National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 06/2003
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
6/30/03 23:30 Magna UT Light 1 minute Small light moving to the North 7/16/03
6/30/03 23:15 Hamilton (Canada) ON Flash 2 Seconds Bright white flash lasting only 2 seconds. 7/16/03
6/30/03 23:10 Hamilton OH Flash 1 - 3 seconds Witness of reported flash over hamilton 12/9/03
6/30/03 23:00 Jamestown KS Circle 10 seconds large light frightened the crap out of us. 12/12/09
6/30/03 22:00 Ripon WI Circle 1 hour Strange object sat still in sky for 45 minutes like a star, then very quickly passed over me. 1/31/04
6/30/03 22:00 St. Maarten (Netherland Antilles))
Changing 6 seconds ((HOAX??)) i choked on me jonny cake and started screaming for my parents to look at the sky. 11/28/07
6/30/03 21:00 New Brighton PA Other 10 minutes Black triangle surrouned by silver sphears moving south towards Pittsburgh, PA. 7/16/03
6/30/03 20:00 Price UT Triangle 10 min Ufo sighting by two teenage girls 1/12/12
6/30/03 20:00 Hong Kong (China)
Other 1 hour glowing Ball in delta formation 1000ft wide over Hong Kong 5/15/06
6/30/03 19:30 Lincolnshire (UK/England)
Disk 20 minutes 1 craft seen caught our attention made us go out to see, brought back 6 (7 all together) 2/18/13
6/30/03 19:17 Harare (Zimbabwe)
Diamond 1min 30sec it circled the area for a couple of seconds and vanished 7/16/03
6/30/03 19:00 Oak Forest IL Disk 200 ((HOAX??)) Sitting out sie on a balcony looking at the skyline. 6/12/08
6/30/03 18:32 San Bernardino CA Disk 1min It had so pleasent smooth blush-white light with a smooth rotation that I was stuck kept looking at it! 12/12/09
6/30/03 17:00 Nashville TN Triangle 4 minutes I have pictures 3/31/08
6/30/03 17:00 Syracuse NY Fireball 30 minutes ((HOAX??)) basicly thats what happened but i recorded them on VIDEO 8/7/07
6/30/03 14:00 Sugar Grove IL Other a few moments It was reflective and I could see what seemed like rivets all over it plus it had four half circle things from top to under it. 2/1/07
6/30/03 14:00 Birmingham AL Cylinder 1 hour It flew from one end of runway to the other shoot straight up turn back shine bright light shoot straight down do it again 100 mph 4/3/15
6/30/03 13:30 Leigh (UK/England)

10 secs hi what i would like to report is i was out side my flat one day sweeping up, when i was suddanly starteled be someone who was invisabl 3/19/09
6/30/03 09:00 Iowa City IA Oval 6 minutes Bright silver object low in Summer morning sunlight. 7/16/03
6/30/03 08:00 Los Angeles CA Fireball 3 minutes A round ball of flame hovering over a residential neighborhood in Los Angeles, CA c.2003 8/5/12
6/30/03 05:30 Phoenix AZ Unknown 2 minutes I was driving west on Broadway Rd. When I noticed a shiny small dot in the sky. It was in the direction towards Sky Harbor Airport. The 7/16/03
6/30/03 04:28 Orland CA Light 30 seconds Rapidly moving bright white light 7/16/03
6/30/03 02:10 Bishopville MD Other 20mins Fireball going into a double circle type cloud formation. 7/16/03
6/30/03 02:00 San Francisco CA Cigar 10 min My husband and I were sitting on a bench at a marina in Berkeley CA looking across the Bay at the skyline of San Fransisco (SF). There 7/16/03
6/30/03 01:30 Delft (Netherlands)
Light a few seconds 2 lights traversing sky at breakneck speed 9/24/03
6/30/03 01:30 Plymouth NC Other 20 minutes A bluish-whitish glowing ragged line of light in the shape of a large "W" lying on its side. 10/31/03
6/30/03 00:00 Las Vegas NV Unknown 10minutes I flashed my flashlight at it and it flashed back at me and started to come my way 5/15/06
6/29/03 23:30 Virginia Beach VA Light 15-20 minutes While packing to leave my beach house, I looked up and saw a large, odd-shaped cloud that was very clearly glowing with a blue-green li 7/16/03
6/29/03 23:00 Prince George VA Sphere Approx. 2 min. Two large, animated, glowing lights Prince George 4/14/09
6/29/03 22:40 Prophetstown IL Flash milli second Three huge moving bright white flashes, the whole thing lasting only a fraction of a second. 7/16/03
6/29/03 21:00 Edmonds WA Light 30 minutes Two orange sun dogs near horizon seen from Edmonds looking west 7/16/03
6/29/03 20:25 Isle la Motte VT Light 15 seconds Almost looked liked the object consumed the cloud or came from it 7/16/03
6/29/03 20:00 Lake Aloha CA Circle 3 minutes A circular disk that rotated or changed shape flew North east across Lake Aloha. 9/9/04
6/29/03 17:50 Roy UT Oval 30 min UFO over Northern Utah/Hill Air Force Base 7/16/03
6/29/03 01:00 Kettleman City CA Triangle 1 minute Slow moving triangular craft travelled NW across southbound I-5... made aircraft landing 2000 ft. W and parallel to I-5 7/16/03
6/29/03 00:54 Shoreham (UK/England)
Formation <3seconds UK Sussex points of light 7/16/03
6/28/03 23:45 Yuba City CA Other 1 minute I saw a swiftly moving object which looked like a star in the night sky. It moved to quick to be anything I knew of. It manuevered. 7/16/03
6/28/03 23:30 New York City (Manhattan) NY Disk 8-10min? Light blue diskshape with a blinking red light on bottom above east river. 7/23/03
6/28/03 23:30 Kenly NC Light 15 minutes A hazy,thin white line grew in brightness and slowly split open and burst with a white light! 7/16/03
6/28/03 23:30 New York City (Queens) NY Disk 15 min 6/28/03 23:30 4 witnesses. This sighting happened at the Howard Beach Subway Station at JFK Airport. JFK is located in the southeastern 7/16/03
