mentor-on-the-Lake OH Triangle 2-3 seconds Group of seven lights in triange formation, silent & disappearing. 11/21/14
7/1/03 19:45 Inglewood CA Disk 38 minutes Strange Red Craft/ UFO Nightmares 7/16/06
7/1/03 19:00 New Jersey NJ Light Unknown. I was in New Jersey in early July and when I stepped out of my car I saw two red balls of light in the sky. They were small from where 8/4/03
7/1/03 02:30 Seattle WA Teardrop 1O MINUTES GREEN GLOWING OVAL WITH TAIL 12/7/06
7/1/03 02:30 Manteo NC Light 20 minutes 3 strange lights 7/1/03 outer banks nc 7/16/03
7/1/03 02:00 Yakima WA Oval 5 MINUTES Butterly shaped rainbow UFO 7/16/03
7/1/03 02:00 Kelseyville CA Light 02.00-04.00 red ball of light in late night sky 7/16/03
7/1/03 00:00 Pecos (south of) TX Light 10 min Jet following white blinking object. 6/4/04
7/1/03 00:00 Moses Lake WA Other a few hours many fast moving objects 12/3/04