6/28/03 23:30 Layton UT Light 1 minute Tiny pinpoints seen moments apart, moving North at a steady, unwavering rate. 7/16/03
6/28/03 23:30 Shady Point OK Disk 10 to 15 mins. Completely dark with stars out, no moon. Pale almost translucent,very distinct shape,all 5 to 6 disk shaped objects. Rotating in a circ 7/16/03
6/28/03 23:12 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Disk 6 minutes A friend and I saw a round domed object metallic in appearance and rather large with lights located around the bottom edges and top. 7/16/03
6/28/03 23:00 Virginia Beach VA Light 5 hours Bright green light "draws" serveral strange marks over the Atlantic Ocean 3/31/08
6/28/03 22:42 Milford MA Unknown Seconds At first i thought it was a star.. but then it got faster and it shined bright for a second.. then it dimmed then disapeard. it didnt 7/16/03
6/28/03 22:00 Atlantic City NJ Light steady Numerous unknown objects moving at fast rates circling each other . 7/16/03
6/28/03 22:00 Atlantic City Area NJ Light
The lights reported are confirmed as spotlights 8/28/03
6/28/03 21:45 Belton SC Formation 25 min. 3 lighted circular air crafts 7/16/03
6/28/03 21:15 Orlando FL Circle 45 minutes I saw something......then I felt something 7/16/03
6/28/03 14:00 Los Angeles/Angeles Natl. Forest CA Sphere 1 minute My friend and I saw a small metallic sphere in a controlled descent in the Angeles National Forest near Cooper Canyon Trail Camp. I spo 7/16/03
6/28/03 04:45 Mountain View CA Unknown 1/4 second or so I was walking home from a friend's house at around 4:30 AM after a night of playing board games. By the time I was about a 1/4 of a bl 7/16/03
6/28/03 04:00 Albuquerque NM Circle 1 minute or so Photos of UFO in sky above Sandia Peak, NM 10/31/03
6/27/03 23:10 Toronto (Canada) ON Unknown 5-7 SECONDS I saw a black/ grey object moving in the night sky.It was really hard to see because of the objects color set against the background of 7/8/04
6/27/03 23:00 Pittsburgh PA Cylinder ongoing Looking into the telescope, I was shocked to see that it wasn't a star, but a glowing cylindrical object. 7/16/03
6/27/03 13:57 St. George UT Sphere 20 minutes Reflective object hanging in the sky over St. George, Utah 7/16/03
6/27/03 00:05 Seattle (West Seattle) WA Light 1minute 30 seconds Bright lights in sky over West Seattle 7/16/03
6/26/03 23:00 Cascais (Portugal)
Light aprox 4 min A moving star? don't think so.... 8/28/03
6/26/03 22:30 Lemoore CA Triangle 30 minutes I observed a something that apeared to be a glowing orange and white ball over Naval Air Station Lemoore. I was observing this about 5 7/16/03
6/26/03 22:26 El Cajon CA Unknown 15 Min. The most critical thing is how fast and the angle it went at before disappearing. 7/16/03
6/26/03 13:40 Newtown PA Disk 5-10 minutes Saucer like object flies above community pool. 7/16/03
6/26/03 05:00 Daly City CA Disk 5 minutes flying orange brigt disk object with a second coming out below the center a dot bright green color 7/16/03
6/26/03 03:00 Avalon NJ Changing Two Hours lights on the finger tips with a luminous glow and rapid up down side to side multicolored UFO's 7/16/03
6/25/03 23:30 Dawson Creek (Canada) BC Light 8 or 9 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Large bight white light travel across the night sky and when it was low in the horizon it stopped. 8/28/03
6/25/03 16:21 Pinole CA Formation 1 minute 3 black circles flying in a triangle formation toward the North in the middle of the afternoon. 7/16/03
6/25/03 16:00 Weston (Oamaru) (New Zealand)
Flash about 3 secounds very fast. a flash of green light. pretty big 2/14/06
6/25/03 16:00 Kokkari (Samos Island) (Greece)
disc-shaped object visible in photograph 7/16/03
6/25/03 14:30 Houston (Canada) BC Other approx: 3 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Round in shape, silver in color traveling very quickly. 9/9/03
6/25/03 08:00 Laguna Niguel CA Disk 20+ minutes Gray-silver disk moving to the East-SE slowly above tree level rotating from vertical to horizontal 7/16/03
6/25/03 02:00 Price UT Circle two minutes My cousin and I were headed home on the freeway around 2:00 a.m. I was driving and talking to her. I turned to look at her, she was si 6/23/04
6/25/03 01:30 Port Angeles WA Light 5minuts Alot of lights in the ski of difrent sise's. 7/16/03
6/25/03 01:00 Ottawa (Canada) ON Light 20 seconds I work nights and quite often see things in the sky but usually shrug them off as satellites or high flying planes.This morning at appr 7/16/03
6/25/03 01:00 Grantsburg IL Other 10 to 30 min. Large rectanble of blue light, window perhaps at the front of some craft with brilliant round ball of light zipping around it. 11/8/03
6/25/03 01:00 Larkhall (near Glasgow) (UK/Scotland)
Light 2mins ligt in the sky over glasgow 7/16/03
6/25/03 00:15 Barcelona (Spain)
Light second One green light that made a fast loop in the dark sky, and disappeared, high above the mountains 7/16/03
6/25/03 00:00 Council AK Oval 30 minutes Multiple sightings in Council Alaska possible abuctions of two known persons in the 1980's (1) and 1990's(1)... between August and Febr 2/14/06
6/24/03 22:00 Conway SC Circle 4 minutes It was a perfect circle that appearted transparent. Outline of darker white. 3 red lights moving very slow. Disappeared instantly. 7/16/03
6/24/03 21:45 Prescott AZ Sphere 2min It moved about a mile or less out into the desert and stoped, then I could see the ground light up beneath it for a moment and then it 7/16/03
6/24/03 21:00 Columbus OH Light few seconds Unknown flash of light. 7/16/03
6/24/03 10:20 Terrace (Canada) BC Egg 10 to 15 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Egg shaped object hovering over the south side of the river. 7/16/03
6/24/03 03:32 Kingman AZ Light 22 min the object moved at speed from one place to enother 7/16/03
6/24/03 03:00 Othello WA Oval 1HR round objects jump side to side and up and down very fastly 7/16/03
6/24/03 01:00 Shawnee National Forest IL Oval 2 hours floating tire sized craft navigated like a dragon fly with 3 orange lights . 12/19/03
6/23/03 23:10 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Oval 3.50 min So 7/16/03
6/23/03 22:40 Port Orchard WA Light 2 min 2 BRIGHT LIGHTS GOING AT AVERAGE SPEED 7/16/03
6/23/03 22:30 Boise ID Light 10 seconds Extremely bright light that faded to a small red point of light and accelerated rapidly 7/16/03
6/23/03 21:00 Canoga Park CA Triangle Nightime V-Shaped UFO appears over canoga park california. 2/12/04
6/23/03 18:00 Bloomsburg PA Other unknown Bloomsburg, PA, June, strange. 7/16/03
6/23/03 16:20 Prishtina (Kosovo)
Changing 10 min Its look like metal object, shining, fluctuacting trajectory, very slowly. 7/16/03
6/23/03 13:00 Yellowknife (Canada) NT Cigar 45 seconds cigar shaped craft, motionless, definately not a conventional aircraft 7/16/03
6/23/03 04:24 Panama City FL Light 12 minutes Panama City UFO 7/16/03
6/22/03 23:00 Kingston WI Light 1-2 minutes It didn't move like a shooting star or plane and I wasn't alone when I saw it on two separate occasions. 7/16/03
6/22/03 22:09 Flint MI Cigar
My cousin and I saw a cigar object in the sky and our go-kart stoped we didn't stop it though!!! 7/16/03
6/22/03 22:00 Alexander Valley (Sonoma Co.) CA Circle 10 minutes Observed a balled shaped craft hovering above the ground 500 feet high. It had a ring around the lower half of craft with a spot light. 9/2/05
6/22/03 21:45 Baltimore MD Diamond 2 MINUTES object appeared in flight pattern of aircraft, then changed course and climbed out of the atmosphere. 7/16/03
6/22/03 21:45 Sun City West AZ Light 3 minutes White light moves erratically through Arizona night sky 7/16/03
6/22/03 21:30 Kenly NC Oval 5 -6 seconds extremely fast moving light with no sound 7/23/03
6/22/03 21:15 Oosterhout (Netherlands)
Cigar 5sec cigar shaped ufo, with a high speed direction change 7/16/03
6/22/03 18:00 Atlanta GA Rectangle 3 LARGE HIGH BRIGHT WHITE STATIONARY THEN MOVING 7/16/03
6/22/03 16:00 Bardstown KY Oval 5 minutes Two oval shaped UFOs in Bardstown KY 7/16/03
6/22/03 05:00 Johnston RI Disk 5-7 seconds I was 13 years old. I was walking up the street to my friends house and I felt leaves blowing up. ((anonymous report)) 1/11/19
6/22/03 03:00 Mesa AZ Cigar 1min slow low white flying cigar shaped ufo over east mesa. 7/16/03
6/22/03 03:00 Los Angeles CA Circle 20 seconds i was walking home from the movies and i was with my friend and these big lights were flashing and moving around in a triangular patter 7/16/03
6/22/03 00:12 Omaha NE Formation 45 Seconds 14 Total Craft (Disc's) sighted, 3 Formations of glowing Disc's, (3) - (5) - (5) and a single one that was reddish 7/16/03
6/21/03 23:00 Miami TX Triangle 4 minutes I saw three orange lights hovering above the horizen that slowly changed colors then vanished. 10/31/08
6/21/03 22:30 Des Moines IA Triangle 30 minutes It was a triangular shaped craft withfour lights 4/27/04
6/21/03 22:00 Candler NC Unknown 15min+ Bright light rapidly traveled from North to South and then hovered 8/28/03
6/21/03 21:55 Vaughan (Canada) ON Cigar 5- 7 seconds Brilliant White Torpedo Shape Craft Jumping Across The Sky Like A Tic Over Canada's Wonderland 7/4/12
6/21/03 18:33 Vail CO Sphere 5-6 minutes MUFON/COLORADO REPORT: Silvery/white sphere seen moving in a mostly clear blue sky at about 6:30PM 7/16/03
6/21/03 13:00 St. Augustine FL Disk ? Help requested identifying object over wall of fort in Florida 7/16/03
6/21/03 10:00 Chesterton IN Light 10 SECONDS light moving across sky fades then comes back on. 7/16/03
6/21/03 06:30 Douglasville GA Circle 30 mins Two large object accompanied by 4 to 5 smaller objects hovered for about 1/2 an hour and then vanished 7/16/03
6/21/03 03:02 Gates OR Rectangle Multiple times Large octagon grid patterns late night sightings. 9/24/03
6/20/03 22:00 Hawesville KY Unknown SECOND Stick Objects 10/27/04
6/20/03 21:53 Chicago (over Lake Michigan) IL Teardrop At least two minutes a teardrop or fireball shaped object that hung in the sky; the object showed up on a long-exposure photograph. 7/16/03
6/20/03 21:00 Edwards MO Disk 20-45 seconds I saw a large black disc travel from east to west in the Lake of the Ozarks area. 7/16/03
6/20/03 20:35 Moline IL Triangle 20 seconds black metallic upside down triangle object appeared hovering 15 feet above and 10 feet away from side of I-74 bridge. 7/16/03
6/20/03 19:10 Reno NV Circle 30Minutes Four of us were driving on Reno streets trying to find a hotel, I noticed a big pie shaped object hanging above the Circus Circus parki 7/16/03
6/20/03 15:00 Coldwater MI Triangle 5 Minutes The craft emitted a low intensity green light, in broad daylight, no sound, very low, and easily covered an entire golf course in size 7/17/11
6/20/03 00:18 Londonderry NH Sphere 1 minute Strange object seen over Londonderry, NH. 7/16/03
6/19/03 22:18 Kendallville IN Light 23:30 Even more lights in the sky, Reddish orange in color, very high, very fast, some movements. 7/16/03
6/19/03 22:06 Camden NY Light 2 minutes I was sitting on the couch looking out the screen door and i happened to see what looked like airplane lights but closer right over the 7/16/03
6/19/03 22:00 Dayton TX Unknown few seconds helicopters chasing two small lights at high rate of speed 7/16/03
6/19/03 22:00 East Chicago IN Light 5 MIN Lights starts and stops in the sky. 7/16/03
6/19/03 21:00 Rome OH Disk 3min The three disk stood in a triangle formation without making a sound, one blinking red light on the bottom of the disk, departed fast 7/16/03
6/19/03 21:00 Reston VA Sphere 10 seconds the object was only about 50-foot above, stagnent, very quiet and looks like it's shut down waiting for thunderstorm going away... 7/16/03
6/19/03 21:00 Westford MA Sphere 20 minutes Yellow sphere about half the size of the moon with dark rings floating in the northern sky. 7/16/03
6/19/03 19:45 Tasmania (Australia)
Other 15 mins A star liked thing that was flashing really prominient colours and hovers for awhile then just goes black. 7/16/03
6/19/03 02:30 Orange County CA Flash Seconds Green Flash of light over Orange county 7/16/03
6/18/03 22:15 Destin FL Diamond 15 I own a local vacation rental company and myself and 2 friends have just came out of TGI Fridays and I say what look like birds in the 7/16/03
6/18/03 21:15 Shell Beach CA Triangle 5min Red light over ocean water 7/16/03
6/18/03 21:00 Fairfield CT Light 3 minutes 5 lights bouncing across the night sky. 7/23/03
6/18/03 18:15 Rio Ranchi NM Disk 2 minutes Hovering ship 15 feet above headand missing time - propulsion of ship gave off no heat 4/13/10
6/18/03 17:30 Wyandotte MI Sphere 5-10 minutes Round Object seen hovering over steel factory. 7/16/03
6/18/03 12:53 Napali Coast HI Other 2 seconds Roundish object discovered in picture of five F-15 fighters flighing over Napali Coast. 7/16/03
6/18/03 06:30 Anaheim CA Triangle 5 minutes I saw a triangular, see through object 5/24/05
6/18/03 00:24 Portland OR Light 12 seconds This object coud not have been a jet and it was not a "shooting star". 6/18/03
6/18/03 Rome (Italy)

???? Crop Circle in Rome(E.U.R.district)and Sabaudia(near Rome) 9/17/03
6/17/03 22:42 Worland WY Light 15 seconds The object was a dim point of light that grew to a brightness of twice what Venus would be and then disappeared & lasted ~ 15 seconds. 6/18/03
6/17/03 20:00 San Antonio/Austin (between) TX Light
HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: I came across an article discussing your involvement in UFO research. 7/16/03
6/17/03 16:00 Langley (Canada) BC Cylinder 30 seconds short cylindrical floating object 7/16/03
6/17/03 13:30 Arnold MD Other 25 seconds Strange sounding looking shade 6/18/03
6/17/03 06:00 San Pedro CA Disk 1 minute a U.F.O half covered by a could with about 11 lights one in middle and then surrounding 9/2/05
6/16/03 23:30 River Falls WI Light on going multiple lights seen moving in all directions. 6/18/03
6/16/03 23:20 Freedom WI Fireball 20 Communication with Lights in Wisconsin 6/18/03
6/16/03 23:05 Vancouver (Canada) BC Light 12 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: I saw a single blue light traveling very slow towards the east 7/16/03
6/16/03 18:00 Dracut MA Oval Not Sure I took some pictures yesterday at my sons baseball game, and I was looking at the pictures today and I noticed the image. I will email 6/18/03
6/16/03 17:00 Armidale (Australi)
Disk 20 minutes A Disk/cigar shaped object ,100m in lenght , bright orange to silver in colour, splits into 2 craft then reforms as one. 8/11/04
6/16/03 15:00 Windsor (Canada) ON Changing 40-45 seconds I do nature photography. Yesterday June 16/13 I saw an object in the sky, it looked about 350 ft in the air. Flew directly over head i 7/3/13
6/16/03 14:00 Bainbridge GA Other 30 seconds Similar siting as in Trenton, Ohio - this one in Georgia 11/8/03
6/16/03 03:00 Greeley CO Light Approx 5 min. Bright unmoving amber light hovered in the southern sky for approximately five minutes. 6/18/04
6/15/03 23:59 Folkestone (Germany)
Unknown unknown It was incredible it was my birth day and I had come out to play with my brothers and cousins. While w were playing football. We saw a 7/16/03
6/15/03 23:20 New Jersey highway NJ Oval 3 to 4 seconds Dull green oval crossed the skyline 6/18/03
6/15/03 23:00 Longdale OK Diamond 15 sec Possible U.F.O. sighting over lake in Canton, Oklahoma. 5/12/10
6/15/03 23:00 Puerto Rico (southeast coast)
Other 5 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: 3 ruby-red lights, bright and distinctly visible. 7/16/03
6/15/03 23:00 East Wenatchee WA Triangle 5 seconds Two triangle shaped green and pink craft seen flying in a mist from east to west 7/16/03
6/15/03 22:49 South Easton (seen from) MA Light the time it took me to qu A round bright white light flying quickly perfectly straight across the sky from left to right then disappeared with no smoke. 6/18/03
6/15/03 22:30 Lake Charles LA Disk a few seconds Unusal objects moving fast and quite over southwest Lousiana 10/7/03
6/15/03 22:25 Waxahachie TX Circle 3-4 seconds Sunday night, 6/15/03, Waxahachie. Moving south to north 6/18/03
6/15/03 22:00 Thornbury (Bristol) (UK/England)
Sphere 6 minutes spherical craft seen over thornbury, south gloustershire, england 11/26/03
6/15/03 22:00 Sassuolo (Italy)
Unknown 1 minute A red blazing light from South to North 7/16/03
6/15/03 21:30 Manchester TN Triangle 3 mins slow erie green craft 6/18/03
6/15/03 21:30 Sidney NE Other 10-15 seconds A gelatinous lighted object in the midwest 4/14/09
6/15/03 21:00 Island Grove FL Disk
I was playing kick ball with my friends and a big round object with many many many lights flew over us. 5/24/05
6/15/03 20:00 Brockville (Canada) ON Chevron 1 minute Looked like a plane, but was to close to the ground and moving to slowly. red light formation 3/17/04
6/15/03 19:00 Manchester TN Disk 45 min-1 hour Another (belated but discovered) Bonaroo witness. Science Major, SKEPTIC 5/24/05
6/15/03 19:00 Virginia Beach VA Sphere 60 seconds I saw it too! 12/12/11
6/15/03 19:00 Virginia Beach VA Fireball 3-5 minutes Glowing fireball type orb with a tail of some sort, with strange movements, and then unimaginable speed to disapear. 4/13/10
6/15/03 17:00 Woburn MA Fireball 30 min 4 fire in the sky over the highway 5/24/05
6/15/03 16:10 Cambridge (UK/England)
Other 5mins Almost an Abduction 6/18/03
6/15/03 16:00 Carthage MS Egg 25 minutes saw something weird on the 15th 6/18/03
6/15/03 15:00 Lahaina HI Cone drive by I had just received my new digital camera and was on my way to work in Lahaina, i took some shots of the mountian on on way, when i ret 10/11/05
6/15/03 13:00 natchitoches LA Other 60 seconds Wedge shaped object flying low to the ground. 8/27/15
6/15/03 13:00 Rural Alaska community AK Diamond 25 minutes ALASKA UFO VIDEO TAPED AND WITNESSED IN 2003. 1/10/09
6/15/03 12:00 Douglasville GA Circle
Wedding party observes lights in nearby woods. 8/27/09
6/15/03 12:00 Monterey CA Oval 15 seconds Across the graveyard near Dennis the Menance park looking toward Carmel/Big Sur. Me EX Airforce! 7/8/04
6/15/03 11:00 Malibu CA Diamond ? this object could only be seen through the eye of a camera.Highly stealth. 9/4/03
6/15/03 04:30 Alabama (rural) AL Sphere 3 minutes A colourless sphere shaped craft 7/16/03
6/15/03 02:00 Manchester TN Light 45 min My girlfriend and I saw an object that resembled a moving "star" for about 45 minutes. 10/31/03
6/15/03 01:30 Danbury CT Light 10 sec. High Flying craft dashes Due North at High Speed 10/27/04
6/15/03 00:17 Creswell OR Other 10-15 min i could tell you this: IT WAS NOT AN AIRPLANE! 6/18/03
6/14/03 22:00 Key Largo FL Sphere 10 where did the jet go 6/18/03
6/14/03 21:00 Wilmington NC Light 1 minute Two bright lights came into view as we were sitting on our back porch. They appeared to be fairly far away - like bright stars. No soun 5/24/05
6/14/03 20:00 Paphos (Cyprus)
Cigar 12 minutes Intensely brilliant objects accompany a Cyprus sunset. 7/16/03
6/14/03 17:20 Brisbane (QLD, Australia)
Fireball 5min very bright light 25deg above horizon, near sunset. caught the attention of other motorist - suddenly vanished 6/18/03
6/14/03 06:30 Bennington VT Triangle 12 seconds very fast moving lights, aircraft changing color and vanishing 11/26/03
6/14/03 Knobel AR Unknown unknown The sign was a triple julia. 7/16/03
6/13/03 23:30 Daytona Beach FL Unknown approx 1 min 3 stationary, orange, rectangular lights evenly spaced due east off the fl coast. 6/18/03
6/13/03 23:15 Largo FL Other a few seconds 3 large white star shaped objects 6/18/03
6/13/03 23:00 Springfield TN Sphere 30 seconds Winesssed Glowing white/blue neon sphere and aliens in field while camping with my buddy. 6/18/03
6/13/03 22:00 Barstow CA Rectangle 10 minutes There were red and blue lights round lights coming toward us. It was the size of a small car hovering. 5/24/05
6/13/03 22:00 High Point NC Sphere 1 minute A round black object moving horizontal to ground. It made no sound and had no lights 6/18/03
6/13/03 22:00 Barstow CA Rectangle 10 minutes There were round red and blue lights on the object., hovering beside us as I was still driving, no sound. 5/24/05
6/13/03 10:00 Sugar Land TX Other 5 minutes Strange red glow in the sky 6/18/03
6/13/03 08:00 Oxnard CA Light 10Min 2 UFO's flew in the sky 6/18/03
6/13/03 03:07 Ludlow CA Chevron 4MIN "Spliting Amber Chevron Shaped UFO's in Ludlow , Ca Hwy 40...6/13/2003 3am" 1/22/04
6/13/03 00:18 Birmingham AL Disk 7 minutes Me and a friend were walking on the quad at Samford University when we noticed a saucer-like object hovering aprox. 1/4 of a mile above 6/18/03
6/13/03 00:00 Elgin SC Formation
i was outside and all the sudden i saw a flash of light and 13 ufos appered just like that. then they moved very fast across the night 12/9/03
6/12/03 23:15 South Park PA Unknown 5 hours Sustained enveloping noise culminating with a menacing 'voice' 6/18/03
6/12/03 22:10 Louisa KY Circle 30 seconds yellowish orange circular shaped light traveled across the sky --briefly changed to a bright white light 6/18/03
6/12/03 21:30 Rancho Cucamonga CA Rectangle 3 Min. We observed a bright orange object moving across the sky slowly form horizon to horizon. 9/24/03
6/12/03 21:00 Albuquerque NM Unknown less than one second Bright green dot made a half circle maneuver in the New Mexico sky, and i heard to sound 3/2/04
6/12/03 17:30 Camarillo CA Triangle 5 minutes Chevron shaped black object flying low ans slow with no sound and appeard to have been pursued by 3 navy planes. 6/18/03
6/12/03 16:53 Kenna WV Egg 3 seconds First let me say this is going to sound crazy. I was watching National Lampoons vacation. When they were doing the Walley world scene 7/16/03
6/12/03 16:50 Oak Brook IL Triangle 15 minutes 3 light object hovering and stopping witnessed in afternoon in chicago area surburb near O'hare international airport 7/23/03
6/11/03 23:59 Moss Beach CA Disk 5-10 min 3 objets approched us and somehow my car was mysteriously fixed. 7/16/03
6/11/03 14:15 Auckland (New Zealand)
Egg 30 secs Oval, shiny object caught on camera in vacinity of aircraft 7/16/03
6/11/03 13:40 Canberra (Australia)
Changing 1 minute A big triangle kept on changing colors and dissapering near my school, it lasted at least 1 minute 6/18/03
6/11/03 00:15 Lakewood CA Rectangle 5-7 minutes I could not sleep so I got up and went outside standing on the top stair of my back porch, listening to the quiet night, I am facing Ea 8/7/11
6/10/03 23:20 Trenton NJ Light 15 to 20 seconds seven points of light moving together in the same direction a great speed. There paths criss-crossed 6/18/03
6/10/03 22:30 Springfield IL Sphere 3-4 minutes 4 foot being produces "orb" of bright light and disappears. 6/18/03
6/10/03 17:30 Blue Ridge GA Triangle 10 min Craft hovers out of Blue ridge dam 10/8/07
6/10/03 15:00 Chicago IL Circle 2 minutes I was in the lincoln park area of chicago sitting in a park surrounded by many trees. I looked up to see an object that was about 300 6/4/04
6/10/03 03:15 Signal Mtn TN Formation about 5 min I was out in my drive way about 3;15 AM as I could not sleep. It was clear and the stars were brite. looking toward the southwest I saw 6/18/03
6/10/03 Caracas (Venezuela) DC Oval 20 mn huge black oval shaped flying object , hollow in its center 10/20/05
6/9/03 23:30 Lyon (France)
Disk 1to 4 secs a brighter than bright fast object with a dark shadow around it...i need to know im not going mad? 6/10/03
6/9/03 22:47 Phoenix AZ Light 10 min Three lit objects moving about on I-10 in Phoenix, AZ 6/18/03
6/9/03 22:32 Puyallup WA Fireball 30-60 seconds It gave of light like a search light but was red and falling from the sky with smoke behind it 6/18/03
6/9/03 22:06 San Antonio TX Light 20 Seconds Orbital Sighting Not Satellite or Meteor 6/10/03
6/9/03 22:00 Hixson TN Triangle 2-3 minutes wish i didn't hesitate on getting my camara. 6/10/03
6/9/03 19:30 Avondale AZ Sphere 3 minutes Strange zig-zagging object traveling from S.W. to N.E. 6/18/03
6/9/03 18:15 Santa Rosa area (above) CA Sphere 3-4 seconds Metallic sphere north of San Francisco below our plane 7/16/03
6/9/03 13:00 Thompson Bay (Long Island) (Bahamas)
Disk 10secs Saucer shaped object hovered and descended to nearby bushes. 10 second duration 6/18/03
6/9/03 12:35 Lenexa KS Sphere 15 minutes Six small silvery-white spherical shapes, moving very rapidly across the daytime sky, one at a time over 15 minutes. 6/10/03
6/9/03 11:35 Lee's Summit MO Sphere 12-13 minutes I personnaly viewed 5 of 6 objects moving from one horizon to the other at a great altitude and at a great rate of speed. 6/10/03
6/9/03 07:30 Vancouver (Canada) BC Other 1 frame on webcam Web cam catches bell shaped craft. 6/10/03
6/9/03 04:35 Cape Coral FL Formation 7 min. I have never seen anything like this before 6/10/03
6/9/03 04:00 Bartlesville OK Light 30 minutes 3 lights over Bartlesville, OK. 6/10/03
6/9/03 03:50 Burney CA Circle 10 mins Formation of 3 flying orbs over the skys of burney california. 6/10/03
6/9/03 03:00 Ogallala NE Formation 10min Three objects traveling in formation at approx.3:30am 6/18/03
6/9/03 00:31 Bridgend (7 miles outside Cardiff) (UK/Wales)
Circle 8 mins Strange object in Bridgend, Nr Cardiff 6/18/03
6/9/03 Vaudreuil-Dorion (Canada) PQ Unknown aprox 10 sec object over Vaudreuil - Quebec 6/10/03
6/8/03 23:00 Kansas City MO Triangle 15 min brite triangular shaped object hovering over hiway 435 in Missouri 6/18/03
6/8/03 22:00 Van Buren AR Light 3-5 minutes Bright lights over Arkansas 6/10/03
6/8/03 22:00 Oakley CA Light 5 minutes 2 lights merge, then disappear. 6/18/03
6/8/03 21:40 Manchester NH Light 5 min. Flashing neon green lights across the night sky 6/10/03
6/8/03 21:00 Samos (Greece)
Rectangle 30 seconds Bright stationary object started upward movement in fast sharp ZIG-ZAG, chaged color to red and vanished. 6/18/03
6/8/03 20:00 Everett WA Diamond 20 Minutes Diamond Shaped Craft 4/13/10
6/8/03 19:00 La Vergne TN Disk 1 second Picture of a UFO while taking pictures of the sky? 6/10/03
6/8/03 17:00 Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Sphere appr 5min Mum ,dad and i standing on balcony in amsterdam saw a sliver meatalic sphere object flying like a bumblebee it was small but allso far 6/10/03
6/8/03 17:00 Ventura CA Other 1 minute An object following a military jet, disappears 8/1/03
6/8/03 14:35 Denver CO Diamond 1 minute flattened black diamond cruises over Denver in bright blue sky 6/10/03
6/8/03 13:17 Linn Creek MO Disk 4-5 minutes Silver saucer shaped object vanishes when approached by helicopter. 6/10/03
6/8/03 01:00 Woodinville WA Unknown 10 minutes Black helicopters and a strange hum!? 6/18/03
6/8/03 00:35 Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Fireball 6 min. the object moved at speed from one place to enother,then stopt and then started to move at fast speed, then vanishd. 6/10/03
6/8/03 00:19 High Bridge NJ Disk 10 seconds Bright disk-shaped craft hovered above mountains then quickly left. 6/10/03
6/8/03 00:15 Clinton NJ Disk 30 seconds Disk shaped craft seen hovering over Round Valley Resovoir in Clinton, NJ 6/18/03
6/7/03 23:12 Adelaide (South Australia)
Formation 15 mins Huge glowing intense yellow orange oblong with many small round lights in formation. 7/16/03
6/7/03 22:15 Culleoka TN Unknown 30 min Objects with solid lights moving towards one another. 6/10/03
6/7/03 20:10 Pretoria (South Africa)
Light 5 sec Bright light that did zigzags and did two 'playfull' summersaults 6/10/03
6/7/03 19:53 Oakland CA Cylinder 1 minute Large, gray cylindrical object at or near Oakland Airport 6/10/03
6/7/03 16:00 Truckee CA Egg ? While driving back from Nevada, to calif. we started to get into a thunder storm. Shortly after passing the welcome to calif. sign, my 7/16/03
6/7/03 02:00 Lake Oswego OR Oval 5 seconds Oregon UFO Review Case: Football shaped UFO with purple glow and lights seen from inside tent during camping. 6/18/03
6/7/03 01:45 Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Fireball 10 minutes we say a small fireball getting bigger and than it was going up and white high speed to the left and dissepeert in to space. 6/10/03
6/7/03 01:00 Universal City CA Triangle 30 sec. Two triangle shaped objects with lights on each end. 6/18/03
6/7/03 00:35 Nottingham (UK/England)
Unknown a few seconds one light divides into three at huge velocity!!!!!!!! 7/16/03
6/6/03 23:40 Roanoke Rapids NC Fireball
6/6/03 23:30 Medina OH Oval 1 hour I was driving home from work and I saw an object about 100 feet above my head. It was oval shaped with two lights. It was not moving a 6/10/03
6/6/03 23:30 Madison WI Circle few minutes I drive a cement truck. While on site job, I an a few othe people sited an object in the skiy. It was between 11:00 and 12;OO A. M. It 6/18/03
6/6/03 22:45 Sunbury OH Light 20 Seconds Observed unusual red/white/ and yellow light source in the western sky 6/10/03
6/6/03 21:00 Jamesport NY Light 3 minutes the object was a very bright oval light with no sound 6/10/03
6/6/03 20:40 Dallas TX Circle 1.50 The objects were round and one passed in from of the moon,it apeared to increase 1000 times size and glo from the back. 6/10/03
6/6/03 16:38 Alexandria VA Sphere 14 seconds Object was circular in shape and dark as it appeared from my P.O.V. (about a couple miles away). It dropped vertical and made a 90 * 6/10/03
6/6/03 09:30 Monroe WA Circle 8-10 sec. The Deaf inmate at Monroe State Facility, called his Deaf Friend about the sighting, and Questioned him,He explained so clearly what He 6/10/03
6/6/03 04:14 Jacksonville Beach FL Sphere 1 minute We saw two spherical, hazy objects, parallel, descending from west to east, crossing paths, continuing southeast. 6/10/03
6/5/03 23:00 Clearfield UT Triangle 7 secs 3 triangle white glowing luminous shapes flying formation hovered then changed direction and disappeared 7/16/03
6/5/03 22:30 Kendallville IN Light 3-5min Solid star appearing red light, very fast, no flashing or trail was left 7/16/03
6/5/03 22:00 Henderson NV Other 20 min. Two pulsating blue objects stayed motionless near Black Mountain. 6/10/03
6/5/03 21:00 Ardmore TN Egg 30 to 45 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Hovering egg shaped object. 7/16/03
6/5/03 13:55 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Cigar 10 minutes Was traveling on kent ave in brooklyn in my work truck when i saw something in the sky.I snapped a pic of it and i would like to send i 6/10/03
6/5/03 01:30 Houston (Canada) BC Other approx: 3 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: five witnesses watched a huge object move silently and low over the tree line 6/10/03
6/5/03 00:15 Dandridge TN Oval 20- 30 sec. the object was oval shaped and was silver. 6/10/03
6/4/03 23:00 Phoenix AZ Light 30 minutes I am a security officer assigned to a sensitive area which I will not disclose. The sighting was from this location, but not at this lo 6/10/03
6/4/03 23:00 Albany IN Sphere
I saw 1 round white object and shot off when i looked at it. 30 minutes later it was back and appeared to be the same one but much clo 1/17/04
6/4/03 22:53 Huntsville AL Disk 15 minutes The object has been seen by both my husband and me two times, at night. The object is a glowing crescent, the color of the sodium (Na) 6/10/03
6/4/03 21:55 Aloha OR Fireball 15 seconds Fireball seen behind trees moving vertically then up into the sky 7/16/03
6/4/03 21:30 Lancaster PA Circle 2 minutes Birght continual white light object at high altitude 7/3/13
6/4/03 20:15 Yuma (outside of) AZ Light 2.5 hrs. Several hovering globes of yellow/orange light in the sky outside of Yuma, AZ 6/10/03
6/4/03 08:35 Tampa FL Other 10 - 20 seconds What was thought to be a released childs balloon suddenly becomes extremely fast round black object that dissapears out of sight. 6/10/03
6/4/03 02:30 Magna UT Unknown 2 hours Magna was crawling with UFO activity on the 4 of June 2003. 3/1/04
6/4/03 02:30 Evelyn (north of) LA Unknown 5 to 10 mins Had stoped to check my tires an lights on my truck.I'm a truck driver,ex law officer an hate typing.

There was not a clo
6/3/03 23:34 Grand Junction CO Light 5 seconds I was in clifton just leaving my sisters place when a bright light in the sky cuaght my attention. 6/10/03
6/3/03 23:00 Okanogan WA Circle 2 minutes 6/3/03 northern Washington, erratic circular light moving across the sky 6/10/03
6/3/03 22:35 Retrop OK Disk 3 minutes I was contacted this morning by a person who wanted to file a report of a sighting on 6/3/03 at about 10:35 PM just south the town of R 6/10/03
6/3/03 21:00 Charlston NC Light 10 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax? PD)) Cloud over the ocean at night, glowing from within, duration around 10 minutes. We saw no craft. 12/9/03
6/3/03 02:00 Cambridge (Canada) ON Triangle about three minutes Two triangles with lights 6/10/03
6/2/03 22:00 Cancun (south of) (Mexico)
Light 5 Mins I am compelled to relay this recent experience of mine to anyone that may usefully document it. Keep in mind it's an account written b 6/10/03
6/2/03 04:10 Miami FL Disk 8-10 seconds Too much coffee kept me tossing all night.My second floor bedroom over looks a 8x16 foot balcony with 2 floor lenth doors facing north. 6/3/03
6/2/03 03:00 West Chester OH Oval 15-20 minutes MUFON/OHIO FOLLOW-UP: A resident of West Chester reports dramatic sighting near his res.that was accompanied by a local power failure. 8/28/03
6/2/03 03:00 West Chester OH Oval 15-20 minutes Oval craft with two strobing ovals that seemed to be propulsion - bottom of craft was saturated in a deep blue light 7/16/03
6/2/03 01:30 Allison Park PA Sphere 45 Seconds UFO Seen In Allison Park, PA along Rt.8 7/16/03
6/2/03 01:00 Calgary (Canada) AB Triangle 30 seconds? Shape shifting object 1/22/04
6/1/03 23:30 Naples FL Unknown 10:min Pulsing light pusued by military jets 1/19/05
6/1/03 23:15 Jasper AL Oval 2 min This object was very large appeared to have a yellow glow to it with a red amber light at the top and one at the bottom 6/10/03
6/1/03 22:34 Arlington VA Cigar 15 seconds 2 cigar shaped lights travelled parallel with each other and then one shot up into the sky 6/3/03
6/1/03 22:30 Cullman AL Oval 5 min. UFO Sighting 6/3/03
6/1/03 22:30 Bayside NY Oval 20 minutes Glowing object hovering over Shea Stadium 6/3/03
6/1/03 22:30 Cullman AL Oval 5 minutes UFO Sighting? 6/3/03
6/1/03 22:30 Cullman AL Oval 5 min. UFO Sighted 6/3/03
6/1/03 22:00 Egg Town NC Triangle 10 min It was real big and silent 11/8/03
6/1/03 22:00 Fort Edward NY Disk 2-3 minutes Large black disk with flashing lights all around flying slowly above tree level 9/19/19
6/1/03 22:00 Georgia (Meriwether County) GA
3 mins Heard you on a radio program on 6-1, please let me know the name of the host , webaddress of radio show and your schedule for upcoming 6/23/04
6/1/03 22:00 Ardmore AL Oval 5 min Was this a UFO? 6/10/03
6/1/03 22:00 Pembroke GA Fireball 8 minutes Unmoving Fireball with smoketrail UNDER it. 12/16/05
6/1/03 19:30 Westport CT Triangle 10 seconds Westport, CT possible sighting 5/24/05
6/1/03 15:00 Nashville TN Rectangle 10 - 15 secs. Only saw object for a couple of seconds. White. square, no reflection. 6/3/03
6/1/03 13:00 Simi Valley CA Disk Simi Youth Baseball game A disc-like object flew over us, manuevered in the sky for a minute, then flew away and disappeared from site 6/18/03
6/1/03 10:00 Abilene TX Other 6 minutes Invincible Bird. 1/25/18
6/1/03 08:00 Carbet (Martinique)
Sphere 2 hours An UFO can be a planet. 1/7/15
6/1/03 04:00 Willow Brook IL Other 40 minutes My girlfriend and I witnessed a yellowish light in the southern sky at about 4am at which time I found my binoculars and trained in on 6/3/03
6/1/03 03:00 Klamath CA Light 00:20 Saw a light in the sky and then it darted toward the ground. 6/3/03